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The Middle East Institute (MEI) is a non-profit organization founded in 1946 by Middle East scholar George Camp Keiser and former Secretary of State Christian Herter. The Institute is located in Washington, D.C. Its mission is to "promote knowledge of the Middle East in America and strengthen understanding of the United States by the people and governments of the region." MEI is a non-partisan organization that does not take policy positions. In addition to publishing The Middle East Journal, MEI organizes regular programs and conferences; offers language training in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish; provides an intellectual home for a group of regional experts, whose writing and media appearances help to provide a balanced outlook on the region; houses the George Camp Keiser Library, one of the largest Middle East collections outside of the Library of Congress; and publishes a wide variety of online-only publications on its website, http://www.mei.edu.

Journals in JSTOR from Middle East Institute
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Middle East Journal 1947 - 2015
Research Reports in JSTOR from Middle East Institute
52 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Al-Qaeda versus ISIS: Competing Jihadist Brands in the Middle East 2017
The Arab Awakening:: Determinants and Economic Consequences 2014
Can Oman’s Stability Outlive Sultan Qaboos? 2016
China and Iran:: An Emerging Partnership Post-Sanctions 2016
Climate Challenges in the Middle East: Rethinking Environmental Cooperation 2016
Defying Gravity:: Working Toward a Regional Strategy for a Stable Middle East 2015
Economic Integration in the Middle East: Prospects for Development and Stability 2016
Egypt’s Judiciary:: Obstructing or Assisting Reform? 2016
The Energy Revolution’s Impacts on the Arab World 2014
The Fight for Africa: The New Focus of the Saudi-Iranian Rivalry 2017
Gaza Airport:: Stabilizing the Strip with Humanitarian Aviation 2016
G.C.C. Military Spending in Era of Low Oil Prices 2016
The GCC’s New Affair with China 2016
Hezbollah’s Evolution: From Lebanese Militia to Regional Player 2017
Impact of Low Oil Prices and Recalibration of U.S. Policy 2016
The Impact of the Syria Crisis on Salafis and Jihadis in Lebanon 2014
Intra-Regional Trade:: Potential Catalyst for Growth in the Middle East 2016
Iran’s Failed Foreign Policy:: Dealing from a Position of Weakness 2015
Iraq’s Fifth Column:: Iran’s Proxy Network 2017
The Islamic State in Afghanistan: Examining its Threat to Stability 2016
Israel’s Energy Potential:: Securing the Future 2016
IT Solution to Arab Youth Unemployment 2016
Kuwait:: At the Crossroads of Change or Political Stagnation 2014
Libya and U.S. Long-Term Engagement 2014
Libya’s Terrorism Challenge: Assessing the Salafi-Jihadi Threat 2017
Low Oil Prices Complicate Iraqi Kurdish Independence 2016
Middle East Democracy:: Recommendations for the Next President 2016
The Middle East in 2015 and Beyond:: Trends and Drivers 2014
Military Cooperation in the Middle East: Uncertainty in the Face of Changing Threats 2016
Natural Cooperation: Facing Water Challenges in the Middle East 2016
The Next Administration and Recalibrating U.S.-Israeli Ties 2016
The Palestinian Quest for Reconciliation: Can it be Achieved? 2017
Recalculating U.S. Policy in the Middle East:: Less Military, More Civilian 2016
Recalibrating U.S. Policy in Post-Sykes-Picot Era 2016
Regional Infrastructure Cooperation: Connecting Countries to Stabilize the Middle East 2016
Renewable Energy Growth in Morocco: An Example for the Region 2016
A Resilient Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan 2016
The Rise of Violent Transnational Movements in the Middle East: Historical Context, Dynamic Drivers and Policy Takeaways 2018
Sieges in Syria:: Profiteering from Misery 2016
Sleight of Hand:: Israel, Settlements, and Unauthorized Outposts 2016
Syria’s New Media Landscape: Independent Media Born Out of War 2016
The Tenacious, Toxic Haqqani Network 2016
Toward a Regional Framework for the Middle East: Takeaways from other Regions 2016
Toward Regional Cooperation: The Internal Security Dimension 2016
Trump’s Middle East Policy at One Year: Policy Lacks Strategic Coherence Despite Rhetoric 2018
Turkey’s Quest for Air Defense:: Is the S-400 Deal a Pivot to Russia? 2017
Turkey-U.S. Relations and the Next Administration 2016
U.S. Policy and the Iraq Elections 2014
U.S.-Gulf Relations in the Age of Trump: The End of the Trust Deficit? 2017
Vision 2030 and the Birth of Saudi Solar Energy 2016
Yemen’s Humanitarian Disaster:: Halting the Famine Threat 2017
Yemen’s National Dialogue 2014

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