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Clingendael - the Netherlands Institute of International Relations - is a leading think tank and academy on international affairs which aims to contribute to a secure, sustainable and just world. Clingendael is a think tank and a diplomatic academy. Clingendael aims to contribute to a secure, sustainable and just world through its analyses, training and public debate. Clingendael works with partners across public and private sectors, including policymakers, members of the armed forces, diplomats, politicians and business executives.
Research Reports in JSTOR from Clingendael Institute
508 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
The 2021 NATO Summit: For better or worse? 2021
3C Approaches to Fragile and Conflict Situations – Taking stock of commitments and challenges 2009
Accelerating global nuclear disarmament: A menu of 16 policy options 2016
Addressing Libya’s multiple crises:: When violent politics, extremism and crime meet 2015
Adrift on choppy seas:: Is regional turmoil likely to result in conflict in Lebanon? 2017
Adversity and Opportunity: Facing the Security and Policy Challenges in the Middle East 2015
Afghanistan 2005 and Beyond: Prospects for Improved Stability Reference Document 2005
Afghanistan post-2014:: Groping in the dark? 2013
After the Malian crisis: security and stabilization in the Sahel region: Main findings of an expert seminar 2015
Ambitions and Results: Lessons from the Juncker Commission 2019
Améliorer la gestion décentralisée des ressources naturelles au Sahel: Le cas de la plaine du fleuve Sourou au Mali 2020
Angola in Search of Peace:: Spoilers, Saints and Strategic Regional Interests 2003
Annual Report 2001: Conflict Research Unit 2002
Annual Report 2002: Conflict Research Unit 2003
Annual Report 2003: Conflict Research Unit 2004
Another solution with added value?: The European Intervention Initiative as a new kid on the block of multinational defence cooperation 2019
Apping and resilience:: How smartphones help Syrian refugees in Lebanon negotiate the precarity of displacement 2018
The Arctic Elephant: Why Europe must address the geopolitics of the high north 2019
Article 5 revisited – Is NATO up to it? 2014
ASEAN, China’s Rise and Geopolitical Stability in Asia 2011
Assad Rex?: Assessing the autonomy of Syrian armed groups fighting for the regime 2017
At the gate: Civil and military protection of Europe’s borders 2017
Au-delà de la dichotomie:: accepter le pluralisme juridique au Mali et en réconcilier les composantes 2015
Band-aids, not bullets: EU policies and interventions in the Syrian and Iraqi civil wars 2021
Bargains for Peace?: Aid, Conditionalities and Reconstruction in Afghanistan 2006
The “Belarus factor”: From balancing to bridging geopolitical dividing lines in Europe? 2017
Beneath the Apparent State of Affairs: Stability in Ghana and Benin: The Potential for Radicalization and Political Violence in West Africa 2016
Between brutality and fragmentation: Options for addressing the Syrian civil war 2014
Between effective engagement and damaging politicisation: Prospects for a credible EU enlargement policy to the Western Balkans 2019
Between hope and despair: Pastoralist adaptation in Burkina Faso 2021
Between ideals and needs:: is Malian customary justice incompatible with international human rights standards? 2018
Between Indifference and Naïveté: Dutch Policy Interventions in African Conflicts A Synthesis Report 2000
Beyond the New Public Diplomacy 2011
Beyond Transitions:: UNDP’s role before, during and after UN mission withdrawal 2013
Beyond UN Security Council action: Treating Idlib as protracted crisis 2020
Bilateral Diplomacy in the European Union:: Towards ‘post-modern’ patterns? 2008
Blinking, Biding or bombing?: European expectations of American policy in the Middle East 2021
Blockchain for fragile states:: the good, the bad and the ugly 2018
Bold Steps in Multinational Cooperation: Taking European Defence Forward 2013
Breaking Pillars: Towards a civil-military security approach for the European Union 2010
Brexit:: Strategic Consequences for Europe A Scenario Study 2016
The BRICS as an EU Security Challenge: The Case for Conservatism 2015
Bridging the Channel: British-French Defence Cooperation as the Core of European Military Capabilities 2012
Bridging the gap:: Sustainable connectivity in EU—India relations 2018
Bringing the Colours: The effects of Syrian Armenian economic integration in Armenia 2018
Building Peace in War-Torn Societies:: From Concept to Strategy 2001
Building the ‘Belt and Road’ in Europe?: Chinese construction companies and transport infrastructure in the European Union 2020
Burkina Faso: Casting a shadow over the polls?: The role of vigilante groups in the 2020 elections 2020
Burkina Faso’s rocky road to democratic consolidation 2020
Capturing politics and power: An updated approach to early warning and action 2016
‘A careful foot can step anywhere’: The UAE and China in the Horn of Africa: Implications for EU engagement 2021
Caught in the Middle:: UN Involvement in the Western Sahara Conflict 2007
‘The cavalry has arrived’: EU external representation in The Hague and at the OPCW 2014
Challenges and opportunities to peacebuilding:: analysis of strategic issues identified by country-specific PBF evaluations 2013
Chemical Weapons Challenges Ahead:: The Past and Future of the OPCW 2017
Chemical weapons in Syria:: do retaliatory bombardments deter their usage? 2018
China and geopolitical considerations for investment screening in the Netherlands 2020
China and Japan:: Partners or Permanent Rivals? 2006
China and Liberal Values in International Relations: Opposing the Promotion of Democracy, Human Rights and Liberal Market Economy 2015
China and the EU in the Horn of Africa:: competition and cooperation? 2018
China and the EU in the Western Balkans: A zero-sum game? 2020
China, Europe and the Maritime Silk Road 2015
China’s invloed op onderwijs in Nederland:: een verkenning 2020
China’s Soft Power in Europe: Falling on Hard Times 2021
Chinese Direct Investment in the Netherlands:: Patterns, reception and political significance 2017
The CIA’s extraordinary rendition and secret detention programme: European reactions and the challenges of future international intelligence co-operation 2009
Civil-Military Capacities for European Security 2013
Climate Security: Making it #Doable 2019
Climate-migration-security:: Making the most of a contested relationship 2017
Clingendael Futures | Scenarios Paper – The Future of Peace Operations 2013
Clingendael’s Vision for the Future of the Armed Forces of the Netherlands 2013
Cluttered with Predators, Godfathers and Facilitators:: The Labyrinth to Peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo 2003
Coercive Diplomacy by the EU:: The Case of Iran 2007
Coming in from the Cold: Macron’s overtures towards Russia deserve support, not scorn 2020
Coming out and breaking out: The US, Iran and Europe go nuclear 2020
A Commentary on the World Bank report ‘Breaking the Conflict Trap’ 2004
Conditioning Peace among Protagonists A Study into the use of Peace Conditionalities in the Sri Lankan Peace Process 2006
Conference proceedings of the expert brainstorm on Kosovo 2007
Conflict environments and coverage 2018
Conflict Policy in Some Western Countries:: Some Explorative Notes 1999
Conflict Prevention and Early Warning in the Political Practice of International Organizations 2004
Conflict Prevention in the OSCE: An Assessment of Capacities 1999
CONFLICT PROGNOSIS: Bridging the Gap from Early Warning to Early Response Part One 1999
Conflict Prognosis: A Conflict and Policy Assessment Framework Part two 2000
Conflict Prognostication:: Toward a Tentative Framework For Conflict Assessment 1999
Consolidating Libya’s New Dawn:: The Importance of Supporting Early Security and Justice 2011
Consolidating Sudan’s transition: A question of legitimacy 2020
Containing Conflict in the Economic Community of West African States:: Lessons from the Intervention in Liberia, 1990-1997 1999
Containment 2.0: Living with the new East–West Discord 2015
Corona and the Sahel: Lessons from Ebola 2020
Corona: EU’s existential crisis: Why the lack of solidarity threatens not only the Union’s health and economy, but also its security 2020
Coupling or decoupling?: Spillover in the multi-order 2018
COVID-19 and defence: the need for EU funding: Why EU budget negotiators should not only focus on financial firepower 2020
Covid-19 en het multilaterale veiligheidsbestel: Nog zwaarder weer op komst 2020
COVID-19 Impact on the Value Chain — Conceptual paper 2020
COVID-19 Impact on the Value Chain in Latin America 2020
COVID-19 Impact on West African Value Chains 2020
Crime after Jihad:: armed groups, the state and illicit business in post-conflict Mali 2014
Crime and error:: why we urgently need a new approach to illicit trafficking in fragile states 2012
The Crisis in North Africa: Implications for Europe and Options for EU Policymakers 2015
Crying Wolf?: Assessing Unconventional Terrorism 2000
Cultivating conflict and violence?: A conflict perspective on the EU approach to the Syrian refugee crisis 2016
Dancing in the Dark: Divergent approaches to improving security and justice in South Sudan 2015
Dealing with China on high-tech issues: Views from the US, EU and like-minded countries in a changing geopolitical landscape 2020
Dealing with Scarcity and Violent Conflict: 2003
Deaths in Wars and Conflicts in the 20th Century 2006
Decentralisation amidst hybrid governance: The case of northern Mali 2020
Decentralisation and inclusive governance in fragile settings: Lessons for the Sahel 2020
Décentralisation et gouvernance hybride: Le cas du nord du Mali 2020
Decision-making by the Security Council:: Terrorist acts which threaten international peace and security, 1989 – 2003. 2003
Decision-making by the Security Council: Terrorist acts which threaten international peace and security, 1989–2004.: A Survey of Resolutions 2005
Decision-making by the Security Council: The Situation between Iraq and Kuwait, 1990-2002.: A survey of resolutions. 2002
Declining media freedom and biased reporting on foreign actors in Serbia: Prospects for an enhanced EU approach 2020
Deepening EU integration and the Netherlands’ EU narrative 2018
Defence and Covid-19: Why budget cuts should be off the table 2020
Defence Cooperation in Clusters: Identifying the Next Steps 2014
Defence cooperation models: Lessons learned and usability 2016
Defending Europe: Translating mutual assistance into action 2017
‘Designed in Ethiopia’ and ‘Made in China’: Sino-Ethiopian technology collaboration in South-South relations 2021
Designing an Integrated Strategy For Peace, Security and Development In Post-Agreement Sudan 2005
The destructive effects of state capture in the Western Balkans: EU enlargement undermined 2020
Détente Between China and India The Delicate Balance of Geopolitics in Asia 2008
Deterrence as a security concept against non-traditional threats: In-depth study Clingendael Monitor 2015 2015
Developing European defence capabilities: Bringing order into disorder 2017
Digital connectivity going global: The case for digital ODA 2020
The Diplomacy of Micro–states 2006
Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration: Mapping Issues, Dilemmas and Guiding Principles 2006
Drivers of urban reconstruction in Syria:: power, privilege and profit extraction 2018
Dutch focus turns to Europe: Support for greater European military independence, task specialisation and a higher defence budget 2020
Dutch Views of China: Unfavourable and Deteriorating 2021
Dutch views on Transatlantic ties and European security cooperation in times of geopolitical rivalry 2020
Eagles riding the storm of war:: The role of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party 2019
Early recovery in post-conflict countries: A conceptual study 2010
The Eastern Partnership: Three dilemmas in a time of troubles 2021
The Eastern Partnership:: Towards a New Era of Cooperation between the EU and its Eastern Neighbours? 2009
Economic Governance from Rules to Management: How to strengthen member states 2020
The Egyptian 25 January Revolution One Year On: Challenges and opportunities in the transition towards democracy 2012
Elections between hope and fear 2005
Elections in the Netherlands: What are the parties’ views on foreign affairs? 2021
Elites, power and security: How the organization of security in Lebanon serves elite interests 2015
Emotions in Mediation:: Disputant Perception of the Mediator 2008
Ending the North Korean Nuclear Crisis:: Six Parties, Six Perspectives 2008
Energising EU enlargement?: The prospects of the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans 2021
Engagement with Non-State Actors in Fragile States:: Narrowing Definitions, Broadening Scope 2012
Engaging but not endorsing Chinaʹs Belt and Road Initiative 2019
Engaging the Arab World through Social Diplomacy 2011
Enhancing Democratic Governance of the Security Sector:: An Institutional Assessment Framework 2003
Entre espoir et désespoir: Adaptation pastorale au Burkina Faso 2021
Entre pandémie et pauvreté: Pandémonium pour les éleveurs au Sahel 2020
The EU and Rule of Law Reform in Kosovo 2010
The EU and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict:: The limits of the CFSP 2007
EU and US – security relations and the New Transatlantic Agenda: Two case studies 1999
The EU as a security actor in Africa: In-depth study Clingendael Monitor 2016 2015
The EU as a Security Provider 2014
EU China agreement: A sign of European geopolitical awakening 2021
The EU enlargement package: Can one bad apple spoil the whole barrel? 2020
The EU Maritime Security Strategy: Promoting or Absorbing European Defence Cooperation? 2015
EU Representation in the OPCW after Lisbon:: Still Waiting for Brussels 2012
The EU, Russia and the Quest for a New European Security Bargain 2015
EU Strategy and European Defence: What Level of Ambition? 2016
Europe and Japan should look to each other amid uncertainty about Trump and Xi 2017
European Action in Middle East Conflicts 2015
The European Commission on the brink of a green recovery: Will it be able to deliver? 2020
The European Council’s Strategic Agenda: Setting the EU’s political priorities 2019
European defence:: how to engage the UK after Brexit? 2017
European defence:: action and commitment 2017
European defence core groups: The why, what & how of permanent structured cooperation 2016
European Defence Fund: The real test is yet to come 2021
The European External Action Service:: Preparing for Success 2010
The European Gendarmerie Force:: Beyond Potential 2012
The European Parliament after the elections 2018
European seaports and Chinese strategic influence: The relevance of the Maritime Silk Road for the Netherlands 2019
European strategic autonomy:: Going it alone? 2018
European strategic autonomy in security and defence: Now the going gets tough, it’s time to get going 2020
European Strategy, European Defence, and the CSDP 2015
The European Union and Internal Challenges for Effectively Supporting Security Sector Reform: An overview of the EU’s set-up for SSR support anno spring 2009 2009
The European Union and Russia:: Perception and Interest in the Shaping of Relations 2008
The European Union’s Strategy on Weapons of mass Destruction: From Ambition to Disappointment 2011
Europeanising health policy in times of coronationalism 2020
Europe’s Digital Decade?: Navigating the global battle for digital supremacy 2020
Europe’s Virtual Security Debate and a New Transatlantic Relationship 2010
The EU’s joined-up approach to security: Between robust external action and co-ordinated compromise 2016
The EU’s Strategic Compass for security and defence: Squaring ambition with reality 2021
The EU’s Support to Security System Reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo:: Perceptions from the field in Spring 2010 2011
An Ever Closer Union?: Ramifications of further integration between Belarus and Russia 2021
The evolution of Al-Qaedaism: Ideology, terrorists, and appeal 2007
Exploring avenues in the EU’s rule of law crisis: What role for the Netherlands? 2021
Factors for the Success or Failure of Stabilisation Operations 2009
Faith-Based Peace-Building:: Mapping and Analysis of Christian, Muslim and Multi-Faith Actors 2005
Fears for militarisation of climate change: Should we be concerned? 2020
Feuille de route pour une gestion migratoire durable au Sahel:: enseignements d’Agadez 2017
Fighting an existential threat:: small island states bringing climate change to the UN Security Council 2018
Fighting for Kurdistan?: Assessing the nature and functions of the Peshmerga in Iraq 2018
Fighting for Peace: The Tricky Business of Using Greater Force in UN Peace Operations 2015
Financial disruption and fragile markets: A political-economic perspective on SMEs in the Somali private sector under COVID-19 2021
Financing of Peacekeeping Operations: A benchmark study 2008
Finding justice amidst insecurity:: Policy initiatives to strengthen customary justice systems and mitigate conflicts in Central Mali 2018
Fire and haze: Sino–US rivalry, the COVID-19 crisis and financial markets 2020
Five crises around Europe not to be forgotten despite Covid-19 2020
Fix the unfixable: Dealing with full-blown crisis and instability: How to bring greater stability to the Sahel? 2015
For the long run: A mapping of migration-related activities in the wider Sahel region 2017
Foreign Policy Responses to International Cyber-attacks: Some Lessons Learned 2015
Four scenarios for electoral violence:: the 2020 Ivorian Presidential and Parliamentary elections 2020
Four ways in which the Syrian regime controls refugee return 2018
Framework for Strategic Governance And Corruption Analysis: Designing Strategic Responses Towards Good Governance 2007
From ‘business as usual’ to ‘business for peace’?: Unpacking the conflict-sensitivity narrative 2014
From Competition to Compatibility: Striking a Eurasian balance in EU-Russia relations 2015
From entitlements to power structures: Improving analysis for community security programming 2016
From legal to administrative subsidiarity: Diagnosing enforcement of EU border control 2020
From Military Coups to Multiparty Elections:: The Ghanaian Military-Civil Transition 2001
From Project to Program:: Effective Programming for Security and Justice 2007
From security transition to civilian power:: Supporting Afghan youth after 2014 2012
From soldiers to politicians?: Iraqʼs Al-Hashd Al-Shaʼabi ʻon the marchʼ 2018
From taking stock to increased European defence cooperation: Diminishing the technological and capability gap of the European defence capacity 2007
From The Hague to Stockholm:: the Future of EU’s Internal Security Architecture and Police Cooperation 2009
From the ʻOrdinaryʼ Method to the Transgovernmental Method: Comparative Trends in EU Governance 2019
From ‘Winner-Takes–All’ to Sharing the Cake?: Preventing Election Violence in Afghanistan, Sudan and Burundi 2009
Fruitless cherry picking?: EU engagement with the Syrian opposition (Etilaf) 2021
The future of Arctic security: The geopolitical pressure cooker and the consequences for the Netherlands 2020
The Future of Police Missions 2016
The Future of the Benelux Defence Cooperation 2013
Gender and Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration: Building Blocs for Dutch Policy 2005
The geopolitics of Syriaʹs reconstruction:: a case of matryoshka 2019
Geopolitieke factoren in relatie tot China als grond voor toetsing van buitenlandse directe investeringen 2020
Geo-strategy in the South Caucasus: Power Play and Energy Security of States and Organisations 2006
Global Developments in State Failure: A Brief Analysis of the Failed States Index 2005-2010 2011
Globalization Paradox and the Coronavirus pandemic 2020
Going around in circles: The challenges of peacekeeping and stabilization in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 2015
Governance Components in Peace Agreements:: Fundamental Elements of State and Peace Building? 2009
Governance in the international security arena:: A role for non-state stakeholders as co-providers of security 2009
Great Powers and International Conflict Management: European and Chinese Involvement in the Darfur and Iran Crises 2009
The Green Agenda:: Providing breathing space for Western Balkans citizens? 2021
Gridlock, Corruption and Crime in the Western Balkans: Why the EU Must Acknowledge its Limits 2014
The growing relevance of geopolitics for European business 2018
Growth and Equity in Fragile States 2010
Hamas and its Positions Towards Israel: Understanding the Islamic Resistance Organization through the concept of framing 2009
Henchman, Rebel, Democrat, Terrorist: The YPG/PYD during the Syrian conflict 2021
Hoe moet de Nederlandse defensie er in de toekomst uitzien?: Het perpetuum mobile van uitstel 2020
“Hope is not a Plan”:: In Search of a Western Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2009
Hope springs eternal:: EU options for dealing with the Assad regime 2020
A house divided: Political relations and coalition-building between Iraq’s Shi’a 2017
How smart is the use of smart devices in the office?: The case of industrial cleaning robots in the Netherlands 2021
How states could respond to non-state cyber-attackers 2020
How the Netherlands can choose opt-outs from the EU coronavirus recovery fund 2020
How to involve the private sector in peacebuilding processes 2009
How to make the comprehensive approach work: Preparation at home is key to effective crisis management in the field 2012
How to strengthen Europeʹs agenda on digital connectivity 2019
The impact of COVID-19 measures on Indonesian value chains 2020
Improving decentralised natural resource management in the Sahel: The case of the Sourou river plain in Mali 2020
Improving security and justice through local/non-state actors: The challenges of donor support to local/non-state security and justice providers 2012
Improving the Effectiveness of OSCE Missions:: The Case of Uzbekistan 2002
Improving the Effectiveness of OSCE Missions:: The Case of Ukraine 2002
Incoherent Agendas: Do European Union migration policies threaten regional integration in West Africa? 2019
Increasing Security in DR Congo:: Gender-Responsive Strategies for Combating Sexual Violence 2011
Indonesia’s Rise and Democracy Promotion in Asia:: The Bali Democracy Forum and Beyond 2013
Integrating socio-economic recovery into post-conflict stabilization programmes 2008
The Interface Between Domestic and International Factors in Colombia’s War System 2003
International arms flows:: monitoring, sources and obstacles 2018
Iran’s Relations with China and the West: Cooperation and Confrontation in Asia 2009
Iraq and Lebanon’s tortuous paths to reform 2020
Iraq at War (Again): Perspectives and options for a long-term counter-terrorism and counter violent extremism strategy in Iraq 2016
Iraqi imbroglio: the Islamic State and beyond A brief analysis of the 2014 political-security crisis: A brief analysis of the 2014 political-security crisis 2014
Iraq’s adolescent democracy: Where to go from here 2020
Islamic State franchising: Tribes, transnational jihadi networks and generational shifts 2015
Jihadi terrorists in Europe: their characteristics and the circumstances in which they joined the jihad: an exploratory study 2006
Keeping options open:: Why the number of US military troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014 matters 2013
Klimaat blijft politieke splijtzwam 2021
Klimaatbeleid in de formatie 2021: Europa bepaalt de nationale speelruimte steeds nadrukkelijker 2021
Kosovo’s NATO future: How to Square the Circle? 2020
Kosovo’s new map of power:: governance and crime in the wake of independence 2011
La fin du statu quo ?: La légitimité des autorités coutumières dans les zones de gouvernance hybride au Mali, au Niger et en Libye 2020
Lambs and Lions of the Arab Spring 2014
Laws of Attraction: Northern Benin and risk of violent extremist spillover 2021
Lessons learned in the Levant: Russia’s arms in the Syrian conflict 2020
Libyan tribes in the shadows of war and peace 2019
Libya’s Haftar and the Fezzan: One year on 2020
Living Apart Together?: On the Difficult Linkage between DDR and SSR in Post-Conflict Environments 2010
Local Dimensions of the Colombian Conflict:: Order and Security in Drug Trafficking 2003
Local Justice and Security Development in Burundi:: Workplace Associations as a Pathway Ahead 2011
Local Justice and Security Programming in Selected Neighborhoods in Colombia 2011
Local Justice and Security Providers in South Kivu:: Going Local to Support Youth-Neighborhood Watch-Community Development Groups 2011
Loi de l’attraction: Le nord du Bénin et le risque de propagation de l’extrémisme violent 2021
The Lord’s Resistance Army:: in Search for a New Approach 2010
The Lord’s Resistance Army:: tackling a regional spoiler 2008
Making sense of European defence 2017
Making Sense of Informal Economies in Fragile Contexts: Issues, Dilemmas and Questions 2015
Mali’s Fertile Grounds for Conflict:: Climate Change and Resource Stress 2017
Managing Group Grievances and Internal Conflict:: Ghana Country Report 2003
Managing Group Grievances and Internal Conflict:: Sri Lanka Country Report 2003
Managing Group Grievances and Internal Conflict:: Mozambique Country Report 2003
Mapping Research on European Peace Missions 2010
Measuring Security Progress:: Politics, Challenges and Solutions 2015
Medium–sized states in international cyber security policies 2016
‘The Middlemen’:: War Supply Networks in Sierra Leone and Angola 2003
Mind the Gap:: The United States Europe and the Middle East 2004
The missing dimension in rule of law policy: From EU policies to multilevel capacity building 2018
Mission impossible?: Police and justice capacity building by international peacekeeping missions 2019
Mission Probable:: the EU’s efforts to green security and defence 2021
Mistakes, means and opportunities: How donors understand and influence legitimate and inclusive politics in Afghanistan 2016
Mixing politics and force: Syriaʼs Constitutional Committee in review 2020
Monitoring and Enforcement in the European Union: towards a multilevel subsidiarity-based independent governance model: The case of the Stability and Growth Pact 2019
More European defence cooperation:: the road to a European defence industry? 2018
More than infrastructures:: water challenges in Iraq 2018
Mozambique:: Prospects for a Lasting Peace? 2001
The MTCR at 30: Ideas to Strengthen the Missile Technology Control Norm 2017
Muddling the Peace Process: Post–tsunami Rehabilitation in War-torn Sri Lanka 2005
Multi-dimensional chess: Sino-Russian relations in Central Asia 2020
Multi-year Defence Agreements: A Model for Modern Defence? 2015
Multi-year Defence Agreements in the Netherlands 2016
NATO in the Trump era:: surviving the crisis 2018
NATO’s Chicago Summit:: not ‘just’ an implementation Summit 2012
NATO’S New Strategic Concept:: Rising to the Occasion 2009
Nearing the brink?: Political instability in Tajikistan 2016
Nederlanders bezorgd over het buitenland in de aanloop naar de verkiezingen: Polarisatie over migratie en klimaat, consensus over China 2021
De Nederlandse sleutelrol in de geglobaliseerde drugshandel en productie 2021
De Nederlandse wending naar Europa: Steun voor meer Europese militaire zelfstandigheid, taakspecialisatie en een hoger defensiebudget 2020
The Netherlands and Afghanistan: Dutch Policies and Interventions with regard to the Civil War in Afghanistan 2000
The Netherlands and Guatemala: Dutch policies and Interventions in the Guatemalan Conflict and Peace 2000
The Netherlands and its Whole of Government Approach on Fragile States Case study Sudan: Case study Sudan 2006
The Netherlands and Liberia: Dutch Policies and Interventions with respect to the Liberian Civil War 1999
The Netherlands and Rwanda: A case study on Dutch Foreign Policies and Interventions in the contemporary conflict history of Rwanda 2000
The Netherlands and Sri Lanka: Dutch Policies and Interventions with regard to the Conflict in Sri Lanka 2004
The Netherlands and Sudan:: Dutch Policies and Interventions with respect to the Sudanese Civil War 2000
The Netherlands as a champion of EU enlargement? 2020
New challenges to Israel’s strategies of control: Beyond Sheikh Jarrah 2021
The new criminal powers: The spread of illicit links to politics across the world and how it can be tackled 2016
New dots on the security horizon: Results from the Clingendael Expert Survey 2017
The New East-West Discord: Russian Objectives, Western Interests 2015
New kid on the block: The European Commission and European defence 2016
A new momentum for EU-Turkey cooperation on migration 2021
A New Strategy – Implications for CSDP 2016
New Threats, New EU and NATO Responses 2015
NL Kiest: Wat vinden de partijen van het buitenland? 2021
No More Hills Ahead?: The Sudan’s Tortuous Ascent to Heights of Peace 2005
Non-paper on Pooled Funding Mechanisms in Post-Conflict Situations 2009
Nuclear risk reduction:: How could the EU contribute? 2020
Obtenir justice dans un climat d’insécurité: Initiatives politiques de renforcement des systèmes coutumiers et d’atténuation des conflits dans le centre du Mali 2018
‘Of Cattle and Conflict’ — Rethinking responses to pastoralism-related conflicts 2021
Of flour, yeast and water: A recipe for (Syrian) conflict data 2018
‘One Belt, One Road’: An Opportunity for the EU’s Security Strategy 2015
One thousand and one failings: Security sector stabilisation and development in Libya 2020
The Origins of Contemporary Conflict: A Comparison of Violence in Three World Regions 2003
Our Talk and Walk: Discourse Analysis and Conflict Studies 2005
Outpost of Empire: Base politics with Chinese characteristics 2020
Overview Syrian peace talks 2016
Overzicht van variabelen Barometer-alert ‘Dutch Views of China’: Unfavourable and Deteriorating 2021
Overzicht van vragen Barometer Alert ‘Klimaat blijft politieke splijtzwam’ 2021
Pakistan’s show of strength…, or a further slide into fragility? 2009
Pandemic or pandemonium?: Covid-19 and conflict in the Middle East 2020
Pandora’s Box in Syria: Anticipating negative externalities of a re-entrenching regime 2020
The Parliamentary Dimension of Defence Cooperation 2016
Peace in idle hands:: the prospects and pitfalls of economic recovery in Burundi 2010
Peacekeeping operations in a changing world 2015
Perpetuating power: Ethiopia’s political settlement and the organization of security 2016
PESCO implementation:: the next challenge 2018
PINPoints Network Perspectives 43, December 2016 2016
Pioneering for Solutions to Somali Piracy - Facing the Challenge, Seizing the Opportunity 2009
The Political Economy of Internal Conflict: A Comparative Analysis of Angola, Colombia, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka 2003
Political Economy of Internal Conflict:: A Review of Contemporary Trends and Issues 2001
The Political Economy of Internal Conflict in Sierra Leone 2003
Political Economy of Internal Conflict in Sri Lanka 2003
The Political Economy of State-building in Situations of Fragility and Conflict:: from Analysis to Strategy 2012
Political Issues of Paradiplomacy:: Lessons from the Developed World 2008
The politics of COVID-19 in the Sahel 2020
Post-revolutionary Discontent and F(r)actionalisation in the Maghreb: Managing the Tunisia-Libya Border Dynamics 2016
The Potential of the European Gendarmerie Force 2009
Poverty and Entitlement Dimensions of Political Conflict in Sri Lanka:: A Bibliographic Survey 2001
Power in perspective:: Four key insights into Iraqʹs Al-Hashd al-Shaʹabi 2018
The Power of War:: Why Europe Needs It 2008
Power Sharing Arrangements in Sri Lanka 2001
Pragmatic Realism in Justice and Security Development:: Supporting Improvement in the Performance of Non-State/Local Justice and Security Networks 2009
Presence before power: China’s Arctic strategy in Iceland and Greenland 2020
Pride and prejudice: Addressing bias in the analysis of political violence 2017
Proceedings International Expert Seminar: Gender, Violent Conflict and Development: Issues for Theory, Policy and Practice 16 and 17 October 2003 2004
Progress on UN peacekeeping reform:: HIPPO and beyond 2017
Project Conflict Prevention in West Africa (CPWA) 1998
Prolonging the agony of UNMISS: The implementation challenges of a new mandate during a civil war 2014
Promoting green growth in Colombia: A post-conflict opportunity? 2016
Promoting Sustainable Connectivity in the Balkans and Black Sea Region 2018
Public Diplomacy and nation Branding:: Conceptual Similarities and Difference 2008
Public Diplomacy in Afghanistan beyond the 2014 Transition:: Lessons from the United States and the Netherlands 2013
Que peut faire lʹUE?: Les risques de sécurité liés au climat en Irak et au Mali 2018
Radicalisation Processes Leading to Acts of Terrorism 2008
Ready for take-off?: Military responses to climate change 2020
Reducing nuclear weapons risks: A menu of 11 policy options 2018
Reflection on Rutte III Coalition Agreement 2017
Reimagining Europe’s partnerships with India and Japan:: a new trilateral? 2018
Reinforcing efforts to seize the fleeting window of opportunity in North Kivu 2008
Reintegration in Burundi:: between happy cows and lost investments 2008
Reintegration Phase of DDR Processes: Expert meeting report 2008
The relationship between external and internal security 2015
Religion and Islam in Contemporary International Relations 2010
Renforcement de la gouvernance dans un district marqué par les conflits (Ituri) en République Démocratique du Congo 2010
Renforcement de la sécurité en République Démocratique du Congo :: stratégies tenant compte des dynamiques relatives aux sexospécificités pour lutter contre les violences sexuelles 2011
Resolving Intractable Conflicts in Africa:: A Case Study of Sierra Leone 2004
Response Forces Galore: A guided tour 2014
Rethinking Conflict Resolution in Africa: Lessons from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone and Sudan 2004
Returns at what cost: The challenges of placing readmissions at the heart of EU migration policies 2019
Review of the Peacebuilding Fund 2009
Revolution and its discontents:: state, factions and violence in the new Libya 2013
Rising Tensions Between the West and Russia:: What Role For Arms Control? 2018
Roadmap for sustainable migration management in the Sahel:: lessons from Agadez 2017
The Role of SNV in Developing Countries in Internal Armed Conflict (Unedited Version) 2001
The roots of Mali’s conflict: Moving beyond the 2012 crisis 2015
The R-Phase of DDR processes: An Overview of Key Lessons Learned and Practical Experiences 2008
Rule of Law and Security Sector Reform: A pragmatic approach to addressing the security and justice spectrum 2012
The Russia policy conundrum: Who blinks first? 2020
Russian–Chinese Security Relations:: Moscow’s Threat from the East? 2013
Russia’s Military Reforms: Victory after Twenty Years of Failure? 2011
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