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Institute for Defense Analyses

Research Reports in JSTOR from Institute for Defense Analyses
463 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
19th ICCRTS Cyber Operations Model for Multi-Domain Conflict 2014
2013 Review on the Extension of the AMedP-8(C) Methodology to New Agents, Materials, and Conditions 2014
2015 Review on the Extension of the AMedP-8(C) Methodology to New Agents, Materials, and Conditions 2016
2016 Review on the Extension of the AMedP-8(C) Methodology to New Agents, Materials, and Conditions:: 2009–2016 IDA Project Summary 2017
5G and Next-Generation Mobile Communications 2019
Accelerating Development of Expertise:: A Digital Tutor for Navy Technical Training 2014
Acquisition Cycle Time:: Defining the Problem (Revised) 2016
Acquisition Policy, Cost Growth, and Cancellations of Major Defense Acquisition Programs 2018
Active Denial Technology Computational Human Effects End-To-End Hypermodel (ADT CHEETEH) 2019
Advancing Technology-Enhanced Education:: A Workshop Report 2013
Africa Symposium 2020:: Advancing Africa’s Peace, Security, and Governance—Major Themes 2020
Africa Symposium 2020:: Advancing Africa’s Peace, Security, and Governance—Summary 2020
AFRICA WATCH: COVID-19 Edition 2020
AFRICA WATCH: COVID-19 Edition 2021
AFRICA WATCH COVID-19 Edition 2020
Africa’s New Belt of Instability:: African Responses to “The Innocence of Muslims” 2012
The Age of Bioengineered Viral Pandemics and Collapse 2014
Agility, Automation, and Autonomy 2017
Agility Quotient (AQ) 2014
Ahead of the Curve:: Rapid Contagious Disease Modeling 2020
Al Sahawa—The Awakening Volume III:: Al Anbar Province, Western Euphrates River Valley, Area of Operations Denver—Transcripts 2016
Al Sahawa—The Awakening Volume III-B:: Al Anbar Province, Area of Operations Denver, Hadithah–Hit Corridor 2016
Al Sahawa—The Awakening Volume IV-A:: Area of Operations Topeka, East Ramadi and the Shark Fins 2016
Al Sahawa—The Awakening Volume V:: Al Anbar Province, Area of Operations Raleigh, Fallujah 2016
Analyses for the National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force (Presentation) 2014
Analyses for the National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force (Revised) 2014
Analysis of Alternative Mixes of Full-Time Support in the Reserve Components 2017
Analysis of DoD Accession Alternatives for Military Physicians:: Readiness Value and Cost 2019
Analysis of DoD Accession Alternatives for Military Physicians (Conference Brief) 2019
Analysis of Non-Acute, Sub-Lethal Chemical/Biological Injuries and Illnesses 2018
Analysis of Policy and Doctrine Supporting the Management of Operational Exposures to Ionizing Radiation 2016
Analysis of Private Sector Care Reform Authorities and Savings 2016
Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of Implementing the Navy’s Acquisition Requirements for Training Transformation (ARTT) Initiative:: Integrating Training Needs Analysis and Content Development with Model-Based Product Support (MBPS) 2020
Analysis of the JSF Engine Competition 2012
Analyzing the Costs of Alternative Army Active/Reserve Force Mixes: Interim Report 2012
Analyzing the Costs of Alternative Army Active/Reserve Force Mixes 2014
Analyzing the Implications of a Single Salary System (Conference Briefing) 2019
Analyzing the Telecommunications Equipment Sector Using a Qualitative Framework 2014
Angola Trip Report:: Preliminary Observations 2012
Annual Weapons Acquisition Assessment — GAO Needs to Step Up Its Game 2019
The Application of Contagious Disease Epidemiological Models to Known Population Structure and Movement 2016
Applications of Modern Statistical Techniques to Operational Testing 2016
Applying the Integrated Risk Assessment and Management Model (IRAMM) to the Assessment of Risk for Non-fuel Strategic Materials 2014
Approaches to Cyber-Resilience through Language System Design 2018
Approaches to Increase Awareness, Adoption, and Adaptation of Innovation in the Federal Government 2019
Are Savings Goals an Effective Tool for Managing the Pentagon? 2019
Assessing Cyber Security Risk for the Dams Sector 2018
Assessing Future Threats from Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems 2019
Assessing Information Effects Workshop Proceedings 2017
Assessing Measures to Mitigate the Effects of an Emerging Infectious Disease 2016
Assessing Medical Readiness Within Inpatient Platforms (Presentation) 2017
Assessing the Effect of Title 32 Active Guard and Reserves on Personal Readiness in the Army National Guard 2016
Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation for Defense Institution Building Projects 2017
Assessment of Accelerated Acquisition of Defense Programs 2016
Assessment of Graph Databases as a Viable Materiel Solution for the Army’s Dynamic Force Structure (DFS) Portal Implementation:: Part 2, Technical Feasibility, Affordability, and Architecture Integration Options 2017
Assessment of Graph Databases as a Viable Materiel Solution for the Army’s Dynamic Force Structure (DFS) Portal Implementation:: Final Report 2018
Assessment of Graph Databases as a Viable Materiel Solution for the Army’s Dynamic Force Structure (DFS) Portal Implementation:: Part 1, Preliminary Characterization of Data Sources, Representation Options, Test Scenarios and Objective Metrics 2017
Assessment of Graph Databases as a Viable Materiel Solution for the Army’s Dynamic Force Structure (DFS) Portal Implementation:: Part 3, Risks, Mitigation Approach, and Roadmap 2017
An Assessment of the Challenges Associated with Individual Battlefield Power:: Addressing the Power Budget Burdens of the Warfighter and Squad 2014
Assessment of the Future Economic Impact of Quantum Information Science 2017
Assessment of the Utility of a Government Strategic Investment Fund for Space 2019
Assured Dependability for Autonomous Systems 2019
Assured Identity for Enterprise Level Security 2017
Balancing the Total Force:: An Ongoing Issue 2020
Bayesian Analysis in R/STAN 2016
A Bayesian Approach to Evaluation of Operational Testing of Land Warfare Systems 2014
A Bayesian Approach to Multiple-Output Quantile Regression 2019
Bayesian Component Reliability Estimation:: an F-35 Case Study 2019
Bayesian Methods for Comparing Army National Guard (ARNG) and General Population (GP) Suicide Rates 2018
Bayesian Reliability:: Combining Information 2016
Beam Propagation Model Selection for Millimeter-Wave Directed Energy Weapons (Presentation) 2018
A Benefit-Cost Analysis of Expanding Federally Funded Counsel Programs for Unaccompanied Immigrant Children in Removal Proceedings in the United States 2019
The Best of All Possible Worlds:: Applying the Model Driven Architecture Approach to a JC3IEDM OWL Ontology Modeled in UML 2014
Best Practices for Federal Research and Development Facility Partnerships 2014
Beyond Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):: The Next Generation Enterprise Resource Planning Environment 2012
A Brief Examination of Chinese Government Expenditures on Artificial Intelligence R&D 2020
Briefing to the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board:: T&E Contributions to Avoiding Unintended Behaviors in Autonomous Systems 2020
Broadband Performance Limits of Ultra-Thin Lenses 2021
Building End-to-End Sustainment Models for Weapon Systems 2021
Casualty Estimation for Nuclear and Radiological Weapons 2016
The Challenge of Terrain in Ad Hoc Networking 2017
Chemistry in Space (Presentation) 2019
China’s Trajectory in Africa 2012
Civilian Personnel Reform at the Department of Defense:: Lessons from the Failure of the National Security Personnel System 2017
Closing Capability Gaps in Army Tactical Power Management 2019
Closing Gaps in Cybersecurity Developmental Test and Evaluation 2017
Cloud Forensics Issues 2014
Commercial Development of Civilian Supersonic Aircraft 2019
Commercial Perspectives on Political Risk in Sub-Saharan Africa 2012
Comparing the Costs of Military Treatment Facilities with Private Sector Care 2016
Comparison of Constant Acceleration and Dynamic Response Index Lethality Criteria 2016
Comparison of Rising Resonator Relative Permittivity Measurements to Ground Penetrating Radar Data 2014
Competition among Near-Substitutable Systems 2012
Competitiveness in the Services Sector:: Understanding the Contracting Data 2012
Complexity in an Unexpected Place:: Quantities in Selected Acquisition Reports 2017
Connecting Military Public Safety with State and Local Public Safety 2019
Considerations for Implementing a Defense Personnel Research Environment 2018
Considerations for the Development of an Inclusive Military Model Phase 2 Inclusion Factor Findings: DOD Command Climate Assessment Summit July 24, 2019 2019
Constitution-Making in Tanzania:: The Undoing of a Country? 2014
Controlling the Spread of Contagious Disease in an Operational Environment 2020
Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) Best-Practices Badge Criteria 2016
Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) Open Source Software Census II Strategy 2017
The CubeSat Ecosystem:: Examining the Launch Niche (Paper and Presentation) 2015
Current and Potential Use of Technology Forecasting Tools in the Federal Government 2016
Cyber Risk Response Framework 2016
Cyberspace’s Human Dimension 2021
Data Mediation with Enterprise Level Security 2017
Data Science for Materials in Extreme Environments 2018
Data to Decisions—Terminate, Tolerate, Transfer, or Treat 2016
DATAWorks 2020:: A Notional Case Study of Uncertainty Analysis in Live Fire Modeling and Simulation 2020
DATAWorks 2020:: Characterizing the Orbital Debris Environment Using Satellite Perturbation Data 2020
DATAWorks 2020:: Taking Down a Turret: Introduction to Cyber Operational Test and Evaluation 2020
DATAWorks 2021:: Empirical Analysis of COVID-19 in the U.S. 2021
DATAWorks 2021:: Operational Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation of Non-IP and Wireless Networks 2021
DATAWorks 2021:: Warhead Arena Analysis Advancements 2021
DATAWorks 2021:: Characterizing Human-Machine Teaming Metrics for Test and Evaluation 2021
A Decade of Afghans Improving Their Lives 2012
Decision Tools for Major Defense Acquisitions:: Economics vs. Decision Science: Discussion (Conference Presentation) 2018
Defending Our Economic Future Against Cyber Threats to Innovation 2016
Defense Governance and Management: Implementing the Philippine Defense Reform Program through the Defense System of Management 2017
Defense Governance and Management:: Improving the Defense Management Capabilities of Foreign Defense Institutions A Guide to Capability-Based Planning (CBP) 2019
Defense Governance and Management: The Colombian Ministry of National Defense’s “Transformation and Future Initiative” 2017
Defense Governance and Management:: Improving the Defense Management Capabilities of Foreign Defense Institutions 2017
Defense Management Course: Office of Defense Cooperation, Jakarta 9-20 November, 2015 2016
Democracy Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1990 to 2014 2014
Department of Defense Access to Intellectual Property for Weapon Systems Sustainment 2017
Department of Defense Utilization of Military Scientists and Engineers 2014
Department of the Army:: Closing the Next Generation 9-1-1 Capability Gap 2019
Determining a Discount Rate for Calculating Lump Sum Payments to Eligible Military Retirees 2019
Determining How Much Testing is Enough:: An Exploration of Progress in the Department of Defense Test and Evaluation Community 2021
Development of a New Contagious Disease Model for NATO Allied Medical Publication 7.5 (AMedP-7.5) 2018
Development of a Strategy for Integrating Army Business Information Systems Using the Global Force Management Data Initiative (GFMDI) Baseline 2013
Development of Assessment Processes for Joint Talent Tracking and Management in the Air Force 2018
Digital Tutors Accelerate Acquisition of Technical Expertise 2017
Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) Management Considerations for Critical Materials in the Lower Sub-Tiers of the Supply Chain 2014
Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) Management Plan (DMP) Preparation Training 2019
Discount Rate Analysis for Blended Retirement System Lump Sum Payments 2017
Discount Rate Analysis for Lump Sum Retirement Options (Conference Presentation) 2018
Discussion:: Do Joint Fighters Save Money? (Presentation) 2016
Distributed versus Centralized Protection Schema for the Enterprise 2014
DoD's Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) Program:: Impact and Highlights from 25 Years of Basic Research 2014
DOT&E Reliability Course 2016
Early Stage Research and Technology at U.S. Federal Government Agencies 2017
The Effect of Extremes in Small Sample Size on Simple Mixed Models:: A Comparison of Level-1 and Level-2 Size 2018
Effective Financial Decision Aids 2017
Effectiveness of Disease Control Measures in Military Operations 2020
Effectiveness of Intelligent Tutoring Systems:: A Meta-Analytic Review 2017
Effectiveness of Intelligent Tutoring Systems 2012
THE ELEMENTS OF GENIUS:: Traits and Techniques for Restoring Rigor to U.S. Grand Strategy 2017
Embedded Materials:: Strategic Materials Associated with U.S. Imports of Parts and End-Items 2015
Emerging Global Trends in Advanced Manufacturing 2012
Empirical Signal-to-Noise Ratios from Operational Test Data 2014
Engagement at a Crossroads:: The US Experience Since 9/11 2012
Enhancing and Managing Regionally Oriented Individuals and Organizations 2014
Enhancing Assessments of Mental Health Programs and Program Planning 2012
Enhancing Ground Equipment Readiness in the Army National Guard 2021
Enhancing the Readiness of Expeditionary, Training, and Medical Workforces Through Workforce Mix Reforms 2018
Ensuring Defense Call Centers Effectively Transition to Next-Generation 911 2019
Enterprise Considerations for Ports and Protocols 2016
Enterprise High Assurance Scale-up 2012
Environmental Tools for Use during Military Exercises 2019
ERP Homomorphic Encryption Performance Evaluation 2019
Essential Medical Capabilities and Medical Readiness 2016
Establishing Public Access to Results of IARPA-Sponsored Research 2019
Estimating Supply, Demand, and Base Case Shortfalls for High Purity Chromium and High Purity Vanadium for U.S. Defense and Essential Civilian Applications in Support of the Strategic and Critical Materials 2019 Report on Stockpile Requirements 2019
Estimating System Reliability from Heterogeneous Data 2015
Ethical Considerations for the Use of Machine Learning in Military Personnel Management: How should analysts behave? Philosophical foundations and action framework 2021
Evaluating Options for Civil Space Situational Awareness (SSA) 2016
Evaluation of a Human Mission to Mars by 2033 2019
Evaluation of China’s Commercial Space Sector 2019
Evaluation of DoD’s Participation in the USA Science and Engineering Festival 2018
Evaluation of the 2007 Army Menu of Incentives Program: Estimates of Returns and Rents 2021
Evaluation of the National Science Foundation’s Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR):: Final Report 2014
An Evaluation of the National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellows Program 2017
Evidence-Based Approaches for Improving Federal Programs and Informing Funding Decisions 2019
The Evolution of DMSMS Management in DOD — There’s Still Room for Improvement 2017
Evolution of the Military's Current Active-Reserve Force Mix 2015
Evolving Business Environment in East Africa:: Regional Views 2012
Examination of Plant Breeding at U.S. Academic Institutions and Private Companies in 2015 2016
Factors Limiting the Speed of Software Acquisition 2019
Feasibility of Partial Homomorphic Encryption to Secure Cloud Data 2020
Feasibility Study for the Consolidation of Military Medical Education and Training Organizations, Functions, and Activities (Revised) 2019
Federal Ethics Rules and Their Impacts on Recruiting and Retaining Federal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Employees 2014
Federal Term Appointment Hiring Authorities for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Personnel 2014
Federation for a Secure Enterprise 2016
Five Foundational Elements of a Zero Trust Enterprise 2021
Five Ways to Improve Performance of Military Hospitals 2019
FOCIS Helps Nations Improve Management of Their Defense Sectors 2018
Food Security in India, China, and the World 2016
Force Management Decision Process 2017
Force Structure Analytical Framework:: A Notional Army for SARA Version 1.3 2016
Forecast Uncertainty in Critical Material Stockpile Needs 2018
Forecasting Competing Risks for Navy Personnel Management 2021
Forecasting Demand for Air National Guard Enlisted Training 2021
Foreign Direct Investment and Its Influence on Governance and Leadership Across Sub-Saharan Africa 2012
Foundations of Psychological Measurement 2017
Framework for Assessing AI Systems’ Cognitive Architectures 2018
A Framework for Cyber Incident Modeling 2012
A Framework for Evidence-Based Licensure of Adaptive Autonomous Systems 2016
A Framework for Evidence-Based Licensure of Adaptive Autonomous Systems:: Technical Areas 2016
A Framework for Security Cooperation Planning 2018
Fuel Price Effects on Readiness 2014
The Full Cost of Military Personnel 2016
Further Evidence on Program Duration and Unit Cost Growth 2018
Further Evidence on the Effect of Acquisition Policy and Process on Cost Growth of Major Defense Acquisition Programs (Revised) 2016
Generic Unclassified Stockpile Sizing Module (SSM) Training and Testing for the National Defense Stockpile (NDS) 2015 2014
Geographic Diversity in Military Recruiting 2018
Geographical Variation in Army National Guard Suicide:: Is the Guard Like the General Population? 2018
Global Combat Support System – Marine Corps:: Root Cause Analysis 2018
Global Trends in Small Satellites 2017
Handbook on Statistical Design & Analysis Techniques for Modeling & Simulation Validation 2019
Health Watch 2021
Historical Musings on Cost/Benefit Analysis of Military Training 2012
History of the Critical Position Pay Authority and Options to Support Its Use 2014
A History of the Defense Environmental International Cooperation Program 2019
How Big is Too Big?: Using SAL (Smallsat Affordability in LEO) to Evaluate the Small Satellite Tradespace 2019
How Fast Can the Ground Really Move? 2020
IDA: INSIGHTS on Africa 2020
IDA Contributions to the Soldier and Small Unit Operational Energy Program 2018
IDA Forum on Orbital Debris Risks and Challenges 2020
IDA’s Recommendation on an Alternative Methodology and Approach for Joint Staff/J26’s ‘Enterprise Resolve’ 2012
Ideas and Ideologies Shaping the Next Generation of African Leaders 2012
Identifying Correlates of Navy Line Officer Retention and Promotion among various Demographic Groups: Machine Learning for Hypothesis Generation 2021
Impact of Conditions which Affect Exploratory Factor Analysis 2019
The Impact of Emerging Infectious Diseases on Military Operations 2016
The Impact of the Arab Spring on Africa:: Gulf Cooperation Council Engagement with Africa 2012
The Impact of the Arab Spring on Africa:: Regional Effects of the Libyan Revolution 2012
Implementation and Testing of Two Methods for Incorporating Concentration Fluctuations into the Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability 2019
Implementing Design and Analysis of Experiments in the U.S. Department of Defense Testing Community 2012
Implications and Considerations of 5th Generation Mobile Networks (5G) for the US Department of Defense 2019
Implications of DOD Funds Execution Policy for Acquisition Program Management 2014
Importance of Data Analytics in Public and Private Sectors…Including Basketball 2019
The Importance of M&S in Operational Testing and the Need for Rigorous Validation 2016
Improving Helicopter Readiness in the Army National Guard 2021
Improving Reliability Estimates with Bayesian Hierarchical Models 2015
Improving Strategic Decision and Senior-level Teamwork in U.S. National Security Organizations 2017
Incorporating Offensive Cyber Operations into Conventional Deterrence Strategies 2017
Increasing Competitiveness of Investigators and Concentration Modeling:: Quantitative Approaches 2014
Independent Assessment of the Two-Site Pit Production Decision:: Executive Summary 2019
Independent Review of the Defense Logistics Agency’s Roles and Missions 2014
Inflation Adjustments for Defense Acquisition 2014
Influences on the Timing and Frequency of Cancellations and Truncations of Major Defense Acquisition Programs 2017
Initial Analysis of Underhanded Source Code 2020
Initiative Persistence as the Central Approach for U.S. Cyber Strategy 2021
Innovation Pipeline Management:: Lessons Learned from the Federal Government and the Private Sector 2012
INSIGHTS on Africa 2020
Institutional Reform of Foreign Defense and Security Partners 2018
An Integrated Approach for Physical and Cyber Security Risk Assessment:: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Common Risk Model for Dams 2016
The Integration of the AMedP-8(C) Casualty Estimation Model with Medical Logistical Requirements Models 2012
Interagency National Security Knowledge and Skills in the Department of Defense 2014
An International Perspective on Planetary Protection Policies (Presentation) 2020
Introduction to ciTools 2017
Introduction to Survey Design 2016
Is the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Program Effective? 2020
JROTC: Perspectives from the Literature:: Research Roundtable on Recruiting (Conference Presentation) 2018
Lessons from the History of Space Nuclear Development Projects (Presentation) 2020
Lessons in Adaptability and Preparing for Black Swan Risks from the Military and Hedge Funds 2014
Leveraging Machine Learning in Defense Personnel Analyses 2020
Lithium Ion Battery Industrial Base in the U.S. and Abroad 2019
Looking Ahead to Ghana’s 2012 General Elections 2012
Machine Learning Finds Patterns That Inform Decisions 2021
Making an Office Nerf Turret:: A Vulnerable, Cyber-Kinetic Demonstration 2020
A Management Reform Agenda for the Next Secretary of Defense 2020
Managing T&E Data to Encourage Reuse 2019
Managing the Total Force:: Using Civilianization to Militarize the Military 2018
Market Analysis of a Privately Owned and Operated Space Station 2017
The Material Supply Adjustment Process in RAMF-SM, Step 2 2016
Mauritania:: On the Road to Democracy or Just More Violence? 2012
Measuring and Optimizing Medical Force Readiness (Conference Presentation) 2019
Measuring the Impact of Military Personnel Investment on Training Readiness 2021
Measuring the Space Economy:: Estimating the Value of Economic Activities in and for Space 2020
Medical Readiness within Inpatient Platforms 2017
Medical Total Force Management 2014
Megatrend Issues in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems 2018
A Method for Improving Strategic Decisions and Senior-level Teamwork in U.S. National Security Organizations Part 2 2017
Methods for Evaluation of the National Science Foundation's Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR):: Qualitative Analyses/Enhanced Research Base 2014
Methods in Macroeconomic Forecasting Uncertainty Analysis:: An Assessment of the 2015 National Defense Stockpile Requirements Report 2016
Metrics for Assessing Underwater Demonstrations for Detection and Classification of Unexploded Ordnance 2021
Military and Civilian Collaborations in Deploying Next-Generation 9-1-1 2019
Military Health System (MHS) Reform:: The Options Under Consideration (Presentation) 2016
Military Healthcare Pilot Programs to Inform U.S. Healthcare Reform 2019
Military Workforce Mix 2018
Mining Measured Information from Text 2015
The Missing Compliance Framework in the 2015 U.S.-China Cybersecurity Agreement 2015
Mobile Ad Hoc for Enterprise Level Security 2018
Modeling Terrain Impact on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) Connectivity 2014
More Agile Acquisition Risk Management for Urgent and Emerging Military Needs 2019
A Multi-Method Approach to Evaluating Human-System Interactions during Operational Testing 2017
National Guard Suicide Prevention Innovation Framework 2019
NATO Allied Medical Publication 7.5 Study Draft 2 (AMedP-7.5 SD.2), “NATO Planning Guide for the Estimation of CBRN Casualties” 2014
NATO Allied Medical Publication 7.5 Study Draft 2 (AMedP-7.5 SD.2), “NATO Planning Guide for the Estimation of CBRN Casualties” 2014
NATO CBRN Medical Working Group Table Top Exercise on International Health Regulations:: Documentation and Output 2014
The Need for Higher Education in Cyber Supply Chain Security and Hardware Assurance 2018
Network Size and Connectivity in Mobile and Stationary Ad Hoc Networks 2014
A New Approach to Building a 21st Century Defense Acquisition Workforce 2019
A New Military Retention Prediction Model:: Machine Learning for High-Fidelity Forecasting 2019
New Models for a New Disease:: Simulating the 2019 Novel Coronavirus 2020
The New OMB Circular A-131:: Revitalizing Value Engineering and Expanding Opportunities for Its Use 2014
A New Way to Justify Test and Evaluation Infrastructure Investments 2018
Next Step Space Weather Benchmarks 2019
NIGER:: Will There Be a Third Tuareg Rebellion? 2012
No-First Use of Nuclear Weapons:: A Policy Assessment 2021
Non-combat Medical Care for Deployed Military Personnel 2019
Non-Materiel Implications of the US Army’s Approach to Tactical Electric Power Management 2017
NSD-5216: A Consistent Approach for Security Risk Assessments of Dams and Related Critical Infrastructure 2014
On The Limits of Test in Assuring the Integrity of Products 2014
On-Orbit Manufacturing and Assembly of Spacecraft 2017
Open Source Software (OSS or FLOSS) and the U.S. Department of Defence (DoD) 2012
Open-World Learning for Radically Autonomous Agents 2019
Operational Testing of Systems with Autonomy 2019
Options for Enabling Innovation with a Photonics Foundry Ecosystem 2014
Orbital Debris and Kinetic Anti-satellite Concerns:: How a “Kessler Syndrome” Threatens U.S. Use of Space Assets 2021
An Outcome Evaluation of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director’s Pioneer Award (NDPA) Program, FY 2004–2006 2012
Overview of the Status of Quantum Science and Technology and Recommendations for the DoD 2019
Parameters for Estimation of Casualties from First and Third Degree Flash Burns 2017
A Partial Survey on AI Technologies Applicable to Automated Source Code Generation 2019
Partnership Development in the Federal Government 2019
Path Analysis of Human Effects of Flashbang Grenades 2018
Path to Improving Data Science for Materials in Extreme Environments 2019
Persistent Engagement and Tacit Bargaining:: A Strategic Framework for Norms Development in Cyberspace’s Agreed Competition 2018
Pilot Training Next:: Modeling Skill Transfer in a Military Learning Environment 2019
Policy Challenges for Civil Situational Awareness and Traffic Management in Space 2017
Political Violence in Gabon 2012
Population Health during Combat Operations 2017
Portfolio Selection Challenges in Defense Applications 2017
Post-Milestone B Funding Climate and Cost Growth in Major Defense Acquisition Programs 2017
Potential Roles of Federal Agencies in Creating a Sustainable Presence on the Moon 2020
Potential Savings from Substituting Civilians for Military Personnel (Presentation) 2014
Power and Influence:: Using Interest-Based Targeting 2021
Predicting the Significance of Injuries Potentially Caused by Non-Lethal Weapons:: Tympanic Membrane Rupture (TMR), Permanent Threshold Shift (PTS), and Photothermal Retinal Lesions 2016
Producing Individual Deployability in the Army National Guard 2021
Program Duration, Funding Climate, and Acquisition Policy (Conference Presentation) 2020
Program Management Tips for Keeping Obsolescence at Bay 2014
Proof of Concept Assessment for the Use of Natural Language Processing to Maintain and Update the DoD Technologies Knowledge Base (DTKB) 2015
Providing Civil Space Situational Awareness 2017
Public Safety and Emergency Management Communications Information Models Gap Analysis 2017
The Purpose of Mixed-Effects Models in Test and Evaluation 2019
Quantifying the Impact of Maintenance Manpower on H-60 Helicopter Readiness in the Army National Guard: WEAI Defense Session Personnel Factors and Readiness 2020
Quantifying the Impact of Maintenance Manpower on H-60 Helicopter Readiness in the Army National Guard: WG 19 Readiness 89th MORS Symposium 2021
RAMF-SM Assesses Risk to Rare Earth Magnet Supply Chain 2021
Realism, Risk, and Resilience:: Assessing the U.S. Plutonium Strategy 2019
Recommendations for Improving Agility in Risk Management for Urgent and Emerging Capability Acquisitions — Quick Look Report 2017
Regularization for Continuously Observed Ordinal Response Variables with Piecewise-Constant Functional Predictors 2016
Relating Strategic and Tactical Intelligence Image Quality Metrics 2018
Reliability Growth Planning Based on Essential Function Failures 2014
Reliability Survey of Military Acquisition Systems 2014
Report on Contractual Flow-Down Provisions in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 2017
Research and Development Advances Impacting Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Management 2016
Research and Development Strategies for the Current and Future Medical Treatment of Radiation Casualties 2014
Research Strategies for Detection and Measurement of Oil and Gas Sector Methane Emissions 2017
Review and Assessment of Personnel Competencies and Job Description Models and Methods 2016
A Review of Approaches to Sharing or Relinquishing Agency-Assigned Spectrum 2014
Review of CBRN Medical and Operational Terminologies in NATO CBRN Publications 2016
Review of Federal Agency Policies on Scientific Integrity 2016
Review of Federal and Non-Governmental Methane Measurement and Monitoring 2016
A Review of the BUILDER Application for Assessing Federal Laboratory Facilities 2017
Review of the Fiscal Year 2016 Defense Environmental International Cooperation Program 2017
Review of the Fiscal Year 2017 Defense Environmental International Cooperation Program 2018
RFI Response:: National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan 2018
Roadmap to Evaluate the Risk of Spinal Compression Fracture (SCF) Due to Electromuscular Incapacitation (EMI) 2016
The Role of a Chief Innovation Officer in the Federal Government 2019
The Role of Inflation and Price Escalation Adjustments in Properly Estimating Program Costs:: F-35 Case Study 2016
Root Causes of Cost Growth in Major Defense Acquisition Programs 2020
Roundtable Proceedings:: Ways Forward for On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM) of Spacecraft 2018
Roundtable Proceedings — Strengthening the Civil Society Africa Needs:: Challenges and Opportunities in West Africa 2012
Roundtable Reveals Way Ahead for On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing 2019
Rules to Navigate the Digital Highway:: Information and Records Management for Data-Storage-as-a-Service and Migration to the Cloud 2018
A Sample Security Assurance Case Pattern 2018
Scenarios ― International Best Practice:: An Analysis of Their Use by the United States, United Kingdom, and Republic of Korea 2016
Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation (SMART) Outcome Evaluation Report 2018
Scoring Underwater Demonstrations for Detection and Classification of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) 2020
Secure, Accessible, Flexible Data Environments for DoD 2019
Secure, Modern, Mission-Capable Credentialing 2019
Securely Using Software Assurance (SwA) Tools in the Software Development Environment 2018
Security In AFRICA 2012
Semiconductor Industrial Base Focus Study — Final Report 2016
Shaping the International Environment Using Cyber Operations, Actions, and Activities 2017
Sharing Burden and Risk in another Theater:: An Operational Assessment of Reserve Component Forces in Afghanistan 2018
Significance of Open Wounds Potentially Caused by Non-Lethal Weapons 2019
Significance of Rib Fractures from Blunt-Impact Non-Lethal Weapons 2018
Significance of Rib Fractures Potentially Caused by Blunt-Impact Non-Lethal Weapons 2017
Significance of Skull Fractures and Traumatic Brain Injuries Potentially Caused by Blunt-Impact Non-Lethal Weapons 2018
Significance of Tympanic Membrane Rupture Potentially Caused by Flashbang Grenades 2016
SMART Program Bolsters Quality of STEM Talent in Defense Civilian Workforce 2019
The Software Assurance State-of-the-Art Resource (SOAR) 2017
Software Development May Drive Future Acquisition Cycle Times 2016
Software Productivity Trends and Issues (Conference Paper) 2017
Staffing for Cyberspace Operations 2016
Staffing for Unmanned Aircraft Systems 2016
A State Cyber Hub Operations Framework 2018
State-of-the-Art Resources (SOAR) for Software Vulnerability Detection, Test, and Evaluation 2016 2016
Statistical Approach to the Operational Testing of Space Fence 2015
Statistical Methods for Combining Information:: Stryker Family of Vehicles Reliability Case Study 2014
Statistical Methods Inform Suicide Prevention Planning 2020
Statistical Techniques for Modeling and Simulation Validation 2017
The Status of Test, Evaluation, Verification, and Validation (TEV&V) of Autonomous Systems 2018
STPI Holds Panel on Space Traffic Management 2018
STPI Report Assesses NASA Human Mission to Mars 2019
STPI Report Assesses NASA Human Mission to Mars 2019
Strategic and Operational Issues in Cyberspace 2021
Strengthening the Contributions of the Defense Suicide Prevention Office to DOD's Suicide Prevention Efforts 2016
Sudan on a Precipice 2012
Sudan’s Democratic Transformation Cannot Succeed Unless Its Security Forces Reform:: Obstacles and Options 2020
Summary Report of the National Summit on the Science and Technology of Epidemiological Modeling and Prediction 2020
Supply Chain Risk in Leading-Edge Integrated Circuits 2021
Taking the Next Step:: Improving the Science of Test in DoD T&E 2014
T&E of Cognitive EW:: An Assurance Case Framework (Conference Presentation) 2020
Technology Trends in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) and Counter-UAS:: A Five-Year Outlook 2017
Ten Years Later:: Can Piecemeal Reform of the Civilian Employment System Succeed Where the National Security Personnel System Failed? 2019
A Tentative Framework for Examining U.S. and Chinese Expenditures for Research and Development on Artificial Intelligence 2019
Terminate, Tolerate, Transfer, or Treat 2016
Test Design Challenges in Defense Testing 2021
Test Science Website Videos - Test Planning and Design 2021
There is Cost Growth and then there is Cost Growth; Do They Have the Same Causes?: (Conference Presentation) 2020
Thinking About Data for Operational Test and Evaluation 2017
The Threat Detection System That Cried Wolf:: Reconciling Operators with Developers 2015
Threats to U.S. Competitiveness in Space:: Oral and Written Statements for the 21 February 2018 Meeting of the U.S. National Space Council 2018
Togo’s 2012 Legislative Elections and Political Violence:: Reaping the Failure of the 2006 Comprehensive Political Accord 2012
Tools for Building End-to-End Readiness Models with OPUS/SIMLOX 2020
Topic Similarity Networks:: Visual Analytics for Large Document Sets 2014
Total Force Mix the ongoing challenge (Conference Presentation) 2018
Tour of Duty Hiring in the Federal Government 2019
Toward a Credible Strategy for Cyberspace 2017
Track 1.5/2 Security Dialogues with China:: Nuclear Lessons Learned 2014
TRANSCOM-DLA: Roles and Responsibilities 2017
Tutorial on Sensitivity Testing in Live Fire Test and Evaluation 2016
Understanding and Managing Military Personnel Quality 2019
Understanding New Regional Security Challenges:: Shaping Military Capabilities in East Africa and the Horn 2012
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