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Books in JSTOR from Eisenbrauns
316 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
The 2003-2007 Excavations in the Late Roman Fort at Yotvata 2015
According to the Law: Reading Ezra 9-10 as Christian Scripture 2012
Adapa and the South Wind: Language Has the Power of Life and Death 2001
Age of Empires: The History and Administration of Judah in the 8th–2nd Centuries BCE in Light of the Storage-Jar Stamp Impressions 2021
An Akkadian Handbook: Helps, Paradigms, Glossary, Logograms, and Sign List 2014
The Akkadian Verb and Its Semitic Background 2010
All the Boundaries of the Land: The Promised Land in Biblical Thought in Light of the Ancient Near East 2013
The Anatomy of a Mesopotamian City: Survey and Soundings at Mashkan-shapir 2004
Ancient Israel and Its Neighbors: Interaction and Counteraction 2005
Ancient Israel's History and Historiography: The First Temple Period 2006
Archaeology, Bible, Politics, and the Media: Proceedings of the Duke University Conference, April 23-24, 2009 2012
The Archaeology of Israelite Society in Iron Age II 2012
The Archaeology of the Early Islamic Settlement in Palestine 2003
As Above, So Below: Religion and Geography 2021
At the Dawn of History: Ancient Near Eastern Studies in Honour of J. N. Postgate 2017
Baal, St. George, and Khidr: A Study of the Historical Geography of the Levant 2019
Bâb edh-Dhrâ': Excavations at the Town Site (1975–1981), 2 part set: Part 1: Text; Part 2: Plates (including CD-ROM) 2003
Babel und Bibel 3: Annual of Ancient Near Eastern, Old Testament and Semitic Studies 2006
Babel und Bibel 6 2012
Babel und Bibel 8: Studies in Sumerian Language and Literature: Festschrift Joachim Krecher 2014
Babel und Bibel 9: Proceedings of the 6th Biennial Meeting of the International Association for Comparative Semitics and Other Studies 2016
The babilili-Ritual from Hattusa (CTH 718) 2014
Babylonian Creation Myths 2013
Beginning Biblical Hebrew 2003
Between Heaven and Earth: Divine Presence and Absence in the Book of Ezekiel 2000
The Bible and the Ancient Near East: Collected Essays 2002
Biblical Hebrew Grammar Visualized 2012
Biblical Ideas of Nationality, Ancient and Modern 2002
The Biblical Saga of King David 2009
Birkat Shalom: Studies in the Bible, Ancient Near Eastern Literature, and Postbiblical Judaism Presented to Shalom M. Paul on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday 2008
Born in Heaven, Made on Earth: The Making of the Cult Image in the Ancient Near East 1999
Bridging the Gap: Ritual and Ritual Texts in the Bible 2007
Camels in the Biblical World 2021
Canaan in the Second Millennium B.C.E.: Collected Essays, volume 2 2005
A Canonical Exegesis of the Eighth Psalm: YHWH's Maintenance of the Created Order through Divine Reversal 2013
Children in the Ancient Near Eastern Household 2014
Chosen and Unchosen: Conceptions of Election in the Pentateuch and Jewish-Christian Interpretation 2009
Chronicling the Chronicler: The Book of Chronicles and Early Second Temple Historiography 2013
Cities Through the Looking Glass: Essays on the History and Archaeology of Biblical Urbanism 2008
The City of Ugarit at Tell Ras Shamra 2006
Community Identity in Judean Historiography: Biblical and Comparative Perspectives 2009
Comparative Semitic Linguistics: A Manual 1998
The Completion of Judges: Strategies of Ending in Judges 17-21 2017
Conditional Structures in Mesopotamian Old Babylonian 2012
Confronting the Past: Archaeological and Historical Essays on Ancient Israel in Honor of William G. Dever 2006
Constituting the Community: Studies on the Polity of Ancient Israel in Honor of S. Dean McBride, Jr. 2005
The Correspondence of the Kings of Ur: An Epistolary History of an Ancient Mesopotamian Kingdom 2011
Covenant in the Persian Period: From Genesis to Chronicles 2015
Creation and Chaos: A Reconsideration of Hermann Gunkel's Chaoskampf Hypothesis 2013
Creation and Destruction: A Reappraisal of the Chaoskampf Theory in the Old Testament 2005
Creation: Biblical Theologies in the Context of the Ancient Near East 2015
Critical Issues in Early Israelite History 2008
Cult and Character: Purification Offerings, Day of Atonement, and Theodicy 2005
Cuneiform Texts from the Folios of W. G. Lambert, Part Two 2021
Cursed Are You!: The Phenomenology of Cursing in Cuneiform and Hebrew Texts 2014
Daily Life, Materiality, and Complexity in Early Urban Communities of the Southern Levant: Papers in Honor of Walter E. Rast and R. Thomas Schaub 2011
David and Zion: Biblical Studies in Honor of J. J. M. Roberts 2005
Deuteronomic Theology and the Significance of Torah: A Reappraisal 2006
Diachrony in Biblical Hebrew 2012
Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic 2015
“Did I Not Bring Israel Out of Egypt?": Biblical, Archaeological, and Egyptological Perspectives on the Exodus Narratives 2016
Divination as Science: A Workshop on Divination Conducted during the 60th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, Warsaw, 2014 2016
Divination in the Ancient Near East: A Workshop on Divination Conducted during the 54th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, Würzburg, 2008 2014
Divine Doppelgängers: YHWH’s Ancient Look-Alikes 2020
Divine Sabbath Work 2012
Donkeys in the Biblical World: Ceremony and Symbol 2011
Dothan I: Remains from the Tell (1953-1964) 2005
Doubling and Duplicating in the Book of Genesis: Literary and Stylistic Approaches to the Text 2016
Eblaitica: Essays on the Ebla Archives and Eblaite Language, Volume 4 2002
The Economy of Ancient Judah in Its Historical Context 2015
The Eden Narrative: A Literary and Religio-Historical Study of Genesis 2-3 2007
The Edited Bible: The Curious History of the Editor in Biblical Criticism 2006
Elam and Persia 2011
Elementary Education in Early Second Millennium BCE Babylonia 2021
The End of Wisdom: A Reappraisal of the Historical and Canonical Function of Ecclesiastes 2006
Esther: The Outer Narrative and the Hidden Reading 2011
Ethnicity and Identity in Ancient Israel: Prolegomena to the Study of Ethnic Sentiments and Their Expression in the Hebrew Bible 1998
Exploring the Composition of the Pentateuch 2020
“An Eye for Form": Epigraphic Essays in Honor of Frank Moore Cross 2014
The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem: Judah under Babylonian Rule 2005
Family and Household Religion in Ancient Israel and the Levant 2012
Family and Household Religion: Toward a Synthesis of Old Testament Studies, Archaeology, Epigraphy, and Cultural Studies 2014
Fault, Responsibility, and Administrative Law in Late Babylonian Legal Texts 2019
Feasting in the Archaeology and Texts of the Bible and the Ancient Near East 2014
The Fire Signals of Lachish: Studies in the Archaeology and History of Israel in the Late Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Persian Period in Honor of David Ussishkin 2011
First Isaiah and the Disappearance of the Gods 2021
Fishers of Fish and Fishers of Men: Fishing Imagery in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East 2016
Follow the Wise: Studies in Jewish History and Culture in Honor of Lee I. Levine 2010
Forming God: Divine Anthropomorphism in the Pentateuch 2014
Fortune and Misfortune in the Ancient Near East: Proceedings of the 60th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale Warsaw, 21–25 July 2014 2017
From Author to Copyist: Essays on the Composition, Redaction, and Transmission of the Hebrew Bible in Honor of Zipi Talshir 2015
From Cyrus to Alexander: A History of the Persian Empire 2002
From Fratricide to Forgiveness: The Language and Ethics of Anger in Genesis 2011
From the 21st Century B.C. to the 21st Century A.D.: Proceedings of the International Conference on Neo-Sumerian Studies Held in Madrid, 22–24 July 2010 2013
From the Depths of Despair to the Promise of Presence: A Rhetorical Reading of the Book of Joel 2014
From the Mari Archives: An Anthology of Old Babylonian Letters 2015
From the Rivers of Babylon to the Highlands of Judah: Collected Studies on the Restoration Period 2006
From the Workshop of the Mesopotamian Scribe: Literary and Scholarly Texts from the Old Babylonian Period 2020
Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology 2011
Genesis and the Moses Story: Israel's Dual Origins in the Hebrew Bible 2010
Gezer VI: The Objects: The Objects from Phases I and II (1964–74) 2014
Gezer VII: The Middle Bronze and Later Fortifications in Fields II, IV, and VIII: The Middle Bronze and Later Fortifications in Fields II, IV, and VIII 2013
A God So Near: Essays on Old Testament Theology in Honor of Patrick D. Miller 2003
A Grammar of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts, Vol. I: Unis 2017
A Handbook of Biblical Hebrew 2016
A Handbook of Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Near East: Three Thousand Deities of Anatolia, Syria, Israel, Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria, and Elam 2021
A Handbook on Isaiah 1997
A Handbook on Jeremiah 2003
The Historical Jesus in Recent Research 2005
Hittite Studies in Honor of Harry A. Hoffner Jr. on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday 2003
Honor, Shame, and Guilt: Social-Scientific Approaches to the Book of Ezekiel 2016
Hope for a Tender Sprig: Jehoiachin in Biblical Theology 2017
The Horsemen of Israel: Horses and Chariotry in Monarchic Israel (Ninth–Eighth Centuries B.C.E.) 2011
Hostility in the House of God: An Investigation of the Opponents in 1 and 2 Timothy 2016
Humanism, Culture, and Language in the Near East: Studies in Honor of Georg Krotkoff 1997
“I Will Walk Among You": The Rhetorical Function of Allusion to Genesis 1–3 in the Book of Leviticus 2018
I, You, and the Word “God": Finding Meaning in the Song of Songs 2016
Identity in Conflict: The Struggle between Esau and Jacob, Edom and Israel 2016
Identity in Persian Egypt: The Fate of the Yehudite Community of Elephantine 2020
The Ideology of the Book of Chronicles and Its Place in Biblical Thought 2009
If a City Is Set on a Height, Volume 3: The Akkadian Omen Series Shumma Alu ina mele Shakin, Vol. 3: Tablets 41-6 2017
The Image of God in the Garden of Eden: The Creation of Humankind in Genesis 2:5-3:24 in Light of the mīs pî, pīt pî, and wpt-r Rituals of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt 2015
Images of Others: Iconic Politics in Ancient Israel 2008
The Imago Dei as Human Identity: A Theological Interpretation 2016
Imprecation as Divine Discourse: Speech Act Theory, Dual Authorship, and Theological Interpretation 2016
In Pursuit of Meaning: Collected Studies of Baruch A. Levine 2011
In the Beginning: Essays on Creation Motifs in the Ancient Near East and the Bible 2013
Infant Weeping in Akkadian, Hebrew, and Greek Literature 2016
Interpreting Ecclesiastes: Readers Old and New: Readers Old and New 2013
Irenaeus and Genesis: A Study of Competition in Early Christian Hermeneutics 2009
The Iron Age I Structure on Mt. Ebal: Excavation and Interpretation 2012
Is There Theology in the Hebrew Bible? 2015
Israel's Past in Present Research: Essays on Ancient Israelite Historiography 1999
Jacob and the Divine Trickster: A Theology of Deception and Yhwh’s Fidelity to the Ancestral Promise in the Jacob Cycle 2011
Jeremiah: A Study in Ancient Hebrew Rhetoric 1997
Jeremiah's New Covenant: An Augustinian Reading 2011
Jewish Bible Theology: Perspectives and Case Studies 2012
Joel: Scope, Genre(s), and Meaning 2015
Judah and the Judeans in the Achaemenid Period: Negotiating Identity in an International Context 2011
Judah and the Judeans in the Fourth Century B.C.E. 2007
Judah and the Judeans in the Neo-Babylonian Period 2003
Judah and the Judeans in the Persian Period 2006
Ki Baruch Hu: Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and Judaic Studies in Honor of Baruch A. Levine 1999
Knowledge by Ritual: A Biblical Prolegomenon to Sacramental Theology 2016
La famille dans le Proche-Orient ancien: réalités, symbolismes et images: Proceedings of the 55e Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, Paris 2014
Lahav I. Pottery and Politics: The Halif Terrace Site 101 and Egypt in the Fourth Millennium B.C.E. 2009
Lahav II: Households and the Use of Domestic Space at Iron II Tell Halif: An Archaeology of Destruction 2010
Lahav III: The Iron Age II Cemetery at Tell Halif (Site 72) 2013
Lahav IV: The Figurines of Tell Halif 2015
Lahav V: The Iron, Persian, and Hellenistic Occupation within the Walls at Tell Halif: Excavations in Field II: 1977-1980 2015
Lahav VII: Ethnoarchaeology in the Tell Halif Environs: Excavations in Site 1, Complex A, 1976–1979 2018
Lamaštu: An Edition of the Canonical Series of Lamashtu Incantations and Rituals and Related Texts from the Second and First Millennia B.C. 2014
The Lamentation over the Destruction of Ur 2014
The Land Before the Kingdom of Israel: A History of the Southern Levant and the People who Populated It 2016
The Land between Two Rivers: Early Israelite Identities in Central Transjordan 2014
The Land of Canaan and the Destiny of Israel: Theologies of Territory in the Hebrew Bible 2011
Language Change in the Wake of Empire: Syriac in Its Greco-Roman Context 2016
Law and (Dis)Order in the Ancient Near East: Proceedings of the 59th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale Held at Ghent, Belgium, 15–19 July 2013 2021
Law from the Tigris to the Tiber: The Writings of Raymond Westbrook 2009
The Law’s Universal Condemning and Enslaving Power: Reading Paul, the Old Testament, and Second Temple Jewish Literature 2019
Leaders and Legacies in Assyriology and Bible: The Collected Essays of David B. Weisberg 2012
Leaving No Stones Unturned: Essays on the Ancient Near East and Egypt in Honor of Donald P. Hansen 2002
Le-David Maskil: A Birthday Tribute for David Noel Freedman 2004
Legends of the Kings of Akkade: The Texts 1997
Letters to the King of Mari: A New Translation, with Historical Introduction, Notes, and Commentary 2003
Life and Mortality in Ugaritic: A Lexical and Literary Study 2019
The Limits of a Text: Luke 23:34a as a Case Study in Theological Interpretation 2012
Linguistic Studies in Phoenician 2013
Literary Construction of Identity in the Ancient World: Proceedings of the Conference Literary Fiction and the Construction of Identity in Ancient Literatures: Options and Limits of Modern Literary Approach 2010
Literary Motifs and Patterns in the Hebrew Bible: Collected Studies 2013
Literature as Politics, Politics as Literature: Essays on the Ancient Near East in Honor of Peter Machinist 2013
The Making of Many Books: Printed Works on Ecclesiastes 1523—1875 2014
Making Sense of the Divine Name in the Book of Exodus: From Etymology to Literary Onomastics 2017
Male and Female in the Epic of Gilgamesh: Encounters, Literary History, and Interpretation 2015
A Manual of Ugaritic 2009
Marbeh Hokmah: Studies in the Bible and the Ancient Near East in Loving Memory of Victor Avigdor Hurowitz 2015
Material Culture Matters: Essays on the Archaeology of the Southern Levant in Honor of Seymour Gitin 2014
Melchizedek's Alternative Priestly Order: A Compositional Analysis of Genesis 14:18–20 and Its Echoes Throughout the Tanak 2013
Memory and the City in Ancient Israel 2014
A Message from the Great King: Reading Malachi in Light of Ancient Persian Royal Messenger Texts from the Time of Xerxes 2015
Middle Babylonian Texts in the Cornell Collections, Part 2: The Earlier Kings 2020
Milk and Honey: Essays on Ancient Israel and the Bible in Appreciation of the Judaic Studies Program at the University of California, San Diego 2007
Mishneh Todah: Studies in Deuteronomy and Its Cultural Environment in Honor of Jeffrey H. Tigay 2009
A Monetary and Political History of the Phoenician City of Byblos in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries B.C.E. 2014
Mood and Modality in Hurrian 2015
A More Perfect Torah: At the Intersection of Philology and Hermeneutics in Deuteronomy and the Temple Scroll 2013
Morphologies of Asia and Africa 2007
Most Probably: Epistemic Modality in Old Babylonian 2012
Near Eastern Archaeology: A Reader 2003
The Nesbit Tablets 2016
A New Look at Atonement in Leviticus: The Meaning and Purpose of Kipper Revisited 2019
No Stone Unturned: Greek Inscriptions and Septuagint Vocabulary 2014
Oath Formulas in Biblical Hebrew 2011
Of Courtiers and Kings: The Biblical Daniel Narratives and Ancient Story-Collections 2013
The Old Testament in the Life of God's People: Essays in Honor of Elmer A. Martens 2009
Old Testament Theology: Flowering and Future 2004
Organization, Representation, and Symbols of Power in the Ancient Near East: Proceedings of the 54th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale at Würzburg, 20–25 July 2008 2012
Patients and Performative Identities: At the Intersection of the Mesopotamian Technical Disciplines and Their Clients 2020
Patterns of Destiny: Narrative Structures of Foundation and Doom in the Hebrew Bible 2002
Paul and His Mortality: Imitating Christ in the Face of Death 2015
The Pentateuch as Torah: New Models for Understanding Its Promulgation and Acceptance 2007
Perspectives on the History of Ancient Near Eastern Studies 2020
Pharaonic Inscriptions from the Southern Eastern Desert of Egypt 2008
Phoenicia: Episodes and Anecdotes from the Ancient Mediterranean 2014
The Phoenician Diaspora: Epigraphic and Historical Studies 2012
The Phoenicians in Spain: An Archaeological Review of the Eighth-Sixth Centuries B.C.E. -- A Collection of Articles Translated from Spanish 2002
Phonology and Morphology of Biblical Hebrew: An Introduction 2010
Poetic Astronomy in the Ancient Near East: The Reflexes of Celestial Science in Ancient Mesopotamian, Ugaritic, and Israelite Narrative 2013
Poetic Imagination in Proverbs: Variant Repetitions and the Nature of Poetry 2013
Poets Before Homer: Collected Essays on Ancient Literature 2015
The Priest and the Great King: Temple-Palace Relations in the Persian Empire 2004
The Private Lives of Women in Persian Egypt 2013
Proceedings of the 53e Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale: Vol. 1: Language in the Ancient Near East (2 parts) 2010
The Prophets of Israel 2015
Prophets, Prophecy, and Ancient Israelite Historiography 2013
Psalm 119: The Exaltation of Torah 1999
Raising Up a Faithful Exegete: Essays in Honor of Richard D. Nelson 2010
Ramat Raḥel IV: The Renewed Excavations by the Tel Aviv–Heidelberg Expedition (2005–2010): Stratigraphy and Architecture 2020
Ramat Raḥel VI: The Renewed Excavations by the Tel Aviv–Heidelberg Expedition (2005–2010). The Babylonian-Persian Pit 2021
Reading Joshua as Christian Scripture 2010
Reading the Book of Jeremiah: A Search for Coherence 2004
Reading the Way to Heaven: A Wesleyan Theological Hermeneutic of Scripture 2014
Reading with the Faithful: Interpretation of True and False Prophecy in the Book of Jeremiah from Ancient to Modern Times 2013
Recent Developments in Hittite Archaeology and History: Papers in Memory of Hans G. Guterbock 2002
Reconsidering Creation Ex Nihilo in Genesis 1 2020
The Reconstructed Chronology of the Divided Kingdom 2005
Reconstructing Jerusalem: Persian Period Prophetic Perspectives 2016
Reframing Biblical Studies: When Language and Text Meet Culture, Cognition, and Context 2009
The Relative Clause in Biblical Hebrew 2016
Reports from a Scholar's Life: Select Papers on the Hebrew Bible 2015
Representations of Political Power: Case Histories from Times of Change and Dissolving Order in the Ancient Near East 2007
The Reshaping of Ancient Israelite History in Chronicles 2012
The Retelling of Chronicles in Jewish Tradition and Literature: A Historical Journey 2009
The Rhetoric of Remembrance: An Investigation of the Fathers in Deuteronomy 2012
Riches Hidden in Secret Places: Ancient Near Eastern Studies in Memory of Thorkild Jacobsen 2002
Ritual in Narrative: The Dynamics of Feasting, Mourning, and Retaliation Rites in the Ugaritic Tale of Aqhat 2001
The Royal Inscriptions of Amēl-Marduk (561–560 BC), Neriglissar (559–556 BC), and Nabonidus (555–539 BC), Kings of Babylon 2020
The Royal Inscriptions of Esarhaddon, King of Assyria (680-669 BC) 2011
The Royal Inscriptions of Sargon II, King of Assyria (721–705 BC) 2021
The Royal Inscriptions of Sennacherib, King of Assyria (704-681 BC), Part 1 2012
The Royal Inscriptions of Tiglath-Pileser III (744-727 BC) and Shalmaneser V (726-722 BC), Kings of Assyria 2011
Royal Statuary of Early Dynastic Mesopotamia 2006
Run, David, Run!: An Investigation of the Theological Speech Acts of David's Departure and Return (2 Samuel 14–20) 2013
Sacred History, Sacred Literature: Essays on Ancient Israel, the Bible, and Religion in Honor of R. E. Friedman on His Sixtieth Birthday 2008
Sacred Killing: The Archaeology of Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East 2012
Sacred Marriages: The Divine-Human Sexual Metaphor from Sumer to Early Christianity 2008
Sacred Ritual: A Study of the West Semitic Ritual Calendars in Leviticus 23 and the Akkadian Text Emar 446 2014
Sacred Time, Sacred Place: Archaeology and the Religion of Israel 2002
The Sacrificial Economy: Assessors, Contractors, and Thieves in the Management of Sacrificial Sheep at the Eanna Temple of Uruk (ca. 625–520 B.C.) 2014
Scribal Tools in Ancient Israel: A Study of Biblical Hebrew Terms for Writing Materials and Implements 2020
Scripture and Its Readers: Readings of Israel's Story in Nehemiah 9, Ezekiel 20, and Acts 7 2015
“See and Read All These Words": The Concept of the Written in the Book of Jeremiah 2016
Seeking Out the Wisdom of the Ancients: Essays Offered to Honor Michael V. Fox on the Occasion of His Sixty-Fifth Birthday 2005
Sefer Moshe: The Moshe Weinfeld Jubilee Volume: Studies in the Bible and the Ancient Near East, Qumran, and Post-Biblical Judaism 2004
Sepphoris I: The Pottery from Ancient Sepphoris 2013
Sepphoris II: The Clay Lamps of Ancient Sepphoris 2016
"Seventy-Sevens Are Decreed": A Canonical Approach to Daniel 9:24–27 2016
A Severe Mercy: Sin and Its Remedy in the Old Testament 2009
Shall Not the Judge of All the Earth Do What is Right?: Studies on the Nature of God in Tribute to James L. Crenshaw 2000
The Shape of the Writings 2015
The Shephelah during the Iron Age: Recent Archaeological Studies 2017
Signs of Continuity: The Function of Miracles in Jesus and Paul 2019
Socoh of the Judean Shephelah: The 2010 Survey 2017
Son of God: Divine Sonship in Jewish and Christian Antiquity 2019
Standing in the Breach: An Old Testament Theology and Spirituality of Intercessory Prayer 2015
The Storm-God in the Ancient Near East 2003
Strings and Threads: A Celebration of the Work of Anne Draffkorn Kilmer 2011
Studies in the Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to the Hebrew Old Testament Text Project 2012
Symbiosis, Symbolism, and the Power of the Past: Canaan, Ancient Israel, and Their Neighbors, from the Late Bronze Age through Roman Palaestina 2003
The Syntax of Volitives in Biblical Hebrew and Amarna Canaanite Prose 2014
The Tall al-Hammam Excavations, Volume 1: An Introduction to Tall al-Hammam: Seven Seasons (2005–2011) of Ceramics and Eight Seasons (2005–2012) of Artifacts from Tall al-Hammam 2015
Tehillah le-Moshe: Biblical and Judaic Studies in Honor of Moshe Greenberg 1997
Tel Beth-Shemesh: A Border Community in Judah: Renewed Excavations 1990–2000: The Iron Age 2016
Tel Malhata: A Central City in the Biblical Negev 2015
Temples and Sanctuaries from the Early Iron Age Levant: Recovery After Collapse 2012
Text and Canon of the Hebrew Bible: Collected Studies 2010
Text and History: Historiography and the Study of the Biblical Text 2005
Text and Ritual in the Pentateuch: A Systematic and Comparative Approach 2021
Textbook of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea, volume 1: 401 Commodity Chits 2020
Textbook of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea, volume 2: Dossiers 11-50: 263 Commodity Chits 2016
Textbook of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea, volume 3 2018
Textbook of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea, volume 4 2020
The Text-Critical Use of the Septuagint in Biblical Research 2015
A Theology of Justice in Exodus 2020
“Thus Speaks Ishtar of Arbela": Prophecy in Israel, Assyria, and Egypt in the Neo-Assyrian Period 2013
Time and History in the Ancient Near East: Proceedings of the 56th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, Barcelona, July 26th-30th, 2010 2013
Time and the Biblical Hebrew Verb: The Expression of Tense, Aspect, and Modality in Biblical Hebrew 2012
Time at Emar: The Cultic Calendar and the Rituals from the Diviner's Archive 2000
Times of Transition: Judea in the Early Hellenistic Period 2021
“Too Much to Grasp": Exodus 3:13-15 and the Reality of God 2015
Toward a Poetics of Genesis 1-11: Reading Genesis 4:17-22 in Its Near Eastern Context 2013
Toward an Interpretation of the Book of Proverbs: Selfishness and Secularity Reconsidered 2013
Tradition and Innovation in the Ancient Near East: Proceedings of the 57th Rencontre Assyriologique International at Rome, 4-8 July 2011 2015
Trinity, Economy, and Scripture: Recovering Didymus the Blind 2015
Ugarit at Seventy-Five 2007
Umma Messenger Texts from Harvard and the YBC, Part 1 2015
Unearthing Jerusalem: 150 Years of Archaeological Research in the Holy City 2011
Ur III Texts in the Schøyen Collection 2020
Ur in the Twenty-First Century CE: Proceedings of the 62nd Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale at Philadelphia, July 11–15, 2016 2021
The Verb in the Amarna Letters from Canaan 2016
The Verbless Clause in Biblical Hebrew: Linguistic Approaches 1999
A Voice Without End: The Role of David in Psalms 3–14 2021
War in the Bible and Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century 2008
Wealth in Ancient Ephesus and the First Letter to Timothy: Fresh Insights from Ephesiaca by Xenophon of Ephesus 2015
What Are the Stones Whispering?: Ramat Raḥel: 3,000 Years of Forgotten History 2017
What Kind of God?: Collected Essays of Terence E. Fretheim 2015
What Was Authoritative for Chronicles? 2011
The Wilderness Itineraries: Genre, Geography, and the Growth of Torah 2011
Windows to the Ancient World of the Hebrew Bible: Essays in Honor of Samuel Greengus 2014
Word Order in the Biblical Hebrew Finite Clause: A Syntactic and Pragmatic Analysis of Preposing 2010
The Words of the Wise Are like Goads: Engaging Qohelet in the 21st Century 2013
Wrestling with the Violence of God: Soundings in the Old Testament 2015
The Writing on the Wall: Studies in the Architectural Context of Late Assyrian Palace Inscriptions 1999
Yahweh's Coming of Age 2011
The Yahwist: A Historian of Israelite Origins 2013
The Yehud Stamp Impressions: A Corpus of Inscribed Impressions from the Persian and Hellenistic Periods in Judah 2011