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Federal Academy for Security Policy

Research Reports in JSTOR from Federal Academy for Security Policy
88 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
The 2-Percent Objective and the Bundeswehr: Discussion about the German Defence Budget 2018
Adaptations Needed:: NATO Partnership Programmes in the 21st century 2019
Air Power: Credible deterrence and defence call for superior air forces. NATO has realised that. 2018
Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State:: Objectives, Threat, Countermeasures 2016
The America We Need 2015
Artificial Intelligence in the Armed Forces: On the need for regulation regarding autonomy in weapon systems 2018
The Asymmetric War of ISIL: Implications for Counter-Terrorism 2017
Attack on the West: What is the strategy of ISIL? 2016
Autonomous or semi-autonomous weapons systems: A potential new threat of terrorism? 2017
A Backward Roll in Exports?: The Coalition Agreement Does Not Solve Problems Concerning the Bundeswehr and the German Defence Industry 2018
Belarus’s balancing act continues: Minsk fends off the “Ukraine Option” again 2017
Below the Radar: The strategic significance of rare earths for the economic and military security of the West 2019
Brexit and British Defence Policy: Not Business As Usual 2016
Brexit negotiations in the field of defence: Lessons learnt and moving forward 2018
Can Turkey play the Shanghai card?: China’s take on Ankara’s Eurasian security endeavours and what it means for Europe’s security architecture 2017
The case for a coherent South Asia strategy: No zero-sum choice between India and Pakistan 2018
A Change of Heart in Pakistan?: New developments in counter-terrorism and shifting international influences in Pakistan 2018
China’s March West: Emergence in Central Asia and Afghanistan 2018
Choosing your partners: How strong is the partnership between China and Russia? 2016
Commercial Project or Strategic Disorientation?: The Controversial Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline 2018
Commitments for NATO: More Money for the Bundeswehr 2016
Cyprus: Is one of the oldest conflicts about to be resolved? 2016
A difficult reconstruction: Perspectives of European Initiatives in Syria 2019
Donald Trump: A Populist in the White House: Background and Perspectives 2017
Down but not out: Is the end nigh for ISIL? 2018
The End of Illusions: Trump's North Korea Options 2017
A European Intelligence Service?: Potentials and Limits of Intelligence Cooperation at EU Level 2017
A European-Asian Dialogue on Nuclear Deterrence:: German-Korean Nuclear Talks in Seoul 2018
Europe’s Emergency — Now! 2020
A failed peace process?: The rapprochement between Hamas and Fatah and the consequences of the announced relocation of the US Embassy 2018
Failed Statehood: On the Causes of Upheaval and Conflict in the Middle East 2017
Five Misconceptions: about the Putin System 2015
For a Europeanisation of Arms Export Controls: More power for Brussels will lead to a stronger Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU 2018
Forward, Resilience! —: Ideas on how to Strengthen Resilience in Germany 2017
The G20: Inclusivity and Legitimacy: A Nordic Perspective 2017
Germany and NATO’s Nuclear Deterrent 2021
Germany’s Enable & Enhance Initiative: What is it about? 2016
Germany’s OSCE chairmanship 2016: The need for “contagement” 2015
“Hybrid Threats”:: What Can We Learn From Russia? 2019
The INF Treaty:: Europe needs to act 2018
The INF Treaty as a Cornerstone of Nuclear Arms Control — Doomed to Fail? 2017
Iran’s Destructive Regional Policy: An Underrated Problem 2018
Is China Failing?: Risks, Imponderables and Perspectives 2016
Is conscription a guarantee of national defense?: Some remarks on the justification for reactivating conscription 2018
Is Every Soldier a Veteran?: A Critical Analysis of the 2018 German Veteran Definition 2018
Is the West Circling the Wagons?: On the strategic situation of Germany and its Allies 2017
A kingdom at a crossroads:: Saudi Arabia between opportunity and chaos 2018
The Kurds as Allies of the West in Syria and Iraq: Effective Partnership or Political Powder Keg? 2017
Legal Regulations for Autonomous Weapon Systems:: Potentials and Limitations 2018
Libya — the next military operation with German participation? 2016
The Lisa Case: STRATCOM Lessons for European states 2016
More security in cyber space:: The case for arms control 2017
Myths Surrounding the Two Percent Debate —: on NATO defence spending 2019
The NATO Summit in Warsaw: Seven messages to expect 2016
A New NATO Command in Germany: Modelled on the Bundeswehr Joint Support Service 2018
A new quality of engagement: Germany’s extended military operation in northern Mali 2015
Nobody builds walls better than me —: US Policy towards Latin America under Donald Trump 2017
On the Way to a Common Strategic Culture: How far along is the development of a European Security and Defence Union, and what does that mean for the Bundeswehr? 2018
Peace Will Not Come to Europe’s War: Why Ukraine’s New President Zelensky will be Unable to Improve Relations with Russia 2019
The Prague Manual: How to counter the Kremlin’s influence in Europe 2018
A Premature Obituary for ISIL: The Mosul Offensive and its Potential Aftermath 2016
Preventing the “Islamic State” in Central Asia: Conditions, risks and peace policy requirements 2016
Putin’s Weapons Show: Just hot air from Moscow? 2018
Quo Vadis APSA?: The Future of the African Peace and Security Architecture 2018
Recent Developments in US Energy Policy: New independence for the US and increasing bloc formation in the Gulf region 2018
Refuge and migration: Organisational, administrative and logistic challenges 2016
Reliability beyond Trump Tweets: The US military contribution in Europe 2018
"Rich Country, Strong Army": China's Comprehensive National Security 2018
Russia and Europe in 2030: Conflict or cooperation? 2015
The Russian Challenge:: Its nature and the right response to it 2017
Russian National Identity and the Russia-Ukraine Crisis 2016
The Russian option:: Can Turkey forge an alliance with Russia? 2017
Russia’s Hybrid Warfare:: A Success in Propaganda 2015
Russia’s myths about NATO: Moscow’s propaganda ahead of the NATO Summit 2016
Saudi Arabia and its 40 Allies: What the Islamic Alliance really means 2016
The Second Generation Is the Deciding Factor: Food for thought for a change of perspective on German immigration policy 2019
The South Caucasus in the Context of the EU-Russia Crisis 2017
Strategic Autonomy for Europe: Can Berlin and Paris Agree? 2018
Strengthening EU Defence:: Much Ado About Nothing? 2017
Syrian Separation:: Why division is not the answer 2016
Total Defence: How Germany should implement a whole-of-government national and collective defence 2018
The West in the Middle East: A Realistic Analysis and Policy Priorities for a Region With Structurally Irresolvable Problems 2016
What future for Northern Iraq?: The Kurdish dilemma and shifting spheres of influence in the region 2017
What is Resilience?: Ambiguities of a Key Term 2016
What’s new on NATO’s Southern flank: Security threats and the Alliance’s role after the Warsaw Summit 2016
Where is the Beef?: Prospects of a closer German-British Security Partnership 2016
Who is encircling Whom?: Security policy aspects of China’s relationship with Japan 2017
Why Vladimir Putin is Angry with the West: Understanding the Drivers of Russia’s Information, Cyber and Hybrid War 2017