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ATF (Australia) Ltd.

Publisher Description

ATF Press is an independent Adelaide (Australia) based publisher. ATF Press publications engage in depth with society, culture and religion. Its publications deepen knowledge, challenges and contributes to the intellectual life of the community.

Books in JSTOR from ATF (Australia) Ltd.
163 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
150 Years of Pyrmont Peninsula: The Catholic Community of St. Bede 1867-2017 2017
The 2015 Gasson Lecturers: Maintaining a Convinced and Pondered Trust 2015
The 2015 Synod. The Crucial Questions: Divorce and Homosexuality: The Crucial Questions: Divorce and Homosexuality 2015
The A to Z of People of Faith and Science: Short Biographies 2018
The ABC of Sunday Matters: Reflections on the Lectionary Readings for Year A, B, and C 2013
Access To Space in the Southern Hemisphere 2018
AI and IA: Utopia or Extinction? 2018
All the Beautiful Things: Finding Truth, Beauty and Goodness in a Fractured Church 2020
Amplifying that still, small voice: A Collection of Essays 2015
Anglicanism: Catholic Evangelical or Evangelical Catholic?: Essays Ecumenical and Polemical 2019
Aquinas Academy 1945-2015: A Very Personal Australian Story 2016
Arte Contemporaneo: Kim En Joong 2018
Aspirations for Modernity and Prosperity: Symbols and Sources Behind Pentecostal/Charismatic Growth in Indonesia 2014
At Sea with Bishop John Bede Polding: The Journals of Lewis Harding, 1835 (Liverpool to Sydney) and 1846 (Sydney to London) 2019
At the End of the River: The Coorong and Lower Lakes 2010
Australis OSCAR 5: The Improbable Story of Australia's First Private Satellite 2019
Ave Atque Vale: Hail and Farewell 2013
Benedict, Me and the Cardinals Three 2014
Between the 'Mysticism of Politics' and the 'Politics of Mysticism' 2014
Bible Dictionary 2008
Biblical and Theological Studies on the Trinity 2014
Birds of Kangaroo Island: A Photographic Field Guide 2015
Bonhoeffer Down Under 2012
The Bonhoeffer Legacy (6/1 2018): An International Journal 2018
The Bonhoeffer Legacy: An International Journal (5.2) 2018
The Bonhoeffer Legacy: Australasian Journal of Bonhoeffer Studies, Vol 3, No 1 2014
The Bonhoeffer Legacy: Australasian Journal of Bonhoeffer Studies, Volume 1 2013
The Bonhoeffer Legacy: Australasian Journal of Bonhoeffer Study Vol 2 2014
Bridging the Divide Between Faith, Theology and Life: The Church in Oceania 2015
A Call to Mission - A History of the Jesuits in China 1842-1954: Volume 2: The Wider European and American Adventure 2018
A Call to Mission - A History of the Jesuits in China 1842-1954: Volume I: The French Romance 2018
Calvin The Man and the Legacy 2013
Caring vs Curing 2016
Child Sexual Abuse, Society, and the Future of the Church 2013
Choosing end of life nursing 2016
Church as Communion: The Gift and Goal of Koinonia 2011
The Church in China 2010
The Clergy Club 2018
Collection of Ancient Chinese Cultural Relics, Volume 1 2019
Collection of Ancient Chinese Cultural Relics, Volume 10: The Qing Dynasty II 1644-1911 2019
Collection of Ancient Chinese Cultural Relics - Volume 2 2019
Collection of Ancient Chinese Cultural Relics, Volume 3: The Qin and Han Dynasties 221 BC- 220 AD 2019
Collection of Ancient Chinese Cultural Relics, Volume 4 2019
Collection of Ancient Chinese Cultural Relics, Volume 5 2019
Collection of Ancient Chinese Cultural Relics, Volume 6: The Northern and Southern Song Dynasties 960-1279 2019
Collection of Ancient Chinese Cultural Relics, Volume 7: The Liao, Jin and Western Xia Dynasties 916-1234 / The Yuan Dynasty 1271-1368 2019
Collection of Ancient Chinese Cultural Relics, Volume 8 2019
Collection of Ancient Chinese Cultural Relics, Volume 9: The Qing Dynasty 1644-1911 2019
Colonial Religion: Conflict and Change in Church and State 2020
Compass Theology Review: A History, 50 Years of Australians Doing Theology 2020
Creation, Matter and the Image of God: Essays on John 2020
Curious Obsessions in the History of Science and Spirituality 2020
Denis Edwards in His Own Words 2020
Dialogue of One: Homilies for Sundays and Feasts in Years A, B and C 2019
Diary of the 1914-1918 War 2015
Die Synode 2015: Die entscheidenden Fragen: Ehescheidung und Homosexualitat 2015
Dieu, le jour d’après: Une brève théologie des catastrophes 2015
Discerning the Dynamics of Jeremiah 25-52 (MT) 2020
The Dominican Approaches in Education: Towards the Intelligent Use of Liberty 2014
Dominicans and Human Rights: Past, Present, and Future 2017
Dramatic Encounters in the Bible 2013
Enjoy the Good News: A New Testament Guide 2016
Ethics: Contemporary Perspectives: Contemporary Perspectives: The Ethics of Ethics 2013
Ethics Handbook for the Space Odyssey 2019
Eucharist in the Local Church: Meeting the Challenge of Real Participation 2012
Experiencing Scripture: Intimacy with Ancient Text and Modern Faith 2012
Fairness, opportunity and security: Filling the policy vacuum 2015
Familia Dominicana y Derechos Humanos: Pasado, Presente, Futuro 2017
Festival 2016
First Voyage of the Apostle Thomas to India: Ancient Christianity in Bharuch and Taxila 2005
Five Uneasy Pieces: Essays on Scripture and Sexuality 2011
Fragments of Colossae: Sifting Through the Traces 2015
From North to South: Southern Scholars Engage with Edward Schillebeeckx 2013
From Temple to Tent: From Real to Virtual World (Exodus 24:15 - Numbers 10:28) 2019
The Front Page: Everyday Ignatian Spirituality 2011
Fullness of Life and Justice for All: Dominican Perspectives 2020
God and the Natural World: Theological Explorations in Appreciation of Denis Edwards 2020
God, the Moon and the Astronaut 2016
God's 'Good Time' 2013
God's Word and the Church's Council: Vaticann II and Divine Revelation 2014
Gratry's Philosophy: A Translation of Julian Marias' La Filosofia del Padre Gratry 1991
Have Life Abundantly 2013
Hermeneutics and the Authority of Scripture 2011
Hermeneutics, Intertextuality and the Contemporary Meaning of Scripture 2014
The History of Ancient Chinese Measures and Weights 2016
A History of Theology 2019
Ignatius of Loyola: The life of a Saint 2009
Impossible Horizon: The Essence of Space Exploration 2017
In Season and Out, Homilies for Year A 2016
In Season and Out, Homilies for Year C 2015
In Season and Out, Special Feasts 2016
In-Between God: Theology, Community, and Discipleship 2011
An Inconvenient Text: Is a Green Reading of the Bible Possible? 2009
Interface Theology: Applied Ethics 2017
Interface Theology Volume 1, Number 1 2015
Interface Theology - Volume 5, Issue 1 2019
Islam: Its Beginnings and History, Its Theology and Its Importance Today 2016
Jean-Claude Colin: Reluctant Founder 1790-1875 2018
Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society. Volume 39 (2018) 2018
Journeying with Joseph: Josephite Essays for the Year of St Joseph 2021
A Kaleidoscope of Biblical Articles 2018
A Kaleidoscope of Pieces: Anglican Essays on Sexuality, Ecclesiology and Theology 2016
Laudato Si: An Integral Ecology and the Catholic Vision 2016
Laypeople Into Action 1964
Letters from Lockdown 2020
Letters from the Marist Missionaries in Oceania 1836-1854 2015
Letters of Sr Wendy Beckett to Fr Kim En Joong 2019
L'Impossible pour horizon: L'essence de l'exploration de l'espace 2019
Luther@500 and Beyond: Martin Luther's Theology Past Present and Future 2019
Marriage 2016
Mary MacKillop 1873 2016
My Ecumenical Journey 2014
My Journal of the Council 2012
Of Good Comfort 2016
On the Edge 2016
Opening the Bible: Selected Writings of Antony Campbell SJ 2014
Openings to Renewal 2011
Our Father Who Art on Earth: The Our Father for Believers and Unbelievers 2014
The People's Quest for Leadership in Church and State 2015
Pieces of Ease and Grace 2013
Potiphar's Wife: The Vatican's Secret and Child Sexual Abuse 2014
A Priceless Treasure 2016
Public Theology in Law and Life 2012
Reason and Religion in an Age of Science 2007
Receptive Ecumenism: Listening, Learning and Loving in the Way of Christ 2018
Reckoning: The Catholic Church and Child Sexual Abuse 2014
Residence 2016
Restoring the Right Relationship: The Bible on Divine Righteousness 2014
Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes 2019
Salt and Light: Salt and Light Words of the Day 2019
Scanning the Signs of the Times 2013
Screen Priests: The Depiction of Catholic Priests in Cinema, 1900-2018 2019
A Short Guide to Writing a Thesis 2011
Social Justice and the Churches: Challenges and Responsibilities 2014
A Soul for Australia?: Reading Fosco Antonio's My Reality 2014
Space and Human Culture 2015
Space Exploration and ET: Who Goes There? 2014
Sr Wendy Becket and Fr Kim En Joong: In Her Words, In His Art 2019
St Joseph's Island: Julian Tenison Woods and the Tasmanian Sisters of St Joseph 2012
Stars, Life and Intelligence: Being a Darwinian and a Believer 2009
A Stumbling Block: Bartolome de Las Casas as Defender of the Indians 2017
Sunday Matters: Reflections on the Lectionary Readings for Year C 2012
Sunday Matters: Reflections on the Lectionary Readings Year B 2011
Theology and the Body 2011
Theology of Contemporary Art: Kim En Joong 2018
A Theology of Land: Terra Australis from Christian-Aboriginal Perspectives 2019
Thinking about Political Things: An Aristotelian Approach to Pacific Life 2016
Thinking Faith: Moods, Methods and Mystery 2017
Thinking Things Through: Essays in Philosophy and Christian Faith 2012
This Land Our Water: Water Challenges for the 21st Century 2011
This Time in the Church 2015
Three Revolutions: Three Drastic Changes in Interpreting the Bible 2012
To Praise, To Bless, To Preach: A Dominican Artistic Appreciation of 800 Years of Divine Grace 2018
Tomorrow's Church Today: The Way Forward 2016
Vatican Council II: Reforming Liturgy 2013
Vatican II Notebook: A Council Journal 1962-1963 2015
Veronica Brady: A Living Legacy 2017
Water: A Matter of Life and Death 2011
We are Better than This: Essays and Poems on Australian Asylum Seeker Policy 2015
'Wonderful and Confessedly Strange': Australian Essays in Anglican Ecclesiology 2006
A World United or a World Exploited?: Christian Perspectives on Globalisation 2013
A Year with Luther: Readings from the great reformer for our times 2016
The Yearbook of China's Cultural Industries 2011: Editorial Board of the Yearbook of Chinas Cultural Industries 2016