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International Centre for Counter-Terrorism

Publisher Description

The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague (ICCT) is an independent think and do tank providing multidisciplinary policy advice and practical, solution-oriented implementation support on prevention and the rule of law, two vital pillars of effective counter-terrorism. ICCT’s work focuses on themes at the intersection of countering violent extremism and criminal justice sector responses, as well as human rights related aspects of counter-terrorism. The major project areas concern countering violent extremism, rule of law, foreign fighters, country and regional analysis, rehabilitation, civil society engagement and victims’ voices.

Research Reports in JSTOR from International Centre for Counter-Terrorism
149 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Administrative Measures against Foreign Fighters:: In Search of Limits and Safeguards 2016
Afghan Women and the Taliban:: An Exploratory Assessment 2014
After the Attack:: Lessons for Governments and Journalists in Reporting Terrorist Incidents 2021
Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent:: A New Frontline in the Global Jihadist Movement? 2016
Al-Hazimiyya:: the ideological conflict destroying the Islamic State from within 2021
Al-Qaeda’s “Single Narrative” and Attempts to Develop Counter-Narratives:: The State of Knowledge 2014
Boko Haram, the Islamic State, and the Surge in Female Abductions in Southeastern Niger 2021
The Boundaries of the Battlefield:: A Critical Look at the Legal Paradigms and Rules in Countering Terrorism 2013
Branding a Caliphate in Decline:: The Islamic State’s Video Output (2015-2018) 2019
A Brief History of Propaganda During Conflict:: Lessons for Counter-Terrorism Strategic Communications 2016
A Brief Primer on Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Methods in the Study of Terrorism 2019
Caliphate Soldiers and Lone Actors:: What to Make of IS Claims for Attacks in the West 2016-2018 2019
Can a Copycat Effect be Observed in Terrorist Suicide Attacks? 2017
Capacity-Building Challenges:: Identifying Progress and Remaining Gaps in Dealing with Foreign (Terrorist) Fighters 2018
Cashing in on Guns:: Identifying the Nexus between Small Arms, Light Weapons and Terrorist Financing 2021
Challenging the Narrative of the “Islamic State” 2015
Children of the Caliphate: Young IS Returnees and the Reintegration Challenge 2017
Citizenship and Ancestry of Belgian Foreign Fighters 2018
Combining Exit with Strategy:: Transitioning from Short-Term Military Interventions to a Long-Term Counter-Terrorism Policy 2014
Community and Gender in Counter-Terrorism Policy:: Challenges and Opportunities for Transferability Across the Evolving Threat Landscape 2020
A Comparative Analysis of the Data on Western Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq:: Who Went and Why? 2021
A Comparative Research Study on Radical and Extremist (Hate) Speakers in European Member States 2019
Converts and Islamist Terrorism:: An Introduction 2016
The Cost of Crying Victory:: Policy Implications of the Islamic State’s Territorial Collapse 2018
Countering Islamic State Messaging Through ˮLinkage-Based” Analysis 2017
Countering Islamist Radicalisation in Germany:: A Guide to Germany’s Growing Prevention Infrastructure 2018
Counter-Terrorism Strategic Communications:: Back to the Future: Lessons from Past and Present 2017
Critical Perspectives on Salafism in the Netherlands 2021
Cut from the same cloth?: Lone Actor Terrorists versus Common Homicide Offenders 2018
Deciphering the Siren Call of Militant Islamist Propaganda:: Meaning, Credibility & Behavioural Change 2016
The Demise of the Islamic State and the Fate of Its Western Foreign Fighters:: Six Things to Consider 2018
Destination Jihad:: Italy’s Foreign Fighters 2019
Dignity and Dawn:: Libya’s Escalating Civil War 2015
The Dutch approach to extremist offenders 2020
The Effective Governance Gap in EU Counter-Terrorism and Stabilisation Policy for Somalia 2017
European Female Jihadists in Syria:: Exploring an Under-Researched Topic 2015
Evolution of Jihadism in Finland 2021
Extreme-Right Violence and Terrorism:: Concepts, Patterns, and Responses 2019
Extremist Construction of Identity:: How Escalating Demands for Legitimacy Shape and Define In-Group and Out-Group Dynamics 2017
The Failure of Prophecy and the Future of IS 2017
Far Right and Islamist Radicalisation in an Age of Austerity:: A Review of Sociological Trends and Implications for Policy 2020
Far-Right Violent Extremism as a Failure of Status:: A New Approach to Extremist Manifestos through the Lens of Ressentiment 2021
The Fate of the Perpetrator in the Jihadist Modus Operandi:: Suicide Attacks and Non-Suicide Attacks in the West, 2004-2017 2017
A Fear Management Approach to Counter-Terrorism 2012
Fickle Foreign Fighters?: A Cross-Case Analysis of Seven Muslim Foreign Fighter Mobilisations (1980-2015) 2015
Foreign Fighters in Their Own Words:: Using YouTube as a Source 2016
The Foreign Fighters Phenomenon in the European Union: Profiles, Threats & Policies 2016
Foreign (Terrorist) Fighter Estimates:: Conceptual and Data Issues 2015
Foreign Terrorist Fighters:: Trends, Dynamics and Policy Responses 2016
Foreign (Terrorist) Fighters with IS:: A European Perspective 2015
The Four Dimensions of the Foreign Fighter Threat:: Making Sense of an Evolving Phenomenon 2017
Framing in times of crisis:: Responses to COVID-19 amongst Far Right movements and organisations 2020
Free movement threatened by terrorism:: an analysis of measures proposed to improve EU border management 2019
Fusion Centres in Six European Countries:: Emergence, Roles and Challenges 2019
The future of the Islamic State’s Women:: assessing their potential threat 2020
The growing power of online communities of the extreme-right:: deriving strength, meaning, and direction from significant socio-political events ‘in real life’ 2020
ICCT Research Report NATO Project: Transitioning from Military Interventions to Long-Term Counter-Terrorism Policy 2016
ICCT Situation Report: The Use of Small Arms & Light Weapons by Terrorist Organisations as a Source of Finance in West Africa and the Horn of Africa 2020
ICCT Situation Report: The Use of Small Arms & Light Weapons by Terrorist Organisations as a Source of Finance in South and Southeast Asia 2020
ICCT Situation Report: The Use of Small Arms & Light Weapons by Terrorist Organisations as a Source of Finance in the Middle East and North Africa 2020
Incel Radical Milieu and External Locus of Control 2020
Investigating and Prosecuting Cases of the Nexus between Organised Crime and Terrorism:: Best Practices and Lessons Learned for Practitioners 2018
ISIS Child Soldiers in Syria:: The Structural and Predatory Recruitment, Enlistment, Pre-Training Indoctrination, Training, and Deployment 2018
Islamic State’s English-language magazines, 2014-2017:: Trends & implications for CT-CVE strategic communications 2018
The Islamic State’s Global Insurgency and its Counterstrategy Implications 2020
The Islamic State’s Global Propaganda Strategy 2016
IS’s Appeal to Western Women:: Policy Implications 2017
Italy’s Jihadists in the Syrian Civil War 2016
Jihadist Foreign Fighter Phenomenon in Western Europe:: A Low-Probability, High-Impact Threat 2015
Jihadists’ Grievance Narratives against France 2018
The Last Frontier:: Prisons and Violent Extremism in Mali 2020
Le Silence des Agneaux:: France’s War Against ‘Jihadist Groups’ and Associated Legal Rationale 2020
Learning the Lessons of Terrorist Failure:: The Dogs that Didn’t Bark in Scotland and Wales 2019
Lessons from History for Counter-Terrorism Strategic Communications 2016
Lighting the Path:: the Evolution of the Islamic State Media Enterprise (2003-2016) 2016
A ˮLinkage-Based” Approach to Combating Militant Islamist Propaganda:: A Two-Tiered Framework for Practitioners 2016
Links between Terrorism and Migration:: An Exploration 2016
Losing the Plot:: Narrative, Counter-Narrative and Violent Extremism 2017
Making CVE Work: A Focused Approach Based on Process Disruption 2016
Maritime Malice in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines:: The Asymmetric Maritime Threat at the Tri-Border Area 2021
Mitigating the Impact of Media Reporting of Terrorism:: Libya case study 2020
Mitigating the Impact of Media Reporting of Terrorism:: Iraq case study 2021
Mitigating the Impact of Media Reporting of Terrorism:: Countering Terrorism through Media in Egypt 2021
Mitigating the Impact of Media Reporting of Terrorism:: Syrian and Iraqi Citizen Journalists versus the Islamic State 2021
Mitigating the Impact of Media Reporting of Terrorism Case Study of Government Communication during Westgate and DusitD2 Attacks 2020
Mitigating the Impact of Media Reporting of Terrorism — Case Study of the #BringBackOurGirls Campaign 2020
Moderate Muslims and Islamist Terrorism:: Between Denial and Resistance 2017
Motives and Considerations of Potential Foreign Fighters from the Netherlands 2015
Moving Terrorism Research Forward:: The Crucial Role of Primary Sources 2013
The Need for a United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Coordinator 2013
The Nexus between Development and Security:: Searching for Common Ground in Countering Terrorism 2013
Nigeria:: Community’s Perception of Legitimate Authority Matters for Rehabilitation and Reintegration 2019
Nine Bullets for the Traitors, One for the Enemy:: The Slogans and Strategy behind the Islamic State’s Campaign to Defeat the Sunni Awakening (2006-2017) 2018
Normalisation, Party Politics and Vigilantism:: Why the Next Terrorist Wave will not be Right-Wing Extremist 2020
Paris: 11/13/15: Analysis and Policy Options 2015
Pathways of Foreign Fighters:: Policy Options and Their (Un)Intended Consequences 2015
Popular Mobilization Messaging 2017
The Practitioner's Guide to the Galaxy - A Comparison of Risk Assessment Tools for Violent Extremism 2019
Promoting Disengagement from Violent Extremism 2016
Prosecuting Foreign Terrorist Fighters:: What Role for the Military? 2016
Prosecuting (Potential) Foreign Fighters:: Legislative and Practical Challenges 2018
Providing Psychosocial Care to Child Soldiers Living in Post-IS Iraq 2019
Public Opinion Survey Data to Measure Sympathy and Support for Islamist Terrorism:: A Look at Muslim Opinions on Al Qaeda and IS 2017
Raising the Stakes:: Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia’s Shift to Jihad 2014
Rehabilitation for Foreign Fighters?: Relevance, Challenges and Opportunities for the Criminal Justice Sector 2015
Remembering Utøya, 10 Years Later:: Enduring Lessons for Counter-Terrorism 2021
Re-Offending by Released Terrorist Prisoners:: Separating Hype from Reality 2020
Repressing the Foreign Fighters Phenomenon and Terrorism in Western Europe:: Towards an Effective Response Based on Human Rights 2016
Responding to Cyber Jihad:: Towards an Effective Counter Narrative 2015
Returning Indonesian Extremists:: Unclear Intentions and Unprepared Responses 2018
Returning Western foreign fighters:: The case of Afghanistan, Bosnia and Somalia 2014
Revisiting the Relationship between International Terrorism and Transnational Organised Crime 22 Years Later 2018
Rightist Violence:: An Historical Perspective 2020
Right-Wing Extremists’ Persistent Online Presence:: History and Contemporary Trends 2019
The Role of Formers in Countering Violent Extremism 2019
The Role of the Military in Securing Suspects and Evidence in the Prosecution of Terrorism Cases before Civilian Courts:: Legal and Practical Challenges 2015
Salafi Jihadist Violence in Egypt’s North Sinai:: From Local Insurgency to Islamic State Province 2016
A Schema of Right-Wing Extremism in the United States 2019
Security in the Sinai:: Present and Future 2014
Seven Years of Terror:: Jihadi Organisations’ Strategies and Future Directions 2019
Siege:: The Atomwaffen Division and Rising Far-Right Terrorism in the United States 2019
Siege Culture After Siege:: Anatomy of a Neo-Nazi Terrorist Doctrine 2021
Sketch of a Social Ecology Model for Explaining Homegrown Terrorist Radicalisation 2017
Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Trafficking, Smuggling, and Use for Criminality by Terrorists and Insurgents:: A Brief Historical Overview 2020
The Strategic Logic of the “Linkage-Based” Approach to Combating Militant Islamist Propaganda:: Conceptual and Empirical Foundations 2017
Swiping Right:: The Allure of Hyper Masculinity and Cryptofascism for Men Who Join the Proud Boys 2020
Terrorism, Diplomacy, and State Communications 2018
Terrorism Threat Assessment 2018—2019 2019
Testament to Murder:: The Violent Far-Right’s Increasing Use of Terrorist Manifestos 2020
A Threat from Within?: Exploring the Link between the Extreme Right and the Military 2019
To Help Defeat Boko Haram, the EU Should Push for Good Governance and Accountability 2018
Towards a European Position on Armed Drones and Targeted Killing:: Surveying EU Counterterrorism Perspectives 2015
Towards a European Position on the Use of Armed Drones?: A Human Rights Approach 2016
Towards a Theory of Fear Management in the Counterterrorism Domain:: A Stocktaking Approach 2014
The Turner Legacy:: The Storied Origins and Enduring Impact of White Nationalism’s Deadly Bible 2016
Turning the Tap Off:: The Impacts of Social Media Shutdown After Sri Lanka’s Easter Attacks 2020
Uighur Foreign Fighters:: An Underexamined Jihadist Challenge 2017
Understanding Dutch converts to Islam:: On turbulent trajectories and (non-) involvement in jihadist movements 2019
Understanding Lone Wolves:: Towards a Theoretical Framework for Comparative Analysis 2016
The Use of Small Arms and Light Weapons by Terrorist Organisations as a Source of Finance 2020
Using the McKinsey 7S Framework to Assess Al-Qaeda Over Three Decades:: Lessons for the Future 2019
Violence and Terrorism from the Far-Right:: Policy Options to Counter an Elusive Threat 2019
Violent and Non-Violent Extremism:: Two Sides of the Same Coin? 2014
War by Suicide:: A Statistical Analysis of the Islamic State’s Martyrdom Industry 2017
The Warning Signs are Flashing Red: The interplay between climate change and violent extremism in the Western Sahel 2019
What Types of Media Do Terrorists Collect?: An Analysis of Religious, Political, and Ideological Publications Found in Terrorism Investigations in the UK 2017
Women in Islamic State:: From Caliphate to Camps 2019
Women in Jihad:: A Historical Perspective 2018
Yemen’s Houthis and the Terrorist Designation System 2021