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Center for Environmental and Resource Economic Policy

Research Reports in JSTOR from Center for Environmental and Resource Economic Policy
16 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Community Impacts of Fishery Privatization 2019
Costs of Endangered Species Protection on Public Lands:: Evidence from Cape Hatteras National Seashore 2016
Does certification change the trajectory of tree cover in working forests in the tropics?: An application of the synthetic control method of impact evaluation 2017
The Economics of Groundwater Governance Institutions Across the Globe 2020
The Effects of Weather on Recreational Fishing Demand and Adaptation:: Implications for a Changing Climate 2019
Eliciting and Utilizing Willingness-to-Pay:: Evidence from Field Trials in Northern Ghana 2018
Land Ownership and Irrigation on American Indian Reservations 2018
A Numerical Method for Multidimensional Impulse and Barrier Control Problems 2018
Partially observable latent class analysis (POLCA):: An application to serial participation in mosquito control in Madison, Wisconsin 2016
Productivity in Piece-Rate Labor Markets:: Evidence from Rural Malawi 2017
Solving Optimal Switching Models 2018
Sooner or Safer?: Bureaucracy in Oil and Gas Production 2019
Stochastic Dynamic Programming without Transition Matrices 2018
Tax Incentives and the Price of Conservation 2016
Voluntary programs to encourage refuges for pesticide resistance management:: lessons from a quasi-experiment 2017
Weather Effects on the Demand for Coastal Recreational Fishing:: Implications for a Changing Climate 2015