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Centre for Military Studies

Publisher Description

The Centre for Military Studies focuses on the following research areas: The Arctic, Global Commons and Maritime Strategy, Small State Strategy, European Armed Forces in a time of Austerity and the Danish Defence Model, and The Use and Utility of Force in Future Operations. The Centre for Military Studies is a university research centre focusing on policy-relevant research and research-based information and innovation that identify options for Denmark’s defence and security policy in a globalised world. Research at the Centre is thus a means to identify policy options in a complex, interconnected security environment. We work closely with the Danish Ministry of Defence, the Danish Armed Forces and the political level to investigate issues and develop ideas and options.
Research Reports in JSTOR from Centre for Military Studies
41 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Adjusting the Architecture: Arms Control, Disarmament, and Non-Proliferation in NATO 2013
Afghanistan Index: A collection of quantitative and qualitative data on Afghanistan 2008
Afghanistan Index: A compilation of quantitative and qualitative data on Afghanistan 2007
An Analysis of Conditions for Danish Defence Policy – Strategic Choices 2012 2012
Baltic Sea security: How can allies and partners meet the new challenges in the region? 2016
Conference Report:: China’s Arctic aspirations 2014
Cooperation between International Organizations in Complex Emergencies in Eastern Africa: The Views of Danish Practitioners on Cooperation from an Expert Seminar 2014
Denmark’s need for fighter aircraft: A strategic analysis of the future need for Danish fighter aircraft 2007
Diversity in the Danish Armed Forces 2012
For a Greater Horn of Africa Sea Patrol: A Strategic Analysis of the Somali Pirate Challenge 2009
Get it Together: Smart Defence Solutions to NATO’s Compound Challenge of Multinational Procurement 2013
Hvor højt?: Fremtiden for europæisk maritim militærmagt og udfordringen fra stigende kapacitetstærskler 2021
Hybrid Maritime Warfare and the Baltic Sea Region 2016
In, On, or Out of the Loop?: Denmark and Autonomous Weapon Systems 2017
Integrating the F-35 into Danish Defence 2018
Invading Bologna: Prospects for Nordic Cooperation on Professional Military Education 2013
Keep Cool 2013
Keep It Cool!: Four Scenarios for the Danish Armed Forces in Greenland in 2030 2009
Learning from the F-16 2015
Learning from the Ilulissat Initiative: State Power, Institutional Legitimacy, and Governance in the Arctic Ocean 2007—18 2018
Long Time Coming:: Developing and Integrating UAVs into the American, British, French, and Danish Armed Forces 2014
Maritime security and development in Africa: THREE NARRATIVES FOR A STRATEGY FOR DENMARK 2016
Military capacity building:: Risk-taking in Danish development aid? 2013
Navigating Changing Currents: A forward-looking evaluation of efforts to tackle maritime crime off the Horn of Africa 2018
Never Gonna Give You Up?: Experiences with ending conscription in France, the Netherlands, Latvia and Slovakia 2009
Nye missiler — udhulede normer: Europæisk sikkerhed efter INF-traktatens ophør 2021
Nytten af militære øvelser: Fra parathed til øget afskrækkelse? 2020
Options for Enhancing Nordic–Baltic Defence and Security Cooperation: An Explorative Survey 2017
Revanchism – Russians – Justice: Foreign Policy Perceptions in Russia 2014
Russian Policy in the Arctic after the Ukraine Crisis 2016
Strengthening and Renewing UN Peace Operations: Political and Practical Challenges Towards a Stronger UN 2017
Syria’s Military Capabilities and Options for Military Intervention: Background paper 2012
To be, or not to be: Smart Defence, Sovereignty and Danish Defence Policy 2012
The Transformation of European Airpower: Implications for the Royal Danish Air Force 2014
Trends and Threats: NATO in the 21st Century 2014
The Ukraine Crisis and the End of the Post-Cold War European Order:: Options for NATO and the EU 2014
Unfolding Green Defense: Linking green technologies and strategies to current security challenges in NATO and the NATO member states 2015
Unmanned and Unarmed: On the Future use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in the Danish Armed Forces 2014
Utilising Local Capacities: Maritime Emergency Response across the Arctic 2017
The Utility of Military Exercises: From Readiness to Enhanced Deterrence? 2020
What if We Gave Up Conscription? 2009