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Harvard University Asia Center

Publisher Description

The Harvard University Asia Center Publications Program oversees three book series: the Harvard East Asian Monograph series, the Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph series, and the Harvard Contemporary China series.

Since their inception, more than 540 titles have been published in the three series, and the Asia Center has become one of the world’s largest and most renowned publishers of scholarly books for East Asian Studies, publishing about 14 to 18 new titles per year. Its books have won dozens of awards from national and international scholarly associations over the years.

Subject areas that we publish in within Asian Studies include history, literature, economics, politics and public policy, religion, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, art history, business, history of science, language study, and reference works.

Books in JSTOR from Harvard University Asia Center
542 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
The Abortive Revolution: China Under Nationalist Rule, 1927–1937 1974
Accidental Incest, Filial Cannibalism, and Other Peculiar Encounters in Late Imperial Chinese Literature 2008
Advertising Tower: Japanese Modernism and Modernity in the 1920s 2006
Aesthetic Life: Beauty and Art in Modern Japan 2019
After Mao: Chinese Literature and Society, 1978–1981 1985
After the Prosperous Age: State and Elites in Early Nineteenth Century Suzhou 2016
The Age of Uncertainty: The U.S.-China-Japan Triangle from Tiananmen (1989) to 9/11 (2001) 2004
The Age of Visions and Arguments: Parliamentarianism and the National Public Sphere in Early Meiji Japan 2007
Agrarian Policies of Mainland China: A Documentary Study, 1949–1956 1957
Ai Ssu-ch’i’s Contribution to the Development of Chinese Marxism 1987
AIDS and Social Policy in China 2006
Alien Kind: Foxes and Late Imperial Chinese Narrative 2003
The Alienated Academy: Culture and Politics in Republican China, 1919–1937 2000
Allegories of Desire: Esoteric Literary Commentaries of Medieval Japan 2002
American Missionaries in China: Papers from Harvard Seminars 1966
An American Missionary Community in China, 1895–1905 1971
An American Missionary in China: John Leighton Stuart and Chinese-American Relations 1992
American Multinationals and Japan: The Political Economy of Japanese Capital Controls, 1899–1980 1992
Amid the Clouds and Mist: China’s Colonization of Guizhou, 1200–1700 2007
Anarchist Modernity: Cooperatism and Japanese-Russian Intellectual Relations in Modern Japan 2013
Ancestors, Kings, and the Dao 2017
Ancestors, Virgins, and Friars: Christianity as a Local Religion in Late Imperial China 2009
Ancestral Memory in Early China 2011
The Ancient State of Puyŏ in Northeast Asia: Archaeology and Historical Memory 2016
The Anime Boom in the United States: 1972–1989 2017
Anti-Foreignism and Western Learning in Early-Modern Japan: The “New Theses" of 1825 1986
The Appropriation of Cultural Capital: China’s May Fourth Project 2001
Architects of Affluence: The Tsutsumi Family and the Seibu-Saison Enterprises in Twentieth-Century Japan 1994
Articulated Ladies: Gender and the Male Community in Early Chinese Texts 2001
Articulating Citizenship: Civic Education and Student Politics in Southeastern China, 1912–1940 2007
Assembling Shinto: Buddhist Approaches to Kami Worship in Medieval Japan 2017
Augustine Heard and Company, 1858–1862: American Merchants in China 1971
The Bakumatsu Currency Crisis 1970
Bannermen Tales (Zidishu): Manchu Storytelling and Cultural Hybridity in the Qing Dynasty 2018
Beacon Fire and Shooting Star: The Literary Culture of the Liang (502–557) 2007
The Beauty and the Book: Women and Fiction in Nineteenth-Century China 2006
Becoming Apart: National Power and Local Politics in Toyama, 1868–1945 2000
Becoming Taiwanese: Ethnogenesis in a Colonial City, 1880s-1950s 2019
Between Dreams and Reality: The Military Examination in Late Chosŏn Korea, 1600–1894 2007
Between Tradition and Modernity: Wang T’ao and Reform in Late Ching China 1974
Beyond Birth: Social Status in the Emergence of Modern Korea 2004
Beyond Regimes: China and India Compared 2018
A Bibliographical Guide to Japanese Research on the Chinese Economy, 1958–1970 1972
A Bibliography of Studies and Translations of Modern Chinese Literature, 1918–1942 1975
Body and Face in Chinese Visual Culture 2005
Body, Society, and Nation: The Creation of Public Health and Urban Culture in Shanghai 2018
The Book of Korean Shijo 2002
Branches of Heaven: A History of the Imperial Clan of Sung China 1999
Breaking Barriers: Travel and the State in Early Modern Japan 1994
Brokers of Empire: Japanese Settler Colonialism in Korea, 1876–1945 2011
Buddhism, Unitarianism, and the Meiji Competition for Universality 2014
Building for Oil: Daqing and the Formation of the Chinese Socialist State 2018
Building Local States: China During the Republican and Post-Mao Eras 2004
The Burden of Female Talent: The Poet Li Qingzhao and Her History in China 2013
Bureaucratic Reform in Provincial China: Ting Jih-ch’ang in Restoration Kiangsu, 1867–1870 1982
Burning and Building: Schooling and State Formation in Japan, 1750–1890 2004
Burying Autumn: Poetry, Friendship, and Loss 2016
Celestial Masters: History and Ritual in Early Daoist Communities 2016
Cherishing Antiquity: The Cultural Construction of an Ancient Chinese Kingdom 2013
Children as Treasures: Childhood and the Middle Class in Early Twentieth Century Japan 2010
China, 1898–1912: The Xinzheng Revolution and Japan 1993
China and Charles Darwin 1983
China and Great Britain: The Diplomacy of Commercial Relations, 1860–1864 1974
China Charts the World: Hsu Chi-yü and His Geography of 1848 1975
China Diplomacy, 1914–1918 1970
China During the Great Depression: Market, State, and the World Economy, 1929–1937 2008
China Made: Consumer Culture and the Creation of the Nation 2003
China Turning Inward: Intellectual-Political Changes in the Early Twelfth Century 1988
China Upside Down: Currency, Society, and Ideologies, 1808–1856 2006
China’s Foreign Trade Statistics, 1864–1949 1974
China’s Intellectuals and the State: In Search of a New Relationship 1987
China’s Local Councils in the Age of Constitutional Reform, 1898–1911 1995
China’s Silk Trade: Traditional Industry in the Modern World, 1842–1937 1981
Chinese Communist Studies of Modern Chinese History 1961
Chinese Literary Form in Heian Japan: Poetics and Practice 2017
The Chinese Political Novel: Migration of a World Genre 2015
The Chinese Red Army, 1927–1963: An Annotated Bibliography 1964
Chinese Society on the Eve of Tiananmen: The Impact of Reform 1990
The Chinese Virago: A Literary Theme 1995
Chinese Ways of Seeing and Open-Air Painting 2020
Ch'ing Documents: An Introductory Syllabus ( Volume 1) 1965
Ch'ing Documents: An Introductory Syllabus ( Volume 2) 1969
The Ch'ing Imperial Household Department: A Study of Its Organization and Principal Functions, 1662–1796 1977
Chu Hsi and the “Ta Hsueh": Neo-Confucian Reflection on the Confucian Canon 1986
Circles of Fantasy: Convention in the Plays of Chikamatsu 1986
Civilizing Chengdu: Chinese Urban Reform, 1895–1937 2000
Coins, Trade, and the State: Economic Growth in Early Medieval Japan 2011
Colonial Industrialization and Labor in Korea: The Onoda Cement Factory 1999
Colonial Modernity in Korea 1999
Commerce in Culture: The Sibao Book Trade in the Qing and Republican Periods 2007
Competing Discourses: Orthodoxy, Authenticity, and Engendered Meanings in Late Imperial Chinese Fiction 2001
Competition over Content: Negotiating Standards for the Civil Service Examinations in Imperial China (1127–1279) 2007
A Comprehensive Manchu-English Dictionary 2013
Computers, Inc.: Japan’s Challenge to IBM 1989
The Confucian Transformation of Korea: A Study of Society and Ideology 1992
Constructing “Korean" Origins: A Critical Review of Archaeology, Historiography, and Racial Myth in Korean State-Formation Theories 2000
Contemporary Chinese Novels and Short Stories, 1949–1974: An Annotated Bibliography 1978
A Continuous Revolution: Making Sense of Cultural Revolution Culture 2012
Controversies in Modern Chinese Intellectual History: An Analytic Bibliography of Periodical Articles, Mainly of the May Fourth and Post-May Fourth Era 1964
The Country of Streams and Grottoes: Expansion, Settlement, and the Civilizing of the Sichuan Frontier in Song Times 1987
A Court on Horseback: Imperial Touring & the Construction of Qing Rule, 1680–1785 2007
Courtesans, Concubines, and the Cult of Female Fidelity 2013
Crafting a Collection: The Cultural Contexts and Poetic Practice of the Huajian ji 花間集 (Collection from Among the Flowers) 2006
Crime and Punishment in Medieval Chinese Drama: Three Judge Pao Plays 1978
Critical Aesthetics: Kobayashi Hideo, Modernity, and Wartime Japan 2009
A Critical Guide to the Kwangtung Provincial Archives Deposited at the Public Record Office of London 1975
Critics and Commentators: The Book of Poems as Classic and Literature 2012
The Cultural Revolution in the Provinces 1971
Culture and Power in the Reconstitution of the Chinese Realm, 200–600 2001
Culture and the State in Late Chosŏn Korea 1999
Culture, Courtiers, and Competition: The Ming Court (1368–1644) 2008
The Dao of Muhammad: A Cultural History of Muslims in Late Imperial China 2005
Daoist Modern: Innovation, Lay Practice, and the Community of Inner Alchemy in Republican Shanghai 2009
Death and Social Order in Tokugawa Japan: Buddhism, Anti-Christianity, and the Danka System 2007
Defensive Positions: The Politics of Maritime Security in Tokugawa Japan 2015
Defining Engagement: Japan and Global Contexts, 1640-1868 2009
Deliverance and Submission: Evangelical Women and the Negotiation of Patriarchy in South Korea 2008
Desire and Fictional Narrative in Late Imperial China 2001
The Destruction of the Medieval Chinese Aristocracy 2014
Detective Fiction and the Rise of the Japanese Novel, 1880–1930 2012
Deus Destroyed: The Image of Christianity in Early Modern Japan 1973
The Development of Cotton Textile Production in China 1977
The Developmental Role of the Foreign Sector and Aid 1979
The Dewey Experiment in China: Educational Reform and Political Power in the Early Republic 1977
Disciplining the State: Virtue, Violence, and State-Making in Modern China 2007
Discourses of Seduction: History, Evil, Desire, and Modern Japanese Literature 2005
Divided Korea: The Politics of Development, 1945–1972 1975
"Dividing the Realm in Order to Govern": The Spatial Organization of the Song State 2011
The Divine Nature of Power: Chinese Ritual Architecture at the Sacred Site of Jinci 2007
Down a Narrow Road: Identity and Masculinity in a Uyghur Community in Xinjiang China 2009
The Dragon and the Iron Horse: The Economics of Railroads in China, 1876–1937 1984
Drifting among Rivers and Lakes: Southern Song Dynasty Poetry and the Problem of Literary History 2013
Dry Spells: State Rainmaking and Local Governance in Late Imperial China 2009
The Dynamics of China’s Foreign Relations 1970
The Dynamics of Masters Literature: Early Chinese Thought from Confucius to Han Feizi 2010
Dynastic Crisis and Cultural Innovation: From the Late Ming to the Late Qing and Beyond 2005
Early Ming Government: The Evolution of Dual Capitals 1976
Eating Rice from Bamboo Shoots: The Social History of a Community of Handicraft Papermakers in Rural Sichuan, 1920–2000 2009
The Economic and Social Modernization of the Republic of Korea 1980
The Economic Development of Manchuria in the First Half of the Twentieth Century 1969
Economic Development, Population Policy, and Demographic Transition in the Republic of Korea 1981
Economic Planning and Organization in Mainland China: A Documentary Study, 1949–1957 (Volume 1) 1959
Economic Planning and Organization in Mainland China: A Documentary Study, 1949–1957 (Volume 2) 1960
Economic Statistics of Mainland China, 1949–1957 1960
Education and Development in Korea 1980
The Efficacious Landscape: On the Authorities of Painting at the Northern Song Court 2015
Embassies and Illusions: Dutch and Portuguese Envoys to K’ang-hsi, 1666–1687 1984
Emotions at Work: Normative Control, Organizations, and Culture in Japan and America 2002
Emperor and Aristocracy in Japan, 1467–1680: Resilience and Renewal 2002
Emperor Huizong and Late Northern Song China: The Politics of Culture and the Culture of Politics 2006
The Emperor’s Four Treasuries: Scholars and the State in the Late Chien-lung Era 1987
Empire and Aftermath: Yoshida Shigeru and the Japanese Experience, 1878–1954 1979
Empire of Texts in Motion: Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese Transculturations of Japanese Literature 2009
Empire of the Dharma: Korean and Japanese Buddhism, 1877–1912 2012
Empires on the Waterfront: Japan’s Ports and Power, 1858–1899 2015
Empire's Twilight: Northeast Asia under the Mongols 2009
Emplacing a Pilgrimage: The Ōyama Cult and Regional Religion in Early Modern Japan 2008
Ennobling Japan's Savage Northeast: Tōhoku as Japanese Postwar Thought, 1945–2011 2017
Entering China's Service: Robert Hart's Journals, 1854-1863 1986
Escape from the Wasteland: Romanticism and Realism in the Fiction of Mishima Yukio and Oe Kenzaburo 1995
An Estimate of the Land-Tax Collection in China, 1753 and 1908 1973
Ethnic Chrysalis: China’s Orochen People and the Legacy of Qing Borderland Administration 2019
The Ethos of Noh: Actors and Their Art 2004
Evil and/or/as the Good: Omnicentrism, Intersubjectivity, and Value Paradox in Tian¬tai Buddhist Thought 2000
The Evolution of Labor Relations in Japan: Heavy Industry, 1853–1955 1985
Exhausting the Earth: State and Peasant in Hunan, 1500–1850 1987
Experimental Arts in Postwar Japan: Moments of Encounter, Engagement, and Imagined Return 2011
The Extraterritorial System in China: Final Phase 1970
Facing Japan: Chinese Politics and Japanese Imperialism, 1931–1937 1991
Facing the Monarch: Modes of Advice in the Early Chinese Court 2013
Fairbank Remembered 1992
Famine and the Missionary: Timothy Richard as Relief Administrator and Advocate of National Reform 1972
Famine Relief in Warlord China 2019
Feeling the Past in Seventeenth-Century China 2019
Fei Xiaotong and Sociology in Revolutionary China 1981
Feudal Control in Tokugawa Japan: The Sankin Kōtai System 1966
Fiction’s Family: Zhan Xi, Zhan Kai, and the Business of Women in Late-Qing China 2016
Financial Development in Korea, 1945–1978 1983
Financial Sector Reform in China 2005
Fishing Wars and Environmental Change in Late Imperial and Modern China 2009
Five Mountains: The Rinzai Zen Monastic Institution in Medieval Japan 1981
Flowering Tales: Women Exorcising History in Heian Japan 2020
The Foochow Missionaries, 1847–1880 1974
French Policy in Japan During the Closing Years of the Tokugawa Regime 1971
From Cotton Mill to Business Empire: The Emergence of Regional Enterprises in Modern China 2003
From Domestic Women to Sensitive Young Men: Translating the Individual in Early Colonial Korea 2017
From Foot Soldier to Finance Minister: Takahashi Korekiyo, Japan’s Keynes 2007
From Miracle to Maturity: The Growth of the Korean Economy 2012
From Philosophy to Philology: Intellectual and Social Aspects of Change in Late Imperial China 1984
Fu Shan’s World: The Transformation of Chinese Calligraphy in the Seventeenth Century 2003
Fueling Growth: The Energy Revolution and Economic Policy in Postwar Japan 1990
Gender Struggles: Wage-Earning Women and Male-Dominated Unions in Postwar Japan 2009
Gendering Modern Japanese History 2005
Geo-Narratives of a Filial Son: Huang Xiangjian’s (1609–1673) Paintings and Travel Diaries 2016
Give and Take: Poverty and the Status Order in Early Modern Japan 2018
Going to the People: Chinese Intellectual and Folk Literature, 1918–1937 1985
The Golden Age of the U.S.-China-Japan Triangle, 1972–1989 2002
Government, Business, and Entrepreneurship in Economic Development: The Korean Case 1980
Government by Mourning: Death and Political Integration in Japan, 1603–1912 2014
Government Control of the Press in Modern China, 1900–1949 1974
The Grain Tribute System of China, 1845–1911 1956
Great Walls of Discourse and Other Adventures in Cultural China 2001
The ‘Greatest Problem’: Religion and State Formation in Meiji Japan 2014
Growth and Structural Changes in the Korean Economy, 1910–1940 1978
Growth and Structural Transformation 1979
The Halberd at Red Cliff: Jian’an and the Three Kingdoms 2018
The Heart of Time: Moral Agency in Twentieth-Century Chinese Fiction 2006
Heavenly Warriors: The Evolution of Japan’s Military, 500–1300 1995
Hideyoshi 1982
Hiraizumi: Buddhist Art and Regional Politics in Twelfth-Century Japan 1998
Historiography of the Taiping Rebellion 1962
The History of Imperial China: A Research Guide 1973
A History of the China International Famine Relief Commission 1965
A History of the Early Korean Kingdom of Paekche, together with an annotated translation of The Paekche Annals of the Samguk sagi 2006
History of the Mongolian People’s Republic 1976
Home and the World: Editing the Glorious Ming in Woodblock-Printed Books of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries 2013
The Home Base of American China Missions, 1880–1920 1978
Honored and Dishonored Guests: Westerners in Wartime Japan 2017
Horatio Nelson Lay and Sino-British Relations, 1854–1864 1972
House and Home in Modern Japan: Architecture, Domestic Space, and Bourgeois Culture, 1880–1930 2003
Householders: The Reizei Family in Japanese History 2007
Human Rights in Korea: Historical and Political Perspectives 1991
Ideas Across Cultures: Essays on Chinese Thought in Honor of Benjamin L Schwartz 1990
Identity Reflections: Pilgrimages to Mount Tai in Late Imperial China 2004
Illusory Abiding: The Cultural Construction of the Chan Monk Zhongfeng Mingben (1263–1323) 2014
Imaginative Mapping: Landscape and Japanese Identity in the Tokugawa and Meiji Eras 2019
An Imperial Path to Modernity: Yoshino Sakuzō and a New Liberal Order in East Asia, 1905–1937 2012
Imperiled Destinies: The Daoist Quest for Deliverance in Medieval China 2019
In Pursuit of Status: The Making of South Korea’s “New" Urban Middle Class 1998
In Search of Justice: The 1905–1906 Chinese Anti-American Boycott 2001
In the Wake of the Mongols: The Making of a New Social Order in North China, 1200–1600 2018
Income Inequality in Korea: An Analysis of Trends, Causes, and Answers 2013
Individualism and Socialism: The Life and Thought of Kawai Eijirō (1891–1944) 1986
Information, Territory, and Elite Networks: The Crisis and Maintenance of Empire in Song China 2015
Inklings of Democracy in China 2002
The Inner Opium War 1992
Inside a Service Trade: Studies in Contemporary Chinese Prose 1992
Intimate Politics: Marriage, the Market, and State Power in Southeastern China 2006
An Introduction to Chinese Poetry: From the Canon of Poetry to the Lyrics of the Song Dynasty 2017
An Introduction to Literary Chinese: Revised Edition 2004
Investing Japan: Foreign Capital, Monetary Standards, and Economic Development, 1859–2011 2014
Islands of Eight Million Smiles: Idol Performance and Symbolic Production in Contemporary Japan 2005
Itineraries of Power: Texts and Traversals in Heian and Medieval Japan 2016
James Duncan Campbell: A Memoir by His Son 1970
The Japanese Automobile Industry: Technology and Management at Nissan and Toyota 1985
Japanese Law in Context: Readings in Society, the Economy, and Politics 2001
Japanese Marxist: A Portrait of Kawakami Hajime, 1879–1946 1976
Japanese Studies of Modern China Since 1953: A Bibliographical Guide to Historical and Social-Science Research on the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Supplementary Volume for 1953–1969 1975
The Japanization of Modernity: Murakami Haruki between Japan and the United States 2008
Japan’s Cultural Policy Toward China, 1918–1931: A Comparative Perspective 1999
Japan's Imperial House in the Postwar Era, 1945-2019 2020
Japan’s Local Pragmatists: The Transition from Bakumatsu to Meiji in the Kawasaki Region 1983
Japan’s Protoindustrial Elite: The Economic Foundations of the Gōnō 1999
Japan’s Renaissance: The Politics of the Muromachi Bakufu 1981
Jewel in the Ashes: Buddha Relics and Power in Early Medieval Japan 2000
John Fryer: The Introduction of Western Science and Technology into Nineteenth-Century China 1967
Just a Song: Chinese Lyrics from the Eleventh and Early Twelfth Centuries 2019
The Kaiping Mines, 1877–1912 1971
Kenmu: Go-Daigo’s Revolution 1996
Knowing the Amorous Man: A History of Scholarship on Tales of Ise 2013
The Korean Buddhist Empire: A Transnational History (1910-1945) 2018
The Korean Economy: From a Miraculous Past to a Sustainable Future 2015
Korean Political and Economic Development: Crisis, Security, and Economic Rebalancing 2013
The Korean Singer of Tales 1994
Koxinga and Chinese Nationalism: History, Myth, and the Hero 1977
Landlord and Labor in Late Imperial China: Case Studies from Shandong by Jing Su and Luo Lun 1978
Lao She and the Chinese Revolution 1974
Late Ch'ing Finance: Hu Kuang-yung as an Innovator 1961
The Late Tang: Chinese Poetry of the Mid-Ninth Century (827–860) 2006
A Latterday Confucian: Reminiscences of William Hung (1893–1980) 1987
Leadership and Values: The Organization of Large-Scale Taiwanese Enterprises 1976
Legacies of Childhood: Growing Up Chinese in a Time of Crisis, 1890–1920 1990
Legal Lessons: Popularizing Laws in the People's Republic of China, 1949-1989 2018
Li Mengyang, the North-South Divide, and Literati Learning in Ming China 2016
Limited Views: Essays on Ideas and Letters, by Qian Zhongshu 1998
The Literati Purges: Political Conflict in Early Yi Korea 1974
Local Government in China Under the Ch'ing 1962
Localities at the Center: Native Place, Space, and Power in Late Imperial Beijing 2005
Localizing Paradise: Kumano Pilgrimage and the Religious Landscape of Premodern Japan 2005
Lost and Found: Recovering Regional Identity in Imperial Japan 2014
Lost Histories: Recovering the Lives of Japan's Colonial Peoples 2019
Lost Soul: “Confucianism" in Contemporary Chinese Academic Discourse 2008
Love After The Tale of Genji: Rewriting the World of the Shining Prince 2007
Making History Matter: Kuroita Katsumi and the Construction of Imperial Japan 2017
The Making of Early Chinese Classical Poetry 2006
The Making of Japanese Manchuria, 1904–1932 2001
The Making of ‘Shinkokinshū’ 2002
Making Personas: Transnational Film Stardom in Modern Japan 2013
Managing Industrial Enterprise: Cases from Japan’s Prewar Experience 1989
Manga from the Floating World: Comicbook Culture and the Kibyōshi of Edo Japan 2006
Manga from the Floating World: Comicbook Culture and the Kibyōshi of Edo Japan, Second Edition 2019
Manifest in Words, Written on Paper: Producing and Circulating Poetry in Tang Dynasty China 2010
Mao's Invisible Hand: The Political Foundations of Adaptive Governance in China 2011
The Margins of Utopia: Shui-hu hou-chuan and the Literature of Ming Loyalism 1987
Martial Spectacles of the Ming Court 2013
Materializing Magic Power: Chinese Popular Religion in Villages and Cities 2015
Meiji Restoration Losers: Memory and Tokugawa Supporters in Modern Japan 2013
The Meiji Unification Through the Lens of Ishikawa Prefecture 1994
Men of Letters within the Passes: Guanzhong Literati in Chinese History, 907–1911 2008
Merchants, Mandarins and Modern Enterprise in Late Ching China 1977
Metamorphosis of the Private Sphere: Gardens and Objects in Tang-Song Poetry 2003
Mid-Ching Rice Markets and Trade: An Essay in Price History 1975
The Military Establishment of the Yuan Dynasty 1978
Minamata: Pollution and the Struggle for Democracy in Postwar Japan 2001
The Missionary Mind and American East Asia Policy, 1911–1915 1983
Mitsubishi and the N.Y.K, 1870–1914: Business Strategy in the Japanese Shipping Industry 1984
Modern Archaics: Continuity and Innovation in the Chinese Lyric Tradition, 1900-1937 2013
The Modern Epidemic: History of Tuberculosis in Japan 1995
Modernity with a Cold War Face: Reimagining the Nation in Chinese Literature Across the 1949 Divide 2013
The Money Doctors from Japan: Finance, Imperialism, and the Building of the Yen Bloc, 1895–1937 2012
Mongolian Rule in China: Local Administration in the Yuan Dynasty 1989
Monstrous Bodies: The Rise of the Uncanny in Modern Japan 2015
A Mosaic of the Hundred Days: Personalities, Politics, and Ideas of 1898 1984
Muslim Chinese: Ethnic Nationalism in the People’s Republic 1996
Myōe the Dreamkeeper: Fantasy and Knowledge in Kamakura Buddhism 1992
Nakae Ushikichi in China: The Mourning of Spirit 1989
The Naked Gaze: Reflections on Chinese Modernity 2008
Naming the Local: Medicine, Language, and Identity in Korea since the 15th Century 2017
National Polity and Local Power: The Transformation of Late Imperial China 1989
Navigating Semi-colonialism: Shipping, Sovereignity, and Nation Building in China, 1860–1937 2018
Negotiated Power: The State, Elites, and Local Governance in Twelfth-Fourteenth China 2014
Negotiating Urban Space: Urbanization and Late Ming Nanjing 2009
Neo-Confucianism in History 2008
New Perspectives on the Cultural Revolution 1991
A New Practical Primer of Literary Chinese 2007
A Newspaper for China?: Power, Identity, and Change in Shanghai’s News Media, 1872–1912 2004
No Great Wall: Trade, Tariffs, and Nationalism in Republican China, 1927–1945 2017
Normalization of U.S.-China Relations: An International History 2005
A Northern Alternative: Xue Xuan (1389-1464) and the Hedong School 2011
On Sacred Grounds: Culture, Society, Politics, and the Formation of the Cult of Confucius 2002
On the Margins of Empire: Buraku and Korean Identity in Prewar and Wartime Japan 2013
One Country, Two Societies: Rural-Urban Inequality in Contemporary China 2010
One Who Knows Me: Friendship and Literary Culture in Mid-Tang China 2015
Opera, Society, and Politics in Modern China 2019
Opium and the Limits of Empire: Drug Prohibition in the Chinese Interior, 1729–1850 2005
The Origin of Likin, 1835–1864 1958
Orthodox Passions: Narrating Filial Love During the High Qing 2019
Osaka Modern: The City in the Japanese Imaginary 2017
Ōsugi Sakae, Anarchist in Taishō Japan: The Creativity of the Ego 1982
Out of the Alleyway: Nakagami Kenji and the Poetics of Outcaste Fiction 2007
Out of the Cloister: Literati Perspectives on Buddhism in Sung China, 960–1279 2006
A Pacific Community 1981
The Paradox of Being: Truth, Identity, and Images in Daoism 2019
Party and Army: Professionalism and Political Control in the Chinese Officer Corps, 1949–1964 1965
A Passage to China: Literature, Loyalism, and Colonial Taiwan 2017
A Path Twice Traveled: My Journey as a Historian Of China 2019
Pattern and Person: Ornament, Society, and Self in Classical China 2006
A Patterned Past: Form and Thought in Early Chinese Historiography 2001
The People’s Emperor: Democracy and the Japanese Monarchy, 1945-1995 2001
The People’s Post Office: The History and Politics of the Japanese Postal System, 1871–2010 2011
The People's Republic of China at 60: An International Assessment 2011
Picturing Heaven in Early China 2011
Picturing the True Form: Daoist Visual Culture in Traditional China 2012
A Place in Public: Women’s Rights in Meiji Japan 2010
Plague Prevention and Politics in Manchuria, 1910–1931 1967
Plucking Chrysanthemums: Narushima Ryūhoku and Sinitic Literary Traditions in Modern Japan 2016
Poetic Transformations: Eighteenth-Century Cultural Projects on the Mekong Plains 2019
The Poetics of Sovereignty: On Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty 2010
Poetry and Painting in Song China: The Subtle Art of Dissent 2000
The Political Economy of Reform in Post-Mao China 1985
A Political Explanation of Economic Growth: State Survival, Bureau¬cratic Politics, and Private Enterprises in the Making of Taiwan’s Economy, 1950–1985 2005
Politics and Policy in Traditional Korea 1975
Politics and Sinology: The Case of Naitō Konan (1866–1934) 1984
Population, Disease, and Land in Early Japan, 645–900 1985
Postal Communication in China and Its Modernization, 1860–1896 1970
Poverty, Equality, and Growth: The Politics of Economic Need in Postwar Japan 1999
Power of Place: The Religious Landscape of the Southern Sacred Peak (Nanyue 南嶽) in Medieval China 2009
The Power of the Buddhas: The Politics of Buddhism during the Koryo Dynasty (918-1392) 2008
Powerful Relations: Kinship, Status, and the State in Sung China (960–1279) 1998
Powers of the Real: Cinema, Gender, and Emotion in Interwar Japan 2019
Practical Pursuits: Takano Chōei, Takahashi Keisaku, and Western Medicine in Nineteenth-Century Japan 2005
Practices of the Sentimental Imagination: Melodrama, the Novel, and the Social Imaginary in Nineteenth-Century Japan 2006
Prayer and Play in Late Tokugawa Japan: Asakusa Sensōji and Edo Society 2000
Praying for Power: Buddhism and the Formation of Gentry Society in Late-Ming China 1993
Precious Volumes: An Introduction to Chinese Sectarian Scriptures from the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries 1999
The Princess Nun: Bunchi, Buddhist Reform, and Gender in Early Edo Japan 2014
Printing for Profit: The Commercial Publishers of Jianyang, Fujian (11th-17th Centuries) 2002
The Problem of Beauty: Aesthetic Thought and Pursuits in Northern Song Dynasty China 2006
The Proletarian Wave: Literature and Leftist Culture in Colonial Korea, 1910–1945 2015
Prologue to the Chinese Revolution: The Transformation of Ideas and Institutions in Hunan Province, 1891–1907 1976
Prosperity, Region, and Institutions in Maritime China: The South Fukien Pattern, 946–1368 2000
Protestant America and the Pagan World: The First Half Century of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 1810–1860 1968
Proving the Way: Conflict and Practice in the History of Japanese Nativism 2005
The Psychological World of Natsume Sōseki 1976
Public Finance During the Korean Modernization Process 1986
Public Law, Private Practice: Politics, Profit, and the Legal Profession in Nineteenth-Century Japan 2013
Public Memory in Early China 2014
Public Spheres, Private Lives in Modern Japan, 1600–1950: Essays in Honor of Albert Craig 2005
The Qing Formation in World-Historical Time 2004
Radical Inequalities: China’s Revolutionary Welfare State in Comparative Perspective 2015
Rakugo: The Popular Narrative Art of Japan 1990
Random Notes on Red China, 1936–1945 1957
The Readability of the Past in Early Chinese Historiography 2007
Reading North Korea: An Ethnological Inquiry 2012
Reading Philosophy, Writing Poetry: Intertextual Modes of Making Meaning in Early Medieval China 2018
Reading Tao Yuanming: Shifting Paradigms of Historical Reception (427-1900) 2008
Readings in Chinese Literary Thought 1992
Real and Imagined: The Peak of Gold in Heian Japan 2015
The Real Modern: Literary Modernism and the Crisis of Representation in Colonial Korea 2013
Realms of Literacy: Early Japan and the History of Writing 2011
Recontextualizing Texts: Narrative Performance in Modern Japanese Fiction 1999
The Red Brush: Writing Women of Imperial China 2004
Red Legacies in China: Cultural Afterlives of the Communist Revolution 2016
Red Silk: Class, Gender, and Revolution in China's Yangzi Delta Silk Industry 2020
Re-examining the Cold War: U.S.-China Diplomacy, 1954–1973 2001
Reflections on the May Fourth Movement: A Symposium 1972
The Reform and Abolition of the Traditional Chinese Examination System 1960
Reform in China: Huang Tsun-hsien and the Japanese Model 1981
Reform in Nineteenth-Century China 1976
Regional Literature and the Transmission of Culture: Chinese Drum Ballads, 1800-1937 2020
Remembering Paradise: Nativism and Nostalgia in Eighteenth-Century Japan 1990
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