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Institute for National Security Studies

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The Institute for National Security Studies launches and engages in innovative, relevant, high-quality research that shapes the public discourse of issues on Israel's national security agenda, and provides policy analysis and recommendations to decision makers, public leaders, and the strategic community, both in Israel and abroad. As part of its mission, it is committed to encourage new ways of thinking and expand the traditional contours of establishment analysis. INSS researchers are guided by the four core values of professionalism, relevance, intellectual independence, and teamwork. They are engaged in exploring the most pressing issues of Israel's national security, and contribute through creative and innovative thinking to national security policymaking.
Research Reports in JSTOR from Institute for National Security Studies
1273 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
The 100-Day Program and the "MorsiMeter":: Egyptian Discourse on the Social Networks, October 2012 2012
2010:: The Nuclear Spider Comes of Age 2010
2012 Elections Watch:: The Battle for Congress Heats Up 2012
The 2012 WMDFZ Conference:: Assessments from Track II Discussions 2011
The 2013 Municipal Elections in the Israeli Arab Communities 2013
2015 NPT RevCon:: WMDFZ Conference Off the Table, for Now 2015
The 2016 Race for the White House:: The Current Picture 2015
2017 – A Year of Difficult Tests for Europe 2017
25th Anniversary of the Barcelona Process:: Has the Mediterranean Vision Come True? 2020
The Abbas-Mashal Meeting in Cairo 2011
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi: a chronicle of foretold failure?: Egyptians’ Discourse on the Social Networks 2014
Abu Mazen’s Opposition to Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State:: Strategic Implications 2015
Active Israeli Policy in the Mediterranean Basin 2015
“Adir” in the Sky:: The F-35 Arrives in Israel 2016
Afghanistan:: Situation Assessment, March 2011 2011
After a Decade of War in Syria, Israel Should Change its Policy 2021
After Lausanne:: Improving the United States Position in the Negotiations with Iran 2015
After Round One with Rouhani:: Staying Focused on the Dynamics of Nuclear Bargaining 2013
After the Damascus Attack:: Ten Points to Consider 2013
After the Turkish Parliamentary Elections:: Big Hopes, with Remaining Worries 2015
The Agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on Electricity:: Guiding Rationales for a Working Model 2016
The Agreement on De-escalation Zones in Syria:: Risks to Israel, with Opportunities for Influence 2017
The Agreement on Syria’s Chemical Weapons:: Should Israel Reassess its Arms Control and Disarmament Policies? 2013
All in the Family:: Leadership Changes in the Gulf 2020
All in the Family:: The Changing of the Guard in Qatar 2013
Alone in Sa'dabad Palace:: One Year since Rouhani’s Reelection 2018
Al-Qaeda:: Vanquished or Strengthened? 2013
Al-Qaeda and (In)Stability in Yemen 2013
Al-Qaeda and the Internationalization of Suicide Terrorism 2005
Al-Qaeda’s Odyssey to the Global Jihad 2014
Ambassador Dermer and United States-Israel Relations 2014
The American Conundrums in the Middle East, as Reflected in the Clinton-Trump Debate 2016
The American Jewish Community and its Relationship to Israel, Then and Now 2015
An American Military Option against Iran:: A Vanishing Idea 2015
The American-Russian-Turkish Triangle and the Civil War in Syria 2013
Ankara Raises the Stakes:: The Operation in Afrin and the Risk of a Clash with US Forces 2018
The Annexation of Crimea:: International Ramifications 2014
The Anniversary of the Nuclear Agreement and Iran’s Internal Political Conflict 2017
Another Arab Bid to Establish a Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone in the Middle East 2019
Another Casualty of the Third Gaza War:: US-Israel Relations 2014
Another Layer of Defense:: The Arrow-3 Test 2013
Another Round in the Saudi-Iranian Confrontation:: What Does It Mean, and What Lies Ahead? 2016
Another Step Forward in the Saudi Nuclear Program 2020
Anti-Terror Alliances:: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the United States vs. al-Qaeda and its Affiliates 2012
Anything but 1701, Anything but 1860 2014
The Application of Israeli Law to the West Bank:: De Facto Annexation? 2014
The Arab Peace Initiative:: Reversing the Direction 2014
The Arab Peace Initiative:: Worth Reexamination 2012
The Arab Peace Initiative and the Dynamic Regional Situation 2015
The Arab Public and the Forthcoming Knesset Elections:: Between Public Pragmatism and Nationalist Dogmatism 2021
Arab Public Opinion Aired on the Social Networks, March 2012 2012
Arab Royal Houses Seek Affordable Medicines 2011
The Arab Society in Israel and the Nation State Law 2018
Arab Spring 2.0?: Making Sense of the Protests Sweeping the Region 2019
The “Arab Spring” and Refugees in the Middle East 2013
The Arab Spring and Russian Policy in the Middle East 2011
The Arab World and the Syrian Crisis 2013
Are the P5+1 Waging a Campaign against the Military Option? 2013
Are the United States and Iran on a Collision Course? 2011
Are the US and Russia Reaching Understandings about Syria? 2013
Are They Legal or Not?: Pompeo's Announcement on the Israeli Settlements 2019
Are We Really on the Brink of Escalation on the Northern Front?: Insights from a War Game 2020
Arms Control and National Security:: New Horizons 2014
Arms Control and Strategic Stability in the Middle East and Europe 2016
Arms Control Dilemmas:: Focus on the Middle East 2012
An Arrangement in the Gaza Strip:: The International Dimension 2021
Artificial Intelligence and National Security in Israel 2021
Assistance from the Intelligence Community in the Fight against the Corona Pandemic 2020
At a Boiling Point?: Growing Tensions over Ankara’s Determination to Acquire the S-400 2019
At a Crossroads:: Israeli Policy on UNIFIL 2017
The Attack in the Golan Heights:: Is an Israel-“Axis” Conflict Expected? 2015
The Attack on Syria in Response to the Use of Chemical Weapons:: The Legal Dimension 2018
The Attack on the Chemical Weapons Targets in Syria:: Doing the Minimum 2018
The Attack on the Nuclear Reactor in Syria:: The Intelligence Dimension 2018
The Attack on the Saudi Oil Facilities:: A New Level of Iranian Audacity 2019
The Attacks in Sri Lanka and Trends in Salafi Jihadist Activity 2019
Autumn 2014:: A View from Amman 2014
Autumn Chills:: Israel-China Relations and the Normalization Agreements with the Gulf States 2020
The Axis of Evil in Action:: Iranian Support for Syria 2012
Azerbaijan and Iran:: Mutual Hostility but Limited Rivalry 2012
Back to the Idea of Administered Territories 2014
Back to their Old Ways?: Iran, Hizbollah, and International Terrorism 2012
Baghdadi’s Gamble 2014
The Ban on TikTok:: The US Struggle against China Spreads to Apps 2020
"Bash the Expert":: Expertise Amid the Covid-19 Crisis Conference Summary 2020
Bashar Assad is Flexing Muscles 2012
The Battle for Aleppo:: Implications of the Ongoing War in Syria 2016
The Battle for Anbar, the War for Iraq 2014
The Battle for Bahrain Continues 2012
The Battle for Daraa:: Shifting the Balance in Syria? 2015
The Battle of Jenin:: A Case Study in Israel’s Communications Strategy 2003
The Begin Doctrine:: The Lessons of Osirak and Deir ez-Zor 2018
Behind the International Terrorism Campaign of Hizbollah and Iran 2012
Behind the ISIS Smokescreen 2014
The Benefit of Exposing the Iranian Nuclear Archive 2018
Between a Cyber Clash with Iran and a Window of Opportunity to Attack its Nuclear Program:: Discussion of a Strategic Scenario 2020
Between a Rock and a Hard Place:: The Iraqi Prime Minister Maneuvers between Washington and Tehran 2020
Between Crises:: If and When Russia Fights ISIS 2014
Between NATO and Russia:: The Pieces of Turkey's Puzzle 2012
Between Operation Decisive Storm and an Iranian Nuclear Deal:: The Limits of Saudi-Israeli Convergence 2015
Between Paralysis and Fatigue:: The “Geneva 2” Negotiations on the Syrian Civil War 2014
Between Resignation and Apology:: Israel-Turkey Relations and the Silent Revolution 2011
Between the “Zone of Immunity” and the “Zone of Trust”:: US-Israel Relations in Light of Iran’s Continuing Nuclearization 2012
Beyond Energy:: The Significance of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum 2019
Beyond the Threats:: Nasrallah’s Recent Statements 2016
Beyond the Veil:: Israel-Pakistan Relations 2000
The Biden Administration on a WMD-Free Zone in the Middle East:: Implications for Israel 2021
The Biden Administration’s Expected China Policy:: A Change in Style or Substance? 2020
Biden and Intelligence:: The Limitations of Going Back to Basics 2021
The Blocking of the Suez Canal:: Lessons and Challenges 2021
The (Bloody) Return Home:: “Syrian Alumni” and the Stability of the Arabian Peninsula 2014
The Bombing of the Iranian Embassy in Beirut:: Hitting Two Birds with One Stone 2013
A Boost in Israeli-Moroccan Normalization? 2021
Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions:: Preempting the Threat 2014
A Bridge over the Mediterranean:: The French-Egyptian Arms Deal 2015
Cairo Viewed from Gaza:: Too Soon to Celebrate 2011
The Calm before the Storm?: Coping with Corona in the Middle East 2020
The Campaign against Iran in Syria:: Are Israel’s Statements Helpful? 2019
The Campaign between Wars:: Faster, Higher, Fiercer? 2019
The Campaign over Idlib:: The Dilemmas Facing the Salafi-Jihadist Organizations in Syria 2020
Can a Red Line be Drawn on Iran? 2012
Can a Red Zone Country Give a Green Light to Tourism in Sinai? 2020
Can an Interim Agreement with Iran be Reached by July? 2012
The Case of the Missing Missive:: Principle and Pragmatism in Egyptian-Israeli Relations 2012
Cautious Pessimism:: The Ceasefire in Syria – Prospects for Success 2016
The Ceasefire in Idlib:: Turkey’s Tactical Successes alongside Political Weakness 2020
The Ceasefire in Syria:: Behind the Scenes and Current Implications 2016
A Century since the Sykes-Picot Agreement:: Current Challenges 2016
The Challenge of the Oil Market to the Gulf States 2017
Challenge to the Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty 2018
Challenges and an Internal Balance of Deterrence:: Jordanian Discourse on the Social Networks, December 2012 2012
Challenges Facing the New Government in Lebanon, and Implications for Israel 2019
Challenges Facing the New Government in Lebanon, and Implications for Israel 2019
A Change in the Balance of Power in Syria:: The “Bad” against the “Bad” 2013
Changes in the Balance of Power in Egypt:: Egyptian Discourse on the Social Networks, August 2012 2012
Changes in United Arab Emirates Foreign Policy:: Significance for Israel and the Region 2021
The Changing of the Guard:: Israel at the Outset of the Biden Era 2020
The Changing of the Guard at the International Criminal Court:: Prospects for Israel 2021
The Changing of the Guard in the IDF 2011
The Changing of the Tide in the Syrian Civil War 2013
The Changing United States:: Implications for Israel 2019
Chemical Assad?: On the Chemical Warfare Attack in Syria 2013
The Chemical Attack in Syria:: Different from Other Aggression against Civilians in the Civil War 2013
The Chemical Weapons Crisis in Syria:: En Route to a Political Solution? 2013
Chemical Weapons in Syria:: Has a Red Line Been Crossed? 2013
Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi on War and National Resilience 2020
Children of Tunnels, Children of Knives 2016
China and the United States in the Biden Era:: Two Sides of the Same Coin? 2020
China at the Dawn of a New Era?: The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party 2017
“China is National Security Threat No. 1" to the United States – and to Israel? 2020
China, the United States, and the Gaza Crisis:: Israel for Xinjiang? 2021
China’s Deputy Prime Minister Visits Egypt, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority 2016
China’s Donation Diplomacy 2020
China's Five-Year Plan:: Striving for Reforms and Openness while Strengthening Party Control 2021
China's New Cybersecurity Law 2017
China's Perspective on the Crisis with the United States 2020
The Chinese Chief of Staff Visits Israel:: Renewing Military Relations? 2011
The Chinese Development Model:: A Cure for Egyptian Woes? 2019
Chinese Financial Prowess in the Service of Political Ambitions 2015
The Chinese Initiative on Syria:: Beyond the Immediate Crisis 2012
Chinese Investments in Israel:: Opportunity or National Threat? 2014
Chronic Lapses in the Preparedness of Local Governments for Emergencies 2011
Civilian Resilience in Israel and the COVID-19 Pandemic:: Analysis of a CBS Survey 2020
Clash of the Titans?: Turkish-Russian Relations on a Slippery Slope 2015
Clear and Present Danger:: The US Intelligence Community and Foreign Intervention in the Elections 2020
Climate Change and Israel's National Security 2020
Closer Iran-Turkey Ties:: Regional Implications and Significance for Israel 2017
Closing the Home Front Defense Ministry 2014
The Cognitive Campaign in Operation Guardian of the Walls:: The Battle over the Narrative 2021
The Collapse of Iraq:: Strategic Implications 2014
Collateral Damage:: How US Sanctions against Iran Harm Iraq 2018
Combat Military Service:: The Crisis in Motivation 2017
The Complexity behind Hezbollah's Response to Israel's Attacks 2019
The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT):: Enhancing its Confidence-Building Role 2016
Concerns for Jordan's Stability 2019
Confidence Building at Sea:: Advancing Maritime Security in the Mediterranean in a Regional Framework 2016
The Conflict in Yemen:: A Case Study of Iran’s Limited Power 2015
The Conflict with the United States on Sanctions and the Internal Political Tension in Iran 2016
The Confrontation between Turkey and Russia:: Lessons for Israel 2015
Confronting Enemy Force Buildup:: The Case of Advanced Weaponry for Hizbollah 2013
Confronting Spontaneous Terrorist Attacks 2015
The Conservative Predicament in Iran 2017
Considering a New Strategic Course 2014
Contemplating a Substantive Change in the Palestinian Position on a Political Agreement:: Possible Israeli Responses 2013
Continuity and Change in US-Saudi Relations 2013
A Conventional Arms Race 2018
The Corona Crisis and Israel’s National Security 2020
The Corona Epidemic:: Systemic Challenges for Israel 2020
Coronavirus:: On Crisis, Emergency, and the Power of Words 2020
The Coronavirus and Israel 2020
THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: Recommendations for Israel Team of Experts Led by Lt. Gren. (ret.) Gadi Eisenkot 2020
The Coronavirus Crisis:: A Failing Grade (So Far) for the International System 2020
The Coronavirus Crisis and the Opportunity for Social Transformation 2020
The Coronavirus Pandemic and East Jerusalem 2020
Could Gulf Reconciliation Herald a Broader Regional Realignment? 2021
Could Iran Elect a Female President? 2017
Could Natural Gas in the Mediterranean Spark the Third Lebanese War? 2018
Countering Qatar’s Negative Regional Impact 2014
Covid-19 Challenges for the Israeli Police 2020
The Covid-19 Pandemic and Democratic Resilience in Israel 2020
Cracks in the Palestinian Resistance Camp? 2019
The Crisis in Israeli-Egyptian Relations 2011
The Crisis in the Gulf:: A Case Study of the Effectiveness of Sanctions as a Tool for Conducting Policy 2017
The Crisis over the Downed Russian Plane:: What Next? 2018
Criticism of the UN Security Council Veto Mechanism:: Ramifications for Israel 2015
“The Culminating Point of Success”:: Risk Overload in the Campaign between Wars in Syria 2019
The Currency of the Islamic State:: The Political and Symbolic Significance of an Economic Move 2014
The Current Wave of Violence and the Arabs in Israel 2015
Curtailing the Violence in Israel’s Arab Society:: Comparison of the Plans Drafted by the Arab Leadership and the Israeli Government 2021
Cutting Qatar Down to Size 2013
The Cyber Attack on the Ukrainian Electrical Infrastructure:: Another Warning 2016
Cyber Warfare:: Concepts and Strategic Trends 2012
Cyberspace Extortion:: North Korea versus the United States 2014
Cyberspace in the Service of ISIS 2014
D Minus Seven Years, and Counting 2016
The Day after the US Withdrawal from Iraq 2011
The Dead End of Snapback Sanctions:: How the P5+1 Proposal Blocks Meaningful Re-imposition of Sanctions on Iran 2015
A Deal with the Devil?: Terms, Implications, and Risks of the US-Taliban Accord 2020
Dealing with Hamas’ Military Force Reconstruction 2014
Dealing with Terrorism without Falling into its Trap 2016
The Death of Bin Laden and the Future of al-Qaeda 2011
The Debate on a Military Option against Iran Revisited:: When and By Whom? 2013
Decade of Diplomacy:: Negotiations with Iran and North Korea and the Future of Nuclear Nonproliferation 2012
A Decade of War in Syria:: Between Climate Change and Political Stability 2021
The Decision by Arab Leaders in Israel Not to Attend the Peres Funeral:: An Act of Defiance or a New Trend? 2016
The Decision on the Gaza Flotilla by the ICC Prosecutor:: A Warning for the Future 2014
The Decision to Call Off the 2012 WMDFZ Conference:: An Outcome Destined from the Start? 2012
The Decisions by Ireland and Chile to Ban Products from the Settlements 2019
The Defense Budget for 2017-2018 2016
The Defense Budget for 2021 2021
The Defense Minister’s Plan:: One Hand Gives, the Other Topples 2016
Delaying the Release of Fifth-Generation Fighter Planes to the Arab States 2018
The Delegitimization Phenomenon:: Challenges and Responses 2017
Delivery of the S-300 Aerial Defense Systems to Iran:: Signaling a Change in Russia’s Middle East Policy 2015
The Demand for Iranian Recognition of Israel 2015
Demonstrations in Jordan:: A Bona Fide Threat to the Regime? 2018
The Demonstrations in Lebanon:: Hezbollah Struggles to Preserve its Status 2019
Destroying the Tunnel:: Preserving Deterrence while Preventing Escalation 2017
Deterrence against Non-State Actors:: Thoughts following Operation Protective Edge 2015
Deterrence, Miscalculation, and the Next Round 2016
Developments in Iranian Cyber Warfare, 2013-2014 2014
Developments in the Global Oil Market:: Strategic Significance 2015
“The Devil We Know” Revisited:: Israeli Thinking on the Future of the Assad Regime 2013
Dimensions of Quality: A New Approach to Net Assessment of Airpower 2003
Diplomacy or Driving a Hard Bargain?: Lessons from the Negotiation that Led to the Iran Nuclear Deal 2017
Direct Talks between Iran and the US on the Iranian Nuclear Program:: Not Necessarily Negative 2012
Disagreement over Defense Aid:: Bridging the Gaps 2016
The Disarmament Agreement on Syria’s Chemical Weapons, Act I:: A Win-Win Situation? 2013
The Disaster on Mount Meron:: A Profound Structural Change is Needed in the Israeli System 2021
A Discussion at INSS on Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation Efforts 2020
The Disengagement, Twelve Years On:: Implications, Lessons, and an Eye toward the Future 2017
Disengaging from the West Bank Short of a Permanent Agreement:: Tenable Security-Wise? 2015
The Dispute Between the United States and Iran — Scenarios and Implications 2019
Disregarding Reality, Yet Again:: The Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry Report 2015
The Disturbances of November 2014 from the Perspective of the Arabs in Israel 2014
Does Hezbollah Want a War with Israel Now? 2019
Does Iran Have an "Inalienable Right" to Enrich Uranium? 2012
Does Qatar’s Return to the Arab World Run through Egypt? 2021
Does Zawahiri Control al-Qaeda in Syria and Beyond? 2018
Domestic Challenges Spur Russian Pragmatism toward the West 2019
Donald Trump’s Election as President:: Israel’s Additional Focus 2016
The “Double Game” in the Palestinian Arena:: A Platform for Increased Terrorism 2015
The Dragon’s Tail at the Horn of Africa:: A Chinese Military Logistics Facility in Djibouti 2016
Dueling Speeches and Israeli-American Relations:: The Storm before the Calm before the Storm? 2011
A Dysfunctional Family:: Disagreements and Clashes in the Sunni World 2020
Early March 2013 Update:: The Iranian Situation 2013
East Jerusalem and the Palestinian Legislative Council Elections 2020
East-West-North-South:: The Race for Syria after the Islamic State 2017
The Economic Challenge in the Palestinian Authority following COVID-19 2020
The Economic Costs of Operation Guardian of the Walls 2021
The Economic Crisis and the Protest Movement in Iran:: One Year after the Renewal of Sanctions 2019
The Economic Crisis in Russia and Its Political Contexts 2014
The Economic Crisis in the Gulf States:: A Challenge to the "Contract" between Rulers and Ruled 2020
The Economic Crisis in the Palestinian Authority:: Time for a Strategic Alert 2019
The Economic Devastation of Syria:: Strategic Implications 2016
Economic Prosperity is Not a Recipe for Resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2019
The Economic-Political Struggle behind the Energy Market Crash 2020
The Economics of the Gaza Situation:: A Crucial Element in the Conflict and the Resolution 2014
The Economic-Strategic Dimension of the Abraham Accords 2020
Egypt:: An Era of Uncertainty 2012
Egypt:: 1805 – 1952 – 2012 2012
Egypt:: Elections Amidst Violence 2014
Egypt and China following Xi’s visit 2016
Egypt and Iran:: Will the Two Walk Together? 2012
Egypt and Israel:: From Peace between Leaders and Armies to Peace between Peoples 2019
Egypt and Israel in ACRS:: Bilateral Concerns in a Regional Arms Control Process 2001
Egypt and Turkey following the Failed Coup:: The Interrupted Thaw 2016
Egypt Prepares for a Potential Biden Victory 2020
The Egypt-Gaza Buffer Zone:: More Harm than Good for Sinai Security 2014
An Egyptian Take on the “New Middle East” 2016
Egyptians to the US: “We Hate You, but We Still Want Your Money” –: Public Opinion on the Egyptian Social Networks 2013
Egypt–Israel–United States:: Problems on the Horizon? 2011
Egypt’s Advance toward a New Social Contract 2016
Egypt’s Challenging Shift from Counterterrorism to Counterinsurgency in the Sinai 2017
Egypt’s Economic Options:: The Need for an Outward Strategy 2013
Egypt’s Reported Acquisition of the S-300VM Air Defense System 2014
Egypt's Revocation of the Natural Gas Agreement with Israel:: Strategic Implications 2012
Egypt’s War in the Sinai Peninsula:: A Struggle that Goes beyond Egypt 2015
Egypt’s War on Terrorism in the Sinai Peninsula:: Alliance with Tribes, Partnership with Israel? 2017
Egypt’s World Youth Forum and the Significance for Israel 2018
Egypt-Sinai-Gaza:: The Triangular Threat to Israel 2011
Eight Years after the Upheaval:: Alternative Approaches to Understanding the Current Middle East 2019
The ElBaradei and Fahmy Appointments:: Continuity in Egypt’s Interim Government 2013
The Election of Abd al-Fatah el-Sisi as President of Egypt 2014
The Election of Rouhani as President:: A Message to the Supreme Leader 2017
The Elections in Iran:: A Show of Support for the Rouhani Route 2016
The Elections in Jordan: People Want Evolution, Not Revolution: Jordanian Discourse on the Social Networks, February 2013 2013
The Elections in Turkey:: Strengthened Ultra-Nationalist Forces and the Possible Impact on Turkish Foreign Policy 2018
The Elimination of al-Baghdadi from the Arena:: A Limited Shockwave 2019
The Empire Strikes Back? 2012
The End of the Beginning in Syria:: The Obstacles to Reaching a Negotiated Settlement 2012
The End of the Muqawama? Should Hamas and Hizbollah Face Reform or Collapse: Discourse on the Palestinian and Lebanese Social Networks 2013
The End to US Funding to UNRWA:: Opportunity or Threat? 2018
Enhanced Russian Involvement in Lebanon? 2021
Erdogan's Facts on the Ground:: An Attempted Paradigm Shift for Cyprus 2021
Erdogan’s Successful Gamble, and What Lies Ahead 2015
Erdogan’s Threat on Nuclear Militarization 2019
The Erosion of the Israel-Hamas Ceasefire in Gaza 2014
The Escalation in Gaza 2014
Escalation in Jerusalem:: Beyond Stabilization Efforts 2015
Escalation in the Gaza Arena:: An Old-New Story 2020
The Escalation in the Palestinian Arena:: Ramifications and Responses 2015
The Escalation in the West Bank:: The Need for a Change in Israeli Strategy and Policy 2018
Escalation on the Northern Front:: Background and Significance Security-Political Simulation 2014
Essential Conditions for Successful Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip 2014
Establishing an Arab NATO:: Vision versus Reality 2018
Establishing an IDF Cyber Command 2015
The EU and Israel:: At Least on Speaking Terms 2021
The EU Decision to Indicate the Origin of Products from the Settlements 2015
The EU Draws a Red Line on Israeli Settlements 2013
EU Foreign Policy:: A Reflection of the Systemic Crisis 2015
The EU, Operation Guardian of the Walls, and the Day After 2021
Europe and China:: Surprising Conclusion to a Year of Problematic Relations 2021
Europe vs. Hizbollah's Military Wing 2013
The European Council Meeting:: A Turning Point for the European Union? 2020
The European Green Deal:: Challenges and Opportunities for Israel 2021
The European Union:: Going the Way of the Titanic? 2011
The European Union:: Has the Countdown Begun? 2014
The European Union after the United States Withdrawal from the JCPOA 2018
The European Union Toughens its Stand on the 1967 Lines 2013
The European Union's Turkish Neighbor:: Can't Live with It, and Can't Live without It 2021
Europe-Iran Relations One Year after the Sanctions were Lifted 2017
Europe’s Challenges Open the Market for Israel’s Arms Industry 2017
Evil Develops in the South 2011
Exiting the Second Lockdown, Living in the Presence of Covid-19, and Anticipating the Stage Beyond:: Recommended Strategy 2020
An Expanded Comprehensive Threat Scenario for the Home Front in Israel 2016
Extending Women’s Service in the IDF 2013
The Failed Coup Attempt in Turkey:: A Boost for Iran-Turkey Relations 2016
The Failed Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations, and What Lies Ahead 2014
The Families of Terrorists and Assigned Residence:: The Legal Framework 2016
A Family Affair:: The Generational Turnover and the Stability of the Saudi Kingdom 2010
Farewell to Syria 2015
Fatah and the Legislative Council Elections:: The Split and Its Implications 2021
The Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation Agreement 2011
The Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation and the Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations 2014
Female Suicide Bombers:: Dying for Equality? 2006
The Fight against Hamas:: The Legal Angle 2014
Fighting against Islamic Jihad:: Serving an Arrangement in the Gaza Strip 2019
Fighting the Boycott:: BDS and the Media 2015
The Fine Line between Arrangement and Escalation in the Gaza Strip 2018
The Fires across Israel:: Insights and Lessons for National Security 2016
The First 100 Days of the New Israeli Government:: Twenty Policy Recommendations on Issues of National Security 2015
The Five-Year Economic Plan for Israel’s Arab Sector:: A Progress Report 2016
The Five-Year Plan to Integrate the Arab Population in Israel:: A Quantum Leap Forward? 2016
Flags, Flagging, and Flagships:: A Strategic Dialogue in the South China Sea 2015
Following Abbas' Letter to Netanyahu:: Options Available to the Palestinian Authority 2012
Following Egypt's Constitutional Referendum: Polarization and Collapse: Egyptian Discourse on the Social Networks, January 2013 2013
Following Mahmoud Abbas’s Resignation:: What Has Changed? 2015
Following the Chicago Summit:: NATO between Afghanistan and Syria 2012
Following the Failure of the Moscow Talks 2012
Following the Problematic Nuclear Agreement:: Scenarios and Policy Recommendations 2015
For Iran, It's a Matter of Decision Taking 2011
For Now, President Obama Can Continue to Negotiate with Iran 2015
For the First Time, EU Sanctions in Response to Cyberattacks:: Enhanced Deterrence Efforts by Western Countries? 2020
"For Whom the Bell Tolls":: The November 2011 IAEA Report 2011
Foreign Influence on Political Discourse:: A New Strategic Challenge 2019
Foreign Intervention in Elections Worldwide:: Traits, Trends, and Lessons for Israel 2019
A Formula for the Ministry of Defense Budget in the Next Multiyear Plan 2018
France in the Eastern Mediterranean:: Rushing to Save Beirut, Losing in Libya, and Standing Alone against Erdogan 2020
French Counterterrorism Strategy at a Crossroads 2016
The French Initiative on the Israeli-Palestinian Political Process:: A Situation Report 2016
From Baabda to al-Qusayr:: Hezbollah’s Victory March 2016
From Bar-Ilan to Capitol Hill:: PM Netanyahu's Political Survival 2011
From Biological Weapons to Miracle Drugs:: Fake News about the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020
From Containment to Victory―from Lockdown “Slavery” to Economic Freedom 2020
From Crisis to Crisis:: Turkey-US Relations at a Low Point 2021
From Daraa 2011 to Daraa 2019:: The Survival of Assad’s Regime and the Challenges to Syria’s Stabilization 2019
From Election to Selection:: Iran's Path to a New President 2021
From Gaza to Lebanon:: Following Operation Protective Edge 2014
From Jabhat al-Nusra to Jabhat Fateh a-Sham:: Can a Leopard Change its Spots? 2016
From Obama to Trump:: Continuity versus Change in Middle East Policy 2017
From the First Intifada to the "March of Return" 2018
From the State Comptroller’s Report on Operation Protective Edge to the Next Campaign 2017
From the Temple Mount to the Israeli Embassy in Jordan 2017
From the Ukrainian Airplane to the Coronavirus:: The Crisis of Public Confidence in the Iranian Regime 2020
From Zero Problems to Zero Sum Game and Back:: Towards a Thaw in Israel-Turkey Relations? 2010
Future Israeli Strikes in Syria:: Shifting Dynamics? As Reflected in Syrian Discourse on the Social Media 2014
The Future of Jerusalem:: Between Public Opinion and Policy 2018
The Future of Relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia, and the Implications for Israel 2018
The Future of the American Military Presence in Iraq at the Center of the US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue 2020
The Future of the Arab Spring:: Libya as an Allegory 2012
The G20 Hamburg Summit 2017
The Gas Deal with Egypt:: Israel Deepens its Anchor in the Eastern Mediterranean 2018
The Gas Framework:: Regional and International Aspects 2015
Gas Masks:: Toward the End of the Line? 2013
The Gasoline Protests in Iran:: Initial Assessments and Implications 2019
The Gaza Envelope:: Has Societal Resilience Declined? 2019
Gaza First (Again)? 2015
The Gaza Strip:: What Can Israel Do to Postpone – or Even Prevent – the Next Round of Violence? 2014
The Gaza Strip:: An Opportunity for Change? 2017
Gaza Strip Reconstruction:: Navigating the Strategic Dilemmas 2015
The GCC at 30:: Shaking off the Dust? 2011
The Geneva Agreement:: Neither a “Historic Agreement” nor a “Historic Failure” 2013
Germany-Israel Relations:: Unique or Normal? 2018
Germany’s Foreign Policy following the Parliamentary Elections 2017
Getting to the Table:: Key Elements of the US Approach to Restart the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations 2018
Global Jihad in Syria:: Disputes Amidst a Common Goal 2013
The Global Reach of Iran’s Ballistic Missiles 2006
The Global Risk Map and Implications for Israel 2021
The Global Trade War:: Scenarios and Significance for Israel 2018
The Great Divide:: The Political Process and Palestinian Discourse on the Social Networks 2013
The Great Power Competition over 5G Communications:: Limited Success for the American Campaign against Huawei 2020
A Green Light for the ICC to Open an Investigation of Israel 2021
Guaranteeing that an Initial Deal with Iran Does Not Become the Final Deal 2013
A Guide to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon 2011
Guidelines for a National Cyber Strategy 2016
The Gulf and the "Arab Rage" 2011
The Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean:: Is a Gulf-Hellenic Alignment in the Making? 2021
Hamas:: Toward Palestinian Reconciliation, or Abdication of Governmental Responsibility? 2017
Hamas and the Islamic State Organization:: Toward a Head-On Collision in the Gaza Strip? 2015
The Hamas Challenge:: What Should Be Done? 2014
Hamas Maneuvers in a Complex Theater 2015
Hamas’s Efforts toward a Cognitive Victory in the Latest Round in Gaza 2018
Hamas’s "New Campaign" in Gaza, One Year Later 2019
Hamas’s New Statement of Principles:: A Political Opportunity for Israel? 2017
The Hariri Resignation:: Lebanon in the Shadow of the Saudi-Iranian Conflict 2017
Has Ebrahim Raisi been Tagged as Iran’s Next Supreme Leader? 2019
Has the Campaign in the Maghreb and in West Africa Reached a New Level? 2013
Hassan Rouhani and the Spiritual Leader:: A New Style of Negotiations 2013
Hassan Rowhani’s Election as President of Iran:: Initial Assessments 2013
The Hastening the End to the Civil War in Syria 2013
Have the Palestinians Despaired of the Two-State Formula? 2012
Hezbollah and Lebanon, in Aounian Terms:: One and the Same? 2017
The (Hillary) Clinton Outline:: A Fundamental Turning Point? 2010
A Historic Bombshell:: Britain Leaves the European Union 2016
Hizbollah:: Once Again in the Eye of the Storm? 2013
Hizbollah Closes a Breach of its Outer Shield:: The Threat to Israel 2014
Hizbollah’s Political and Security Situation:: Existing and Emerging Challenges 2014
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How Can the Lockdown Be More Effective?: Summary of a Conference at INSS 2020
How Close is Iran to a Nuclear Bomb? 2021
How Deep are the Cracks in the Russian-Iranian Coalition in Syria? 2016
How Hamas Sees its Achievements in Operation Protective Edge, and How Israel Should Respond 2014
How Many Domes Does Beer Sheva Need? 2011
How Many Rockets Did Iron Dome Shoot Down? 2013
How Prepared is Israel for an Earthquake? 2012
How Prepared is Saudi Arabia for a Cyber War? 2019
How the United States Might Respond to the Syrian Strategic Quandary 2013
How to Stop the Shooting from the Gaza Strip 2018
How (Un)Prepared is Israel for an Emergency? 2015
Humanitarian Aid in Northern Syria – But What About the South? 2021
Hydrogen or Not, North Korea Conducted a Fourth Nuclear Test 2016
The IAEA 2011 General Conference 2011
The IAEA Investigation into Iran's Nuclear Past:: Why Was the PMD File Closed? 2015
The IAEA-Iran Agreement:: A Palliative? 2013
The ICC:: The Flotilla Case is Closed, Settlements and Operation Protective Edge Remain under Examination 2017
The ICC Decision to Open a Preliminary Examination:: Cause for Concern, not for Panic 2015
ICC Involvement on Libya and the Importance of the Court 2011
The Idea of a Jordanian-Palestinian Confederation, Revisited 2018
The IDF Exercises in Cyprus and Crete 2017
IDF Involvement in the National Management of the Coronavirus Crisis 2020
The IDF Should Not be Responsible for Managing the Covid-19 Crisis 2020
“The IDF Strategy”:: A Focused Action Approach 2015
The IDF Strategy and the Responsibility of the Political Leadership 2015
The IDF’s Cognitive Effort:: Supplementing the Kinetic Effort 2018
"If Assad Stays, ISIS Stays":: The Coalition Airstrikes as Reflected in the Syrian Discourse on Social Media 2014
“If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem” 2021
Illusion, Awakening, Rage, and Response:: The United States Strategic Approach to China 2020
Image vs. Reality:: The Delegitimization of Israel in the Wake of Operation Protective Edge 2014
The IMF Egyptian Assistance Program, One Year On 2017
Implementation of the Interim Deal:: New Realities in Advance of Renewed Negotiations 2014
Implications of the Application of Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria 2018
The Implications of Unilateral Annexation for Israel’s Relations with Egypt 2020
In North African Unrest, Competing Visions of a Post-Arab Spring Order 2019
In the Aftermath of Operation Pillar of Defense: The Gaza Strip, November 2012 2012
In the Shadow of Delegitimization:: Israel’s Sensitivity to Economic Sanctions 2017
In the Wake of the Carmel Fire:: Another Opportunity to Construct a Strategy of Preparedness 2010
The Incidents in the Northern Theater (Syria and Lebanon):: A Change in the Rules of the Game? 2014
India and Israel:: A Strategic Alliance? 2017
India’s Abstention at the UNHRC:: Implications for Indo-Israeli Relations 2015
India’s Elections:: Beyond the Promise of Narendra Modi 2014
Individual Terrorism:: The Media Perspective 2015
Influence in the Covid-19 Era 2020
Initial Thoughts upon the Assassination of Bin Laden 2011
Initiatives to Jumpstart the Israeli-Palestinian Political Process:: Chances of Success in the Current Period 2016
Inspired by the "Arab Spring":: Saudi Arabia's Volatile Shiite Minority 2012
The INSS “Corona Cabinet”:: Principal Insights from Simulation #2 2020
An Integrated President Putin Visits Egypt 2015
The Intelligence Assessment and the Art of Preventing War 2018
The Interim Deal on the Iranian Nuclear Program:: Toward a Comprehensive Solution? 2014
The International Action in Libya:: Revitalizing the Responsibility 2011
International Activity and the Syrian Crisis 2015
International Aspects of Operation Pillar of Defense 2012
The International Criminal Court on Israel:: Another Step toward Investigation 2019
The International Criminal Court on the Mavi Marmara, Continued 2015
International Efforts to Delegitimize Israel:: Comoros versus Israel at the ICC 2013
Internet Currencies and National Security 2017
An Intifada a Jerusalem:: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? 2014
The Involvement of the Revolutionary Guards in Iranian Infrastructure and Development Projects 2017
Iran:: Naval Bases in Syria and in Yemen? 2016
Iran:: Increasing Enforcement at Home with Increasing External Pressure 2019
Iran:: No Electricity, No Water, New President 2021
Iran:: Mounting Tension between President Rouhani and the Revolutionary Guards 2017
Iran after the Terrorist Attacks in Tehran 2017
Iran and China:: On the Way to a Long-Term Strategic Agreement? 2020
Iran and the International Response following the US Withdrawal from the Nuclear Agreement 2018
Iran and the United States:: Breaking the Rules of the Game? 2020
Iran and the United States under the Trump Administration 2017
Iran at a Strategic Crossroads 2018
Iran Attempts to Stand Firm in the Face of US Pressures 2019
Iran between Gasoline Protests and Parliamentary Elections 2020
Iran in a Changing Strategic Environment 2018
Iran in the Nuclear Realm and Iran in Syria:: A New State of Play 2018
Iran in the Wake of the Protests:: Voices of Change without Change 2018
Iran on the Eve of the Presidential Election 2017
Iranian Cyber Espionage:: A Troubling New Escalation 2014
The Iranian Cyber Offensive during Operation Protective Edge 2014
The Iranian Nuclear Crisis:: The International Determination Deficit 2014
The Iranian Nuclear Crisis and the U.S. Administration:: The Dilemma of Sanctions in Light of the Effort to Promote an Agreement 2015
The Iranian Strategy:: Solution or Delusion? 2013
The Iranian Threat in Syria:: As Bad as It Seems? 2017
Iran-Russia Relations:: Continued Partnership alongside Conflicting Interests 2021
Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program:: Caught between Missile Defense and a Comprehensive Deal 2014
Iran’s Cyber influence Campaign against the United States, and Implications for Israel’s Security 2018
Iran's Cyber Warfare 2012
Iran’s Dilemma:: Respond to Israeli Actions in Syria with Terror Attacks Abroad? 2018
Iran’s Economic Situation Two Years after the Removal of the Sanctions 2018
Iran’s Nuclear Fairy Tale 2015
Iran’s Nuclear Violations:: JCPOA and Beyond 2019
Iran’s Plunging Oil Prices:: The Challenge for the Gulf Oil Economies 2015
Iran's Response:: Pressure for Pressure 2012
Iraq as a Conflict Arena between the United States and Iran 2018
Iraq on the Day after the Liberation of Mosul 2017
Iraq, the United States, and the Iranian Factor 2019
Is a New Wind Blowing through the State Comptroller's Office? 2019
Is a Strategic Change in Lebanon-Israel Relations Possible at the Present Time? 2020
Is Iran about to Operate the Land Corridor to Syria? 2018
Is Israel Facing a War of Attrition against Hamas? 2014
Is Israel on the Verge of a Third Intifada? 2013
Is Palestinian Islamic Jihad Trying to Drag the Gaza Strip into a War against Israel? 2019
Is Salafist Jihadism Making Inroads into the Israeli-Palestinian Arena? 2013
Is the Cat out of the Bag?: The Palestinian Refusal to Recognize the Right of the Jewish People to Self-Determination 2014
Is the IDF Ready for War? 2019
Is the PLO Still the “Sole Representative of the Palestinian People”? 2019
Is the Ukrainian Crisis Really Over? 2014
Is the US Receding to a Containment Policy on Iran? 2013
Is There a Winner?: Ten Years after the Terror Attacks in the United States 2011
Is Turkey Returning to the “Zero Problems” Policy? 2013
Is Turkey Swerving Eastward?: The Air Defense System Deal with China and the Crisis with NATO 2013
ISIS:: The Real Threat 2014
ISIS Success in Iraq and Syria:: Strategic Ramifications 2014
Islam and Terrorism:: A Futile Debate 2015
Islam in the Service of Peace:: Religious Aspects of the Abraham Accord 2020
The Islamic Jihad and the Israeli Dilemma in the Gaza Strip 2019
The Islamic State:: Another Angle of the Threat 2014
The Islamic State:: Down - The Salafi-Jihad Movement: Up 2017
The Islamic State, the Caucasus, and the Russian Response 2015
The Islamic State, Two Years On:: Is it Indeed on the Verge of Collapse? 2016
Israel:: The 2015 Elections 2015
Israel:: Recommendations for the Defense Budget Debate 2014
Israel:: Note that the Sleeping Transatlantic Giant is Waking Up 2020
Israel against Hizbollah:: Between Overt and Covert Warfare 2015
Israel and a Nuclear Iran:: Implications for Arms Control, Deterrence, and Defense 2008
Israel and American Jewry:: Stepping Back from the Brink 2017
Israel and China:: Toward a Comprehensive Innovative Partnership 2017
Israel and its Strategic Environment:: Opportunities for Political Initiative 2011
Israel and Jordan:: Water-Energy Interdependence 2021
Israel and Saudi Arabia:: Is the Enemy of My Enemy My Friend? 2013
Israel and the European Union:: A Change in Tone? 2011
Israel and the Global Currency War 2014
Israel and the Iran Nuclear Deal:: “Chronicle of a Failure Foretold”? 2015
Israel and the New European Parliament:: No Spring in the Offing 2019
Israel and the New Leaf in Egypt-Hamas Relations 2017
Israel and the UN Security Council Elections 2016
Israel and the United States:: An Opportunity to Strengthen the Special Relationship 2016
Israel and the United States:: Time for a Parallel Agreement 2015
Israel and the United States in Disagreement over Iran 2012
Israel and the US Administration:: A Midterm Assessment 2011
Israel Apartheid Week 2018 2018
Israel at 70:: Strategic Advantages with Narrow Margins of Security 2018
Israel, Hamas and Hizbollah on a Collision Course:: Undesirable yet Inevitable 2015
Israel, Hezbollah, and the Deterrence Equation following the Beirut Disaster 2020
Israel in Iraq:: Expanding the Campaign against Iran 2019
Israel Joins the Superpower Circle, but Lags in its Struggle against the Iranian Presence in Syria 2019
Israel Needs a Clear Policy on Foreign Involvement in National Infrastructure 2020
Israel Needs to Urgently Execute Advanced Contracts in the Framework of American Aid as a Security Solution for Israel’s Critical Needs 2020
Israel, the Arab States, and the Illusions of Normalization 2017
Israel, the Gulf States, and Annexation 2020
Israel, the West, and the Migration Challenge 2016
Israel-China Ties:: A Developing Friendship that is Cause for Concern? 2018
Israel–European Union Relations:: Crisis as a Norm 2016
Israel-Hamas:: Conditions for a Stable Ceasefire 2014
The Israel-Hamas Prisoner Exchange:: From Tactical Failure to Strategic Challenge 2011
The Israel-Hezbollah Confrontation amidst the Coronavirus Crisis 2020
The Israeli Economy on the Eve of the Second Lockdown:: A Strategic Outline for the Future 2020
The Israeli Elections:: Indications and Implications 2013
An Israeli Initiative:: Expanding on the Quartet Statement 2011
Israeli or U.S. Action Against Iran: Who Will Do It If It Must Be Done? 2013
Israeli Policy following Operation Protective Edge:: Continuity or Change? 2014
Israeli Policy on Iran vis-à-vis the Biden Administration 2021
The Israeli Public and the Effects of the Coronavirus:: Findings from a Public Opinion Poll in the Second Wave of the Crisis 2020
Israeli Public Opinion on National Security 1999 1999
Israeli Public Opinion on National Security 2000 2000
Israeli Public Opinion on National Security 2001 2001
Israeli Public Opinion on National Security 2002 2002
Israeli Public Opinion on National Security 2003 2003
Israeli Strategy in Response to Changes in the Syrian Arena 2019
Israeli-American Strategic Coordination regarding an Israeli Operation against Iran 2011
Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations and the American Set of Principles 2014
Israel-Jordan:: The Peace Agreement’s 20th Anniversary 2014
Israel’s Bill to Bar the Boycotters:: A Strategic Overview 2017
Israel’s Credit Rating and National Security 2018
Israel’s Dilemma over Syrian Reconstruction 2019
Israel’s Electoral Threshold:: Implications for Israeli-Arab Political Representation 2014
Israel’s Empty Embassy in Cairo 2017
Israel’s Engagement in Syria:: Causes and Significance 2018
Israel’s Exhausted Strategy of Deterrence vis-à-vis Hamas 2019
Israel’s Foreign Policy in the Post-COVID-19 Era 2020
Israel's Incoming Defense Minister and the Hundred-Day Grace Period 2013
Israel’s Need to Take a Stand against the Assad Regime:: A Moral Imperative and Strategic Necessity 2016
Israel’s Nuclear Ambiguity, Arms Control Policy, and Iran:: Is the Time Ripe for Basic Changes? 2013
Israel's Position on US Military Aid to the Lebanese Army 2018
Israel's Public Debate over Natural Gas:: Future Confrontations 2013
Israel's Qatari Dilemma 2018
Israel’s Red Lines on Iran’s Foothold in Syria 2017
Israel's Response to UN Recognition of a Palestinian State 2012
Israel’s Stake in the Egyptian Natural Gas Pipeline:: Strategic and Economic Benefits 2018
Israel-Turkey Normalization:: Can Relations Turn Over a New Leaf? 2016
The Istanbul Canal:: Erdogan’s “Crazy Project” Raises Concerns 2020
It’s Not the Tool, It’s the System:: Use of UAVS by the United States 2015
It’s Time to Decide:: Notes on the Conference Marking One Decade of the Institute for National Security Studies 2017
The JCPOA, Three Years On 2019
“Jenin Estates” and a Paradigm Shift in Israeli-Palestinian Discourse:: From the Discourse on National Rights to the Discourse on Human Rights 2014
Jerusalem – “The Eternal and United Capital of Israel”?:: Trends in Public Opinion 2017
Jewish Enclaves in a Palestinian State 2013
Jewish-Arab Relations following the Kafr Qassem Incident:: The Danger of the Slippery Slope 2017
Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel, April-May 2021 2021
Jihad in Syria:: The Penetration of Radical Islam in the Syrian Conflict 2012
Jihadi War in Sinai 2014
The Joint Military Exercise in the Gaza Strip:: Ostensible Strength in a Response to Weakness 2021
Jordan:: A New Political System Faces Longstanding Problems 2020
Jordan and Israel:: Missing Opportunities to Build a Better Environment 2021
Jordan Chooses Stability 2016
Jordan in Face of Three, and Perhaps Four, Challenges 2020
Jordan is Boiling 2011
Jordan-Israel Relations:: Normalization in the Shadow of Political Deadlock 2016
Jordan's Internal and External Pressure Cooker 2012
Jordan-Saudi Relations, in Context of the Arab League Summit 2017
The Justice and Development Party in the Turkish Elections:: A Limited Triumph 2011
The Keys to the Gaza Strip 2014
The Khamenei Roadmap on the 40th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution 2019
The Khashoggi Affair:: Challenging US-Saudi Relations and the Stability of the Kingdom 2018
Kicking the Can Down the Road:: Another Extension of the P5+1 Talks 2014
King Abdullah is this Round's Winner 2013
The King is Dead; Long Live the King:: The French Presidential Elections 2012
King Salman's Visit to Cairo, and the Transfer of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia 2016
The Korean Crisis, China-US Relations, and the Global System 2013
The Lara Alqasem Affair:: Rethinking the Entry into Israel Law 2018
The Last Round in Gaza – and the Next 2012
The Lausanne Statement on the Iranian Nuclear Program:: Insights and Recommendations 2015
Law and National Security:: Selected Issues 2014
Law Enforcement and National Security vs. Global Business Interests 2014
Lebanon:: The Arab Spring's Wildcard? 2011
Lebanon, One Year Later after the “Revolution”:: Grim Reality and Bleak Prospects 2020
Lebanon’s Collapse, and the Significance for Israel 2021
Lebanon’s Growing Fragility 2015
Lebanon's Political-Economic Crisis:: Ramifications for Israel 2020
Legal and Political Observations on the Defeated Palestinian-Jordanian Draft Resolution 2015
Legal Rules and Anti-Terrorism Warfare:: The Case of Mustafa Dirani, Revisited 2015
The Legality of an Attack against Iranian Nuclear Facilities 2012
Libya:: A Violent Theater of Regional Rivals 2019
Lifting the Embargo on Arms Sales to Iran 2020
The Limitations of Standoff Firepower-Based Operations:: On Standoff Warfare, Maneuver, and Decision 2007
The Limited View from the Amman Summit 2014
The Limits of Restraint:: Hamas in Gaza and a Confrontation with Israel 2017
The Locker Commission’s “All Inclusive” Defense Budget:: Where is the Big Picture? 2015
The Long Road is the Shortest Road:: Iran’s Possible Routes to a Bomb 2015
Long-Range Rocket Fire on Israel's Depth:: Lessons for Homefront Defense 2019
Looking Ahead to September:: Israel, the EU, and the “Moral Majority” 2011
Looking at the Gaza Strip:: From Short Term to Long Term 2018
Looking toward 6G:: Israel in the Age of Technological Decoupling 2020
Lowering Expectations in Iran in Advance of the US Presidential Election 2020
Mahmoud Abbas' UN Gambit will not Bring Peace 2012
The Making of National Security Policy: Security Challenges of the 21st Century Conference Proceedings 2011
Management of the Civilian Front by the Home Front Command:: Significance and Implications 2018
“The March of Return” — Operative Achievement and Strategic Failure:: A Test Case for Cognitive Warfare 2018
Maritime Claims on the Rocks:: The International Arbitration Ruling on the South China Sea 2016
The Mashal Pronouncement on Popular Struggle:: Revolutionary Indeed? 2012
The Mass Demonstrations in Lebanon:: What Do They Portend? 2019
The Meeting of the Foreign Ministers in Paris:: What Next? 2016
Middle East Economies:: Dim Light at the End of the Tunnel 2020
The Middle East Visits Europe:: The Ramifications of the Refugee Crisis 2015
The Middle East WMDFZ Conference:: Adjusting the Agenda to Realities on the Ground 2014
The Midterm Elections in the United States 2018
MiG-35s for Egypt:: A Veritable Change of Direction? 2014
Might Qatar Join the Abraham Accords? 2020
Military Intervention in Syria:: Is It Legal? 2013
Military Lessons for Hamas from Operation Protective Edge 2015
Military Service in Israel:: Challenges and Ramifications 2016
The Ministry of Defense Budget for 2019:: Major Issues 2018
The Minsk II Agreement:: Implications of a (Shaky) Ceasefire 2015
The Mladenov Approach:: The UN as Mediator and Agent of Compromise 2021
The Model of Iranian Influence in Syria 2018
Moderation and Radicalization in Lebanon 2015
Mohamed Morsi:: Martyr or Traitor? 2019
Mohammed bin Salman as Crown Prince:: Ramifications for Riyadh and Beyond 2017
More Coherence, Greater Tension:: Prospects for US Policy toward Russia under Biden 2021
More of the Same?: Fatah’s Seventh General Congress and the Reelection of Abbas 2016
More Soul Searching:: Iran’s Reformists following the Presidential Elections 2021
More Than a Game:: Israel and Delegitimization in the Sporting Domain 2019
More Trouble for the F-35? 2012
Morsi's Ouster and the Struggle to Revive the Egyptian Revolution 2013
Morsi's Potential Counterweight 2012
Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem:: Opportunities, Risks, and Recommendations 2017
Mt. Dov—Beirut—New York, on the Eve of the UNIFIL Mandate Renewal 2020
Much Ado at the Qusayr Site?: A Syrian Nuclear Snapshot 2015
The Mueller Report:: What it Includes, What it Omits, and What it Teaches 2019
A Multilateral Arrangement is Preferable to a Unilateral Move 2014
The Munich Security Conference:: Main Points and Implications for Israel 2018
The Murder of the Teenagers and the Escalation in the Palestinian Arena 2014
My Way or the Huawei?: The United States-China Race for 5G Dominance 2019
The National Home Front Exercise:: The Improved Preparedness is not Enough 2011
National Home Front Exercise "Solid Stand":: Doubts concerning Civilian Preparedness for an Emergency 2018
The National People’s Congress 2020:: The Hong Kong National Security Law and China’s Enhanced Presence 2020
National Security and International Legitimacy 2015
National Security in the Era of Post-Truth and Fake News 2020
National Security in the Era of Post-Truth and Fake News 2019
The National Security Index:: Public Support for an Arrangement Based on the Two-State Solution 2017
National Security Tools and the Fight against Domestic Violence 2020
Nationalism, Social Justice, and Civil Rights:: Palestinian Discourse on the Social Networks, April 2012 2012
Natural Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean:: Will Economic Wisdom Prevail? 2019
Natural Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean Economic Impacts and Strategic Implications 2013
The Need for an Israeli-American Dialogue in Light of the "America First" Strategy 2017
The Negotiations between Israel and Lebanon on the Maritime Border 2019
Negotiations with Hamas on a Long-Term Agreement 2015
Net Assessment:: An American Approach 1990
The Netanyahu-Putin Meeting:: What was Agreed, and What are Russia's Intentions? 2019
Netanyahu’s Visit to China:: Opportunities beyond Iran 2013
Neutralizing Hezbollah’s Tunnel Project:: The Ongoing Campaign against Iranian Regional Influence 2018
A New Chinese Cash Flow:: Enhancing Partnerships prior to the Biden Era? 2021
The New Contacts between Egypt and Russia:: How Far Will They Go? 2014
New Directions for Enabling Israel to Overcome its “Strategic Confusion”:: Insights from the INSS Annual Conference 2016
The New EU-Turkey Agreement:: Shortsighted Considerations vs. Long-Term Perspectives 2016
A New Government in Israel:: Circumventing the Expected 2015
A New Jordanian Government 2012
A New Leadership at the European Union:: A Chance for Better EU Ties with Israel? 2019
A New Level in the Cyber War between Israel and Iran 2020
A New Look at Afghanistan 2012
New Obstacles Facing Israeli Natural Gas Exports 2018
New Opportunities for Israel in the Cognitive Campaign in Lebanon 2020
A New President in France 2017
A New Regional Order Indeed? 2013
New Rewards for IDF “Spearhead Fighters” in Mandatory Military Service 2017
New Rules of the Game: Israel and Hizbollah after the Withdrawal from Lebanon 2004
New Trade Agreement in Asia:: China Is in, the United States is Out 2020
The New UN Secretary-General 2016
The New United States Policy against the Islamic State:: Ramifications for Asymmetric Warfare 2017
New US initiative:: Creating an Environment for Nuclear Disarmament (CEND) 2019
New Winds Blowing from Russia? 2013
New-Old Borders in the Middle East 2013
The New-Old Palestinian Initiative to Establish a State 2014
The Next Round in the Gaza Strip:: Act Urgently to Avoid it, and Prepare for its Outbreak 2017
The Next War in the North: Scenarios, Strategic Alternatives, and Recommendations for Israel 2021
No Fundamental Change Expected in the Fight against the Islamic State – For Now 2015
The Non-Nuclear Challenges of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran 2015
Normalization between Israel and Arab States:: Is the Idea Still Viable? 2011
The North Korean Challenge:: Insights from the Far East for the Middle East 2017
North Korean ICBM Tests:: No Surprises, No Good Answers 2017
The North Korean Nuclear Crisis:: Lessons for the Iranian Case? 2013
Not by the Media Alone:: The Israeli Campaign against the Conversion of Rockets in Lebanon to Precision-Guided Missiles 2018
Not Just Sports:: Mixed Sentiments in Egyptian Discourse about Israel 2016
Now is Not the Time to Withdraw from the Nuclear Agreement, Rather, the Time to Demand its Full Implementation 2018
NPT RevCon 2015:: Considerations for Convening a WMDFZ Conference 2015
The Nuclear Agreement with Iran:: Reflections and Forecasts 2015
The Nuclear Agreement with Iran, One Year On:: An Assessment and a Strategy for the Future 2016
A Nuclear Crisis in Search of a Model:: Lessons from Iraq, North Korea, Libya, and Syria 2013
A Nuclear Iran:: What Does it Mean, and What Can be Done 2007
The Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime at a Crossroads 2014
Nuclear Reactor Safety 2019
The Nuclear Talks in Vienna:: Iran’s Procrastination 2021
The Obama Administration:: Toward a Security Council Resolution on an Israeli-Palestinian Agreement? 2016
The Obama Administration and the Civil War in Syria 2012
The Obama Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Political Process:: A Change of Approach? 2015
The Obama Administration in Defense of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran 2015
The Obama and Netanyahu Speeches:: The Palestinian Perspective 2011
Obama Projects Indecision on Syria:: American and International Dimensions 2013
The Obama Vision and Nuclear Disarmament 2011
The Obama-Romney Foreign Policy Debate:: Continuity in Policy 2012
Obama’s Reelection:: Implications for Israel 2012
Obstacles to Israel's Strategic Objectives:: Main Insights from the INSS 12th Annual International Conference 2019
Oil, Economics, and Geopolitics:: Relations between Saudi Arabia and UAE 2021
Old and New Dynamics:: What has Changed in Turkey-Israel Relations? 2018
Oman:: The End of the Qaboos Era 2020
Oman after Qaboos:: Challenges Facing the Sultanate 2017
On Deterrence, Equations, Arrangements, and Strategy 2018
On the Brink of Escalation:: The UNIFIL Mandate Renewal is a Victim of the Beirut Explosion 2020
On the Brink of Nuclear Terror?: A Threat and Response Balance Sheet 2016
On the Brink of the New Year:: The Race to the White House 2011
On the Road to Mecca?: The Islamic State Threat to the Gulf 2014
One Year of the Arab Spring:: Global and Regional Implications 2012
One Year of the Islamic State in the Sinai Peninsula 2015
One Year since the Establishment of the Islamic State:: Al-Baghdadi’s Successful Gamble, Thus Far 2015
One Year until the United States Elections 2011
The Ongoing Battle for Beirut:: Old Dynamics and New Trends 2011
Operation Guardian of the Walls:: Two Parallel Dimensions and Three Stark Surprises 2021
Operation Guardian of the Walls:: The Legal Angle 2021
Operation Guardian of the Walls:: Where Was Hezbollah? 2021
Operation Guardian of the Walls:: The Need for an Integrated Multi-Front Strategy 2021
Operation Guardian of the Walls:: Moving the Conflict from the Periphery to Jerusalem and the Heart of the Country? 2021
Operation Guardian of the Walls:: Lessons for the Civilian Front 2021
Operation Guardian of the Walls:: Envisioning the End 2021
Operation Northern Shield:: Interim Assessment 2019
Operation Protective Edge:: The Movement of the Strategic Clocks 2014
Operation Protective Edge:: Six Insights, Six Recommendations 2014
Operation Protective Edge:: Legality and Legitimacy 2014
Operation Protective Edge:: The Goals, and the Strategy to Achieve Them 2014
Operation Protective Edge:: Hamas’ Propaganda War 2014
Operation Protective Edge:: Possible Scenarios for What Lies Ahead 2014
Operation Protective Edge and a Fragile Regional Arena 2014
Opportunities Presented by the New Arab Politics 2015
Opportunity in a-Raqqa:: A Case Study on Shaping the Future of Syria 2016
An Opportunity to Revive the Political Process, or an Illusion? 2016
The “Other Side’s” Unmanned Systems:: After Operation Guardian of the Walls 2021
The Outbreak of “Individual Terrorism” in the Palestinian Arena:: The Old Box Lacks the Right Tools 2015
Outlining a Possible Deal with Iran 2013
Pakistan and Saudi Arabia:: How Special are the “Special Relations”? 2016
The Palestinian Arena after Operation Guardian of the Walls:: What Was is not What Will Be 2021
The Palestinian Bid at the Security Council:: International and Domestic Ramifications for Israel 2014
The Palestinian Bid for Statehood:: Wherein Lies the State? 2011
The Palestinian Cause in the International Arena:: The Case of Sri Lanka 2015
Palestinian Elections:: Gamble, Potential, or Political Maneuver? 2021
The Palestinian “Internationalization” Strategy:: End of the Road? 2017
A Palestinian Moment of Truth, in Light of Normalization between Israel and the UAE 2020
The Palestinian Prisoners’ Hunger Strike:: Arab Discourse on the Social Networks, May 2012 2012
The Palestinian Reconciliation Agreement:: Tactical Relief or Strategic Opportunity? 2014
The Palestinian Refugees:: Facts, Figures, and Significance 2018
The Palestinian Statehood Bid and US Aid to the Palestinian Authority 2011
The Palestinian Terrorism of the Past Year:: Causes and Policy Recommendations 2016
The Palestinian Unity Government 2014
The Palestinian Uprisings:: War with Israel, War at Home 2009
The Palestinian-Jordanian-Israeli Triangle 2014
The Palestinians and COVID-19 Vaccines:: An Israeli Responsibility? 2021
The Palestinians at a Crossroads – Following the Presentation of the “Deal of the Century” 2020
The Palmer Report:: Significance and Ramifications 2011
The Paris Attacks:: Not a Strategic Change, but a “Natural” Development 2015
Parliamentary Elections in Iran:: The Predicted Conservative Victory 2020
The Parliamentary Elections in Lebanon:: Hezbollah’s Victory within the Political Status Quo 2018
Past Lessons and Future Objectives:: A Preemptive Strike on Hamas Tunnels 2016
The Path Between the Trump Peace Plan and Applying Israeli Law to Settlements 2019
Patterns of Military Activity in the Battle against the Coronavirus:: Lessons for Israel from Other Nations 2020
Patterns of Resistance among Israel’s Arab-Palestinian Minority: A Historical Review and a Look to the Future 2018
The Peace Process:: From Oslo Parameters to Unilateral Actions 2011
The People Speak:: Israeli Public Opinion on National Security 2005-2007 2007
The Perils of the Turkey-Libya Maritime Delimitation Deal 2019
Philosophy of Post-Truth 2020
The Planning Directorate in “Momentum”:: “Tnufa” - the New IDF Multi-Year Pla 2020
Please Don’t Play It Again, Mr. Prime Minister:: On the Recent Obama-Netanyahu Meeting 2014
The PLO Central Council Convention:: Impasse with Possible Opportunity 2018
The PLO Central Council Meeting and Efforts toward an Arrangement in Gaza:: Two Sides of the Same Coin 2018
Policy Recommendations on the Middle East for the Trump Administration 2016
Political Feasibility of Israeli Natural Gas Exports to Turkey 2014
Political Instability in Iraq:: A Serious Threat to Iran’s Interests 2019
Political Islam in the Persian Gulf 2013
Political Islam on the Defensive 2014
Political Stability in Arab States:: Economic Causes and Consequences 2004
Political Standoff in Jordan 2012
Political-Strategic Dimensions to Israel's Natural Gas Debate 2013
A Port Rush:: Competition for Control of Trade Routes 2019
Possible Changes in China’s Nuclear Policy and the Significance for Arms Control 2020
Possible Rapprochement between Fatah and Hamas:: Is Israel Ready? 2021
Possible Russian Responses to an Attack on Iran 2012
Possible Scenarios and Strategic Options vis-à-vis Iran 2015
A Possible Thaw in Iranian-Saudi Tensions:: Ramifications for the Region and for Israel 2019
The Potential for a War on the Northern Front that None of the Parties Want:: Insights from a War Game 2018
The Preliminary Examination of the ICC Prosecutor:: Update for 2018 2019
Preparations for the Nakba March:: Hamas’s Cognitive Campaign 2018
Preparing an Alternative Strategy before Withdrawing from the Nuclear Agreement with Iran 2017
Preparing for a Severe Earthquake in Israel:: What Can Be Done Now? 2018
Preparing for an Earthquake:: Responses by the Public and the Authorities 2017
President Biden in Europe:: The United States Returns as a Leader 2021
President el-Sisi's Second Term:: The Challenge of Legitimacy 2018
President Morsi and Israel-Egypt Relations:: Egyptian Discourse on the Social Networks, July 2012 2012
President Obama at the General Assembly:: Sobriety, Continuity, and Renewal 2014
President Rouhani’s Visit to Russia:: A New Level of Relations? 2017
President Trump in Riyadh:: A New Start for US-Saudi Relations? 2017
President Trump versus his Administration 2019
President Trump’s Announcement on the Nuclear Agreement 2018
President Trump’s Speech on Iran:: Goals without Clear Means of Implementation 2017
President Trump's Visit to Asia:: Limited Achievements 2017
President Trump’s Visit to the Middle East 2017
The Presidential Crisis in Lebanon:: Temporary Danger or Sign of a Destructive Rift? 2014
Prime Minister Netanyahu Goes to Washington:: How to Rebuild Trust 2011
Prime Minister Netanyahu in the US Congress:: Did the Ends Justify the Means? 2015
Prime Minister Netanyahu's Visit to Russia 2013
The Prime Minister’s Visit to Oman 2018
The Problem that is Also a Solution:: Lebanese Fears Play into Hizbollah Hands 2014
The Problematic Scenarios in Syria:: The Choices Facing Israel 2015
Professional Knowledge in the Security Cabinet:: The Need to Enhance It, and the Way to Do So 2016
The Proposed Changes to Judicial Oversight of Government Powers:: Justified Measures or an Erosion of Democracy? 2019
Proposed Elections in the Palestinian Authority:: Why Now, and How Feasible Are They? 2019
The Proposed Nuclear Ban Treaty:: The Road to Utopia? 2017
Prospective Republican Presidential Candidates 2011
Prospects for a Gaza Seaport 2016
The Protest Movement in Iran:: A Significant Challenge to the Regime 2018
The Protests in Egypt:: A Wake-Up Call? 2019
The Protests in Turkey:: Letting off Steam or Engine of Change? 2013
The Public Discussion of Israel’s Strategy regarding a Nuclear Iran 2012
Pyrrhic Victories:: Israel and the Palestinians in the International Arena 2020
The Qatar Crisis:: Causes, Implications, Risks, and the Need for Compromise 2017
Qatar under Siege:: Regional Implications and Ramifications for the Palestinian Arena 2017
The Quartet Report:: An International Attempt to Keep the Two-State Solution Alive 2016
Question Marks on the Way to a Turkey-Israel Agreement 2014
The Question of an Israeli Apology to Turkey for the Flotilla Episode 2010
The Question of Identity in Jordan and the Peace Treaty with Israel:: Jordanian Discourse on the Social Media 2014
The Quiet Decade:: In the Aftermath of the Second Lebanon War, 2006-2016 2017
The Quiet Revolution in the Global Oil Industry 2017
Ra'am Joins the Government Coalition:: Paving a Path to Jewish-Arab Political Partnership? 2021
The Race for the White House:: What the "Invisible Primary" Has Taught Us So Far 2015
The Ramifications of the Nation State Law:: Is Israeli Democracy at Risk? 2018
Recalculating the Gaza Route:: Reconstruction of an Autonomous Area with Protected Zones 2015
The Recent Round of Fighting with Islamic Jihad:: Lessons for the Civilian Front 2019
Recognition by the US Administration of Israel's Sovereignty over the Golan Heights:: Political and Security Implications 2019
The Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel 2017
Recognizing Iran as a Nuclear Threshold State:: Implications for Israel and the Middle East 2015
The Reconfiguration of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt 2015
“Reconstruction for Demilitarization”:: Lifting the Economic Siege and Tightening the Security Siege around the Gaza Strip 2014
A Recurrent Posture:: The EU on the Palestinian Issue 2013
A Red Line for the Blue Homeland?: The Maritime Border Demarcation Agreement between Greece and Egypt 2020
The Red Sea:: An Old-New Arena of Interest 2018
The Referendum Dilemma 2013
Reflecting on the First 100 Days of the Trump Administration:: A Political-Organizational Perspective 2017
Reflections on the United Nations at 75 2020
The Reformists in Iran:: Between Conservatives and Subversives 2018
Regime Stability in the Middle East:: An Analytical Model to Assess the Possibility of Regime Change 2013
The Regularization Law and the Role of the Legal System 2017
A Regulatory Mechanism to Oversee Foreign Investment in Israel:: Security Ramifications 2019
Relations between China and the Gulf States:: Opportunities and Risks for Israel 2021
Remaking Syria:: A Military Update, the Diplomatic Situation, and the Israeli Angle 2017
Renewed Negotiations between Turkey and the PKK:: Hopes for a Breakthrough? 2013
Replacing IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano:: A New DG at a Critical Juncture for Iran 2019
Report of the UN Secretary-General Board of Inquiry on Damage to UN Facilities during Operation Protective Edge:: Balanced and Unbiased 2015
Report on British Intelligence in Face of Russian Influence:: The Significance for Israel 2020
Report on Suicide Attacks in 2017:: Fewer Attacks, More Women Bombers 2018
A Report on Suicide Bombings in 2013 2014
Report on the Five-Year Economic Development Plan for Minority Groups 2017
Representing the People or the Regime?: Iranian Clerics and the Ongoing Erosion of their Status 2018
The Republican Primary Campaign:: Lessons for Israel 2012
The Residency Status of East Jerusalem’s Palestinians 2015
Responsibility and Authority (or lack thereof) on the Israeli Home Front 2013
Resumption of Negotiations with the Palestinians:: Illusion or Reality? 2013
Resuscitating US-Saudi Relations 2014
Rethinking the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime 2004
The Return of Liberal Interventionism? 2013
A Return to the Nuclear Agreement?: Contacts between the United States and Iran 2021
Return to the Nuclear Agreement with Iran:: Will China Facilitate United States Measures? 2021
A Return to the Nuclear Deal:: Washington and Tehran Sharpen Positions 2021
Returning to the Nuclear Agreement:: Implications for Israel 2021
Revising the National Security Concept:: The Need for a Strategy of Multidisciplinary Impact 2015
The Revolution in Egypt:: Recommendations for Israel 2013
The “Revolutionary Parliament” and the New Governmental Order in Egypt 2012
Rifts in the Global Jihad Family in Syria 2014
Rights-Based Discourse as a Palestinian Strategy 2016
The Rise and Fall of the Islamic State:: A Fifth-Year Assessment 2019
The Rise and Fall of the Islamic State:: A Fifth-Year Assessment 2019
The Rise of Qatar 2012
The Rise of the Islamic State:: The Strategic Surprise 2014
The Rising Crisis between the United States and Iran 2019
The Rising Power and Influence of Civil Society:: Discourse from the Middle East Social Networks 2013
Rising Temperatures, Rising Risks:: Climate Change and Israel’s National Security 2021
The Road to Geneva 2 and the Challenges to a Negotiated Political Solution in Syria 2013
The Road to the White House:: The Establishment, the Populists, and What They Mean for Israel 2016
The Roar of the Wolf Warriors:: China’s Increasingly Aggressive Diplomacy 2020
Rockets in the South Yet Once More:: Israel's Gaza Dilemma 2014
The Role of the Deputy Chief of Staff 2018
Rumblings in North Africa:: What the Algerian Protests and Discontent in Neighboring Areas May Portend 2019
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Russia and Iran:: Is the Syrian Honeymoon Over? 2019
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Russia in the International Arena, according to Putin 2017
Russia in the Middle East and Africa:: A Higher Gear or Media Buzz? 2019
Russia in the New Middle East 2011
Russia Stations Fighter Jets in Iran for Use in Syria 2016
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The Russian Elections and their Aftermath 2012
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Russian Intervention in the US Presidential Elections:: The New Threat of Cognitive Subversion 2018
Russian Involvement in Syria:: What has Changed, and the Significance for Israel 2015
Russian Nuclear Diplomacy in the Middle East 2015
A Russian Withdrawal from Syria, or Merely a Change in the Form of Involvement? 2016
A Russian-US Agreement on a Ceasefire in Syria 2016
Russia’s Initiative on the Israeli-Palestinian Process:: Another Move to Regain Influence in the Middle East 2016
Russia’s Involvement in Syria: A Strategic Opportunity for Israel 2015
Russia’s Linkage between the Ukrainian Crisis and the Middle East 2014
Russia’s Reconciliation Efforts in Syria 2015
Russia-United States Relations under the Trump Administration:: Implications for the Middle East 2017
Saudi Arabia:: Redrawing the Map of Regional Alliances 2011
Saudi Arabia:: Aging Monarchy in a Time of Change 2012
Saudi Arabia:: A Buildup of Internal and External Challenges 2015
Saudi Arabia:: Not Your Father's Kingdom 2020
Saudi Arabia after Abdullah 2015
The Saudi Arabia and Kuwait “Outposts Project”:: Al-Qaeda and Its Affiliates 2014
Saudi Arabia and Normalization with Israel 2020
Saudi Arabia and Syria:: Calculating a New Route? 2021
Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States:: Can the Six Walk Together? 2014
Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States Amidst Falling Oil Prices and Regional Upheavals 2015
Saudi Arabia and the Nuclear Agreement with Iran 2015
Saudi Arabia and the Oil Prices Challenge 2019
Saudi Arabia in an Accelerated and Risky Process of Transformation 2017
Saudi Arabia’s New Missile Force 2014
Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030:: Reducing the Dependency on Oil 2016
The Saudi Drive to Lead the Green Revolution in the Middle East 2021
Saudi Foreign Policy:: Change of Direction Required 2017
Saudi Progress in Nuclear Research 2018
Saudi-Iranian Dialogue:: Toward a Strategic Change? 2021
The Saudi-Iranian Meeting:: Momentary Reconciliation prior to Escalation? 2012
SEA:: How Real is the Threat? 2014
The Second Rouhani Government:: Public Demands and Presidential Constraints 2017
The Second Round of Sanctions against Iran:: The Impact on Iran and the Global Oil Market 2018
The Second Stage of Operation Protective Edge:: A Limited Ground Maneuver 2014
The Second Trump-Kim Summit:: Outcome and Future Directions 2019
The Second Turkel Commission Report 2013
Secretary of State Kerry’s Speech on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2017
Securing the Electrical System in Israel:: Proposing a Grand Strategy 2017
Security Arrangements:: A 4-Level Game 2014
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Security Council Resolution 2334 and a Strategy for Israel 2016
The Seizure of the Klos C:: Significance and Implications 2014
The Self-Defense of Middle Eastern Conservative Regimes, and Israel's Role 2010
A Sense of Victory on Both Sides:: A Recipe for Escalation in Gaza? 2018
Seven Memorable "Guterres Moments" for Israel during the UN Secretary- General's First Seven Months 2017
Seventy Years to UNRWA—Time for Structural and Functional Reforms 2020
Shifting to the Right?: President Rouhani Distances Himself from his Reformist Supporters 2017
A Ship Upon a Bygone Sea:: The UN Force in the Golan Heights at the Start of 2016 2016
Shooting for the Stars:: The Arab “Space Club” 2019
Shortening Compulsory IDF Service for Men 2019
Shortening Men's Compulsory IDF Service:: Beyond Economic Ramifications 2021
Simulation Exercise:: The Aftermath of a "Bad Deal" with Iran 2014
Sinai:: Implications of the Security Challenges for Egypt and Israel: Egyptian Discourse on the Social Networks, June 2013 2013
Sinai Tribes:: Between the Egyptian State and the Islamic State 2015
Sino-Israeli Relations:: Current Reality and Future Prospects 2009
Situation Assessment on the Iranian Nuclear Program:: Three Events, Two Questions, and One Crucial Meeting 2014
Six Months of Terrorist Attacks by Lone Individuals:: To Be Continued 2016
Size Matters:: Chevron Enters Israel 2020
Slashed US Aid to Egypt and the Future of the Bilateral Relations 2013
The Slaughter in Paris:: Motives and Implications 2015
Slowly but Surely:: Growing Relations between Saudi Arabia and China 2017
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Societal Resilience in the “Gaza Envelope” and its Relevance for Other Areas in Israel 2018
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Southern Syria:: Familiar Story, Familiar Ending 2018
Sparta in the Gulf:: The Growing Regional Clout of the United Arab Emirates 2017
Sports and Politics:: Palestinians, Arab States, and Normalization with Israel 2015
Spring is in the Air?: On the Thawing of Turkey-Israel Relations 2013
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The Strategic Situation in Jerusalem Demands a Change of Policy 2015
Structuring Israel’s Cyber Defense 2016
The Struggle for the Reins of Government in Egypt 2011
The Struggle in Yemen:: A Test for the Arab Collective 2015
The Suez Canal:: A Route for Cultivating the Peace with Egypt 2019
Suicide Attacks in 2014:: The Global Picture 2015
Suicide Attacks in 2015 2016
Suicide Attacks in 2018:: Fewer Attacks and Victims in Fewer Countries 2019
Suicide Bombings in 2016:: The Highest Number of Fatalities 2017
Suicide Bombings Worldwide in 2019:: Signs of Decline following the Military Defeat of the Islamic State 2020
Suicide Bombings Worldwide in 2020 2021
The Superpower Cyber War and the US Elections 2016
The Superpowers and the Struggle over Syria 2013
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Syria ― From a State to a Hybrid System:: Implications for Israel 2018
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Syrian Weapons in Hizbollah Hands 2013
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Syria’s New Map and New Actors:: Challenges and Opportunities for Israel 2016
The System-Wide Campaign to Battle the Corona Crisis in Israel 2020
Tectonics, Techno-economics, and National Security:: The Strategic Clash between the United States and China, and Implications for Israel 2019
The Temple Mount Crisis and Israel’s Cabinet:: Recommendations for the Future 2017
The Temple Mount Crisis and Israel’s Cabinet:: Recommendations for the Future 2017
The Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH):: Israel’s Decision to End the Mandate 2019
Temporary ISIS:: A Risk Assessment 2014
The Ten Leading Challenges Facing the New IDF Chief of Staff 2019
The Tension in Jerusalem – Preventing the Eruption of “the Volcano” 2014
Tensions in Tripoli:: The Syrian Crisis and its Impact on Lebanon 2012
The Terror Attack in Toulouse:: Aberration or Symptom? 2012
The Terror Attacks in Paris:: Tip of the Iceberg or a Passing Episode? 2015
Terror Strikes Again in Egypt 2014
Terrorism in the Jerusalem Synagogue:: From National Struggle to Religious War? 2014
The Threat of Connected Devices to the Internet 2016
Three Months to Election Day:: What Do the Numbers Tell Us? 2012
A Threefold Challenge for Trump against Iran 2017
Tightrope over the Tigris:: Iraqi Prime Minister Reins in Iran-Backed Militias 2020
Time to Reach a Settlement with a Functional and Restrained Entity in the Gaza Strip 2018
Time to Stop the Defense Budget Debate? 2014
Tip of the Iceberg:: Report of the UN Secretary-General on Resolution 1701, November 2019 2020
The “Tnufa” Multi-Year Plan for the IDF:: Where are the Cabinet Approval and the Budgets? 2020
The Toppling of the Tunisian Regime:: Ramifications for the Arab World 2011
A Toughened US Stance toward Iran 2012
Tourism to Israel and National Security 2019
Toward a New Russian Initiative on the Israeli-Palestinian Issue? 2015
Toward Resumption of Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations 2013
Transatlantic Cooperation and the Implications for Israel 2021
Trends in Lebanon:: Lebanese Discourse on the Social Networks, July 2012 2012
The Trilateral Israel-US-Russia Meeting:: Motives and Ramifications 2019
The Trump Administration:: Forming a Policy on Settlements? 2017
Trump Administration Policy and American Public Opinion:: Implications for Israel 2018
The Trump Administration Reviews its Policy on Iran 2017
The Trump Administration’s First 100 Days:: From Election Promises to the Challenges of Reality 2017
Trump, Israel, and the American Jewish Community 2017
The Trump Plan:: What’s Next? 2020
The Trump Presidency and the Pragmatic Sunni Regimes 2017
The Trump-Netanyahu Meeting:: An Opportunity for Policy Coordination on Iran in Light of the North Korean Crisis 2017
The Trump-Putin Meeting:: From Hamburg to Southern Syria 2017
The Trump-Putin Meeting:: From Hamburg to Southern Syria 2017
The Trump-Putin Summit:: The Emphasis is the Dialogue, Not the Outcome 2018
Trump's Inherited North Korea Crisis, and Lessons on Iran 2017
Trump’s Intent to Exit the INF Treaty:: Implications for US-Russian Arms Control and Strategic Stability 2018
Trump's "Square One" on the Twisted Road to an Israeli-Palestinian Solution 2017
Trying to Square the Circle:: Can Saudi Arabia Form a United Sunni Front? 2015
The Turbulence in Iraq:: The Iranian Angle 2014
Turkey after the Presidential Election:: A Difficult Challenge for Israel’s Foreign Policy 2014
Turkey after the Referendum:: The Ongoing Challenges 2017
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Turkey Drifting in the Middle East Winds of Change 2014
Turkey Navigates between East and West, Shiites and Sunnis 2015
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Turkey’s Nuclear Motivation:: Between NATO and Regional Aspirations 2019
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The Turkish Attacks in Syria:: An About-Face by Ankara? 2015
Turkish-Egyptian Maritime Negotiations:: Hype or Substance? 2021
Turnaround in Saudi-Iranian Relations? 2017
Two Years into the Five-Year Plan for Economic Development of the Arabs in Israel 2017
The UAE and Israel:: Normalization over Annexation, and Denial of a Palestinian Veto 2020
Ukraine:: An American-Russian Wrestling Arena 2014
Ukraine and Operation Protective Edge:: Two Sides to Russia’s Foreign Policy Coin 2014
The Ukraine Crisis:: Preliminary Comments 2014
The Ukrainian Crisis:: Is It Over? 2014
The UN Aftermath of President Trump's Announcement on Jerusalem 2018
The UN and Autonomous Weapons Systems:: A Missed Opportunity? 2015
UN General Assembly "Uniting for Palestine" 2011
The UN Secretary-General’s Periodic Report on Resolution 1701:: Somewhat Revealing, Still Mostly Concealing 2019
A Unified Government in Libya:: Potential Regional Implications 2021
UNIFIL after Security Council Resolution 2373:: Same Forces, More Reports 2018
UNIFIL II, Ten Years On:: Strong Force, Weak Mandate 2016
A Unilateral Move:: Preferable to a Bad Agreement with a Terrorist Organization 2014
"Unite the Right" Divides the Jews:: Charlottesville and Relations between American Jewry and Israel 2017
The United Arab Emirates:: Proactive in War and Peace 2020
The United Nations and Anti-semitism:: Perhaps Not What You Thought 2019
The United States:: Prepared and Fit for Military Intervention in Iraq? 2014
The United States and China at the Outset of the Trump Era:: A Rocky Start, with Far-Reaching Potential 2017
The United States and Israel:: Insights following Operation Guardian of the Walls 2021
The United States and Israel:: A Shared Strategy for the Challenges of the Middle East 2013
The United States and Pakistan:: Partnership in Crisis 2011
United States and Saudi Arabia:: Recalculating their Route 2021
The United States and the Coalition versus the Islamic State:: Too Limited an Approach 2014
The United States and the Nuclear Deal with Iran 2015
The United States and the Policy of Targeted Killing 2011
The United States Attack in Syria:: A Change in Europe-Trump Relations? 2017
A United States Attack on Syria:: Implications for Israel 2013
The United States Congressional Elections:: The Significance for Israel 2014
The United States Decision to Designate the Revolutionary Guards as a Terrorist Organization 2019
The United States Decision to Withdraw Forces from Syria:: Significance for Israel 2018
The United States, Israel, and the Possibility of Formulating an Outline for a Final Agreement with Iran 2014
The United States on the Verge of Military Intervention against Assad? 2016
United States Policy in the Middle East:: The Need for a Grand Strategy 2017
United States Policy on Regime Change in Iran 2017
The United States Returns to Iraq 2014
The United States Strike in Syria:: Local Damage, Global Message 2017
The United States, Syria, and Chemical Weapons:: An Unfinished Symphony 2016
The United States vs. Iran in Advance of the US Presidential Elections 2020
The United States Withdrawal from the Nuclear Deal with Iran:: Lessons from a Simulation 2018
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United States–Russian Friction:: Implications for the Middle East 2013
The Uprising in Egypt:: An Initial Assessment 2011
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US Budget Sequestration 2013
The US Cyberattack on Iran:: The Campaign-Level and Strategic Dimensions 2019
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The US on an Israeli Military Strike against Iran:: A Change in Position? 2012
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The US Presidential Race:: October 2011 Update 2011
The US Presidential Race:: July 2011 Update 2011
The US Withdrawal from Afghanistan Portends a Vacuum and Uncertain Future 2021
The Use of Code Mutation to Produce Multi-use Cyber Weapons 2013
The Use of Mercenaries:: A New Recourse to an Old Practice for Waging War in the Middle East 2020
US-Gulf States Relations:: Mutual Sobering? 2018
US-Israel Bilateral Relations and Recent Developments in the UN 2018
US-Russia Relations:: Implications for Israel 2018
US-Saudi Relations:: On the Verge of a Crisis? 2014
US-Saudi Relations:: What Lies Ahead? 2020
US-Turkish Relations following the Release of Pastor Brunson:: Back on Track? 2018
The Vaccine Race:: China Expands its Global Influence 2021
The Value of Positive Campaigning:: Imamoglu’s Victory in Istanbul 2019
Verification in Iran:: No Substitute for Prevention 2014
A Veritable Battlefield:: The Palestinians’ Legal Warfare Strategy 2014
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The War in Yemen and Future Relations between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi 2019
"War Month":: A Test of the IDF’s Operational Concept and a Dress Rehearsal for the Next War 2021
The War on Terrorism in Sinai:: A Watershed? 2017
Water in the Land of the Nile:: From Crisis to Opportunity? 2018
The Weakening of the Islamic State:: Have the Mighty Fallen? 2017
The Weakening of Wilayat Sinai 2016
Weaving a Stronger Sunni Axis 2016
What Can Be Learned from the National Home Front Exercise? 2015
What Remains of al-Qaeda’s Ambitious Vision for Syria? 2019
What Underlies Russia's Ongoing Support for Assad? 2012
What Will the Iran Deal Mean for NATO Missile Defense? 2015
When an Old Disease Meets a New Disease:: Antisemitism and Delegitimization of Israel in the COVID-19 Era 2020
When Beijing Is Angry:: China’s Punitive Reprisals when Its Interests are Harmed 2020
When Parallel Red Lines Meet:: Recent Events in Syria in Various Contexts 2018
When Will the US Sanctions on Iran be Lifted, and by Whom? 2015
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Will the United States Attempt to Renew the Political Process after the Israeli Elections? 2015
Winds of Change:: Israel Joins the US Central Command Area 2021
With a New World Order Taking Shape, Turkey Again Looks Eastward 2019
With a New World Order Taking Shape, Turkey Again Looks Eastward 2019
With Resolve, Good Judgment, and Deliberate Speed 2012
Words over Missiles:: Hezbollah's Cognitive Campaign in Syria 2018
World Oil and Energy Trends:: Strategic Implications for the Middle East 2000
A Year of Protests in Iran:: Situation Assessment 2018
Yemen:: Between Iran, al-Qaeda, and the West 2012
Yemen:: Stalemated, Unstable, and 4 Potential Game Changers 2021
Yemen after Saleh:: Microcosm of a Regional Struggle 2017
Yemen after Saleh 2011
Yemen on the Verge of the Abyss 2014
Yes to Negotiations, Yes to an Agreement – an Agreement that, even if Violated, Distances Iran from the Bomb 2013
“You Cannot Step into the Same River Twice”:: The Disengagement of Forces Agreement on the Golan of 1974 and UNDOF of 2018 2018