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Lowy Institute for International Policy

Publisher Description

The Lowy Institute is an independent, nonpartisan international policy think tank located in Sydney, Australia. It is Australia's leading think tank, providing high-quality research and distinctive perspectives on the international trends shaping Australia and the world. The Lowy Institute hosts speeches by leading national and international figures and holds events and conferences to discuss key global issues. It aims to deepen the international policy debate in Australia and to give Australia a greater voice on the international stage.
Research Reports in JSTOR from Lowy Institute for International Policy
162 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
The 2012 National Elections in Papua New Guinea:: Averting Violence 2012
The 2016 presidential campaign and the crisis of US foreign policy 2016
An accident waiting to happen:: Trump, Putin and the US―Russia relationship 2017
ADB Outlook Background Paper:: The Evolving Post–crisis World 2010
Al-Qa’ida, Tribes and Instability in Yemen 2009
Ambition:: The Emerging Foreign Policy of the Rudd Government 2008
“Americanism, not globalism”:: President Trump and the American mission 2018
Antarctica:: Assessing and Protecting Australia’s National Interests 2011
ASEAN—Australia relations:: The suitable status quo 2018
Assessing the Quad:: Prospects and Limitations of Quadrilateral Cooperation for Advancing Australia’s Interests 2020
The Audacity of Reasonableness:: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, US Foreign Policy and Australia 2012
Australia in the UN Security Council 2014
The Australia–India Strategic Partnership:: Accelerating Security Cooperation in the Indo–Pacific 2020
Australian foreign fighters:: Risks and responses 2015
Australia’s South China Sea challenges 2021
Autopilot:: East Asia policy under Trump 2017
Bad Moon Not Rising:: The Myth of the Gulf Shi‘a Crescent 2008
Behind the veil:: Women in jihad after the caliphate 2019
Between Defiance and Détente:: Iran’s 2009 Presidential Election and its Impact on Foreign Policy 2009
Beyond access:: Making Indonesia’s education system work 2018
Big Enough for All of Us:: Geo-strategic Competition in the Pacific Islands 2013
The Bougainville referendum and beyond 2019
Building a Democratic Palestine:: An Australian Contribution to Legal and Instututional Development in the Palestinian Territories 2005
Bush is from Mars, Kerry is from Mars too:: The Presidential Election and U.S, Foreign Policy 2004
Can Russia afford to be a great power? 2017
Capital Punishment and Australian Foreign Policy 2006
Caught in the Crossfire:: The Pashtun Tribes of Southeast Afghanistan 2009
Charities and terrorism:: Lessons from the Syrian crisis 2018
China:: Stumbling Through the Pacific 2009
China in the Pacific:: The New Banker in Town 2011
China’s economic choices:: Where to from here? 2019
China’s Foreign Policy Dilemma 2013
China’s foreign policy in Afghanistan 2014
Chinese worldviews and China’s foreign policy 2015
Chinese-Australians in the Australian Public Service 2021
Clear waters and green mountains:: Will Xi Jinping take the lead on climate change? 2017
Confronting Reality:: Responding to War Criminals Living in Australia 2009
Congress and Asia-Pacific policy:: Dysfunction and neglect 2015
Consular Conundrum:: The Rising Demands and Diminishing Means for Assisting Australians Overseas 2013
The Costs of Covid:: Australia’s Economic Prospects in a Wounded World 2020
Countering China’s Adventurism over Taiwan:: A Third Way 2021
The Crisis after the Crisis:: How Ladakh will Shape India’s Competition with China 2021
Dangerous Luxuries:: How the Quest for Highend Capabilities Leaves the ADF Vulnerable to Mission Failure and More Dependent on the United States 2011
The Dangers of Denial:: Nuclear Weapons in China-India Relations 2011
Defence challenges 2035:: Securing Australia’s lifelines 2014
Design Faults:: The Asia Pacific’s Regional Architecture 2007
Digital Authoritarianism, China and C0VID 2020
The Dragon in the Pacific:: More Opportunity than Threat 2008
Dropping the Autopilot:: Improving Australia’s Defence Diplomacy 2010
East Asia’s decoupling 2019
Egypt’s Islamist President:: What Lies Ahead? 2012
Enduring Ties and Enduring Interests?: Australia’s Post-Afghanistan Strategic Choices in the Gulf 2011
The European Union and China:: A Rude Awakening 2007
Every Body Counts:: Measuring Violent Deaths 2015
Eyes on the prize:: Australia, China, and the Antarctic Treaty 2021
Fiji:: The Flailing State 2009
Fiji’s election and Australia:: the terms of re-engagement 2014
Football Diplomacy Redux:: The 2015 Asian Cup and Australia’s Engagement with Asia 2013
Foreign and security policy in the New Malaysia 2019
Foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq:: The day after 2016
Fuelling Conformation:: Iran, the US and the Oil Weapon 2006
Full spectrum defence:: Re-thinking the fundamentals of Australian defence strategy 2015
The future of Papua New Guinea:: Old challenges for new leaders 2016
Future proofing Australia–New Zealand defence relations 2016
A G-20 Caucus for East Asia 2009
The G20 needs a growth strategy 2014
Getting Singapore in shape:: Economic challenges and how to meet them 2018
Global Order in the Shadow of the Coronavirus:: China, Russia, and the West 2020
Going legit?: The foreign policy of Vladimir Putin 2018
The Gulf States and Iran:: Robust Competitors or Interested Bystanders? 2009
Hope or Glory?: The Presidential Election, U.S. Foreign Policy and Australia 2008
How Defence Can Contribute to Australia’s National Security Strategy 2009
India’s new Asia-Pacific strategy:: Modi acts East 2014
India’s New World:: Civil Society in the Making of Foreign Policy 2011
Indonesia and Australia:: Time for a Step Change 2010
Indonesia in the South China Sea:: Going it alone 2016
Indonesian foreign policy under President Jokowi 2014
Indonesia’s economy:: Between growth and stability 2018
Inflection Point:: The Australian Defence Force after Afghanistan 2012
Instability in the Pacific Islands:: A status report 2018
Iran, the International Community and the Nuclear Issue:: Where to Next? 2005
Iranian foreign policy under Rouhani 2015
Islamic State propaganda and the mainstream media 2016
Israel's Withrawal from Gaza:: A Role for Australia? 2004
Jagged Sphere:: China’s Quest for Infrastructure and Influence in Mainland Southeast Asia 2021
Japan is back:: Unbundling Abe’s Grand Strategy 2013
Jordan’s youth after the Arab Spring 2015
Judicious Ambition:: International Policy Priorities for the New Australian Government 2013
Justice or Stability?: Hizbullah, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and Consequences for the Region 2011
Keeping Indonesia's economy afloat through the COVID-19 pandemic 2020
A Key Domino?: Indonesia’s Death Penalty Politics 2012
The 'Khmer Islam' Community in Cambodia and its Foreign Patrons 2004
Koizumi�s Legacy:: Japan�s New Politics 2006
The lion and the kangaroo:: Australia’s strategic partnership with Singapore 2016
Living with the Dragon:: Why Australia Needs a China Strategy 2011
A Long Hot Summer:: Crisis And Opportunity in Afghanistan 2007
Looking for leadership in the Arab Middle East 2015
Measuring Illicit Arms Flows:: Honduras 2016
Measuring Illicit Arms Flows:: Somalia 2016
The missing middle:: A political economy of economic restructuring in Vietnam 2017
More talk than walk:: Indonesia as a foreign policy actor 2014
Multilateral Approaches to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle 2005
Neither friend nor foe:: Pakistan, the United States and the war in Afghanistan 2017
New Caledonia’s independence referendum:: Local and regional implications 2019
‘New’ Malaysia:: Four key challenges in the near term 2019
Next-gen jihad in the Middle East 2014
Nobody’s Client:: The Reawakening of Iraqi Sovereignty 2009
Nuclear Power in Southeast Asia:: Implications for Australia and Non-Proliferation 2008
Nuclear Security:: What Else Can Australia Do? 2008
Nuclear Weapons and American Strategy in the Age of Obama 2010
Obama’s Surge:: The United States, Australia and the Second War for Afghanistan 2009
Ocean of debt?: Belt and Road and debt diplomacy in the Pacific 2019
Once more with feeling:: Russia and the Asia-Pacific 2019
The path of least resilience:: Autocratic rule and external powers in the Middle East 2020
Pirates and Privateers:: Managing the Indian Ocean’s Private Security Boom 2012
The Point of No Return:: The 2020 Election and the Crisis of American Foreign Policy 2020
Policy Overboard:: Australia’s Increasingly Costly Fiji Drift 2011
Politics in Indonesia:: Resilient elections, defective democracy 2019
Principled engagement:: Rebuilding defence ties with Fiji 2016
Problems to Partnership:: A Plan for Australia-India Strategic Ties 2009
The Quiet Achiever:: Australia-Japan Security Relations 2011
Rebuilding Zimbabwe:: Australia’s Role in Supporting the Transition 2009
Reforming the international protection regime:: Responsibilities, roles and policy options for Australia 2016
Reinforcing Indonesia—Australia defence relations:: The case for maritime recalibration 2018
Reinventing ‘West Asia’:: How the ‘Middle East’ And ‘South Asia’ Fit into Australia’s Strategic Picture 2007
Responding to Indo-Pacific rivalry:: Australia, India and middle power coalitions 2014
Restraining Nuclear Arms in the Asian Century:: An Agenda for Australia 2008
Russia’s Asian rebalance 2015
The shape of Australia’s future engagement with the United Nations 2017
So What?: Matching Policy to Australian Interests in West Asia 2008
Southern Thailand:: From conflict to negotiations? 2014
Stopping a Nuclear Arms Race between America and China 2007
Stronger together:: Safeguarding Australia’s security interests through closer Pacific ties 2018
Tactical nuclear weapons in the modern nuclear era 2016
Taiwan flashpoint:: What Australia can do to stop the coming Taiwan crisis 2020
Taiwan’s 2020 Elections 2020
The Testament of Solomons:: Ramsi and International State-Building 2006
Thailand’s triple threat 2017
A Tighter Net:: Strengthening the Proliferation Security Initiative 2009
Toward a Nuclear Weapons Free World:: A Chinese Perspective 2009
Trump, Kim and the North Korean nuclear missile melodrama 2018
Unconventional Partners:: Australia-India Cooperation in Reducing Nuclear Dangers 2009
Understanding China’s Belt and Road Initiative 2017
Unregulated population migration and other future drivers of instability in the Pacific 2018
Uranium for India:: Avoiding the Pitfalls 2007
US―Vietnam relations under President Trump 2017
Violence against women in PNG:: How men are getting away with murder 2014
West Papua:: The Issue That Won't Go Away For Melanesia 2020
What Makes a Leader?: Mapping Leadership in our Region 2010
When Turnbull meets Trump 2017
Why the Gulf Matters:: Crafting an Australian Security Policy for the Arabian Gulf 2008
Wicked Weapons:: North Asia’s Nuclear Tangle 2009
The World Trade Organization:: An Optimistic Pre-Mortem in Hopes of Resurrection 2020
Xi Jinping’s moment 2017