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BRILL, founded in 1683, is a publishing house with a strong international focus. BRILL is renowned for its publications in the following subject areas; Asian Studies, Ancient Near East & Egypt, Biblical Studies & Religious Studies, Classical Studies, Medieval & Early Modern Studies, Middle East & Islamic Studies. BRILL's mainly English language publications include book series, individual monographs and encyclopaedias as well as journals. Publications are increasingly becoming available in electronic format (CD-ROM and/or online editions).

BRILL is proud to work with a broad range of scholars and authors and to serve its many customers throughout the world. Throughout its existence the company has been honored with many awards which recognise BRILL's contribution to science, publishing and international trade.

Journals in JSTOR from Brill
62 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
The African Review: A Journal of African Politics, Development and International Affairs 1971 - 2017
Arab Law Quarterly 1985 - 2017
Arabica 1954 - 2017
Asian Journal of Social Science 2001 - 2017
Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science 1973 - 2000
Southeast Asian Journal of Sociology 1968 - 1971
Behaviour 1947 - 2017
Behaviour. Supplement 1950 - 1977
Benjamin-Studien 2008 - 2014
Benjamin Studien / Studies 2002
Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 1949 - 2021
Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde van Nederlandsch-Indië 1852 - 1948
Church History and Religious Culture 2006 - 2017
Nederlands archief voor kerkgeschiedenis / Dutch Review of Church History 1900 - 2005
Archief voor Nederlandsche kerkgeschiedenis 1885 - 1899
Conrad Studies 2007 - 2017
Crustaceana 1960 - 2017
Crustaceana. Supplement 1968 - 1990
Dead Sea Discoveries 1994 - 2017
Early Science and Medicine 1996 - 2017
European Journal of East Asian Studies 2001 - 2017
European Joyce Studies 1989 - 2016
Frontiers of Philosophy in China 2006 - 2017
Global Governance 1995 - 2017
Indo-Iranian Journal 1957 - 2017
Inner Asia 1999 - 2017
International Ford Madox Ford Studies 2002 - 2016
International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 1996 - 2017
International Journal on Group Rights 1993 - 1995
Iran & the Caucasus 1997 - 2017
Islamic Africa 2010 - 2017
Sudanic Africa 1990 - 2005
Islamic Law and Society 1994 - 2017
Journal for the Study of Judaism in the Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman Period 1970 - 2017
Journal of African Archaeology 2003 - 2017
The Journal of American-East Asian Relations 1992 - 2017
Journal of Arabic Literature 1970 - 2017
Journal of Religion in Africa 1967 - 2017
Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 1957 - 2017
Marcel Proust Aujourd'hui 2003 - 2016
Mawlana Rumi Review 2010 - 2017
The Medieval Chronicle 2002 - 2015
Méthexis 1991 - 2017
Method & Theory in the Study of Religion 1989 - 2017
Mnemosyne 1852 - 2017
Muqarnas 1983 - 2017
Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek (NKJ) / Netherlands Yearbook for History of Art 1947 - 2017
Nieuw archief voor kerkelijke geschiedenis inzonderheid van Nederland 1852 - 1854
Nederlandsch archief voor kerkelijke geschiedenis 1841 - 1849
Archief voor kerkelijke geschiedenis, inzonderheid van Nederland 1829 - 1840
Novum Testamentum 1956 - 2017
Numen 1954 - 2017
NWIG: New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids 1992 - 2017
Nieuwe West-Indische Gids / New West Indian Guide 1960 - 1991
Vox Guyanae 1954 - 1959
De West-Indische Gids 1919 - 1959
Christoffel 1955 - 1958
Oriens 1948 - 2017
Oud Holland 1883 - 2017
Kunsthistorische mededelingen 1946 - 1949
Philosophia Reformata 1936 - 2017
Phronesis 1955 - 2017
Poetica 1967 - 2017
Research in Phenomenology 1971 - 2017
Russian History 1974 - 2017
Samuel Beckett Today / Aujourd'hui 1992 - 2017
Simone de Beauvoir Studies 1983 - 2013
Studia Islamica 1953 - 2017
Studies in Slavic and General Linguistics 1980 - 2014
T'oung Pao 1890 - 2017
Vetus Testamentum 1951 - 2017
Vigiliae Christianae 1947 - 2017
Vivarium 1963 - 2017
Die Welt des Islams 1913 - 2017
Worldviews 1997 - 2017
The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies 1930 - 2017
Zeitschrift für Religions- und Geistesgeschichte 1948 - 2017
Books in JSTOR from Brill
396 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Aantekeningen bij Tjan Tjoe Siem's vertaling van de Lakon Kurupati Rabi OPEN ACCESS 1960
Adat Atjèh: Reproduced in Facsimile from a Manuscript in the India Office Library OPEN ACCESS 1958
African Cities and the Development Conundrum OPEN ACCESS 2018
After Conversion: Iberia and the Emergence of Modernity OPEN ACCESS 2016
Aging Gracefully in the Renaissance: Stories of Later Life from Petrarch to Montaigne OPEN ACCESS 2013
All Things Arabia: Arabian Identity and Material Culture OPEN ACCESS 2021
Alternative Pathways to Sustainable Development: Lessons from Latin America OPEN ACCESS 2017
Ancient Manuscripts in Digital Culture: Visualisation, Data Mining, Communication OPEN ACCESS 2019
Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change OPEN ACCESS 2019
Antique Dealing and Creative Reuse in Cairo and Damascus 1850-1890: Intercultural Engagements with Architecture and Craft in the Age of Travel and Reform OPEN ACCESS 2021
Architecture and Asceticism: Cultural interaction between Syria and Georgia in Late Antiquity OPEN ACCESS 2018
"Arise Ye Wretched of the Earth": The First International in a Global Perspective OPEN ACCESS 2018
Arjunawiwāha: The Marriage of Arjuna of Mpu Kanwa OPEN ACCESS 2008
Art Crossing Borders: The Internationalisation of the Art Market in the Age of Nation States, 1750-1914 OPEN ACCESS 2019
Artistic Research and Literature OPEN ACCESS 2019
Asian Yearbook of International Law: Volume 21 (2015) OPEN ACCESS 2015
Asian Yearbook of International Law, Volume 24 (2018) OPEN ACCESS 2020
At the Edges of States: Dynamics of State Formation in the Indonesian Borderlands OPEN ACCESS 2012
At the Shores of the Sky: Asian Studies for Albert Hoffstädt OPEN ACCESS 2020
Attributing Excellence in Medicine: The History of the Nobel Prize OPEN ACCESS 2019
Auf dem Weg zur Philosophie: Friedrich Nietzsche schreibt «Der Wanderer und sein Schatten» OPEN ACCESS 2019
Banggaisch adatrecht OPEN ACCESS 1947
De betekenis van het Mohammedaanse recht in het hedendaagse Egypte OPEN ACCESS 1960
Beyond Empire and Nation: The Decolonization of African and Asian societies, 1930s-1970s OPEN ACCESS 2012
Bima Swarga in Balinese Wayang OPEN ACCESS 1981
De biografie van een Minangkabausen peperhandelaar in de Lampongs: Naar een Maleis handschrift in de Marsden-Collection te Londen OPEN ACCESS 1961
The Bronze-Iron Age of Indonesia OPEN ACCESS 1958
Caliphate and Kingship in a Fifteenth-Century Literary History of Muslim Leadership and Pilgrimage: al-Ḏahab al-Masbūk fī Ḏikr man Ḥağğa min al-Ḫulafāʾ wa-l-Mulūk OPEN ACCESS 2016
The Carib Language: Phonology, Morphonology, Morphology, Texts and Word Index OPEN ACCESS 1968
Cars, Conduits, and Kampongs: The Modernization of the Indonesian City, 1920-1960 OPEN ACCESS 2015
Catalogue of Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Leiden University and Other Collections in the Netherlands: Minor Collections OPEN ACCESS 2012
Ceramics and the Spanish Conquest: Response and Continuity of Indigenous Pottery Technology in Central Mexico OPEN ACCESS 2012
Ceremonial Entries, Municipal Liberties and the Negotiation of Power in Valois France, 1328-1589 OPEN ACCESS 2016
A Chain of Kings: The Makassarese Chronicles of Gowa and Talloq OPEN ACCESS 2007
Chairil Anwar: The Poet and His Language OPEN ACCESS 1972
Childhood Cultures in Transformation: 30 Years of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Action towards Sustainability OPEN ACCESS 2021
Childhood in the Late Ottoman Empire and After OPEN ACCESS 2016
China: Promise or Threat?: A Comparison of Cultures OPEN ACCESS 2017
Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money OPEN ACCESS 2008
Citizenship and Democratization in Southeast Asia OPEN ACCESS 2017
Cleanliness and Culture: Indonesian Histories OPEN ACCESS 2011
Collaborative Practical Theology: Engaging Practitioners in Research on Christian Practices OPEN ACCESS 2020
Combining Economic and Political Development: The Experience of MENA OPEN ACCESS 2017
Commentaar op de Salasilah van Koetai OPEN ACCESS 1956
Commercial Republicanism in the Dutch Golden Age: The Political Thought of Johan & Pieter de la Court OPEN ACCESS 2012
Compound Histories: Materials, Governance and Production, 1760-1840 OPEN ACCESS 2018
Contemporary Canadian Picture Books: A Critical Review for Educators, Librarians, Families, Researchers & Writers OPEN ACCESS 2021
Contemporary Indonesian Film: Spirits of Reform and Ghosts from the Past OPEN ACCESS 2012
Context and Catholicity in the Science and Religion Debate: Intercultural contributions from French-speaking Africa OPEN ACCESS 2020
Coping With the Gods: Wayward Readings in Greek Theology OPEN ACCESS 2011
The Corporation as a Protagonist in Global History, c. 15501750 OPEN ACCESS 2019
Corruption as an Empty Signifier: Politics and Political Order in Africa OPEN ACCESS 2013
Cultural and Political Imaginaries in Putin’s Russia OPEN ACCESS 2019
Cultuur als antwoord OPEN ACCESS 1973
Curaçao and Guzmán Blanco: A Case Study of Small Power Politics in the Caribbean OPEN ACCESS 1975
Curaçao in the Age of Revolutions, 1795-1800 OPEN ACCESS 2011
CyberResearch on the Ancient Near East and Neighboring Regions: Case Studies on Archaeological Data, Objects, Texts, and Digital Archiving OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Demographic Evolution of Surinam 1920-1970: A Socio-Demographic Analysis OPEN ACCESS 1973
Der Totenkult der Ngadju Dajak in Süd-Borneo (2 Vols.): Mythen zum Totenkult und die Texte zum Tantolak Matei OPEN ACCESS 1966
Des Sirius goldne Küsten – Astronomie und Weltraumfiktion OPEN ACCESS 2019
Development As A Battlefield OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Devotion and Promotion of Stigmatics in Europe, c. 1800–1950: Between Saints and Celebrities OPEN ACCESS 2021
The Diachrony of Definiteness in North Germanic OPEN ACCESS 2021
Dialectics of Spontaneity: The Aesthetics and Ethics of Su Shi (1037-1101) in Poetry OPEN ACCESS 2015
Dionysos in Archaic Greece: An Understanding through Images OPEN ACCESS 2007
Directions for Travellers on the Mystic Path: Zakariyyāʾ al-Anṣārī's Kitāb Fatḥ al-Raḥmān and Its Indonesian Adaptations. With an Appendix on Palembang Manuscripts and Authors OPEN ACCESS 1977
Discourses, Dialogue and Diversity in Biographical Research: An Ecology of Life and Learning OPEN ACCESS 2021
Disentangling Bare Nouns and Nominals Introduced by a Partitive Article OPEN ACCESS 2021
Domestic Devotions in Early Modern Italy OPEN ACCESS 2019
Domestic Devotions in the Early Modern World OPEN ACCESS 2019
Dramatic Experience: The Poetics of Drama and the Early Modern Public Sphere(s) OPEN ACCESS 2017
Drie Asmat-dialecten OPEN ACCESS 1963
Due Process and Fair Trial in EU Competition Law: The Impact of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights OPEN ACCESS 2021
Dutch Atlantic Connections, 1680-1800: Linking Empires, Bridging Borders OPEN ACCESS 2014
Dutch Commerce and Chinese Merchants in Java: Colonial Relationships in Trade and Finance, 1800-1942 OPEN ACCESS 2014
The Dutch East India Company and Mysore 1762-1790 OPEN ACCESS 1961
The Dynastic Centre and the Provinces: Agents and Interactions OPEN ACCESS 2014
The Earliest History of the Christian Gathering: Origin, Development and Content of the Christian Gathering in the First to Third Centuries OPEN ACCESS 2010
Early Buddhist Transmission and Trade Networks: Mobility and Exchange within and beyond the Northwestern Borderlands of South Asia OPEN ACCESS 2011
Early Greek Poets' Lives: The Shaping of the Tradition OPEN ACCESS 2010
East African Community Law: Institutional, Substantive and Comparative EU Aspects OPEN ACCESS 2017
East and West in the Roman Empire of the Fourth Century: An End to Unity? OPEN ACCESS 2015
The Echo ofDie Blechtrommelin Europe: Studies on the Reception of Günter Grass'sThe Tin Drum OPEN ACCESS 2016
The Economy of Western Xia: A Study of 11th to 13th Century Tangut Records OPEN ACCESS 2021
The Ecosystem Approach in Ocean Planning and Governance: Perspectives from Europe and Beyond OPEN ACCESS 2019
Editing the Bible: Assessing the Task Past and Present 2012
Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship OPEN ACCESS 2019
Education, Learning, Training: Critical Issues for Development OPEN ACCESS 2014
Een 16de eeuwse Maleise vertaling van de Burda van al-Būṣīrī: Arabisch lofdicht op Mohammad OPEN ACCESS 1955
De eerste moslimse vorstendommen op Java: Studiën over de staatkundige geschiedenis van de 15de en 16de eeuw OPEN ACCESS 1974
Ekagi-Dutch-English-Indonesian Dictionary OPEN ACCESS 1969
<em>Essai d'histoire locale</em> by Djiguiba Camara: L’œuvre d’un historien guinéen à l’époque coloniale / The Work of a Guinean Historian during the Colonial Period OPEN ACCESS 2020
Encounters between Jesuits and Protestants in Africa OPEN ACCESS 2018
Enlightened Religion: From Confessional Churches to Polite Piety in the Dutch Republic OPEN ACCESS 2019
Enough Already! A Socialist Feminist Response to the Re-emergence of Right Wing Populism and Fascism in Media OPEN ACCESS 2020
Enthymemes and Topoi in Dialogue: The Use of Common Sense Reasoning in Conversation OPEN ACCESS 2021
Environment, Trade and Society in Southeast Asia: ALongue DuréePerspective OPEN ACCESS 2015
Environmental Dispute Resolution in Indonesia OPEN ACCESS 2009
The Ethics of <em>The Tripartite Tractate</em> (NHC I, 5): A Study of Determinism and Early Christian Philosophy of Ethics OPEN ACCESS 2019
Etnografie van de Kaowerawédj (Centraal Nieuw-Guinea) OPEN ACCESS 1962
Europe from Below: Notions of Europe and the European among Participants in EU Cultural Initiatives OPEN ACCESS 2021
The European Union and the Arctic OPEN ACCESS 2017
Everyday Crime, Criminal Justice and Gender in Early Modern Bologna OPEN ACCESS 2021
Exile, Diplomacy and Texts: Exchanges between Iberia and the British Isles, 1500–1767 OPEN ACCESS 2021
Expectations Unfulfilled: Norwegian Migrants in Latin America, 1820-1940 OPEN ACCESS 2016
Experientia, Volume 2: Linking Text and Experience 2012
Explorations in the Anthropology of Religion: Essays in Honour of Jan Van Baal OPEN ACCESS 1975
Exploring Jesuit Distinctiveness: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Ways of Proceeding within the Society of Jesus OPEN ACCESS 2016
Fabricating Modern Societies: Education, Bodies, and Minds in the Age of Steel OPEN ACCESS 2019
De factorij der Oostindische Compagnie te Patani OPEN ACCESS 1938
Faith in African Lived Christianity: Bridging Anthropological and Theological Perspectives OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Family System of the Paramaribo Creoles OPEN ACCESS 1974
The First Contest for Singapore 1819-1824 OPEN ACCESS 1959
The Flamingo Bay Dialect of the Asmat Language OPEN ACCESS 1965
Following the Cap-Figure in Majapahit Temple Reliefs: A New Look at the Religious Function of East Javanese Temples, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries OPEN ACCESS 2013
Forgotten People: Poverty, Risk and Social Security in Indonesia: The Case of the Madurese OPEN ACCESS 2015
Four Kingdom Motifs before and beyond the Book of Daniel OPEN ACCESS 2021
Francisco Vieira de Figueiredo: A Portuguese Merchant-Adventurer in South East Asia, 1624-1667 OPEN ACCESS 1967
Free Will, Causality, and Neuroscience OPEN ACCESS 2020
From Accelerated Accumulation to Socialist Market Economy in China: Economic Discourse and Development from 1953 to the Present OPEN ACCESS 2017
From Isolation towards Integration: The Surinam Maroons and Their Colonial Rulers. Official Documents Relating to the Djukas (1845-1863) OPEN ACCESS 1977
From Lanka Eastwards: The Ramayana in the Literature and Visual Arts of Indonesia OPEN ACCESS 2011
From Monologue to Dialogue: Radio and Reform in Indonesia OPEN ACCESS 2009
Galen's Treatise Περὶ Ἀλυπίας (De indolentia) in Context: A Tale of Resilience OPEN ACCESS 2019
De garoeda en de ooievaar: Indonesië van kolonie tot nationale staat OPEN ACCESS 2010
Gender, Ritual and Social Formation in West Papua: A Configurational Analysis Comparing Kamoro and Asmat OPEN ACCESS 2010
Genre in Archaic and Classical Greek Poetry: Theories and Models: Studies in Archaic and Classical Greek Song, Vol. 4 OPEN ACCESS 2020
A Global Radical Waterfront: The International Propaganda Committee of Transport Workers and the International of Seamen and Harbour Workers, 1921–1937 OPEN ACCESS 2021
Good Governance and Modern International Financial Institutions: AIIB Yearbook of International Law 2018 OPEN ACCESS 2019
The Governance Regime of the Mekong River Basin: Can the Global Water Conventions Strengthen the 1995 Mekong Agreement? OPEN ACCESS 2017
Governing New Guinea: An Oral History of Papuan Administrators, 1950-1990 OPEN ACCESS 2012
Government in Wanggulam OPEN ACCESS 1969
A Grammar of the Bedouin Dialects of Central and Southern Sinai OPEN ACCESS 2011
A Grammar of the Eastern European Hasidic Hebrew Tale OPEN ACCESS 2015
Grammar of the Sentani Language: With Specimen Texts and Vocabulary OPEN ACCESS 1965
Greek Medicine from Hippocrates to Galen: Selected Papers OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Hajj and Europe in the Age of Empire OPEN ACCESS 2017
Hakol Kol Yaakov: The Joel Roth Jubilee Volume OPEN ACCESS 2021
Handbook of Islamic Sects and Movements OPEN ACCESS 2021
Hariwaṅśa: Tekst en critisch apparaat / Vertaling en aantekeningen OPEN ACCESS 1950
Head-Hunters about Themselves: An Ethnographic Report from Irian Jaya, Indonesia OPEN ACCESS 1981
Healers on the Colonial Market: Native Doctors and Midwives in the Dutch East Indies OPEN ACCESS 2011
Heirs to World Culture: Being Indonesian, 1950-1965 OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Heritage of Arung Palakka: A History of South Sulawesi (Celebes) in the Seventeenth Century OPEN ACCESS 1981
Het passieve werkwoord in de Indonesische talen OPEN ACCESS 1952
Het Sultanaat Palembang 1811-1825: Een bijdrage tot de studie van de Maleise geschiedschrijving OPEN ACCESS 1975
De Hikajat Atjéh OPEN ACCESS 1958
Historicizing Sunni Islam in the Ottoman Empire, c. 1450-c. 1750 OPEN ACCESS 2021
A History of Christianity in Indonesia OPEN ACCESS 2008
History of the Opium Problem: The Assault on the East, ca. 1600-1950 OPEN ACCESS 2012
History of Wills, Testators and Their Families in Late Medieval Krakow: Tools of Power OPEN ACCESS 2021
Human Rights and the Environment: Philosophical, Theoretical and Legal Perspectives OPEN ACCESS 2011
Ibn Taymiyya's Theodicy of Perpetual Optimism OPEN ACCESS 2007
The ILO @ 100: Addressing the Past and Future of Work and Social Protection OPEN ACCESS 2019
Im Auftrag der Wahrheit: Selbstpositionierungsstrategien der Philosophie im 20. Jahrhundert OPEN ACCESS 2021
The Imagined and Real Jerusalem in Art and Architecture OPEN ACCESS 2014
Imaging and Imagining Palestine: Photography, Modernity and the Biblical Lens, 1918–1948 OPEN ACCESS 2021
Imagining Chinese Medicine OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Impact of Justice on the Roman Empire: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Gent, June 21-24, 2017) OPEN ACCESS 2019
Implementing International Watercourses Law through the WEF Nexus and SDGs: An Integrated Approach Illustrated in the Zambezi River Basin OPEN ACCESS 2020
In and Out of Suriname: Language, Mobility and Identity OPEN ACCESS 2015
In het land van de overheerser: I: Indonesiërs in Nederland 1600-1950 OPEN ACCESS 1986
In het land van de overheerser: II: Antillianen en Surinamers in Nederland, 1634/1667-1954 OPEN ACCESS 1986
In Leijdeckers voetspoor: Anderhalve eeuw bijbelvertaling en taalkunde in de Indonesische talen. I: 1820-1900 OPEN ACCESS 1974
In Leijdeckers voetspoor: Anderhalve eeuw bijbelvertaling en taalkunde in de Indonesische talen. II: 1900-1970 OPEN ACCESS 1978
In Praise of Prambanan OPEN ACCESS 1996
In Search of a Path: An Analysis of the Foreign Policy of Suriname from 1975 to 1991 OPEN ACCESS 2011
In Search of Middle Indonesia: Middle Classes in Provincial Towns OPEN ACCESS 2014
The Independence and Impartiality of ICSID Arbitrators: Current Case Law, Alternative Approaches, and Improvement Suggestions OPEN ACCESS 2017
Indian Islamic Architecture: Forms and Typologies, Sites and Monuments OPEN ACCESS 2008
Indigenous Research Methodologies in Sámi and Global Contexts OPEN ACCESS 2021
International Law and Sexual Violence in Armed Conflicts OPEN ACCESS 2012
International Law and Transition to Peace in Colombia: Assessing Jus Post Bellum in Practice OPEN ACCESS 2021
International Organizations and the Promotion of Effective Dispute Resolution: AIIB Yearbook of International Law 2019 OPEN ACCESS 2019
International Submarine Cables and Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction: The Cloud Beneath the Sea OPEN ACCESS 2017
Irritating Experiments: Haller’s Concept and the European Controversy on Irritability and Sensibility, 1750-90 OPEN ACCESS 2005
Islam and the Making of the Nation: Kartosuwiryoand Political Islam in 20th Century Indonesia OPEN ACCESS 2012
Islam in a Post-Secular Society: Religion, Secularity and the Antagonism of Recalcitrant Faith OPEN ACCESS 2017
Islamic Ethics and the Genome Question OPEN ACCESS 2019
Islamic Ethics and the Trusteeship Paradigm: Taha Abderrahmane’s Philosophy in Comparative Perspectives: الأخلاق الإسلامية ونسق الائتمانية: مقاربات في فلسفة طه عبد الرحمن OPEN ACCESS 2020
Islamic Reformism and Christianity: A Critical Reading of the Works of Muḥammad Rashīd Riḍā and His Associates (1898-1935) OPEN ACCESS 2009
Islamic States in Java 1500-1700: Eight Dutch Books and Articles by Dr. H.J. de Graaf OPEN ACCESS 1976
Jacopo Strada and Cultural Patronage at The Imperial Court (2 Vols.): The Antique as Innovation OPEN ACCESS 2019
Jan Company in Coromandel 1605-1690: A Study in the Interrelations of European Commerce and Traditional Economies OPEN ACCESS 1962
Jan Verschueren's Description of Yéi-Nan Culture: Extracted from the Posthumous Papers OPEN ACCESS 1982
Jane Austen Speaks Norwegian: The Challenges of Literary Translation OPEN ACCESS 2018
Javanese Literature since Independence: An Anthology OPEN ACCESS 1979
The Jesuit Mission to New France: A New Interpretation in the Light of the Earlier Jesuit Experience in Japan OPEN ACCESS 2011
The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews: Jesuits of Jewish Ancestry and Purity-of-Blood Laws in the Early Society of Jesus OPEN ACCESS 2010
Jesuits in Spanish America before the Suppression: Organization and Demographic and Quantitative Perspectives OPEN ACCESS 2021
Joost van den Vondel (1587-1679): Dutch Playwright in the Golden Age OPEN ACCESS 2012
Kana Sera, zang der zwangerschap OPEN ACCESS 1955
The Khilafat Movement in India 1919-1924 OPEN ACCESS 1972
A King and a Fool?: The Succession Narrative as a Satire OPEN ACCESS 2019
Komodo: Het eiland, het volk en de taal OPEN ACCESS 1982
De kraton van Majapahit OPEN ACCESS 1948
L'Académie de Lausanne entre Humanisme et Réforme (ca. 1537-1560) OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Lands West of the Lakes: A History of the Ajattappareng Kingdoms of South Sulawesi, 1200 to 1600 CE OPEN ACCESS 2009
Large-Scale Land Acquisitions: Focus on South-East Asia OPEN ACCESS 2016
The Law of Nations and Natural Law 16251800 OPEN ACCESS 2019
Les manuscrits arabes des lettres de Paul: État de la question et étude de cas (1 Corinthiens dans le Vat. Ar. 13) OPEN ACCESS 2019
Life at Maripaston OPEN ACCESS 1973
Lifelong Religion as Habitus: Religious Practice among Displaced Karelian Orthodox Women in Finland OPEN ACCESS 2016
The Lifework of a Labor Historian: Essays in Honor of Marcel van der Linden OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Linguistic Situation in the Islands of Yapen, Kurudu, Nau and Miosnum, New Guinea OPEN ACCESS 1961
Lire l'<em>Histoire générale des Antilles</em> de J.-B. Du Tertre: Exotisme et établissement français aux Îles (1625-1671) OPEN ACCESS 2021
Literary Cultures and Public Opinion in the Low Countries, 1450-1650 OPEN ACCESS 2011
A Literary Mirror: Balinese Reflections on Modernity and Identity in the Twentieth Century OPEN ACCESS 2011
Locating Hell in Islamic Traditions OPEN ACCESS 2016
Loetoeng Kasaroeng: Een mythologisch verhaal uit West-Java. Bijdrage tot de Soendase taal- en letterkunde OPEN ACCESS 1949
The Logic of the Laws: A Structural Analysis of Malay Language Legal Codes from Bengkulu OPEN ACCESS 1975
Lombok: Een dialect-geografische studie OPEN ACCESS 1958
The Look of Lyric: Greek Song and the Visual: Studies in Archaic and Classical Greek Song, vol. 1 OPEN ACCESS 2016
Lords of the Land, Lords of the Sea: Conflict and Adaptation in Early Colonial Timor, 1600-1800 OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Makassar Annals OPEN ACCESS 2010
Making a Living between Crises and Ceremonies in Tana Toraja: The Practice of Everyday Life of a South Sulawesi Highland Community in Indonesia OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Making of Middle Indonesia: Middle Classes in Kupang town, 1930s-1980s OPEN ACCESS 2014
Male and Female and the Afro-Curaçaoan Household OPEN ACCESS 1976
Man, Meaning and History: Essays in Honour of H.G. Schulte Nordholt OPEN ACCESS 1980
The Manichaean Church at Kellis: Social Networks and Religious Identity in Late Antique Egypt OPEN ACCESS 2021
Mannen in het draagnet: Mens- en wereldbeeld van de Nalum (Sterrengebergte) OPEN ACCESS 1974
Maria Petyt – A Carmelite Mystic in Wartime OPEN ACCESS 2015
Marianne Werefkin and the Women Artists in Her Circle OPEN ACCESS 2017
Marine Biodiversity of Areas beyond National Jurisdiction OPEN ACCESS 2021
Marmaduke Pickthall: Islam and the Modern World OPEN ACCESS 2017
Material Encounters and Indigenous Transformations in the Early Colonial Americas: Archaeological Case Studies OPEN ACCESS 2019
Meanings of Community across Medieval Eurasia: Comparative Approaches OPEN ACCESS 2016
Medicine in Ancient Assur: A Microhistorical Study of the Neo-Assyrian Healer Kiṣir-Aššur OPEN ACCESS 2021
The Medieval Iberian Treasury in the Context of Cultural Interchange (Expanded Edition) OPEN ACCESS 2020
Memory before Modernity: Practices of Memory in Early Modern Europe OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Merok Feast of the Sa'dan Toradja OPEN ACCESS 1965
Middle Class Pentecostalism in Argentina: Inappropriate Spirits OPEN ACCESS 2016
Migrants and Religion: Paths, Issues, and Lenses: A Multidisciplinary and Multi-Sited Study on the Role of Religious Belongings in Migratory and Integration Processes OPEN ACCESS 2020
Migration and Its Alternatives among the Iban of Sarawak OPEN ACCESS 1982
Modernity, Minority, and the Public Sphere: Jews and Christians in the Middle East OPEN ACCESS 2016
Modes of Philology in Medieval South India OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Mongols and the Armenians (1220-1335) OPEN ACCESS 2011
مؤلّفات يوسف بن حسن بن عبد الهادي ومساهمته في حفظ التّراث الفكريّ: Muʾallafāt Yūsuf b. Ḥasan b. ʿAbd al-Hādī wa-Musāhamatuhu fī Ḥifẓ al-Turāth al-Fikrī OPEN ACCESS 2021
Municipal Magdeburg Law (Ius municipale Magdeburgense) in Late Medieval Poland: A Study on the Evolution and Adaptation of Law OPEN ACCESS 2021
Music in New Guinea: Three Studies OPEN ACCESS 1967
Music of the Baduy People of Western Java: Singing is a Medicine OPEN ACCESS 2021
Musical Worlds in Yogyakarta OPEN ACCESS 2012
Muslims in Interwar Europe: A Transcultural Historical Perspective OPEN ACCESS 2016
Muslims in Spain, 1492-1814: Living and Negotiating in the Land of the Infidel OPEN ACCESS 2021
Narratives of Kingship in Eurasian Empires, 1300-1800 OPEN ACCESS 2017
National Stereotyping, Identity Politics, European Crises OPEN ACCESS 2021
Negotiating Asylum: The EU Acquis, Extraterritorial Protection and the Common Market of Deflection OPEN ACCESS 2000
The Netherlands Indies and the Great War, 1914-1918 OPEN ACCESS 2007
New Approaches to the Study of Esotericism OPEN ACCESS 2021
New Perspectives on Power and Political Representation from Ancient History to the Present Day: Repertoires of Representation OPEN ACCESS 2019
New Readings in Arabic Historiography from Late Medieval Egypt and Syria: Proceedings of the themed day of the Fifth Conference of the School of Mamluk Studies OPEN ACCESS 2021
The Newest Sappho: P. Sapph. Obbink and P. GC inv. 105, Frs. 1-4: Studies in Archaic and Classical Greek Song, vol. 2 OPEN ACCESS 2016
News Networks in Early Modern Europe OPEN ACCESS 2016
Nicole Oresme, <em>Questiones in Meteorologica de ultima lectura, recensio parisiensis</em>: Study of the Manuscript Tradition and Critical Edition of Books I-II.10 OPEN ACCESS 2021
The Nimboran Language: Phonology and Morphology OPEN ACCESS 1965
Nineteenth-Century Borneo: A Study in Diplomatic Rivalry OPEN ACCESS 1955
Norse Revival: Transformations of Germanic Neopaganism OPEN ACCESS 2016
Nuaulu Religious Practices: The Frequency and Reproduction of Rituals in Moluccan Society OPEN ACCESS 2012
Nuaulu Settlement and Ecology: An Approach to the Environmental Relations of an Eastern Indonesian Community OPEN ACCESS 1978
The Old-Javanese Rāmāyaṇa Kakawin: With Special Reference to the Problem of Interpolation in Kakawins OPEN ACCESS 1955
On the Formation of Marxism: Karl Kautsky’s Theory of Capitalism, the Marxism of the Second International and Karl Marx’s Critique of Political Economy OPEN ACCESS 2016
On the Old-Javanese Cantakaparwa and Its Tale of Sutasoma OPEN ACCESS 1967
Oost-Soemba: Een volkenkundige studie OPEN ACCESS 1940
Ordinary Jerusalem, 1840-1940: Opening New Archives, Revisiting a Global City OPEN ACCESS 2018
The Organization of the Pyramid Texts (2 vols.): Typology and Disposition OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Orient in Utrecht: Adriaan Reland (1676-1718), Arabist, Cartographer, Antiquarian and Scholar of Comparative Religion OPEN ACCESS 2021
Otto Bauer (1881-1938): Thinker and Politician OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Ottoman Crimean War (1853-1856) OPEN ACCESS 2010
Outline of Dani Morphology OPEN ACCESS 1966
An Outline of the Recent History of Indonesian Criminal Law OPEN ACCESS 1961
Over de gewoonten en gebruiken der Soendaneezen OPEN ACCESS 1946
Overleveringen en zangen der Zuid-Toradja's OPEN ACCESS 1979
An Overview of the Pre-suppression Society of Jesus in Spain OPEN ACCESS 2021
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