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Environment for Development Initiative

Research Reports in JSTOR from Environment for Development Initiative
231 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Abalone Conservation in the Presence of Drug Use and Corruption:: Implications for Its Management in South Africa 2012
Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability and Its Implications for Household Nutrition in Kenya 2017
Adaptation to Climate Change by Smallholder Farmers in Tanzania 2015
Adoption and Impact of Improved Groundnut Varieties on Rural Poverty: Evidence from Rural Uganda 2010
Adoption of Organic Farming Techniques: Evidence from a Semi-Arid Region of Ethiopia 2009
Agroforestry Price Supports as a Conservation Tool: Mexican Shade Coffee 2009
Allocating Community-Level Payments for Ecosystem Services:: Initial Experiences from a REDD Pilot in Tanzania 2015
Alternative Pollution Control Policies in Developing Countries: Informal, Informational, and Voluntary 2009
An analysis of the driving restriction implemented in San José, Costa Rica 2010
Anonymity, Reciprocity, and Conformity: Evidence from Voluntary Contributions to a National Park in Costa Rica 2008
Asking Willingness-to-Accept Questions in Stated Preference Surveys:: A Review and Research Agenda 2016
Assessment of the Potential Biomass Supply from Crop Residues in China 2015
Attitudes Toward Uncertainty Among the Poor:: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia 2010
Automobile Usage and Urban Rail Transit Expansion 2012
Behavioral Response to Plastic Bag Legislation in Botswana 2010
Benefits of Organic Agriculture as a Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy for Developing Countries 2009
A Bioeconomic Analysis of Community Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe 2015
The Bioeconomics of Conservation Agriculture and Soil Carbon Sequestration in Developing Countries 2010
Biofuel Investments and Implications for the Environment in Ethiopia:: An Economy-wide Analysis 2015
Biofuels, Economic Growth, and the External Sector in Ethiopia:: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis 2013
Biomass Fuel Consumption and Dung Use as Manure: Evidence from Rural Households in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia 2008
Can an Emission Trading Scheme Promote the Withdrawal of Outdated Capacity in Energy-Intensive Sectors?: A Case Study of China’s Iron and Steel Industry 2016
Challenging Drylands Myths with Economics and Facts: Ecological adaptations allow dryland plants and animals to reproduce, grow and survive in extreme conditions. Simply dryland systems are ecologically resilient and cannot be dismissed as wastelands. 2009
Changes in discount rates over time: Evidence from Ethiopia 2008
Changing Access to Forest Resources in Tanzania 2009
Child Labor, the Wealth Paradox, and Common Forest Management in Bolivia 2014
Choice Experiments in Environmental Impact Assessment: The Case of the Toro 3 Hydroelectric Project and the Recreo Verde Tourist Center in Costa Rica 2011
Climate Change and Food Security in Kenya 2015
Climate Change and the Ethiopian Economy: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis 2011
Climate Change in a Public Goods Game:: Investment Decision in Mitigation versus Adaptation 2009
Climate Change, Total Factor Productivity, and the Tanzanian Economy: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis 2010
“Co-benefits” of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Policies in China: An Integrated Top-Down and Bottom-Up Modeling Analysis 2008
Community Controlled Forests, Carbon Sequestration and REDD+:: Some Evidence from Ethiopia 2013
Concessions in Wild Protected Areas:: Cost Estimates for Non-Essential Services in Chirripó National Park, Costa Rica 2014
Conditional Cash Transfers and Payments for Environmental Services: A Conceptual Framework for Explaining and Judging Differences in Outcomes 2011
Conditional Cooperation and Social Group:: Experimental Results from Colombia 2009
Conservation Fees in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park between Botswana and South Africa in the Presence of Land Restitution 2013
Conservation Policies and Labor Markets:: Unraveling the Effects of National Parks on Local Wages in Costa Rica 2010
Consistent Negative Responses of Rice Yield in China to High Temperatures and Extreme Temperature Events 2017
A Contingent Valuation Approach to Estimating Regulatory Costs:: Mexico’s Day Without Driving Program 2015
Contract Duration under Incomplete Land Ownership Rights:: Empirical Evidence from Rural Ethiopia 2012
Cooperation and Climate Change:: Can Communication Facilitate the Provision of Public Goods in Heterogeneous Settings? 2013
Coping with Fuelwood Scarcity: Household Responses in Rural Ethiopia 2012
Costa Rican transport policies:: a stakeholder analysis 2010
The Costs of Coping with Poor Water Supply in Rural Kenya 2015
Decentralization, Market Integration, and Efficiency–Equity Trade-Offs:: Evidence from Joint Forest Management in Ethiopian Villages 2015
Decentralization, Market Integration, and Efficiency-Equity Trade-Offs:: Evidence from Joint Forest Management in Ethiopian Villages 2015
Deforestation Impacts of Environmental Services Payments: Costa Rica’s PSA Program 2000–2005 2008
The Design, Compilation, and Interpretation of Satellite Accounts for South Africa’s Fisheries: Some Critical Thoughts 2009
Determinants of Adoption and Impacts of Sustainable Land Management and Climate Smart Agricultural Practices (SLM-CSA):: Panel Data Evidence from the Ethiopian Highlands 2017
Determinants of Household Fuel Choice in Major Cities in Ethiopia 2008
Determinants of Performance of Drinking-Water Community Organizations:: A Comparative Analysis of Case Studies in Rural Costa Rica 2010
Determinants of Soil Capital 2008
Determinants of Successful Collective Management of Forest Resources:: Evidence from Kenyan Community Forest Associations 2017
Determinants of Successful Participatory Forest Management in Tanzania 2009
A Diagnostic Tool for Estimating the Incidence of Subsidies Delivered by Water Utilities in Low- and Medium-Income Countries, with Illustrative Calculations 2014
Difference in Preferences or in Preference Orderings?: Comparing Choices of Environmental Bureaucrats, Recreational Anglers, and the Public 2016
Direct and Indirect Effects of Extreme Weather Events and Potential Estimation Biases 2015
Disadoption, Substitutability, and Complementarity of Agricultural Technologies:: A Random Effects Multivariate Probit Analysis. 2015
The Distributive Effect and Food Security Implications of Biofuels Investment in Ethiopia:: A CGE Analysis 2013
Do Discount Rates Change over Time?: Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia 2008
Do Entrance Fees Crowd Out Donations for Public Goods?: Evidence from a Protected Area in Costa Rica 2014
Does Adoption of Multiple Climate-Smart Practices Improve Farmers’ Climate Resilience?: Empirical Evidence from the Nile Basin of Ethiopia 2016
Does Context Matter More for Hypothetical Than for Actual Contributions?: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment 2008
Does Disclosure Reduce Pollution?: Evidence from India’s Green Rating Project 2008
Does Eco-Certification Boost Regulatory Compliance in Developing Countries?: ISO 14001 in Mexico 2011
Does Eco-Certification Have Environmental Benefits?: Organic Coffee in Costa Rica 2010
Does Eco-Certification Have Environmental Benefits?: Organic certification in Costa Rica improves coffee growers’ environmental performance 2010
Does Eco-certification Stem Tropical Deforestation?: Forest Stewardship Council Certification in Mexico 2015
Does Forest Certification in Developing Countries Have Environmental Benefits?: Insights from Mexican Corrective Action Requests 2014
Does Relative Income Matter for the Very Poor?: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia 2008
Does Relative Position Matter in Poor Societies?: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Rural Ethiopia 2010
Does Tourism Eco-Certification Pay?: Costa Rica’s Blue Flag Program 2012
Don’t Tell Me What to Do, Tell Me Who to Follow!: Field Experiment Evidence on Voluntary Donations 2010
A Dynamic Enforcement Strategy to Improve Compliance with Environmental Regulations 2016
The Dynamics of Electric Cookstove Adoption:: Panel Data Evidence from Ethiopia 2013
Economic Growth and the Natural Environment: The Example of China and Its Forests since 1978 2008
The Economic Impact of Weather Variability on China’s Rice Sector 2014
The Economic Valuation of Dryland Ecosystem Services in the South African Kgalagadi Area and Implications for PES Involving the Khomani San 2013
The Economic Valuation of Dryland Ecosystem Services in the South African Kgalagadi by the Local Communities 2013
Economics of Soil Conservation Adoption in High-Rainfall Areas of the Ethiopian Highlands 2008
The Effect of Hydro-meteorological Emergencies on Internal Migration 2013
The Effect of Risk, Ambiguity, and Coordination on Farmers’ Adaptation to Climate Change:: A Framed Field Experiment 2009
Effects of Global Fisheries on Developing Countries: Possibilities for Income and Threat of Depletion 2009
Effects of Protected Areas on Forest Cover Change and Local Communities:: Evidence from the Peruvian Amazon 2014
The Effects of Subway Expansion on Traffic Conditions:: Evidence from Beijing 2015
Effects of Wildlife Resources on Community Welfare: Income, Poverty and Inequality 2015
Enforcement of Exogenous Environmental Regulations, Social Disapproval, and Bribery 2009
Environmental and Economic Impacts of Growing Certified Organic Coffee in Colombia 2015
Environmental Goods Collection and Children’s Schooling: Evidence from Kenya 2010
Environmental Policy, Fuel Prices, and the Switch to Natural Gas in Santiago, Chile 2008
Estimating Returns to Soil and Water Conservation Investments: An Application to Crop Yield in Kenya 2008
Estimation of the Water Quality Amelioration Value of Wetlands: A Case Study of the Western Cape, South Africa 2010
Evaluating the Performance of Alternative Municipal Water Tariff Designs:: Quantifying the Trade-offs between Cost Recovery, Equity, and Economic Efficiency 2016
Evaluating the Prospects of Benefit Sharing Schemes in Protecting Mountain Gorillas in Central Africa 2012
Evaluation of the Status of the Namibian Hake Resource (Merluccius spp.) Using Statistical Catch-at-Age Analysis 2012
The Evidence Base for Environmental and Socioeconomic Impacts of ˮSustainable” Certification 2010
Ex Post Evaluation of Forest Conservation Policies Using Remote Sensing Data: An Introduction and Practical Guide 2012
Exploring the Odds for Actual and Desired Adoption of Solar Energy in Kenya 2015
Factors Determining the Spatial Distribution of Shore Anglers in South Africa:: Implications for Management 2015
Farmers’ Preferences for Crop Variety Traits: Lessons for On-Farm Conservation and Technology Adoption 2009
Fast Track Land Reform and Agricultural Productivity in Zimbabwe 2008
Fast Track Land Reform, Tenure Security, and Investments in Zimbabwe 2008
Forestland Reform in China: What Do the Farmers Want?: A Choice Experiment in Farmers’ Property Rights Preferences 2009
Fuel tax incidence in developing countries:: the case of Costa Rica 2009
Fuel Tax Incidence in Developing Countries:: The Case of Costa Rica 2009
Gender Differences in Climate Change Risk, Food Security, and Adaptation:: A Study of Rural Households’ Reliance on Agriculture and Natural Resources to Sustain Livelihoods 2015
Happy Collecting Water?: Measuring Hedonic Well-Being among Water Carriers in Rural Kenya using the Experience Sampling Method 2018
Health Impacts of Power-Exporting Plants in Northern Mexico 2012
Household Energy Conservation in Kenya:: Estimating the Drivers and Possible Savings 2015
Household Fuel Choice in Urban Ethiopia:: A Random Effects Multinomial Logit Analysis 2013
Household Tree Planting in Tigrai, Northern Ethiopia:: Tree Species, Purposes, and Determinants 2010
Households’ Willingness to Pay for Improved Urban Waste Management in Mekelle City, Ethiopia 2012
How Does a Driving Restriction Affect Transportation Patterns?: The Medium-Run Evidence from Beijing 2016
The Impact of Climate Change on Food Calorie Production and Nutritional Poverty:: Evidence from Kenya 2016
The Impact of CO2 Emissions on Agricultural Productivity and Household Welfare in Ethiopia:: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis 2016
The Impact of Credit Constraints and Climatic Factors on Choice of Adaptation Strategies:: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia 2017
Impact of Improved Farm Technologies on Yields:: The Case of Improved Maize Varieties and Inorganic Fertilizer in Kenya 2014
The Impact of Natural Resource Scarcity on Agriculture in Ethiopia 2015
Impacts of Land Certification on Tenure Security, Investment, and Land Markets: Evidence from Ethiopia 2009
Impacts of Policy Measures on the Development of State-Owned Forests in Northeast China: Theoretical Results and Empirical Evidence 2011
Impacts of the Productive Safety Net Program: on livestock and tree holdings of rural households in Ethiopia 2009
Impacts of the Productive Safety Net Program in Ethiopia on Livestock and Tree Holdings of Rural Households 2009
Implementing REDD through Community-Based Forest Management:: Lessons from Tanzania 2013
Improving forest management in Tanzania: Understanding patterns of access rights, investments, and enforcement 2012
Income alone doesn’t determine adoption and choice of fuel types: Evidence from households in Tigrai and major cities in Ethiopia 2009
Insiders, Outsiders, and the Role of Local Enforcement in Forest Management: An Example from Tanzania 2012
Interaction between Crop Insurance and Technology Adoption Decisions:: The Case of Wheat Farmers in Chile 2017
International Remittances and Private Inter-household Transfers:: Exploring the Links 2016
Investigating the Sensitivity of Household Food Security to Agriculture-Related Shocks and the Implications of Informal Social Capital and Natural Resource Capital 2014
Investments in Land Conservation in the Ethiopian Highlands: A Household Plot-Level Analysis of the Roles of Poverty, Tenure Security, and Market Incentives 2010
Is There a Link between Common Property Forest Management and Private Tree Growing?: Evidence of Behavioral Effects from Highland Ethiopia 2008
Lake Victoria Fish Stocks and the Effects of Water Hyacinths on the Catchability of Fish 2008
The Land Certification Program and Off-Farm Employment in Ethiopia 2014
The Land Certification Program and Off-Farm Employment in Ethiopia 2017
Land Cover Change in Mixed Agroforestry: Shade Coffee in El Salvador 2008
Life Satisfaction in Urban Ethiopia:: The Role of Relative Poverty and Unobserved Heterogeneity 2014
The livelihood value of Botswana’s Okavango delta: Tourism development provides an important opportunity for reducing pressures on the delta’s natural resources as well as reducing people’s dependence on the these resources for their livelihoods. 2010
Local Effects of Payments for Environmental Services on Poverty 2014
Managing marine protected areas through incentives to local people: The case of Mnazi Bay Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park 2012
Mapping success in protecting forests: For Costa Rica’s parks and reserves, a threatened location is the key to effectively avoiding deforestation 2009
Mapping Vulnerability to Climate Change of the Farming Sector in the Nile Basin of Ethiopia:: A Micro-level Perspective 2016
Marine Protected Areas in Artisanal Fisheries:: A Spatial Bio-economic Model Based on Observations in Costa Rica and Tanzania 2015
A Market for Environmentally Responsible Investment?: Identifying Obstacles and Enablers of Commodification of Environmental Risks in the South African Investment Industry 2010
Market Imperfections and Farm Technology Adoption Decisions: A Case Study from the Highlands of Ethiopia 2008
Migration as an Adaptation Strategy to Weather Variability:: An Instrumental Variables Probit Analysis 2016
Mindfulness and Stress: A Randomised Experiment 2018
Natural Resource Collection and Children’s Literacy:: Empirical Evidence from Panel Data in Rural Ethiopia 2014
Nudging Boserup?: The Impact of Fertilizer Subsidies on Investment in Soil and Water Conservation 2012
On social sanctions and beliefs:: A pollution norm example 2013
On the Impact of Weather Variability and Climate Change on Agriculture:: Evidence from Ethiopia 2014
On the Joint Estimation of Technology Adoption and Market Participation under Transaction Costs in Smallholder Dairying in Ethiopia 2016
Opportunity costs of conservation: The case of protected area management in the Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya: Knowing the local opportunity costs of restricting access to forest lad and resources for conservation purposes is an important input to the design of cost-effective conservation schemes that minimize adverse on poor forest users. 2009
Optimal Enforcement and Practical Issues of Resource Protection in Developing Countries 2009
Optimal Expectations and the Welfare Cost of Climate Variability 2014
Participation in Off-Farm Employment, Rainfall Patterns, and Rate of Time Preferences: The Case of Ethiopia 2010
Passive Learning and Incentivized Communication: A Randomized Controlled Trial in India 2018
Paying for Mitigation: A Multiple Country Study 2010
Paying the Price of Sweetening Your Donation: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment 2010
Payment Types and Participation in Payment for Ecosystem Services Programs:: Stated Preferences of Landowners 2014
Plot and Household-Level Determinants of Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Rural Tanzania 2012
The Poverty Demography Trap in Third World Countries: Empirical Evidence from Tanzania 2010
Poverty Persistence and Intra-Household Heterogeneity in Occupations:: Evidence from Urban Ethiopia 2014
Private Trees as Household Assets and Determinants of Tree-Growing Behavior in Rural Ethiopia 2011
Production Function Analysis of Soil Properties and Soil Conservation Investments in Tropical Agriculture 2008
Production Risk and Farm Technology Adoption in Rain-Fed, Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya 2009
Productive Efficiency and Its Determinants in a Changing Climate:: A Monotonic Translog Stochastic Frontier Analysis 2017
Profitability of Biofuels Production:: the Case of Ethiopia 2014
Promoting Second Generation Biofuels:: Does the First Generation Pave the Road? 2013
Quota Compliance in TURFs:: An Experimental Analysis of Complementarities of Formal and Informal Enforcement with Changes in Abundance 2015
REDD+ and Community-Controlled Forests in Low-Income Countries:: Any Hope for a Linkage? 2012
Regulatory Compliance in Lake Victoria Fisheries 2008
Reputation and Household Recycling Practices:: Field Experiments in Costa Rica 2013
The Residential Demand for Electricity in Ethiopia 2015
Resistance to the Regulation of Common Resources in Rural Tunisia 2014
Responsible Investment:: A Vehicle for Environmentally Sustainable Economic Growth in South Africa? 2010
A Review of Beijing’s Vehicle Lottery:: Short-Term Effects on Vehicle Growth, Congestion, and Fuel Consumption 2014
Risk Implications of Farm Technology Adoption in the Ethiopian Highlands: Risk implications of farm technology adoption vary by technology type. If properly implemented, the safety net program and the weather insurance programs currently piloted in some parts of Ethiopia are actions that could hedge against downside risk. 2009
Risk Implications of Farm Technology Adoption in the Ethiopian Highlands 2009
Risk management in agriculture: Ongoing studies with coffee farmers in Costa Rica affected by coffee leaf rust 2015
Risk Perception, Choice of Drinking Water, and Water Treatment:: Evidence from Kenyan Towns 2013
The Role of Incentives for Sustainable Implementation of Marine Protected Areas: An Example from Tanzania 2012
The Role of Institutions in Community Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe 2015
The role of production risk in farm technology adoption: Production risks, gender, security of land tenure and regional factors are critical in adoption of farm technologies 2009
The Role of Production Risk in Sustainable Land-Management Technology Adoption in the Ethiopian Highlands 2008
The Role of Soil Conservation on Mean Crop Yield and Variance of Yield: Evidence from the Ethiopian Highlands 2008
The role safety nets as part of adaptation strategies to climate change in Central America: Studying collective responses to extreme climatic events is fundamental in the design of adaptation strategies in developing countries 2011
Rural Livelihoods, Poverty, and the Millennium Development Goals: Evidence from Ethiopian Survey Data 2008
A Simple Stated Preference Tool for Estimating the Value of Travel Time in Rural Africa 2015
Small-holder Farming, Food Security and Climate Change in South Africa:: Male-Female and Urban-Rural Differences 2016
Social Background, Cooperative Behavior, and Norm Enforcement 2009
Social Capital and Institutions in Rural Kenya: Is Machakos Unique? 2008
Social Norms and Information Diffusion in Water-Saving Programs:: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in Colombia 2016
Soil Conservation and Small-Scale Food Production in Highland Ethiopia: A Stochastic Metafrontier Approach 2008
Spatial Aspects of Forest Management and Non-Timber Forest Product Extraction in Tanzania 2009
Spatial Distribution of Coal-Fired Power Plants in China 2016
Success factors for pairing conservation with enhanced forest and fish-based livelihoods: Lessons from Tanzania 2012
Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Agricultural Productivity in Ethiopia: Does Agroecology Matter? 2011
Sustainable Energy Topics: an overview from Central America: Sustainable energy issues are highlight on the policy research review carry out at the Economics and Environment for Development Program (EEfD) for Central America region. 2016
Taxes, Permits, and the Adoptation of Abatement Technology under Imperfect Compliance 2009
Taxes, Permits, and the Diffusions of a New Technology 2008
Technical Efficiency and the Role of Skipper Skill in Artisanal Lake Victoria Fisheries 2008
Temperature and Economic Performance of Chinese Manufacturing Firms 2018
Temperature and Industrial Output: Micro-level Evidence from China 2016
Thanks but No Thanks:: A New Policy to Avoid Land Conflict 2013
The Tilling of Land in a Changing Climate: Panel Data Evidence from the Nile Basin of Ethiopia 2017
To Bribe or Not to Bribe:: Incentives to Protect Tanzania’s Forests 2009
To Trade or Not to Trade:: Firm-Level Analysis of Emissions Trading in Santiago, Chile 2009
Tradable Permits in Developing Countries: Evidence from Air Pollution in Santiago, Chile 2008
Trade, GMOs, and Environmental Risk: Are Policies Likely to Improve Welfare? 2008
Truth behind Chinese Superstition:: Non-linear Effects of Vehicle Traffic on Urban Air Quality in Beijing 2016
The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth: A Multiple-Country Test of an Oath Script 2010
Unintended Impacts of Multiple Instruments on Technology Adoption 2009
Urban Energy Transition and Technology Adoption:: The Case of Tigrai, Northern Ethiopia 2010
Urban Fuel Demand in Ethiopia: An Almost-Ideal Demand System Approach 2010
Use of Anthropometric Measures to Analyze How Sources of Water and Sanitation Affect Children’s Health in Nigeria 2011
The Use of Hypothetical Baselines in Stated Preference Surveys 2011
User Financing in a National Payments for Environmental Services Program: Costa Rican Hydropower 2009
Using Taxes to Deter Illegal Fishing in ITQ Systems 2015
The Valuation of Biodiversity Conservation by the South African Khomani San “Bushmen” Community 2012
Voluntary Environmental Agreements in Developing Countries: The Colombian Experience 2012
Water and Sanitation Service Delivery, Pricing, and the Poor:: An Empirical Estimate of Subsidy Incidence in Nairobi, Kenya 2015
Water quality amelioration value of wetlands: Wetlands play a significant role in removal of organic agricultural pollutants from rivers 2010
Water Resources Planning under Climate Change:: A “Real Options” Application to Investment Planning in the Blue Nile 2013
Wealth and Time Preference in Rural Ethiopia 2008
What Do Respondents Bring to Contingent Valuation?: A Comparison of Monetary and Labor Payment Vehicles 2011
What Kinds of Firms Are More Sensitive to Public Disclosure Programs for Pollution Control?: The Case of Indonesia’s PROPER Program 2008
When the Wind Blows:: Spatial Spillover Effects of Urban Air Pollution 2015
Where Does Sustainable Land Management Practices Work:: A comparative study 2009
Who Should Set the Total Allowable Catch?: Social Preferences and Legitimacy in Fisheries Management Institutions 2015
Will a Driving Restriction Policy Reduce Car Trips?: A Case Study of Beijing, China 2013