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Barkhuis publishes books, journals, and websites for the academic community. They also publish books for a broader audience, generally written by academic specialists.

Books in JSTOR from Barkhuis
86 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Acht grafvondsten van de Veluwse klokbekergroep als uitgangspunt voor chronologische beschouwingen over de relaties saalisch-böhmische Schnurkeramik, Enkelgrafcultuur, Klokbeker-Oostgroep en Nederlands-Westduitse klokbekergroepen 2013
Agrarianism and Capitalism in early Georgia (1732-1743) 1949
Alexander Romance in Persia and the East 2012
The Ancient Novel and Early Christian and Jewish Narrative: Fictional Intersections 2012
The Ancient Novel and the Frontiers of Genre 2014
Animo Decipiendi?: Rethinking fakes and authorship in Classical, Late Antique, & Early Christian Works 2018
Antarctic policymaking and science in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (1957-1990) 2009
Archaeobotanical studies of past plant cultivation in northern Europe 2020
Archaeozoology of the Near East XII: Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium of the ICAZ Archaeozoology of Southwest Asia and Adjacent Areas Working Group, Groningen Institute of Archaeology, June 14-15 2015, University of Groningen, the Netherlands 2018
Authors, Authority, and Interpreters in the Ancient Novel: Essays in Honor of Gareth L. Schmeling 2006
The Bakhtin Circle and Ancient Narrative 2005
Battles and Borders: Perspectives on Cultural Transmission and Literature in Minor Language Areas 2015
A Biography in Stone: Typology, age, function and meaning of Early Neolithic perforated wedges in the Netherlands 2011
A Bouquet of Archaeozoological Studies: Essays in honour of Wietske Prummel 2012
The City of New Halos and its Southeast Gate 2014
Combineren en deduceren 2018
The Construction of the Real and the Ideal in the Ancient Novel 2013
Crustumerium: Ricerche internazionali in un centro latino. Archaeology and identity of a Latin settlement near Rome 2013
Dealing with biases: Three geo-archaeological approaches to the hidden landscapes of Italy 2014
Det Norske Litterære Feminapolis 1880-1980: Skram, Undset, Sandel og Haslunds byromaner - mot en ny modernistisk genre 2011
Digital Atlas of Economic Plants in Archaeology 2012
Dwelling on the edge of the Neolithic: Investigating human behaviour through the spatial analysis of Corded Ware settlement material in the Dutch coastal wetlands (2900-2300 calBc) 2016
Early states, territories and settlements in protohistoric Central Italy: Proceedings of a specialist conference at the Groningen Institute of Archaeology of the University of Groningen, 2013 2016
Echoing Narratives: Studies of Intertextuality in Greek and Roman Prose Fiction 2011
Eight Human Skulls in a Dung Heap and More: Ritual practice in the terp region of the northern Netherlands 600 BC - AD 300 2015
The Excavations at Wijnaldum: Volume 2: Handmade and Wheel-Thrown Pottery of the first Millennium AD 2020
Ezinge Revisited - The Ancient Roots of a Terp Settlement: Volume 1: Excavation; Environment and Economy; Catalogue of Plans and Finds 2020
Fictional Traces: Receptions of the Ancient Novel - Volume 1 2011
Fictional Traces: Receptions of the Ancient Novel - Volume 2 2011
The footprint of Polar tourism: Tourist behaviour at cultural heritage sites in Antarctica and Svalbard 2011
A Fragmented History: A Methodological and Artefactual Approach to the Study of Ancient Settlement in the Territories of Satricum and Antium 2012
From Bedroom to Courtroom: Law and Justice in the Greek Novel 2016
From Darwin to Weil: Women as Transmitters of Ideas 2009
Genealogies of Shamanism: Struggles for Power, Charisma and Authority 2011
The Greek and the Roman Novel: Parallel Readings 2007
Greek Identity and the Athenian Past in Chariton: The Romance of Empire 2007
Handboek voor het determineren van zaden en vruchten 2013
Handbook of Plant Palaeoecology 2012
Het topje van de ijsberg: 35 jaar Arctisch centrum (1970-2005) 2005
Holy Men and Charlatans in the Ancient Novel 2015
Huisplattegronden in Nederland: Archeologische sporen van het huis 2014
Im Netzwerk der Kulturvermittlung: Sechs Autorinnen und ihre Bedeutung für die Verbreitung skandinavischer Literatur und Kultur in West- und Mitteleuropa um 1900 2013
In the Vanguard of Cultural Transfer: Cultural Transmitters and Authors in Peripheral Literary Fields 2010
Inuit Outside the Arctic: Migration, Identity and Perceptions 2015
The Invasion of Books in Peripheral Literary Fields: Transmitting Preferences and Images in Media, Networks and Translation 2011
Kritische Nabeschouwingen 2015
LASHIPA: History of Large Scale Resource Exploitation in Polar Areas 2012
Lectiones Scrupulosae: Essays on the Text and Interpretation of Apuleius' Metamorphoses in Honour of Maaike Zimmerman 2006
Literary Currents and Romantic Forms: Essays in Memory of Bryan Reardon 2018
Local, intensive and diverse?: Early farmers and plant economy in the North-East of the Iberian Peninsula (5500-2300 cal BC) 2016
Magoúla Pavlína: A Middle Bronze Age site in the Soúrpi Plain (Thessaly, Greece) 2016
A Manual for the Identification of Plant Seeds and Fruits 2013
Metaphor and the Ancient Novel 2005
A Mind Set on Flint: Studies in honour of Dick Stapert 2012
News from the past: Progress in African archaeobotany: Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on African Archaeobotany in Vienna, 2 – 5 July 2012 2016
Noorse auteurs in Nederlandse vertaling 1741-2018. Norske forfattere oversatt til nederlandsk 1741-2018: Nieuwe en uitgebreide editie van een bibliografie. Ny og utvidet utgave av en bibliografi 2019
One Leg in the Grave Revisited: The Miracle of the Transplantation of the Black Leg by the Saints Cosmas and Damian 2013
Origin of the Dutch coastal landscape: Long-term landscape evolution of the Netherlands during the Holocene, described and visualized in national, regional and local palaeogeographical map series 2015
Paideia at Play 2008
A Passion for the Pole: Ethological Research in Polar Regions 2008
The People and the State: Material culture, social structure, and political centralisation in Central Italy (800-450 BC) from the perspective of ancient Crustumerium (Rome, Italy) 2020
Permanence in Diversity: Netherlands Ecological Research on Edgeøya, Spitsbergen 2004
Philosophical Presences in the Ancient Novel 2007
Philosophy and the Ancient Novel 2015
Prophets, Viziers and Philosophers: Wisdom and Authority in Early Arabic Literature 2020
Readers and Writers in the Ancient Novel 2009
The Recollections of Encolpius: The Satyrica of Petronius as Milesian Fiction 2004
Reconstructing vegetation diversity in coastal landscapes 2014
Re-exploring Canadian Space. Redécouvrir L’Espace canadien 2012
Rethinking Cultural Transfer and Transmission: Reflections and New Perspectives 2012
Re-Wiring The Ancient Novel, 2 Volume set: Volume 1: Greek Novels, Volume 2: Roman Novels and Other Important Texts 2018
Ritual Bones or Common Waste: A study of Early Medieval bone deposits in Northern Europe 2013
Scratching through the surface: Revisiting the archaeology of city and country in Crustumerium and north Latium Vetus between 850 and 300 BC 2020
Seeing Tongues, Hearing Scripts: Orality and Representation in the Ancient Novel 2007
Ships And Maritime Landscapes: Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Amsterdam 2012 2017
The Sitapitta group of disorders (urticaria and similar syndromes) and its development in ayurvedic literature from early times to the present day 2010
Space in the Ancient Novel 2002
Splendide Mendax: Rethinking Fakes and Forgeries in Classical, Late Antique, and Early Christian Literature 2016
Swifterbant S4 (the Netherlands): Occupation and Exploitation of a Neolithic Levee Site (c. 4300-4000 cal. BC) 2020
Swifterbant Stones: The Neolithic Stone and Flint Industry at Swifterbant (the Netherlands): from stone typology and flint technology to site function 2014
Transit – 'Norden' och 'Europa': IASS XXXI 2016 2018
The Trees Called Sigru (Moringa sp.), along with a study of the drugs used in errhines 2009
When the Shore becomes the Sea: New maritime archaeological insights on the dynamic development of the northeastern Zuyder Zee region (AD 1100 – 1400), the Netherlands 2020
Wörterbuch der mittelalterlichen indischen Alchemie 2009
Xenophon’s Ephesiaca: A Paraliterary Love-Story from the Ancient World 2017
Zweedse en Zweedstalige Finse auteurs in Nederlandse vertaling 1491-2007. Een bibliografie / Svenska och finlandssvenska författare i nederländsk översättning 1491-2007. En bibliografi 2013