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EGMONT – The Royal Institute for International Relations is an independent think-tank based in Brussels. Its interdisciplinary research is conducted in a spirit of total academic freedom. Drawing on the expertise of its own research fellows, as well as that of external specialists, both Belgian and foreign, it provides analysis and policy options that are meant to be as operational as possible.
Journals in JSTOR from Egmont Institute
1 Journal in JSTOR Date Range
Studia Diplomatica 1974 - 2017
Chronique de politique étrangère 1948 - 1974
Research Reports in JSTOR from Egmont Institute
254 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
1919-2019: How to Make Peace Last?: European Strategy and the Future of the World Order 2019
The 2010 Belgian EU Presidency and CSDP 2011
2014:: a centenary and a discovery 2014
The Aachen Mutual Defence Clause:: A Closer Look at the Franco-German Treaty 2019
The ABC of European Union Strategy:: Ambition, Benchmark, Culture 2007
Afghanistan’s Future:: Foreign and Local Solutions for a Fought-Over Country 2011
African dynamics at the climate change negotiations 2011
All or Nothing?: European and British Strategic Autonomy after the Brexit 2016
‘All Radicalisation is Local’: The genesis and drawbacks of an elusive concept 2016
An Ambitious Agenda or Big Words?: Developing a European Approach to AI 2019
American Leadership and Grand Strategy in an Age of Complexity 2019
America’s Global Defence Predicament – Why the Asia ‘Rebalancing’ Has Little Significance for European Security 2014
And What Will Europe Do?: The European Council and Military Strategy 2013
Angola’s Africa Policy 2017
Anticipating the Post-Daesh Landscape 2017
Arab Reform:: what role for the EU? 2005
Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict:: why the ‘black garden’ will not blossom any time soon 2016
Articulating the logic of nuclear-sharing 2019
As the EU Said at the NATO Summit 2012
Assessing the EU’s Strategic Partnerships in the UN System 2011
Atlantic Loyalty, European Autonomy: Belgium and the Atlantic Alliance 1949-2009 2009
Audit of European Strategy 2004
Autonomy and Strategy:: What Should Europe Want? 2019
Belgian Defence in 2018:: Regeneration Time? 2018
Belgian Defence Policy:: The Fight Goes On 2011
Belgian Special Forces in the Sahel:: A Minimal Footprint with Maximal Output? 2019
Belgium and Counterterrorism Policy in the Jihadi Era (1986�2007) 2007
Belgium should not change strategy on her contribution to NATO’s nuclear role sharing 2020
The Belt and Road Initiative — the ASEAN Perspective 2019
Between al-Andalus and a failing integration: Europe’s pursuit of a long-term counterterrorism strategy in the post-al-Qaeda era 2005
Beyond Corona:: Getting EU Economic Security Right 2020
Beyond Russia’s ‘Versailles Syndrome’ 2014
Biden’s World?: Views from the United States, China, Russia, and the European Union 2020
The Blurring of Belgium’s Security:: Deliberate or Unintended? 2017
Breaking the Law of Opposite Effects:: Europe’s Strategic Autonomy and the Revived Transatlantic Partnership 2021
Brexit, Strategy, and the EU:: Britain Takes Leave 2018
A BRIC in the World:: Emerging Powers, Europe, and the Coming Order 2009
Building European Defence:: An Architect and a Bank 2014
Burundi on the brink again?: Identifying risks before the 2020 elections 2019
Burundi’s institutional landscape after the 2020 elections 2020
Cardiff:: Birthplace of a new Transatlantic Narrative? 2014
Chad and the West:: Shifting Security Burden? 2015
Children in the Levant:: Insights from Belgium on the dilemmas of repatriation and the challenges of reintegration 2018
Combat Air Systems for the 21st Century:: A Shared Stake for Europe 2020
Considering DPRK Regime Collapse:: Its Probability and Possible Geopolitical and Security Consequences 2015
Context matters – Why Africa should tailor its own measures to fight COVID-19 2020
Core Groups:: The Way to Real European Defence 2017
Coronavirus and Power:: The Impact on International Politics 2020
Countering Afghan narcotics:: a litmus test for effective NATO and Russia cooperation? 2010
Counterterrorism in Belgium:: Key challenges and policy options 2016
A Court in Crisis?: The ICC IN Africa, and Beyond 2017
COVID-19 and the Climate – Energy Nexus 2020
CSDP and NATO Post-Libya:: Towards the Rubicon? 2012
The Dangerous Geopolitics of Populism, and What NATO and the EU Can Do About It 2018
Dealing with land issues and conflict in eastern Congo:: towards an integrated and participatory approach 2013
Dealing with Russia:: Towards a Coherent Belgian Policy 2020
Death of an Institution: The end for Western European Union, a future for European defence? 2011
Decolonising human rights protection in Africa:: impunity rhetorically repackaged? 2021
Defence:: The European Council Matters 2013
The Democratic Republic of Congo:: The Great Electoral Robbery (and how and why Kabila got away with it) 2019
Developments in the Field of Transitional Justice 2021
E Pluribus Unum?: Military Integration in the European Union 2005
The Emerging Powers and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Regime 2011
The end of ‘business as usual’?: COVID-19 and the European Green Deal 2020
The End of the INF-Treaty:: Context and Consequences 2019
End-State Afghanistan:: A European Perspective 2009
End-State Afghanistan 2009
Enjeux autour de l’intervention du Burundi en Somalie 2013
The EU and China:: Modest signs of convergence? 2018
The EU and China:: Sanctions, Signals, and Interests 2021
EU and NATO Strategy:: A Compass, a Concept, and a Concordat 2021
The EU and Russia:: A New Foreign Policy for the “Carcass”? 2021
The EU as a Global Actor in a Multipolar World and Multilateral 2.0 Environment 2010
The EU Global Strategy:: from effective multilateralism to global governance that works? 2016
The EU Global Strategy:: Realpolitik with European Characteristics 2016
The EU Global Strategy 2020 2019
The EU Global Strategy and Defence:: The Challenge of Thinking Strategically about Means 2016
EU Grand Strategy:: Optimism is Mandatory 2012
The EU in the AIIB:: taming China’s influence from within 2017
An EU Security Council and a European Commissioner for Security and Defence:: The Final Pieces of the Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy Puzzle? 2019
An EU Security Strategy:: An Attractive Narrative 2012
EU Training for Civilian CSDP – Which Coherence? 2011
The EU–China Bilateral Investment Agreement:: Between High Hopes and Real Challenges 2016
EU-China Co-operation in Global Governance:: Going Beyond the Conceptual Gap 2017
The EU-MENA partnership:: time for a reset 2021
EUnity of Command – The Planning and Conduct of CSDP Operations 2011
Europe and China’s Belt and Road Initiative:: Growing Concerns, More Strategy 2019
Europe and the Great Powers:: Playing our Trump Cards 2017
Europe and the World or Snow White and the Seven Fallacies 2013
Europe Deploys TOwards a Civil-Military Strategy for CSDP 2011
Europe in a multipolar missile world: Why the EU and NATO should not try to salvage the INF Treaty 2019
Europe Rediscovers Peacekeeping?: Political and Military Logics in the 2006 UNIFIL Enhancement 2009
The European Citizens’ Initiative, a sufficient tool to bring Europe closer to its citizens? 2018
European Defence:: What’s in the CARDs for PESCO? 2017
European Defence in the wake of the Lisbon Treaty 2008
A European Global Security Strategy:: Offering Seven-League Boots to Become a Global Actor 2013
The European Investment Bank:: an overlooked (f)actor in EU external action? 2017
A European Security Concept for the 21st Century 2004
European Strategic Autonomy:: Which Military Level of Ambition? 2019
The European Union:: Time to Further Peace and Justice 2011
Europe’s “new” jihad:: Homegrown, leaderless, virtual 2017
The EU’s Just Transition:: three challenges and how to overcome them 2020
The EU’s Sanctions against Syria:: Conflict Management by Other Means 2012
EU-South Korea Security Relations:: The Current State of Play 2017
Expanding the Reach of the Special Forces with a Gender-Mixed Deep Development Capability (DDC):: Identifying Challenges and Lessons Learned 2021
Facing the Fourth Foreign Fighters Wave: What Drives Europeans to Syria, and to Islamic State? Insights from the Belgian Case 2016
Fear Not:: A Critical Perspective on the Terrorist Threat in Europe 2016
Fearing a ‘Shiite Octopus’: Sunni – Shi‘a relations and the implications for Belgium and Europe 2010
Fighting for Europe: European Strategic Autonomy and the Use of Force 2019
First Lessons from the Libya Operations 2011
For A ‘More Active’ EU in the Middle East: Transatlantic Relations and the Strategic Implications of Europe’s Engagement with Iran, Lebanon and Israel-Palestine 2007
For a New NATO-EU Bargain 2021
Foreign Policy and the Euro:: We Have an Idea 2011
Fragile states and the international response:: in pursuit of security or development? 2009
From bad to worse:: The fate of European foreign fighters and families detained in Syria, one year after the Turkish offensive 2020
From Global Strategy to Strategic Compass:: Where Is the EU Heading? 2019
From Lisbon to Lisbon:: Squaring the Circle of EU and NATO Future Roles 2011
From one master of survival to another:: a tardigrade’s plea for NATO2030 2021
From Survival to Revival:: The Riga Summit 2015 and the revised ENP 2015
From Words to Deeds:: Upholding the Rule of Law in the CEE Region 2020
Game of Zones The Quest for Influence in Europe’s Neighbourhood 2014
Geopolitical Shifts in the Eastern Mediterranean 2013
Geopolitics with European Characteristics: An Essay on Pragmatic Idealism,Equality, and Strategy 2016
Global Governance:: The Next Frontier 2004
The Global Strategy – reinvigorating the EU’s multilateral agenda? 2016
Going the Extra Mile for the 2020 Elections in the Central African Republic 2020
The Great Powers Have Their Ways 2017
‘Greening’ the EU’s cultural diplomacy:: Uncovering the potential of the culture-climate nexus 2021
Has Trump Reshuffled the Cards for Europe? 2016
How 2400 pages of tech industrial policy will change transatlantic relations 2021
How the Strategic Compass can incubate a European prototype for burden sharing prototype 2021
The Impact of the Withdrawal from Afghanistan on Russia’s Security 2014
The implementation of the Gender Perspective in the EU civilian and military missions:: Leadership wanted 2015
Improving Peacekeeping Performance — Dilemmas and Goals 2018
An Industrious European Council on Defence? 2014
The Iran nuclear deal:: the Iranian and US domestic factors that put its implementation at risk 2016
Islands of Stability or Swamps of Insecurity?: MONUSCO’s Intervention Brigade and the Danger of Emerging Security Voids in eastern Congo 2014
Its own worst enemy?: The Ugandan government is taking desperate measures to control rising dissent 2019
It’s Time to Build a Gender-Just Peace:: Here is How 2019
Japan’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy:: What does it mean for the European Union? 2018
Katanga:: Congo’s Perpetual Trouble Spot 2016
Kenya’s elections:: the peace lobotomy? 2013
The Kyoto Policy of Belgium 2008
Le projet de révision du Code minier de la RDC :: de l’incitation à la dissuasion ? 2014
Leaving the beaten track?: The EU regulation on conflict minerals 2017
Legislating amidst Public Controversy:: the Services Directive 2009
Libya and the Post-American World:: Implications for the EU 2011
The Lisbon Strategy:: Which failure? Whose failure? And why? 2005
A Long-Term Strategy for Libya and the Mediterranean:: Over to the European Union 2011
Mali:: filling the void 2013
Mali:: Another European Intervention without the EU? 2013
Mayhem in the Mediterranean:: Three Strategic Lessons for Europe 2011
Message to – and from – the European political leadership:: Agreeing to disagree on strategy is a luxury the EU can no longer afford 2016
De militaire bijdrage van België aan het Europees veiligheids- en defensiebeleid 2007
Military Capabilities:: From Pooling & Sharing to a Permanent and Structured Approach 2012
Missing the Target:: The African Union’s Mediating Efforts in Burundi 2016
More Competitive, More Efficient?: The 2013 European Commission Defence Communication 2013
Multipolar Myths and Unipolar Fantasies 2015
A New External Action Service Needs a New European Security Strategy 2011
A new geography of European power? 2011
A New Security Architecture for Europe?: Russian Proposal and Western Reactions 2009
A New Security Architecture for Europe?: Russian Proposals and Western Reactions Part II 2010
A new start for EU-US relations? 2021
Nigeria:: Is the end of Mafia politics in sight? 2008
No Pain, No Gain:: Taking PESCO to the Gym 2020
Non-judicial battles:: Kenyan politics and the International Criminal Court 2014
The Nuclear Safety Framework in the European Union After Fukushima 2014
Oratio pro PESCO 2017
Palestinian Unity Government:: EU Should Find Ways to Cooperate 2011
Permanent Sovereign COoperation (PESCO) to Underpin the EU Global Strategy 2016
Permanent Structured Cooperation and the Future of ESDP 2008
Permanent Structured Cooperation for Effective European Armed Forces 2010
Permanent Structured Cooperation In Defence of the Obvious 2010
Pool it, Share it, Use it:: The European Council on Defence 2013
Pooling & Sharing:: From Slow March to Quick March? 2011
The Power to Engage:: Giving Punch to a new EU Global Strategy 2020 2019
Putin in Africa 2015
Putting the Core at the Centre: The Crisis Response Operation Core (CROC) and the Future of PESCO 2019
The Quest for a Regional Order in the Middle East 2018
Redefining the EU-China economic partnership:: beyond reciprocity lies strategy 2019
The Reform of the EU Courts (II): Abandoning the Management Approach by Doubling the General Court 2016
The Reform of the EU Courts (III): The Brilliant Alternative Approach of the European Court of Human Rights 2016
The Reform of the EU Courts (IV): The Need for a Better Focus on the European Court of Justice’s Core Mission 2017
Regional security and global governance:: A Proposal for a ‘Regional-Global Security Mechanism’ in Light of the UN High-Level Panel’s Report 2005
Remolding China’s ‘Empty’ Belt and Road Initiative:: An Opportunity for the EU 2020
Renewable energy communities in the European energy policy:: an evidence of clean energy for all Europeans, not by all 2021
Réseaux sociaux numériques et processus démocratiques en Afrique centrale :: entre systèmes hégémoniques et nouveaux régimes de dissidence 2019
The Resurgence of Bilateral Diplomacy in Europe 2019
Rethinking EU institutions’ rules of procedure after COVID-19 2020
Returnees in the Maghreb.: A European perspective 2019
Returnees in the Maghreb:: Comparing policies on returning foreign terrorist fighters in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia 2019
Returnees: Who Are They, Why Are They (Not) Coming Back and How Should We Deal with Them?: Assessing Policies on Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands 2018
Revisiting EU Climate and Energy Diplomacy:: A Starting Point for Green Deal Diplomacy? 2020
Reviving the Security Function:: EU's Path to Save the JCPOA 2019
RFID:: New “Killer Application” in the ICT World, New Big Brother, or Both? 2009
The Rise of Capacity Mechanisms:: Are They Inevitable in the European Union? 2015
The Rise of the Street:: The Population of Kinshasa as an Unpredictable Actor in the Electoral Process 2016
The Role of Europe in Enhancing Cooperative Security in Asia and the Pacific:: A View from Japan 2013
Rumble in the DR Congo:: President Tshisekedi is taking control 2021
Russian Grand Strategy and how to handle it 2021
Safeguarding the EDTIB:: the Case for Supervising non-EU FDI in the Defence Sector 2012
Secondary sanctions and multilateralism – the way ahead 2021
Security aspects of connectivity 2019
Security Forces’ Strategies of Resistance to Transitional Justice 2019
The slow demise of the ANC:: Political change, economic decline, and state corruption in South Africa 2016
“Stand Firm and Hold the Handrail”:: A Traveller’s Impressions of a Summer of Summitry 2018
The Start-Up Fund – An Elegant Treaty Mechanism for Sustaining Defence Capabilities 2013
Strategic autonomy and EU-NATO Cooperation:: squaring the circle 2017
Strategic Choices for the 2020s 2020
Strategy and the Importance of Defence Cooperation among EU Member States 2010
A Strategy for CSDP Europe’s Ambitions as a Global Security Provider 2010
Strategy Wanted:: The European Union and Strategic Partnerships 2010
The Summit of Our Ambition?: European Defence between Brussels and Wales 2014
Supranational Democracy Adrift?: The 2019 Elections and the Future of Europe 2019
Tackling terror in Africa:: what local roles for insurgency groups? 2014
Time to think about a European Union operated airlift capability? 2015
TINA for Putin — Or is there an alternative? 2021
To Rule The Waves:: Why a Maritime Geostrategy is Needed to Sustain European Union 2010
Toward a meaningful metric:: replacing NATO’s 2% defence spending target 2021
Toward a More Independent Europe 2007
Towards a Belgian Position on Brexit: Actively Reconciling National and European Interests 2017
Towards a new multilateral energy architecture? 2012
Towards cutting-edge European humanitarian leadership 2021
A transition for the citizens?: Ensuring public participation in the European Green Deal 2021
The Treachery of Strategies:: A Call for True EU Strategic Partnerships 2011
Trump, the Middle East, and North Africa:: Just Leave Just Leave Things to the Proxies? 2020
The UK’s foreign and security policy:: what’s at stake in the referendum? 2016
The uncertain promise of hybrid justice in the Central African Republic 2015
Understanding Burundi’s predicament 2015
Untangling Justice, Peace and Amnesties in the Central African Republic 2019
The Value of Power, the Power of Values:: A Call for an EU Grand Strategy 2009
What Belgium Can Do:: Proposals for the National Security Strategy 2021
What can the EU expect from the new Belgian government? 2020
What Could a Geoeconomic EU Look Like in 2020? 2020
What Drives Europeans to Syria, and to IS?: Insights from the Belgian Case 2015
What Is It Like To Be a Non-Permanent Member of The UN Security Council? 2018
What’s in the CARDs? 2019
What’s the ‘Added Value’ of Male Peacekeepers?: (Or — Why We Should Stop Instrumentalising Female Peacekeepers’ Participation) 2020
Where was united Africa in the climate change negotiations? 2010
Which Strategy for CSDP? 2011
Why Belgium Needs a Special Operations Command 2016
Will a European Security Council bring strategic relevance? 2020
Will Only a Green Power Remain Great Power? 2021
With PESCO Brought to Life, Will European Defence Live Happily Ever After? 2017
A World in Flux 2017
‘Worse, Not Better?’: Reinvigorating Early Warning for Conflict Prevention in the Post-Lisbon European Union 2011

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