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Global Center on Cooperative Security

Research Reports in JSTOR from Global Center on Cooperative Security
86 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Addressing Violent Extremism in Prisons and Probation: Principles for Effective Programs and Interventions 2016
Alter-Messaging:: The Credible, Sustainable Counterterrorism Strategy 2013
Artificial Intelligence and Data Capture Technologies in Violence and Conflict Prevention: Opportunities and Challenges for the International Community 2020
Blue Sky II: Progress and Opportunities in Implementing the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy 2014
Blue Sky III: Taking UN Counterterrorism Efforts in The Next Decade From Plans to Action 2016
BLUE SKY IV: CLOUDS DISPERSING?: An independent analysis of UN counterterrorism efforts in advance of the sixth review of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in 2018 2018
BLUE SKY V: An Independent Analysis of UN Counterterrorism Efforts 2020
Building Stronger Partnerships to Prevent Terrorism:: Recommendations for President Obama 2009
CAPITALIZING ON TRUST: Harnessing Somali Remittances for Counterterrorism, Human Rights and State Building 2012
Civil Society and the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy:: Opportunities and Challenges 2008
A Closer Look: Gender Dynamics in Violent Extremism and Countering Violent Extremism in Southeast Asia 2018
COMBATING MONEY LAUNDERING AND TERRORISM FINANCING: Good Practices for AML/CFT Capacity Development Programs 2018
Cooperating With Civil Society to Rehabilitate and Reintegrate Violent Extremist Prisoners 2020
Correcting the Course: Advancing Juvenile Justice Principles for Children Convicted of Violent Extremism Offenses 2017
Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism: The Role of the United Nations Today and the Impact of Security Council Resolution 2178 2014
Countering Violent Extremism and Development Assistance: Identifying Synergies, Obstacles, and Opportunities 2016
Countering Violent Extremism and Promoting Community Engagement in West Africa and the Sahel: An Action Agenda 2013
Countering Violent Extremism and Promoting Community Resilience in the Greater Horn of Africa: An Action Agenda 2015
Criminal Justice and Rule of Law Capacity Building to Counter Terrorism in Fragile Institutional Contexts:: Lessons From Development Cooperation 2012
Delivering Justice: Views From Supreme Courts in the Euro-Med Region on Countering Terrorism 2016
Desecuritizing Kenyan Youth: Young People’s Perspectives on Community Priorities in Mombasa 2019
Does CVE Work?: Lessons Learned From the Global Effort to Counter Violent Extremism 2015
Engaging for Peace:: What Are the Legal Limits to Working With Terrorists? 2011
Enhancing Civil Society Engagement 2020
FIGHTING TERROR THROUGH JUSTICE: Implementing the IGAD Framework for Legal Cooperation Against Terrorism 2012
From Adoption to Action:: The UN’s Role in Implementing its Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy 2009
From Policy to Action: Advancing an Integrated Approach to Women and Countering Violent Extremism 2016
The G8’s Counterterrorism Action Group 2009
Getting Back to Basics?: Renewing the Mandate of the UN Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate for 2014-2016 2013
Global Implementation of Security Council Resolution 1540 — An Enhanced UN Response is Needed 2009
GOING LOCAL: Supporting Community-Based Initiatives to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism in South and Central Asia 2017
Growing an Economy: Impact of Foreign Exchange and Remittances on Ethiopian Development 2014
Guidance on Establishing Frameworks to Assess Violent Extremism in Prisons 2021
Human Rights and the Implementation of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy: HOPES AND CHALLENGES 2008
Human Rights Compliance While Countering Terrorism 2008
Implementing the Global Counterterrorism Forum’s Hague Memorandum: Recommendations for the Adjudication of Terrorism Offenses in East Africa and Southeast Asia 2016
Implementing the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in North Africa 2010
Implementing the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in Southern Africa 2007
Implementing the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in the Latin America and Caribbean Region 2008
Implementing the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in West Africa 2010
Implementing the United Nations General Assembly’s Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in the Asia-Pacific 2007
Integrative Complexity Interventions to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism 2019
International Process on Global Counter-Terrorism Cooperation: A Compilation of Key Documents 2008
Looking Beyond the Pillars: Rule of Law Capacity Building and the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy 2014
Mapping Perceptions of Violent Extremism: Pilot Study of Community Attitudes in Kenya and Somaliland 2013
Mastering the Narrative: Counterterrorism Strategic Communication and the United Nations 2013
Mission Critical or Mission Creep?: Issues to Consider for the Future of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee and Its Executive Directorate 2017
Monitoring and Evaluation Tools for Counterterrorism Program Effectiveness 2011
The Need for Enhanced Regional Responses to Terrorism in South Asia 2009
AN OPPORTUNITY FOR RENEWAL:: Revitalizing the United Nations counterterrorism program 2010
Planning for Prevention: A Framework to Develop and Evaluate National Action Plans to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism 2018
Policing and (in)security in fragile and conflict-affected settings: A review of perspectives on policing in sub-Saharan Africa 2015
Policing Reforms in the Aftermath of Conflict: Justice and Security Sector Reform Lessons From Northern Ireland for Peacebuilding and Countering Violent Extremism - A Practitioner’s Perspective 2018
Preventing Conflict and Terrorism:: What Role for the Security Council? 2013
Preventing Violent Extremism in Burkina Faso: Toward National Resilience Amid Regional Insecurity 2014
Promoting Organizational Change to Ensure Respect for Human Rights while Countering Terrorism 2012
Recent Danish Counterradicalization Initiatives:: A Case Study on the Danish Security and Intelligence Service’s Dialogue Forum 2012
Rehabilitating Juvenile Violent Extremist Offenders in Detention Advancing a Juvenile Justice Approach 2016
Reintegrating Former Boko Haram Associates: Perspectives From Far North Region in Cameroon 2019
Reorienting Cultural Production Policies:: Ideas to Dissuade Youth from Joining Violent Extremist Groups 2011
RESHAPING UNITED NATIONS COUNTERTERRORISM EFFORTS: Blue-Sky Thinking for Global Counterterrorism Cooperation 10 Years After 9/11 2012
The Role of Public and Private Sector Banking in Ethiopia’s Future Economic Growth 2014
The Roles of Women in Terrorism, Conflict, and Violent Extremism: Lessons for the United Nations and International Actors 2013
Shifting the PVE Paradigm: A Think Piece on Human Insecurity, Political Violence, and New Directions for Preventing Violent Extremism 2018
Stability and Security: Danish Somali Remittance Corridor Case Study 2015
Strategy to Reach, Empower, and Educate Teenagers (STREET):: A Case Study in Government-Community Partnership and Direct Intervention to Counter Violent Extremism 2011
Strengthening Community Resilience against Violence and Extremism: The Roles of Women in South Asia 2013
Strengthening Multilateral Policies and Practices to Counter Violent Extremism: The Role of the Security Council 2014
Strengthening Regional Cooperation to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism in South Asia: What Role for Civil Society? 2016
Strengthening the Case: Good Criminal Justice Practices to Counter Terrorism 2015
Terrorism and Other Transnational Threats in the Sahel:: What Role for the EU? 2010
Terrorism, Crime, and Conflict:: Exploiting the Differences Among Transnational Threats? 2011
Terrorism Prevention:: Lessons Learned from the United Kingdom National Experience 2011
Tracking Progress: Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism in East Africa and the Greater Horn of Africa 2015
Transnational Threats:: The Criminalization of West Africa and the Sahel 2011
The UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and Regional and Subregional Bodies:: Strengthening a Critical Partnership 2008
The UN Office on Drugs and Crime’s Terrorism Prevention Branch:: Strengths and Challenges Ahead 2009
Untangling a Marriage of Convenience: Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism 2019
Use of the Internet for Counter-Terrorist Purposes 2011
Violent Extremism and Instability in the Greater Horn of Africa: An Examination of Drivers and Responses 2016
WHEN THE DUST SETTLES: Judicial Responses to Terrorism in the Sahel 2018
A ‘Whole of Society’ Approach?: Exploring Civil Society Inclusion in National Frameworks to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism 2021