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Books in JSTOR from Gingko
32 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
After the Nobel Prize 1989-1994: The Non-fiction Writing of Naguib Mahfouz, Volume IV 2020
The Age of Aryamer: Late Pahlavi Iran and Its Global Entanglements 2018
Architectural Heritage of Yemen: Buildings that Fill My Eye 2017
At the Corner of a Dream: A Journey of Resistance and Revolution: The Street Art of Bahia Shehab 2019
Christmas and the Qur'an 2017
The Culinary Crescent: A History of Middle Eastern Cuisine 2018
Democracy is the Answer: Egypt's Years of Revolution 2014
The Early Mubarak Years 1982–1988: The Non-Fiction Writing of Naguib Mahfouz, Volume III 2020
The Early Ottoman Peloponnese: A Study in the Light of an Annotated Editio Princeps of the TT10-1/14662 Ottoman Taxation Cadastre (ca. 1460–1463) 2019
East-West Divan: In Memory of Werner Mark Linz 2014
Environmental Challenges in the MENA Region: The Long Road from Conflict to Cooperation 2019
Essays of the Sadat Era: The Non-fiction Writing of Naguib Mahfouz: Volume II 2017
The First World War and Its Aftermath: The Shaping of the Middle East 2015
Hijab: Three Modern Iranian Seminarian Perspectives 2021
The Image Debate: Figural Representation in Islam and Across the World 2019
Iran, Islam and Democracy: The Politics of Managing Change 2019
Iran's Constitutional Revolution of 1906 and Narratives of the Enlightenment 2016
Javanmardi: The Ethics and Practice of Persianate Perfection 2018
The Makers of the Modern Middle East: Second Edition 2011
Memories of a Bygone Age: Qajar Persia and Imperial Russia 1853-1902 2016
A New Divan: A Lyrical Dialogue between East and West 2019
New Thinking in Islam: The Jihad for Democracy, Freedom and Women’s Rights 2015
Off Limits: New Writings on Fear and Sin 2019
On Literature and Philosophy: The Non-Fiction Writing of Naguib Mahfouz: Volume 1 2016
The Other Prophet: Jesus in the Qur’an 2019
Ottoman Explorations of the Nile: Evliya Çelebi’s Map of the Nile and The Nile Journeys in the Book of Travels (Seyahatname) 2018
Pagan Christmas: Winter Feasts of the Kalasha of the Hindu Kush 2016
The Phoenix Mosque and the Persians of Medieval Hangzhou 2018
Religious Imaginations: How Narratives of Faith are Shaping Today’s World 2018
The Unfinished Arab Spring: Micro-Dynamics of Revolts between Change and Continuity 2020
West-Eastern Divan: Complete, annotated new translation, including Goethe's "Notes and Essays" & the unpublished poems 2019
You Can Crush the Flowers: A Visual Memoir of the Egyptian Revolution 2021