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Civitas: The Institute for the Study of Civil Society

Research Reports in JSTOR from Civitas: The Institute for the Study of Civil Society
26 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Checking-Up on Doctors: A Review of the Quality and Outcomes Framework for General Practitioners 2008
Comparing the Finnish, Danish and British Health Systems 2015
The cost of the cure 2020
Covid Kids: The response of schools to coronavirus 2020
Devolved Healthcare in Denmark 2015
Devolved Healthcare in Finland 2015
Failing to Figure: Whitehall’s costly neglect of statistical reasoning 2009
A hat trick of failures:: How ‘the Blob’ led the British Government down the wrong path 2020
The Health of the Nation: Averting the demise of universal healthcare 2016
Healthcare Reform in Italy and Spain: Do these tax-financed, decentralised systems facilitate better reform implementation than in the NHS? 2015
The impact of the NHS market: An overview of the literature 2010
Investigating what the UK can learn from the French model of healthcare funding 2018
Is Coronavirus unprecedented?: A brief history of the medicalisation of life 2020
Markets in health care: The theory behind the policy 2009
NHS Contribute Extra: A return to the NHS’s core values 2015
Putting Patients Last: How the NHS keeps the ten commandments of business failure 2009
Quite Like Heaven?: Options for the NHS in a Consumer Age 2007
Refusing Treatment:: The NHS and market-based reform 2010
The Road to Healthcare Devolution: Anticipating dangers and opportunities 2015
The Road to Recovery: Reviving Manufacturing after Coronavirus 2020
Solving the Social Care Dilemma?: A Responsible Solution 2021
Supplying the Demand for Doctors: The need to end the rationing of medical training places 2016
Supplying the Demand for Nurses: The need to end the rationing of nurse training places 2015
Training our NHS Health Workers: Should the UK train more of its staff? 2015
Why the NHS is the sick man of Europe 2008
Year of the Bat: Globalisation, China and the Coronavirus 2020