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Africa Institute of South Africa

Publisher Description

The Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA) is an independent research organization and think-tank, focusing on Africa in its research, publications and resource library. The Institute has built a solid reputation over 40 years, combining in-depth analysis and research with topicality and policy relevance. AISA’s mandate gives it full responsibility to conduct research on African affairs; the institute covers all topics in contemporary Africa, ranging from Politics, socio-economics and issues of development. AISA also houses one of the most impressive libraries for documentation on African affairs in the world. AISA’s researchers include some of the foremost thinkers on contemporary African affairs in the world and their research output is of a magnificent standard.

Books in JSTOR from Africa Institute of South Africa
23 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Africa at a Crossroads: Future Prospects for Africa after 50 Years of the Organisation of African Unity/African Union 2018
Azerbaijan as a Regional Economic Driver: Opportunities and Challenges 2016
Belt and Road Initiative: Alternative Development Path for Africa 2018
The Blue Economy Handbook of the Indian Ocean Region 2018
Breakthrough: Corporate South Africa in a Green Economy 2014
Building Peace from Within 2014
Challenges and Issues facing the Education System in South Africa 2014
Chinua Achebe's Legacy: Illuminations from Africa 2015
Future Directions of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Africa 2015
The Future We Chose: Emerging Perspectives on the Centenary of the ANC 2013
Inclusive Development In AfrIca: Transformation of Global Relations 2018
Indigenous People in Africa: Contestations, Empowerment and Group Rights 2012
Management and Mitigation of Acid Mine Drainage in South Africa: Input for Mineral Beneficiation in Africa 2016
Natural and Human-Induced Hazards and Disasters in Africa 2016
Peace Education for Violence Prevention in Fragile African Societies: What's Going to Make a Difference? 2016
Perspectives on South Africa-China Relations at 15 Years 2014
Perspectives on Thought Leadership for Africa's Renewal 2013
Political Parties in South Africa: Do they Undermine or Underpin Democracy? 2017
Regenerating Africa: Bringing African Solutions to African Problems 2016
Sizonqoba! Outliving AIDS in Southern Africa 2016
The Social Contract in Africa 2014
Sustainability, Climate Change and the Green Economy 2016
Unite or Perish: Africa Fifty Years after the Founding of the OAU 2014

Africa Institute of South Africa
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