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Center for Global Development

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The Center for Global Development works to reduce global poverty and improve lives through innovative economic research that drives better policy and practice by the world's top decision makers. We strive for excellence and intellectual rigor and believe global prosperity starts with smart policy based on evidence. Our work is nonpartisan and our recommendations are not influenced by our funders. We are willing to challenge powerful institutions and the status quo for better development practices.

Research Reports in JSTOR from Center for Global Development
224 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Adaptation Finance: How to Get Out from between a Rock and a Hard Place 2012
Addressing the COVID-19 Crisis’s Indirect Health Impacts for Women and Girls 2021
Addressing the COVID-19 Crisis’s Indirect Health Impacts for Women and Girls 2021
After 2020:: What’s Next for Global Access to Family Planning 2019
Aggregating Demand for Pharmaceuticals is Appealing, but Pooling Is Not a Panacea 2019
An Analysis of Clinical Knowledge, Absenteeism, and Availability of Resources for Maternal and Child Health:: A Cross-Sectional Quality of Care Study in 10 African Countries 2020
Assessing “Leverage” in the Climate Investment Funds 2017
Assessing Performance-Based Payments for Forest Conservation:: Six Successes, Four Worries, and Six Possibilities to Explore of the Guyana-Norway Agreement 2014
Assessing the Indirect Health Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Kenya 2021
Atoms for Africa:: Is There a Future for Civil Nuclear Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa? 2018
Aufbau einer Partnerschaft zwischen der EU und Afrika auf Augenhöhe:: Ein Fahrplan für die neue europäische Führung 2019
Balancing Energy Access and Environmental Goals in Development Finance:: The Case of the OPIC Carbon Cap 2014
Balancing the COVID-19 Response with Wider Health Needs: Key Decision-Making Considerations for Low- and Middle-Income Countries 2020
Bâtir un partenariat entre égaux UE-Afrique :: une feuille de route pour les nouveaux leaders de l’Europe 2019
Beyond COVID-19:: A Whole of Health Look at Impacts During the Pandemic Response 2020
Biofuel Policies:: Fuel versus Food, Forests, and Climate 2015
BLUEPRINT FOR A Market-Driven Value-Based Advance Commitment FOR TUBERCULOSIS 2020
The Brazil-Norway Agreement with Performance-Based Payments for Forest Conservation:: Successes, Challenges, and Lessons 2014
Building an EU-Africa Partnership of Equals:: A Roadmap for the New European Leadership 2019
Building an EU–Africa Partnership of Equals: A Roadmap for the New European Leadership 2019
Building Resilient Health Systems:: Experimental Evidence from Sierra Leone and the 2014 Ebola Outbreak 2020
The California REDD+ Experience:: The Ongoing Political History of California’s Initiative to Include Jurisdictional REDD+ Offsets within Its Cap-and-Trade System 2014
Can Africa Help Europe Avoid Its Looming Aging Crisis? 2021
Can Better Procurement Be the Key to Financing UHC?: Potential Savings from Health Sector Procurement Reforms in Low- and Middle-Income Countries 2020
Can COVID-19 Induce Governments to Implement Tax Reforms in Developing Countries? 2021
Can Transparency Lower Prices and Improve Access to Pharmaceuticals?: It Depends 2019
CARMA Revisited:: An Updated Database of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Power Plants Worldwide 2012
Cash on Delivery Aid for Energy 2016
Climate Policy Constraints and NGO Entrepreneurship:: The Story of Norway’s Leadership in REDD+ Financing 2014
A Climate-Dedicated Capital Increase at the World Bank and IFC 2021
Commitment to Development Index 2011 2011
Commitment to Development Index 2012 2012
Commitment to Development Index 2014 2015
Commitment to Development Index 2018 2018
Comparing Emissions Mitigation Efforts across Countries 2015
Competing or Complementary Strategies?: Protecting Indigenous Rights and Paying to Conserve Forests 2018
Confronting the Macroeconomic Challenges of Climate Change:: The Road Ahead for the IMF 2020
Corporate Commitments to Deforestation-Free Supply Chains:: An Expedition 2015
Cost-Effectiveness and Synergies for Emissions Mitigation Projects in Developing Countries 2021
A COVID Vaccine Certificate: Building on Lessons from Digital ID for the Digital Yellow Card 2021
COVID-19 and Budgetary Space for Health in Developing Economies 2020
COVID-19 and Oxygen:: Selecting Supply Options in LMICs that Balance Immediate Needs with Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness 2020
The COVID-19 Vaccine:: Do We Know Enough to End the Pandemic? 2020
COVID-19 Vaccine Predictions:: Using Mathematical Modelling and Expert Opinions to Estimate Timelines and Probabilities of Success of COVID-19 Vaccines 2020
Creating a Multilateral Wealth Fund for a Global Public Good:: Proposed Financing Strategy for a Tropical Forest Financing Facility 2018
Creating a Multilateral Wealth Fund for a Global Public Good:: Proposed Governance Arrangements for a Tropical Forest Financing Facility 2018
Creating a Multilateral Wealth Fund for a Global Public Good:: Proposed Approach to Assessing Performance and Awarding Returns for a Tropical Forest Finance Facility 2018
Creating a Multilateral Wealth Fund for a Global Public Good:: A Proposal for a Tropical Forest Finance Facility 2018
Creating Opportunities for Rohingya Refugees and Hosts Through Forest Landscape Restoration 2019
The Declaration of Alma-Ata at 40:: Realizing the Promise of Primary Health Care and Avoiding the Pitfalls in Making Vision Reality 2018
Deliberative Polling as a Catalyst for Action on Climate Change 2014
Delivering on the Promise of “Equitable Access” to Epidemic Vaccines and Treatments:: The Need for Norms, Processes, and Evidence to Guide Supply and Allocation 2020
Development Impact Bonds Targeting Health Outcomes 2019
The Digital Transformation and Disruptive Technologies:: Challenges and Solutions for the Electricity Sector in African Markets 2017
Direct and Indirect Health Effects of Lockdown in South Africa 2021
Economic Dynamics and Forest Clearing: A Spatial Econometric Analysis for Indonesia 2011
Ecosystem Services from Tropical Forests:: Review of Current Science 2014
The Effects of an ID Requirement for Health Insurance on Infants’ Health Care Utilization and Health Outcomes:: Evidence from Peru’s Seguro Integral de Salud 2019
Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Health Services and Mitigation Measures in Uganda 2021
The Electricity Situation in Ghana:: Challenges and Opportunities 2017
Encouraging State Governments to Protect and Restore Forests Using Ecological Fiscal Transfers:: India’s Tax Revenue Distribution Reform 2017
Energizing Rio+20: How the United States Can Promote Sustainable Energy for All at the 2012 Earth Summit 2012
Energizing Rio+20: How the United States Can Promote Sustainable Energy for All at the 2012 Earth Summit 2012
Energy+ Country Performance Ratings, 2001–2010 2012
Energy in Africa Promotes U.S. Economic and Security Interests: Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Multilateral International Development, Multilateral Institutions, and International Economic, Energy, and Environmental Policy 2017
Evalulating Contraception for Inclusion in Health Benefits Packages:: Conceptual Issues and a Proposed Analytical Framework 2021
Evolution of Finance for REDD+ in the UK:: A History and Overview of the UK Government’s Engagement with Forest Finance, with a Focus on Performance-Based Payments for REDD+ 2015
Expert Recommendations for US and Global Preparedness for COVID-19 2020
Exploring How the US International Development Finance Corporation Can Support Health Sector Investments:: Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty? 2021
Fair Shares:: Crediting Poor Countries for Carbon Mitigation 2011
Family Planning and The Global Financing Facility:: Current Evidence and a Learning Agenda 2020
FCPR—Forest Conservation Performance Rating for the Pan-Tropics 2012
Financing for Whom by Whom?: Complexities of Advancing Energy Access in India 2017
Find Me the Money:: Financing Climate and Other Global Public Goods 2011
Five Key Findings from Why Forests? Why Now?: The Science, Economics, and Politics of Tropical Forests and Climate Change 2017
Five Things the New Health Minister Should Do to Enhance the UK’s Global Health Footprint 2019
Forest Clearing in the Pantropics:: December 2005—August 2011 2011
Forest Conservation Performance Rating (fCPR) Report 2: Bad News for the Pan-Tropics and Everybody Else 2013
FORMA and fCPR: Accelerating a Performance-Based Payment System for REDD+ 2012
Four Changes to Trade Rules to Facilitate Climate Change Action 2013
From REDD to Green:: A Global Incentive System to Stop Tropical Forest Clearing 2011
Fuel Subsidy Reform and Green Taxes:: Can Digital Technologies Improve State Capacity and Effectiveness? 2019
Fuel Subsidy Reform in Fragile States: Forging a Constructive IFI-UN Partnership 2021
The Future of Forests:: Emissions from Tropical Deforestation With and Without a Carbon Price, 2016-2050 2015
The Future of Global Health Procurement:: Issues around Pricing Transparency 2019
Gavi 5.0:: Five Challenges and Five Ideas for Reform 2019
Gavi’s Approach to Health Systems Strengthening: Reforms for Enhanced Effectiveness and Relevance in the 2021–2025 Strategy 2019
Gavi’s Role in Market Shaping and Procurement:: Progress, Challenges, and Recommendations for an Evolving Approach 2019
Gender Equity in Development Finance Survey: How Do Development Finance Institutions Integrate Gender Equity into Their Development Finance? 2020
The Gendered Dimensions of Social Protection in the COVID-19 Context 2021
The Gendered Dimensions of Social Protection in the COVID-19 Context 2021
The Gitanjali Cooperative:: A Social Enterprise in the Making 2017
The Global Childcare Workload from School and Preschool Closures During the COVID-19 Pandemic 2021
Global Citizens and the Global Economy 2012
Global Government, Mixed Coalitions, and the Future of International Cooperation 2012
Global Immunization and Gavi: Five Priorities for the Next Five Years 2009
Global Mobility and the Threat of Pandemics:: Evidence from Three Centuries 2020
Global Stakes:: Potential Agricultural Productivity Losses from Full Exploitation of Canada’s Oil Sands 2011
Grading Power Africa:: A Preliminary Report Card on President Obama’s Signature Electrification Initiative 2016
A Green Venture Fund to Finance Clean Technology for Developing Countries 2011
Greenprint:: Three Big Changes for Countries to Take Action on Climate Change 2013
GREENPRINT: A New Approach to Cooperation on Climate Change 2013
Guyana’s REDD+ Agreement with Norway:: Perceptions of and Impacts on Indigenous Communities 2018
Harnessing the Power of Private Distribution Channels for UHC 2019
Health Systems Impact of COVID-19 in the Philippines 2021
How Do African Firms Respond to Unreliable Power?: Exploring Firm Heterogeneity Using K-Means Clustering 2018
How Do Development Agencies Support Climate Action? 2021
How Much Does Natural Resource Extraction Really Diminish National Wealth?: The Implications of Discovery 2012
How the Green Climate Fund Could Promote REDD+ through a Cash on Delivery Instrument:: Issues and Options 2016
How to Prioritize Early Childhood?: A Note on the Recent Experience in Colombia 2020
Identifying a Fair Deal on Climate Change 2011
If You Build It, Will They Consume?: Key Challenges for Universal, Reliable, and Low-Cost Electricity Delivery in Kenya 2018
Imagining the Alternative Worlds of 2030:: Policy Implications for the Future of Global Health Procurement 2019
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Social Health Insurance Claims for High-Burden Diseases in the Philippines 2021
The Impacts of Health Crises on Women & Girls:: How Historical Evidence Can Inform Assessment and Recovery through a Gender Lens 2021
Improving Global Health Supply Chains through Traceability 2019
Incentivizing COVID-19 Vaccine Developers to Expand Manufacturing Capacity 2021
India’s COVID-19 Testing Capacity Must Grow by a Factor of 10: Here’s How That Can Happen 2020
Indice de l’engagement pour le développement 2018 2018
The Indirect Health Effects of COVID-19:: Emerging Findings from Kenya, the Philippines, South Africa, and Uganda 2021
The Indonesia-Australia Forest Carbon Partnership:: A Murder Mystery 2015
The Indonesia-Norway REDD+ Agreement:: A Glass Half-Full 2015
The Insurance Cascade Framework to Diagnose Bottlenecks and Improve the Effectiveness of Health Insurance Programs:: An Application to India 2021
Is Anyone Listening?: Does US Foreign Assistance Target People’s Top Priorities? 2013
Is Climate Finance Towards $100 Billion “New and Additional”? 2021
Leave No One Behind:: Using a Benefit-Based Advance Market Commitment to Incentivise Development and Global Supply of COVID-19 Vaccines 2020
The Limits (And Human Costs) of Population Policy:: Fertility Decline and Sex Selection in China under Mao 2019
Look to the Forests: How performance payments can slow climate change 2015
Making Large-Scale Wind and Solar Power a Reality: The role of spatiotemporal modeling in enabling cost-effective deployment in South Africa and beyond 2013
Malaria Case Management After the Affordable Medicines Facility for Malaria (AMFm):: Availability, Quality, and Market Share for ACTs in Kenya’s Private Pharmacies 2020
Management, Supervision, and Healthcare:: A Field Experiment 2021
Maximizing Access to Energy:: Estimates of Access and Generation for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation’s Portfolio 2014
MDBs to the Rescue?: The Evidence on COVID-19 Response 2021
Measurement and Monitoring for REDD+:: The Needs, Current Technological Capabilities, and Future Potential 2014
The Medium-Run and Scale-Up Effects of Performance-Based Financing:: An Extension of Rwanda’s 2006 Trial Using Secondary Data 2018
Migration and Disaster-Induced Displacement:: European Policy, Practice, and Perspective 2012
Mind the Gaps:: Takeaways from Emerging Research and Policy Implications for Aid Transition in Health and Development 2019
Mobilizing the Private Sector: Quantity-Performance Instruments for Public Climate Funds 2012
Modicare Post-election:: Recommendations to Enhance the Impact of Public Health Insurance on UHC Goals in India 2019
More Than a Lightbulb: Five Recommendations to Make Modern Energy Access Meaningful for People and Prosperity 2016
The New Economy of Africa:: Opportunities for Nigeria’s Emerging Technology Sector 2019
New Estimates of the Impact of COVID-19 on Women’s Jobs and Enterprises 2021
New Gavi Modalities for a Changing World 2019
No-Regret Policies for the COVID-19 Crisis in Developing Countries 2020
Official Development Assistance, Global Public Goods, and Implications for Climate Finance 2020
OPIC Unleashed:: Strengthening US Tools to Promote Private-Sector Development Overseas 2013
Pandemics and Violence Against Women and Children 2020
A Path to Resiliency:: Mitigating the Impacts of COVID-19 on Essential Medicines Supply Chains 2021
Planning for Large-Scale Wind and Solar Power in South Africa: Identifying Cost-Effective Deployment Strategies Using Spatiotemporal Modeling 2013
The Politics of German Finance for REDD+ 2014
Pooled Procurement of Drugs in Low and Middle Income Countries 2019
Powering Up US Policy to Promote Energy Access 2015
Principles for Paris-Alignment and Climate Finance in Development 2021
Private Sector Climate Finance After the Crisis 2020
Projecting Global Emissions for Lower-Income Countries 2020
Promoting an Inclusive Recovery by Prioritizing Gender:: A “Care, Cash, and Data” Agenda for the IDA20 Replenishment 2021
Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment in the COVID-19 Context 2021
Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment in the COVID-19 Context 2021
Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment through US Foreign and Development Policy 2016
Protecting Community Health Workers: PPE Needs and Recommendations for Policy Action 2020
Protecting Tropical Forests, Global Prosperity, and Climatic Stability 2015
Putting Global Health Security on the Gavi 5.0 Agenda 2019
Quantifying Vulnerability to Climate Change:: Implications for Adaptation Assistance 2011
Rebuilding US Global Health Leadership for Impact and Shared Security 2020
Removing Barriers and Closing Gaps:: Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Rohingya Refugees and Host Communities 2019
REPRODUCTIVE CHOICES TO LIFE CHANCES: New and Existing Evidence on the Impact of Contraception on Women’s Economic Empowerment 2017
The Role of US Aid in Tackling Climate Change:: Context and Questions for USAID and MCC 2021
Safer Women, Safer World:: A Fund to Increase the Number of Women UN Peacekeepers and Better Protect Women and Girls in Conflict Situations 2017
SkyShares: Modelling the distributive and economic implications of a future global emissions budget 2015
A Smart Investment:: $1 Billion for Promoting Women’s and Girls’ Economic Empowerment 2016
Social Assistance and Information in the Initial Phase of the COVID-19 Crisis:: Lessons from a Household Survey in India 2021
The State of REDD+ Finance 2015
Stopping Deforestation:: What Works and What Doesn't 2014
Struggling with Scale:: Ebola’s Lessons for the Next Pandemic 2019
Struggling with Scale:: Ebola’s Lessons for the Next Pandemic 2019
Subjective Expectations and Demand for Contraception 2020
The Sudden Rise of Carbon Taxes, 2010–2030 2014
Sugar, Rum, and Tobacco:: Domestic Resource Mobilization for Low-Income Countries Through Excise Taxes 2020
Supplementing REDD+ with Biodiversity Payments:: The Paradox of Paying for Multiple Ecosystem Services 2013
Tackling the Triple Transition in Global Health Procurement: Promoting Access to Essential Health Products through Aid Eligibility Changes, Epidemiological Transformation, and the Progressive Realization of Universal Health Coverage 2019
Tackling the Triple Transition in Global Health Procurement 2019
Tackling the Triple Transition in Global Health Procurement [Infographic] 2019
Taxing “Bads”: An Overview of Research Initiatives 2019
Technology and Empathy in the COVID-19 Era 2020
Texts Don’t Nudge:: An Adaptive Trial to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in India 2021
Thinking Through When the World Bank Should Fund Coal Projects 2013
Three New Estimates of India’s All-Cause Excess Mortality during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2021
The Time to Reform US Biofuels Policy Is Now 2015
Tracking the Scale and Speed of the World Bank’s COVID Response:: April 2021 Update 2021
Trading Forests:: Quantifying the Contribution of Global Commodity Markets to Emissions from Tropical Deforestation 2014
The Tropical Forest Finance Facility 2018
Two Global Challenges, One Solution:: International Cooperation to Combat Climate Change and Tropical Deforestation 2014
Understanding the Opportunity Cost, Seizing the Opportunity:: Key Takeaways for Evidence-Informed Universal Health Coverage 2019
UNDERSTANDING THE OPPORTUNITY COST, SEIZING THE OPPORTUNITY: Report of the Working Group on Incorporating Economics and Modelling in Global Health Goals and Guidelines 2019
UNEQUAL VENTURES: Baseline Study of Gender and Entrepreneurship in East Java, Indonesia 2018
Unpacking the Black Box of Payer Policy:: A Demand-Side Approach for Equitable Uptake of Cost-Effective Health Innovation 2020
U.S. Policy and Tradeoffs in Promoting International Access to Energy 2014
US Support for REDD+:: Reflections on the Past and Future Outlook 2014
Using COVID-19 Test, Trace, and Isolate Systems Effectively in Middle-Income Countries 2020
Using Health Taxes to Support Revenue:: An Action Agenda for the IMF and World Bank 2021
Vaccine Financing:: How a Redesigned IMF Instrument Can Provide a Shot in the Arm for the Global Pandemic Response 2021
Vaccine Introduction and Coverage in Gavi-Supported Countries 2015-2018:: Implications for Gavi 5.0 2019
The Value of Forest Ecosystem Services to Developing Economies 2014
Valuing Climate Liability 2021
Violence Against Women and Children During COVID-19—One Year On and 100 Papers In: A Fourth Research Round Up 2021
Wanted:: A Climate Agency for a Bottom-Up World—A Proposal for a New Arm of the World Bank 2013
What Can We Learn about Energy Access and Demand from Mobile-Phone Surveys?: Nine Findings from Twelve African Countries 2018
What Drives Deforestation and What Stops It?: A Meta-Analysis of Spatially Explicit Econometric Studies 2014
When Do Subsidy Reforms Stick?: Lessons from Iran, Nigeria, and India 2017
The White House and the World: Restoring and Revitalizing US Leadership on Global Gender Equality and Inclusion 2020
The White House and the World 2016: Advancing a Gender-Based Development Agenda 2015
Who Benefits from Pharmaceutical Price Controls?: Evidence from India 2019
Who Pollutes?: A Household-Level Database of America’s Greenhouse Gas Footprint 2014
WHO Technical Report on Cancer Pricing Misses the Mark—It Should Focus on the “Demand Side” 2019
Why Do Governments Tax or Subsidize Fossil Fuels? 2020
WHY FORESTS? WHY NOW?: The Science, Economics and Politics of Tropical Forests and Climate Change 2016
Why is Global Health Missing from the UK’s Integrated Review? 2020
Why Maintaining Tropical Forests Is Essential and Urgent for a Stable Climate 2014
Why Uncertainty in Global Health Interventions Matters: —and What We Can Do About It 2019
The World Bank and Climate Change: Forever a Big Fish in a Small Pond? 2012
World Bank Budget Support in the Time of COVID:: Crisis Finance... with Strings Attached 2021