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Hong Kong University Press

Publisher Description

Since its establishment in 1956, HKU Press has become a leading scholarly publisher in Asia, releasing more than 60 new titles annually in English and in Chinese. The Press upholds the highest standards of academic, editorial and design quality with influential works on law, medicine, education, linguistics, Asian film and cultural studies, art and architecture, urban planning and construction, as well as Hong Kong and Macau studies.
Books in JSTOR from Hong Kong University Press
568 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Above The City: Hiking Hong Kong Island 2005
Achievements in Medicine 1974-1989 1989
The Age of Openness: China before Mao 2008
All Roads Lead to the American City 2007
All the King's Women 2000
All Things Dusk 2015
Ambient Screens and Transnational Public Spaces 2016
The Ambiguous Allure of the West: Traces of the Colonial in Thailand 2010
American Evangelists and Tuberculosis in Modern Japan 2019
Americans and Macao: Trade, Smuggling, and Diplomacy on the South China Coast 2012
Anaesthesia 1983
Ancestral Images: A Hong Kong Collection 2011
Andrew Lau and Alan Mak's Infernal Affairs - The Trilogy 2007
Anglo-Chinese Diplomacy 1906-1920: In the Careers of Sir John Jordan and Yuan Shih-kai 1978
Ann Hui’s Song of the Exile 2010
Anna May Wong: From Laundryman’s Daughter to Hollywood Legend 2012
The Archaeology of Hong Kong 2009
Art and Place: Essays on Art From a Hong Kong Perspective 1996
Art, Politics, and Commerce in Chinese Cinema 2010
Art Worlds: Artists, Images, and Audiences in Late Nineteenth-Century Shanghai 2014
As Normal As Possible: Negotiating Sexuality and Gender in Mainland China and Hong Kong 2010
Asian Crossings: Travel Writing on China, Japan and Southeast Asia 2008
Asian Diasporas: Cultures, Indentity, Representation 2004
Asian Englishes: Beyond the Canon 2005
The Asian Modern: Culture, Capitalist Development, Singapore 2007
Asian Urbanization: A Hong Kong Casebook 1971
Asian Voices in English 1991
The Assassin: Hou Hsiao-hsien’s World of Tang China 2019
Assessment for Learning 2008
At Home with Density 2003
At the Epicentre: Hong Kong and the SARS Outbreak 2004
The Australian Pursuit of Japanese War Criminals, 1943–1957: From Foe to Friend 2017
The Authorship of Place: A Cultural Geography of the New Chinese Cinemas 2020
Banana Bending: Asian-Australian and Asian-Canadian Literatures 2003
Basic and Applied Aspects of Vestibular Function 1988
Being Eurasian: Memories Across Racial Divides 2004
Better Supervision better Teaching: A Handbook for Teaching Practice Supervisors 2000
The Bewitching Braid 2004
Beyond Biometry: Holistic Views of Biological Structure 1981
Beyond Brushtalk: Sino-Japanese Literary Exchange in the Interwar Period 2009
Beyond Imperial Aesthetics: Theories of Art and Politics in East Asia 2019
Bilingual Education: Southeast Asian Perspectives 2009
The Bivalvia: Proceedings of a Memorial Symposium in Honour of Sir Charles Maurice Yonge 1990
The Book of Literary Design 1999
The Book Worlds of East Asia and Europe, 1450–1850: Connections and Comparisons 2015
Boys’ Love, Cosplay, and Androgynous Idols: Queer Fan Cultures in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan 2017
Brecht and East Asian Theatre: The Proceedings of a Conference on Brecht in East Asian Theatre 1982
The British Presence in Macau, 1635-1793 2013
Brushing History Against the Grain: Reading the Chinese New Historical Fiction (1986-1999) 2005
Buddhist Visual Cultures, Rhetoric, and Narrative in Late Burmese Wall Paintings 2018
Building Democracy: Creating Good Government for Hong Kong 2003
Building Enclosure in Hong Kong 1998
Building Hong Kong: Environmental Considerations 2000
Business Associations 1989
Buying Beauty: Cosmetic Surgery in China 2013
The Canton Trade: Life and Enterprise on the China Coast, 1700-1845 2007
Cantonese Love Songs: An English translation of Jiu Ji-yung's Cantonese songs of the early 19th century 1992
Cantonese Society in Hong Kong and Singapore: Gender, Religion, Medicine and Money 2011
Cases on International Business and Finance in Japanese Corporations 2007
A Catalogue of the Living Marine Bivalve Molluscs of China 1993
Celebrity in China 2010
A Century of Travels in China: Critical Essays on Travel Writing from the 1840s to the 1940s 2007
Change in Use of Land: A Practical Guide to Development in Hong Kong 2010
Changing Chinese Masculinities: From Imperial Pillars of State to Global Real Men 2016
Changing Identities of the Southeast Asian Chinese Since World War II 1988
Changing Rice Bowl: Economic Development and Diet in China 2005
Changing the Curriculum: The Impact of Reform on Primary Schooling in Hong Kong 2000
Cheques 1991
China: A Religious State 2010
China Abroad: Travels, Subjects, Spaces 2009
China and Capitalism: A History of Business Enterprise in Modern China 2006
China Bound and Unbound: History in the Making - An Early Returnee's Account 2009
China's English: A History of English in Chinese Education 2004
China’s Foreign Places: The Foreign Presence in China in the Treaty Port Era, 1840–1943 2015
China's Legal Awakening: Legal Theory and Criminal Justice in Deng's Era 1995
China's Pan-Pearl River Delta: Regional Cooperation and Development 2011
Chinese Art and Its Encounter with the World 2011
Chinese Aspectual Particle le: A Comprehensive Guide 2019
Chinese Christians: Elites, Middlemen, and the Church in Hong Kong 2005
Chinese Diaspora Charity and the Cantonese Pacific, 1850–1949 2020
Chinese Discourses on Happiness 2018
Chinese Ecocinema: In the Age of Environmental Challenge 2009
The Chinese Exotic: Modern Diasporic Femininity 2007
Chinese Fiction of the Cultural Revolution 1998
Chinese Ideas About Nature and Society: Studies in Honour of Derk Bodde 1987
Chinese Indonesians in Post-Suharto Indonesia: Democratisation and Ethnic Minorities 2018
Chinese Landscape Painting as Western Art History 2010
The Chinese Literati on Painting: Su Shih (1037-1101) to Tung Ch’i-ch’ang (1555-1636) 2012
A Chinese Melting Pot: Original People and Immigrants in Hong Kong’s First ‘New Town’ 2019
Chinese Opera: The Actor's Craft 2014
Chinese Overseas: Comparative Cultural Issues 2004
Christian Encounters with Chinese Culture: Essays on Anglican and Episcopal History in China 2015
Christian Women in Chinese Society: The Anglican Story 2018
Cinema at the City's Edge: Film and Urban Networks in East Asia 2010
The Cinema of Feng Xiaogang: Commercialization and Censorship in Chinese Cinema after 1989 2008
City Stage: Hong Kong Playwriting in English 2005
City Voices: Hong Kong Writing in English 1945 to the Present 2003
The Civil Service in Hong Kong 1998
Civility and Its Development: The Experiences of China and Taiwan 2018
The Classical Gardens of Shanghai 2016
Classroom Management: Creating a Positive Learning Environment 2008
Clinical Quiz in Emergency Medicine 2007
Cognitive Neuroscience Studies of the Chinese Language 2002
Collaborative Colonial Power: The Making of the Hong Kong Chinese 2009
Colonial Hong Kong in the Eyes of Elsie Tu 2003
Colony, Nation, and Globalisation: Not at Home in Singaporean and Malaysian Literature 2011
Colours of Money, Shades of Pride: Historicities and Moral Politics in Industrial Conflicts in Hong Kong 2003
Comfort Women Activism: Critical Voices from the Perpetrator State 2020
Common Careers, Different Experiences: Women Managers in Hong Kong and Britain 2002
Communication Disorders: An Introduction for Community-Based Rehabilitation Workers 1996
Conditional Spaces: Hong Kong Lesbian Desires and Everyday Life 2011
Confucianism and Christianity: The First Encounter 1983
Constancy of Purpose: An Account of the Foundation and History of the Hong Kong College of Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine of The University of Hong Kong, 1887-1987 1987
Construction Quality Management 2005
Consuming Hong Kong 2001
Contact Moments: The Politics of Intercultural Desire in Japanese Male-Queer Cultures 2012
Contemporary Hong Kong Government and Politics: Expanded Second Edition 2012
Contesting the Myths of Samurai Baseball: Cultural Representations of Japan’s National Pastime 2018
Contract Law in Hong Kong : Introductory Guide: An Introductory Guide 2010
Contract Law in Hong Kong 2007
Coping in Crisis 1983
The Corals of Hong Kong 1984
Cornerstone Investors: A Practice Guide for Asian IPOs 2018
Corporate Governance and Financial Reform in China's Transition Economy 2009
The Cosmopolitan Dream: Transnational Chinese Masculinities in a Global Age 2018
Creativity and Academic Activism: Instituting Cultural Studies 2012
Crime and the Chinese Dream 2018
Criminal Law in Hong Kong 2003
Critical Zone 1: A Forum of Chinese and Western Knowledge 2004
Critical Zone 2: A Forum of Chinese and Western Knowledge 2006
Cross-Dressing in Chinese Opera 2003
Crossing Oceans: Reconfiguring American Literary Studies in the Pacific Rim 2004
Cultural Studies and Cultural Industries in Northeast Asia: What a Difference a Region Makes 2009
Current Concepts in Parasitology 1989
Curriculum Change and Innovation 2012
Curriculum, Schooling and Society in Hong Kong 2010
Cyber-Crime: The Challenge in Asia 2005
Death, Dying and Bereavement: A Hong Kong Chinese Experience 2006
The Defences of Macau: Forts, Ships and Weapons over 450 years 2010
Desiring Hong Kong, Consuming South China: Transborder Cultural Politics, 1970-2010 2012
Developing Learning Environments: Creativity, Motivation and Collaboration in Higher Education 2004
Dialogue 2010
A Dictionary of Hong Kong English: Words from the Fragrant Harbor 2011
Directions in Self-Access Language Learning 1994
Director in Action: Johnnie To and the Hong Kong Action Film 2007
Discourse as Cultural Struggle 2007
Discourses of Cultural China in the Globalizing Age 2008
Disease, Colonialism, and the State: Malaria in Modern East Asian History 2009
Disorientation: France, Vietnam, and the Ambivalence of Interculturality 2004
Dispersal and Renewal: Hong Kong University During the War Years 1998
Disputed Territories: Land, Culture and Identity in Settler Societies 2003
Dissertation Writing in Practice: Turning Ideas into Text 2003
Diversity and Occasional Anarchy: On Deep Economic and Social Contradictions in Hong Kong 2013
Dividing ASEAN and Conquering the South China Sea: China’s Financial Power Projection 2018
A Documentary History of Hong Kong: Government and Politics 1995
The Dragon and the Crown: Hong Kong Memoirs 2009
Drawing New Color Lines: Transnational Asian American Graphic Narratives 2015
Drugs, Law and the State 1992
The Dynamics of Beijing-Hong Kong Relations: A Model for Taiwan? 2008
The Dynamics of Social Movements in Hong Kong 2000
Early China Coast Meteorology: The Role of Hong Kong 2011
Early Chinese Texts on Painting 2012
Early Psychosis Intervention: A Culturally Adaptive Clinical Guide 2013
East Asian Pop Culture: Analysing the Korean Wave 2008
An East India Company Cemetery: Protestant Burials in Macao 1996
East River Column: Hong Kong Guerrillas in the Second World War and After 2009
East Sails West: The Voyage of the Keying, 1846–1855 2014
Eastern Figures: Orient and Empire in British Writing 2008
Eastern Fortress: A Military History of Hong Kong, 1840–1970 2014
Ecologies of Urbanism in India: Metropolitan Civility and Sustainability 2013
Education for Social Citizenship: Perceptions of Teachers in the USA, Australia, England, Russia and China 2005
Education in Hong Kong, 1941 to 2001: Visions and Revisions 2004
Educational Leadership and Change: An International Perspective 1995
Eileen Chang: Romancing Languages, Cultures and Genres 2012
Elderly Chinese in Pacific Rim Countires: Social Support and Integration 2001
e-Learning Initiatives in China: Pedagogy, Policy and Culture 2007
Electing Hong Kong's Chief Executive 2010
Elementary Set Theory, Part I 1979
Elementary Set Theory, Part I/II 1967
Elusive Pirates, Pervasive Smugglers: Violence and Clandestine Trade in the Greater China Seas 2010
Emergency Medicine Casebook 2004
Emperor Qianlong’s Hidden Treasures: Reconsidering the Collection of the Qing Imperial Household 2019
Empires of Panic: Epidemics and Colonial Anxieties 2015
Empowered by Ancestors: Controversy over the Imperial Temple in Song China (960–1279) 2021
The Empress and Mrs. Conger: The Uncommon Friendship of Two Women and Two Worlds 2011
Enchanted by Lohans: Osvald Sirén’s Journey into Chinese Art 2013
Enclave to Urbanity: Canton, Foreigners, and Architecture from the Late Eighteenth to the Early Twentieth Centuries 2016
English as a Lingua Franca in ASEAN: A Multilingual Model 2010
English Exposed: Common Mistakes Made by Chinese Speakers 2017
English in Singapore: Modernity and Management 2010
Enriching Lives: A History of Insurance in Hong Kong, 1841-2010 2010
Entrepreneurs and Enterprises in Macau: A Study of Industrial Development 1991
Escape from Hong Kong: Admiral Chan Chak’s Christmas Day Dash, 1941 2012
Essays on Aviation and Travel Law in Hong Kong 1990
Ethics in Early China: An Anthology 2011
Europe and China: Strategic Partners or Rivals? 2012
Everyday Masculinities in 21st-Century China: The Making of Able-Responsible Men 2020
Exchange Rate Regimes and Macroeconomic Management in Asia 2009
Expand Your English: A Guide to Improving Your Academic Vocabulary 2017
Factory Towns of South China 華南工廠城: An Illustrated Guidebook 2012
Family Mediation: Theory and Practice with Chinese Families 2002
Family-Based Mental Health Care in Rural China 2005
Fantasy Production: Sexual Economies and Other Philippine Consequences for the New World Order 2004
Feeling Asian Modernities: Transnational Consumption of Japanese TV Dramas 2004
Feeling the Stones: Reminiscences by David Akers-Jones 2004
Filming Margins: Tang Shu Shuen, A Forgotten Hong Kong Woman Director 2004
Fire and Ice: Li Cunxu and the Founding of the Later Tang 2016
The First Chinese American: The Remarkable Life of Wong Chin Foo 2013
First Queer Voices from Thailand: Uncle Go's Advice Columns for Gays, Lesbians andKathoeys 2016
Fixing Inequality in Hong Kong 2017
Floating on a Malayan Breeze: Travels in Malaysia and Singapore 2012
Flying Carpet: A Tale of Fertillia 2000
For Each and Everyone: Catering for Individual Differences through Learning Studies 2005
For Gods, Ghosts and Ancestors: The Chinese Tradition of Paper Offerings 2007
Foreign Investment in China: The Administrative Legal System 1997
Foreigners under Mao: Western Lives in China, 1949–1976 2016
Forgotten Souls: A Social History of the Hong Kong Cemetery 2011
Fossils from a Rural Past: A Study of Extant Cantonese Children's Songs 1990
Foundations of Public Administration: A Comparative Approach 1990
The Fragile Scholar: Power and Masculinity in Chinese Culture 2004
Fragmented Memories and Screening Nostalgia for the Cultural Revolution 2020
Frames of Anime: Culture and Image-Building 2010
Free Trade’s First Missionary: Sir John Bowring in Europe and Asia 2014
Friends and Teachers: Hong Kong and Its People 1953-87 1996
Friendship in Art: Fou Lei and Huang Binhong 2010
From Warhorses to Ploughshares: The Later Tang Reign of Emperor Mingzong 2014
Fruit Chan's Made in Hong Kong 2009
Functional Constituencies: A Unique Feature of the Hong Kong Legislative Council (with CD) 2006
Gaming, Governance and Public Policy in Macao 2011
Gender, Health, and History in Modern East Asia 2017
Geography and the Environment in Southeast Asia: Proceedings of the Geology Jubilee Symposium, The University of Hong Kong, 21-25 June 1976 1978
Getting Heard: A Handbook for Hong Kong Citizens 2002
Globalization and Education: The Quest for Quality Education in Hong Kong 2002
Globalization and the Humanities 2004
The Golden Ghetto: The American Commercial Community at Canton and the Shaping of American China Policy, 1784–1844 2014
Goods: Sales and Securities (2nd edn) 1997
Governors, Politics and the Colonial Office: Public Policy in Hong Kong, 1918-58 2012
The Great Difference: Hong Kong's New Territories and Its People 1898-2004 2007
The Great Difference: Hong Kong's New Territories and Its People 1898-2004 2007
The Happy Hsiungs: Performing China and the Struggle for Modernity 2014
The Happy Valley: A History and Tour of the Hong Kong Cemetery 2010
Harbin to Hanoi: The Colonial Built Environment in Asia, 1840 to 1940 2013
Harnessing Information Power 1993
Healing Trauma: A Professional Guide 2011
Higher Education in Post-Mao China 1998
Hills and Streams: An Ecology of Hong Kong 1994
History Without Borders: The Making of an Asian World Region, 1000-1800 2011
Hong Kong 1862-1919: Years of Discretion 1975
Hong Kong Cantopop: A Concise History 2017
Hong Kong Connections: Transnational Imagination in Action Cinema 2005
Hong Kong Culture: Word and Image 2010
Hong Kong English: Autonomy and Creativity 2002
Hong Kong in the Cold War 2016
Hong Kong Internment, 1942-1945: Life in the Japanese Civilian Camp at Stanley 2008
Hong Kong Land for Hong Kong People: Fixing the Failures of Our Housing Policy 2015
Hong Kong Landscapes: Shaping the Barren Rock 2007
Hong Kong Legal Principles: Important Topics for Students and Professionals 2006
Hong Kong Media Law: A Guide for Journalists and Media Professionals 2007
Hong Kong Mobile: Making a Global Population 2008
The Hong Kong Region 1850-1911: Institutions and Leadership in Town and Countryside 2012
Hong Kong School Curriculum: Development, Issues and Policies 1998
Hong Kong Screenscapes: From the New Wave to the Digital Frontier 2011
HONG KONG x 24 x 365: A Year in the Life of a City 2007
Hong Kong's Chinese History Curriculum from 1945: Politics and Identity 2007
Hong Kong's Constitutional Debate: Conflict Over Interpretation 2000
Hong Kong's Health System: Reflections, Perspectives and Visions 2006
Hong Kong's Link to the US Dollar: Origins and Evolution 2008
Hong Kong's Watershed: The 1967 Riots 2009
Hong Kong's Young Children: Their Early Development and Learning 1996
Horror to the Extreme: Changing Boundaries in Asian Cinema 2009
How Assessment Supports Learning: Learning-oriented Assessment in Action 2006
Huai-nan Tzu: Philosophical Synthesis in Early Han Thought 1985
The Huaqiao Warriors: Chinese Resistance Movement in the Philippines, 1942-45 1995
Human, Apes and Chinese Fossils: New Implications for Human Evolution 1985
Humour in Chinese Life and Culture: Resistance and Control in Modern Times 2013
Humour in Chinese Life and Letters: Classical and Traditional Approaches 2011
Hypocrisy: The Tales and Realities of Drug Detainees in China 2019
Images of the Canton Factories 1760–1822: Reading History in Art 2015
Imagining Gay Paradise: Bali, Bangkok, and Cyber-Singapore 2012
Imperial Masquerade: The Legend of Princess Der Ling 2008
Imperial to International: A History of St John’s Cathedral, Hong Kong 2013
In the Ruins of the Japanese Empire: Imperial Violence, State Destruction, and the Reordering of Modern East Asia 2020
Incense Tree: Collected Poems of Louise Ho 2009
Independent Language Learning: Building on Experience, Seeking New Perspectives 2011
Indonesian Cinema after the New Order: Going Mainstream 2019
Information Technology and the Challenge for Hong Kong 1997
Ink Dances in Limbo: Gao Xingjian's Writing as Cultural Translation 2008
Inside the World of the Eunuch: A Social History of the Emperor’s Servants in Qing China 2018
International Education and the Chinese Learner 2010
Intimating the Sacred: Religion in English Language Malaysian Fiction 2011
Introduction to Crime, Law and Justice in Hong Kong 2009
An Introduction to the Cape d'Aguilar Marine Reserve, Hong Kong 1995
Introduction to the Hong Kong Criminal Justice System 1994
Investigative Journalism in China: Eight Cases in Chinese Watchdog Journalism 2010
IPO: A Global Guide, Expanded Second Edition 2014
IPO: A Gobal Guide 2011
Islam in Hong Kong: Muslims and Everyday Life in China's World City 2012
Island on the Edge: Taiwan New Cinema and After 2005
Islands and Continents: Short Stories by Leung Ping-kwan 2007
Japanese Cinema Goes Global: Filmworkers' Journeys 2012
Japanese English: Language and Culture Contact 2004
Jin Yan: The Rudolph Valentino of Shanghai 2009
John Woo's A Better Tomorrow 2004
John Woo's The Killer 2009
Johnnie To Kei-Fung's PTU 2009
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Collaboration and Conflict in the Age of Diaspora 2014
The Judicial Construction of Hong Kong’s Basic Law: Courts, Politics and Society after 1997 2014
Jumping Through Hoops: Autobiographical Stories by Modern Chinese Women Writers 2003
Juries: A Hong Kong Perspective 1992
King Hu's A Touch of Zen 2006
Knowledge is Pleasure: Florence Ayscough in Shanghai 2012
Korean Masculinities and Transcultural Consumption: Yonsama, Rain, Oldboy, K-Pop Idols 2011
Land Administration and Practice in Hong Kong 2012
Land, Property & Construction in the People's Republic of China 1991
The Landscape of Historical Memory: The Politics of Museums and Memorial Culture in Post–Martial Law Taiwan 2021
Landscapes Lost and Found: Appreciating Hong Kong’s Heritage Cultural Landscapes 2016
Land-use Change: Proceedings of the Asahikawa-Sapporo International Symposium 1989
Language in Hong Kong at Century's End 1998
Lao She in London 2012
The Last Half Century of Chinese Overseas 1998
The Last of China's Literati: The Music, Poetry and Life of Tsar Teh-yun 2008
Law, Morality and the Private Domain 2000
Law Relating to Banking in Hong Kong 1994
Learning and Teaching in the Chinese Classroom: Responding to Individual Needs 2011
Learning Diversity in the Chinese Classroom: Contexts and Practice for Students with Special Needs 2007
Learning in Medical School: A Model for the Clinical Professions 1989
Learning Language Through Literature: A Sourcebook for Teachers of English in Hong Kong 1997
Learning Language Through Literature in Secondary Schools: A Resource Book for Teachers of English 1999
Legal Discourse across Cultures and Systems 2008
Legal Issues for the Medical Practitioner 2010
Legal Research: A Guide for Hong Kong Students 1997
A Lifetime in Academia: An Autobiography by Rayson Huang, Expanded Second Edition 2011
Light the Darkness: Story of the Hong Kong Red Cross, 1950-2000 2001
Linear Algebra and Geometry 1974
Liu Xiaobo, Charter 08 and the Challenges of Political Reform in China 2012
Locating Chinese Women: Historical Mobility between China and Australia 2021
The Lone Flag: Memoir of the British Consul in Macao during World War II 2014
Lugard in Hong Kong: Empires, Education and a Governor at Work 1907-1912 1992
Macao and the British, 1637–1842: Prelude to Hong Kong 2009
A Macao Narrative 2009
Macau: A Cultural Janus 1999
Madmen and Other Survivors: Reading Lu Xun's Fiction 2007
Maid to Queer: Asian Labor Migration and Female Same-Sex Desires 2020
Maintaining Control: Autonomy and Language Learning 2009
The Making and Remaking of China’s “Red Classics": Politics, Aesthetics, and Mass Culture 2017
Making Icons: Repetition and the Female Image in Japanese Cinema, 1945–1964 2016
The Making of Women Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong 2004
Management and Economics of Construction Safety in Hong Kong 2008
Manchukuo Perspectives: Transnational Approaches to Literary Production 2019
The Mangrove Ecosystem of Deep Bay and the Mai Po Marshes, Hong Kong 1999
Maoist Laughter 2019
The Marine Flora and Fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China IV 1997
Markets at Work: Dynamics of the Residential Real Estate Market in Hong Kong 1997
Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: Professional Practice in the Hong Kong Cultural Context 2005
Martial Arts Cinema and Hong Kong Modernity: Aesthetics, Representation, Circulation 2017
Masculinities and Hong Kong Cinema 2005
Meeting Place: Encounters across Cultures in Hong Kong, 1841–1984 2017
Mei Lan-fang: The Life and Times of a Peking Actor 1971
Melancholy Drift: Marking Time in Chinese Cinema 2010
The Memoirs of Jin Luxian: Volume One: Learning and Relearning, 1916-1982 2012
Merchants' Daughters: Women, Commerce, and Regional Culture in South China 2010
Merchants of Canton and Macao: Politics and Strategies in Eighteenth-Century Chinese Trade 2011
Merchants of Canton and Macao: Success and Failure in Eighteenth-Century Chinese Trade 2016
Merchants of War and Peace: British Knowledge of China in the Making of the Opium War 2017
Messy Urbanism: Understanding the “Other" Cities of Asia 2016
Metacinema in Contemporary Chinese Film 2018
Minority Education in China: Balancing Unity and Diversity in an Era of Critical Pluralism 2014
Modern Construction Project Management, Second Edition 2003
Mongolia and the United States: A Diplomatic History 2013
Moving Millions: The Commercial Success and Political Controversies of Hong Kong's Railway 2008
Mu Shiying: China’s Lost Modernist 2014
The Myth of Neighbourhood Mutual Help: The Community-Based Urban Welfare System of China 1993
Narratives of Free Trade: The Commercial Cultures of Early US-China Relations 2012
National Security and Fundamental Freedoms: Hong Kong's Article 23 Under Scrutiny 2005
Negotiating Inseparability in China: The Xinjiang Class and the Dynamics of Uyghur Identity 2019
The New Chinese Documentary Film Movement: For the Public Record 2010
The New Legal Order in Hong Kong 1999
New Peace County: A Chinese Gazetteer of the Hong Kong Region 1983
New Television, Globalisation, and the East Asian Cultural Imagination 2007
News under Fire: China’s Propaganda against Japan in the English-Language Press, 1928–1941 2017
No Man an Island: The Cinema of Hou Hsiao-hsien 2009
No Man an Island: The Cinema of Hou Hsiao-hsien, Second Edition 2017
Not the Slightest Chance: The Defence of Hong Kong, 1941 2005
Nurturing Pillars of Society: Understanding and Working with the Young Generation in Hong Kong 2011
Obsession: Male Same-Sex Relations in China, 1900-1950 2009
Oceanic Archives, Indigenous Epistemologies, and Transpacific American Studies 2019
The Old Shanghai A-Z 2010
One Country, Two International Legal Personalities: The Case of Hong Kong 1997
Oral Histories of Older Gay Men in Hong Kong: Unspoken but Unforgotten 2019
The Order of Man: A Biomathematical Anatomy of the Primates 1983
The Origins of British Borneo 1970
Pacific Crossing: California Gold, Chinese Migration, and the Making of Hong Kong 2013
Pain Medicine: A Multidisciplinary Approach 2010
Paper Scissors Stone 2011
Partnerships in the Sea: Hong Kong's Marine Symbioses 1988
Pax Sinica: Geopolitics and Economics of China's Ascendance 2012
The Peach Bloosom Fan 1998
The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century 2016
Peter Ho-Sun Chan's He's a Woman, She's a Man 2009
Philippine English: Linguistic and Literary 2008
Picturing Technology in China: From Earliest Times to the Nineteenth Century 2015
Piecing Together Sha Po: Archaeological Investigations and Landscape Reconstruction 2016
Pilgrimages: Memories of Colonial Macau and Hong Kong 2009
Places of Nature in Ecologies of Urbanism 2017
Planning Buildings for a High-Rise Environment in Hong Kong: A Review of Building Appeal Decisions 2000
The Poems of Sir Francis Hubert 1961
The Poetics of Difference and Displacement: Twentieth-Century Chinese-Western Intercultural Theatre 2008
Poetry against Torture: Criticism, History and the Human 2008
Political Development in Hong Kong: State, Political Society, and Civil Society 2007
The Political Economy of Sino-American Relations: A Greater China Perspective 1997
The Politics of Higher Education: The Imperial University in Northern Song China 2020
Polynomials and Equations 1992
Popular Memories of the Mao Era: From Critical Debate to Reassessing History 2019
Population and Society in Contemporary Tibet 2011
The Port of Hong Kong: A Survey of its Development 1973
Portugal, China and the Macau Negotiations, 1986-1999 2013
Poseidon: China’s Secret Salvage of Britain’s Lost Submarine 2014
Postcolonialism, Diaspora, and Alternative Histories: The Cinema of Evans Chan 2015
Poverty in the Midst of Affluence: How Hong Kong Mismanaged Its Prosperity 2013
Poverty in the Midst of Affluence: How Hong Kong Mismanaged Its Prosperity, Revised Edition 2013
Power and Charity: A Chinese Merchant Elite in Colonial Hong Kong (with a new preface) 2003
Power and Identity in the Chinese World Order: Festschrift in Honour of Professor Wang Gungwu 2003
The Power of Supply and Demand: Thinking Tools and Case Studies for Students and Professionals 2003
The Practical Prophet: Bishop Ronald O. Hall of Hong Kong and His Legacies 2015
Preventing Family Violence: A Multidisciplinary Approach 2012
Pricing Foreign Exchange Options: Incorporating Purchasing Power Parity (Second edition) 1998
The Private Side of the Canton Trade, 1700–1840: Beyond the Companies 2018
Professional and Continuing Education in Hong Kong: Issues and Perspectives 1994
Professional Communication: Collaboration between Academics and Practitioners 2009
Professional Housing Management Practices in Hong Kong 2006
Professional Liability 1996
Professional Practices of Human Resource Management in Hong Kong: Linking HRM to Organizational Success 2009
Profits, Politics and Panics: Hong Kong's Banks and the Making of a Miracle Economy, 1935-1985 2007
Projecting A Nation: Chinese National Cinema Before 1949 2003
Property Law in Hong Kong: An Introductory Guide 2010
Protecting Free Trade: The Hong Kong Paradox 1947 – 1997 2012
Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care in Hong Kong: The First Decade 2000
The Public Sector in Hong Kong 2010
Public Success, Private Sorrow: The Life and Times of Charles Henry Brewitt-Taylor (1857-1938), China Customs Commissioner and Pioneer Translator 2009
The Pusan International Film Festival, South Korean Cinema and Globalization 2012
Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making in Construction 2004
Queer Bangkok: 21st Century Markets, Media, and Rights 2011
Queer Chinese Cultures and Mobilities: Kinship, Migration, and Middle Classes 2020
Queer Politics and Sexual Modernity in Taiwan 2011
Queer Singapore: Illiberal Citizenship and Mediated Cultures 2012
Reading Chinese Transnationalisms: Society, Literature, Film 2006
Reading Du Fu: Nine Views 2020
Rebuilding the Ancestral Village: Singaporeans in China 2011
Reclaimed Land: Hong Kong in Transition 2002
Reduced to a Symbolical Scale: The Evacuation of British Women and Children from Hong Kong to Australia in 1940 2017
Reforming Law Reform: Perspectives from Hong Kong and Beyond 2014
Rehabilitation: A Life's Work 2002
Reluctant Heroes: Rickshaw Pullers in Hong Kong and Canton, 1874-1954 2005
Reluctant Regulators: How the West Created and How China Survived the Global Financial Crisis 2011
Remade in Hollywood: The Global Chinese Presence in Transnational Cinemas 2009
Remapping the Sinophone: The Cultural Production of Chinese-Language Cinema in Singapore and Malaya before and during the Cold War 2019
Remembering China from Taiwan: Divided Families and Bittersweet Reunions after the Chinese Civil War 2012
Repositioning the Hong Kong Government: Social Foundations and Political Challenges 2012
Reshaping the Boundaries: The Christian Intersection of China and the West in the Modern Era 2016
Resist to the End: Hong Kong, 1941-1945 2009
Responding to Child Abuse: Procedures and Practice for Child Protection in Hong Kong 1997
Return Migration and Identity: A Global Phenomenon, A Hong Kong Case 2010
Returning Home with Glory: Chinese Villagers around the Pacific, 1849 to 1949 2018
Revolutions as Organizational Change: The Communist Party and Peasant Communities in South China, 1926–1934 2015
The Road 2009
Robert Morrison and the Protestant Plan for China 2013
Rogue Flows: Trans-Asian Cultural Traffic 2004
Ruan Yuan, 1764-1849: The Life and Work of a Major Scholar-Official in Nineteenth-Century China before the Opium War 2006
School Guidance and Counselling: Trends and Practices 2013
Scottish Mandarin: The Life and Times of Sir Reginald Johnston 2012
Screening Communities: Negotiating Narratives of Empire, Nation, and the Cold War in Hong Kong Cinema 2019
Scribes of Gastronomy: Representations of Food and Drink in Imperial Chinese Literature 2013
The Search for a Vanishing Beijing: A Guide to China's Capital Through the Ages 2006
The Sensuous Cinema of Wong Kar-wai: Film Poetics and the Aesthetic of Disturbance 2015
Service-Learning in Asia: Curricular Models and Practices 2010
A Seventh Child and The Law 1998
Sex and Desire in Hong Kong 2012
Shanghai Bride: Her Tumultuous Life's Journey to the West 2005
Shanghai Lalas: Female Tongzhi Communities and Politics in Urban China 2013
Shashibiya: Staging Shakespeare in China 2003
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