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Aarhus University Press

Publisher Description

Aarhus University Press focuses on the highest professional quality in scholarly publications, the dissemination of scientific work to a broad reader audience, a strong emphasis on publishing in English, and top quality book craftsmanship. The Press concentrates not only on the publishing of academic literature but also on publications that propagate knowledge and debate. Common to all books is their strong scholarly base.

Books in JSTOR from Aarhus University Press
30 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Among Herders of Inner Mongolia: The Haslund-Christensen Collection at the National Museum of Denmark 2017
An Argument on Rhetorical Style 2017
Body, Sport and Society in Norden: Essays in Cultural History 2005
The Borders of Europe: Hegemony, Aesthetics and Border Poetics 2012
Constructive News: How to save the media and democracy with journalism of tomorrow 2017
Culture in Language Learning 2006
Drug Policy: History, Theory, and Consequences 2008
Evidence Based and Knowledge Based Social Work: Research Methods and Approaches in Social Work Research 2008
Exploring Text and Emotions 2014
Generation P?: Youth, Gender and Pornography 2008
Global Experience Industries 2009
Learning Bodies 2008
Literature and Chemistry: Elective Affinities 2013
Lutheranism and the Nordic Spirit of Social Democracy: A Different Protestant Ethic 2017
The Metal Hoard from Pile in Scania, Sweden: Place, things, time, metals, and worlds around 2000 BCE 2017
Pathways: A Study of Six Post-Communist Countries 2009
Positive Psychology 2014
Post-War Identification: Everyday Muslim Counterdiscourse in Bosnia Herzegovina 2008
Questions: Between identity and difference 2017
Re-Mapping Exile: Realities and Metaphors in Irish Literature and History 2006
Rome and the Black Sea Region: Domination, Romanisation, Resistance 2006
Sami Art and Aesthetics: Contemporary Perspectives 2017
Slave stories: Law, Representation, and Gender in the Danish West Indies 2017
The Spolia Churches of Rome: Recycling Antiquity in the Middle Ages 2015
Stochastic Dynamics 2017
Trust 2014
Urban Life and Local Politics in Roman Bithynia: The Small World of Dion Chrysostomos 2008
Usable History?: Representations of Yugoslavia's Difficult Past from 1945 to 2002 2012
When Culture Becomes Politics: European Identity in Perspective 2008
World Literature, World Culture 2008