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Gerlach Press

Publisher Description

At a time when the Middle East and Islam play an ever increasing role in geopolitics and within societies of both East and West, Gerlach Press offers a highly topical and cutting edge publishing program on international affairs, economics, social, and philosophical issues related to the Middle East and the Gulf states in particular. This area of outstanding geopolitical importance is widely studied from the point of view of energy, sustainability, security, socio-religious tensions and the risks of armed conflict, all of which have the potential for global impact. Gerlach Press's model is the publication of peer-reviewed scholarship using the opportunities and benefits of digital technology.

Books in JSTOR from Gerlach Press
82 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Region: Fifty Years of Transformation 2017
Africa and the Gulf Region: Blurred Boundaries and Shifting Ties 2015
The Arab Gulf’s Pivot to Asia: From Transactional to Strategic Partnerships 2020
The Arab States of the Gulf and BRICS: New Strategic Partnerships in Politics and Economics 2016
The Arabs and Islam in Late Antiquity: A Critique of Approaches to Arabic Sources 2014
Arabs and Others In Early Islam 2021
The Arms Trade, Military Services and the Security Market in the Gulf States: Trends and Implications 2016
Asia-Gulf Economic Relations in the 21st Century: The Local to Global Transformation 2013
Britain’s Departure from Aden and South Arabia: Without Glory but Without Disaster 2020
The Byzantine and Early Islamic Near East: Volume 1: Problems in the Literary Source Material 2021
The Byzantine and Early Islamic Near East: Volume 2: Land Use and Settlement Patterns 2021
The Byzantine and Early Islamic Near East: Volume 3: States, Resources and Armies 2021
The Byzantine and Early Islamic Near East: Volume 4: Elites Old and New 2021
The Changing Energy Landscape in the Gulf: Strategic Implications 2015
The Christian Communities of Palestine from Byzantine to Islamic Rule: An Historical and Archaeological Study 2021
Conflict Resolution and Creation of a Security Community in the Gulf Region 2018
The Continuatio of the Samaritan Chronicle of Abu l-Fath al-Samiri al-Danafi: Annotated Translation 2021
Critique of Religious Thought: First English Translation of Naqd al-fikr ad-dini 2015
Der Orient - Fiktion oder Realität? / The Orient - Fiction or Reality?: A Critical Analysis of 19th Century German Travel Reports 2015
Desert Dispute: the Diplomacy of Boundary-Making in South-Eastern Arabia (2 vols) 2018
Desert Dispute: the Diplomacy of Boundary-Making in South-Eastern Arabia - 3 Volume SET - 2020
Diplomacy of Quasi-Alliances in the Middle East: Translated from the Chinese by Jinan Wang. With a Foreword by Tim Niblock 2020
The Earliest Biographies of the Prophet and Their Authors 2021
The Early Arabic Historical Tradition. A Source-Critical Study: Translated from the German by Michael Bonner 2021
Economic Diversification in the Gulf States: Public Expenditure and Non-Oil Economic Growth in Bahrain, Oman and Qatar 2018
Egypt and the Gulf: A Renewed Regional Policy Alliance 2017
Employment and Career Motivation in the Arab Gulf States: The Rentier Mentality Revisited 2015
European Muslims and their Foreign Policy Interests: Identities and Loyalties 2018
The Future of Labour Market Reform in the Gulf Region: Towards a Multi-Disciplinary, Evidence-Based and Practical Understanding 2018
A Gateway To Hell, A Gateway To Paradise. The North African Response to the Arab Conquest 2021
GCC Financial Markets: The World's New Money Centers 2012
The GCC in the Global Economy 2012
Gulf Charities and Islamic Philanthropy in the "Age of Terror" and Beyond 2014
The Gulf States, Asia and the Indian Ocean: Ensuring the Security of the Sea Lanes 2018
Gulfization of the Arab World: Exeter Critical Gulf Series 1 2018
Higher Education Investment in the Arab States of the Gulf: Strategies for Excellence and Diversity 2017
Ibn ʿAsākir and Early Islamic History 2021
In Search of Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s Codex History and Traditions of the Earliest Copy of the Qur’an: History and Traditions of the Earliest Copy of the Qur’an 2018
Intellectual Property Rights: Development and Enforcement in the Arab States of the Gulf 2017
Iran's Relations with the Arab States of the Gulf: Common Interests over Historic Rivalry 2016
Iran’s Strategic Thinking: The Evolution of Iran’s Foreign Policy, 1979-2018 2018
Is Islam Secularizable? Challenging Political and Religious Taboos 2014
Islam and Humanity: Consequences of a Contemporary Reading 2018
Islam – Submission and Disobedience 2014
Islamic Finance: Performance and Efficiency (Volume 3) 2015
Islamic Finance: Political Economy, Values and Innovation (Volume 1) 2015
Islamic Finance: Risk, Stability and Growth (Volume 2) 2015
Islamist Occidentalism: Sayyid Qutb and the Western Other 2019
Kuwait's Politics Before Independence: The Role of the Balancing Powers (Exeter Critical Gulf Series) 2019
The Late Antique World of Early Islam: Muslims among Christians and Jews in the East Mediterranean 2021
The Making of Religious Texts in Islam: The Fragment and the Whole 2019
The Muslim Theology of Huzn 2018
Narratives of Islamic Origins: The Beginnings of Islamic Historical Writing 2021
National Employment, Migration and Education in the GCC 2012
A New Gulf Security Architecture: Prospects and Challenges for an Asian Role 2014
Occidentalism, Conspiracy and Taboo: Collected Essays on Islam and Politics Volume 4 2019
Oil Export Economies: New Comparative Perspectives on the Arab Gulf States 2016
Oil Men, Territorial Ambitions and Political Agents.: From Pearls to Oil in the Trucial States of the Gulf (2 Volumes) 2019
On Fundamentalisms 2014
The Place to Go: Contexts of Learning in Baghdad, 750-1000 C.E. 2021
Political Economy of Energy Reform: The Clean Energy-Fossil Fuel Balance in the Gulf States 2014
Political Reforms in Qatar: From Authoritarianism to Political Grey Zone 2018
The Politics of Food Security: Asian and Middle Eastern Strategies 2014
Pouring Water on Time. A Bilingual Topical Anthology of Classical Arabic Poetry 2016
The Qur’an Revealed: A Critical Analysis of Said Nursi’s Epistles of Light 2013
Rebuilding Yemen: Political, Economic and Social Challenges 2015
Reform of Islam Forty Theses for an Islamic Ethics in the 21st Century Translated from the German by George Stergios 2019
Resources Blessed: Diversification and the Gulf Development Model 2012
Russia and the Syrian Conflict: Moscow’s Domestic, Regional and Strategic Interests 2016
Science and Technology Development in the Gulf States: Economic Diversification through Regional Collaboration 2017
Security Dynamics of East Asia in the Gulf Region 2014
The Silent Revolution: The Arab Spring and the Gulf States. 2014
State-Society Relations in the Arab Gulf States 2014
Strategies of Knowledge Transfer for Economic Diversification in the Arab States of the Gulf 2018
Studies in Early Islamic History: With an Introduction by G. R. Hawting 2021
Studies in Muslim Apocalyptic 2021
Sustainable Development Challenges in the Arab States of the Gulf 2015
Trial and Tribulation in the Qur‘an: A Mystical Theodicy 2015
The Trucial Coast Diaries (1948-1957) On the Way from Pearls to Oil in the Trucial States of the Gulf 2020
Turkish-Saudi Relations: Cooperation and Competition in the Middle East 2020
The United States and the Gulf: Shifting Pressures, Strategies and Alignments 2015
Yemen and the Gulf States: The Making of a Crisis 2018