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One of Australia's pioneering digital university presses, ANU Press brings the cutting edge research of The Australian National University (ANU) to the world. ANU Press publishes ANU research covering a variety of disciplines, including politics, science, Australian and Oceanic history, economics, and Asia-Pacific ethnography and anthropology. The first Australian university press to launch with a digital focus and one of the fastest-growing presses in Australia, ANU Press is a leader in sharing new Australian research. ANU Press ebooks are also available online, offering full mobile device compatibility for all titles.
Journals in JSTOR from ANU Press
2 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Aboriginal History 1977 - 2020
Agenda: A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform 1994 - 2020
Books in JSTOR from ANU Press
600 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
The 2006 Military Takeover in Fiji: A Coup to End All Coups? OPEN ACCESS 2009
4000 Years of Migration and Cultural Exchange: The Archaeology of the Batanes Islands, Northern Philippines OPEN ACCESS 2013
Abbott's Gambit: The 2013 Australian Federal Election OPEN ACCESS 2015
Aboriginal Placenames: Naming and re-naming the Australian landscape OPEN ACCESS 2009
Aboriginal Population Profiles for Development Planning in the Northern East Kimberley OPEN ACCESS 2004
The ADB’s Story OPEN ACCESS 2013
Afterlives of Chinese Communism: Political Concepts from Mao to Xi OPEN ACCESS 2019
Agency, Contingency and Census Process: Observations of the 2006 Indigenous Enumeration Strategy in remote Aboriginal Australia OPEN ACCESS 2007
Agriculture and Food Security in China: What Effect WTO Accession and Regional Trade Arrangements? OPEN ACCESS 2008
Also Innovators: How one computer salesman contributed to the digital revolution OPEN ACCESS 2019
Altered Ecologies: Fire, climate and human influence on terrestrial landscapes OPEN ACCESS 2010
Anomie and Violence: Non-truth and Reconciliation in Indonesian Peacebuilding OPEN ACCESS 2010
Antarctica: Music, sounds and cultural connections OPEN ACCESS 2015
APEC and liberalisation of the Chinese economy OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Aranda’s Pepa: An introduction to Carl Strehlow’s Masterpiece Die Aranda- und Loritja-Stämme in Zentral-Australien (1907-1920) OPEN ACCESS 2013
Archaeological Science Under a Microscope: Studies in Residue and Ancient DNA Analysis in Honour of Thomas H. Loy OPEN ACCESS 2009
Archaeologies of Island Melanesia: Current approaches to landscapes, exchange and practice OPEN ACCESS 2019
An Archaeology of Early Christianity in Vanuatu: Kastom and Religious Change on Tanna and Erromango, 1839–1920 OPEN ACCESS 2016
The Archaeology of Rock Art in Western Arnhem Land, Australia OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Archaeology of Sulawesi: Current Research on the Pleistocene to the Historic Period OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Archaeology of the Aru Islands, Eastern Indonesia OPEN ACCESS 2006
The Architecture of Security in the Asia-Pacific OPEN ACCESS 2009
Arndt's Story: The life of an Australian economist OPEN ACCESS 2007
Asian Economic Integration in an Era of Global Uncertainty OPEN ACCESS 2018
Asian Socialism and Legal Change: The dynamics of Vietnamese and Chinese Reform OPEN ACCESS 2005
Assessing the Evidence on Indigenous Socioeconomic Outcomes: A focus on the 2002 NATSISS OPEN ACCESS 2006
At Home in Exile: A Memoir OPEN ACCESS 2021
Atlas of Butterflies and Diurnal Moths in the Monsoon Tropics of Northern Australia OPEN ACCESS 2018
An Atlas of the Global Water Cycle: Based on the IPCC AR4 Climate Models OPEN ACCESS 2009
Australia and Cyber-warfare OPEN ACCESS 2008
Australia and Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities in the New Millennium OPEN ACCESS 2014
Australia goes to Washington: 75 years of Australian representation in the United States, 1940–2015 OPEN ACCESS 2016
Australia: Identity, Fear and Governance in the 21st Century OPEN ACCESS 2012
Australia, the European Union and the New Trade Agenda OPEN ACCESS 2017
Australia Under Construction: Nation-building past, present and future OPEN ACCESS 2008
Australian Chamber Music with Piano OPEN ACCESS 2011
Australian Clinical Legal Education: Designing and operating a best practice clinical program in an Australian law school OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Australian Continent: A Geophysical Synthesis OPEN ACCESS 2018
Australian Department Heads Under Howard: Career Paths and Practice: Collected Articles from The Canberra Times OPEN ACCESS 2006
Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 19: 1991–1995 (A–Z) OPEN ACCESS 2021
Australian Native Title Anthropology: Strategic practice, the law and the state OPEN ACCESS 2018
Australian Political Lives: Chronicling political careers and administrative histories OPEN ACCESS 2006
Australian Politics in a Digital Age OPEN ACCESS 2013
Australian Travellers in the South Seas OPEN ACCESS 2021
Australia’s Fertility Transition: A study of 19th-century Tasmania OPEN ACCESS 2020
Austronesian Paths and Journeys OPEN ACCESS 2021
The Austronesians: Historical and Comparative Perspectives OPEN ACCESS 2006
'The Axe Had Never Sounded': Place, people and heritage of Recherche Bay, Tasmania OPEN ACCESS 2007
The Ayes Have It: The history of the Queensland Parliament, 1957-1989 OPEN ACCESS 2010
A Bark But No Bite: Inequality and the 2014 New Zealand General Election OPEN ACCESS 2017
Basin Futures: Water reform in the Murray-Darling Basin OPEN ACCESS 2011
Bayesian Methods for Statistical Analysis OPEN ACCESS 2015
Bearing Witness: Essays in honour of Brij V. Lal OPEN ACCESS 2017
Better Than Welfare?: Work and livelihoods for Indigenous Australians after CDEP OPEN ACCESS 2016
Between the Plough and the Pick: Informal, artisanal and small-scale mining in the contemporary world OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Bionarrative: The story of life and hope for the future OPEN ACCESS 2016
A Bird That Flies With Two Wings: Kastom and state justice systems in Vanuatu OPEN ACCESS 2009
Black Gold: Aboriginal People on the Goldfields of Victoria, 1850-1870 OPEN ACCESS 2012
Black, White and Gold: Goldmining in Papua New Guinea 1878–1930 OPEN ACCESS 2016
Black Words White Page: New Edition OPEN ACCESS 2004
Boats to Burn: Bajo Fishing Activity in the Australian Fishing Zone OPEN ACCESS 2007
Bougainville before the conflict OPEN ACCESS 2015
The Bounty from the Beach: Cross-Cultural and Cross-Disciplinary Essays OPEN ACCESS 2018
Breaking Japanese Diplomatic Codes David Sissons and D Special Section during the Second World War OPEN ACCESS 2013
Bridging Australia and Japan: Volume 1: The writings of David Sissons, historian and political scientist OPEN ACCESS 2016
Bridging the 'Know-Do' Gap: Knowledge brokering to improve child wellbeing OPEN ACCESS 2010
Britain's Second Embassy to China: Lord Amherst's 'Special Mission' to the Jiaqing Emperor in 1816 OPEN ACCESS 2021
Brokers and boundaries: Colonial exploration in Indigenous territory OPEN ACCESS 2016
The Bugis Chronicle of Bone OPEN ACCESS 2020
Building a Sustainable and Desirable Economy-in-Society-in-Nature OPEN ACCESS 2013
Business and the Risk of Crime in China OPEN ACCESS 2011
Calvin for the Third Millennium OPEN ACCESS 2008
Capturing Wealth from Tuna: Case Studies from the Pacific OPEN ACCESS 2007
Caretaker Conventions in Australasia: Minding the Shop for Government OPEN ACCESS 2007
Carl Strehlow’s 1909 Comparative Heritage Dictionary: An Aranda, German, Loritja and Dieri to English Dictionary with Introductory Essays OPEN ACCESS 2018
Cascades of Violence: War, Crime and Peacebuilding Across South Asia OPEN ACCESS 2018
A Cautious New Approach: China's Growing Trilateral Aid Cooperation OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Centrelink Experiment: Innovation in Service Delivery OPEN ACCESS 2008
Chalo Jahaji: On a journey through indenture in Fiji OPEN ACCESS 2012
Change!: Combining Analytic Approaches with Street Wisdom OPEN ACCESS 2015
The Changing South Pacific: Identities and Transformations OPEN ACCESS 2008
China 2002: WTO entry and world recession OPEN ACCESS 2012
China: A New Model for Growth and Development OPEN ACCESS 2013
The China Alternative: Changing Regional Order in the Pacific Islands OPEN ACCESS 2021
China & ANU: Diplomats, adventurers, scholars OPEN ACCESS 2015
The China Boom and its Discontents OPEN ACCESS 2005
China Dreams OPEN ACCESS 2020
China - Linking Markets for Growth OPEN ACCESS 2007
China: New Engine of World Growth OPEN ACCESS 2012
China: The Next Twenty Years of Reform and Development OPEN ACCESS 2010
China: Twenty Years of Economic Reform OPEN ACCESS 2012
China’s 40 Years of Reform and Development: 1978–2018 OPEN ACCESS 2018
China's Dilemma: Economic Growth, the Environment and Climate Change OPEN ACCESS 2008
China’s Domestic Transformation in a Global Context OPEN ACCESS 2015
China's New Place in a World in Crisis: Economic, Geopolitical and Environmental Dimensions OPEN ACCESS 2009
China's New Sources of Economic Growth: Human Capital, Innovation and Technological Change OPEN ACCESS 2017
China's New Sources of Economic Growth: Vol. 1: Reform, Resources and Climate Change OPEN ACCESS 2016
The Chinese Economic Transformation: Views from Young Economists OPEN ACCESS 2019
Circulating Cultures OPEN ACCESS 2014
Civic Insecurity: Law, Order and HIV in Papua New Guinea OPEN ACCESS 2010
Civil Society and Transitional Justice in Asia and the Pacific OPEN ACCESS 2019
Clio’s Lives: Biographies and Autobiographies of Historians OPEN ACCESS 2017
Coastal Themes (Terra Australis 24): An Archaeology of the Southern Curtis Coast, Queensland OPEN ACCESS 2006
Collaborative Governance: A new era of public policy in Australia? OPEN ACCESS 2008
Commonwealth Responsibility and Cold War Solidarity: Australia in Asia, 1944–74 OPEN ACCESS 2019
Competing for Influence: The Role of the Public Service in Better Government in Australia OPEN ACCESS 2019
Complex Science for a Complex World: Exploring Human Ecosystems with Agents OPEN ACCESS 2006
Conflict and Resource Development: In The Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea OPEN ACCESS 2007
Confronting Fiji Futures OPEN ACCESS 2016
Connected and Disconnected in Viet Nam: Remaking Social Relations in a Post-socialist Nation OPEN ACCESS 2016
Connected Worlds: History in Transnational Perspective OPEN ACCESS 2005
Conquering the Highlands: A history of the afforestation of the Scottish uplands OPEN ACCESS 2013
Consolidated Gold Fields in Australia: The Rise and Decline of a British Mining House, 1926–1998 OPEN ACCESS 2020
Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions: Connectivities and World-making OPEN ACCESS 2014
The Contest for Aboriginal Souls: European missionary agendas in Australia OPEN ACCESS 2018
Contested Governance: Culture, power and institutions in Indigenous Australia OPEN ACCESS 2008
Contested Terrain: Reconceptualising Security in the Pacific OPEN ACCESS 2019
Contextualising the Neolithic Occupation of Southern Vietnam OPEN ACCESS 2014
Control OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Coombs: A House of Memories OPEN ACCESS 2014
Cooperative Evolution: Reclaiming Darwin's Vision OPEN ACCESS 2021
Corruption and Anti-Corruption OPEN ACCESS 2013
Corruption: Expanding the Focus OPEN ACCESS 2012
Country, Native Title and Ecology OPEN ACCESS 2012
Coup: Reflections on the Political Crisis in Fiji OPEN ACCESS 2008
The Court as Archive OPEN ACCESS 2019
Crisis OPEN ACCESS 2021
Crisis Policymaking: Australia and the East Timor Crisis of 1999 OPEN ACCESS 2010
Critical Perspectives on the Scholarship of Assessment and Learning in Law: Volume 1: England OPEN ACCESS 2019
Critical Reflections on Australian Public Policy: Selected Essays OPEN ACCESS 2009
Crown and Sword: Executive power and the use of force by the Australian Defence Force OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Cult of the Market: Economic Fundamentalism and its Discontents OPEN ACCESS 2007
Culture and Sustainable Development in the Pacific OPEN ACCESS 2005
Culture in Translation: The anthropological legacy of R. H. Mathews OPEN ACCESS 2007
The Curious Country OPEN ACCESS 2013
Customary Land Tenure & Registration in Australia and Papua New Guinea: Anthropological Perspectives OPEN ACCESS 2007
Dance of the Nomad: A Study of the Selected Notebooks of A.D.Hope OPEN ACCESS 2010
Dealing with Uncertainties in Policing Serious Crime OPEN ACCESS 2010
Debating Lapita: Distribution, Chronology, Society and Subsistence OPEN ACCESS 2019
Deep Crustal Seismic Reflection Profiling: Australia 1978–2015 OPEN ACCESS 2016
Defence Policy-Making: A Close-Up View, 1950-1980 - A Personal Memoir OPEN ACCESS 2008
Degei’s Descendants: Spirits, Place and People in Pre-Cession Fiji OPEN ACCESS 2014
Delivering Policy Reform: Anchoring Significant Reforms in Turbulent Times OPEN ACCESS 2011
Demographic and Socioeconomic Outcomes Across the Indigenous Australian Lifecourse: Evidence from the 2006 Census OPEN ACCESS 2010
Developing Asian Bondmarkets OPEN ACCESS 2013
Dharmalan Dana: An Australian Aboriginal man’s 73-year search for the story of his Aboriginal and Indian ancestors OPEN ACCESS 2014
Dictatorship, Disorder and Decline in Myanmar OPEN ACCESS 2008
Dictionary of World Biography: 1st Edition OPEN ACCESS 2013
Dictionary of World Biography: 2nd Edition OPEN ACCESS 2015
Dictionary of World Biography: 3rd Edition OPEN ACCESS 2016
Dictionary of World Biography OPEN ACCESS 2017
Dictionary of World Biography OPEN ACCESS 2019
Dictionary of World Biography OPEN ACCESS 2018
A Difficult Neighbourhood: Essays on Russia and East-Central Europe since World War II OPEN ACCESS 2016
Dilemmas of China's growth in the Twenty-First Century OPEN ACCESS 2012
Dilemmas of Development: The social and economic impact of the Porgera gold mine OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Dilemmas of Engagement: The Role of Consultation in Governance OPEN ACCESS 2009
Dilthey’s Dream (Croatian version): Essays on human nature and culture OPEN ACCESS 2016
Dilthey’s Dream: Essays on human nature and culture OPEN ACCESS 2017
Directions in Australian Electoral Reform: Professionalism and Partisanship in Electoral Management OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Disaster of the Third Princess: Essays on The Tale of Genji OPEN ACCESS 2009
Disciplining Interdisciplinarity: Integration and Implementation Sciences for Researching Complex Real-World Problems OPEN ACCESS 2013
Discretion and Public Benefit in a Regulatory Agency: The Australian Authorisation Process OPEN ACCESS 2013
Dislocating the Frontier: Essaying the Mystique of the Outback OPEN ACCESS 2005
A Dissident Liberal: The Political Writings of Peter Baume OPEN ACCESS 2015
A Distinctive Voice in the Antipodes: Essays in Honour of Stephen A. Wild OPEN ACCESS 2017
Disturbances in Heaven OPEN ACCESS 2017
Diversity in Leadership: Australian women, past and present OPEN ACCESS 2014
Divided Loyalties: Displacement, belonging and citizenship among East Timorese in West Timor OPEN ACCESS 2018
Divine Domesticities: Christian Paradoxes in Asia and the Pacific OPEN ACCESS 2014
A Doctor Across Borders: Raphael Cilento and public health from empire to the United Nations OPEN ACCESS 2019
Does History Matter?: Making and debating citizenship, immigration and refugee policy in Australia and New Zealand OPEN ACCESS 2009
Dog Days: Made in China Yearbook 2018 OPEN ACCESS 2019
Double Disillusion: The 2016 Australian Federal Election OPEN ACCESS 2018
Double Vision: Asian Accounts of Australia OPEN ACCESS 2011
The Doubters' Dilemma: Exploring student attrition and retention in university language and culture programs OPEN ACCESS 2016
Drawing in the Land: Rock Art in the Upper Nepean, Sydney Basin, New South Wales OPEN ACCESS 2019
Dreamtime Superhighway: Sydney Basin Rock Art and Prehistoric Information Exchange OPEN ACCESS 2008
The Early Prehistory of Fiji OPEN ACCESS 2009
Echoes of the Tambaran: Masculinity, history and the subject in the work of Donald F. Tuzin OPEN ACCESS 2011
Education and Ethics in the Life Sciences: Strengthening the Prohibition of Biological Weapons OPEN ACCESS 2010
Edward M. Curr and the Tide of History OPEN ACCESS 2013
Election 2007: The Shift to Limited Preferential Voting in Papua New Guinea OPEN ACCESS 2013
Electoral systems in divided societies: The Fiji constitution OPEN ACCESS 2012
Electronic Engagement: A Guide for Public Sector Managers OPEN ACCESS 2007
Engaging Indigenous Economy: Debating diverse approaches OPEN ACCESS 2016
Engaging the neighbours: Australia and ASEAN since 1974 OPEN ACCESS 2016
Engendering Violence in Papua New Guinea OPEN ACCESS 2012
Ethics and Auditing OPEN ACCESS 2005
Ethnography & the Production of Anthropological Knowledge: Essays in honour of Nicolas Peterson OPEN ACCESS 2011
Everyday Revolutions: Remaking Gender, Sexuality and Culture in 1970s Australia OPEN ACCESS 2019
Experiments in Modern Living: Scientists' Houses in Canberra 1950-1970 OPEN ACCESS 2012
Experiments in self-determination: Histories of the outstation movement in Australia OPEN ACCESS 2016
Exploring the Earth under the Sea: Australian and New Zealand achievements in the first phase of IODP Scientific Ocean Drilling OPEN ACCESS 2017
Exploring the Legacy of the 1948 Arnhem Land Expedition OPEN ACCESS 2011
Expressions of Austronesian Thought and Emotions OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Eye of the Crocodile OPEN ACCESS 2012
Eyewitness to Early Reform in Myanmar OPEN ACCESS 2016
Facing Asia: A History of the Colombo Plan OPEN ACCESS 2010
Family Experiments: Middle-class, professional families in Australia and New Zealand c. 1880–1920 OPEN ACCESS 2016
Federalism and Regionalism in Australia: New Approaches, New Institutions? OPEN ACCESS 2007
Fiducial Governance: An Australian republic for the new millennium OPEN ACCESS 2010
Fiji: A Place called home OPEN ACCESS 2014
Fiji before the storm: Elections and the politics of development OPEN ACCESS 2012
Fijian Colonial Experience: A study of the neotraditional order under British colonial rule prior to World War II OPEN ACCESS 2016
Financing Higher Education and Economic Development in East Asia OPEN ACCESS 2011
Fire Mountains of the Islands: A History of Volcanic Eruptions and Disaster Management in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands OPEN ACCESS 2013
First Contacts in Polynesia: The Samoan Case (1722-1848) Western Misunderstandings about Sexuality and Divinity OPEN ACCESS 2008
The First Ten K R Narayanan Orations: Essays by Eminent Persons on the Rapidly Transforming Indian Economy OPEN ACCESS 2006
Fishing for Fairness: Poverty, Morality and Marine Resource Regulation in the Philippines OPEN ACCESS 2012
Focality and Extension in Kinship: Essays in Memory of Harold W. Scheffler OPEN ACCESS 2018
Following the sun: The pioneering years of solar energy research at The Australian National University 1970—2005 OPEN ACCESS 2012
Following the Water: Environmental History and the Hydrological Cycle in Colonial Gippsland, Australia, 1838–1900 OPEN ACCESS 2019
Food and Agriculture in Papua New Guinea OPEN ACCESS 2009
Foreign Bodies: Oceania and the Science of Race 1750-1940 OPEN ACCESS 2008
Forestry and Water Conservation in South Africa: History, Science and Policy OPEN ACCESS 2015
Forts and Fortification in Wallacea: Archaeological and Ethnohistoric Investigations OPEN ACCESS 2020
Framing the Global Economic Downturn: Crisis rhetoric and the politics of recessions OPEN ACCESS 2009
Framing the Islands: Power and Diplomatic Agency in Pacific Regionalism OPEN ACCESS 2019
France in the South Pacific: Power and Politics OPEN ACCESS 2013
Fresh Perspectives on the 'War on Terror' OPEN ACCESS 2008
From Election to Coup in Fiji: The 2006 campaign and its aftermath OPEN ACCESS 2007
From 'Stone-Age' to 'Real-Time': Exploring Papuan Temporalities, Mobilities and Religiosities OPEN ACCESS 2015
The Future of Audit: Keeping Capital Markets Efficient OPEN ACCESS 2009
Gender Violence & Human Rights: Seeking Justice in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu OPEN ACCESS 2016
Gendering the Field: Towards Sustainable Livelihoods for Mining Communities OPEN ACCESS 2011
The General’s Goose: Fiji's Tale of Contemporary Misadventure OPEN ACCESS 2017
Geography, Power, Strategy and Defence Policy: Essays in Honour of Paul Dibb OPEN ACCESS 2016
Geology at ANU (1959-2009): Fifty years of history and reminiscences OPEN ACCESS 2010
German Ethnography in Australia OPEN ACCESS 2017
Giblin's Platoon: The trials and triumph of the economist in Australian public life OPEN ACCESS 2006
Gilded Age OPEN ACCESS 2018
Global Allies: Comparing US Alliances in the 21st Century OPEN ACCESS 2017
Global Debates, Local Dilemmas: Sex-selective Abortion in Contemporary Viet Nam OPEN ACCESS 2018
Global Warming and Climate Change: What Australia knew and buried...then framed a new reality for the public OPEN ACCESS 2014
Globalisation and Governance in the Pacific Islands: State, Society and Governance in Melanesia OPEN ACCESS 2006
Gobernanza y gestión de áreas protegidas OPEN ACCESS 2019
A Good Life: Human rights and encounters with modernity OPEN ACCESS 2013
Goodna Girls: A History of Children in a Queensland Mental Asylum OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Governance of Common Property in the Pacific Region OPEN ACCESS 2013
Grappling with the Bomb: Britain’s Pacific H-bomb tests OPEN ACCESS 2017
Green Carbon Part 1: The role of natural forests in carbon storage OPEN ACCESS 2008
Green Carbon Part 2: The role of natural forests in carbon storage OPEN ACCESS 2010
Gunnar Landtman in Papua: 1910 to 1912 OPEN ACCESS 2010
Harnessing the Bohemian: Artists as innovation partners in rural and remote communities OPEN ACCESS 2016
Health Expenditure, Income and Health Status Among Indigenous and Other Australians OPEN ACCESS 2004
Health of People, Places and Planet: Reflections based on Tony McMichael’s four decades of contribution to epidemiological understanding OPEN ACCESS 2015
Henry Prinsep’s Empire OPEN ACCESS 2014
Hesychasm and Art: The Appearance of New Iconographic Trends in Byzantine and Slavic Lands in the 14th and 15th Centuries OPEN ACCESS 2014
The Histories of Raphael Samuel: A portrait of a people's historian OPEN ACCESS 2017
History as Policy: Framing the debate on the future of Australia's defence policy OPEN ACCESS 2007
The Hmong of Australia: Culture and Diaspora OPEN ACCESS 2010
How Local Art Made Australia's National Capital OPEN ACCESS 2020
Howard's Long March: The Strategic Depiction of China in Howard Government Policy, 1996-2006 OPEN ACCESS 2009
Humanities Research Centre: A history of the first 30 years of the HRC at The Australian National University OPEN ACCESS 2004
Hybridity on the Ground in Peacebuilding and Development: Critical Conversations OPEN ACCESS 2018
'I Succeeded Once': The Aboriginal Protectorate on the Mornington Peninsula, 1839-1840 OPEN ACCESS 2011
Imaging Identity: Media, memory and portraiture in the digital age OPEN ACCESS 2016
Improving Implementation: Organisational Change and Project Management OPEN ACCESS 2007
In Defence of Country: Life Stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Servicemen and Women OPEN ACCESS 2016
In from the Cold: Reflections on Australia’s Korean War OPEN ACCESS 2020
In Good Faith?: Governing Indigenous Australia through God, Charity and Empire, 1825-1855 OPEN ACCESS 2011
In Search of the Never-Never: Mickey Dewar: Champion of History Across Many Genres OPEN ACCESS 2019
In the Eye of the Beholder: What Six Nineteenth-century Women Tell Us About Indigenous Authority and Identity OPEN ACCESS 2014
In the Eye of the Storm: Jai Ram Reddy and the Politics of Postcolonial Fiji OPEN ACCESS 2010
Indigenous and Minority Placenames: Australian and International Perspectives OPEN ACCESS 2014
Indigenous Australian Youth Futures: Living the Social Determinants of Health OPEN ACCESS 2021
Indigenous Australians and the National Disability Insurance Scheme OPEN ACCESS 2014
Indigenous Biography and Autobiography OPEN ACCESS 2008
Indigenous Data Sovereignty: Toward an agenda OPEN ACCESS 2016
Indigenous Efflorescence: Beyond Revitalisation in Sapmi and Ainu Mosir OPEN ACCESS 2018
Indigenous Intermediaries: New perspectives on exploration archives OPEN ACCESS 2015
Indigenous Mobilities: Across and Beyond the Antipodes OPEN ACCESS 2018
Indigenous Participation in Australian Economies: Historical and anthropological perspectives OPEN ACCESS 2010
Indigenous Participation in Australian Economies II: Historical engagements and current enterprises OPEN ACCESS 2012
Indigenous People and the Pilbara Mining Boom: A baseline for regional participation OPEN ACCESS 2005
Indigenous Peoples' Innovation: Intellectual Property Pathways to Development OPEN ACCESS 2012
Indigenous Self-Determination in Australia: Histories and Historiography OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Indigenous Welfare Economy and the CDEP Scheme OPEN ACCESS 2004
The Information Systems Academic Discipline in Australia OPEN ACCESS 2008
Information Systems Foundations: Constructing and Criticising OPEN ACCESS 2005
Information Systems Foundations: The Role of Design Science OPEN ACCESS 2010
Information Systems Foundations: Theory Building in Information Systems OPEN ACCESS 2012
Information Systems Foundations: Theory, Representation and Reality OPEN ACCESS 2007
Informative Psychometric Filters OPEN ACCESS 2006
Innamincka Talk: A grammar of the Innamincka dialect of Yandruwandha with notes on other dialects OPEN ACCESS 2015
Innamincka Words: Yandruwandha dictionary and stories OPEN ACCESS 2015
Inside Austronesian Houses: Perspectives on domestic designs for living OPEN ACCESS 2006
Inside the Canberra Press Gallery: Life in the Wedding Cake of Old Parliament House OPEN ACCESS 2011
Intermediate Ancient Greek Language OPEN ACCESS 2021
Interpreting Chekhov OPEN ACCESS 2006
Interpreting Myanmar: A Decade of Analysis OPEN ACCESS 2020
Intersections: History, Memory, Discipline OPEN ACCESS 2012
Introducing China: The World's Oldest Great Power Charts its Next Comeback OPEN ACCESS 2010
The Islamic Traditions of Cirebon: Ibadat and Adat Among Javanese Muslims OPEN ACCESS 2006
Islamising Indonesia: The Rise of Jemaah Tarbiyah and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) OPEN ACCESS 2008
Island Rivers: Fresh Water and Place in Oceania OPEN ACCESS 2018
Islands of Inquiry: Colonisation, seafaring and the archaeology of maritime landscapes OPEN ACCESS 2008
Islands of Turmoil: Elections and Politics in Fiji OPEN ACCESS 2006
Japan’s Failed Revolution: Koizumi and the Politics of Economic Reform OPEN ACCESS 2013
Japan's Future in East Asia and the Pacific OPEN ACCESS 2007
The Jingshan Report: Opening China’s Financial Sector OPEN ACCESS 2020
Joro's Youth: The first part of the Mongolian epic of Geser Khan OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Journey of a Book: Bartholomew the Englishman and the Properties of Things OPEN ACCESS 2007
Journeys into the Rainforest: Archaeology of Culture Change and Continuity on the Evelyn Tableland, North Queensland OPEN ACCESS 2015
Julia 2010: The caretaker election OPEN ACCESS 2012
Kastom, property and ideology: Land transformations in Melanesia OPEN ACCESS 2017
A Kind of Mending: Restorative Justice in the Pacific Islands OPEN ACCESS 2010
Labour Lines and Colonial Power: Indigenous and Pacific Islander Labour Mobility in Australia OPEN ACCESS 2019
Lak Chang: A reconstruction of Tai identity in Daikong OPEN ACCESS 2008
Land and Life in Timor-Leste: Ethnographic Essays OPEN ACCESS 2011
The Land is a Map: Placenames of Indigenous Origin in Australia OPEN ACCESS 2009
Land Use in Australia: Past, Present and Future OPEN ACCESS 2018
Landlock: Paralysing Dispute over Minerals on Adivasi Land in India OPEN ACCESS 2018
Large-scale Mines and Local-level Politics: Between New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea OPEN ACCESS 2017
Law and Democracy: Contemporary Questions OPEN ACCESS 2014
Law's Anthropology: From ethnography to expert testimony in native title OPEN ACCESS 2011
Learning from agri-environment schemes in Australia: Investing in biodiversity and other ecosystem services on farms OPEN ACCESS 2016
Learning from Fukushima (Japanese version): Nuclear power in East Asia OPEN ACCESS 2019
Learning from Fukushima: Nuclear power in East Asia OPEN ACCESS 2017
Learning Policy, Doing Policy: Interactions Between Public Policy Theory, Practice and Teaching OPEN ACCESS 2021
Learning Spaces: Youth, Literacy and New Media in Remote Indigenous Australia OPEN ACCESS 2012
Levelling Wind: Remembering Fiji OPEN ACCESS 2019
The Lexicon of Proto Oceanic: The culture and environment of ancestral Oceanic society: 2 The physical environment OPEN ACCESS 2007
Life on the Margins: An Archaeological Investigation of Late Holocene Economic Variability, Blue Mud Bay, Northern Australia OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Light Inside the Shadow: An Anthology of Works by BlueBoard Members OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Lihir Destiny: Cultural Responses to Mining in Melanesia OPEN ACCESS 2010
Like Fire: The Paliau Movement and Millenarianism in Melanesia OPEN ACCESS 2021
The Lion that Didn't Roar: Can the Kimberley Process Stop the Blood Diamonds Trade? OPEN ACCESS 2016
Lithics in the Land of the Lightning Brothers: The Archaeology of Wardaman Country, Northern Territory OPEN ACCESS 2007
The Lives of Stories: Three Aboriginal-Settler Friendships OPEN ACCESS 2018
Long History, Deep Time: Deepening Histories of Place OPEN ACCESS 2015
A Long Way to Go: Irregular Migration Patterns, Processes, Drivers and Decision-making OPEN ACCESS 2017
Looking for Love in the Legal Discourse of Marriage OPEN ACCESS 2014
Losing Control: Freedom of the Press in Asia OPEN ACCESS 2013
Ma`afu, prince of Tonga, chief of Fiji: The life and times of Fiji’s first Tui Lau OPEN ACCESS 2015
Macassan History and Heritage: Journeys, Encounters and Influences OPEN ACCESS 2013
Making Change Happen: Black and White Activists talk to Kevin Cook about Aboriginal, Union and Liberation Politics OPEN ACCESS 2013
Making Copyright Work for the Asian Pacific: Juxtaposing Harmonisation with Flexibility OPEN ACCESS 2018
Making Mala: Malaita in Solomon Islands, 1870s–1930s OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Making of The Australian National University: 1946-1996 OPEN ACCESS 2009
Making Sense of the Census: Observations of the 2001 Enumeration in Remote Aboriginal Australia OPEN ACCESS 2004
Man Bac: The Excavation of a Neolithic Site in Northern Vietnam OPEN ACCESS 2010
Managing Consultants: A practical guide for busy public sector managers OPEN ACCESS 2016
Managing Consultants: A Practical Guide for Busy Public Sector Managers OPEN ACCESS 2006
Managing Under Austerity, Delivering Under Pressure: Performance and Productivity in Public Service OPEN ACCESS 2015
Māori and Aboriginal Women in the Public Eye: Representing Difference, 1950-2000 OPEN ACCESS 2011
Master poets, ritual masters: The art of oral composition among the Rotenese of Eastern Indonesia OPEN ACCESS 2016
Maudu’: A Way of Union with God OPEN ACCESS 2015
Maverick Mathematician: The Life and Science of J.E. Moyal OPEN ACCESS 2006
Meaning, Life and Culture: In conversation with Anna Wierzbicka OPEN ACCESS 2020
Measuring and Promoting Wellbeing: How Important is Economic Growth? OPEN ACCESS 2014
A Memory of Ice: The Antarctic Voyage of the Glomar Challenger OPEN ACCESS 2019
Michi's Memories: The Story of a Japanese War Bride OPEN ACCESS 2011
Migration and Transnationalism: Pacific Perspectives OPEN ACCESS 2009
The Military and Democracy in Asia and the Pacific OPEN ACCESS 2004
Minding the Gap: Appraising the promise and performance of regulatory reform in Australia OPEN ACCESS 2008
Ministerial Careers and Accountability in the Australian Commonwealth Government OPEN ACCESS 2012
A Mission Divided: Race, Culture and Colonialism in Fiji’s Methodist Mission OPEN ACCESS 2015
Mobilities of Return: Pacific Perspectives OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Moral Economy of Mobile Phones: Pacific Islands Perspectives OPEN ACCESS 2018
Movement, Knowledge, Emotion: Gay activism and HIV/AIDS in Australia OPEN ACCESS 2011
Mr Tulsi’s Store: A Fijian journey OPEN ACCESS 2013
Multiculturalism and Integration: A Harmonious Relationship OPEN ACCESS 2011
Multi-level Governance: Conceptual challenges and case studies from Australia OPEN ACCESS 2017
My Country, Mine Country: Indigenous People, mining and development contestation in remote Australia OPEN ACCESS 2013
Myanmar: The state, community and the environment OPEN ACCESS 2007
Name, Shame and Blame: Criminalising Consensual Sex in Papua New Guinea OPEN ACCESS 2014
Narrow But Endlessly Deep: The struggle for memorialisation in Chile since the transition to democracy OPEN ACCESS 2016
A National Asset: 50 Years of the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre OPEN ACCESS 2016
The Naturalist and his ‘Beautiful Islands’: Charles Morris Woodford in the Western Pacific OPEN ACCESS 2014
Nature, Nurture and Chance: The Lives of Frank and Charles Fenner OPEN ACCESS 2006
The Nature of Northern Australia: Its natural values, ecological processes and future prospects OPEN ACCESS 2007
Navigating the Future: An Ethnography of Change in Papua New Guinea OPEN ACCESS 2017
Negotiating the Sacred: Blasphemy and Sacrilege in a Multicultural Society OPEN ACCESS 2006
Negotiating the Sacred II: Blasphemy and Sacrilege in the Arts OPEN ACCESS 2008
The Neoliberal State, Recognition and Indigenous Rights: New paternalism to new imaginings OPEN ACCESS 2018
Networked Governance of Freedom and Tyranny: Peace in Timor-Leste OPEN ACCESS 2012
New Accountabilities, New Challenges OPEN ACCESS 2015
New Directions for Law in Australia: Essays in Contemporary Law Reform OPEN ACCESS 2017
New Directions in Archaeological Science OPEN ACCESS 2009
New Directions in Strategic Thinking 2.0: ANU Strategic & Defence Studies Centre's Golden Anniversary Conference Proceedings OPEN ACCESS 2018
A New Era?: Timor-Leste after the UN OPEN ACCESS 2015
A New Idea Each Morning: How food and agriculture came together in one international organisation OPEN ACCESS 2013
New Mana: Transformations of a Classic Concept in Pacific Languages and Cultures OPEN ACCESS 2016
The New Pacific Diplomacy OPEN ACCESS 2015
New Perspectives in Southeast Asian and Pacific Prehistory OPEN ACCESS 2017
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