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Athens Center of Ekistics

Publisher Description

Ekistics and the New Urban Agenda

The problems and science of human settlements

Publisher Description

In October 2016, The United Nations Habitat III, New Urban Agenda was ratified in Quito, Ecuador. Habitat invited the Ekistics - Oceanic Group to present and launch the new Ekistics Online Journal project to alert delegates of this important and exciting development. The World Society for Ekistics has members in 47 countries, and has been invited by UN Habitat to update the world at Habitat I (1976), Habitat II (1996) and the latest at Habitat III (2016). The new Online Journal called for papers as of 2019, and invites scholars, post graduate students and practitioners interesting in the complex cross-discipline account of the problems, design challenges, and science of human settlements. The journal is now Published by the Ekistics - Oceanic group out of Swinburne University of Technology, Department of Architecture and Industrial Design, Melbourne, Australia. URL:
The Athens Center of Ekistics (ACE) was established in 1963 to foster a concerted program of research, education, documentation, and international cooperation related to the art and science concerned with the development of human settlements. Its publications include EKISTICS, the Problems and Science of Human Settlements, the Ekistic Index of Periodicals, and also a series of research reports and monographs documenting its four major research projects: The City of the Future, The Capital of Greece, The Human Community and The Ancient Greek Cities. Since 1965, ACE has hosted on its premises the Headquarters and Secretariat of the World Society for Ekistics (WSE), an independent organization, whose goals and objectives are compatible with those of ACE. The Athens Office closed in 2017 with the passing of its President Mr. Panayis Psomopoulos. The new ejournal continues out of Australia, and the WSE Office was moved to Pune, India: Professor Christopher Benninger. Email.

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Habitat, Urban Design, Town Planning, Smart Cities, Rural and Remote Studies, Human Geography, Business and Economics, Development Studies, Urban Studies.

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