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Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at Auburn University

Research Reports in JSTOR from Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at Auburn University
42 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
The Art of the Inquiry:: The LAPD’s Journey with Science-Based Interview Techniques 2019
Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity:: Technological and Ethical Implications 2017
Back to the Future:: An Agenda for Federal Leadership of Emergency Medical Services 2005
Cloud Computing Risks and National Security Keeping Pace With Expanding Technology 2010
Cloud Security:: Challenges and Solutions in the Context of the European Union 2017
Consolidating the House’s homeland security efforts:: The time to act is now 2004
Cybersecurity for State and Local Law Enforcement:: A Policy Roadmap to Enhance Capabilities 2016
Cybersecurity in the Financial Services Sector 2017
Dependence on Non-profits During Major Disaster Relief:: A Risky Dilemma 2009
Detainee Release and Global Public Safety:: Terrorist Disengagement and Deradicalization Programs—The Way Ahead 2014
Drones In Yemen:: Is the U.S. On Target? 2012
East African Piracy 2009
Emerging Mobile Technologies and the REAL ID Act:: Legal Challenges and Recommended Approaches 2017
Evaluating Intelligence and Information Sharing Networks:: Examples from a Study of the National Network of Fusion Centers 2015
Federal Support and Guidance in the Establishment of Information Sharing Environments:: Mid-Atlantic Regional Information Sharing (MARIS) Case Study 2017
Foreign Fighters: Trends, Trajectories & Conflict Zones 2010
Hey Good Samaritans—Get a Lawyer! 2009
The Homeland Security Council:: Considerations for the Future 2009
THE HYBRID THREAT: Crime, Terrorism and Insurgency in Mexico 2011
Interim Task Force Report on Resilience 2011
Israel:: The Making of a Cyber Power Case Study 2017
Mexico and the Triple Threat 2011
A Multi-Layered Air Defense Model to Protect Shared Air in Critical Infrastructure Sectors 2020
Mutual Legal Assistance:: Understanding the Challenges for Law Enforcement in Global Cybercrime Cases 2018
THE NEXT DECADE OF COUNTERING THREAT FINANCE:: Risks, Opportunities, and Limitations 2012
Operationalizing Resilience:: A Systems-based Approach Emphasizing Risk Management is Required 2011
Pardon the pivot, what about Africa?: African lessons for avoiding myopic national security. 2013
Public Health and Emergency Management:: Challenges and Opportunities 2012
Putin’s Russia:: A Geopolitical Analysis 2014
Regionalizing Homeland Security:: Unifying National Preparedness and Response 2006
Responding to Cybercrime at Scale:: Operation Avalanche — A Case Study 2017
Risk-Based Security and the Aviation System:: Operational Objectives and Policy Challenges 2015
Running a Three-Legged Race:: The San Diego Police Department, the Intelligence Community, and Counterterrorism 2011
Serving America’s Disaster Victims FEMA Where Does it Fit? 2009
Smart, Savvy, Insightful:: Analytic tradecraft to enable homeland security 2012
Space, Satellites, and Critical Infrastructure 2017
Strengthening Defense Mission Assurance Against Emerging Threats 2019
Terrorism Risk Insurance:: Assessing TRIA and the Way Forward 2005
Thinking Anew—Security Priorities for the Next Administration 2009
"Threats Posed by State-Owned and State-Supported Enterprises to Public Transportation" 2020
Transportation and Supply Chain Security:: Systemic Changes and Policy Opportunities 2013