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Folklore Enterprises, Ltd.

Publisher Description

The Folklore Society (FLS) was founded in 1878 and was one of the first organizations in the world devoted to the study of traditional culture. The term 'folklore' describes the overarching concept that holds together a number of aspects of vernacular culture and cultural traditions, and is also the name of the discipline which studies them. The Folklore Society's interest and expertise covers topics such as traditional music, song, dance and drama, narrative, arts and crafts, customs, and belief. Members are also interested in popular religion, traditional and regional food, folk medicine, children's folklore, traditional sayings, proverbs, rhymes, and jingles. Under the terms of the registration of the FLS' charitable status, its aims are to foster folklore research and recording worldwide, and to make the results of such study available to all, whether members of the Society or not.

The Folklore Society
c/o The Warburg Institute
Woburn Square
London WC1H 0AB
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)20 7862 8564