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Australian Strategic Policy Institute

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ASPI is an independent, non-partisan think tank that produces expert and timely advice for Australia’s strategic and defence leaders. ASPI generates new ideas for government, allowing them to make better-informed decisions for Australia’s future. ASPI is one of the most authoritative and widely quoted contributors to public discussion of strategic policy issues in Australia and a recognised and authoritative Australian voice in international discussion of strategic issues, especially in the Asia-Pacific. ASPI aims to be innovative, accurate and well-informed and to broaden public knowledge about the critical strategic choices our country will face over the coming years.
Research Reports in JSTOR from Australian Strategic Policy Institute
631 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
18 years and counting: Australian counterterrorism, threats and responses 2019
The 2006 US Quadrennial Defense Review:: Influencing Australia’s defence future? 2006
2007 Defence budget summary 2007
2008–09 mid-year Defence budget update 2009
The 2017 independent review of intelligence: Views from The Strategist 2017
Accelerating autonomy: Autonomous systems and the Tiger helicopter replacement 2019
ADF capability review:: Australian Army 2008
ADF capability review:: C⁴ISR(EW) 2008
ADF capability review:: Royal Australian Navy 2008
ADF capability review:: Royal Australian Air Force 2008
ADF capability snapshot 2015: Part 1—RAAF 2015
ADF capability snapshot 2015: Part 2—RAN 2015
ADF capability snapshot 2015: Part 3—Army 2015
ADF capability snapshot 2016: C4ISR—winning in the networked battlespace 2016
Advancing Australian homeland security: Leveraging the private sector 2008
Afghanistan—transition to transformation: A role for Australia in helping shape Afghanistan's future 2014
After Covid-19: Volume 3 Voices from federal parliament 2020
After Covid-19: Volume 2 Australia, the region and multilateralism 2020
After Covid-19: Australia and the world rebuild (Volume 1) 2020
After Mosul: Australia’s strategy to counter the Islamic State 2016
After the 2006 crisis:: Australian interests in Timor-Leste 2007
After the GFC: Australia and the Chimerica challenge 2009
Agenda for change: Strategic choices for the next government 2013
Agenda for change 2016: Strategic choices for the next government 2016
Agenda for change 2019: Strategic choices for the next government 2019
The Agenda for Intelligence Reform 2004
Air warfare destroyer:: The game-changer 2018
The Air Warfare Destroyer project—Decision time 2007
All in a day’s work: Business and Australian disaster management 2008
An all-hazards approach to national security:: Preparing for and responding to threats to Australian agriculture 2008
Alliance Unleashed:: Australia and the US in a new strategic age 2005
The American face of ISIS: Analysis of ISIS–related terrorism in the US March 2014–August 2016 2017
American primacy:: what future? 2011
America’s ‘Maginot Line’: A study of static border security in an age of agile and innovative threats 2016
Another century, another long war 2014
ANZUS 2.0: Cybersecurity and Australia–US relations 2012
ANZUS and alliance politics in Southeast Asia: Revisiting the ‘southern flank’ 2019
ANZUS at 70: The past, present and future of the alliance 2021
Are we a top 20 nation or a middle power?: Views on Australia's position in the world 2014
Are we ready?: Healthcare preparedness for catastrophic terrorism 2007
Army capability review 2010 2010
Around the world in ninety minutes—what an Australian satellite surveillance system could do 2009
ASEAN ascending: Achieving ‘centrality’ in the emerging Asian order 2015
Asian military trends and their implications for Australia 2008
ASPI at 15 2016
ASPI – Embassy of Japan 1.5 Track Dialogue on ‘Responsible Behaviour in Space’: Proceedings and Outcomes 2021
ASPI—KAS: 4th Australia—Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue ‘Shifting frontiers: addressing post-caliphate terrorism dynamics’ 2019
ASPI–KAS: The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on extremism dynamics: Towards national resilience 2020
ASPI–KAS: 2nd Australia–Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue 3–4 November 2016, Canberra 2017
ASPI—SWP Dialogue:: proceedings and outcomes 2018
Assessing the Defence Update 2007 2007
Assessing the Defence White Paper 2009 2009
Assessing the South China Sea award 2016
Attitude Matters:: Public opinion in Australia towards defence and security 2004
Augmenting maritime domain awareness in Southeast Asia: Boosting national capabilities in the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia 2019
Australia and Ballistic Missile Defence:: Our policy choices 2004
Australia and Germany: A new strategic energy partnership 2017
Australia and South Korea:: Middle power cooperation and Asian security 2010
Australia and the Middle East 2007
Australia and the Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Initiative:: difficult times for disarmament diplomacy 2013
Australia and the South Pacific: Rising to the challenge 2008
Australia as a Southern Hemisphere power 2013
Australia in space:: Views from The Strategist 2018
Australia — Israel Sixth Annual Be’er Sheva Dialogue: Proceedings and Outcomes 2020
Australia—Afghanistan relations: Reflections on a half-century 2019
Australia—China law enforcement cooperation 2019
Australia–India Reengagement:: Common Security Concerns, Converging Strategic Horizons, Complementary Force Structures 2004
Australia—Israel Be’er Sheva Dialogue 2018
Australia–Japan relations:: New directions 2007
Australian border security and unmanned maritime vehicles 2016
An Australian DARPA to turbocharge universities’ national security research: Securely managed Defence-funded research partnerships in Five-Eyes universities 2021
The Australian Defence Force and contested space 2019
Australian defence policy assessment 2010 2010
Australian domestic security:: The role of Defence 2006
The Australian media and terrorism 2007
Australian naval combat helicopters—the future 2009
An Australian strategy for the quantum revolution 2021
Australian universities and terrorism 2007
Australian uranium exports and security:: Preventing proliferation 2006
Australia’s commitment in Afghanistan:: moving to a more comprehensive approach 2010
Australia’s cybersecurity future(s): It’s January 2024. Does Australia still have the internet? 2018
Australiaʹs Defence after September 11: A Quick Guide to the Issues 2002
Australia’s implementation of women, peace and security: Promoting regional stability 2020
Australia’s management of strategic risk in the new era 2017
Australia’s national security institutions: Reform and renewal 2010
Australia’s next cybersecurity strategy: Views from The Strategist 2020
Australia’s offshore patrol vessels: Missing an opportunity? 2017
Australia’s Pacific pivot: Destiny, duty, denial and desire 2019
Australia’s second sea: Facing our multipolar future in the Indian Ocean 2019
Australia’s strategic fundamentals 2007
The Australia–US Cyber Security Dialogue 2017
Automating influence on Covid-19 2020
AWD combat system: An upgrade for the Aegis 2016
Back to the future—Australia’s interim sealift and amphibious capability 2011
Ballistic missile defence: How soon, how significant, and what should Australia’s policy be? 2014
Bastille Day terrorist attack in Nice, 14 July 2016 2016
The battle for hegemony in the Middle East 2017
Between Japan and Southeast Asia: Australia and US—China economic rivalry 2019
Beyond 2017: The Australian Defence Force and amphibious warfare 2015
Beyond Af–Pak: Australia’s long-term interests in Pakistan 2012
Beyond Baghdad:: ASPI’s Strategic Assessment 2004 2004
Beyond Bali:: ASPI’s Strategic Assessment 2002 2002
Beyond belief:: Islamism, radicalisation and the counter-terrorism response 2007
Beyond bin Laden: Future trends in terrorism 2011
Big data in national security 2017
A Big Deal:: Australia’s future air combat capability 2004
Biodata and biotechnology: Opportunity and challenges for Australia 2020
Black flag rising: ISIL in Southeast Asia and Australia 2015
Bolstering national disaster resilience: What can be done? 2016
Border security lessons for Australia from Europe’s Schengen experience 2017
Building ‘a harmonious world’?: Chinese perceptions of regional order and implications for Australia 2007
Building the Peace: Australia and the Future of Iraq 2003
Burma and North Korea:: Smoke or fire? 2009
The Bushmaster: From concept to combat 2019
Calming troubled waters: Global and regional strategies for countering piracy 2012
Can Australia afford nuclear propelled submarines?: Can we afford not to? 2018
Capabilities, competition and communication: Why the West needs a strategy for technology 2019
Capability of First Resort?: Australia’s Future Amphibious Requirement 2004
The case for an Australian national security strategy 2011
The challenge of energy resilience in Australia: Strategic options for continuity of supply 2017
A change in climate for the Australian Defence Force 2007
Changing Asia, rising China, and Australia’s strategic choices 2009
Changing pace: ASPI’s strategic assessment 2011 2011
Charting a course for Afghanistan 2008
China:: what sort of great power will it be? 2008
The China Defence Universities Tracker: Exploring the military and security links of China’s universities 2019
China’s cyberpower: International and domestic priorities 2014
China’s expanding Antarctic interests: Implications for Australia 2017
China’s maritime strategic agenda 2010
China’s new dream: How will Australia and the world cope with the re-emergence of China as a great power? 2014
China’s response to the US in contemporary Asia 2013
The Chinese Communist Party’s coercive diplomacy 2020
Chinese influence in the Pacific Islands: The yin and yang of soft power 2019
Chinese investment in the Port of Darwin: A strategic risk for Australia? 2015
Clean pipes:: Should ISPs provide a more secure internet? 2020
Cold calculations: Australia's Antarctic challenges 2013
Collaborative nation building: Port of Townsville case study 2021
Coming ready or not: Hypersonic weapons 2021
Coming to terms with the Taliban-dominated insurgency 2008
The Commonwealth’s part in the fight against organised crime: It’s worth doing more 2013
Communicating risk:: Revising Australia’s counter-terrorism alert system 2008
Compelled to control: Conflicting visions of the future of cyberspace 2013
Confronting the terrorism threat:: A national research institute for counter-terrorism 2007
Connecting the docs:: towards an integrated national security strategy 2009
Contest Two and counter extremism:: Lessons for Australia 2009
Coordination of federal, state and local disaster management arrangements in Australia: Lessons from the UK and the US 2017
The Cost of Defence 2010-21 Part 1: ASPI 2020 Defence Strategic Update brief: One hundred & fifty-seven million, four hundred & thirty-nine thousand, four hundred & eighty-five dollars and twenty-one cents per day 2020
The Cost of Defence 2020-21 Part2: ASPI 2020-21 Defence Budget Brief: One hundred & seventeen million, one hundred & twelve thousand, four hundred and forty-six dollars & fifty-eight cents per day. 2020
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2003–04: Forty-three million, three hundred & four thousand, eight hundred and fifty-four dollars and seventy-nine cents per day. 2003
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2004–2005: Forty-four million, six hundred & sixty-five thousand, three hundred & twenty-two dollars & forty cents per day 2005
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2006–07: Fifty–three million, seven hundred & fifty-one thousand, thirteen dollars & seventy cents per day. 2006
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2007-08: Sixty million, two hundred & seventy-one thousand, four hundred & thirty-eight dollars & thirty-six cents per day. 2007
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2008-09: Sixty-one million, nine hundred & ninety-five thousand, four hundred and twenty-eight dollars & ninety-six cents per day. 2008
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2009-10: Seventy-two million, nine hundred & ninety thousand, three hundred & seventy-five dollars & thirty-four cents per day. 2009
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2010-11: Seventy-three million, six-hundred & eighty-nine thousand, two-hundred & nineteen dollars & eighteen cents per day. 2010
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2011–2012: Seventy-two million, seven hundred & sixty-six thousand, six hundred & nineteen dollars & eighteen cents per day. 2011
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2012–13: Sixty-six million, one hundred & sixty-seven thousand, eight hundred & seventy-one dollars & fifty-eight cents. 2012
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2013-14: Sixty-nine million, six hundred & eighty-one thousand, nine hundred & eighty dollars & eighty-two cents per day. 2013
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2014–2015: Eighty million, two hundred & eighty-one thousand, three hundred & ninety-one dollars & seventy-eight cents per day. 2014
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2015-16: Eighty-seven million, nine hundred & eighteen thousand, four hundred & fifty-four dollars & seventy-nine cents per day. 2015
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2016-17: Eighty-eight million, seven hundred & seventeen thousand, six hundred & fifty-two dollars & five cents per day. 2016
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2017–18: Ninety-five million, thirty-two thousand, five hundred & ninety-one dollars & seventy-eight cents per day. 2017
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2018–19: Ninety-nine million, six hundred & six thousand, two hundred & two dollars & seventy-four cents per day. 2018
The Cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2019–20: One hundred & five million, eight hundred & fifty-three thousand, five hundred & seventy-three dollars & seventy-seven cents per day. 2019
The cost of Defence ASPI defence budget brief 2021—2022: One hundred & twenty-two million, two hundred & forty-two thousand, seven hundred & thirty-nine dollars & seventy-three cents per day. 2021
Counterterrorism action:: Bankstown, 12 October 2016 2016
Covid-19 and the reach of pro-Kremlin messaging 2020
Cracking the missile matrix: The case for Australian guided weapons production 2021
Creative tension: Parliament and national security 2015
Critical foundations:: Australia’s infrastructure and national resilience 2011
Critical technologies and the Indo-Pacific: A new India–Australia partnership 2020
Crowded and complex: The changing geopolitics of the South Pacific 2017
Crowded waters: Naval competition in the Asia–Pacific 2015
Crunch Time:: Planning Australia’s future defence force 2005
Crying poor?: The affordability of defence expenditure 2012
Cultural erasure: Tracing the destruction of Uyghur and Islamic spaces in Xinjiang 2020
Cutting Edge:: The Collins experience 2006
Cutting their cloth: New Zealand’s defence strategy 2007
Cyber security:: threats and responses in the information age 2009
Cybercrime in Southeast Asia: Combating a global threat locally 2020
Cyber-enabled foreign interference in elections and referendums 2020
Cybersecurity by executive order 2014
Cyberspace and armed forces: The rationale for offensive cyber capabilities 2016
Danger and Opportunity: Australia and the North Korea Crisis 2003
Defence and security R&D:: A sovereign strategic advantage 2019
The Defence Capability Review 2003: A Modest and Incomplete Review 2003
Defence projects and the economy 2019
Defence science and innovation: An affordable strategic advantage 2015
Defence White Paper 2016: The Strategist decides 2016
Defence White Papers at 40 2016
A delicate issue: Asia’s nuclear future 2009
Delivering ‘joined-up’ government: Achieving the integrated approach to offshore crisis management 2016
Delivering the goods:: the ADF’s future battlefield airlifter 2012
Democracy postponed:: Fiji and Australian policy choices 2009
Designing for resilient energy systems: Choices in future engineering 2019
Detect, disrupt and deny: Optimising Australia’s counterterrorism financing system 2016
Deterrence in cyberspace: Different domain, different rules 2016
Deterrence in cyberspace: Spare the costs, spoil the bad state actor: Deterrence in cyberspace requires consequences 2018
Deterrence through denial: A strategy for an era of reduced warning time 2021
The devil in the detail:: Australia’s first National Security Statement 2008
Devolved data centre decisions Opportunities for reform?: A report on the unintended consequences of government data centre procurement arrangements 2020
Digital government services: Building for peak demand 2021
Digital land power: The Australian Army’s cyber future 2016
Documenting Xinjiang’s detention system 2020
Dragon and eagle entangled: Sino-US military exchanges, 2001–2016 2017
The eagle has landed: The US rebalance to Southeast Asia 2016
The eagle in a turbulent world: US and its global role 2008
The eagle returns:: resurgent US strategy in Southeast Asia and its policy implications 2012
Economic coercion: Boycotts and sanctions—preferred weapons of war 2020
Educating for the profession of arms in Australia 2012
Elections at the UN: Australia’s approach 2017
The emerging agenda for cybersecurity 2013
The end of Chimerica: The passing of global economic consensus and the rise of US—China strategic 136 technological competition 2019
The enemy below:: Anti-submarine warfare in the ADF 2007
Engaging our neighbours: Towards a new relationship between Australia and the Pacific Islands 2008
Engineering global consent: The Chinese Communist Party’s data-driven power expansion 2019
Ensuring a trusted 5G ecosystem of vendors and technology 2020
Enter the Cyber Dragon: Understanding Chinese intelligence agencies’ cyber capabilities 2013
An enterprise-level naval shipbuilding plan 2015
Essential and underappreciated: The contribution of law enforcement to national security 2014
Evolution of the protection of civilians in UN peacekeeping 2019
Exfiltrate, encrypt, extort: The global rise of ransomware and Australia’s policy options 2021
Expanding alliance: ANZUS cooperation and Asia–Pacific security 2014
Eyes wide open: Managing the Australia–China Antarctic relationship 2020
Facing the dragon: China policy in a new era 2013
Family de-planning: The coercive campaign to drive down indigenous birth-rates in Xinjiang 2021
Fighting fire with fire: Target audience responses to online anti-violence campaigns 2013
The final straw: Are our defence forces overstretched? 2007
Finding a way forward in Afghanistan 2009
The flipside of China’s central bank digital currency 2020
For the right reasons, in the right ways (Part 1): A four-nation survey of information sharing about organised crime 2016
Forks in the river: Australia’s strategic options in a transformational Asia 2011
Forward defence in depth for Australia 2019
Fractured Europe: The Schengen Area and European border security 2017
France and security in the Asia–Pacific: From the end of the first Indochina conflict to today 2016
France’s Indo-Pacific strategy and its overseas territories in the Indian and Pacific oceans: Characteristics, capabilities, constraints and avenues for deepening the Franco-Australian strategic partnership 2021
From board room to situation room: Why corporate security is national security 2019
From concentrated vulnerability to distributed lethality —: or how to get more maritime bang for the buck with our offshore patrol vessels 2020
From Hollywood to Bollywood?: Recasting Australia’s Indo/Pacific strategic geography 2016
From little things: Quantum technologies and their application to defence 2017
Frozen assets:: Securing Australia’s Antarctic future 2007
The future of jihad: What next for ISIL and al-Qaeda? 2015
The future of the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation: Indonesia’s chance to promote a new era of regional law enforcement cooperation 2017
Future unknown:: The terrorist threat to Australian maritime security 2005
Gamechanger: Australian leadership for all-season air access to Antarctica 2021
Gen Y jihadists: Preventing radicalisation in Australia 2015
The generation gap:: Australia and the Super Hornet 2007
Genomic surveillance: Inside China’s DNA dragnet 2020
Getting China Right:: Australia’s policy options for dealing with China 2005
Getting there—a status update for the 2000 Defence white paper 2013
Global Forces 2005: Proceedings of the ASPI conference. Day 1—Global Strategy 2006
Global Forces 2006: Proceedings of the ASPI conference. Day 2 2006
Global Forces 2006: Proceedings of the ASPI conference. Day 1 2006
Global Forces 2007: Proceedings of the ASPI conference. Day 1 2007
Global Forces 2007: Proceedings of the ASPI conference. Day 2 2007
Global jigsaw: ASPI’s strategic assessment 2008 2008
Grey zone operations and the maritime domain 2018
Hacking for ca$h: Is China still stealing Western IP? 2018
Hard news and free media as the sharp edge of Australian soft power 2018
Hardening Australia: Climate change and national disaster resilience 2009
Heavy weather: Climate and the Australian Defence Force 2013
Hercules or Sisyphus?: Building capacity in the Asia–Pacific 2007
Here to help: Strengthening the Defence role in Australian disaster management 2010
‘High rollers’: A study of criminal profits along Australia’s heroin and methamphetamine supply chains 2021
Homeward bound:: Australia’s new Counter-Terrorism White Paper 2010
How is RAMSI faring?: Progress, challenges, and lessons learned 2005
How much information is enough?: The disclosure of defence capability planning information 2009
How much is too little?: Learning to live with a smaller force 2012
How much will the Joint Strike Fighter cost Australia? 2008
How the geopolitical partnership between China and Russia threatens the West 2019
How to buy a submarine:: Defining and building Australia’s future fleet 2009
How to buy a submarine: Part 2 2014
Huawei and Australia’s 5G Network 2018
Huawei and Telefunken: Communications enterprises and rising power strategies 2019
The human tide: An Australian perspective on demographics and security 2009
Hunting the phoenix: The Chinese Communist Party’s global search for technology and talent 2020
I can see clearly now!: Technological innovation in Australian law enforcement: A case study of anti-money laundering 2018
ICT FOR DEVELOPMENT IN THE PACIFIC ISLANDS: An assessment of e-government capabilities in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Soloman Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu 2020
ID2020, Bill Gates and the Mark of the Beast:: how Covid-19 catalyses existing online conspiracy movements 2020
Identity of a nation: Protecting the digital evidence of who we are 2018
The impact of quantum technologies on secure communications 2021
Implementing the Defence First Principles Review: Two key opportunities to achieve best practice in capability development 2015
Improving Defence Management 2007
Improving development and respecting sovereignty:: Australia and Papua New Guinea 2008
Improving on zero: Australia and India attempt strategic convergence 2016
In the Balance: China’s unprecedented growth and implications for the Asia–Pacific 2006
The India–China relationship:: a tempered rivalry? 2010
India’s rise as an Asia–Pacific power: Rhetoric and reality 2012
Indo-Pacific election pulse 2019: Thailand, Indonesia, India and Australia: Views from The Strategist 2019
Indo-Pacific election pulse 2020: Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Myanmar and the United States: Views from The Strategist 2020
Indo-Pacific immune systems to enable healthy engagement with the Chinese state and China’s economy 2019
The influence environment: A survey of Chinese-language media in Australia 2020
Influence for hire: The Asia-Pacific’s online shadow economy 2021
Information Sharing in Australia’s National Security Community 2009
An integrated approach to Islamic State recruitment 2016
The intelligence reform agenda:: What next? 2008
Investing wisely: Spending political capital on Australia’s criminal intelligence capabilities 2014
Invisible enemies:: Infectious disease and national security in Australia 2005
Iran’s nuclear program—and the costs of stopping it 2012
Iraq:: what happens next? 2011
Iraq:: After Baker 2006
Iraq and ‘staying the course’ 2006
Iraq, Bush and Australia 2007
Iraq security strategy:: a complex challenge 2005
The Iraqi insurgency: Getting some perspective 2003
Is the JSF good enough?: Can Australia’s air combat requirements be met by the JSF, or do we need the F/A-22? 2004
Island voices and Covid-19: vulnerability and resilience: Views from The Strategist 2021
Issues for the Australian air combat review 2008
Japan:: Recasting politics, and opening up strategic ‘space’ 2009
Japan, Australia and the changing security order in Asia 2007
Japan versus Europe: The quest to build Australia’s future submarine 2016
Japan’s strategic outlook 2011
Jemaah Islamiyah:: A renewed struggle? 2009
Jemaah Islamiyah: An uncertain future 2019
Joko Widodo’s Indonesia: Possible future paths 2014
Jokowi’s second term:: economic challenges and outlook 2019
Jump jets for the ADF? 2014
Keep calm and carry on: Reflections on the Anglosphere 2013
Keeping Australia Secure: What do you think it means…and how do we do it? 2003
Keeping our heads below water:: Australia’s future submarine 2008
Keeping the home fires burning:: Australia’s energy security 2011
Ken Henry’s Asian Century 2012
Kim Beazley on the US alliance and Australia’s defence and international security 2018
King-hit:: preparing for Australia’s disaster future 2011
Known unknowns: Uncertainty about the future of the Asia–Pacific 2010
‘Lead me to the harbour!’: Plotting Darwin Harbour’s future course 2021
Leaping across the ocean: The port operators behind China’s naval expansion 2021
Learning from history: Some strategic lessons from the ‘forward defence’ era 2015
Let’s test that idea—contestability of advice in the Department of Defence 2010
Living with giants:: Finding Australia’s place in a more complex world 2005
Local Jihad:: Radical Islam and terrorism in Indonesia 2005
A long and winding road:: Australia’s role in building an Afghan National Army 2009
A long time coming: The case for a white paper on Commonwealth law enforcement policy 2015
Long-term engagement:: The future of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands 2011
Losing our agnosticism: How to make Australia’s foreign influence laws work 2021
Making it count:: Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan 2008
Making mischief: The return of the South China Sea dispute 2010
Making strategic policy: What’s involved? 2015
Making waves:: Australian ocean development assistance 2012
Malaysia’s two-step hedging strategy:: Bilateral and regional activism 2006
Manchester Arena bombing, 22 May 2017 2017
Manufacturing partners: Japan–South Korea security cooperation and Australia’s potential role 2014
Mapping China’s technology giants 2019
Mapping conditions in Rakhine State 2019
Mapping Pacific contributions to UN peacekeeping: Past experiences and future opportunities 2020
Maritime Confidence Building Measures in the South China Sea Conference 2013
Measuring up:: evaluating cohesion in the national security community 2010
The Melanesian Spearhead Group:: testing Pacific island solidarity 2011
Methamphetamine: Focusing Australia’s National Ice Strategy on the problem, not the symptoms 2015
Mice that roar:: Patrol and coastal combatants in ASEAN 2018
Middle East outlook and energy security in the Asia–Pacific region 2009
Mind the gap: Getting serious about submarines 2012
Mind your tongue: Language, public diplomacy and community cohesion in contemporary Australia—China relations 2019
Mission command and C3 modernisation in the Australian Army: Digitisation a critical enabler 2015
Mitigating the risk of a China–India conflict 2021
Mongolia–Australia relations:: a Mongolian perspective 2012
More than good deeds: Disaster risk management and Australian, Japanese and US Defence forces 2011
Moving beyond ambitions?: Indonesia’s military modernisation 2013
National security agencies and the cloud: An urgent capability issue for Australia 2020
National security in the Philippines under Duterte:: Shooting from the hip or pragmatic partnerships beyond the noise? 2018
National Security Note 1: US debt ceiling and national security 2011
National Security Note 2: The politics of US foreign policy 2011
National Security Note 3: The debate over US grand strategy 2011
National Security Note 4: Cybersecurity: the view from Washington 2011
NATO, Australia and the future partnership 2008
A natural power: Challenges for Australia's resources diplomacy in Asia 2010
Naval gazing: The future of Australia’s naval shipbuilding and repair sector 2010
Navy capability review 2010 2010
Neighbourhood watch: The evolving terrorist threat in Southeast Asia 2008
Net worth: Australia’s regional fisheries engagement 2016
The networked ADF—C⁴ISR capability summary 2010 2010
A new agenda for national security 2008
The new frontiers of Islamist extremism: Understanding the threat that al-Qaeda affiliates pose to African security 2014
New Neighbour, New Challenge: Australia and the Security of East Timor 2002
A new Sino-Russian high-tech partnership: Authoritarian innovation in an era of great-power rivalry 2019
New ways of thinking about the global arms industry: Dealing with ‘limited autarky’ 2015
New York and New Jersey terrorist attacks, 17 September 2016 2016
The New Zealand Defence White Paper:: a more strategically-extroverted Kiwi? 2010
The next base?: Concerns about Somalia and Yemen 2011
The next big grey thing — choosing Australia’s future frigate 2018
The next Defence White Paper:: the strategic environment 2008
Next step in the step-up: The ADF’s role in building health security in Pacific island states 2021
No exit: Next steps to help promote South Pacific peace and prosperity 2015
Non-strategic nuclear weapons: The next step in multilateral arms control 2013
North Korea:: truculent but worrisome 2011
North Korea:: the reverberations of 25 May 2009
North Korea:: Sliding towards the abyss 2009
North Korea and the ANZUS Treaty 2018
North of 26° south and the security of Australia: Views from The Strategist 2019
North of 26° south and the security of Australia: Views from The Strategist Vol. 2 2020
North of 26° south and the security of Australia: Views from The Strategist Volume 3 2021
The not-quite-quadrilateral: Australia, Japan and India 2015
Nuclear disarmament and its limits 2008
Nuclear latency and the future strategic environment 2015
Nuclear strategy in a changing world 2019
The nuclear war scare of 1983: How serious was it? 2013
Nuclear weapons: Arms control, proliferation and nuclear security 2010
The Obama administration and US strategic policy 2009
Obama in his own words:: On leadership, force, and rebuilding US primacy 2010
Ocean horizons: Strengthening maritime security in Indo-Pacific island states 2019
An Office of National Security:: Making it happen 2007
On the path of change: Political, economic and social challenges for Myanmar 2013
The once and future submarine—raising and sustaining Australia’s underwater capability 2011
One Defence: one direction?: The First Principles Review of Defence 2015
Operation Marksburg and CT arrest in Young, 28 February 2017 2017
Opportunities abound abroad: Optimising our criminal intelligence system overseas 2016
Our Failing Neighbour: Australia and the Future of Solomon Islands 2003
Our near abroad: Australia and Pacific islands regionalism 2011
Our western front: Australia and the Indian Ocean 2010
A Pacific disaster prevention review 2020
Pakistan, our paradoxical partner in the war on terror 2008
The Pakistani surge: The way forward for counter-insurgency in Pakistan 2010
Pakistan’s Musharraf:: Playing a balancing act 2005
Partners: Australia’s private sector engagement in the Pacific 2018
The party speaks for you: Foreign interference and the Chinese Communist Party’s united front system 2020
Pay Your Money & Take Your Pick: Defence Spending Choices for Australia 2003
Peak Japan and its implications for regional security 2016
People smugglers globally, 2017 2017
Perceptions survey:: Industry views on the economic implications of the Assistance and Access Bill 2018 2018
The phantom of the Pacific:: reconsidering Russia as a Pacific power prior to APEC–2012 2011
The Philippines: Internal and external security challenges 2012
Picking flowers, making honey: The Chinese military’s collaboration with foreign universities 2018
Plague Anatomy:: Health security from pandemics to bioterrorism 2005
Planning the unthinkable war: ‘AirSea Battle’ and its implications for Australia 2013
The PNG—Australia development partnership: A redesign that’s about listening and transformation 2019
PNG’s golden era:: political and security challenges in PNG and their implications for Australia 2011
Police Join the Front Line: Building Australia’s International Policing Capability 2004
Policing our ocean domain:: Establishing an Australian coast guard 2008
The post-caliphate Salafi-jihadi environment 2019
Power Shift:: Challenges for Australia in Northeast Asia 2004
Precarious State:: Afghanistan and the international and Australian response 2006
Preparing for the Era of Disasters 2019
Preserving the knowledge edge: Surveillance cooperation and the US–Australia alliance in Asia 2014
Preventing another Australia Card fail: Unlocking the potential of digital identity 2018
Preventing nuclear terrorism: Australia’s leadership role 2014
The Prime Minister Speaks on National Security: At the ASPI dinner, Sydney, 18 June 2004 2004
A primer on the ideological and theological drivers of AQ and Daesh:: Al-Qaedaism 2018
Projecting national power: Reconceiving Australian air power strategy for an age of high contest 2019
Proliferation central:: Syria’s nuclear, chemical and biological weapons 2008
Pro-Russian vaccine politics drives new disinformation narratives 2020
Protecting critical national infrastructure in an era of IT and OT convergence 2019
Public opinion in Australia towards defence, security and terrorism 2008
Punching above our weight?: Australia as a middle power 2005
Putin and North Korea: Exploring Russian interests around the peninsula 2018
Putting the ‘national’ into national security:: Australia’s maritime surveillance capability 2010
The QDR:: a future of hybrid warfare? 2010
Quad 2.0: New perspectives for the revived concept: Views from The Strategist 2019
RAAF capability review 2010 2010
The rapidly emerging crisis on our doorstep 2021
Rational to rationalise?: Australia’s future naval combat helicopters revisited 2009
Reassessing Malcolm Fraser 2015
Rebuilding while performing: Military modernisation in the Philippines 2014
Recovering from Terror Attacks: A Proposal for Regional Cooperation 2002
Reforming the United Nations:: Kofi Annan’s legacy gets a reality check 2006
Regionalism and community: Australia’s options in the Asia—Pacific 2010
Reining in China’s technology giants 2021
A reliable partner: Strengthening Australia – Timor-Leste relations 2011
Remaining plugged into European defence and security after Brexit:: Australia and Germany 2018
Representative Views:: Mass and elite opinion on Australian security 2005
Resignation of Japanese Defence Minister, Fumio Kyuma:: Implications for Australia 2007
Responding to radical Islamist ideology:: The case of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia 2007
Rethinking Taiwan policy: History, politics, ideology 2019
A return on investment: The future of police cooperation between Australia and Indonesia 2014
Returning to work during the pandemic: Testing, surveillance, apps and data as our near term future 2020
Retweeting through the great firewall: A persistent and undeterred threat actor 2020
Reviewing the Defence Capability Plan 2004–2014: The good, the bad and the ugly 2004
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