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Energy Policy Research Group, University of Cambridge

Research Reports in JSTOR from Energy Policy Research Group, University of Cambridge
263 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
2013 EPRG Public Opinion Survey:: Smart Energy — Attitudes and Behaviours 2013
Addressing self-disconnection among prepayment energy consumers:: A behavioural approach 2013
Applying Bayesian Model Averaging to Characterise Urban Residential Stock Turnover Dynamics 2019
Are Consumers Willing to Pay for Industrial Decarbonisation?: Evidence from a Discrete Choice Experiment on Green Plastics 2020
Assessing Market Power in the Italian Electricity Market:: A synthetic supply approach 2019
Bargaining Practice and Negotiation Failure in Russia-Ukraine Gas Relations 2015
The benefits of integrating European electricity markets 2015
Border Carbon Adjustments and Industrial Competitiveness in a European Green Deal 2020
Can current electricity markets cope with high shares of renewables?: A comparison of approaches in Germany, the UK and the State of New York 2015
Can wholesale electricity prices support “subsidy-free” generation investment in Europe? 2019
Capacity market design options:: a dynamic capacity investment model and a GB case study 2015
Capacity mechanisms and the technology mix in competitive electricity markets 2019
Capacity vs Energy Subsidies for Renewables:: Benefits and Costs for the 2030 EU Power Market 2019
Carbon cost pass-through in industrial sectors 2019
Carbon pricing and the elasticity of CO2 emissions 2020
Caught Between Theory and Practice:: Government, Market and Regulatory Failures in Electricity Sector Reforms 2013
Causal Tree Estimation of Heterogeneous Household Response to Time-Of-Use Electricity Pricing Schemes 2019
Central- versus Self-Dispatch in Electricity Markets 2019
Challenges to the Future of European Single Market in Natural Gas 2019
China’s Energy Law Draft and the Reform of its Electricity Supply Sector 2020
China’s Response to Nuclear Safety Post-Fukushima:: Genuine or Rhetoric? 2018
China’s road to a global scientific powerhouse 2014
Climate Change Mitigation Policies:: Aggregate and Distributional Effects 2021
Climate targets, executive compensation, and corporate strategy 2020
Club goods and a tragedy of the commons:: the Clean Energy Package and wind curtailment 2021
The CMA’s assessment of customer detriment in the GB retail energy market 2018
The CMA’s assessment of customer detriment in the UK retail energy market 2020
A comparison of public preferences for different low-carbon energy technologies:: Support for CCS, nuclear and wind energy in the United Kingdom 2018
The competition assessment framework for the retail energy sector:: some concerns about the proposed interpretation 2014
Competition in Markets for Ancillary Services?: The implications of rising distributed generation 2019
Consumer Engagement in Energy Markets:: The Role of Information and Knowledge 2018
Contracting in a market with differential information 2016
Contractual Framework for the Devolution of System Balancing Responsibility from the Transmission System Operator to Distribution System Operators 2017
The contribution of taxes, subsidies and regulations to British electricity decarbonisation 2021
Corporate lobbying for environmental protection 2017
The cost of CO2 abatement from Britain’s only PWR:: Sizewell B 2020
The Cost of Trade Distortion:: Britain’s Carbon Price Support and Cross-border Electricity Trade 2020
The cost of uncoupling GB interconnectors 2021
Cost Pass-through in the British Wholesale Electricity Market:: Implications of Brexit and the ETS reform 2019
Cost trajectories of low carbon electricity generation technologies in the UK:: A study of cost uncertainty 2015
Country-Specific Oil Supply Shocks and the Global Economy:: A Counterfactual Analysis 2015
A deep-narrative analysis of energy cultures in slum rehabilitation housing of Abuja, Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro for just policy design 2020
Deploying gas power with CCS:: The role of operational flexibility, merit order and the future energy system 2018
Designing an electricity wholesale market to accommodate significant renewables penetration:: Lessons from Britain 2017
Designing efficient Renewable Electricity Support Schemes 2021
Determinants of Investment under Incentive Regulation:: The Case of the Norwegian Electricity Distribution Networks 2013
Determining the optimal length of regulatory guarantee:: A Length-of-Contract Auction 2013
Developing a generic System Dynamics model for building stock transformation towards energy efficiency and low-carbon development 2020
Digitalisation and New Business Models in Energy Sector 2019
The Direct Costs and Benefits of US Electric Utility Divestitures 2015
Distributed Generation:: Opportunities for Distribution Network Operators, Wider Society and Generators 2015
Distributed Generation, Storage, Demand Response, and Energy Efficiency as Alternatives to Grid Capacity Enhancement 2013
Does competition increase pass-through? 2019
Does environmental heterogeneity affect the productive efficiency of grid utilities in China? 2018
Does risk aversion affect transmission and generation planning?: A Western North America case study 2016
Does the Social Cost of Carbon Matter?:: An Assessment of U.S. Policy 2013
Does Weather Have an Impact on Electricity Distribution Efficiency?: Evidence from South America 2014
Dynamic Efficiency and Incentive Regulation:: An Application to Electricity Distribution Networks 2014
Economic Assessment of Using Electric Vehicles and Batteries as Domestic Storage Units in the United Kingdom 2018
The Economic Consequences of Brexit:: Energy 2017
The Economic Costs of Unsupplied Electricity:: Evidence from Backup Generation among African Firms 2013
Economic dispatch in the electricity sector in China:: potential benefits and challenges ahead 2018
Economic Efficiency of Alternative Border Carbon Adjustment Schemes:: A Case Study of California Carbon Pricing and the Western North American Power Market 2020
Economic zones for future complex power systems 2016
The economics of air pollution from fossil fuels 2017
The economics of global LNG trade:: the case of Atlantic and Pacific inter-basin arbitrage in 2010-2014 2016
Efficiency and Environmental Factors in the US Electricity Transmission Industry 2013
Electric Power Distribution in the World:: Today and Tomorrow 2018
Electricity Demand and Basic Needs:: Empirical Evidence from China’s Households 2014
Electricity Market Integration, Decarbonisation and Security of Supply:: Dynamic Volatility Connectedness in the Irish and Great Britain Markets 2020
Electricity markets:: Designing auctions where suppliers have uncertain costs 2015
Electricity Network Charging for Flexibility 2016
Electrification and Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women in India 2020
Electrification and Welfare for the Marginalized:: Evidence from India 2021
Elecxit:: The Cost of Bilaterally Uncoupling British-EU Electricity Trade 2019
Energy and the Military:: Convergence of Security, Economic, and Environmental Decision-Making 2017
Energy Efficiency and Rebound Effect in European Road Freight Transport 2016
Energy Efficiency in Market versus Planned Economies:: Evidence from Transition Countries 2013
Energy subsidies at times of economic crisis:: A comparative study and scenario analysis of Italy and Spain 2016
Energy Systems Integration:: Economics of a New Paradigm 2019
Equilibrium supply security in a multinational electricity market with renewable production 2017
Estimating Lifetimes and Stock Turnover Dynamics of Urban Residential Buildings in China 2019
EU Gas Supply Security:: Unfinished Business 2013
European Gas Markets, Trading Hubs, and Price Formation:: A Network Perspective 2019
European Industrial Energy Intensity:: The Role of Innovation 1995-2009 2018
The European Single Market in Electricity:: An Economic Assessment 2018
Exploring public support for climate action and renewables in resource-rich economies:: The case of Scotland 2019
The Final Hurdle?:: Security of supply, the Capacity Mechanism and the role of interconnectors 2014
Financing low-carbon generation in the UK:: The hybrid RAB model 2019
Finding the Optimal Approach for Allocating and Realising Distribution System Capacity:: Deciding between Interruptible Connections and Firm DG Connections 2013
Flexible Mixed Logit with Posterior Analysis:: Eliciting Willingness to Pay for Grid Resilience 2016
Forecasting Urban Residential Stock Turnover Dynamics using System Dynamics and Bayesian Model Averaging 2020
Fuel Panics: insights from spatial agent-based simulation 2013
Fuel Poverty and Well-Being:: A Consumer Theory and Stochastic Frontier Approach 2016
A future auction mechanism for distributed generation 2016
Generalized linear competition:: From pass-through to policy 2020
A Global Carbon Market? 2016
Global carbon price asymmetry 2020
Going beyond default intensities in an EU carbon border adjustment mechanism 2020
Gone with the wind:: an empirical analysis of the renewable energy rent transfer 2017
Harnessing the Ring of Fire:: Political economy of clean energy development finance on geothermal development in Indonesia and the Philippines 2018
Hayek and the Texas blackout 2021
How BLUE is the Sky?: Estimating the Air Quality Data in Beijing During the Blue Sky Day Period (2008-2012) by the Bayesian LSTM Approach 2019
How does renewables competition affect forward contracting in electricity markets? 2016
How to judge whether supporting solar PV is justified 2017
Identifying innovative actors in the Electricity Supply Industry using machine learning:: an application to UK patent data 2020
Identifying residential consumption patterns using data-mining techniques:: A large-scale study of smart meter data in Chengdu, China 2021
The impact of a Carbon Tax on the CO2 emissions reduction of wind 2019
The impact of PVs and EVs on Domestic Electricity Network Charges:: a case study from Great Britain 2018
Implications of the National Energy and Climate Plans for the Single Electricity Market of the island of Ireland 2020
Improving Decision Making for Public R&D Investment in Energy:: Utilizing Expert Elicitation in Parametric Models 2016
In Search of ‘Good’ Energy Policy:: The Social Limits to Technological Solutions to Energy and Climate Problems 2015
Incentive Regulation and Utility Benchmarking for Electricity Network Security 2014
Increase-Decrease Game under Imperfect Competition in Two-stage Zonal Power Markets - Part I:: Concept Analysis 2018
Increase-Decrease Game under Imperfect Competition in Two-stage Zonal Power Markets - Part II:: Solution Algorithm 2018
Inefficiency persistence and heterogeneity in Colombian electricity distribution utilities 2014
Institutional arrangements for the promotion of regional integration of electricity markets:: International Experience 2014
Institutions and Performance of Regulated Firms:: Evidence from Electric Utilities in the Indian States 2018
Integrating Distributed Generation:: Regulation and Trends in Three Leading Countries 2014
International spillovers and carbon pricing Policies 2018
Intraday Markets for Power:: Discretizing the Continuous Trading 2016
Is the depressive effect of renewables on power prices contagious?: A cross border econometric analysis 2015
Is the NEM broken?: Policy discontinuity and the 2017-2020 investment megacycle 2020
Issues and Options in the Economic Regulation of European Network Security 2014
It’s the Society, Stupid!: Communicating Emergent Climate Technologies in the Internet Age 2016
The Japanese Electricity System 15 months After March 11th 2011 2014
Lessons from Australia’s National Electricity Market 1998-2018:: the strengths and weaknesses of the reform experience 2019
Local Energy Policy and Managing Low Carbon Transition:: The Case of Leicester 2013
The long-run equilibrium impact of intermittent renewables on wholesale electricity prices 2016
Long-Term Macroeconomic Effects of Climate Change:: A Cross-Country Analysis 2019
Machine Learning on residential electricity consumption:: Which households are more responsive to weather? 2021
Managerial interpretation and innovation in the context of climate change 2015
Mandatory vs Voluntary Payment for Green Electricity 2013
Market design for a high-renewables European electricity system 2017
Market power and long-term gas contracts:: the case of Gazprom in Central and Eastern European Gas Markets 2021
Market Power and Price Exposure:: Learning from Changes in Renewables Regulation 2021
Market Power in the Capacity Market?: The Case of Ireland 2017
Market power issues in the reformed Russian electricity supply industry 2013
Markets and long-term contracts:: The case of Russian gas supplies to Europe 2015
Measuring Energy Security 2013
Measuring inefficiency in international electricity trading 2019
Measuring the Impact of Electricity Market Reform in a Chinese Context 2021
Melting-pots and salad bowls:: the current debate on electricity market design for RES integration 2013
Merchant renewables and the valuation of peaking plant in energy-only markets 2020
Merchant utilities and boundaries of the firm:: vertical integration in energy-only markets 2020
Missing Money and Missing Markets:: Reliability, Capacity Auctions and Interconnectors 2015
Missing money, missing policy and Resource Adequacy in Australia’s National Electricity Market 2018
Network Procurement Auctions 2013
Network Utilities Performance and Institutional Quality:: Evidence from the Italian Electricity Sector 2019
A novel machine learning approach for identifying the drivers of domestic electricity users’ price responsiveness 2018
Nuclear Energy Policy in the United States 1990-2010:: A Federal or State Responsibility? 2013
Objective vs. Subjective Fuel Poverty and Self-Assessed Health 2018
Oil, Volatility and Institutions:: Cross-Country Evidence from Major Oil Producers 2015
On entry cost dynamics in Australia’s National Electricity Market 2018
On Green Growth with Sustainable Capital 2020
On the impact of government-initiated CfD’s in Australia’s National Electricity Market 2019
On the viability of energy communities 2017
Online reviews and customer satisfaction:: The use of Trustpilot by UK retail energy suppliers and three other sectors 2020
OPEC vs US shale oil:: Analyzing the shift to a market-share strategy 2016
Optimal Power Generation Portfolios with Renewables:: An Application to the UK 2016
An Overall Customer Satisfaction score for GB energy suppliers 2020
Overcoming barriers to electrical energy storage:: Comparing California and Europe 2016
Overlapping Climate Policies 2020
An overview of the electrification of residential and commercial heating and cooling and prospects for decarbonisation 2020
Ownership Unbundling of Electricity Distribution Networks 2019
Pass-through, profits and the political economy of regulation 2018
Platform markets and energy services 2013
Policies for decarbonizing a liberalized power sector 2016
The Political Economy of Carbon Pricing:: a Panel Analysis 2016
Political Economy of Reform and Regulation in the Electricity Sector of Sub-Saharan Africa 2019
Political ideology and public views of the energy transition in Australia and the UK 2021
A Portfolio approach to wind and solar deployment in Australia 2020
Price discrimination and limits to arbitrage in global LNG markets 2013
Price discrimination and the modes of failure in deregulated retail electricity markets 2018
Price Instability in Multi-Unit Auctions 2015
Price Volatility and Demand for Oil:: A Comparative Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries 2015
Pricing electricity and supporting renewables in Heavily Energy Subsidized Economies 2016
Pricing in Day-Ahead Electricity Markets with Near-Optimal Unit Commitment 2018
A Primer on Capacity Mechanisms 2018
The prisoner’s dilemma in Cournot models:: when endogenizing the level of competition leads to competitive behaviors. 2016
The private and social value of British electrical interconnectors 2019
Pro-competitive rationing in multi-unit auctions 2014
Production efficiency of nodal and zonal pricing in imperfectly competitive electricity markets 2019
The Productivity Puzzle in Network Industries:: Evidence from the Energy Sector 2020
Promoting or restricting competition?:: Regulation of the UK retail residential energy market since 2008 2014
The prospects for smart energy prices:: observations from 50 years of residential pricing for fixed line telecoms and electricity 2016
Public Engagement in Electricity Network Development:: A Case Study of the Beauly–Denny Project in Scotland 2015
Questioning the EU Target Electricity Model – how should it be adapted to deliver the Trilemma? 2016
The race to solve the sustainable transport problem via carbon-neutral synthetic fuels and battery electric vehicles 2017
Reactive Power Procurement:: Lessons from Three Leading Countries 2018
Reform of the Coal Sector in an Open Economy:: The Case of China 2014
Reforming the Chinese Electricity Supply Sector:: Lessons from International Experience 2017
Reforming UK energy policy to live within its means 2015
Regional Differences in Economic Impacts of Power Outages in Finland 2018
Regulated electricity networks, investment mistakes in retrospect and stranded assets under uncertainty 2018
Regulating the Electricity System Operator:: Lessons for Great Britain from around the world 2017
Renewable Energy Zones in Australia’s National Electricity Market 2021
Restructuring the Chinese Electricity Supply Sector:: An assessment of the market pilot in Guangdong Province 2018
Restructuring the Chinese Electricity Supply Sector - How industrial electricity prices are determined in a liberalized power market:: lessons from Great Britain 2018
A review of challenges from increasing renewable generation in the Indian Power System 2020
Rising Temperatures, Falling Ratings:: The Effect of Climate Change on Sovereign Creditworthiness 2021
Risk trading in capacity equilibrium models 2018
The robustness of industrial commodity oligopoly pricing strategies 2015
Robustness of various capacity mechanisms to regulatory errors 2012
The Role of Distribution Network Operators in Promoting Cost-Effective Distributed Generation:: Lessons from the United States for Europe 2014
The role of expectations for market design — on structural regulatory uncertainty in electricity markets 2019
The Russian electricity supply industry:: from reform to reform? 2013
Scotland, Nuclear Energy Policy and Independence 2014
Seasonal Flexibility in the European Natural Gas Market 2019
Sector Reforms and Institutional Corruption:: Evidence from Electricity Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa 2018
Shadow Pricing of Electric Power Interruptions for Distribution System Operators in Finland 2018
Should the EU ETS be extended to road transport and heating fuels? 2021
The Simple Economics of Asymmetric Cost Pass-Through 2015
A simple introduction to the economics of storage:: shifting demand and supply over time and space 2016
Simulation and Evaluation of Zonal Electricity Market Designs 2018
The Siting of UK Nuclear Power Installations 2013
Small Systems, Big Targets:: Power Sector Reforms and Renewable Energy Development in Small Electricity Systems 2017
A Social Cost Benefit Analysis of Grid-Scale Electrical Energy Storage Projects:: Evaluating the Smarter Network Storage Project 2017
Social Effects in the Diffusion of Solar Photovoltaic Technology in the UK 2014
Socially inclusive renewable energy transition in sub-Saharan Africa:: A social shaping of technology analysis of appliance uptake in Rwanda 2020
Socially Responsible Investment and Market Performance:: The Case of Energy and Resource Firms 2016
Stability versus Sustainability:: Energy Policy in the Gulf Monarchies 2013
Stakeholder Views on Interactions between Low-carbon Policies and Carbon Markets in China:: Lessons from the Guangdong ETS 2018
Storage Business Models:: Lessons for Electricity from Natural Gas, Cloud Data and Frozen Food 2018
Storing Power:: Market Structure Matters 2020
Strategic behaviour in a capacity market?: The new Irish electricity market design 2018
Strategic investment and international spillovers in natural gas markets 2015
Strategic Reserves versus Market-wide Capacity Mechanisms 2021
The strategic robustness of mark-up equilibria 2013
Strategies for Financing Large-scale Carbon Capture and Storage Power Plants in China 2014
Strengths and Weaknesses of the British Market Model 2019
Supply function equilibria in transportation networks 2014
Sustainable Electricity Grid Development and the Public:: An Economic Approach 2014
A System Dynamics Study of Uranium and the Nuclear Fuel Cycle 2013
A system operator’s utility function for the frequency response market 2017
Systems Innovation, Inertia and Pliability:: A mathematical exploration with implications for climate change abatement 2018
Techno-economic study of output-flexible light water nuclear reactor systems with cryogenic energy storage 2020
Transport policy for a post-Covid UK 2020
Trust and European-Russian Energy Cooperation:: The Case of Oil and Gas Partnerships and Long-term Contracts 2014
Trust and Norwegian-Russian Energy Relations 2014
Trust in Government and Effective Nuclear Safety Governance in Great Britain 2018
UK Electricity Market Reform and the Energy Transition:: Emerging Lessons 2018
Understanding best practice regarding interruptible connections for wind generation:: lessons from national and international experience 2013
Understanding overlapping policies:: Internal carbon leakage and the punctured waterbed 2019
Unintended consequences:: The snowball effect of energy communities 2018
A Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch Model of the GB Electricity Market – Formulation and Application to Hydro Pumped Storage 2019
The U.S. Oil Supply Revolution and the Global Economy 2016
Using a spatial econometric approach to mitigate omitted variables in stochastic frontier models:: An application to Norwegian electricity distribution networks 2016
Utilities Governance, Incentives, and Performance:: Evidence from the Water Sector in India 2018
A VCG Auction for Electricity Storage 2016
Vulnerable households and fuel poverty:: policy targeting efficiency in Australia’s National Electricity Market 2021
What does the power outage on 9 August 2019 tell us about GB power system 2020
What effect has the 2015 power market reform had on power prices in China?: Evidence from Guangdong and Zhejiang 2020
What future(s) for liberalized electricity markets:: efficient, equitable or innovative? 2017
What is the effect of weather on household electricity consumption?: Empirical evidence from Ireland 2021
What is the target battery cost at which Battery Electric Vehicles are socially cost competitive? 2014
What Predicts Government Trustworthiness in Cross-border HK-Guangdong Nuclear Safety Emergency Governance? 2019
When is a carbon price floor desirable? 2018
Which Smart Electricity Service Contracts Will Consumers Accept?: The demand for compensation in a platform market 2016
Why Do More British Consumers Not Switch Energy Suppliers?: The Role of Individual Attitudes 2015
Willingness to Pay for Better Air Quality:: The case of China 2020