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Modern Humanities Research Association

Publisher Description

The Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA) is an international organization with members in all parts of the world.

The Association's purpose is to encourage and promote advanced study and research in the field of the modern humanities.

It is concerned to break down the barriers between scholars working in different disciplines and to maintain the unity of humanistic scholarship in the face of increasing specialization.

Journals in JSTOR from Modern Humanities Research Association
5 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Austrian Studies 2003 - 2020
The Modern Language Review 1905 - 2021
The Modern Language Quarterly (1900-1904) 1900 - 1904
The Modern Quarterly of Language and Literature 1898 - 1899
The Modern Language Quarterly (1897) 1897
Portuguese Studies 1985 - 2021
The Slavonic and East European Review 1928 - 2021
The Slavonic Review 1922 - 1927
The Yearbook of English Studies 1971 - 2020
Books in JSTOR from Modern Humanities Research Association
260 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Abraham Fraunce, The Shepherds' Logic and Other Dialectical Writings. 2016
Accent, Rhythm and Meaning in French Verse 2018
Adapting the Canon: Mediation, Visualization, Interpretation 2020
Affective Spaces: Migration in Scandinavian and German Transnational Narratives 2021
Agnès Varda Unlimited: Image, Music, Media 2016
Agostino Valier, 'Instituzione d’ogni stato lodevole delle donne cristiane' and 'Ricordi di Monsignor Agostino alle monache nella sua visitazione fatta l’anno del santissimo Giubileo 1575' 2015
Albert Aubert, 'Du Spiritualisme et de quelques-unes de ses conséquences' 2014
Alexis Piron, 'Gustave-Wasa' 2016
Alfonso X, the Learned, 'Cantigas de Santa Maria': An Anthology 2015
Ammaestramenti e ricordi', by Isabella Sori 2018
André Chénier: Poetry and Revolution 1792-1794 2021
Antonio Malatesti, 'La Tina: equivoci rusticali' 2014
Aphra Behn's Emperor of the Moon and its French Source Arlequin, Empereur dans la lune 2019
'An Apology or Answer in Defence of The Church Of England': Lady Anne Bacon's Translation of Bishop John Jewel's 'Apologia Ecclesiae Anglicanae' 2016
Art and Its Uses in Thomas Mann's 'Felix Krull' 2008
The Art of Cervantes in Don Quixote: Critical Essays 2019
Arthur Golding’s 'A Moral Fabletalk' and Other Renaissance Fable Translations 2017
Arthur Symons: Poet, Critic, Vagabond 2018
Arthur Symons, Spiritual Adventures 2017
Aza ou le Nègre 2011
Balzac's Love Letters: Correspondence and the Literary Imagination 2016
Benedikte Naubert (1756-1819) and Her Relations to English Culture 2005
Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, 'Voyage en Normandie' 2015
Bertha von Suttner, 'Lay Down Your Arms': The Autobiography of Martha von Tilling 2019
Between Two Worlds: The autos sacramentales of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 2015
Blanchot and the Moving Image: Fascination and Spectatorship 2017
Bodies of Disorder: Gender and Degeneration in Baroja and Blasco Ibáñez 2017
Böece de Confort remanié: Edition critique 2011
Breaking with Tradition: Belarusian Short Prose in the Early Twenty-First Century 2018
Bridal-Quest Epics in Medieval Germany: A Revisionary Approach 2012
Broken Glass, Broken World: Glass in French Culture in the Aftermath of 1870 2016
Brute Meaning: Essays in Materialist Criticism from Dickens to Hitchcock 2020
C. E. Boniface, 'Relation du naufrage du navire français L’Eole sur la côte de la Caffrerie, en avril 1829' 2013
Carl Van Vechten, 'The Blind Bow-Boy' 2018
Catalan Narrative 1875-2015 2020
Chantal Akerman: Afterlives 2019
Childhood, Memory, and the Nation: Young Lives under Nazism in Contemporary German Culture 2020
Chivalry, Academy, and Cultural Dialogues: The Italian Contribution to European Culture 2016
Christophe Colomb' par Népomucène Louis Lemercier 2015
Cognitive Confusions: Dreams, Delusions and Illusions in Early Modern Culture 2016
Comedy and Trauma in Germany and Austria after 1945: The Inner Side of Mourning 2016
Commemorating Mirabeau: Mirabeau aux Champs-Elysées and other texts 2017
Comparative Literature in Britain: National Identities, Transnational Dynamics 1800-2000 2019
Configuring Community: Theories, Narratives, and Practices of Community Identities in Contemporary Spain 2004
Confrontational Readings: Literary Neo-Avant-Gardes in Dutch and German 2020
Constructing Feminine Poetics in the Works of a Late-20th-Century Catalan Woman Poet: Maria-Mercè Marçal 2014
Contemporary Fictions: Essays on American and Postcolonial Narratives 2020
Contemporary French Poetry: Towards a Minor Poetics 2021
Contemporary Galician Women Writers 2020
Cortázar and Music 2019
Crisis and Form in the Later Writing of Ingeborg Bachmann: An Aesthetic Examination of the Poetic Drafts of the 1960s 2012
A Critical Edition of William Webbe’s 'A Discourse of English Poetry' (1586) 2016
The Cultural Legacy of María Zambrano 2017
Cultural Reception, Translation and Transformation from Medieval to Modern Italy: Essays in Honour of Martin McLaughlin 2017
A Culture of Mimicry: Laurence Sterne, His Readers and the Art of Bodysnatching 2010
Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio: Literature, Doctrine, Reality 2020
Death Sentences: Literature and State Killing 2019
Decadence and the Senses 2017
Decadent and Occult Works by Arthur Machen 2018
Delw y Byd: A Medieval Welsh Encyclopedia 2020
Depicting the Divine: Mikhail Bulgakov and Thomas Mann 2019
E. T. A. Hoffmann and Alcohol: Biography, Reception, and Art 2009
Early Welsh Gnomic and Nature Poetry 2012
Edward Kimber, 'The Happy Orphans' 2015
El camino inverso: del cine al teatro. 'La vida en un hilo', de Edgar Neville y 'Mi adorado Juan', de Miguel Mihura 2014
Eliza Haywood, The Fortunate Foundlings 2018
Elizabethan Seneca: Three Tragedies 2012
Encounters with Albion: Britain and the British in Texts by Jewish Refugees from Nazism 2018
English Renaissance Translation Theory 2013
Enlightenment and Religion in German and Austrian Literature 2017
Erotic Literature in Adaptation and Translation 2018
E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Orient: Romantic Aesthetics and the German Imagination 2016
Eugénie et Mathilde' by Madame de Souza 2014
Facing Modernity: Fragmentation, Culture and Identity in Joseph Roth's Writing in the 1920s 2006
Film Festivals: Cinema and Cultural Exchange 2021
The First English Translations of Molière: Drama in Flux 1663-1732 2020
'Flesh', by Júlio Ribeiro 2011
The Foreign Connection: Writings on Poetry, Art and Translation 2020
Foreign Parts: German and Austrian Actors on the British Stage 1933-1960 2017
Form and Reform in Eighteenth-Century Spain: Utopian Narratives and Socio-Political Debate 2019
Forms of Thinking in Leopardi’s Zibaldone: Religion, Science and Everyday Life in an Age of Disenchantment 2019
Fougeret de Monbron, 'Margot la ravaudeuse' 2015
Fragments, Genius and Madness: Masks and Mask-Making in the fin-de-siècle Imagination 2021
France, Algeria and the Moving Image: Screening Histories of Violence 1963–2010 2017
Francisca Wood and Nineteenth-Century Periodical Culture: Pressing for Change 2020
Francisco Delicado, Retrato de la Loçana andaluza: Estudio y edición crítica 2019
Francisco Nieva, 'Coronada y el toro' 2020
Franz Grillparzer’s Dramatic Heroines: Theatre and Women’s Emancipation in Nineteenth-Century Austria 2018
Freedom and the Subject of Theory: Essays in Honour of Christina Howells 2019
The French Art Novel 1900-1930 2016
From Doubt to Unbelief: Forms of Scepticism in the Iberian World 2019
Frontier Memory: Cultural Conflict and Exchange in the Romancero fronterizo 2013
Fulvio Tomizza: Writing the Trauma of Exile 2018
Futurism: A Microhistory 2017
Gabriel-Marie Legouvé, 'La Mort d’Abel' 2016
Gavin Douglas, The Aeneid (1513): Part One: Introduction, Books I – VIII 2011
Gavin Douglas, The Aeneid (1513): Part Two: Books IX – XIII, Appendices, Glossary, Index 2011
Gentry Life in Georgian Ireland: The Letters of Edmund Spencer (1711-1790) 2017
Georg Hermann: A Writer’s Life 2019
Georg Kaiser, After Expressionism: Five Plays 2016
George Chapman: Homer's Iliad 2017
George Chapman: Homer's 'Odyssey' 2016
Goethe, The Natural Daughter; Schiller, The Bride of Messina 2018
Gómez Manrique, Statesman and Poet: The Practice of Poetry in Fifteenth-Century Spain 2018
Gravity and Grace: Essays for Roger Pearson 2019
Hamann's Prophetic Mission: A Genetic Study of Three Late Works against the Enlightenment 2010
Hispanic Baroque Ekphrasis: Góngora, Camargo, Sor Juana 2020
Historical Texts from Medieval Wales 2012
The History of Language Learning and Teaching I: 16th-18th Century Europe 2018
The History of Language Learning and Teaching II: 19th-20th Century Europe 2018
The History of Language Learning and Teaching III: Across Cultures 2018
Hubert Crackanthorpe: Selected Writings 2020
Hugo von Hofmannsthal, 'An Impossible Man' 2016
Humanizing Childhood in Early Twentieth-Century Spain 2020
Humphrey Llwyd, 'The Breviary of Britain': with selections from 'The History of Cambria'  2011
Hystoria Gweryddon yr Almaen: The Middle Welsh Life of St Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins 2020
I Suffer, Therefore I Am: Engaging with Empathy in Contemporary French Women’s Writing 2019
In Defence of Women 2018
Intellectual Life and Literature at Solovki 1923-1930: The Paris of the Northern Concentration Camps 2018
An International Annotated Bibliography of Strindberg Studies 1870–2005: Vol. I: General Studies 2008
An International Annotated Bibliography of Strindberg Studies 1870–2005: Vol. II: The Plays 2008
An International Annotated Bibliography of Strindberg Studies 1870–2005: Vol. III: Autobiographies, Novels, Poetry, Letters, Historical Works, Natural History and Science, Linguistics, Painting and the Other Arts, Politics, Psychopathology, Biography, Miscellaneous, Dissertations 2008
Intimacy and Distance: Conflicting Cultures in Nineteenth-Century France 2017
Invention: The Language of English Renaissance Poetics 2019
Isak Dinesen Reading Søren Kierkegaard: On Christianity, Seduction, Gender, and Repetition 2017
Italy and the USA: Cultural Change Through Language and Narrative 2019
James Mabbe, 'The Spanish Bawd' 2013
Jean Donneau de Visé, 'Les Costeaux ou les Marquis Frians' 2013
Jean-François Vilar: Theatres Of Crime 2020
John Ruskin's Continental Tour 1835: The Written Records and Drawings 2016
José Saramago: History, Utopia, and the Necessity of Error 2016
Joséphine de Monbart: 'Lettres tahitiennes' 2012
The Journalist in the French Fin-de-siècle Novel: Enfants de la presse 2018
Juan de Valdés, 'Diálogo de la lengua'. A Diplomatic Edition. 2014
Kundera and the Ambiguity of Authorship 2011
La Belle Dame qui eust mercy and Le Dialogue d’amoureux et de sa dame: A Critical Edition and English Translation of Two Anonymous Late-Medieval French Amorous Debate Poems 2018
La poética de Lorenzo de Zamora: Una apología de la literatura secular 2020
La Voie de Povreté et de Richesse: Critical Edition 2016
Laforgue, Philosophy, and Ideas of Otherness 2018
The Language of Disease: Writing Syphilis in Nineteenth-Century France 2020
The Law of Poetry: Studies in Hölderlin’s Poetics 2019
Les Veuves créoles, comédie 2017
Life and Death on the Plantations: Selected Jesuit Letters from the Caribbean 2021
The Living Death of Modernity: Balzac, Baudelaire, Zola 2021
Lodovico Dolce, 'Dialogo della instituzion delle donne, secondo li tre stati che cadono nella vita umana secondo li tre stati che cadono nella vita umana' (1545). 2015
Louis Sébastien Mercier, 'Comment fonder la morale du peuple: Traité d’éducation pour l’avènement d’une société nouvelle' 2020
Louis-Charles Fougeret de Monbron, 'Le Cosmopolite, ou le citoyen du monde' (1750) 2010
Louis-René des Forêts and Inner Autobiography 2020
Luise Gottsched,'Der Lockenraub' / Alexander Pope, 'The Rape of the Lock' 2014
The Made and the Found: Essays, Prose and Poetry in Honour of Michael Sheringham 2017
The Making of Jorge Luis Borges as an Argentine Cultural Icon 2014
Margaret Tyler, 'Mirror of Princely Deeds and Knighthood' 2014
Marie NDiaye: Inhospitable Fictions 2017
Marmontel and Demoustier, Le Misanthrope corrigé: Two Eighteenth-Century Sequels to Molière’s Le Misanthrope 2019
The Marvellous and the Miraculous in María de Zayas 2019
Mary Shelley and Europe: Essays in Honour of Jean de Palacio 2020
Maud Beerbohm Tree: Lady of the Stage 2018
Max Jacob and the Poetics of Play 2011
Memoirs of Mademoiselle de Montpensier (La Grande Mademoiselle).  2010
Memory Across Borders: Nabokov, Perec, Chamoiseau 2016
Memory and Utopia: The Poetry of José Ángel Valente 2020
Metamorphosis in Modern German Literature: Transforming Bodies, Identities and Affects 2016
Metaphor in European Philosophy after Nietzsche: An Intellectual History 2020
Michel-Jean Sedaine, 'Maillard, ou Paris sauvé' & 'Raimond V, comte de Toulouse' 2015
Michel-Jean Sedaine: Théâtre de la Révolution 2017
Minding Borders: Resilient Divisions in Literature, the Body and the Academy 2017
Mitos cristianos en la poesía del 27 2014
The Modern Culture of Reginald Farrer: Landscape, Literature and Buddhism 2018
The Modern Spanish Canon: Visibility, Cultural Capital and the Academy 2018
A Modernist in Exile: The International Reception of H. G. Adler (1910-1988) 2019
Montaigne in Transit: Essays in Honour of Ian Maclean 2016
The Multilingual Muse: Transcultural Poetics in the Burgundian Netherlands 2017
Narrative and National Allegory in Rómulo Gallegos’s Venezuela 2013
Narrative Structure and Philosophical Debates in Tristram Shandy and Jacques le fataliste. 2014
Naturalism Against Nature: Kinship and Degeneracy in Fin-de-siècle Portugal and Brazil 2020
A 'New' Woman in Verga and Pirandello: From Page to Stage 2018
No Country for Nonconforming Women: Feminine Conceptions of Lusophone Africa 2018
Noa Noa by Paul Gauguin and Charles Morice: "Manuscrit tiré du Livre des métiers de Vehbi-Zumbul Zadi" by Paul Gauguin 2017
The Novels of Carmen Laforet: An Aesthetics of Relief 2019
Ovid in English, 1480-1625: Part One: Metamorphoses 2013
Pascal Quignard: Towards the Vanishing Point 2016
Paul Celan’s Unfinished Poetics: Readings in the Sous-Oeuvre 2018
Pedro Calderón de la Barca, 'La devoción de la Cruz' / August Wilhelm Schlegel, 'Die Andacht zum Kreuze' 2012
Pepetela and the MPLA: The Ethical Evolution of a Revolutionary Writer 2019
Performing Medieval Text 2017
Perpetual Motion: Studies in French Poetry from Surrealism to the Postmodern 2017
Perspectives on Culture and Politics in the French Antilles 2018
Petrarch’s Triumphi in the British Isles 2020
Phantom Images: The Figure of the Ghost in the Work of Christa Wolf and Irina Liebmann 2013
The Philomena of Chrétien the Jew: The Semiotics of Evil 2020
Photographing the Unseen Mexico: Maya Goded’s Socially Engaged Documentaries 2018
Pierre-Laurent de Belloy, 'Le Siège de Calais' 2014
Plutarch in English, 1528–1603. Volume One: Essays 2020
Plutarch in English, 1528–1603. Volume Two: Lives 2020
The Poetics of Early Russian Crime Fiction 1860-1917: Deciphering Stories of Detection 2018
The Poetry of Céline Arnauld: From Dada to Ultra-Modern 2020
Poetry, Painting, Park: Goethe and Claude Lorrain 2020
Prismatic Translation 2019
Private Lives and Collective Destinies: Class, Nation and the Folk in the Works of Gustav Freytag (1816-1895) 2012
The Prose of Sasha Sokolov: Reflections on/of the Real 2013
Putting it About: Popular Views of Social Rights and Wrongs in Spain in the Long Nineteenth Century 2019
Queer Genealogies in Transnational Barcelona: Maria-Mercè Marçal, Cristina Peri Rossi, and Flavia Company 2019
Quim Monzó and Contemporary Catalan Culture (1975–2018): Cultural Normalization, Postmodernism and National Politics 2021
Reading Dante and Proust by Analogy 2019
The Reception of English Puritan Literature in Germany 2006
Reflections in the Library: Selected Literary Essays 1926–1944 2016
Renaissance Vegetarianism: The Philosophical Afterlives of Porphyry’s On Abstinence 2020
Reprojecting the City: Urban Space and Dissident Sexualities in Recent Latin American Cinema 2016
The Rhetoric of Exile: Duress and the Imagining of Force 2016
The Rise of Spanish American Poetry 1500-1700: Literary and Cultural Transmission in the New World 2019
Robert Garnier in Elizabethan England: Mary Sidney Herbert’s Antonius and Thomas Kyd’s Cornelia 2017
Rome: Modernity, Postmodernity and Beyond 2018
Rustico Filippi, 'The Art of Insult' 2014
Saints and Monsters in Medieval French and Occitan Literature: Sublime and Abject Bodies 2017
Samuel Butler and the Science of the Mind: Evolution, Heredity and Unconscious Memory 2020
Santería, Vodou and Resistance in Caribbean Literature: Daughters of the Spirits 2019
Saracens and their World in Boiardo and Ariosto 2020
Scenographies of Perception: Sensuousness in Hegel, Novalis, Rilke, and Proust 2019
Selected Early Poems 2017
A Selection of Early Welsh Saga Poems 2014
Self-Conscious Realism: Metafiction and the Nineteenth-Century Russian Novel 2021
Shades of Grey: 1960s Lisbon in Novel, Film and Photobook 2011
The Signifying Self: Cervantine Drama as Counter-Perspective Aesthetic 2013
Single Combat and Warfare in German Literature of the High Middle Ages: Stricker's Karl der Grosse and Daniel von dem Blühenden Tal 2008
Southern Regional French: A Linguistic Analysis of Language and Dialect Contact 2016
Space in Fontane's Works: Theme and Poetic Function 2012
Spanish Culture from Romanticism to the Present: Structures of Feeling 2019
Spatial Plots: Virtuality and the Embodied Mind in Baricco, Camilleri and Calvino 2020
Spring Shoots: Young Belarusian Poets in the Early Twenty-First Century 2015
St Teresa of Ávila: Her Writings and Life 2018
Structures of Subjugation in Dutch Literature 2016
Sublime Conclusions: Last Man Narratives from Apocalypse to Death of God 2017
Swinburne’s Style: An Experiment in Verse History 2018
Theorizing Medieval Race: Saracen Representations in Old French Literature 2019
Thinking Cinema with Proust 2018
Thomas Elyot, 'The Image of Governance' and Other Dialogues of Counsel (1533–1541) 2018
Thomas May, Lucan’s Pharsalia (1627) 2020
Three Cities of Yiddish: St Petersburg, Warsaw and Moscow 2017
Thursdays with Leila 2016
Time in the Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel 2013
Translating Petrarch's Poetry: L’Aura del Petrarca from the Quattrocento to the 21st Century 2020
Twentieth-Century Sephardic Authors from the Former Yugoslavia: A Judeo-Spanish Tradition 2020
Un Dit moral contre Fortune: A critical edition of MS Paris, BnF, fr. 25418 2018
Unidentified Narrative Objects and the New Italian Epic 2019
University Theses in Russian, Soviet, and East European Studies 1907–2006: A Centennial Bibliography of Research in the British Isles 2008
(Un)veiling Bodies: A Trajectory of Chilean Post-Dictatorship Documentary 2019
Utopian Identities: A Cognitive Approach to Literary Competitions 2018
Venetian Inscriptions: Vernacular Writing for Public Display in Medieval and Renaissance Venice 2021
The Wallenstein Figure in German Literature and Historiography 1790-1920 2009
Walter Pater: 'Imaginary Portraits' 2014
Wilhelm Meinhold, 'The Amber Witch'. Translated by Lady Duff Gordon. 2016
Wilhelm Raabe: ‘German Moonlight’ / ‘Höxter and Corvey’ / ‘At the Sign of the Wild Man’ 2012
Wilhelm Raabe: ‘The Birdsong Papers’ 2013
William Barker, Xenophon’s ‘Cyropaedia’ 2020
Women and Nationhood in Restoration Spain 1874-1931: The State as Family 2019
Women, Men and Books: Issues of Gender in Yiddish Discourse 2019
Writers' Block: The Paris Antifascist Congress of 1935 2016
Writing the Landscape: Exposing Nature in French Women's Fiction 1789–1815 2019
Ying Chen’s Fiction: An Aesthetics of Non-Belonging 2020
Zola and the Art of Television: Adaptation, Recreation, Translation 2020

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