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Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Research Reports in JSTOR from Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
1020 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
2017 Global Forecast 2016
2018 Election Security Scorecard 2018
21st Century Conflict:: From “Revolution in Military Affairs” (RMA) to a “Revolution in Civil-Military Affairs” (RCMA) 2018
75 Years after the 1943 Agreements: Lessons and Proposals for the Reconstruction of the Oil Sector 2018
Accelerating 5G in the United States: Executive Summary 2021
Accelerating Health Innovation in India 2017
Accelerating the Momentum: U.S. Support for Women’s and Family Health in Senegal 2016
Access for What?: Elevating Civilian Protection and Quality Access for Humanitarian Action in Syria 2019
Accessing South Sudan: Humanitarian Aid in a Time of Crisis 2018
Achieving Growth and Security in the Northern Triangle of Central America 2016
Achilles’ Heel: Adding Resilience to NATO’s Fragile Missile Shield 2019
Acquisition of Software–Defined Hardware–Based Adaptable Systems 2019
Acquisition Trends 2018: Defense Contract Spending Bounces Back Executive Summary 2018
Acquisition Trends, 2018: Defense Contract Spending Bounces Back 2019
Actual Obligation Rates versus Comptroller Projected Obligation Rates 2020
Adding Operational Authorities for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 2016
Addition by Subtraction:: Reviewing & Reducing Requirements to Increase Readiness 2016
Additive Manufacturing: A Guide for Policymakers 2017
Addressing Adolescent Pregnancy and Maternal Mortality in Nicaragua 2016
Addressing Forced Labor in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: Collective Action to Develop New Sourcing Opportunities 2021
Addressing Forced Labor in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: Toward a Shared Agenda 2020
Addressing HIV in Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Malawi:: The DREAMS Partnership 2017
Addressing HIV Risk in Adolescent Girls and Young Women 2015
Addressing Unresolved Challenges in U.S.-Russia Relations 2020
Admiral Gorshkov Frigate Reveals Serious Shortcomings in Russia’s Naval Modernization Program 2016
Advancing Country Partnerships on HIV/AIDS 2017
Advancing toward Universal Health Coverage through Smart Choices 2015
Affirming American Leadership:: A Call to Action 2020
Afghan Narcotics: 2000-2018:: From Control and Elimination Efforts to a Drug Economy and Bombing Labs 2018
The Afghan War:: Key Developments and Metrics 2017
The Afghan War:: Creating An Afghan Capability to Win 2017
The Afghan War:: Reshaping American Strategy and Finding Ways to Win 2016
Afghanistan:: A War in Crisis! 2019
Afghanistan:: The Uncertain Impact of a Year of Transition 2016
Afghanistan:: The Uncertain Impact of a Year of Transition Full Report 2016
Afghanistan:: The Prospects for a Real Peace 2020
Afghanistan:: Conflict Metrics 2000-2018 2018
Afghanistan:: Renewed Resolve is Needed 2017
Afghanistan:: “Peace” as the Vietnamization of a U.S. Withdrawal? 2020
Afghanistan:: The Prospects for a Real Peace 2020
Afghanistan and Its Central Asian Neighbors: Toward Dividing Insecurity 2017
Afghanistan at Peace or Afghanistan in Pieces – Part One:: The First Phase 2020
Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen:: Is Decisive Force an Option? 2017
Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen:: The Long-Term Civil Challenges and Host Country Threats from “Failed State” Wars 2019
Afghanistan’s Uncertain Conflict Metrics 2017-2018 2018
After Disruption: Historical Perspectives on the Future of International Order 2020
After ISIS:: Creating Strategic Stability in Iraq 2017
After the “Caliphate” The Metrics of Daesh and the Ongoing Challenge of Extremism: Part Three: Factors Shaping Continuing Violent Extremism, and Conflicts in the MENA Region 2019
After the “Caliphate” The Metrics of Daesh and the Ongoing Challenge of Extremism: Part Two: The Changing Threat 2019
After the Ebola Catastrophe 2015
After the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi: Muhammad bin Salman and the Future of Saudi-U.S. Relations 2018
After Xi: Future Scenarios for Leadership Succession in Post-Xi Jinping Era 2021
The Age of Mass Protests: Understanding an Escalating Global Trend 2020
Agriculture under Pressure: Implications for Agricultural Development in U.S. Foreign Assistance 2020
AI Strategies and Autonomous Vehicles Development 2021
Aid and Conflict:: Pitfalls in Yemen 2018
Aid, Stability, and Recovery in Counterterrorism and Warfighting 2017
The Air Force Digital Century Series: Beyond the Buzzwords 2019
Al Qaeda’s Struggling Campaign in Syria: Past, Present, and Future 2018
Aligning Partnerships for Security: A Human Rights—Based Approach to Security and Economic Cooperation 2017
An Alliance for Prosperity 2.0 2021
Allied Economic Forum: Lessons Learned 2020
Alternative Defense Strategies in a Cost-Capped Environment 2016
AMERICA’S ARCTIC MOMENT: Great Power Competition in the Arctic to 2050 2020
America’s Counterterrorism Gamble 2018
America’s Dangerous Syndemic: Opioid Addiction, HIV, and Hepatitis C 2017
America's FY2020 Defense Strategy and Programming Crisis 2018
America’s Global Infrastructure Opportunity: Three Recommendations to the New U.S. Development Finance Corporation 2019
America’s Opioid Epidemic: Lessons from Eastern Kentucky 2017
Analysis of the FY 2017 Defense Budget 2016
Analysis of the FY 2018 Defense Budget 2017
Analysis of the FY 2019 Defense Budget 2018
Analysis of the FY 2020 Defense Budget and Its Implications for FY 2021 and Beyond 2020
Analytic Appendix:: Additional Data on Detailed Patterns in MENA Arms Transfers 2020
The Analytic Edge: Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Transform Intelligence Analysis 2020
Anti-Corruption in the Americas: What Works? 2020
The Arab Gulf States and Iran:: Military Spending, Modernization, and the Shifting Military Balance 2018
An Arctic Redesign: Recommendations to Rejuvenate the Arctic Council 2016
Are Sanctions Working in Venezuela? 2019
Armed Forces and Democratization in Myanmar:: Why the US Military Should Engage the Tatmadaw 2016
Armenia in a Reconnecting Eurasia: Foreign Economic and Security Interests 2016
Arms Procurement and Corruption in the Gulf Monarchies 2020
The Army Modernization Imperative: A New Big Five for the Twenty-First Century 2017
The Art of Summitry: What the United States Can Learn from Japan’s Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) 2019
The Article II Mandate: Forging a Stronger Economic Alliance between the United States and Japan 2018
As Ethiopia Moves toward Tuberculosis Elimination, Success Requires Higher Investment 2016
Asianism and Universalism: The Evolution of Norms and Power in Modern Asia 2019
Asia-Pacific Rebalance 2025: Capabilities, Presence, and Partnerships 2016
Asia’s Response to Climate Change and Natural Disasters: Implications for an Evolving Regional Architecture 2010
Assessing Chinese-Russian Military Exercises: Past Progress and Future Trends 2021
Assessing the Industrial Base Implications of the Army’s Future Vertical Lift Plans 2020
Assessing the Third Offset Strategy 2017
Australia and the United States: An Alliance for the Twenty-first Century 2018
Australia-Japan-U.S. Maritime Cooperation: Creating Federated Capabilities for the Asia Pacific 2016
Avoiding Coping with Surprise in Great Power Conflicts 2018
Axis Rising: Iran’s Evolving Regional Strategy & Non-State Partnerships in the Middle East 2018
Azerbaijan in a Reconnecting Eurasia: Foreign Economic and Security Interests 2016
Back from the Brink:: A Threatened Nuclear Energy Industry Compromises National security 2018
The Bahrain Defence Force:: The Monarchy’s Second-to-Last Line of Defense 2016
Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Roundtable 2017
Battle Networks and the Future Force: Part 1: A Framework for Debate 2021
Beating the Air into Submission: Investing in Vertical Lift Modernization (Part II) 2019
Beating the Air into Submission: Investing in Vertical Lift Modernization 2019
Becoming a Chinese Client State: THE CASE OF SERBIA 2020
Beyond Aid: The Integration of Sustainable Development in a Coherent International Agenda 2016
Beyond Baghdadi: The Next Wave of Jihadist Violence 2019
Beyond Emergency Pandemic Response: The Case for Prioritizing Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention 2021
Beyond the Brink: Escalation and Conflict in U.S.-China Economic Relations 2019
Beyond the RD-180 2017
Beyond the Water’s Edge: Measuring the Internationalism of Congress 2018
The Biden Administration:: Strategy and Reshaping the National Security Budget 2021
The Biden Administration’s Security Challenges in the Gulf 2021
The Biden Transition and Reshaping U.S. Strategy:: Replacing “Burden Sharing” with Meaningful Force Planning 2021
The Biden Transition and U.S. Competition with China and Russia:: The Crisis-Driven Need to Change U.S. Strategy 2021
Blinking Red Lights: A Resurgence of Ethno-Nationalism and Its Implications for the Future Integrity of Bosnia-Herzegovina 2019
Bolstering Public Health Capacities through Global Polio Eradication: Planning Transition of Polio Program Assets in Ethiopia 2016
A Brighter Future for Children Living with HIV: Reigniting Progress toward an AIDS-Free Generation in the Covid-19 Era 2021
Broadening Local Constituencies: Strategies for Standing Together 2018
Building Allied Interoperability in the Indo-Pacific Region: Discussion Paper 1: Command and Control 2017
Building Allied Interoperability in the Indo-Pacific Region: DISCUSSION PAPER 3 Information Warfare: An Emergent Australian Defence Force Capability 2018
Building on International Consensus for Quality Infrastructure: Moving toward Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 9 2021
Building Resilient Global Supply Chains: The Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific Region 2021
“Burdensharing” and the 2% of GDP Solution:: A Study in Military Absurdity 2019
Buttressing Institutional Integrity in an Election Year: Guardrails Limiting the Role of U.S. Federal Forces 2020
Cambodian Civil Society at a Critical Juncture 2018
Can Agricultural Cooperation Strengthen U.S.-Cuba Normalization 2016
Can Digital Health Help Stop the Next Epidemic? 2019
Can Telephones Race? 5G and the Evolution of Telecom: Part I 2020
Carbon Dioxide Removal Solutions 2021
Caribbean Economies and the Year Ahead 2018 2018
The Case for a Positive U.S. Agenda with Latin America 2021
The Case for and Against a “Realist” Strategy in Syria 2017
Catalyzing Private-Private Partnerships for Social Impact 2017
Catalyzing Sustainable Global Immunization Programs: Phased Transitions 2015
Central American Power Markets: Lessons Learned and Policy Recommendations with Particular Emphasis on Competitive Procurement 2018
Challenges, Changes and Continuity:: The United States and a Fragmented Regional Order 2019
The Challenges of Building a National Army in Yemen 2016
Challenges to Continued U.S. Leadership Ahead of Global HIV's Next Phase 2020
The Changing Face of HIV: Addressing Health Needs Across the Life Course 2019
The Changing Geopolitics of Nuclear Energy: A Look at the United States, Russia, and China 2020
The Changing Gulf Balance and the Iranian Threat 2016
The Changing Nature and Implications of Russian Military Transfers to China 2021
The Changing Patterns of Arms Imports in the Middle East and North Africa 2016
The Changing Political Economy of Energy in China 2016
The Changing Security Dynamics of the MENA Region 2021
The Changing Security Dynamics of the Middle East and North Africa 2020
The Changing Security Dynamics of the Middle East and North Africa 2020
The Changing Security Structure in the Middle East: A Speech to the International Symposium on International Relations and Security at the Turkish War College 2016
The Changing Security Structure in the Middle East: Speech to the International Symposium on International Relations and Security at the Turkish War College 2016
Charting a New “Digital Atlantic” 2021
Cheap Talk: China’s Central Bank Still Struggles to Speak to Markets 2021
Chin a and the New Strategic Nuclear Arms Race:: The Forces Driving the Creation of New Chinese Nuclear Delivery Systems, Nuclear Weapons, and Strategy 2018
China and El Salvador:: An Update 2021
China and Russia:: Economic Unequals 2020
China and the U.S.:: Cooperation, Competition and/or Conflict An Experimental Assessment 2019
The China Economic Risk Matrix 2020
China Military Organization and Reform 2016
China—Leader or Laggard on the Path to a Secure, Low-Carbon Energy Future? 2011
China’s Arctic Dream 2018
China's Belt and Road Is Full of Holes 2018
China’s Emerging Power:: Cooperation, Competition, or Conflict? 2017
China’s “Hub-and-Spoke” Strategy in the Balkans 2020
China’s Influence in Japan: Everywhere Yet Nowhere in Particular 2020
China’s Maritime Silk Road: Strategic and Economic Implications for the Indo-Pacific Region 2018
China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative: Economic Drivers and Challenges 2018
China’s New 2019 Defense White Paper:: An Open Strategic Challenge to the United States, But One Which Does Not Have to Lead to Conflict 2019
China’s Nuclear Forces and Weapons of Mass Destruction 2016
China’s Risky Drive into New-Energy Vehicles 2018
China’s Uneven High-Tech Drive: Implications for the United States 2020
The Chinese Communist Party Targets the Private Sector 2020
Chinese Multilateralism and the Promise of a Green Belt and Road 2019
Chinese Politics Has No Rules, But It May Be Good if Xi Jinping Breaks Them 2017
Chinese Security Engagement in Latin America 2020
Chinese Space Strategy and Developments 2016
Chinese Strategy and Military Modernization in 2016: A Comparative Analysis 2016
Chinese Strategy, Military Forces, and Economics:: The Metrics of Cooperation, Competition and/or Conflict 2018
Chinese Technology Acquisitions in the Nordic Region 2020
Chronology of Possible Chinese Gray Area and Hybrid Warfare Operations 2020
Chronology of Possible Chinese Gray Area and Hybrid Warfare Operations 2020
Chronology of Possible Russian Gray Area and Hybrid Warfare Operations 2020
Chronology of Possible Russian Gray Area and Hybrid Warfare Operations 2020
Chronology of Possible Russian Gray Area and Hybrid Warfare Operations 2020
CITIZENS IN TRAINING: Conscription and Nation-building in the United Arab Emirates 2017
The Civil Challenges to Peace in Afghanistan 2019
The Civil Half of the Afghan War:: Dealing with the Political, Governance, Economics, Corruption, and Drug Threats 2017
The Civil Side of Counterterrorism: A Presentation to the 7th Xiangshan Forum 2016
“Civilian Control of the Armed Forces” 2017
Civilian Protection through Civilian Control:: An Overlooked Piece of Security Sector Assistance in the Sahel 2020
Civilians and “By, With, and Through”: Key Issues and Questions Related to Civilian Harm and Security Partnership 2018
Clean Resilient States:: The Role of U.S. States in Addressing Climate Action 2020
Climate Change and Food Security: A Test of U.S. Leadership in a Fragile World 2019
Climate Cooperation and Competition: Leveraging Sustainable Development Goal 13 2021
Climate Policy Risk in the U.S. Electric Power Sector 2018
Climate Solutions Series: Deep Decarbonization Pathways 2020
Climate Solutions Series: Decarbonizing the Electric Power Sector 2020
Climate Solutions Series: Decarbonizing Heavy Industry 2020
Climate Solutions Series: Decarbonizing Global Transport 2020
Cognitive Effect and State Conflict in Cyberspace 2018
The Collection Edge: Harnessing Emerging Technologies for Intelligence Collection 2020
Colombia at a Stabilization Crossroads 2020
Combating Antimicrobial Resistance in 2015: Back to the Future, and Beyond 2016
The Coming NEV War?: Implications of China’s Advances in Electric Vehicles 2020
Comments to the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security: Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Review of Controls for Certain Emerging Technologies 2019
The Comparative Metrics of ISIS and “Failed State Wars” in Syria and Iraq: Part One: Regional Trends Shaping the Conflict 2016
Comparing Estimates of Key Trends in the Uncertain Metrics of Terrorism 2016
Competing and Winning in the Multilateral System: U.S. Leadership in the United Nations 2020
Confirmation Hearing Questions Beyond Headlines 2017
The Conflicting Assessments of the Trends in Combat in Afghanistan:: 2014-2018 2018
Confronting Stabilocracy in the Western Balkans: A New Approach for U.S. Assistance 2021
Containing Tehran: Understanding Iran’s Power and Exploiting Its Vulnerabilities 2020
Contested Seas: Maritime Domain Awareness in Northern Europe 2018
The Conventional Military Balance in the Koreas and Northeast Asia 2016
The Coronavirus and Changes in the FY2021 Budget:: Keeping Cuts in American Defense Spending in Perspective 2020
Countering Adversary Threats to Democratic Institutions: An Expert Report 2018
Countering China’s Influence Activities: Lessons from Australia 2020
Countering Coercion in Maritime Asia: The Theory and Practice of Gray Zone Deterrence 2017
Countering Russian and Chinese Influence Activities: Examining Democratic Vulnerabilities and Building Resiliency 2020
Counterterrorism in an Era of More Limited Resources 2018
Counting Dollars or Measuring Value: Assessing NATO and Partner Burden Sharing 2018
Counting the Cost of South Africa s Health Burden 2015
Covid-19 Demand Shock and Preparedness Response: Securing Medical Supply Chains: The Trusted Trade Partner Network 2020
Covid-19 Demands Innovative Ideas for Financing the SDGs 2020
Covid-19 Reshapes the Future 2020
Creating a Twenty-first-Century Business Model for the IBRD 2018
Creating an Expectation of Service:: Civic Education as a National Security Imperative 2019
Creating Fiscal Space in the Covid-19 Era: CSIS Commission on Strengthening America’s Health Security 2021
Credit and Credibility: Risks to China’s Economic Resilience 2018
The Crisis in Iran:: What Now? 2018
Criteria for Security and Trust in Telecommunications Networks and Services 2020
Cross-border Aid, Covid-19, and U.S. Decisions in Syria 2020
Cross-Border Trade and Corruption along the Haiti-Dominican Republic Border 2019
Crossing Borders: How the Migration Crisis Transformed Europe’s External Policy 2018
Crowdsourcing Perspectives on Defense Reform 2016
CSIS Americas Program Conference Report: One-Day Workshop on Transnational Organized Crime in Central America Alternative Governance in the Northern Triangle and Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy: Finding Logic Within Chaos 2016
CSIS Commission on the Korean Peninsula: Recommendations for the U.S.-Korea Alliance 2021
CSIS European Trilateral Track 2 Nuclear Dialogues: 2019 Consensus Statement 2020
CSIS European Trilateral Track 2 Nuclear Dialogues: 2018 Consensus Statement 2019
CSIS European Trilateral Track 2 Nuclear Dialogues: 2020 Consensus Statement 2021
CSIS European Trilateral Track 2 Nuclear Dialogues 2016 Consensus Statement 2017
CSIS Review of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States 2016
Cybersecurity and the Problem of Interoperability 2020
The Cybersecurity Workforce Gap 2019
Cycle Times and Cycles of Acquisition Reform 2020
Dangerous Intersection: Zika Transmission and Cuts to Reproductive Health Services in Texas 2017
Dangerous Liaisons: Russian Cooperation with Iran in Syria 2019
Data for Decisionmaking and the Global Fund 2015
Dealing Fairly with a Key Ally:: Releasing the 28 Pages on the Possible Saudi Role in the 9/11 Attacks in the Report on the HPSCI-SSCI Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 2016
Decarbonizing the Built Environment 2020
Deep Decarbonization Pathways 2020
“Defeating” ISIS:: The Real Threats and Challenges 2016
Defending the “Global Spoils System” of Leadership Jobs in Multilaterals Is in the U.S. Interest 2020
Defense Acquisition Trends, 2015: Acquisition in the Era of Budgetary Constraints 2016
Defense Acquisition Trends, 2016: The End of the Contracting Drawdown 2017
Defense Acquisition Trends 2019: Army Contract Trends 2019
Defense Acquisition Trends 2019: Topiline DoD Trends 2019
Defense Acquisition Trends 2019: Topline DoD Trends 2019
Defense Acquisition Trends 2020: Topline DoD Trends 2020
DEFENSE AGAINST THE DARK ARTS IN SPACE: Protecting Space Systems from Counterspace Weapons 2021
“Defense, Diplomats, or Dollars:: Balancing the National Security Toolkit, Part 2” 2020
“Defense, Diplomats, or Dollars:: Balancing the National Security Toolkit, Part 1” 2020
Defense Modernization Plans through the 2020s: Addressing the Bow Wave 2016
Defense Outlook 2016: What to Know, What to Expect 2016
Defense Outlook 2018 2018
Defense Reform in the 21st Century Emerging Survey Results 2016
Defense Reform in the New Administration 2017
Defense Strategy and the Iron Triangle of Painful Trade-offs 2017
Defining the Diamond: The Past, Present, and Future of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue 2020
Defusing the South China Sea Disputes: A REGIONAL BLUEPRINT 2018
Degrees of Separation: A Targeted Approach to U.S.-China Decoupling – Interim Report 2021
Delivering Prosperity in the Indo-Pacific: An Agenda for Australia and the United States 2019
DENIAL, DELAY, DIVERSION: Tackling Access Challenges in an Evolving Humanitarian Landscape 2019
Department of Defense Other Transaction Authority Trends: A New R&D Funding Paradigm? 2020
Designing and Managing Successful International Joint Development Programs 2017
DESTINATION MAGHREB: Changing Migration Patterns in North Africa 2018
The Deterrence and Assurance Conversation 2017
Deterring Iran after the Nuclear Deal 2017
Developing a Containment Strategy in Syria 2018
Development Finance Institutions Come of Age: Policy Engagement, Impact, and New Directions 2016
The DFC: Delivering Technical Assistance in High-risk Contexts 2020
The DFC’s New Equity Authority 2020
Digital Governance: It Is Time for the United States to Lead Again 2021
Disruptors, Innovators, and Thieves: Assessing Innovation in China’s Digital Economy 2018
Distributed Defense: New Operational Concepts for Integrated Air and Missile Defense 2018
The Diversity of Russia’s Military Power: Five Perspectives 2020
Does the United States Renegotiate Its Trade Agreements after They Are Signed? 2019
Domestic Resource Mobilization and Public Financial Management 2016
Donors’ Perspectives on Closing Civic Space 2018
Don’t Give Up Yet: There’s Still a Chance to Salvage Eastern Syria 2018
Drivers of Recovery: Elevating the Youth, Peace, and Security Agenda 2021
Driving Change: U.S.–India Subnational E-Mobility Collaboration 2019
Dry Hills, Full Ponds: Climate Change, Resilience, and Agriculture in Nepal 2019
Earmarks and Directives in the Foreign Operations Appropriation 2021
Earth Observation for Climate Change 2010
East Africa and the Indian Ocean Region 2016
Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Investing in Agribusiness and Rural Development 2018
An Economic Lens on International Migration 2017
The Effect of Encryption on Lawful Access to Communications and Data 2017
The Effects of Covid-19 on Latin America’s Economy 2020
Elections, Crisis, and What to Expect in the Year Ahead 2019
Elevating Women Peacebuilders amidst Covid-19 2020
The Emerging Political Economy of OBOR: The Challenges of Promoting Connectivity in Central Asia and Beyond 2016
Emerging Technologies and Managing the Risk of Tech Transfer to China 2019
Ending the Cycle of Crisis and Complacency in U.S. Global Health Security 2019
The Enduring Dilemma of Overseas Contingency Operations Funding 2017
Energizing the Fight against HIV/AIDS in South Africa: Trip Report of the CSIS Delegation to South Africa, February 2016 2016
Energy 101:: Inroduction to Renewables 2015
Energy 101:: Inroduction to Oil 2015
Energy 101:: Introduction to Coal 2015
Energy 101:: Introduction to Natural Gas 2015
Energy 101: Introduction to Electricity: From the CSIS Energy & National Security Program 2016
Energy and Development: Providing Access and Growth 2017
Energy in America: The Changing Role of Energy in the U.S. Economy 2019
Energy Risks in North Africa and the Middle East 2012
Energy Spheres of Influence 2019
Energy Transition Strategies: Vietnam’s Low Carbon Development Pathway 2020
Energy Transition Strategies: Ethiopia’s Low-Carbon Development Pathway 2020
Energy Transition Strategies: Gujarat’s Low-Carbon Development Pathway 2020
Energy Transitions in Emerging Economies: What Success Looks Like and How to Replicate It 2020
Engaging India: Guide to Developing Health Care Partnerships with States 2019
Enhanced Deterrence in the North: A 21st Century European Engagement Strategy 2018
Enhancing Financial Inclusion through Digital ID 2021
Enhancing the U.S.–Indonesia Strategic Partnership 2018
Ensuring Healthy Populations through a New Era of Global Immunization: Rapporteur’s Report 2019
The Escalating Conflict with Hezbollah in Syria 2018
The Escalating Terrorism Problem in the United States 2020
Establish Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering 2016
Estimates of Chinese Military Spending 2016
Europe in 2019: A Critical and Transitional Year 2019
The European Union in a Reconnecting Eurasia: Foreign Economic and Security Interests 2016
Europe’s Migration Maelstrom & its Political Tides 2018
Evaluating Consolidation and the Threat of Monopolies within Industrial Sectors 2019
Evaluating Future U.S. Army Force Posture in Europe: Phase I Report 2016
Evaluating Future U.S. Army Force Posture in Europe: Phase II Report 2016
The Evolution of the Salafi-Jihadist Threat: Current and Future Challenges from the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, and Other Groups 2018
The Evolution of U.S. Defense Posture in North and West Africa 2018
Evolving Strategies in the U.S.-China Military Balance 2016
The Evolving U.S. Nuclear Narrative: Communicating the Rationale for the Role and Value of U.S. Nuclear Weapons, 1989 to Today 2016
Expanding Competition, Expanding Ports: Competition in U.S. Hopper Dredging 2018
Extending Federal Cybersecurity to the Endpoint 2018
The Fabulous Five: How Foreign Actors Prop up the Maduro Regime in Venezuela 2020
Facing the Risk: Part 1: Mapping the Human Rights Risks in the Development of Facial Recognition Technology 2021
Facing the Risk: Part 2: Mapping the Human Rights Risks in the Deployment of Facial Recognition Technology 2021
Family Planning and Women’s Health in Kenya: The Impact of U.S. Investments 2015
The Fat Tech Dragon: Benchmarking China’s Innovation Drive 2017
Federal Funding for Biosafety Research Is Critically Needed 2019
Federal Research and Development Contract Trends and the Supporting Industrial Base, 2000–2015 2016
Feed the Future in Ghana: Promising Progress, Choices Ahead 2018
Fighting Corruption for U.S. Economic and National Security Interests 2020
Filled to the Brim: The Importance of Flexible and Innovative Storage in Commodities Markets 2020
Financial Sector Cybersecurity Requirements in the Asia-Pacific Region 2019
Financing and Implementing the Quality Infrastructure Agenda: Leveraging the United States-Japan Partnership to Ensure a High-Quality Option and Other Next Steps 2018
Financing Small Business Is Critical for a Strong Post-Covid Recovery 2020
Finishing Strong: Seeking a Proper Exit from Afghanistan 2019
Five Types of International Cooperation for Missile Defense 2020
Five Years of DREAMS and What Lies Ahead: How to Address the Intersecting Crises of HIV, Gender Inequality, and Health Security 2021
Foreign Assistance Directly in the National Interest: A Primer for Policymakers 2017
Foreign Fighters in History 2017
Foreign Students and Technology Transfer: Distinguishing the Baby from the Bath Water 2020
Formulating National Security Strategy: Past Experience and Future Choices 2017
France’s Determined Struggle Against Salafi Jihadism: Lessons Learned 2018
From AIDS to Zika: Brazilian Approaches to Protecting Health in Critical Contexts 2017
From Awareness to Action: A Cybersecurity Agenda for the 45th President 2017
From Industrial Policy to Innovation Strategy: Lessons from Japan, Europe, and the United States 2020
From the IRA to the Islamic State:: The Evolving Terrorism Threat in Europe 2018
A Frozen Line in the Himalayas 2020
THE FUTURE OF GLOBAL STABILITY: The World of Work in Developing Countries 2018
THE FUTURE OF GLOBAL STABILITY: The World of Work in Developing Countries 2018
The Future of Global Stability: The World of Work in Developing Countries 2018
THE FUTURE OF GLOBAL STABILITY: The World of Work in Developing Countries 2018
The Future of Global Stability: The World of Work in Developing Countries 2018
The Future of Global Stability: The World of Work in Developing Countries 2018
The Future of Latin America and the Caribbean in the Context of the Rise of China 2018
The Future of Military Engines 2021
The Future of the International System: Messy Multilateralism, Networked Technology, and Pioneering Innovation 2021
The Future of the United States and Europe: An Irreplaceable Partnership 2018
The Future of U.S.-Russian Arms Control: Principles of Engagement and New Approaches 2021
The FY2021 U.S. Defense Budget Request:: A Dysfunctional Set of Strategic Blunders 2020
The Game Has Changed: Rethinking the U.S. Role in Supporting Elections in Sub-Saharan Africa 2019
Game of Loans: How China Bought Hambantota 2018
The Gavi Mid-Term Review: Progress to Date and Prospects for 2021 and Beyond 2019
Geopolitics and Neglected Arctic Spaces: Three Northern Perspectives on Balancing External Interests 2020
The Geopolitics of Critical Minerals Supply Chains 2021
The Geopolitics of Energy: Emerging Trends,Changing Landscapes, Uncertain Times 2010
Georgia in a Reconnecting Eurasia: Foreign Economic and Security Interests 2016
Getting to Less?: The Innovation Superiority Strategy 2020
Getting to Less?: The Progressive Values Strategy 2020
Getting to Less?: The Minimal Exposure Strategy 2020
Getting to Less?: Exploring the Press for Less in America’s Defense Commitments 2020
Global Britain in a Competitive Age and Defence in a Competitive Age:: A Critique 2021
Global Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Handbook 2021
The Global Experience in Addressing Cervical Cancer: CSIS Conference Summary 2015
The Global Fund and PEPFAR:: Complementary, Successful, and Under Threat 2017
Global Health Programs and Partnerships: Evidence of Mutual Benefit and Equity 2016
Global Trends in Terrorism:: 1970-2016 2017
Going on the Offensive: A U.S. Strategy to Combat Russian Information Warfare 2018
Governing Data in the Asia-Pacific 2021
The Great Cities Partnership: USG Initiative to Support Thriving, Green, and Resilient Urban Centers in Africa 2021
Great Expectations and Grim Realities in AMLO’s Mexico 2019
The Greater Middle East:: From the “Arab Spring” to the “Axis of Failed States” 2020
Green Dragons: The Politics of Climate Change in Asia 2010
“The Growing Threat of Cholera and Other Diseases in the Middle East” 2016
The Gulf and Iran’s Capability for Asymmetric Warfare 2020
The Gulf and the Challenge of Missile Defense: Net Assessment Indicators 2019
The Gulf Scramble for Africa: GCC States’ Foreign Policy Laboratory 2018
Gulf Security:: Looking Beyond the Gulf Cooperation Council 2017
Gulf States’ Policies on Syria 2016
Guyana: Opportunities and Challenges for the United States and the Caribbean Basin 2020
Guyana:: Elections and the Imperatives of Geopolitical Neighborhoods 2020
The Guyanese Diaspora 2020
Harnessing Blockchain for American Business and Prosperity: 10 Use Cases, 10 Big Questions, 5 Solutions 2018
Harnessing Multilateral Financing for Health Security Preparedness 2019
Healthy Experiments: Innovative Approaches to U.S. Support for RMNCH in Ghana 2016
HER HEALTH, HER LIFETIME, OUR WORLD: Unlocking the Potential of Adolescent Girls and Young Women 2017
Hezbollah’s Missiles and Rockets: An Overview 2018
HHS and Global Health in the Second Obama Administration 2017
Hidden Harbors: China’s State-backed Shipping Industry 2020
Hiding and Finding: The Challenge of Security Competition 2021
The Higher Road: Forging a U.S. Strategy for the Global Infrastructure Challenge 2019
History Lessons for the Arctic: What International Maritime Disputes Tell Us about a New Ocean 2016
How 5G Will Shape Innovation and Security: A Primer 2018
How Can the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation Effectively Source Deals? 2020
How Can We Better Reach Women and Girls in Crises? 2019
How Chinese Cybersecurity Standards Impact Doing Business in China 2018
How Did Ebola Impact Maternal and Child Health in Liberia and Sierra Leone? 2015
How Does Facial Recognition Work?: A Primer 2021
How Innovative Is Mexico?: CSIS-COMEXI Conference | October 23, 2018 2019
How Is China Securing Its LNG Needs? 2019
How Japan Can Forge Resiliency and Defense Capacity Building in the Indo-Pacific in the Era of Covid-19 2020
How Much Will the Space Force Cost? 2018
How the Blockchain Can Help Venezuela’s Future Recovery: Promoting Sound Policy Foundations for Venezuela’s Postcrisis Recovery and Reform 2018
How the CCP Governs:: The View from a Chinese Town 2021
How Will Natural Gas Fare in the Energy Transition? 2020
How Would Sequestration Impact DoD in FY 2020? 2019
How Xi Jinping’s “New Era” Should Have Ended U.S. Debate on Beijing’s Ambitions 2020
HPV Vaccination in Japan: The Continuing Debate and Global Impacts 2015
Huawei, HONOR, and China’s Evolving State Capitalist Tool Kit 2020
The Human Cost of War in the Middle East:: A Graphic Overview 2016
The Human Face of Trade and Food Security: Lessons on the Enabling Environment from Kenya and India 2017
Human Rights in a Shifting Landscape: Recommendations for Congress 2019
Hunting for Russia’s Newest Military “Treasures in the Far North” 2020
Identifying and Responding to Criminal Threats from Venezuela 2019
Ideological Security as National Security 2020
Idlib Province and the Future of Instability in Syria 2018
If the Fighting Ever Stops:: Stabilization, Recovery, and Development in Syria 2017
Illegal Mining in Venezuela: Death and Devastation in the Amazonas and Orinoco Regions 2020
Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing as a National Security Threat 2017
Imagine Peace:: Connecting Global Solutions on Reconciliation with an Afghanistan Ready for Peace 2020
Imperiling Progress:: How Ethiopiaʼs Response to Political Unrest Could Undermine Its Health Gains 2016
Implementing Security Cooperation Reform to Maximize U.S. Competitiveness Abroad 2017
The Implications of the UN Cross-Border Vote in Syria 2021
Implications of Ultra-Low-Cost Access to Space 2017
The Implications of U.S. Policy Stagnation toward the Arctic Region 2019
The Imploding Afghan Peace Effort 2020
The Importance of Marginalized Communities in Lebanon 2020
Improvements, Questions, and Limits for the Future of Watchlisting 2020
Improving Nutrition in East Africa’s Bread Basket: U.S. Government Nutrition Investments in Uganda 2018
Improving Stability in the Arab World 2018
Improvisation and Adaptability in the Russian Military 2020
In the Wake of Arbitration: Papers from the Sixth Annual CSIS South China Sea Conference 2017
Independence Movements and Their Aftermath: Evaluating the Likelihood of Success 2019
India-Iran Cooperation at Chabahar Port: Choppy Waters 2018
The Indian Ocean Region:: South Asia Subregion 2016
The Indian Ocean Region:: Red Sea and Horn Sub-Region 2016
Individual Liberty:: The Foundation of National Prosperity 2017
Industrial Mobilization: Assessing Surge Capabilities, Wartime Risk, and System Brittleness 2020
Inflection Point: Missile Defense and Defeat in the 2021 Budget 2020
Inflicting Surprise: Gaining Competitive Advantage in Great Power Conflicts 2021
Influence and Infrastructure: The Strategic Stakes of Foreign Projects 2019
Innocent Bystanders: Why the U.S.-China Trade War Hurts African Economies 2019
Innovation-Led Economic Growth: Transforming Tomorrow’s Developing Economies through Technology and Innovation 2017
Instability in the MENA Region, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Key Conflict States:: A Comparative Score Card 2017
The Insurgent Sanctuary in Pakistan 2018
INTEGRATED APPROACHES TO FOOD SECURITY AND NUTRITION: A Trip Report of the CSIS Delegation to Senegal, August 2016 2016
Intellectual Property and the International Trade Commission: An Examination of the Role of the ITC in Protecting IP Rights 2018
The Intelligence Edge: Opportunities and Challenges from Emerging Technologies for U.S. Intelligence 2020
International Climate Negotiations Glossary 2015
International Perspectives on Space Weapons 2020
IoT, Automation, Autonomy, and Megacities in 2025:: A Dark Preview 2017
Iran and the Changing Military Balance in the Gulf: Net Assessment Indicators 2019
Iran and the Gulf Military Balance 2016
Iran and U.S. Strategy:: Looking Beyond the JCPOA 2021
Iran in a Reconnecting Eurasia: Foreign Economic and Security Interests 2016
Iran May be the Threat but Iraq is the Prize 2019
Iran Sanctions at the Halfway Point 2018
Iranian Missiles in Iraq 2019
Iranian Power Projection Strategy and Goals 2017
Iran’s Protests and the Threat to Domestic Stability 2019
Iran’s Threat to Saudi Critical Infrastructure: The Implications of U.S.-Iranian Escalation 2019
Iraq:: The View from the GCC 2017
Iraq After ISIS:: The Other Half of Victory Dealing with the Civil Dimension 2018
Iraq, the United States, and the “New” Middle East 2021
Is Asia Reconnecting?: Essays on Asia’s Infrastructure Contest 2017
Is It Possible to Avert Chaos in the Vaccine Scramble? 2020
Is the Ratio of Investment between Research and Development to Production in Major Defense Acquisition Programs Experiencing Fundamental Change? 2020
Is There a ‘New Normal’ for De-risking in the Caribbean? 2019
Islam and the Patterns in Terrorism and Violent Extremism 2017
The Islamic State and the Persistent Threat of Extremism in Iraq 2018
Israel and the Palestinians:: From the Two-State Solution to Five Failed “States” 2021
Japan’s Leadership Role in a Multipolar Indo-Pacific 2020
Japan’s Role in Addressing Global Antimicrobial Resistance: U.S.-Japan Expert Meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance 2016
JLENS Future Bleak, But Need for Capability Remains 2016
Keep Calm and Carry On: The Terrorist Threat in the United Kingdom 2018
Key Governance Issues in Space 2020
Key Populations and the Next Global Fund Strategy: A Focus on Upper-Middle Income Countries 2015
Key Trends in the Global Economy through 2030 2020
Korea, the JCPOA, and the Shifting Military Balance in the Gulf 2019
The Korean Civil-Military Balance 2018
Korean Missile Forces 2016
Korean Peninsula Military Modernization Trends 2016
THE KOREAN PIVOT: The Study of South Korea as a Global Power 2017
Korean Special, Asymmetric, and Paramilitary Forces 2016
The Kremlin Playbook: Understanding Russian Influence in Central and Eastern Europe 2016
Kyaukpyu: Connecting China to the Indian Ocean 2018
Landing Together: Pacific Amphibious Development and Implications for the U.S. Fleet 2016
The Latin America That Will Engage the New Administration 2020
Learning from the War:: “Who Lost Afghanistan?” versus Learning “Why We Lost” 2021
Learning from the War:: “Who Lost Afghanistan?” versus Learning “Why We Lost” 2021
Learning the Superior Techniques of the Barbarians: China’s Pursuit of Semiconductor Independence 2019
The Lebanese Armed Forces, Hezbollah and the Race to Defeat ISIS 2017
Lengthening the Tenure of the Chairman (CJCS) and Vice Chairman (VCJCS) 2016
Lessons for Negotiations in Venezuela: A Roadmap 2021
Lessons from the El Salvador Peace Process for Afghanistan 2020
Lessons from the Global Fund’s Reform 2015
Lessons Learned from a Decade of Humanitarian Operations in Syria 2021
Let SOF Be SOF 2016
Leveraging Allies and Partners 2021
Leveraging Diversity for Global Leadership 2018
Leveraging USAID through Private-Sector and Military Partnerships 2017
Limiting Size of NSC Staff 2016
Linking National Security and Innovation:: Part 1 2021
Looking East: European Air and Missile Defense after Warsaw 2016
Low–Hanging Fruit: Evidence-Based Solutions to the Digital Evidence Challenge 2018
Maghreb Neutrality: Maghreb-Gulf Arab Ties Since the GCC Split 2018
MAINTAINING THE INTELLIGENCE EDGE: Reimagining and Reinventing Intelligence through Innovation 2021
Making Choices: The Future of the U.S.-Egyptian Relationship 2016
Making Innovation Great 2017
Making the Most of a Crisis: What Sputnik Should Have Taught Us 2020
Managing Climate Change Information in the Next Administration 2020
Managing Cross-Strait Ties in 2017: Recommendations for the Trump Administration 2017
Managing Fragility and Promoting Resilience to Advance Peace, Security, and Sustainable Development 2018
Managing Risk for the Internet of Things 2016
Mapping the National Security Industrial Base: Policy Shaping Issues 2021
Mapping the U.S.-Canada Energy Relationship 2018
Mapping U.S.-India Partnerships in Electric Mobility 2020
Maritime Futures: The Arctic and the Bering Strait Region 2017
Masterpiece Theater: Missed Opportunities for Missile Defense in the 2020 Budget 2019
Measuring Service Contract Performance: Preliminary Findings on Effects of Service Complexity, Managerial Capacity, and Paired History 2020
Measuring the Impact of Sequestration and the Drawdown on the Defense Industrial Base 2017
Meeting Basic Health Needs in a Venezuela in Crisis: What Roles Can the United States and International Community Play? 2017
Meeting Security Challenges in a Disordered World 2017
Meeting the China Challenge: Responding to China’s Managed Economy 2018
Mexican Civil Society: Reclaiming Space Amidst Impunity 2018
Militancy and the Arc of Instability: Violent Extremism in the Sahel 2016
The Military Balance in the Koreas and Northeast Asia 2017
Military Developments in the Afghan War 2019
Military Health Engagement: Advancing the U.S.-Myanmar Relationship 2016
The Military, Police, and the Rise of Terrorism in the United States 2021
Military Spending:: The Other Side of Saudi Security 2018
The Millennium Challenge Corporation in the Trump Era: Donʹt Place Unrealistic Responsibilities onto MCC 2017
Mind the Gaps: Assessing Russian Influence in the United Kingdom 2020
Missile Defense: Getting to the Elusive “Right Side of the Cost Curve” 2016
Missile Defense:: Time to Go Big 2016
Missile Defense 2020: Next Steps for Defending the Homeland 2017
The Missile Defense Agency and the Color of Money: Fewer Resources, More Responsibility, and a Growing Budget Squeeze 2016
Missile Defense and Defeat: Considerations for the New Policy Review 2017
The Missile War in Yemen 2020
Modernization on the Kola Peninsula 2020
A Moment of Reckoning for U.S. Leadership on Global HIV 2017
More Important Than Ever: Renewing the U.S.-Japan Alliance for the 21st Century 2018
More Than A Nuclear Threat:: North Korea’s Chemical, Biological, and Conventional Weapons 2018
More Than Missiles: China Previews its New Way of War 2019
More Than Missiles: China Previews its New Way of War 2019
Moscow's War in Syria 2020
Moving Away from Traditional Major Defense Acquisition Program Structure 2016
Myanmarʼs New Dawn: Opportunities for Aung San Suu Kyi and U.S.-Myanmar Relations 2016
Mystery Math: The U.S.-China Phase-1 Purchase Figures Do Not Add Up 2020
A National Machine Intelligence Strategy for the United States 2018
The National Security Economics of the Middle East:: Comparative Spending, Burden Sharing, and Modernization 2017
National Technology and Industrial Base Integration: How to Overcome Barriers and Capitalize on Cooperation 2018
NATO:: Going From The 2% Non-Solution to Meaningful Planning 2019
NATO and the Delicate Balance of Deterrence:: Strategy versus Burden Sharing 2017
NATO Futures: Three Trajectories 2021
Navigating Gulf Waters After the Iran Nuclear Deal:: Iran’s Maritime Provocations and Challenges for U.S. Policy 2016
NC3: Challenges Facing the Future System 2020
The Need to Expand the Focus of the Congressional Budget Office 2020 Long-Term Budget Outlook 2020
Neighbor at Risk: Mexico’s Deepening Crisis 2020
A New Approach to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Best Practices for Security, Nonproliferation, and Sustainable Nuclear Energy 2015
New Approaches to Supply Chain Traceability: Implications for Xinjiang and Beyond 2020
The New Challenge of Communist Corporate Governance 2021
New Dynamics in Northern South America’s Geopolitical Neighborhood 2021
New Energy, New Geopolitics: Background Report 2: Geopolitical and National Security Impacts 2014
New Energy, New Geopolitics: Background Report 1: Energy Impacts 2014
New Energy, New Geopolitics: Background Report 3: Scenarios, Strategies, and Pathways 2014
New Entrants and Small Business Graduation in the Market for Federal Contracts 2018
A New Framework for U.S. Leadership on Climate Migration 2020
New Mexico’s Energy Future 2018
The New Southbound Policy: Deepening Taiwan’s Regional Integration 2018
New Tools for Collaboration: The Experience of the U.S. Intelligence Community 2016
A New U.S. Policy Framework for the African Century 2020
The Next Frontier: Stop New HIV Infections in Adolescent Girls and Young Women 2017
Next Steps for Japan-U.S. Cooperation in Space 2016
Niger: A Bulwark against Further Instability in West Africa 2019
North Korean Nuclear Forces and the Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Northeast Asia 2016
Northern Mozambique at a Crossroads: Scenarios for Violence in the Resource-rich Cabo Delgado Province 2019
Nuclear Forces:: Restore the Primacy of Deterrence 2016
Nuclear Security And Regional Fuel Cycle Decisions:: Northeast Asia 2016
NUTRITION POLICY PRIMER: The Untapped Path to Global Health, Economic Growth, and Human Security 2019
The Obama Strategy in Afghanistan:: Finding a Way to Win 2016
OCO Spending and the Uncertain Cost of America’s Wars 2016
The OECD Faces a Decision Point in 2021 2020
Offense-Defense Integration for Missile Defeat: The Scope of the Challenge 2020
Oil and Gas Industry Engagement on Climate Change: Drivers, Actions, and Path Forward 2019
On the Horizon: A Collection of Papers from the Next Generation 2019
On the Horizon: A Collection of Papers from the Next Generation 2021
On the Horizon: A Collection of the Papers from the Next Generation 2020
On the Rise: Europe’s Competition Policy Challenges to Technology Companies 2020
The “OPEC Disease”: Assessing the True Impact of Lower Oil Export Revenues 2016
Opportunities for Future IDB Involvement in Latin America and the Caribbean 2018
Opportunities for the U.S.-Mexico Economic Partnership under the Biden and AMLO Administrations 2021
Opportunities for U.S. Leadership at Its Moment of Reckoning on Global HIV 2017
Options for the Ground-Based Leg of the Nuclear Triad 2017
The Other Side of the North Korean Threat:: Looking Beyond Its Nuclear Weapons and ICBMs 2018
the Other side of the World: China, the United States, and the Struggle for Middle East Security 2017
OUT OF SIGHT: Northeast Nigeria’s Humanitarian Crisis 2020
Out of the Shadows: Shining a Light on Irregular Migration 2019
Oversight and Accountability in U.S. Security Sector Assistance: Seeking Return on Investment 2018
An Overview of Global Initiatives on Countering Closing Space for Civil Society 2017
Pakistan’s Gwadar Port: A New Naval Base in China’s String of Pearls in the Indo-Pacific 2018
Parallel Perspectives on the Global Economic Order: A U.S.-China Essay Collection 2017
Partners, Not Proxies: Capacity Building in Hybrid Warfare 2020
Party on the Bridge: Political Commissars in the Chinese Navy 2020
Paying for America’s Wars in FY2017: The Projected Cost and Nature of U.S. Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Counterterrorism Partnerships, European Reassurance Initiative (ERI), and the World 2016
“Peace” in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen 2019
Perfecting China, Inc.: The 13th Five-Year Plan 2016
Personal Ties: Measuring Chinese and U.S. Engagement with African Security Chiefs 2021
Perspectives on Security and Strategic Stability: A Track 2 Dialogue with the Baltic States and Poland 2016
Perspectives on Taiwan: Insights from the 2019 Taiwan-U.S. Policy Program 2020
Perspectives on Taiwan: Insights from the 2017 Taiwan-U.S. Policy Program 2018
Perspectives on Taiwan: Insights from the 2018 Taiwan-U.S. Policy Program 2019
Perspectives on the Global Economic Order in 2019: A U.S.-China Essay Collection 2019
The PLA Rocket Force:: Evolving Beyond the Second Artillery Corps (SAC) and Nuclear Dimension 2016
Planning a Post-Polio Future 2016
Policy Priorities in U.S.-Russia Relations: A Meeting Report 2017
A Policymaker’s Guide to the Global Fragility Act 2021
Polio in Ukraine: Crisis, Challenge, and Opportunity 2016
Polish Civil Society: Adapting to New Pressures 2018
Politics at the Heart of the Crisis in the Sahel 2019
Populism, China, and Covid-19: Latin America’s New Perfect Storm 2021
Post-pandemic Governance in the Indo-Pacific: Adapting USAID’s Strategy in the Face of Covid-19 2020
Post-pandemic Infrastructure and Digital Connectivity in the Indo-Pacific 2020
Post-pandemic Natural Resource Management in the Indo-Pacific: Adapting USAID’s Strategy in the Face of Covid-19 2020
Potenciales Escenarios para el Futuro de Venezuela 2017
Potential Scenarios for Venezuela’s Future 2017
The Power of Straight Talk: The Independent Monitoring Board of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative 2015
Powers, Norms, and Institutions: The Future of the Indo-Pacific from a Southeast Asia Perspective 2020
Practical Strategies for Improving Trade Policy Consultation 2017
President Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road” Initiative: A Practical Assessment of the Chinese Communist Party’s Roadmap for China’s Global Resurgence 2016
Preventing Catastrophe in Afghanistan 2019
Project on Nuclear Issues: A Collection of Papers from the 2016 Nuclear Scholars Initiative and PONI Conference Series 2017
Project on Nuclear Issues: A Collection of Papers from the 2015 Conference Series 2016
Project on Nuclear Issues: A Collection of Papers from the 2017 Conference Series and Nuclear Scholars Initiative 2018
The Promise and Limits of Domestic Resource Mobilization 2016
Promote and Build: A Strategic Approach to Digital Authoritarianism 2020
Promoting Accountability in Nigeria’s Health System 2017
Prospects for Cross-Strait Relations as Tsai Ing-wen Assumes the Presidency in Taiwan 2016
The Prospects for U.S.-Russian Arms Control 2020
Protecting Democracy in an Age of Disinformation: Lessons from Taiwan 2021
Protecting the Arctic Motherland 2020
Protecting the United States from the Health Security Risk of Global Tuberculosis 2017
The Protection of Civilians in U.S. Partnered Operations 2018
Provoking Dialogue: Three Big Ideas for the Global Fund 2015
Public Diplomacy and National Security in 2017: Building Alliances, Fighting Extremism, and Dispelling Disinformation 2017
Public-Private Partnerships for Women’s Health in Zambia: Lessons for U.S. Policy 2016
Pursuing Effective and Conflict-Aware Stabilization: Lessons from beyond the Beltway 2020
Pursuing Effective and Conflict-Aware Stabilization: Partnering for Success 2019
Pursuing Effective and Conflict-Aware Stabilization: Framing and Constructing a Roadmap 2019
Pushing Back against Narrowing Space for Civil Society in Tunisia: The Power of Coalition 2018
Putin and Global Health: Friend or Foe? 2019
Putin and Russia's New Nuclear Weapons:: Whoever Dies with the Most Toys Wins? 2018
Pyongsan Uranium Concentrate Plant (Nam-chon Chemical Complex): Infrastructure Development and Status 2020
The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue and the Maritime Silk Road Initiative 2018
Quality Infrastructure:: Ensuring Sustainable Economic Growth 2017
Questions about Facial Recognition 2021
RACE TO THE TOP: The Case for a New U.S. International Energy Policy 2020
Raising the Consequences of Hacking American Companies: Why the United States Needs an Explicit Cyber Deterrence Policy for the Private Sector 2017
Reading the Nuclear Tea Leaves:: Policy and Posture in the Biden Administration 2021
The Real Challenges of Security Cooperation with Our Arab Partners for the Next Administration 2016
The Real National Security Concerns over Data Localization 2021
Realizing ʺPeace Through Strengthʺ 2016
The Reasons for the Collapse of Afghan Forces 2021
A Rebalanced Transatlantic Policy toward the Asia-Pacific Region 2016
Rebooting U.S.-China Trade Ties:: “Enter Ye Through the Narrow Gate” 2018
Rebuilding Military Forces:: Needed, But In Phases 2016
Rebuilding Strategic Thinking 2018
Recommendations for a New Administration:: Give Hemispheric Energy Policy a Strategic Vision 2013
Recommitting at Brussels to the Development of Afghanistan 2016
Recovery with Resilience: Diversifying Supply Chains to Reduce Risk in the Global Economy 2020
Recruiting and Retaining Cybersecurity Ninjas 2016
RECURRING STORMS: Food Insecurity, Political Instability, and Conflict 2017
Red Flags: Triaging China’s Projects in the Western Balkans 2021
Reducing Number of Four-Star Generals/Flag Officers 2016
Reducing the Number of Active Duty General/Flag Officers 2016
Reducing the Number of Guard and Reserve General/Flag Officers by 25 Percent 2016
Reducing the Number of Senior Executive Service Positions by 25 Percent 2016
Reforming and Reorganizing U.S. Foreign Assistance: Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness 2017
Reforming Security Cooperation 2016
Reimagining the U.S. Strategy in the Caribbean 2021
Reinvigorating U.S. Economic Strategy in the Asia Pacific: Recommendations for the Incoming Administration 2017
The Relevance of U.S.-Caribbean Relations: Three Views 2017
Religion and Violence in Russia: Context, Manifestations, and Policy 2018
Renewing U.S. Economic Engagement with the Developing World 2018
REPORT of the SECRETARY of the TREASURY of the United States on the subject of DECARBONIZATION. 2021
Repression Trap:: The Mechanism of Escalating State Violence in Russia 2021
Research Collaboration in an Era of Strategic Competition 2019
Reshore, Reroute, Rebalance: A U.S. Strategy for Clean Energy Supply Chains 2021
Responding to Closing Civic Space:: Recent Experiences from Three Global Initiatives 2018
Restoring Restraint: Enforcing Accountability for Users of Chemical Weapons 2018
Restoring the Eastern Mediterranean as a U.S. Strategic Anchor 2018
Rethinking a Key U.S. Strategic Interest:: Energy Stability, Energy Independence, and the United States as a Net Exporter 2017
Rethinking Crisis Responses in the Sahel 2020
Rethinking Cybersecurity: Strategy, Mass Effect, and States 2018
Rethinking the Human Rights Business Model: New and Innovative Structures and Strategies for Local Impact 2017
Rethinking the Role of Remotely Crewed Systems in the Future Force 2021
Rethinking the Threat of Islamic Extremism:: The Changes Needed in U.S. Strategy 2017
Rethinking the Threat of Islamic Extremism:: The Changes Needed in U.S. Strategy 2016
The Return of ISIS in Iraq, Syria, and the Middle East 2019
The Return of Political Warfare 2018
Revising the Strategy Formulation Process and Related Documents 2016
Revisiting the Minsk II Agreement: The Art and Statecraft of Russian-brokered Cease-fires 2016
The Right-wing Terrorism Threat in Europe 2020
Rigid Structures, Evolving Threat: Preventing the Proliferation and Use of Chemical Weapons 2019
A Ripe Moment for Reducing Vaccine-Preventable Disease 2018
The Rise of Far-Right Extremism in the United States 2018
RISK AND RESILIENCE: Advancing Food and Nutrition Security in Nigeria through Feed the Future 2019
Risk & Resilience: Advancing Food and Nutrition Security in Nigeria through Feed the Future 2019
Risks and Instability in the Middle East and North Africa in 2016 2016
A Roadmap for U.S.-Russia Relations 2017
A Roadmap for U.S.-Russia Relations: Executive Summary 2017
A Role for Social Protection Investments to Support Food and Nutrition Security: Lessons from Ghana 2018
The Role of Development Finance Institutions in Enabling the Technology Revolution 2019
The Role of Italy and Other Donors in the Global Migration Crisis: Addressing Immediate Needs Alongside Long-Term Development Investments 2018
The Role of Renewables in Achieving Universal Access to Electricity in Southeast Asia 2018
Russia Goes to War: Exercises, Signaling, War Scares, and Military Confrontations 2021
Russia in a Reconnecting Eurasia: Foreign Economic and Security Interests 2016
Russia in the Global Arms Market: Stagnation in a Changing Market Landscape 2017
Russian Malign Influence in Montenegro: The Weaponization and Exploitation of History, Religion, and Economics 2019
Russian Meddling in the United States: The Historical Context of the Mueller Report 2019
Russian Military Reforms from Georgia to Syria 2018
Russian National Identity and Foreign Policy 2016
Russia’s Corporate Soldiers: The Global Expansion of Russia’s Private Military Companies 2021
Russia’s National Oil Champion Goes Global 2018
Russia’s Nuclear Doctrine: What We Know, What We Don’t, and What That Means 2016
Russia’s Westpolitik and the European Union 2021
S-400 Deployments and Enhanced Defense of Russia's Western Artic (Rogachevo Air Base) 2020
S-400 Deployments and Enhanced Defense of Russia’s Western Artic (Rogachevo Air Base) 2020
Safety on the New Silk Road: Assessing Kazakhstan’s Highways 2017
Saudi Arabia and 9/11:: Establishing the Truth Behind the Release of the 28 Pages and the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act” 2016
Saudi Arabia and the United States:: Common Interests and Continuing Sources of Tension 2016
Saudi Arabia and the United States:: Common Interests and Continuing Sources of Tension 2016
Saudi Arabia’s New Approach in Iraq 2018
Science, Technology, and U.S. National Security Strategy: Preparing Military Leadership for the Future 2017
Scorched Earth: Environmental Dimensions of Postcrisis Recovery in Iraq & Yemen 2018
Securing the Subsea Network: A Primer for Policymakers 2021
Security Fragmentation Hinders Humanitarian Response in the Sahel 2020
Security Implications of China’s Military Presence in the Indian Ocean 2018
Security in Northern Europe in the Biden Era: Redesigning Multilateralism 2021
The Serbia-Kosovo Normalization Process: A Temporary U.S. Decoupling 2021
Sharpening America’s Innovative Edge 2020
Sharpening Our Efforts: The Role of International Development in Countering Violent Extremism 2019
Shield of the Pacific: Japan as a Giant Aegis Destroyer 2018
Shifting Political Economy of Russian Oil and Gas 2016
Shifting the Burden Responsibly: Oversight and Accountability in U.S. Security Sector Assistance 2019
Should the United States Create a West Bank/Gaza Enterprise Fund (WGEF)? 2020
Signposts of Struggle: Iran’s Enduring Protest Movement 2020
The Sky Is the Limit: Geospatial Data, Global Food Security, and Political Stabilities 2017
Small Satellites, Big Missions: The Implications of the Growing Small Satellite Market for Launch and Key Applications 2017
Smart Conditions: A Strategic Framework for Leveraging Security Assistance 2016
Smart Money on Chinese Advances in AI 2019
Sound Policy, Uneven Performance:: Assessing Nigeria’s Agricultural Strategy 2016
South Africa’s Future at the Brink: Emergency in the World’s Largest HIV Epidemic 2020
The South Caucasus in a Reconnecting Eurasia: U.S. Policy Interests and Recommendations 2016
South Korea’s Civilian Vulnerabilities in War 2018
South Korea’s Growing 5G Dilemma 2020
Southeast Asia Financial Integration and Infrastructure Investment: What Role for the United States? 2018
Southeast Asia in Global Energy Markets: Trends, Challenges, and Policies 2017
Sovereignty and the Evolution of Internet Ideology 2020
Space Force or Space Corps?: Competing Visions for a New Military Service 2019
SPACEPORTS of the world 2019
Special Obfuscations: The Strategic Uses of Special Operations Forces 2020
Spectrum Management for Economic Growth and National Security 2017
THE SPECTRUM OF ENCRYPTION: Safety and Security Considerations 2020
Squaring the Circle:: Connecting Current Operations to Policy Ambition in Syria 2018
Stability and Instability in the Gulf Region in 2016:: A Strategic Net Assessment 2016
Stability in the MENA Region:: The Range of Forces Shaping Stability 2018
Stabilization Assistance amid Geopolitical Competition: A Case Study of Eastern Syria 2021
State and Market in Contemporary China: Toward the 13th Five-Year Plan 2016
State Practice and Precedent in Cybersecurity Negotiations 2018
Statement before the Section 301 Committee Office of the United States Trade Representative: Hearing on “Section 301 Investigation: China’s Acts, Policies, and Practices Related to Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property, and Innovation” 2017
Statement Before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission: “China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Five Years Later” 2018
Staying Power: Considering the U.S. Government’s Global Nutrition Coordination Plan 2017
Strategic Dialogue:: Shaping a U.S. Strategy for the “Ghosts” of Iraq 2020
Strategic Dialogue:: Shaping a U.S. Strategy for the “Ghosts” of Iraq 2020
Strategic Dialogue:: Shaping the Iraqi-U.S. Relationship 2020
The Strategic Impact of Iran’s Rising Petroleum Exports After Sanctions 2016
Strategic Stability and Competition in the Arctic 2021
Strengthening the CCP’s “Ideological Work” 2020
Strengthening the Counter-ISIS Strategy 2017
Strengthening the U.S.–Pacific Islands Partnership 2019
Stuck in Limbo: Refugees, Migrants, and the Food Insecure in Djibouti 2017
Subnational Domestic Resource Mobilization, Innovation, and Development 2017
Successfully Countering Russian Electoral Interference: 15 Lessons Learned from the Macron Leaks 2018
The Sunnylands Principles on Enhancing Democratic Partnership in the Indo-Pacific Region 2020
Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa through Blended Finance 2021
Suriname at a Crossroads 2019
Sustainable Energy Futures in Southeast Asia 2012
SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE IN THE AMAZON: Connecting Environmental Protection with Governance, Security, and Economic Development 2020
Sustainable Infrastructure in the Amazon: Connecting Environmental Protection with Governance, Security, and Economic Development 2020
Sustainable Infrastructure in the Amazon: Connecting Environmental Preservation with Governance, Security, and Economic Development 2020
Sustainable Infrastructure in the Amazon: Connecting Environmental Preservation with Governance, Security, and Economic Development 2020
SUSTAINABLE STATES: Environment, Governance, and the Future of the Middle East 2021
Sustaining Improvements to Public Health in Ethiopia 2016
Sustaining Progress in International Negotiations on Cybersecurity 2017
Sustaining U.S. Support for Gavi: A Critical Global Health Security and Development Partner 2020
Syria, Turkey, and the Eastern Mediterranean 2018
Tackling Infectious Diseases in Nigeria: Turning the Tide on Tuberculosis and Accelerating toward Malaria Elimination 2017
The Tactics and Targets of Domestic Terrorists 2020
Taiwan’s Vibrant Democracy and Beleaguered Economy: Implications for U.S. Interests and Policies 2016
Taking Stock of Government Involvement in Research and Development: Assessing Public R&D Effects 2020
A Tale of Three Coal Markets: Common Challenges and Unique Attributes of U.S., Chinese, and Indian Markets 2018
Targeting Big Results in Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health: A Trip Report of the CSIS Delegation to the United Republic of Tanzania, February 2015 2015
Technological Competition and China 2018
Tech-Politik: Historical Perspectives on Innovation, Technology, and Strategic Competition 2019
Tell Me How This Ends: Military Advice, Strategic Goals, and the “Forever War” in Afghanistan 2019
Ten Key Elements of a U.S. Strategy for the Gulf 2020
Terrorism:: U.S. Strategy and the Trends in Its “Wars” on Terrorism 2018
Thinking about the Unthinkable in a Highly Proliferated World 2016
Three Recommendations for Improving Air Force Pilot Retention 2020
Tiksi Airbase—Many Russian Announcements, Little Equipment 2020
Time for a Third Wave of Enterprise Funds 2018
Time for Nuclear Straight Talk:: Words Matter, and So Do Deeds 2017
The Time Is Now for U.S. Global Leadership on Covid-19 Vaccines: The CSIS Commission on Strengthening America’s Health Security 2021
Time to Escalate U.S. Leadership on Covid-19 and Beyond 2021
Time to Revive Congressional War Powers 2017
To Compete, Invest in People: Retaining the U.S. Defense Enterprise’s Technical Workforce 2020
Tools and Strategies to Prevent Mass Atrocities Committed by Violent Extremist Organizations 2016
Toward a Brazil-U.S. Binational Institution 2021
Toward a Climate-Driven Trade Agenda 2021
Toward a More Coercive Cyber Strategy: Remarks to U.S. Cyber Command Legal Conference, March 4, 2021 2021
Toward a More Proliferated World?: The Geopolitical Forces that Will Shape the Spread of Nuclear Weapons 2020
Toward a New Global Trade Framework 2021
Toward a New “Lost Decade”?: Covid-19 and Defense Spending in Europe 2020
Toward a Shareholder Consensus on the MDB System 2017
Toward a Stronger U.S.-Taiwan Relationship 2020
Toward Stronger Transatlantic Teamwork: Leveraging U.S.-German Coordination for Humanitarian Action 2021
Tracing the Roots of Nigeria’s Agricultural Decline 2016
TRACKING PROMISES: Analyzing the Impact of Feed the Future in Guatemala 2017
TRACKING PROMISES: Analyzing the Impact of Feed the Future Investments in Tanzania 2016
Tracking the Trends and Numbers:: Islam, Terrorism, Stability and Conflict in the Middle East 2017
Trade Policy on the 2020 Trail: The Second Debate 2019
Trade Policy on the 2020 Trail: The First Debate 2019
TRANSATLANTIC ECONOMIC STATECRAFT: The Challenge to Building a Balanced Transatlantic Sanctions Policy between the United States and the European Union 2016
Transforming the Business Model for Defense Research and Development 2016
Transitioning from Gavi Support in Lower-Middle-Income Countries: Options for U.S. Engagement in Central America 2016
Transparency: Nuclear Weapons and Fissile Material: Report of a Workshop 2017
Trends in European Terrorism:: 1970-2016 2017
Trends in Extremist Violence and Terrorism in Europe through End-2016 2017
The Trends in Islamic Extremism:: Factors Impacting the Future Threat 2019
The Trident Returns: Reactivating the U.S. Second Fleet and Revitalizing Anti-Submarine Warfare in the Atlantic 2018
The Trump Administration Has a Bipartisan Opportunity to Combat Human Trafficking 2017
The Trump Transition and the Afghan War:: The Need for Decisive Action 2017
Trump’s 2019 Missile Defense Budget:: Choosing Capacity over Capability 2018
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