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Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Research Reports in JSTOR from Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
537 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
The 2010 Universe of Cities:: A New Perspective on Global Urbanization 2018
360 Degrees of Development:: Universities as Real Estate Developers in Atlanta 2008
Access to Land, Local Taxes and Financing of Urban Development:: The Case of Santiago, Chile 2000
Accuracy Assessment and Map Comparisons for Monitoring Urban Expansion:: The Atlas of Urban Expansion and the Global Human Settlement 2018
Achievements and Shortcomings of the Venezuelan Government in Value Capture 1998
Achieving Lasting Affordability through Inclusionary Housing 2014
Addressing Excess Development Entitlements:: Lessons Learned in Teton County, Idaho 2012
The Adoption and Repeal of the Two Rate Property Tax in Amsterdam, New York 1998
Affordable Housing Policies and Urban Land Markets in Peru 2013
Agentes económicos en el mercado del suelo urbano de Santiago de Chile, período 2010–2015. Aportes a la discusión pública. 2019
The Algebra of Tax Burden Shifts from Assessment Limitations 2007
Altering Regulatory Frameworks in Namibia:: Merging Informal and Formal Land Tenures 2003
Alternative Futures Modeling in Maine’s Penobscot River Watershed:: Forging a Regional Identity for River Restoration 2012
Amending Perpetual Conservation Easements Confronting the Dilemmas of Change:: A Practitioner’s View 2009
America’s Middle Neighborhoods:: Setting the Stage for Revival 2018
Anglophone East Africa Appendix 5:: Mauritius 2010
Anglophone East Africa Appendix 6:: Seychelles 2009
Annotated Bibliography on Land Value Taxation and Value Capture (With a little bit on the Henry George Theorem) 2007-2013 2015
Antiguas ciudades industriales:: Construir un renacimiento equitativo 2020
Application of New Land Value Capture Instruments in Colombia: Desepaz Case Study — Cali 2000
Approaches to Local Regulation of Shale Gas Development 2013
Are Land Use and Development Changes Associated with Value Capture as a Result of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Investments?: A Longitudinal Land Parcel Data Analysis of the First Phase of the BRT System in Bogota, Colombia 2019
Are Property Tax Abatements for Business Structures an Indirect form of Land Value Taxation 2011
Are Property Taxes Forcing the Elderly Out of their Homes? 2010
Area-Based Property Tax Systems:: Current Practice and Equity Concerns 2009
Ask and Ye Shall Receive?: Predicting the Successful Appeal of Property Tax Assessments 2006
Assessing Land Encumbered by Conservation Restrictions 2003
Assessing the Distributive Impact of a Revenue-Neutral Shift from a Uniform Property Tax to a Two-Rate Property Tax with a Uniform Credit 2004
Assessing Urban Land Use Regulation in Argentina:: Literature Review and Research Strategy 2013
Assessment Growth Limits and Mobility:: Evidence from Home Sale Data in Detroit, Michigan 2014
Assessment Limits 2012
Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Local Economies 2009
Assessment of Land Use Effect on Climate Change Sensitivity on the Northern Coastal Zone of Honduras 2013
Asymmetry in Municipal Government Responses in Growing vs. Shrinking Counties with Focus on Capital Spending 2017
Awareness of Land Taxation:: Survey of State Legislators 2003
The Basis of the Property Tax:: A Case Study Analysis of New Zealand and South Africa 2004
Beyond Educational Attainment:: Knowledge-Based Investments to Enhance a Region’s Human Capital and Resident Earnings 2010
Beyond Housing:: Urban Agriculture and Commercial Development by Community Land Trusts 2012
Biases in Analysis of Split-Rate Property Tax Reforms:: Hawaii’s Experience 1963-1979 2009
A Blueprint for Smart Tax in Britain 2003
Boston’s Open Space and Sea Level Rise: An Assessment of the Role of Open Spaces in Mitigating the Impacts of Climate Change-Related Sea Level Rise and Flooding 2018
The Brazilian Housing Program Minha Casa Minha Vida:: Effect on Urban Sprawl 2018
Bringing the Campus to the Community:: An Examination of the Clark University Park Partnership after Ten Years 2007
Bubble Economics:: How Big a Shock to China’s Real Estate Sector Will Throw the Country into Recession, and Why Does It Matter? 2016
Building a Large Landscape Conservation Community of Practice 2017
Building Better City-CLT Partnerships: A Program Manual for Municipalities and Community Land Trusts 2008
Built Environment, Travel, Nutrition and Health in Chinese Cities:: Evidence from the China Health and Nutrition Survey 2012
California’s Parcel Tax 2014
Can Leasing Public Land Be An Alternative Source of Local Public Finance? 1996
Can Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Reverse Urban Decline? 2003
The Capitalization Effects of Development Impact Fees:: Commercial and Residential Land Values 2012
The Case of the Disappearing City:: Redistribution without Growth 2001
Causes and Consequences of Fiscal Stress in Michigan Municipal Governments 2010
Centralization of School Finance and Property Values:: Lessons from Vermont 2010
CePACs and Their Value Capture Viability in the U.S. for Infrastructure Funding 2018
Changing Views, Values, and Uses of Land 2007
China’s Special Economic Zones and Industrial Clusters:: Success and Challenges 2012
China’s Urbanisation from Below:: Village Led Land and Property Development 2014
Chronicle of the 161-Year History of State-Imposed Property Tax Limitations 2015
The CIPUV Residential Land Use Regulatory Index:: A Measure of the Local Regulatory Environment for Land and Housing Markets in Argentina’s Municipalities 2015
The City of Havana:: The Practice of and Perspectives on Urban Value Capture 2000
Coastal States’ Climate Adaptation Initiatives:: Sea Level Rise and Municipal Engagement 2012
The Community Land Trust as a Highway Environmental Impact Mitigation Tool 2005
Community Land Trusts And Limited Equity Cooperatives:: A Marriage Of Affordable Homeownership Models? 2014
Community Land Trusts and Low-Income Multifamily Rental Housing:: The Case of Cooper Square, New York City 2007
Comparing Central City Finances Using Fiscally Standardized Cities 2014
A Compendium of Countries with an Area-Based Property Tax 2009
Competition and Property Tax Limit Overrides:: Revisiting Massachusetts’ Proposition 2 ½ 2014
Congestion Pricing:: How? 2012
Congestion Pricing in China:: Why? 2012
Conservation Easements in the U.S. and Abroad:: Reflections and Views toward the Future 2014
Conservation Easements Outside of the United States 2011
The Conservation Movement:: Success Through the Selection and Design of Local Referenda 2007
Conserving Biodiversity on South Africa’s Privately-Owned Grasslands:: Farmer Experiences with Protected Areas 2020
Consistency of Land Values:: Comparison of Three General Approaches to Valuing Land Where There are Few Vacant Land Sales 2008
The Continuing Redistribution of Fiscal Stress:: The Long Run Consequences of Proposition 13 1998
Contribución de mejoras en América Latina: Experiencias, desafíos y oportunidades 2020
The Costs and Benefits of Urban Expansion:: Evidence from Mexico, 1990–2010 2019
Could land-based financing help create fiscal space for investment by Brazil’s municipalities? 2016
Cowboys and Conservation:: A Short History of and Reflections on the Dramatic Growth of Private Land Conservation in Western Ranching 2015
A Critical Review of Property Tax Relief in Wisconsin:: The School Levy Credit and the First Dollar Credit 2010
Current Issues and Perspectives in Urban Water Demand Management:: A Report on the 5th Urban Water Demand Roundtable April 8–9, 2019, Tempe, Arizona 2020
Current Use Property Taxation In the Conservation of New Hampshire Land:: An Empirical Investigation Using Multiple Imputations 2012
Current Value Assessment in the Greater Toronto Area:: Impacts and Policy Implications 2001
Current-Use Property Assessment and Land Development:: A Theoretical and Empirical Review of Development Penalties 2002
Dealing with “Small Property Rights” in China’s Land Market Development:: What Can China Learn from Its Past Reforms and the World Experience? 2014
The Debt Magnitude and Insolvency Risk of Local Financing Platforms in China 2012
Defining an Engagement Strategy to Create and Implement the Fourth Regional Plan in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Region 2012
Defining Metropolitan and Megapolitan Areas 2014
Denial of Municipal Services to Taxpaying Condominium and Homeowner Association Unit Owners 2011
Design Principles are not Blue Prints, but are They Robust?: A Meta-analysis of 112 Studies 2009
Designing Land Value Capture Tools in the Context of Complex Tenurial and Deficient Land Use Regulatory Regimes in Accra, Ghana 2019
Determinants of Change in the Intermountain West 2013
Detroit Property Tax Delinquency:: Social Contract in Crisis 2014
Developing a Web-Based Prioritization Tool for the Lower Susquehanna River 2013
The Development of Copycat Towns in China:: An Analysis of Their Economic, Social, and Environmental Implications 2017
Different Types of Spatial Mismatch:: A U.S.-China Comparison of Poverty Concentration and Low-Skill Job Distribution 2012
The Distribution and Concentration of Population in the United States, 1900-2000 2008
Distributive Impacts and Support for Mass Transportation Projects:: An Experimental Evaluation in Bogotá, Colombia 2018
Do Bylaws Matter?: Evaluating Conservation Subdivision Design 2007
Do Growth Controls Matter?: A Review of Empirical Evidence on the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Local Government Land Use Regulation 1990
Do Homeowners Associations Mitigate or Aggravate Negative Spillovers from Neighboring Homeowner Distress? 2013
Do Inclusionary Housing Policies Promote Housing Affordability?: Evidence from the Palmer Decision in California 2015
Do Wisconsin Tax Increment Finance Districts Stimulate Growth in Real Estate Values? 2007
Does Market-Based Housing Offer Higher Housing Satisfaction to Urban Residents than Other Housing Access in China?: Evidence from the 2005 Beijing Livable City Evaluation Survey 2012
Does Urban Design Influence Property Values in High-Poverty Urban Neighborhoods? 2005
Doing Bad by Doing Good?: An Empirical Analysis of the Incentives from Informal Settlements’ Upgrading Programs on Urban Informality 2019
A Duration Analysis of Tax Increment Finance District Lifespans:: The Case of Wisconsin 2011
The Economic Implications of House Price Capitalization:: A Survey of an Emerging Literature 2011
Economic Transition, Development Zones, and Urban Land Expansion in the Yangtze River Delta, China 2015
Editing and Verifying Sales Disclosure Forms in Indiana:: A Primer 2002
The Effect of Land Value Ratio on Property Tax Protests and the Effects of Protests on Assessment Uniformity 2010
The Effect of Property Taxes on Location Decisions:: Evidence From the Market for Second Homes 2008
The Effect of the Housing Crisis on the Finances of Central Cities 2017
Effective Practices in Funding Land Conservation for Impact 2011
The Effectiveness of Community Land Trusts:: An Affordable Homeownership Comparison 2007
The Effects of Land Development on Municipal Finance:: A Conceptual Overview 2009
The Effects of Land Policy on Urban Land Prices in Bogotá 2007
The Effects of Land Value Taxation in a Computable General Equilibrium Model 2014
Effects of Plans on Urban Development in Beijing:: Do They Contain Growth 2014
Effects of Property Tax Abatements on Tax Rates and Capital Costs:: The Case of Monroe County, Indiana 2003
The Effects of State Personal Property Taxation on Effective Tax Rates for Commercial Property 2018
The Effects of the Two-Rate Property Tax:: What Can We Learn from the Pennsylvania Experience? 2014
The Efficiency Gains from Agricultural Land Tax Reform:: England 1836-1855 2001
Eminent Domain, Inc. 2007
An Empirical Analysis of Land Use Regulation Determinants 2015
An Empirical Analysis of the Incidence of Location on Land and Building Values 2002
An Empirical Evaluation of Alternative Land Valuation Models 2002
Environmental Planning for Sustainable Food Supply 2007
Equity and Efficiency Considerations in Use Value Taxation 2005
Equity and Fairness within Ad Valorem Real Property Taxes 2000
An Essay on the Political Economy of Two-Rate Property Taxation 2004
Estimates of the Total Cost and Distribution of Tax Relief Under State Funded Property Tax Circuit Breakers 2009
Estimating Agricultural Use Value for Property Tax Purposes:: How do State Programs Assess Use Value? 2011
Estimating Land Values using Residential Sales Data 2009
Estimating Tax Savings from Homestead Exemptions and Property Tax Credits 2015
Estimating the Responsiveness of Residential Capital Investment to Property Tax Differentials 2011
Estimation of Airport Infrastructure Capitalization for Land Value Capture Purposes:: An Analysis of Denver and Atlanta 2013
Evaluating the Accuracy of American Community Survey Data on Housing Values and Property Taxes 2014
Evaluating the Effect of Differences in Revenue Systems on the Fiscal Health of Large U.S. Cities 2017
Evaluating the Feasibility and Burden Shifting Impacts of a Statewide Land Value Tax on Commercial and Industrial Property 2004
An Evaluation Framework for the Use of Scenarios in Urban Planning 2017
Evidence on the Distributional Effects and Administrative Feasibility of a Land Value Tax:: Who Wins, Who Loses, and Can It Happen? 2009
An Examination into the Effects of Land Value Taxation in the UK:: An Update of the Whitstable Case Studies 2004
An Exploratory Overview of Property Taxation in the Commonwealth of Nations 2005
EXPLORATORY SCENARIO PLANNING: How to Navigate an Uncertain Future 2020
Exploratory Scenario Planning: Lessons Learned in the Field 2014
Exploring Changes in Homeowner Property Taxes in Wisconsin, 2000 to 2005 2009
Exploring the Linkage between Economic Base, Revenue Growth, and Revenue Stability in Large Municipal Governments 2017
Exploring the Use of Land Value Capture Instruments for Green Resilient Infrastructure Benefits:: A Framework Applied in Cali, Colombia 2019
The Exposition Light Rail Line Study:: “Before-After” Opening Travel Impacts and New Resident Sample Preliminary Analysis 2013
Externalidades urbanas en el mercado de suelo y en las finanzas municipales de la renovación de centros urbanos.: El caso de la Municipalidad de Santiago de Chile 2018
A Fair Trade:: Observations and Recommendations for Improving the Land Tenure Adjustment Process between State and Federal Agencies in the West 2012
Farming Inside Cities:: Entrepreneurial Urban Agriculture in the United States 2000
Features, Problems and Reform of County and Township Fiscal Administration System in China 2012
Financial Sustainability Index:: A Self-Assessment Tool for Financial Sustainability 2017
Financing Transit Oriented Development by Value Capture:: Negotiating Better Public Infrastructure 2019
Finanzas municipales en México: Por qué unos municipios recaudan más y gastan mejor 2019
Finding New Forms for America’s Legacy Cities 2012
A First Glance at China’s 2010 Census:: Urbanization and Regional Dynamics 2014
The First Homes Community Land Trust 2005
Fiscal Disparity across Chinese Cities 2012
The Fiscal Health of U.S. Cities 2013
Fiscal Impact Analysis:: Methods, Cases, and Intellectual Debate 2006
Fiscal Zoning and Economists’ Views of the Property Tax 2013
Forests in United States Climate Policy:: A Comprehensive Approach 2009
The Fragmentation of Urban Footprints:: Global Evidence of Sprawl, 1990-2000 2010
A Framework for a Financial Sustainability Index 2017
Francophone Africa 4 Appendix 1:: Niger 2009
Francophone Central Africa Appendix 4:: Democratic Republic of the Congo 2009
Francophone Central Africa Appendix 6:: Burundi 2009
Francophone Southern Africa Appendix 2:: Madagascar 2009
Francophone Southern Africa Appendix 3:: South Africa 2010
Francophone Southern Africa Appendix 4:: Lesotho 2010
Full Disclosure:: Unanticipated Improvements in Property Tax Uniformity 2005
Further Development and Practical Application of Market-Based Land Mass Appraisal On-Line System for Land Taxation 2008
Further Empirical Evidence on Property Taxation and the Occurrence of Urban Sprawl 2016
Future Challenges of Sustainable Land Use in Taiwan 2007
Future Sea Level Rise Scenarios and the Shoreline of Mar del Plata, Argentina:: Assessing Socioeconomic Impacts and Relief Measures 2012
Geographical Scope of University Expansion and its Impact on Land and Housing Markets — A Method and its Demonstration with a Case Study of an Urban University 2006
Getting Right-of-Way Right:: Landowner Compensation for Electric Power Transmission Rights-of-Way 2013
Global Challenges for Land Administration and Sustainable Development 2007
A Global Compendium and Meta-Analysis of Property Tax Systems 2013
The Global Reach of Land Trust Organizations 2015
Government Actions Affecting Land and Property Values:: An Empirical Review of Takings and Givings 1996
Government Institutions and the Dynamics of Urban Growth in China 2018
Green Infrastructure in Patagonia:: Sharing the Recent Chilean Land Conservation Experience with the European Conservation Community 2018
Greenventory 2.0:: Sustainability Lessons from Small and Midsize Legacy Cities 2020
A Guide to the Structure of Property Tax Abatements in the United States 2002
Harnessing Technology for Land Conservation:: Reflections on the Evolving Role of Geographic Information Services and Technology in Advancing the Land for People Mission of The Trust for Public Land 2018
Harnessing Technology to Accelerate Land Protection:: GIS at The Trust for Public Land 2019
The History and Purpose of Tax Increment Finance Policy in Wisconsin: Do Wisconsin Tax Increment Finance Districts Stimulate Growth in Real Estate Values? Do They Contribute to Sprawl? 2007
Household Mobility and Local Government Finance in U.S. Cities 2020
Housing Affordability in a Global Perspective 2018
Housing Affordability in Chinese Cities 2020
Housing Market Spillovers:: Evidence from the End of Rent Control in Cambridge Massachusetts 2012
Housing Subsidies and Urban Segregation:: A Reflection on the Case of South Africa 2001
Housing Supply and Regulation in 35 Chinese Cities 2015
How Are Homeowners Associations Capitalized Into Property Values? 2012
How Differences in Property Taxes within Cities Affect Urban Sprawl 2008
How Scenario Planning Affects Regional and Local Plans and Planning Practices:: An Empirical Analysis 2020
How “Smart” is the Split-Rate Property Tax?: Evidence from Growth Patterns in Pennsylvania 2008
HOW TO USE Exploratory Scenario Planning (XSP): Navigating an Uncertain Future 2020
Identifying the Real Costs and Benefits of Sports Facilities 2002
The Illinois Property Tax:: History and Structure 2007
The Impact of Bus Rapid Transit System on Land Prices in Mexico City 2013
The Impact of Customary Landholding on Emerging Land Markets in Enugu, Nigeria 2007
The Impact of Education Reforms on Property Values:: A Review of the Literature 2009
The Impact of Industrial Diversification and Clustering on the Volatility of City Budgets 2017
Impact of Mumbai (India) Textile Mill Land Development on Land Use and Real Estate Markets 2006
The Impact of Nonprofit, Large Landowners on Public Finance in a Fiscally Distressed Municipality:: A Case Study of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2007
The Impact of Property Taxes and Property Tax Classification on Business Activity in the Chicago Metropolitan Area 1999
The Impact of the Jubilee Line Extension of the London Underground Rail Network on Land Values 2003
The Impact of University Campuses on Disperse Urban Contexts:: Case Study of Brasillia, Brazil 2007
Implementing a Land Value Tax in Urban Residential Communities 2000
Implementing Property Tax Reform in Tanzania 2000
Implementing Value Capture in Israel:: An Examination of Recent Tools and Policies for Urban Renewal and Earthquake Preparedness 2020
Implications of a Split-Rate Real Property Tax:: An Initial Look at Three Virginia Local Government Areas 2004
Improving Collaboration Between State Trust Land Managers and Large Landscape Conservation Practitioners 2013
Improving the Accuracy of Downtown Land Assessment 1999
Improving the Property Tax by Expanding Options for Monthly Payments 2018
Improving the Valuation of Large Commercial Properties for Real Estate Tax Purposes 2006
Inclusionary Housing in the United States:: Prevalence, Impact, and Practices 2017
Income-Based Property Tax Relief:: Circuit Breaker Tax Expenditures 2012
The Influence of Local Fiscal Structure and Growth Control Choices on “Big Box” Urban Sprawl in the American West 2002
Infrastructure Investment in a Messy Urban Growth Scenario:: The Role of Land Value Capture Instruments in Argentina 2020
Institutional Innovation and Rural Land Reform in China:: The Case of Chengdu 2017
Institutional Investment in China’s Infrastructure 2019
Instruments for the Recovery of Value Increments in Latin America:: Weak Implementation, Ambiguous Interpretation 1997
Integrating Exploratory Scenario Planning into a Municipal General Plan Update 2015
Integrating Green Infrastructure Practices into Ongoing Expansion and Management of the Chilean Electrical Transmission Network 2018
Integrating Land and Water:: Tools, Practices, Processes, and Evaluation Criteria 2021
Integrating Scenario Planning Tools with Wildlife Planning Tools:: Informing Land Use Planning in a Rural Desert Landscape via the Morongo Basin Alternative Futures Project 2013
The Intersection Between Planning and the Municipal Budget 2007
Intra-Metropolitan Area Fiscal Capacity Disparities and the Property Tax 2004
Investing in Collections Software to Allow for Monthly Property Tax Payments 2017
Is Informal Transit Land-Oriented?: Investigating the Links Between Informal Transit and Land-Use Planning in Quito, Ecuador 2019
Is Progressive Property Tax Progressive?: Evidences from São Paulo 2018
The Issue of Land in China’s Transition and Urbanization 2012
Land Conversion and Misallocation Across Cities in China 2019
Land Price Data and Land Value Functions in Cracow, Poland 2001
The Land Tax Is Pretty Neutral 2008
Land Taxes and Revenue Needs as Communities Grow and Decline:: Evidence from New Zealand 2004
Land Tenure, Property System Reforms and Emerging Urban Land Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa 2003
Land Transfer Fees for Urban Infrastructure Development in China 2012
Land Value and Community Betterment Taxation in Britain:: Proposals for Legislation and Practice 2000
Land Value Capture in Mexico 1999
The Land Value Gradient in a (Nearly) Collapsed Urban Real Estate Market 2015
Land Value Taxation:: Rating Principles and Guidelines for Kenya 2000
Land Value Taxation:: An Annotated Bibliography 2007
Land Value Taxation:: A Case Study Approach 2001
Land Value Taxation and Eco-taxation:: Their Social and Economic Inter-relationship 2000
Land Value Taxation for Local Government Finance in the Russian Federation:: A Case Study of Saratov Oblast 2006
Land Value Taxation for the Benefit of the Community:: A Review of the Current Situation in the European Union 2000
Land Value Taxation in Britain for the Benefit of the Community:: History, Achievements and Prospects 1997
Land Value Taxation in Indiana:: Challenges and Issues 2000
Land Value Taxation in South Korea 2001
Land Value Taxation Views, Concepts and Methods:: A Primer 2000
Land Values, Property Rights, and Home Ownership:: Implications for Property Taxation in Peru 2018
Landowners on the Metropolitan Fringe:: Results from a Survey of Owners in Four US Metropolitan Areas 2006
Landvaluescape and U.K. Tax Reform:: A Report on Aspects of the Study of Land Value Taxation carried out in Oxfordshire, 2003-2005 2006
Large Landscape Conservation:: Recommendations for Online Data and Tools 2012
Large Landscape Conservation:: A View from the Field 2011
Large Scale Urban Projects:: The State and Gentrification in the Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Region 2020
Leadership of Land Trusts:: Generational Transition and Preparing for the Future 2016
Leasing Renewable Energy on State Trust Lands in the Intermountain West 2012
The Legal Requirements Regarding Valuation of Land and Improvements for Property Tax Purposes 2001
Legal Suggestions for Enacting Land Value Taxation 1999
Less Than Nothing:: Land Value Taxation When Land Values Are Negative 2012
Lessons from Attempted Utopia:: Fairhope, AL and Arden, DE 2004
Lessons from the Ground Up:: Approaches to Squatter Settlements 2014
Lessons from the location and relocation of firms in the municipalities to the north and west of Bogotá 2015
Local Government Finances During and After the Great Recession 2014
Local Government, Fiscal Autonomy and Fiscal Stress:: The Case of California 1999
Local Land Use Planning and Climate Change Policy:: Summary Report from Focus Groups and Interviews With Local Officials in the Intermountain West 2009
Local Public Goods and Property Tax Compliance:: Evidence from Residential Street Pavement 2015
The Long-Run Effects of Subsidized Housing on Travel Behavior:: Evidence from China’s Housing Reform 2015
Loss of plot formality through unregistered transactions:: evidence from a natural experiment in Peru 2014
Lusophone Africa Appendix 4:: Guinea Bissau 2009
Lusophone Africa Appendix 5:: Angola 2009
Management of Suburban Growth:: Changes in Land Use and the Real Estate Market in the Area of Influence of the New International Airport of Quito, Ecuador 2007
The MDB as Mid-Wife:: Delivering Property Rights Reform 2007
Measuring Informality:: Why Bother? An Application to Latin America 2012
Measuring Spatial Structure of China’s Mega-Regions 2012
Measuring the Effect of State Income Tax Incentives on Land Conservation 2007
Measuring the Fiscal Health of Municipalities 2017
Measuring the Fiscal Health of U.S. Cities 2020
Measuring the Impact of Tax and Expenditure Limits on Public School Finance in Colorado 2015
Measuring Urban Attitudes Using Twitter:: An Exploratory Study 2015
Measuring Use-Value Assessment Tax Expenditures 1998
Mecanismos y estrategias de política de suelo y vivienda para la inclusión social. Caso de estudio Bogotá D.C., período 2000–2015 2019
Mechanisms for Cities to Manage Institutionally Led Real Estate Development 2007
Mechanisms for Urban Value Capture Resulting from Public Actions 2000
The Messy Business of Ordering:: The Impacts of Urban Redevelopment in Manizales, Colombia 2012
A Methodology for Valuing Town Conservation Land 1998
Methodology Used to Create Fiscally Standardized Cities Database 2016
Methods of Valuing Land for Real Property Taxation:: An Examination of Practices in States that Require Separate Valuation Of Land and Improvements 2006
Metropolitan Land Values and Housing Productivity 2013
Minha Casa Minha Vida (MCMV), Access and Mobility:: A Case for Transit-Oriented Low-Income Housing in Rio de Janeiro 2018
Minnesota’s Road to a Legacy Amendment:: How We Created and Passed a Constitutional Amendment with Vision, Partnerships, Strategy, Promotion, and Perseverance 2017
Mortgage Enforcement and Public Regulatory Actions in China in Selected Chinese Cities 2016
Motor Fuel Taxation, Energy Conservation, and Economic Development:: A Regional Approach 2006
Municipal Fiscal Structures and Land-Based Growth in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area 2007
Municipal Taxes as Instruments for Value Capture in Perú 1999
A Narrative on Land Law Reform in Uganda 2003
A National Study of Community Land Trusts 2007
The Nature of Value and the Value of Nature:: A Review of Appraisal Methodology Concerning Natural Resource and Environmental Values 2014
The New American Ghost Town:: Foreclosure, Abandonment, and the Prospects for City Planning 2010
New Estimates of the Elasticity of Substitution between Land and Capital 2014
The New Land Act and Its Possible Impacts on Urban Land in Tanzania 2003
New Trend of Urbanization in China:: Land and Housing Development in Suburban Areas and Small Towns 2012
North-Central Africa Appendix 1:: Chad 2010
North-East Africa Appendix 2:: Kenya 2010
North-East Africa Appendix 3:: Tanzania 2010
North-East Africa Appendix 4:: Uganda 2010
Not Your Ordinary Joe:: The St. Joe Company and Florida’s Great Northwest 2007
Note on Measuring Changes in Capital/Land Ratios Related to Tax Changes 2008
On-Bill Repayment:: Repaying Clean Energy Investments on Utility Bills 2013
An Open Field:: Emerging Opportunities for a Global Private Land Conservation Movement 2014
Opportunities and Risks of Capturing Land Values Under Hong Kong’s Leasehold System 1998
Options for Restructuring Detroit’s Property Tax Preliminary Analysis 2012
Outperforming the Market:: Making Sense of the Low Rates of Delinquencies and Foreclosures in Community Land Trusts 2010
An Overview of Property Taxation in Lusophone Africa 2009
Overview of the Property Tax in Latin America 2010
Patient Capital and School Trust Real Estate Programs 2006
Payments in Lieu of Taxes by Nonprofits:: Which Nonprofits Make PILOTs and Which Localities Receive Them 2012
The Persistent Decline in Urban Densities:: Global and Historical Evidence of ‘Sprawl’ 2010
A Planet of Cities:: Urban Land Cover Estimates and Projections for All Countries, 2000-2050 2010
Planificación de escenarios:: Aceptar la incertidumbre para tomar mejores decisiones 2019
Planning and the Climate Change in the Caribbean 2013
Planning for Conservation Priorities Across Community Values:: An Evaluation of the Conservation Priority Setting Methodology as Developed by Perlman and Western Lands and Communities 2013
Planning for Sustainable Development:: Measuring Progress in Plans 1999
Policies Affecting Renewable Energy Generation on State Trust Lands in the Intermountain West 2013
Policies and Mechanisms on Land Value Capture:: Taiwan Case Study 1998
Policy Options for the Taxation of Agriculture Land and Agricultural Income in India 2004
The Political Economy of Voter Support for School Property Taxation 2016
Políticas de Suelo, Derecho Urbanístico y Cambio Climático:: Instrumentos Urbanísticos-Tributarios como Medidas para Enfrentar al Cambio Climático 2019
Políticas de Suelo, Derecho Urbanístico y Cambio Climático: Instrumentos Urbanísticos-Tributarios como Medidas para enfrentar al Cambio Climático: Etapa 2: Análisis de casos 2020
A Politician’s Appraisal of Property Taxation:: Israel’s Experience with the Arnona 1999
The Potential for a Property Tax in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1999
Predicting House Price Bubbles and Busts with Econometric Models:: What We’ve Learned. What We Still Don’t Know. 2012
Predicting Municipal Fiscal Distress:: Aspiration or Reality? 2018
Predicting the Impact of the Housing Crisis and the “Great Recession” on the Revenues of the Nation’s Largest Central Cities 2012
Preferential Assessment for Open Space 2012
Preferential Assessment of Rural Land in the United States:: A Literature Review and Reform Proposals 2011
Preferential Property Tax Treatment of Land 1993
Premature Subdivisions and What to Do About Them 2010
Preparing for Land Value Taxation in Britain 2000
Preparing to Pilot Land Value Taxation in Britain 2002
The Preservation of Subsidized Housing:: What We Know and Need to Know 2018
Preserving Whose Neighborhood?: The Effects of Adaptive Reuse by the Savannah College of Art & Design on Property Value and Community Change in Savannah, Georgia 2007
The Price Elasticity of the Demand for Residential Land:: Estimation and Implications of Tax Code-Related Subsidies on Urban Form 1999
Priceless:: Duties and Powers of State Trust Land Departments and the Effects of Appraisal Methods and Practices 2016
Property Assessment Limits:: Effects on Homestead Property Tax Burdens and National Property Tax Rankings 2011
Property Tax and Urban Sprawl.: Theory and Implications for U.S. Cities 2005
Property Tax Delinquency and the Number of Payment Installments 2012
The Property Tax in Developing Countries:: Current Practice and Prospects 2007
The Property Tax in Latvia:: System Structure and Current Challenges 2020
Property Tax Limitations and Local Fiscal Conditions:: The Impact of Proposition 2½ in Massachusetts 2010
Property Tax Reform:: The Northern Ireland Experience 2010
Property Tax Responses to State Aid Cuts in the Recent Fiscal Crisis 2007
Property Taxation and Current Use Assessment:: A Theoretical Note 2002
Property Taxation and Residential Density:: Theory and Empirics 2008
Property Taxation in Anglophone East Africa:: Case Study of Mauritius 2010
Property Taxation in Anglophone East Africa:: Case Study of Seychelles 2009
Property Taxation in Anglophone East Africa:: Case Study of Tanzania 2010
Property Taxation in Anglophone East Africa:: Case Study of Uganda 2010
Property Taxation in Anglophone West Africa:: Case Study of Liberia 2009
Property Taxation in Anglophone West Africa:: Regional Overview 2009
Property Taxation in East Africa:: The Tale of Three Reforms 2000
Property Taxation in Francophone Africa 3:: Case Study of Democratic Madagascar 2009
Property Taxation in Francophone Africa 3:: Case Study of Democratic Republic of the Congo 2009
Property Taxation in Francophone Africa 4:: Case Study of Niger 2009
Property Taxation in Francophone Central Africa:: Case Study of Gabon 2009
Property Taxation in Francophone Central Africa:: Case Study of Central African Republic 2009
Property Taxation in Francophone Central Africa:: Case Study of the Republic of Congo 2009
Property Taxation in Francophone Central Africa:: Case Study of Rwanda 2009
Property Taxation in Francophone Central Africa:: Case Study of Cameroon 2009
Property Taxation in Francophone Central Africa:: Case Study of Burundi 2009
Property Taxation in Francophone West Africa:: Case Study of Senegal 2009
Property Taxation in Francophone West Africa:: Case Study of Côte d’Ivoire 2009
Property Taxation in Illinois:: A Framework for Reform 2008
Property Taxation in Indonesia:: Challenges from Decentralization 2003
Property Taxation in New Zealand 2002
Property Taxation in North-east Africa:: Case Study of Ethiopia 2009
Property Taxation in Three Francophone Countries in West and Central Africa 2009
Property Taxation in Two Francophone Countries in Central and West Africa 2009
Property Taxation within the Southern African Development Community (SADC):: Current Status and Future Prospects of Land Value Taxation 2003
Property Taxes for Local Finance:: Research Results and Policy Perspectives (Reconsidering Property Taxes: Perhaps Not So Bad After All) 2009
Prospects for Land Rent Taxes in State and Local Tax Reforms 2001
Protestas fiscales en Colombia, 2011–2015 2019
Public Acceptability and Land Value Taxation:: An Experimental Economics Investigation 2017
Public Finance and Planning:: A Survey of Planning Schools 2007
Public Housing and Unemployment in Postindustrial Hong Kong 2014
Public Values and Conservation Land:: A Case Study of the Norumbega Project, Weston, MA 1999
The Question of the Legal Regularization of Urban Barrios in Venezuela 2000
The Quiet Corner Initiative at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies 2012
The Rating of Crown Property in the UK:: The Issues Past and Present 2013
Recession, Recovery, and State and Local Finances 2011
Recessionary Property Taxes:: Evidence from Maryland 2019
A Reconnaissance of Currently Available Measures of Effective Property Tax Rates 2008
(Re)Defining Successful Anchor Strategies 2014
Reform of the Property Tax and Problems of Real Estate Appraisal for Taxation Purposes in Transitional Economies of Central and Eastern Europe 2005
Regeneration in Old Havana and the role of Value Capture 2000
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