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Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Research Reports in JSTOR from Chicago Council on Global Affairs
85 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Addressing China’s Rising Influence in Africa 2019
Ahead of Biden-Moon Summit, South Koreans and Americans Align on China and North Korea 2021
America Engaged: American Public Opinion and US Foreign Policy 2018
American and Russian Opinion at a Standoff on Crimea Sanctions 2018
American and South Korean Publics Doubtful about Success of Talks with North Korea 2019
American Public Backs US Military Presence in Japan 2019
American Public Opposes Arming Rebels in Syria 2014
The American Public Remains Committed to Defending South Korea 2018
American Public Support for US Troops in Middle East Has Grown 2020
American Support for US Strikes against Syria Split along Partisan Lines 2018
American Views of the United Nations 2014
American Views toward US-Japan Relations and Asia-Pacific Security 2018
Americans and Russians Agree:: We’re Heading towards a New Arms Race 2019
Americans Consider US Arms Sales a Hazard to US Security 2019
Americans Divided over US Military Forces in Germany 2019
Americans Favor US-China Trade, Split Over Tariffs: Majority now say the United States is economically stronger than China 2019
Americans Feel Less Safe after Killing of Soleimani 2020
Americans Positive on South Korea Despite Trump’s Views on Alliance 2020
Americans Prefer Neutrality in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2014
Americans Remain Committed to South Korea 2019
Americans Say a Nuclear Iran Is Unacceptable, Divide on Using Force 2019
Americans Say Threat of Terrorism at Lowest Level in Twenty Years 2014
Americans Support Limited Military Action in Syria against ISIS: But majorities oppose arming anti-government groups and negotiating a peace with Assad remaining in power 2016
As Acts of Terror Proliferate, Americans See No End in Sight 2016
As China Rises, Americans Seek Closer Ties with Japan 2018
Both Russian and American Publics Sense a Transatlantic Rift 2019
Bridging the Research Gap:: A Toolkit on Inclusive Research and Development Practices 2020
Can Young Japanese and South Koreans Bridge the Gap? 2018
Centering Global Food Security for Global Prosperity 2021
China Not Yet Seen as a Threat by the American Public 2018
China’s Maritime Challenge in the South China Sea:: Options for US Responses 2018
Coming Together or Coming Apart?: Attitudes of Foreign Policy Opinion Leaders and the Public in the Trump Era 2020
A Common Future?: NATO and the Protection of the Commons 2010
Considering a soil initiative for Africa 2020
Cooperating, Competing, Confronting:: US-Japan-South Korea Trilateral Cooperation as China Rises 2021
Cooperation and Hedging:: Comparing US and South Korean Views of China 2019
Critical Rulings on International Criminal Justice 2018
Despite Last Year’s Expectations, Publics Sense Strains in US-Russia Relations 2018
Do Liberal and Moderate Democrats Divide on US Foreign Policy?: Yes, especially on how to handle Iran, illegal immigrants, and whether the United States is the greatest. 2019
East Asia’s Rising Geoeconomics and the Strategy for Japan 2018
The Fate of the World Trade Organization in the Age of Trump 2018
For First Time, Majority of Americans Say Climate Change a Critical Threat 2019
From Scarcity to Security:: Managing Water for a Nutritious Food Future 2019
Green COVID-19 Recovery and Transatlantic Leadership:: What Are the Prospects? 2020
Guiding Principles for a Sustainable U.S. Policy Toward Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia 2017
How China Sees North Korea:: Three Critical Moments in History and Future Directions 2018
Invited to the Party:: International Organizations Evolve in an Urban World 2018
Japan, the Indo-Pacific, and the “Quad” 2018
Leading Change in United Nations Organizations 2019
Let’s Make a Deal:: Public Backs Iran Talks 2014
The Looming Global Obesity Threat 2019
Majority of Americans Oppose Expanding US-Mexico Border Wall 2019
More Capital Can Translate Prodigious Rust Belt Innovation into New Heartland Businesses and Jobs 2018
NATO’s Nonproliferation Challenges in the Obama Era 2010
No Silver Bullet:: Addressing Population Decline in Japan and South Korea 2018
North Korea:: Like Father, Like Son 2013
OK, Boomer:: Youth Hesitant to Use Force, Shun US Exceptionalism in Foreign Policy 2020
Preventing Nuclear Proliferation and Reassuring America’s Allies 2021
Public and Opinion Leaders’ Views on US-China Trade War: Democrats, Independents more concerned than Republicans 2019
Public Attitudes on US Intelligence 2020: Final Trump-Era Survey Confirms Broad Popular Support, Reveals Opportunities for Greater Transparency 2021
Public Prefers Cooperation and Engagement with China 2019
Record Number of Americans Endorse Benefits of Trade 2018
Record Number of Americans Say International Trade Is Good for the US Economy 2019
Reducing Urban Violence:: A Common Vision for the Western Hemisphere 2018
Rejecting Retreat: Americans Support US Engagement in Global Affairs 2019
Republicans and Democrats in Different Worlds on Immigration 2019
Republicans, Democrats Split on Increasing US Defense Budget 2020
The Responsibility to Protect:: A Strategy for Engaging America 2006
Russians Say Their Country Is A Rising Military Power: And a Growing Percentage of Americans View Russia as a Threat 2019
Russians See Greater Reward than Risk in Closer Relations with China 2021
Russians Want Crimea; Prefer Luhansk and Donetsk Independent 2019
Security in the Age of Cities: 2018 Chicago Forum on Global Cities Workshop Report 2019
Smart Defense and the Future of NATO:: Can the Alliance Meet the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century? 2012
South Koreans See Improved Security, Confident in US Security Guarantee 2019
The Transatlantic Alliance in a Multipolar World 2010
Troop Withdrawal Likely to Undermine South Korean Public Support for Alliance with United States 2020
US and Russia:: Insecurity and Mistrust shape Mutual Perceptions 2016
US Experts Anticipate Future Decline for Russia Among the Great Powers: They Forecast Diminishing Russian Influence and Stagnating Economic and Military Strength 2020
US Experts Consider China a Shifting and India a Stable Friend to Russia: They Predict Less Tense Russian Relations with the United States and the European Union 2020
US Public Divides along Party Lines on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2018
US-Russia Experts Paint a Dim Picture of Bilateral Relations Before Summit 2018
What are the Risks of AVs in Cities?: History Offers Clues 2018
When Hunger Strikes:: How Food Security Abroad Matters for National Security at Home 2016
While Positive toward US Alliance, South Koreans Want to Counter Trump’s Demands on Host-Nation Support 2019
With Tensions Receding, Americans Lose Fear of North Korea 2020