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Edinburgh University Press

Publisher Description

Edinburgh University Press is the premier scholarly publisher in Scotland of academic books and journals and one of the leading university presses in the UK. Founded over fifty years ago, Edinburgh University Press became a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Edinburgh in 1992. Books and journals published by the Press carry the imprimatur of one of Britain's oldest and most distinguished centres of learning and enjoy the highest academic standards through the scholarly appraisal of the Press Committee. In 2004, EUP was awarded charitable status. EUP has a significant journal and book publishing programme, with 120 new books and more than 30 journals published each year. More information is available at

Books in JSTOR from Edinburgh University Press
2539 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
1895: Drama, Disaster and Disgrace in Late Victorian Britain 2011
The 21st-Century Novel: Notes from the Edinburgh World Writers' Conference 2014
The 3 Estaites: The Millennium Version 2002
9/11 and the Literature of Terror 2011
9/11 and the War on Terror 2008
Abbas Kiarostami and Film-Philosophy 2017
About Time: Narrative, Fiction and the Philosophy of Time 2007
Academic General Practice in the UK Medical Schools, 1948-2000: A Short History 2011
Academic Patronage in the Scottish Enlightenment: Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities 2008
Acinemas: Lyotard's Philosophy of Film 2017
Acting Across Borders: Mobility and Identity in Italian Cinema 2021
Active Citizenship: What Could it Achieve and How? 2010
The Acts of Alexander III King of Scots 1249 -1286: Regesta Regum Scottorum Vol 4 Part 1 2012
The Acts of David II, King of Scots 1329-1371 1982
The Acts of Malcolm IV (1153-1165) 1960
The Acts of Robert I, King of Scots 1306-1329 1988
The Acts of William I (1165-1214) 1971
Adam Smith and Rousseau: Ethics, Politics, Economics 2018
Adam Smith, Radical and Egalitarian: An Interpretation for the 21st Century 2006
Addicted to Profit: Reclaiming Our Lives from the Free Market 2012
The Administration of Justice in Medieval Egypt: From the 7th to the 12th Century 2020
The Advance of African Capital: The Growth of Nigerian Private Enterprise 1994
Advanced English-Arabic Translation: A Practical Guide 2014
Advances and Innovations in University Assessment and Feedback 2014
Adventures in Transcendental Materialism: Dialogues with Contemporary Thinkers 2014
Aesthetics A–Z 2010
Aesthetics, Ethics and Trauma in the Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar 2017
Aesthetics of the Natural Environment 2003
Affect and Attention After Deleuze and Whitehead: Ecological Attunement 2021
Affective Intensities and Evolving Horror Forms 2020
Affects, Actions and Passions in Spinoza: The Unity of Body and Mind 2018
Affirming Divergence: Deleuze's Reading of Leibniz 2018
African, American and European Trajectories of Modernity: Past Oppression, Future Justice? 2015
African American Studies 2010
African American Studies 2021
African Filmmaking: North and South of the Sahara 2006
An African Niche Economy: Farming to Feed Ibadan 1997
African Philosophy in Search of Identity 1994
Afromodernisms: Paris, Harlem and the Avant-Garde 2013
The Afterlives of Georges Perec 2017
Against Continuity: Gilles Deleuze's Speculative Realism 2019
Agamben and Colonialism 2012
Agamben and Politics: A Critical Introduction 2014
Agamben and Radical Politics 2016
The Agamben Dictionary 2011
Agamben's Philosophical Trajectory 2020
The Age of Empires: Mesopotamia in the first millennium BC 2004
Age of Rogues: Rebels, Revolutionaries and Racketeers at the Frontiers of Empires 2021
Ageing in the Modern Arabic Novel 2020
Agriculture and the Land: Richard Jefferies' Essays and Letters 2019
Alfred Lord Tennyson's 'In Memoriam': A Reading Guide 2012
The 'Alids: The First Family of Islam, 750-1200 2013
Alienated Affections: Divorce and Separation in Scotland 1684-1830 1998
Al-Jahiz: In Praise of Books 2013
The Almoravid and Almohad Empires 2016
Alternative and Activist Media 2005
An Alternative Internet: Radical Media, Politics and Creativity 2004
The Amateur Emigrant: With Some First Impressions of America 2018
Ambiguous Citizenship in an Age of Global Migration OPEN ACCESS 2014
American Cinema in the Shadow of 9/11 2017
The American Counterculture 2007
American Culture in the 1930's 2008
American Culture in the 1950s 2007
American Culture in the 1970's 2009
American Culture in the 1990s 2010
American Documentary Film: Projecting the Nation 2011
American Gothic Culture: An Edinburgh Companion 2016
American Grand Strategy under Obama: Competing Discourses 2017
American History and Contemporary Hollywood Film 2005
American History and Contemporary Hollywood Film 2005
The American Horror Film: An Introduction 2002
American Imperialism: The Territorial Expansion of the United States, 1783-2013 2017
American Independent Cinema: An Introduction 2006
American Independent Cinema: Rites of Passage and the Crisis Image 2015
American Independent Cinema: Second Edition 2017
The American Left: Its Impact on Politics and Society since 1900 2013
American Modernism's Expatriate Scene: The Labour of Translation 2007
American Politics in Hollywood Film 2011
American Postfeminist Cinema: Women, Romance and Contemporary Culture 2014
The American Presidency 2009
The American Presidents: Heroic Leadership from Kennedy to Clinton 2000
The American Short Story Cycle OPEN ACCESS 2018
American Snobs: Transatlantic Novelists, Liberal Culture and the Genteel Tradition 2021
American Social and Political Thought: A Concise Introduction 2000
American Space/American Place: Geographies of the Contemporary United States 2002
American Thought and Culture in the 21st Century 2008
American Travel Literature, Gendered Aesthetics, and the Italian Tour, 1824–62 2018
The American West: Competing Visions 2009
The American Western 2007
American Youth Cultures 2004
Analogy and Morphological Change 2013
The Ancient Economy 2002
Ancient Greece: From the Mycenaean Palaces to the Age of Homer 2006
Ancient Greece on British Television 2018
Ancient Greek History and Contemporary Social Science 2018
Ancient Tyranny 2006
And Now for Something Completely Different: Critical Approaches to Monty Python 2020
Angela Carter: Writing from the Front Line 1997
The Animal Question in Deconstruction 2013
Animal Theory: A Critical Introduction 2015
Animal Worlds: Film, Philosophy and Time 2019
Animal Writing: Storytelling, Selfhood and the Limits of Empathy 2019
Animalities: Literary and Cultural Studies Beyond the Human 2017
Animation and America 2002
An Anthology of Scottish Women Poets 1991
Anthony Trollope's Late Style: Victorian Liberalism and Literary Form 2016
Anthropomorphism in Islam: The Challenge of Traditionalism (700-1350) 2018
Antonia White and Manic-Depressive Illness 2018
Antonioni and the Aesthetics of Impurity: Remaking the Image in the 1960s 2020
Anxious Men: Masculinity in American Fiction of the Mid-Twentieth Century 2020
An Apocalyptic History of the Early Fatimid Empire 2016
Arab Animation: Images of Identity 2021
Arab Christians in British Mandate Palestine: Communalism and Nationalism, 1917-1948 2013
The Arab Lefts: Histories and Legacies, 1950s–1970s 2020
The Arab Nahdah: The Making of the Intellectual and Humanist Movement 2013
The Arab World and Western Intelligence: Analysing the Middle East, 1956-1981 2017
Arabian Drugs in Medieval Mediterranean Medicine 2017
Arabic Corpus Linguistics 2019
Arabic Grammar: A Reference Guide 1998
The Arabic Grammatical Tradition: A Study inTaclìl 1999
Arabic in Modern Hebrew Texts: The Stylistics of Exophonic Writing 2019
Arabic in the Fray: Language Ideology and Cultural Politics 2013
The Arabic Language and National Identity: A Study in Ideology 2003
The Arabic Language 2014
The Arabic Prose Poem: Poetic Theory and Practice 2021
Arabic Sociolinguistics 2009
Arabs in the Early Islamic Empire: Exploring al-Azd Tribal Identity 2019
Archaeology and the Emergence of Greece 2006
Archaeology of Empire in Achaemenid Egypt 2020
The Archaeology of Greece and Rome: Studies In Honour of Anthony Snodgrass 2016
The Archaeology of Skye and the Western Isles 1996
Archipelagic Modernism: Literature in the Irish and British Isles, 1890-1970 2015
Architectural Heritage 3: The Age of Mackintosh 1992
Architectural Materialisms: Nonhuman Creativity 2018
Architecture and Landscape in Medieval Anatolia, 1100-1500 2017
Aristotle on the Matter of Form: Α Feminist Metaphysics of Generation 2019
Armenia and Azerbaijan: Anatomy of a Rivalry 2019
Armenians Beyond Diaspora: Making Lebanon their Own 2020
The Arsenal of Democracy: Aircraft Supply and the Anglo-American Alliance, 1938-1942 2013
Art, Allegory and the Rise of Shi’ism in Iran, 1487-1565 2019
The Art and Politics of Film 2000
The Art of Minorities: Cultural Representation in Museums of the Middle East and North Africa 2020
Art, Performance and Ritual in Benin City 2007
Artful Experiments: Ways of Knowing in Victorian Literature and Science 2018
Artmachines: Deleuze, Guattari, Simondon 2016
Artmaking in the Age of Global Capitalism: Visual Practices, Philosophy, Politics 2019
Asante Identities: History and Modernity in an African Village, 1850-1950 2000
Asia after Versailles: Asian Perspectives on the Paris Peace Conference and the Interwar Order, 1919-33 2017
Asian American Literary Studies 2005
Asian American Literature 2008
Asian Cinema: A Regional View 2021
Asian Cinemas: A Reader and Guide 2006
Assemblage Theory 2016
Assessing the George W. Bush Presidency: A Tale of Two Terms 2009
Associationism and the Literary Imagination: From the Phantasmal Chaos 2007
At the Edges of Thought: Deleuze and Post-Kantian Philosophy 2015
Athenian Democracy 2004
The Athenian Empire 2008
Atlantic Citizens: Nineteenth-Century American Writers at Work in the World 2013
The Audience Effect: On the Collective Cinema Experience 2018
The Auditory Setting: Environmental Sounds in Film and Media Arts 2021
Augustan Rome 44 BC to AD 14: The Restoration of the Republic and the Establishment of the Empire 2012
Augustus 2014
Authorities in Early Modern Law Courts 2021
Authorship: From Plato to the Postmodern: A Reader 1995
Autobiographical Identities in Contemporary Arab Culture 2014
The Autonomy of Modern Scotland 1994
Avizandum Legislation on International Private Law 2020
Avizandum Statutes on Scots Family Law: 2020-21 2020
Avizandum Statutes on Scots Public Law 2020
Avizandum Statutes on the Scots Law of Property, Trusts and Succession: 2020-21 2020
Avizandum Statutes on the Scots Law of Property, Trusts & Succession: 2019-2020 2019
Badiou and Cinema 2011
Badiou and Deleuze Read Literature 2010
Badiou and Philosophy 2012
Badiou and Plato: An Education by Truths 2011
Badiou and the Political Condition 2014
The Badiou Dictionary 2015
Balibar and the Citizen Subject 2017
Bannockburn: The Scottish War and the British Isles 1307-1323 2008
Bannockburns: Scottish Independence and Literary Imagination, 1314-2014 2014
Barbarossa: The Axis and the Allies 1994
The Battle of Britain on Screen: 'The Few' in British Film and Television Drama 2007
The Baudrillard Dictionary 2010
The Bazaar and Other Stories 2008
The Beats: Authorships, Legacies 2019
Beckett Beyond the Normal 2020
The Beckett Critical Reader: Archives, Theories and Translations 2012
Beckett Matters: Essays on Beckett's Late Modernism 2017
Beckett's Breath: Anti-Theatricality and the Visual Arts 2018
Beckett's Thing: Painting and Theatre 2016
The Becoming of the Body: Contemporary Women's Writing in French 2014
Being Scottish: Personal Reflections on Scottish Identity Today 2002
Ben Jonson, Renaissance Dramatist 2008
Ben-Hur: The Original Blockbuster 2016
Bergson and Philosophy 1999
Bergson and the Art of Immanence: Painting, Photography, Film, Performance 2013
The Besieged Ego: Doppelgangers and Split Identity Onscreen 2013
Between Deleuze and Foucault 2016
Between Desire and Pleasure: A Deleuzian Theory of Sexuality 2013
Between Foucault and Derrida 2016
Between God, the Dead and the Wild: Chamba Interpretations of Ritual & Religion 1990
Beyond Dogmatics: Law and Society in the Roman World 2007
Beyond Eastern Noir: Reimagining Russia and Eastern Europe in Nordic Cinemas 2018
Beyond the State in Rural Uganda 2009
Big Data and Democracy 2020
Bigotry, Football and Scotland: Perspectives and Debates 2013
Bilingualism as Interactional Practices 2017
Biographia Literaria by Samuel Taylor Coleridge 2014
The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women: From the Earliest Times to 2004 2007
Biopolitics, Materiality and Meaning in Modern European Drama 2020
The Birth of the American Horror Film 2018
Black Writers in Britain 1760-1890 1991
The Blasphemies of Thomas Aikenhead: Boundaries of Belief on the Eve of the Enlightenment 2008
Blasphemy and Apostasy in Islam: Debates in Shi’a Jurisprudence 2021
Blasted Literature: Victorian Political Fiction and the Shock of Modernism 2011
The Blind and Blindness in Literature of the Romantic Period 2007
Blood and Progress: Violence in Pursuit of Emancipation 2016
B-Movie Gothic: International Perspectives 2018
The BNC Handbook: Exploring the British National Corpus with SARA 1998
The Body in Arabic Love Poetry: The Udhri Tradition 2021
Bollywood and Postmodernism: Popular Indian Cinema in the 21st Century 2015
Bollywood in the Age of New Media: The Geo-televisual Aesthetic 2010
'The Book of Tribulations: The Syrian Muslim Apocalyptic Tradition': An Annotated Translation by Nu'aym b. Hammad al-Marwazi 2017
Border Crossing: Russian Literature into Film OPEN ACCESS 2016
Border Liberties and Loyalties: North-East England, c. 1200 to c. 1400 2010
Border Politics: The Limits of Sovereign Power 2009
Boswell's London Journal, 1762–1763 1991
Breach of the Peace 2013
Breaking the Fourth Wall: Direct Address in the Cinema 2012
A Brief History of Citizenship 2004
Brigid Brophy: Avant-Garde Writer, Critic, Activist 2020
Britain and the European Union 2007
Britain, Ireland and the Second World War 2010
British Children's Fiction in the Second World War 2009
British Film Directors: A Critical Guide 2007
British Government and Politics: A Comparative Guide 2012
British India and Victorian Literary Culture 2015
The British Labour Government and The Greek Civil War: 1945-1949 1994
British Multiculturalism and the Politics of Representation 2017
British Music Videos 1966 - 2016: Genre, Authenticity and Art 2020
British News Media and the Spanish Civil War: Tomorrow May Be Too Late 2008
British Propaganda and News Media in the Cold War 2006
British Propaganda in the Twentieth Century: Selling Democracy 1999
British Propaganda to France, 1940-1944: Machinery, Method and Message 2007
British Women Amateur Filmmakers: National Memories and Global Identities 2018
British Women Short Story Writers: The New Woman to Now 2017
Brokeback Mountain 2010
Butler and Ethics 2015
Buying your Self on the Internet: Wrap Contracts and Personal Genomics 2019
Byron and Marginality 2018
Byzantine Military Tactics in Syria and Mesopotamia in the 10th Century: A Comparative Study 2018
C B Macpherson: and the Problem of Liberal Democracy 2000
The Call of Classical Literature in the Romantic Age 2017
Calligraphy and Architecture in the Muslim World 2013
Camp: Queer Aesthetics and the Performing Subject: A Reader 1999
Campus Talk, Volume 1: Effective Communication beyond the Classroom 2021
Campus Talk, Volume 2: Effective Communication beyond the Classroom 2021
Canadian Literature 2007
The Case of Sherlock Holmes: Secrets and Lies in Conan Doyle's Detective Fiction 2018
Catharine Sedgwick, Redwood: A Tale 2021
Caught In-Between: Intermediality in Contemporary Eastern European and Russian Cinema 2020
Celluloid Singapore: Cinema, Performance and the National 2018
Celtic Christianity: Making Myths and Chasing Dreams 1999
The Celts: A History from Earliest Times to the Present 2003
Censorship in Theatre and Cinema 2005
The Centennial History of the Independent Labour Party 1992
The Challenge of Pluralism: Paradigms from Muslim Contexts 2009
Challenging Cosmopolitanism 2018
Challenging Multiculturalism: European Models of Diversity OPEN ACCESS 2013
Changing Identities, Ancient Roots: The History of West Dunbartonshire from Earliest Times 2006
Changing Methodologies in TESOL 2013
Charleston and Monk's House: The Intimate House Museums of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell 2012
Chaste Value: Economic Crisis, Female Chastity and the Production of Social Difference on Shakespeare's Stage 2017
Cheap Modernism: Expanding Markets, Publishers’ Series and the Avant-Garde 2017
Childhood and Crime 2007
Chile, the CIA and the Cold War: A Transatlantic Perspective 2019
China's Early Mosques 2018
Chinese Martial Arts Cinema: The Wuxia Tradition 2009
Chinese Martial Arts Cinema: The Wuxia Tradition 2009
Chinese Philosophy A–Z 2009
Chow Yun-fat and Territories of Hong Kong Stardom 2017
Christian Monastic Life in Early Islam 2021
Christian Philosophy A–Z 2006
Christianity in North Africa and West Asia 2018
Christianity in South and Central Asia 2019
Christians and Chiefs in Zimbabwe: A Social History of the Hwesa People, 1870s -1990s 1999
Christmas, Ideology and Popular Culture 2008
Christopher Marlowe, Renaissance Dramatist 2008
The CIA and the Pursuit of Security: History, Documents and Contexts 2020
Cicero's Law: Rethinking Roman Law of the Late Republic OPEN ACCESS 2016
Cinema and Sensation: French Film and the Art of Transgression 2007
Cinema and Soft Power: Configuring the National and Transnational in Geo-politics 2021
Cinema, If You Please: The Memory of Taste, the Taste of Memory 2019
The Cinema of Basil Dearden and Michael Relph 2009
A Cinema of Contradiction: Spanish Film in the 1960s 2006
Cinema of Crisis: Film and Contemporary Europe 2020
The Cinema of Disorientation: Inviting Confusions 2020
The Cinema of Marguerite Duras: Multisensoriality and Female Subjectivity OPEN ACCESS 2019
The Cinema of Ozu Yasujiro: Histories of the Everyday 2017
The Cinema of Small Nations 2007
Cinema of the Dark Side: Atrocity and the Ethics of Film Spectatorship 2014
The Cinema of Theo Angelopoulos 2015
Cinema-monde: Decentred Perspectives on Global Filmmaking in French 2018
The Cinematic Bodies of Eastern Europe and Russia: Between Pain and Pleasure 2016
Cinematic Intermediality: Theory and Practice 2021
Cinematic Journeys: Film and Movement 2010
Cinematic Nihilism: Encounters, Confrontations, Overcomings 2017
Cinematic Political Thought: Narrating Race, Nation and Gender 1999
Cinematic Realism: Lukás, Kracauer and Theories of the Filmic Real 2020
Cinematicity in Media History 2013
Circulating Genius: John Middleton Murry, Katherine Mansfield and D. H. Lawrence 2010
Cities as Built and Lived Environments: Scholarship from Muslim Contexts, 1875 to 2011 2014
Citizenship and Rights in Multicultural Societies 1995
Citizenship in Britain: A History 2006
Citizenship in Contemporary Europe 2008
Citizenship in Modern Britain 1998
The City in Arabic Literature: Classical and Modern Perspectives 2018
The Civil Rights Movement 2004
The Civil War In American Culture 2006
Cixous’s Semi-Fictions: Thinking At the Borders of Fiction 2014
A Claim on the Countryside: A History of the British Outdoor Movement 1997
Claiming Scotland: National Identity and Liberal Culture 2000
Clan, King and Covenant: History of the Highland Clans from the Civil War to the GlencoeMassacre 2000
The Clandestine Lives of Colonel David Smiley: Code Name 'Grin' 2019
Classes of Ladies of Cloistered Spaces: Writing Feminist History through Biography in Fin-de-siecle Egypt 2015
Classical Caledonia: Roman History and Myth in Eighteenth-Century Scotland 2020
Classical Sociological Theory: A Reader 1997
The Classical Tradition in Modern American Fiction 2021
Classroom Discourse and Teacher Development 2013
Claude Chabrol's Aesthetics of Opacity 2018
Clone City: Crisis and Renewal in Contemporary Scottish Architecture 1999
Close-Up: Great Cinematic performances Volume 1: America 2018
Coastal Cultures of the Long Nineteenth Century 2018
Cognitive Bias in Intelligence Analysis: Testing the Analysis of Competing Hypotheses Method 2020
Cognitive Linguistic Approaches to Text and Discourse: From Poetics to Politics 2019
Cold War Film Genres 2018
Cold War Legacies: Legacy, Theory, Aesthetics 2016
Cold War US Foreign Policy: Key Perspectives 2005
Coleridge: Lectures on Shakespeare (1811-1819) 2016
The Collected Fiction of Katherine Mansfield, 1916–1922 2012
Collected Poems and Songs of George Campbell Hay 2000
The Collected Poems of Katherine Mansfield 2016
The Collected Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson 2003
The Collected Works of Kenneth White, Volume 1: Underground to Otherground 2021
The Collected Works of Kenneth White, Volume 2: Mappings: Landscape, Mindscape, Wordscape 2021
Collective Action and Political Transformations: The Entangled Experiences in Brazil, South Africa and Europe 2019
The Colonial Documentary Film in South and South-East Asia 2017
Comedy and Cultural Critique in American Film 2013
Coming of Age in Contemporary American Fiction 2007
Coming-of-Age Cinema in New Zealand: Genre, Gender and Adaptation in a National Cinema 2017
Commemorating Peterloo: Violence, Resilience and Claim-making during the Romantic Era 2019
Commemorative Modernisms: Women Writers, Death and the First World War 2020
Commercial Arbitration: The Scottish and International Perspectives 2011
Commercial Law Essentials 2013
Common Good Law 2019
Common Law and Feudal Society in Medieval Scotland 2016
The Community of the College of Justice: Edinburgh and the Court of Session, 1687-1808 2012
A Companion to Environmental Thought 2002
Company Law Essentials 2011
Computer Corpus Lexicography 1998
The Computer-Animated Film: Industry, Style and Genre 2018
Computing and Language Variation: International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing Volume 2 2009
Conceiving a Nation: Scotland to AD 900 2017
Conceiving Desire in Lyly and Shakespeare: Metaphor, Cognition and Eros 2020
The Concept of Conversation: From Cicero's Sermo to the Grand Siècle's Conversation 2018
The Concept of the State in International Relations: Philosophy, Sovereignty and Cosmopolitanism 2015
Concise Scots Dictionary: Second Edition 2017
Conditions of Thought: Deleuze and Transcendental Ideas 2013
The Confederate Jurist: The Legal Life of Judah P. Benjamin 2021
Conflict on Mount Lebanon: The Druze, the Maronites and Collective Memory 2020
Conrad and Language 2016
The Consequences of Possession 2014
Conspiracy in Modern Egyptian Literature 2018
Constituent Power: Law, Popular Rule and Politics 2020
Constituting Scotland: The Scottish National Movement and the Westminster Model 2016
Constitutional Violence: Legitimacy, Democracy and Human Rights 2013
Construction Grammar and its Application to English 2019
Consuming Images: Film Art and the American Television Commercial 2020
Contact: The Interaction of Closely Related Linguistic Varieties and the History of English 2016
Contaminations: Beyond Dialectics in Modern Literature, Science and Film 2016
Contemporary Action Cinema 2011
Contemporary American Drama 2007
Contemporary American Fiction 2010
Contemporary American Trauma Narratives 2014
Contemporary Arab Broadcast Media 2011
Contemporary Balkan Cinema: Transnational Exchanges and Global Circuits 2020
Contemporary British Drama 2010
Contemporary British Fiction 2008
Contemporary British Horror Cinema: Industry, Genre and Society 2016
The Contemporary British Novel 2005
Contemporary Cinema and the Philosophy of Iris Murdoch 2019
Contemporary Cinema 1998
Contemporary Critical Theorists: From Lacan to Said 2006
Contemporary Encounters with Ancient Metaphysics OPEN ACCESS 2017
Contemporary Feminism and Women’s Short Stories 2018
Contemporary Feminist Theories 1998
Contemporary Hollywood Animation: Style, Storytelling, Culture and Ideology Since the 1990s 2021
Contemporary Ijtihad: Limits and Controversies 2011
Contemporary Islamic Law in Indonesia: Sharia and Legal Pluralism 2015
Contemporary Japanese Cinema Since Hana-Bi 2015
Contemporary Musical Film 2017
Contemporary Native American Literature 2007
The Contemporary Poetry Archive: Essays and Interventions 2019
Contemporary Poetry 2011
Contemporary Political Cinema 2019
Contemporary Political Movements and the Thought of Jacques Rancière: Equality in Action 2010
Contemporary Russian Cinema: Symbols of a New Era 2016
Contemporary Scottish Fictions - Film, Television and the Novel 2004
Contemporary Scottish Poetry and the Natural World: Burnside, Jamie, Robertson and White 2019
Contemporary Scottish Women Writers 2000
Contemporary Spanish Gothic 2016
Contemporary Stylistics: Language, Cognition, Interpretation 2018
The Contemporary Television Series 2005
Contemporary Turkey in Conflict: Ethnicity, Islam and Politics 2017
The Contemporary Western: An American Genre Post-9/11 2019
Contemporary World Cinema: Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and South Asia 2005
Continental Realism and Its Discontents 2017
Contributions to Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine: Volume 2, 1829-1835 2012
Control Culture: Foucault and Deleuze after Discipline 2018
Corpus Linguistics: An Introduction 2001
Corpus Linguistics and the Description of English 2018
Corpus Linguistics and the Description of English 2009
The Corpus Phonology of English: Multifocal Analyses of Variation 2020
Corpus Stylistics: Theory and Practice 2019
Cosmetics in Shakespearean and Renaissance Drama 2006
Cosmo-nationalism: American, French and German Philosophy 2018
The Cosmopolitan Novel 2009
Cosmopolitanisms in Muslim Contexts: Perspectives from the Past 2012
Counsel for Kings: Wisdom and Politics in Tenth-Century Iran: Volume I: The Nasihat al-muluk of Pseudo-Mawardi: Contexts and Themes 2016
Court, Kirk, and Community: Scotland 1470-1625 1981
Courts and Elites in the Hellenistic Empires: The Near East After the Achaemenids, c. 330 to 30 BCE 2014
The Courts, the Church and the Constitution: Aspects of the Disruption of 1843 2008
Cowboy Classics: The Roots of the American Western in the Epic Tradition 2016
Cracking Gilles Deleuze's Crystal: Narrative Space-time in the Films of Jean Renoir 2018
Creating Worldviews: Metaphor, Ideology and Language 2011
The Creation of the Ius Commune: From Casus to Regula 2010
Creative Criticism: An Anthology and Guide 2014
Creative Involution: Bergson, Beckett, Deleuze 2015
Creative Practice Research in the Age of Neoliberal Hopelessness 2020
Criminality and the Common Law Imagination in the 18th and 19th Centuries 2020
Crisis and the US Avant-Garde: Poetry and Real Politics 2015
The Crisis of Social Democracy in Europe 2015
Critical Affect: The Politics of Method 2020
Critical and Clinical Cartographies: Architecture, Robotics, Medicine, Philosophy 2017
Critical Discourse Analysis and Language Cognition 2003
Critical Humanisms: Humanist/Anti-Humanist Dialogues 2003
A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory 2003
Critical Luxury Studies: Art, Design, Media 2016
Critique of Security 2008
Critiquing Sovereign Violence: Law, Biopolitics, Bio-Juridicalism 2019
Cross-Channel Modernisms 2020
The Crusades: Islamic Perspectives 1999
Cultivating Extreme Art Cinema: Text, Paratext and Home Video Culture 2018
Cultural Authority in the Age of Whitman: A Transatlantic Perspective 2009
Cultural Encounters with the Arabian Nights in Nineteenth-Century Britain 2019
Cultural Identity and Political Ethics 2010
The Cultural Memory of Georgian Glasgow 2021
Cultural Pessimism: Narratives of Decline in the Postmodern World 2001
The Cultural Politics of Emotion 2014
The Cultural Roots of British Devolution 2004
Cultural Studies and the Study of Popular Culture 2010
The Cultural Work of Empire: The Seven Years' War and the Imagining of the Shandean State 2007
Culture and Democracy: Media, Space and Representation 2003
The Culture of Letter-Writing in Pre-Modern Islamic Society 2008
Culture Wars: The Media and the British Left 2005
The Cultures of the American New West 2000
Cybersexualities: A Reader in Feminist Theory, Cyborgs and Cyberspace 1999
The Dandy in Irish and American Southern Fiction: Aristocratic Drag 2007
The Dark Age of Greece: An Archaeological Survey of the Eleventh to the Eighth Centuries BC 2000
Dark Paradise: Pacific Islands in the Nineteenth-Century British Imagination 2016
Darwin's Bards: British and American Poetry in the Age of Evolution 2009
David Wilkie: The People's Painter 2007
Death and Desire in Hegel, Heidegger and Deleuze 2007
The Death and Return of the Author: Criticism and Subjectivity in Barthes, Foucault and Derrida 2008
Death and the Moving Image: Ideology, Iconography and I 2014
Death, 'Deathlessness' and Existenz in Karl Jaspers' Philosophy 2008
Death in the Diaspora: British and Irish Gravestones 2020
Death-Drive: Freudian Hauntings in Literature and Art 2010
Debating Foreign Policy in the Renaissance: Speeches on War and Peace by Francesco Guicciardini 2017
Debating the Highland Clearances 2007
Debt Relations and European Politics: North/South Divides 2020
The Decadent Image: The Poetry of Wilde, Symons, and Dowson 2015
The Decline of the Ottoman Empire and The Rise of the Turkish Republic: Observations of an American Diplomat, 1919-1927 2021
Deconstructing Energy Law and Policy: The Case of Nuclear Energy 2015
Deconstructing Ireland: Identity, Theory, Culture 2001
Deconstruction, Feminism, Film 2018
Defining Greek Narrative 2014
Deleuze: A Philosophy of the Event: together with The Vocabulary of Deleuze 2012
Deleuze, A Stoic 2020
Deleuze, Altered States and Film 2007
Deleuze and Architecture 2013
Deleuze and Baudrillard: From Cyberpunk to Biopunk 2016
Deleuze and Cinema: The Aesthetics of Sensation 2002
Deleuze and Contemporary Art 2010
Deleuze and Design 2015
Deleuze and Education 2013
Deleuze and Ethics 2011
Deleuze and Feminist Theory 2000
Deleuze and Film 2012
Deleuze and Gender: Deleuze Studies Volume 2: 28 (Supplement) 2008
Deleuze and Geophilosophy: A Guide and Glossary 2004
Deleuze and Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus: A Critical Introduction and Guide 2015
Deleuze and History 2009
Deleuze and Horror Film 2005
Deleuze and Law 2012
Deleuze and Literature 2000
Deleuze and Marx: Deleuze Studies Volume 3: 29 (Supplement) 2009
Deleuze and Memorial Culture: Desire, Singular Memory and the Politics of Trauma 2008
Deleuze and Music 2004
Deleuze and New Technology 2009
Deleuze and Performance 2009
Deleuze and Philosophy 2006
Deleuze and Politics 2008
Deleuze and Queer Theory 2009
Deleuze and Race 2013
Deleuze and Research Methodologies 2013
Deleuze and Sex 2011
Deleuze and Space 2005
Deleuze and the Body 2011
Deleuze and the Cinemas of Performance: Powers of Affection 2012
Deleuze and the City 2016
Deleuze and the Contemporary World 2006
Deleuze and the Naming of God: Post-Secularism and the Future of Immanence 2014
Deleuze and the Postcolonial 2010
Deleuze and the Social 2006
Deleuze, Cinema and National Identity: Narrative Time in National Contexts 2006
Deleuze, Cinema and the Thought of the World 2018
The Deleuze Dictionary Revised Edition 2010
Deleuze, Guattari and the Art of Multiplicity 2020
Deleuze in Children's Literature 2021
The Deleuze-Lucretius Encounter 2017
Deleuze's Cinema Books: Three Introductions to the Taxonomy of Images 2016
Deleuze's Difference and Repetition: An Edinburgh Philosophical Guide 2013
Deleuze's Hume: Philosophy, Culture and the Scottish Enlightenment 2009
Deleuze's Literary Clinic: Criticism and the Politics of Symptoms 2012
Deleuze's Philosophical Lineage 2009
Deleuzism: A Metacommentary 2000
Deliberative Democracy and Divided Societies 2006
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Get Set for Sociology 2005
Get Set for Study Abroad 2006
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Glasgow 2000
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A Glossary of English Grammar 2006
A Glossary of Historical Linguistics 2007
A Glossary of Islam 2007
A Glossary of Morphology 2004
A Glossary of Phonology 2008
A Glossary of Political Theory 2007
A Glossary of Semantics and Pragmatics 2006
A Glossary of Sociolinguistics 2003
A Glossary of the European Union 2008
A Glossary of UK Government and Politics 2007
A Glossary of US Politics and Government 2007
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Hong Kong English 2010
Hong Kong Horror Cinema 2018
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Hotel Modernity: Corporate Space in Literature and Film 2021
Housing Law in Scotland 2011
How Literature Comes to Matter: Post-Anthropocentric Approaches to Fiction 2021
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In Secrecy's Shadow: The OSS and CIA in Hollywood Cinema 1941-1979 2016
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An Introduction to Global Citizenship 2003
An Introduction to Islamic Archaeology 2010
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Introduction to Japanese Horror Film 2008
An Introduction to Kant's Critique of Judgement 2000
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An Introduction to Old English 2012
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An Introduction to the Hadith 1994
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Katherine Mansfield and the Fantastic 2012
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Managing Scotland's Environment 2009
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Mother Homer is Dead 2014
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Moving Images: Nineteenth-Century Reading and Screen Practices 2013
Muhammad Iqbal: Essays on the Reconstruction of Modern Muslim Thought 2015
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Multicultural Governance in a Mobile World 2017
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Multicultural Politics: Racism, Ethnicity and Muslims in Britain 2005
Multiculturalism Rethought: Interpretations, Dilemmas and New Directions 2015
Multimodal Participation and Engagement: Social interaction in the Classroom 2021
Muriel Rukeyser and Documentary: The Poetics of Connection 2013
Muriel Spark's Early Fiction: Literary Subversion and Experiments with Form 2021
The Museum as a Cinematic Space: The Display of Moving Images in Exhibitions 2019
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Music and Youth Culture 2006
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Muslim Political Participation in Europe 2013
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Muslims in Ireland: Past and Present 2015
Muslims in Scotland: The Making of Community in a Post-9/11 World 2017
Muslims in Western Europe 2016
Muslims of Central Asia: An Introduction 2019
Muslims of Europe: The 'Other' Europeans 2009
My Quest for the Middle Ages 2003
The Myth of Evil 2006
The Myth of the Jacobite Clans: The Jacobite Army in 1745 2009
Myth of the Western 2014
Nancy and the Political 2015
Nancy and Visual Culture 2016
The Nancy Dictionary 2015
Narrative and Becoming 2016
Narrative Humanism: Kindness and Complexity in Fiction and Film 2019
Narrative, Identity and the Kierkegaardian Self 2015
Narratives for a New Belonging: Diasporic Cultural Fictions 2000
Nasser in the Egyptian Imaginary 2017
Nasty Business: The Marketing and Distribution of the Video Nasties 2020
Nationalism: Theories and Cases 2009
Nations and Nationalism: A Reader 2005
Native American Studies 2005
The Native Woodlands of Scotland: Ecology, Conservation and Management 2015
Natural Catastrophe: Climate Change and Neoliberal Governance 2016
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Nature Religion Today: Paganism in the Modern World 1998
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The Near West: Medieval North Africa, Latin Europe and the Mediterranean in the Second Axial Age 2016
Negotiating Boundaries at Work: Talking and Transitions 2017
Negotiating Dissidence: The Pioneering Women of Arab Documentary 2017
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Neoliberalism and Political Theology: From Kant to Identity Politics 2019
The Neolithic of Mainland Scotland 2016
New Age: A Guide 2004
New Blood in Contemporary Cinema: Women Directors and the Poetics of Horror 2020
New Directions in Philosophy and Literature 2019
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New Korean Cinema 2005
New Korean Cinema 2005
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New Rhetorics for Contemporary Legal Discourse 2020
The New Romanian Cinema 2019
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New Taiwanese Cinema in Focus: Moving Within and Beyond the Frame 2014
New Terror, New Wars 2003
New Transnationalisms in Contemporary Latin American Cinemas 2018
New Zealand English 2008
Newfoundland and Labrador English 2010
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Nile: Urban Histories on the Banks of a River 2019
Nine Centuries of Man: Manhood and Masculinities in Scottish History 2017
Nineteenth Century Local Governance in Ottoman Bulgaria: Politics in Provincial Councils 2018
Nineteenth-Century Settler Emigration in British Literature and Art 2018
Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature in Middle Eastern Languages 2013
No Gods and Precious Few Heroes: Twentieth-Century Scotland 2016
No Power Without an Image: Icons Between Photography and Film 2020
No Stone Unturned: A History of Farming, Landscape and Environment in the Scottish Highlands and Island 2015
Noble Power in Scotland from the Reformation to the Revolution 2011
Noble Society in Scotland: Wealth, Family and Culture, from Reformation to Revolution 2004
Nordic Film Cultures and Cinemas of Elsewhere 2019
Nordic Genre Film: Small Nation Film Cultures in the Global Marketplace 2015
Northern and Insular Scots 2007
Northern Neighbours: Scotland and Norway since 1800 2015
Not Half No End: Militantly Melancholic Essays in Memory of Jacques Derrida 2010
A Not-So-Special Relationship: The US, The UK and German Unification, 1945-1990 2017
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Obama's America 2009
Obama's Fractured Legacy: The Politics and Policies of an Embattled Presidency 2020
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Occidentalism: Literary Representations of the Maghrebi Experience of the East-West Encounter 2019
Of Jews and Animals 2010
'Of Laws of Ships and Shipmen': Medieval Maritime Law and its Practice in Urban Northern Europe 2012
Off to the Pictures: Cinemagoing, Women's Writing and Movie Culture in Interwar Britain 2016
Omnibus Films: Theorizing Transauthorial Cinema 2014
On Black Men 2000
On Consciousness 2004
On Determinism and Freedom 2005
On Good and Evil and the Grey Zone 2016
On Political Means and Social Ends 2003
On the Idea of Potency: Juridical and Theological Roots of the Western Cultural Tradition 2016
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Oscar Wilde and the Radical Politics of the Fin de Siècle 2020
The Other Hollywood Renaissance 2020
The Other Side of Glamour: The Left-wing Studio Network in Hong Kong Cinema in the Cold War Era and Beyond 2020
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Our Nazis: Representations of Fascism in Contemporary Literature and Film 2013
Ourselves and Others: Scotland 1832-1914 2012
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People, Places, Things - Essays by Elizabeth Bowen 2008
Perfect Being Theology 2000
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Performing Conversion: Cities, Theatre and Early Modern Transformations 2021
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Persian Art: Image-making in Eurasia 2018
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Phases of the Moon: A Cultural History of the Werewolf Film 2020
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Philosophy and Friendship 2005
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Philosophy and Love: From Plato to Popular Culture 2007
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Philosophy, Animality and the Life Sciences 2014
Philosophy, Music and Emotion 2002
Philosophy of International Law 2007
The Philosophy of John Duns Scotus 2006
Philosophy of Language A–Z 2007
Philosophy of Mind A–Z 2006
The Philosophy of Music: Theme and Variations 2004
Philosophy of Religion: A Reader and Guide 2002
Philosophy of Religion A–Z 2005
Philosophy of Science A–Z 2007
The Philosophy of the Environment 1997
Philosophy Outside-In: A Critique of Academic Reason 2013
Phonetic Transcription in Theory and Practice 2013
The Phonetics/Phonology Interface 2020
Pierre Batcheff and Stardom in 1920s French Cinema 2009
The Pilgrims Society and Public Diplomacy, 1895-1945 2018
Pina Bausch's Dance Theatre: Tracing the Evolution of Tanztheater 2018
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The Place of Breath in Cinema 2012
Placemaking: A New Materialist Theory of Pedagogy 2020
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Plotting the News in the Victorian Novel 2020
Plutarch and the Persica 2018
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Poetry 2011
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Police and Community in Twentieth-Century Scotland 2020
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The Politics of Islamic Finance 2004
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The Politics of Repressed Guilt: The Tragedy of Austrian Silence 2018
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The Politics of Slavery 2018
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Politics on the Edges of Liberalism: Difference, Populism, Revolution, Agitation 2007
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Poor Relief and the Church in Scotland, 1560-1650 2018
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Popular Politics and Political Culture: Urban Scotland, 1918-1939 2018
Popular Politics in Early Industrial Britain: Bolton, 1825-185 1995
The Popularisation of Sufism in Ayyubid and Mamluk Egypt, 1173-1325 2015
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Portmahomack: Monastery of the Picts 2016
Portmahomack: Monastery of the Picts 2008
Positive Atheism: Bayle, Meslier, d’Holbach, Diderot 2021
Post-1990 Documentary: Reconfiguring Independence 2015
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Post-Classical Hollywood: Film Industry, Style and Ideology since 1945 2010
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Postfeminism 2009
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Post-War Planning on the Periphery: Anglo-American Economic Diplomacy in South America, 1939–1945 2012
Power and Propaganda: Scotland 1306-1488 2014
Power Play: Sport, the Media and Popular Culture 2009
Practical Research Methods for Media and Cultural Studies: Making People Count 2006
The Practical Turn in Political Theory 2018
Practice in TESOL 2015
Practice-led Research, Research-led Practice in the Creative Arts 2009
Pragmatics 2019
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Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy OPEN ACCESS 2017
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Presidential Privilege and the Freedom of Information Act 2019
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The Prime Minister and Cabinet 2006
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Prince Otto, by Robert Louis Stevenson 2014
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The Problem of Secret Intelligence 2019
Process Philosophy and Political Liberalism: Rawls, Whitehead, Hartshorne 2019
Processes in Third Language Acquisition 2009
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Produced by Irving Thalberg: Theory of Studio-Era Filmmaking 2020
Product Development in Islamic Banks 2011
Professor Norrie's Commentaries on Family Law 2011
Programming for Corpus Linguistics: How to Do Text Analysis with Java 2000
The Proletarian Answer to the Modernist Question 2017
Propaganda, Censorship and Irish Neutrality in the Second World War 2006
Property Law Essentials 2008
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The Provisional Irish Republican Army and the Morality of Terrorism 2009
Psychoanalysis and the Love of Arabic 2020
Psychoanalysis is an Antiphilosophy 2013
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Public Debate in Russia: Matters of (Dis)order 2016
Public Violence in Islamic Societies: Power, Discipline, and the Construction of the Public Sphere, 7th-19th Centuries CE 2009
The Pulse in Cinema: The Aesthetics of Horror 2020
Pursuing the Good: Ethics and Metaphysics in Plato's Republic 2007
Quantifying Archaeology 1997
The Queen of Sheba's Gift: A History of the True Balsam of Matarea 2021
Queens, Eunuchs and Concubines in Islamic History, 661–1257 2019
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Queering Digital India: Activisms, Identities, Subjectivities 2018
The Quiz Show 2008
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Radical Spenser: Pastoral, Politics and the New Aestheticism 2005
Ranching & Enterprise in Eastern Botswana: A Case Study of Black & WhiteFarmers 1994
Rancière and Film 2013
Ranciere and Literature 2016
Ranciere and Music 2020
Raymond Bellour: Cinema and the Moving Image 2018
Reading and Responsibility: Deconstruction's Traces 2010
Reading Experimental Writing 2020
Reading for Our Time: 'Adam Bede' and 'Middlemarch' Revisited 2012
Reading Ideas in Victorian Literature: Literary Content as Artistic Experience 2020
Reading Literature Historically: Drama and Poetry from Chaucer to the Reformation 2013
Reading Machines in the Modernist Transatlantic: Avant-Gardes, Technology and the Everyday 2020
Reading the Absurd 2013
Reading the Road, from Shakespeare’s Crossways to Bunyan’s Highways 2020
Reading the Times: Temporality and History in Twentieth-Century Fiction 2018
Reading Victorian Literature: Essays in Honour of J. Hillis Miller 2019
Reading Virginia Woolf 2006
Reagan and Thatcher's Special Relationship: Latin America and Anglo-American Relations 2015
Reality? Knowledge? Philosophy!: An Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology 2003
Reality TV 2012
Reappraisals of British Colonisation in Atlantic Canada, 1700-1930 2020
Reassessing Legal Humanism and its Claims: Petere Fontes? 2016
Reclaiming Islamic Tradition: Modern Interpretations of the Classical Heritage 2016
Recognition in the Arabic Narrative Tradition: Discovery, Deliverance and Delusion 2016
Reconstructing Japan's Security: The Role of Military Crises 2020
Recovering Scotland's Slavery Past: The Caribbean Connection 2015
Red Scotland!: The Rise and Fall of the Radical Left, c. 1872 to 1932 2007
Reflections on the Astronomy of Glasgow 2013
ReFocus: The Films of Amy Heckerling 2016
ReFocus: The Films of Andrei Tarkovsky 2021
ReFocus: The Films of Budd Boetticher 2017
ReFocus: The Films of Delmer Daves 2016
ReFocus: The Films of Doris Wishman 2021
ReFocus: The Films of Elaine May 2019
ReFocus: The Films of Francis Veber 2019
ReFocus: The Films of Jocelyne Saab: Films, Artworks and Cultural Events for the Arab World 2021
ReFocus: The Films of John Hughes 2021
ReFocus: The Films of Kelly Reichardt 2018
ReFocus: The Films of Michel Gondry 2020
ReFocus: The Films of Pablo Larraín 2020
ReFocus: The Films of Paul Leni 2021
ReFocus: The Films of Paul Schrader 2020
ReFocus: The Films of Preston Sturges 2015
ReFocus: The Films of Rachid Bouchareb 2020
ReFocus: The Films of Rakhshan Banietemad 2021
ReFocus: The Films of Sohrab Shahid-Saless: Exile, Displacement and the Stateless Moving Image 2020
ReFocus: The Films of Spike Jonze 2019
ReFocus: The Films of Susanne Bier 2018
ReFocus: The Films of Teuvo Tulio: An Excessive Outsider 2020
ReFocus: The Films of William Castle 2018
ReFocus: The Films of Xavier Dolan 2019
Reforging a Forgotten History: Iraq and the Assyrians in the Twentieth Century 2015
Reframing 1968: American Politics, Protest and Identity 2018
Refugees in Britain: Practices of Hospitality and Labelling 2020
The Refusal of Politics 2016
Regicide and Republicanism: Politics and Ethics in the English Revolution, 1646-1659 1998
Regime Change in Contemporary Turkey: Politics, Rights, Mimesis 2016
Regional Modernisms 2013
Re-Humanising Shakespeare: Literary Humanism, Wisdom and Modernity 2007
Re-Humanising Shakespeare: Literary Humanism, Wisdom and Modernity 2007
Re-imagining the 'Dark Continent' in fin de siècle Literature 2012
Reinventing Liberty: Nation, Commerce and the British Historical Novel from Walpole to Scott OPEN ACCESS 2016
Religion and National Identity: Governing Scottish Presbyterianism in the Eighteenth Century 2015
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Religion and Society in Scotland since 1707 1997
Religion, Identity and Power: Turkey and the Balkans in the Twenty-First Century 2021
Religion in the Egyptian Novel 2019
The Religion of White Rage: Religious Fervor, White Workers and the Myth of Black Racial Progress 2020
Religion: The Classical Theories 1999
Reliquiae Trotcosienses: or, The Gabions of the Late Jonathan Oldbuck Esq. of Monkbarns 2004
Remapping Persian Literary History, 1700-1900 2020
Remembering the Past in Nineteenth-Century Scotland: Commemoration, Nationality and Memory 2014
Renaissance Literature 2008
Renaissance Literatures and Postcolonial Studies 2011
Renaissance Personhood: Materiality, Taxonomy, Process 2020
Renaissance Transformations: The Making of English Writing 1500-1650 2009
ReOrienting the Sasanians: East Iran in Late Antiquity 2017
Replication in the Long Nineteenth Century: Re-makings and Reproductions 2018
Representing and Imagining America 1996
The Republic Besieged: Civil War in Spain 1936-1939 1996
The Republican Party and the War on Poverty: 1964–1981 2021
Rereading Heterosexuality: Feminism, Queer Theory and Contemporary Fiction OPEN ACCESS 2012
Rereading Orphanhood: Texts, Inheritance, Kin 2020
Research Methods for Cultural Studies 2008
Research Methods for English Studies 2013
Research Methods for Law 2017
Research Methods for Memory Studies 2013
Research Methods in Theatre and Performance 2011
Researching the Middle East: Cultural, Conceptual, Theoretical and Practical Issues 2021
Resisting Militarism: Direct Action and the Politics of Subversion 2019
The Responsibility to Understand: Hermeneutical Contours of Ethical Life 2020
Restitution and the Politics of Repair: Tropes, Imaginaries, Theory 2020
Retheorising Statelessness: A Background Theory of Membership in World Politics 2012
Rethinking Brechtian Film Theory and Cinema 2018
Rethinking Humanitarian Intervention in the 21st Century 2017
Rethinking Language Policy 2021
Rethinking Political Judgement: Arendt and Existentialism 2019
Rethinking Shakespeare's Political Philosophy: From Lear to Leviathan 2014
Rethinking the Hollywood Teen Movie: Gender, Genre and Identity 2017
Rethinking Whitehead’s Symbolism: Thought, Language, Culture 2017
The Return of the Epic Film: Genre, Aesthetics and History in the 21st Century 2014
Return Statements: The Return of Religion in Contemporary Philosophy 2016
Returning to Revolution: Deleuze, Guattari and Zapatismo 2012
Revenge and Gender in Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Literature 2018
Revenue Law Essentials 2013
Reverberations of Revolution: Transnational Perspectives, 1770-1850 2021
Revisiting Star Studies: Cultures, Themes and Methods 2017
Revolution or Evolution? The 2007 Scottish Elections 2009
Rhythm and Critique: Technics, Modalities, Practices 2020
Richard Jefferies, After London; or Wild England 2017
Richard the Lionheart: King and Knight 1999
Rights of Personality in Scots Law: A Comparative Perspective 2009
The Rise and Fall of the UK Film Council 2015
The Rise of Colleges: Institutions of Learning in Islam and the West 1981
The Rise of Democracy: Revolution, War and Transformations in International Politics since 1776 OPEN ACCESS 2015
The Rise of Islamic Political Movements and Parties: Morocco, Turkey and Jordan 2019
Rituals of Islamic Monarchy: Accession and Succession in the First Muslim Empire 2009
The Road to Home Rule: Images Of Scotland's Cause 2000
The Road to Iraq: The Making of a Neoconservative War 2014
Robert Bruce: And the Community of the Realm of Scotland 2005
Robert Louis Stevenson and the Art of Collaboration 2019
Roland Penrose: The Life of a Surrealist 2016
The Roman Cult of Mithras: The God and His Mysteries 2000
Roman Imperialism 2010
Roman Law before the Twelve Tables: An Interdisciplinary Approach 2020
Roman Law Essentials 2009
Roman Law for Scots Law Students 2021
Roman Law, Scots Law and Legal History: Selected Essays 2007
Roman Religion 2003
Romani in Britain: The Afterlife of a Language 2010
Romantic Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion 2016
Romantic Literature and Postcolonial Studies 2013
Romantic Masculinities: News From Nowhere Vol.2 1997
Romantic Periodicals in the Twenty-First Century: Eleven Case Studies from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine 2020
Romantic Realities: Speculative Realism and British Romanticism 2016
Romanticism : Theory : Gender: News From Nowhere 1 1995
Romantics and Modernists in British Cinema 2010
Rome and its Empire, AD 193-284 2008
Rome and the Mediterranean 290 to 146 BC: The Imperial Republic 2012
Rome in Late Antiquity: Everyday Life and Urban Change, AD 312-609 2000
Rome Season Two: Trial and Triumph 2015
Roomscape: Women Writers in the British Museum from George Eliot to Virginia Woolf 2013
Rudyard Kipling's Fiction: Mapping Psychic Spaces 2015
Rum Seljuq Architecture, 1170-1220: The Patronage of Sultans 2017
Rural Modernity in Britain: A Critical Intervention 2018
Russia Before and After Crimea: Nationalism and Identity, 2010–17 2018
Russian Futurist Theatre: Theory and Practice 2018
The Russian Language Outside the Nation 2014
Russian Speakers in Post-Soviet Latvia: Discursive Identity Strategies 2016
Russia’s New Authoritarianism: Putin and the Politics of Order 2020
Ruth Davidson's Conservatives: The Scottish Tory Party, 2011-19 2020
Rwanda and the Moral Obligation of Humanitarian Intervention 2013
Sacred Place and Sacred Time in the Medieval Islamic Middle East: A Historical Perspective 2020
The Sacred Thread: Hinduism in Continuity & Diversity 1996
Salt and Olives: Morality and Custom in Ancient Greece 2004
Samuel Beckett and the Terror of Literature 2017
Samuel Beckett: Laughing Matters, Comic Timing 2012
Samuel Beckett's How It Is: Philosophy in Translation 2018
Sapphism on Screen: Lesbian Desire in French and Francophone Cinema 2006
Sasanian Persia: Between Rome and the Steppes of Eurasia 2017
Saussure and his Interpreters 2003
Saussure and his Interpreters 2003
Sayfo - An Account of the Assyrian Genocide 2021
Scandalous Knowledge: Science, Truth and the Human 2005
The Schelling-Eschenmayer Controversy, 1801: Nature and Identity 2020
Schelling's Ontology of Powers 2021
Scheming: A Social History of Glasgow Council Housing, 1919-1956 2018
Schreber’s Law: Jurisprudence and Judgment in Transition 2018
Science Fiction Cinema: Between Fantasy and Reality 2007
Scotland After the Ice Age: Environment, Archaeology and History 8000 BC - AD 1000 2003
Scotland and the Abolition of Black Slavery, 1756-1838 2006
Scotland and the French Revolutionary War, 1792-1802 2015
Scotland and the Union 1707-2007 2008
Scotland and the Union: Hume Papers on Public Policy 2.2 1994
Scotland: Archaeology and Early History 1991
Scotland: Global Cinema: Genres, Modes and Identities 2009
Scotland in Revolution, 1685–1690 2018
Scotland Re-formed, 1488-1587 2007
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Scotland: The Making and Unmaking of the Nation c.1100-1707 (vol. 4): Volume 4 Readings: c.15-177 2007
Scotland: The Making and Unmaking of the Nation c.1100-1707 (vol.3 ): Volume 3 Readings, c11-15 2006
Scotland's Best Churches 2005
Scotland’s Choices: The Referendum and What Happens Afterwards 2014
Scotland’s Foreshore: Public Rights, Private Rights and the Crown 1840 - 2017 2018
Scotland's Muslims: Society, Politics and Identity 2017
Scotland's Referendum and the Media: National and International Perspectives 2016
Scots and the Spanish Civil War: Solidarity, Activism and Humanitarianism 2020
The Scots and the Union 2006
The Scots and the Union: Then and Now 2014
Scots at School: An Anthology 2003
Scots Commercial Law 2014
The Scots Imagination and Modern Memory 2010
The Scots in Victorian and Edwardian Belfast: A Study in Elite Migration 2013
Scots Law Tales 2010
Scottish Administrative Law Essentials 2006
Scottish Arbitration Handbook: A Practitioner’s Guide 2021
Scottish Colonial Literature: Writing the Atlantic, 1603-1707 2021
Scottish Country Houses, 1600-1914 1995
Scottish Criminal Evidence Law: Current Developments and Future Trends 2018
Scottish Criminal Law Essentials 2018
Scottish Education: Fifth Edition 2018
Scottish Education in the Twentieth Century 2003
The Scottish Enlightenment: Human Nature, Social Theory and Moral Philosophy: Essays in Honour of Christopher J. Berry 2021
Scottish Ethnicity and the Making of New Zealand Society, 1850-1930 2011
Scottish Evidence Law Essentials 2021
Scottish Gods: Religion in Modern Scotland 1900-2012 2014
Scottish Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion 2017
Scottish Government and Politics: An Introduction 2001
Scottish History: The Power of the Past 2002
Scottish Independence: A Practical Guide 2002
Scottish Independence and the Idea of Britain: From the Picts to Alexander III 2007
The Scottish Labour Party: History, Institutions and Ideas 2004
Scottish Legal History: Volume 1: 1000-1707 2017
Scottish Legal System Essentials 2021
Scottish Legal System Essentials 2012
Scottish Literature and Postcolonial Literature: Comparative Texts and Critical Perspectives 2011
Scottish Literature and World War I 2020
Scottish Literature 2009
Scottish Liturgical Traditions and Religious Politics: From Reformers to Jacobites, 1560–1764 2021
Scottish Local Government 2004
Scottish Modernism and its Contexts 1918-1959: Literature, National Identity and Cultural Exchange 2009
Scottish Newspapers, Language and Identity 2009
The Scottish Parliament under Charles II, 1660-1685 2007
Scottish Presbyterians and the Act of Union 1707 2007
Scottish Romanticism and Collective Memory in the British Atlantic 2020
Scottish Theatre Since the Seventies 1996
The Scottish Town in the Age of the Enlightenment 1740-1820 2014
Scottish Women: A Documentary History, 1780-1914 2013
Scottish Women's Gothic and Fantastic Writing: Fiction since 1978 2010
Screen Presence: Cinema Culture and the Art of Warhol, Rauschenberg, Hatoum and Gordon 2016
Screening Divinity 2019
Screening Shakespeare in the Twenty-First Century 2006
Screening Statues: Sculpture in Film 2017
Screening the Golden Ages of the Classical Tradition 2019
Screening Youth: Contemporary French and Francophone Cinema 2019
The Sculptural Body in Victorian Literature: Encrypted Sexualities 2020
Seamus Heaney: An Introduction 2016
Second Death: Theatricalities of the Soul in Shakespeare's Drama 2016
The Second World War in Contemporary British Fiction: Secret Histories 2011
Secretaries and Statecraft in the Early Modern World 2016
Sectarianism in Scotland 2004
Secularism in the Arab World: Contexts, Ideas and Consequences 2019
Security as Politics: Beyond the State of Exception 2019
Security/Capital: A General Theory of Pacification 2016
Seeing God in Sufi Qur’an Commentaries: Crossings between This World and the Otherworld 2018
Seeing with the Hands: Blindness, Vision and Touch After Descartes 2016
Self-Harm in New Woman Writing 2018
Self-love, Egoism and the Selfish Hypothesis: Key Debates from Eighteenth-Century British Moral Philosophy 2019
The Seljuqs: Politics, Society and Culture 2011
Selling the Splat Pack: The DVD Revolution and the American Horror Film 2014
The Semantics of Word Formation and Lexicalization 2013
Semiramis' Legacy: The History of Persia According to Diodorus of Sicily 2017
Sensation Drama, 1860–1880: An Anthology 2019
Sensational Internationalism: The Paris Commune and the Remapping of American Memory in the Long Nineteenth Century 2016
The Sense of Film Narration 2015
Sensing Justice through Contemporary Spanish Cinema: Aesthetics, Politics, Law 2021
Sensing Willa Cather: The Writer and the Body in Transition 2021
Sentencing Orlando: Virginia Woolf and the Morphology of the Modernist Sentence 2018
Sex and Difference in Ancient Greece and Rome 2003
Sex and Sexuality in Classical Athens 2013
Sex and the Nazi Soldier: Violent, Commercial and Consensual Encounters during the War in the Soviet Union, 1941-45 2021
Sex for Sale in Scotland: Prostitution in Edinburgh and Glasgow, 1900-1939 2016
The Sexual State: Sexuality and Scottish Governance 1950-80 2012
Shakespeare and Judgment 2017
Shakespeare and Latinidad 2021
Shakespeare and the Fall of the Roman Republic: Selfhood, Stoicism and Civil War 2019
Shakespeare and the Truth-Teller: Confronting the Cynic Ideal 2019
Shakespeare in Hindsight: Counterfactual Thinking and Shakespearean Tragedy 2016
Shakespeare in the North: Place, Politics and Performance in England and Scotland 2021
Shakespeare in Theory and Practice 2008
Shakespeare 2007
The Shakespearean Inside: A Study of the Complete Soliloquies and Solo Asides 2017
Shakespearean Maternities: Crises of Conception in Early Modern England 2008
Shakespearean Melancholy: Philosophy, Form, and the Transformation of Comedy 2018
Shakespeare's Body Parts: Figuring Sovereignty in the History Plays 2020
Shakespeare's Essays: Sampling Montaigne from Hamlet to The Tempest 2020
Shakespeare's Fugitive Politics 2016
Shakespeare's History Plays: Rethinking Historicism OPEN ACCESS 2012
Shakespeare's Late Plays: New Readings 1999
Shakespeare's Moral Compass 2018
Shakespeare's Representation of Weather, Climate and Environment: The Early Modern 'Fated Sky' 2019
Shame: A Genealogy of Queer Practices in the 19th Century 2017
Shane Meadows: Critical Essays 2013
Shaping Global Islamic Discourses: The Role of Al-Azhar, Al-Madinah and Al-Mustafa 2015
Sharīʿa in the Russian Empire: The Reach and Limits of Islamic Law in Central Eurasia, 1550-1917 2020
Shi’a Minorities in the Contemporary World: Migration, Transnationalism and Multilocality 2020
Shi'i Doctrine, Mu'tazili Theology: al-Sharif al-Murtada and Imami Discourse 2017
Shoe Reels: The History and Philosophy of Footwear in Film 2020
Short Films from a Small Nation: Danish Informational Cinema 1935-1965 2018
Short Form American Poetry: The Modernist Tradition 2020
A Short History of the Ismailis: Traditions of a Muslim Community 1998
The Short Story: An Introduction 2009
The Shrines of the 'Alids in Medieval Syria: Sunnis, Shi'is and the Architecture of Coexistence 2014
Shut Up and Listen: A Brief Guide to Clinical Communications Skills 2006
Sibawayh on ?imalah (Inclination): Text, Translation, Notes and Analysis 2007
Sicily from Aeneas to Augustus: New Approaches in Archaeology and History 2000
Sicily from Aeneas to Augustus: New Approaches in Archaeology and History 2000
The Siege of Malta and Bizarro 2008
Simone de Beauvoir's Philosophy of Individuation: The Problem of the Second Sex 2017
Simply Philosophy: Guided Readings 2003
Singapore English 2007
Sinn Féin and the IRA: From Revolution to Moderation 2018
Sino-Enchantment: The Fantastic in Contemporary Chinese Cinemas 2021
Sir Henry Irving: Theatre, Culture and Society: Essays, Addresses and Lectures 1994
The Sitcom 2009
Sixties British Cinema Reconsidered 2020
The Sixties in America: History, Politics and Protest 2001
Slave Trade and the Economic Development of 18th-Century Lancaster 1992
Slavery and Servitude in North America, 1607-1800 2000
Slow Cinema 2016
Slum Imaginaries and Spatial Justice in Philippine Cinema 2021
Slums on Screen: World Cinema and the Planet of Slums 2016
Social Interaction and English Language Teacher Identity 2018
Social Interaction and L2 Classroom Discourse 2015
Social Interaction and Teacher Cognition 2017
Social Interaction in Second Language Chat Rooms 2014
Social Issues in Television Fiction 2007
Social Theory: A Reader 2005
Social Theory: Conflict, Cohesion and Consent 2003
The Social Theory of the Scottish Enlightenment 1997
Social Transformations and Revolutions: Reflections and Analyses 2016
The Social Turn in Second Language Acquisition 2003
A Sociolinguistic History of Scotland 2020
Sociolinguistic Variation and Change 2002
The Sociolinguistics of Writing 2013
The Sociopragmatics of Attitude Datives in Levantine Arabic 2018
Solidarity Across Divides: Promoting the Moral Point of View 2015
Some Passages in the Life of Mr Adam Blair, Minister of the Gospel at Cross-Miekle 2020
Sonallah Ibrahim: Rebel with a Pen 2016
Songs of the Women Migrants: Performance and Identity in South Africa 1999
Sonic Modernity: Representing Sound in Literature, Culture and the Arts 2013
The Sorrowful Muslim's Guide 2018
Sound Change 2021
Sounding Modernism: Rhythm and Sonic Mediation in Modern Literature and Film 2017
The Sources of Islamic Law: Islamic Theories of Abrogation 1990
South Asian Atlantic Literature, 1970-2010 OPEN ACCESS 2012
Sovereignty After Empire: Comparing the Middle East and Central Asia 2011
Soviet Defectors: Revelations of Renegade Intelligence Officers, 1924-1954 2020
Space in Modern Egyptian Fiction 2020
Space, Politics and Aesthetics 2015
Spaces of Capital: Towards a Critical Geography 2001
Spaces of Hope 2000
Spaghetti Westerns at the Crossroads: Studies in Relocation, Transition and Appropriation 2016
Spanish America and British Romanticism, 1777–1826: Rewriting Conquest 2010
Spanish Erotic Cinema 2017
Spanish Horror Film 2012
The Spanish Prisoner 2009
Spanish Queer Cinema 2013
Sparta 2002
Speaking Against Number: Heidegger, Language and the Politics of Calculation 1988
Speaking in Subtitles: Revaluing Screen Translation 2017
Speaking With the Dead: Explorations in Literature and History 2005
Special Affects: Cinema, Animation and the Translation of Consumer Culture 2014
Spectacular Science, Technology and Superstition in the Age of Shakespeare 2017
Specters of World Literature: Orientalism, Modernity, and the Novel in the Middle East 2020
The Speech-Gesture Complex: Modernism, Theatre, Cinema 2013
Spelling Scots: The Orthography of Literary Scots, 1700-2000 2015
Spies, Spin and the Fourth Estate: British Intelligence and the Media 2020
Spinoza and Relational Autonomy: Being With Others 2019
Spinoza and the Politics of Freedom 2021
Spinoza Beyond Philosophy 2012
Spinoza, the Epicurean: Authority and Utility in Materialism 2020
Spinoza, the Transindividual 2020
Spirit Becomes Matter: The Brontes, George Eliot, Nietzsche 2014
The Spiritual Jurisdiction in Reformation Scotland: A Legal History 2019
Spying on the World: The Declassified Documents of the Joint Intelligence Committee, 1936-2013 2014
The Stadium and the City 1995
Stalinist Cinema and the Production of History: Museum of the Revolution 2008
Standing Up for Scotland: Nationalist Unionism and Scottish Party Politics, 1884-2014 2020
Stanley Cavell and the Magic of Hollywood Films 2019
STARZ Spartacus: Reimagining an Icon on Screen 2017
Stasis: Civil War as a Political Paradigm 2015
State Ideology and Language in Tanzania: Second and revised edition 2014
Statistics for Corpus Linguistics 1998
Stiegler and Technics 2013
The Stillness of Solitude: Romanticism and Contemporary American Independent Film 2019
The Story of the Scottish Parliament: The First Two Decades Explained 2019
Straight Girls and Queer Guys: The Hetero Media Gaze in Film and Television 2016
The Strange Death of Labour Scotland 2012
Strangers and Traders: Yoruba Migrants, Markets and the State in Northern Ghana 1993
Stuarts and Romanovs: The Rise and Fall of a Special Relationship 2009
Studying Media: Problems of Theory and Method 1998
Studying Modern Arabic Literature: Mustafa Badawi, Scholar and Critic 2015
The Style of Sleaze: The American Exploitation Film, 1959 - 1977 2018
The Stylistics of Professional Discourse 2016
Sublime Art: Towards an Aesthetics of the Future 2017
A Substance-free Framework for Phonology: agl 2017
Success in Law Studies: The 10 Keys to Top Grades 2013
Succession Law Essentials 2013
Suffragist Artists in Partnership: Gender, Word and Image 2018
Sufism and Theology 2007
Sufism in the Contemporary Arabic Novel 2012
Sufism: The Formative Period 2007
The Sutherland Estate, 1850-1920: Aristocratic Decline, Estate Management and Land Reform 2010
Sweden, the Swastika and Stalin: The Swedish experience in the Second World War 2010
Swedish Military Intelligence: Producing Knowledge 2016
Sylvia Plath's Fiction: A Critical Study 2010
Synagogues in the Islamic World: Architecture, Design and Identity 2017
Syria in Crusader Times: Conflict and Co-Existence 2020
Tactile Poetics: Touch and Contemporary Writing 2015
Tales of the Troubled Dead: Ghost Stories in Cultural History 2019
Talkies, Road Movies and Chick Flicks: Gender, Genre and Film Sound in American Cinema 2016
Tanaka Kinuyo: Nation, Stardom and Female Subjectivity 2018
Teaching Language and Promoting Citizenship 2019
Teaching Literature in a Second Language 2000
Teaching Scottish Literature: Curriculum and Classroom Applications (Scottish Language and Literature Volume 3) 1997
Teaching Social Justice Through Shakespeare: Why Renaissance Literature Matters Now OPEN ACCESS 2019
Teaching Transatlanticism: Resources for Teaching Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Print Culture 2015
Tears of the Dead: The Social Biography of an African Family 1991
Technology, Innovation and Access to Justice: Dialogues on the Future of Law 2021
Television Policy: The MacTaggart Lectures 2005
Temporality and Film Analysis 2012
The Temptation of Graves in Salafi Islam: Iconoclasm, Destruction and Idolatry 2018
Tennyson Echoing Wordsworth 2019
Text and Image in Medieval Persian Art 2019
Text World Theory: An Introduction 2007
Texts: Contemporary Cultural Texts and Critical Approaches 2006
Textual Deceptions: False Memoirs and Literary Hoaxes in the Contemporary Era 2014
Texture - A Cognitive Aesthetics of Reading 2012
Theatre Through the Camera Eye: The Poetics of an Intermedial Encounter 2019
Theatres of Struggle and the End of Apartheid 2004
Theatrical Milton: Politics and Poetics of the Staged Body 2017
Theories of Memory: A Reader 2007
Theories of Religion: A Reader 2006
The Third Duke of Buccleuch and Adam Smith: Estate Management and Improvement in Enlightenment Scotland 2014
Third Way Discourse: European Ideologies in the Twentieth Century 2003
This Shrinking Land: Climate Change and Britain's Coasts 2011
Thomas Aquinas: God and Explanations 1997
Thomas De Quincey: Romanticism in Translation 2021
Thomas Hardy: Moments of Vision 1994
Thomas Hardy: Wessex Poems 1995
Thomas Hardy's Legal Fictions 2013
Thomas Hardy's Shorter Fiction: A Critical Study 2007
Thomas Jefferson: Reputation and Legacy 2006
Thomas Lodge: Rosalynd 1995
Thomas Middleton, Renaissance Dramatist 2009
Thomas Reid and the Problem of Secondary Qualities 2017
Thomas Reid and the University 2021
Thomas Reid on Mathematics and Natural Philosophy 2017
Thomas Reid on Society and Politics 2015
The Three Perils of Man 2012
Tim Burton's Bodies: Gothic, Animated, Creaturely and Corporeal 2021
Time and Tide: The Feminist and Cultural Politics of a Modern Magazine 2018
Time, Existential Presence and the Cinematic Image: Ethics and Emergence to Being in Film 2018
Time, Technology and Environment: An Essay on the Philosophy of Nature 2016
Times of Troubles: Britain's War in Northern Ireland 2012
To Follow: The Wake of Jacques Derrida 2010
Towards a Deliberative and Associational Democracy 2008
Towards a Feminist Cinematic Ethics: Claire Denis, Emmanuel Levinas and Jean-Luc Nancy OPEN ACCESS 2016
Towards a Geopolitical Image of Thought 2021
Towards an Improper Politics 2020
Traditions in World Cinema 2006
Tragedy, Modernity and Mourning 2004
Transatlantic Avant-Gardes: Little Magazines and Localist Modernism 2013
Transatlantic Literary Studies: A Reader 2007
Transatlantic Rhetoric: Speeches from the American Revolution to the Suffragettes 2020
Transatlantic Transcendentalism: Coleridge, Emerson and Nature 2013
Transatlantic Transformations of Romanticism: Aesthetics, Subjectivity and the Environment 2021
Transatlantic Women's Literature 2008
Transcendent God, Rational World: A Maturidi Theology 2021
Transformation and Tradition in 1960s British Cinema 2019
The Transformation of Muslim Mystical Thought in the Ottoman Empire: The Rise of the Halveti Order, 1350-1650 2010
The Transformation of Scotland: The Economy since 1700 2005
Transforming Settlement in Southern Africa 2001
Transgender and The Literary Imagination: Changing Gender in Twentieth-Century Writing 2018
The Transition Towards Revolution and Reform: The Arab Spring Realised? 2014
Translating the Devil: Religion and Modernity among the Ewe in Ghana 1999
Translation as Collaboration: Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield and S.S. Koteliansky 2014
Transnational Film Remakes 2017
Transnationalism in Practice: Essays on American Studies, Literature and Religion 2010
Trauma Fiction 2004
Travellers' Tales of Wonder: Chatwin, Naipaul, Sebald 2013
A Treatise on Mystical Love 2005
The Trouble with Democracy: Political Modernity in the 21st Century 2016
Troubled Everyday: The Aesthetics of Violence and the Everyday in European Art Cinema 2017
Troublemakers: The Struggle for Environmental Justice in Scotland 2003
Trump's America: Political Culture and National Identity 2020
Trusts and Patrimonies 2015
Trusts Law Essentials 2012
Truth Matters: Realism, Anti-Realism and Response-Dependence 2002
Turkey's Necropolitical Laboratory: Democracy, Violence and Resistance 2019
Turkish Myth and Muslim Symbol: The Battle of Manzikert 2007
The TV Crime Drama 2014
The Twenties in America: Politics and History 2006
Twentieth-Century Crime Fiction: Gender, Sexuality and the Body 2001
Twentieth-Century German Political Thought 2006
Twentieth-Century Victorian: Arthur Conan Doyle and the Strand Magazine, 1891-1930 2016
Twenty-First-Century Children’s Gothic: From the Wanderer to Nomadic Subject 2018
Twenty-First-Century Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion 2019
The Twilight of the British Empire: British Intelligence and Counter-Subversion in the Middle East, 1948–63 2017
The Two cines con niño: Genre and the Child Protagonist in over Fifty Years of Spanish Film (1955-2010) 2018
Tyrone Power: Gender, Genre and Image in Classical Hollywood Cinema 2021
Unbecoming Human: Philosophy of Animality After Deleuze 2020
Uncommon Alliances: Cultural Narratives of Migration in the New Europe 2018
Undead Apocalyse: Vampires and Zombies in the 21st Century 2016
Understanding Ethics 2013
The Unexpected: Narrative Temporality and the Philosophy of Surprise 2013
Unfinished Worlds: Hermeneutics, Aesthetics and Gadamer 2013
Union and Revolution: Scotland and Beyond, 1625-1745 2020
The Union of 1707: New Dimensions: Scottish Historical Review Supplementary Issue 2008
The United States and Iraq since 1979: Hegemony, Oil and War 2009
The United States and the Iranian Nuclear Programme: A Critical History 2018
The United States and World War II: The Awakening Giant 2002
The Universal (In the Realm of the Sensible): Beyond Continental Philosophy 2007
Universe and Inner Self in Early Indian and Early Greek Thought OPEN ACCESS 2016
The University of Edinburgh: An Illustrated History 2003
The University of Glasgow: 1451-1996 1996
The Unmaking of the Arab Intellectual: Prophecy, Exile and the Nation 2017
Untimely Affects: Gilles Deleuze and an Ethics of Cinema 2013
US Foreign Policy and China: The Bush, Obama, Trump Administrations 2021
US Independent Film After 1989: Possible Films 2015
US Intelligence and Al Qaeda: Analysis by Contrasting Narratives 2020
Vagabond Fictions: Gender and Experiment in British Women’s Writing, 1945-1970 2020
Vampires in Italian Cinema, 1956-1975 2020
Vampires, Race, and Transnational Hollywoods 2017
Variable Objects: Shakespeare and Speculative Appropriation 2021
Variations: The Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze 2010
Veering: A Theory of Literature 2011
The Victorian Actress in the Novel and on the Stage 2019
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Victorian Liberalism and Material Culture: Synergies of Thought and Place 2018
Victorian Literature and Postcolonial Studies 2009
Victorian Literature 2011
The Victorian Male Body 2018
Victorian Poetry and the Poetics of the Literary Periodical 2019
Victoriana - Histories, Fictions, Criticism 2007
The Vietnam War in History, Literature and Film 2003
Viking Law and Order: Places and Rituals of Assembly in the Medieval North 2017
Vikings in Scotland: An Archaeological Survey 1998
The Vindication of Absolute Idealism 1983
Violence and the Cultural Politics of Trauma 2007
Violence, Custom and Law: The Anglo-Scottish Border Lands in the Later Middle Ages 1998
Violence in Islamic Thought from European Imperialism to the Post-Colonial Era 2021
Violence in Islamic Thought from the Mongols to European Imperialism 2018
Violence in Islamic Thought from the Qur'an to the Mongols 2015
Virgil’s English Translators: Civil Wars to Restoration 2021
Virginia Woolf: Ambivalent Activist 2016
Virginia Woolf and Being-in-the-world: A Heideggerian Study 2017
Virginia Woolf and Christian Culture 2018
Virginia Woolf and Classical Music: Politics, Aesthetics, Form 2015
Virginia Woolf and the Materiality of Theory: Sex, Animal, Life 2013
Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Language 2010
Virginia Woolf, Fashion and Literary Modernity 2009
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Virginia Woolf: Twenty-First-Century Approaches 2015
Virginia Woolf's Essayism 2012
Virginia Woolf's Novels and the Literary Past 2007
Virilio and Visual Culture 2013
The Virilio Dictionary 2013
Virtue Ethics: A Critical Reader 1997
Virtue, Learning and the Scottish Enlightenment: Ideas of Scholarship in Early Modern History 1993
Virtue, Reason and Toleration: The Place of Toleration in Ethical & Political Philosophy 1999
Visceral Screens: Mediation and Matter in Horror Cinema 2021
Visions of Council Democracy: Castoriadis, Arendt, Lefort 2021
Visions of the City: Utopianism, Power and Politics in Twentieth-Century Urbanism 2005
Visual Art and Self-Construction 2021
The Vogue for Russia: Modernism and the Unseen in Britain 1900-1930 2015
The Voice of the People: Hamish Henderson and Scottish Cultural Politics 2015
Volleys of Humanity: Essays 1972–2009 2011
Volpone's Bastards: Theorising Jonson's City Comedy 2018
The Vulnerable Witnesses Scotland Act 2004: Text and Commentary 2008
W. G. Sebald - Image, Archive, Modernity 2007
Walking with James Hogg: The Ettrick Sheperd's Remarkable Journey Through Scotland 2016
Walter Pater: Individualism and Aesthetic Philosophy 2013
Walter Scott and Modernity 2007
Walter Scott and Short Fiction 2021
Walter Scott and the Limits of Language 2010
Walter Scott at 250: Looking Forward 2021
Walter Scott, Shorter Poems 2020
War Aims in the Second World War: The War Aims of the Key Belligerents 1939-1945 2005
War Aims in the Second World War: The War Aims of the Key Belligerents 1939-1945 2005
War and Nation in the Theatre of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries 2007
War and Occupation in Iraqi Fiction 2015
War and the Mind: Ford Madox Ford's Parade's End, Modernism, and Psychology 2015
War Dead: Western societies and the casualties of war 2006
War in Space: Strategy, Spacepower, Geopolitics 2020
The War on Drugs and Anglo-American Relations: Lessons from Afghanistan 2019
The 'War on Terror' and American Film: 9/11 Frames Per Second 2014
War Power, Police Power 2014
The Wars of Scotland, 1214-1371 2004
Waverley 2014
We Have Never Been Postmodern: Theory at the Speed of Light 2011
We Ourselves: The Politics of Us, Letting Be II 2021
The Wealth of the Nation: Scotland, Culture and Independence 2018
A Wealthier, Fairer Scotland: The Political Economy of Constitutional Change 2017
Weir of Hermiston, by Robert Louis Stevenson 2017
West Midlands English: Birmingham and the Black Country 2013
Western China on Screen: An Urban Exploration 2021
Whaleback City: Poems from Dundee and its Hinterlands 2013
What if Culture was Nature all Along? 2017
What if Derrida was wrong about Saussure? 2012
Whatever Happened to Tory Scotland? 2012
Whitehead's Metaphysics of Power: Reconstructing Modern Philosophy 2017
William Hunter and the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow, 1807-2007 2007
William Morris and the Idea of Community: Romance, History and Propaganda, 1880–1914 2010
William Wallace: A National Tale 2014
Without Mastery: Reading and Other Forces 2014
Wittgenstein and Political Theory: The View from Somewhere 2009
Wittgenstein on Language and Thought: The Philosophy of Content 1998
Women and Contemporary Scottish Politics: An Anthology 2001
Women and the Fatimids in the World of Islam 2006
Women and the Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion 2016
Women and the Railway, 1850-1915 2015
Women, Feminism and Media 2007
Women in Marvel Films 2021
Women in Mongol Iran: The Khatuns, 1206-1335 OPEN ACCESS 2017
Women in the Law Courts of Classical Athens 2021
Women of Ancient Greece 2003
Women, Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain, 1830s-1900s: The Victorian Period 2019
Women, Political Philosophy and Politics 2001
Women, Writing and the Iraqi Ba‘thist State: Contending Discourses of Resistance and Collaboration, 1968-2003 2020
Women's Fiction of the Second World War: Gender, Power and Resistance 1996
Women's Poetry 2007
Women's Rights as Multicultural Claims: Reconfiguring Gender and Diversity in Political Philosophy 2009
Women's Writing of the Victorian Period 1837-1901: An Anthology 1999
The Wonders of Creation and the Singularities of Painting: A Study of the Ilkhanid London Qazvīnī 2015
Word And Image In Ancient Greece 2000
The Work of Giorgio Agamben: Law, Literature, Life 2011
Working Feminism 2004
Working Title Films: A Creative and Commercial History 2021
Working with Walter Benjamin: Recovering a Political Philosophy 2013
World Cinema and the Essay Film: Transnational Perspectives on a Global Practice 2019
World Englishes at the Grassroots 2021
World Ethics: The New Agenda 2007
The World of Image in Islamic Philosophy: Ibn Sina, Suhrawardi, Shahrazuri and Beyond 2017
The World, the Flesh and the Subject: Continental Themes in Philosophy of Mind and Body 2005
Worldly Desires: Cosmopolitanism and Cinema in Hong Kong and Taiwan 2018
Writing Beirut: Mappings of the City in the Modern Arabic Novel 2015
Writing Black Scotland: Race, Nation and the Devolution of Black Britain 2020
Writing for The New Yorker: Critical Essays on an American Periodical 2015
Writing Men: Literary Masculinities from Frankenstein to the New Man 2020
Writing Nature in Cold War American Literature 2018
Writing Shame: Gender, Contemporary Literature and Negative Affect 2020
Writing the Field Recording: Sound, Word, Environment 2018
Writing the Radio War: Literature, Politics, and the BBC, 1939-1945 2018
Writing the Sphinx: Literature, Culture and Egyptology 2020
Wrongful Damage to Property in Roman Law: British perspectives 2018
Wyndham Lewis: A Critical Guide 2015
Yankee Yarns: Storytelling and the Invention of the National Body in Nineteenth-Century American Culture 2021
The Yorkshire Countryside: A Landscape History 1997
Young American Muslims: Dynamics of Identity OPEN ACCESS 2013
Young British Muslims: Identity, Culture, Politics and the Media 2010
Zizek and Politics: A Critical Introduction 2010

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