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Auteur Publishing

Publisher Description

Established in 2000 before becoming an imprint of LUP in 2020, Auteur is the home of essential and accessible Film and Media Studies publications. The 'Devil's Advocates' series on horror cinema "perfectly complement[s] the BFI archive volumes" (Independent on Sunday) and "showcases a diverse range of historical, ideological and critical approaches to the genre" (Frames Cinema Journal). 'Constellations' "fills a real need for authoritative, compact studies of science fiction films" (Wheeler Winston Dixon, University of Nebraska). The 'Studying Films' series explores key films and movements from around the world, from Ida to The Hurt Locker, Bollywood to surrealist cinema.

Books in JSTOR from Auteur Publishing
85 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
12 Monkeys 2019
Antichrist 2015
Black Sunday 2015
Blade Runner 2016
The Blair Witch Project 2014
Blood and Black Lace 2019
The Blood on Satan's Claw 2021
Brainstorm 2020
Candyman 2018
Cannibal Holocaust 2017
Carrie 2013
Children of Men 2019
Close Encounters of the Third Kind 2016
The Company of Wolves 2017
The Conjuring 2021
Creepshow 2019
Cruising 2020
The Curse of Frankenstein 2015
The Damned 2019
Daughters of Darkness 2020
Dead of Night 2015
The Descent 2013
The Devils 2019
Doing Text: Media After the Subject 2016
Don't Look Now 2017
Dune 2019
The Evil Dead 2021
Ex Machina 2020
The Films of Terence Fisher: Hammer Horror and Beyond 2017
The Fly 2018
Folk Horror: Hours Dreadful and Things Strange 2017
Frenzy 2018
Frightmares: A History of British Horror Cinema 2015
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night 2021
Halloween 2014
House of Usher 2019
In the Mouth of Madness 2018
Inception 2019
It Follows 2018
Ju-On: The Grudge 2017
Jurassic Park 2020
Let the Right One In 2011
Lost 2021
M 2019
Macbeth 2017
Mad Max 2019
The Mummy 2019
Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror 2015
Peeping Tom 2020
Real to Reel: A New Approach to Understanding Realism in Film and TV Fiction 2015
Repulsion 2021
RoboCop 2018
Rollerball 2018
SAW 2012
Scream 2019
Seconds 2021
Shadow of a Doubt 2021
The Shining 2017
Shivers 2019
The Silence of the Lambs 2013
Stalker 2021
Studying City of God 2016
Studying Early and Silent Cinema 2014
Studying Feminist Film Theory 2019
Studying Fight Club 2012
Studying French Cinema 2013
Studying Hammer Horror 2016
Studying Horror Cinema 2019
Studying Hot Fuzz 2015
Studying Ida 2018
Studying Indian Cinema 2015
Studying Pan's Labyrinth 2017
Studying Shakespeare on Film 2021
Studying Talk to Her 2015
Studying the British Crime Film 2014
Studying The Hurt Locker 2019
Studying The Lord of the Rings 2021
Studying Waltz with Bashir 2017
Suspiria 2015
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2013
The Thing 2013
Trouble Every Day 2021
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me 2018
The Witch 2020
Witchfinder General 2011