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MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research

Research Reports in JSTOR from MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research
206 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Abatement Strategies and the Cost of Environmental Regulation:: Emission Standards on the European Car Market 2020
Absolute vs. Intensity-based Caps for Carbon Emissions Target Setting:: An Obstacle to Linking the EU ETS to a Chinese National ETS? 2016
Adapting to Climate Change:: The Remarkable Decline in the U.S. Temperature-Mortality Relationship over the 20th Century 2013
Anticipation and Environmental Regulation 2017
An Approximate Dynamic Programming Framework for Modeling Global Climate Policy under Decision-Dependent Uncertainty 2011
Are “Complementary Policies” Substitutes?: Evidence from R&D Subsidies in the UK 2021
Are Consumers Poorly-Informed about Fuel Economy?: Evidence from Two Experiments 2017
Are Fuel Economy Standards Regressive? 2016
Assessing the Role of Public Policy in Industrial Transitions:: How Distinct Regional Contexts Inform Comprehensive Planning 2020
Attribute Substitution in Household Vehicle Portfolios 2017
The Behavioral Effect of Pigovian Regulation:: Evidence From a Field Experiment 2017
Black Carbon Problems in Transportation:: Technological Solutions and Governmental Policy Solutions 2017
Building the Energy Infrastructure Necessary for Deep Decarbonization throughout the United States 2020
Capacity Factor Risk At Nuclear Power Plants 2010
The Carbon Footprint of Bitcoin 2018
Carbon Market Stabilisation Measures:: Implications for Linking 2016
Cash for Corollas:: When Stimulus Reduces Spending 2015
Caution, Drivers! Children Present:: Traffic, Pollution, and Infant Health 2011
Challenges and Opportunities for Decarbonizing Power Systems in the US Midcontinent 2021
Challenges for Wholesale Electricity Markets with Intermittent Renewable Generation at Scale:: The U.S. Experience 2019
Cleaning the Bathwater with the Baby:: The Health Co-Benefits of Carbon Pricing in Transportation 2011
The Climate and Economic Rationale for Investment in Life Extension of Spanish Nuclear Plants 2018
Climate Change Policy:: What do the Models Tell Us? 2013
The Climate Policy Dilemma 2012
Climate Policy Without a Price Signal:: Evidence on the Implicit Carbon Price of Energy Efficiency in Buildings 2020
CO2 Abatement from Renewable Energy Injections in the German Electricity Sector:: Does a CO2 Price Help? 2012
Comparing the Costs of Intermittent and Dispatchable Electricity Generating Technologies 2010
Competition and Externalities in Green Technology Adoption 2015
Competition for Electric Transmission Projects in the U.S.:: FERC Order 1000 2019
Competitive Energy Storage and the Duck Curve 2020
Consumer Subsidies with a Strategic Supplier:: Commitment vs. Flexibility 2015
Coordinating Separate Markets for Externalities 2018
The Cost of Abating CO2 Emissions by Renewable Energy Incentives in Germany 2013
Cost Pass-Through to Higher Ethanol Blends at the Pump:: Evidence from Minnesota Gas Station Data 2017
Crackdowns in Hierarchies:: Evidence from China’s Environmental Inspections 2019
Creating a Smarter U.S. Electricity Grid 2011
Decentralized Economic Dispatch for Radial Electric Distribution Systems 2019
Defensive Investments and the Demand for Air Quality:: Evidence from the NOx Budget Program and Ozone Reductions 2012
Designing Effective Auctions for Renewable Energy Support 2020
Diary of a Wimpy Carbon Tax:: Carbon Taxes as Federal Climate Policy 2019
Did “Cash for Clunkers” Deliver?: The Consumer Effects of the Car Allowance Rebate System 2012
Distributed Effects of Climate Policy:: A Machine Learning Approach 2020
Distributional Effects of Net Metering Policies and Residential Solar Plus Behind-the-meter Storage Adoption 2020
Do Housing Prices Reflect Environmental Health Risks?: Evidence from More than 1600 Toxic Plant Openings and Closings 2013
Does the U.S. Export Global Warming?: Coal Trade and the Shale Gas Boom 2018
A Domestic Content Rule for Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Batteries Will Protect U.S. Jobs 2021
Driving Behavior and the Price of Gasoline:: Evidence from Fueling-Level Micro Data 2019
Dynamic Competition and Arbitrage in Electricity Markets:: The Role of Financial Players 2018
The Dynamic Effects of Hurricanes in the US:: The Role of Non-Disaster Transfer Payments 2011
Early Nuclear Retirements in Deregulated U.S. Markets:: Causes, Implications and Policy Options 2017
Economics of Grid-Scale Energy Storage in Wholesale Electricity Markets 2021
The Effects of Environmental Regulation on the Competitiveness of U.S. Manufacturing 2012
Effects of the Uncertainty about Global Economic Recovery on Energy Transition and CO2 Price 2011
The Efficiency and Distributional Effects of Alternative Residential Electricity Rate Designs 2019
Electricity Services in a More Distributed Energy System 2016
Electrifying Transportation:: Issues and Opportunities 2020
Energy and Manufacturing in the United States 2020
Energy Conversion and Storage:: The Value of Reversible Power-to-Gas Systems 2021
Energy Efficiency, Information, and the Acceptability of Rent Increases:: A Multiple Price List Experiment with Tenants 2018
Energy Scenarios:: The Value and Limits of Scenario Analysis 2016
Energy Storage Investment and Operation in Efficient Electric Power Systems 2021
Energy Workforce Development in the 21st Century 2020
Environmental Regulations, Air and Water Pollution, and Infant Mortality in India 2011
Estimating the Costs and Benefits of Fuel-Economy Standards 2019
Estimating The Future Supply of Shale Oil:: A Bakken Case Study 2017
Estimating the Social Cost of Carbon for Use in U.S. Federal Rulemakings:: A Summary and Interpretation 2011
Ethanol Production and Gasoline Prices:: A Spurious Correlation 2012
Evaluating Policies to Increase the Generation of Electricity from Renewable Energy 2011
Evaluating the Energy Efficiency Gap & Measuring Savings from Fault Detection and Diagnostics 2018
Evolving Bidding Formats and Pricing Schemes in US and Europe Day-Ahead Electricity Markets 2020
Explaining the Adoption of Diesel Fuel Passenger Cars in Europe 2014
Facilitating Transmission Expansion to Support Efficient Decarbonization of the Electricity Sector 2021
Fair, Equitable, and Efficient Tariffs in the Presence of Distributed Energy Resources 2018
Fat Tails, Thin Tails, and Climate Change Policy 2010
Financial Arbitrage and Efficient Dispatch in Wholesale Electricity Markets 2015
Financing a National Transmission Grid:: What Are the Issues? 2010
Finding Itself in a Post-Paris World:: Russia in the New Global Energy Landscape 2017
Fostering Innovative Growth in Regions Exposed to Low Carbon Transition 2020
A Framework for Redesigning Distribution Network Use of System Charges Under High Penetration of Distributed Energy Resources:: New Principles for New Problems 2014
From Hierarchies to Markets and Partially Back Again in Electricity:: Responding to Deep Decarbonization Commitments and Security of Supply Criteria 2021
Fuel Prices and New Vehicle Fuel Economy in Europe 2011
Fuel Switching and Deep Decarbonization 2019
The Future of Nuclear Power After Fukushima 2012
Generational Trends in Vehicle Ownership and Use:: Are Millennials Any Different? 2019
The Geoeconomics of Russian-EU Gas Trade:: Drawing Lessons from the South Stream Pipeline Project 2015
A Global Carbon Market? 2015
Governing Cooperative Approaches Under the Paris Agreement 2018
A Green Bargain?: The Impact of an Energy Saving Program on Productivity Growth in China’s Iron and Steel Industry 2017
Grid Impacts of Highway Electric Vehicle Charging and the Role for Mitigation via Energy Storage 2021
Hit or Miss:: Regulating Derivative Markets to Reduce Hedging Costs at Non-Financial Companies 2013
How do Carbon Emissions Respond to Business-Cycle Shocks? 2015
The Impact of Uncertainty on the Need and Design of Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms in Low-Carbon Power Systems 2016
Implementing Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs):: An Innovation Note 2019
The Importance of Research and Development (R&D) for U.S. Competitiveness and a Clean Energy Future 2011
Improving Regulatory Performance:: Lessons from the United Kingdom 2011
Intermittent versus Dispatchable Power Sources:: An Integrated Competitive Assessment 2021
Investigating the Necessity of Demand Characterization and Stimulation for Geospatial Electrification Planning in Developing Countries 2019
Just Institutions for Deep Decarbonization?: Essential Lessons from 20th Century Regional Economic and Industrial Transitions in the US 2020
Learning, Adaptation, and Climate Uncertainty:: Evidence from Indian Agriculture 2017
Learning from Supply Shocks in the Energy Market:: Evidence from Local and Global Impacts of the Shale Revolution 2021
Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Experience with Cap-and-Trade 2015
Liability and Financial Responsibility for Oil Spills under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 and Related Statutes 2011
The Light and the Heat:: Productivity Co-benefits of Energy-saving Technology 2017
Limit Pricing and the (In)Effectiveness of the Carbon Tax 2015
Limits to Arbitrage in Electricity Markets:: A Case Study of MISO 2017
Linking Heterogeneous Climate Policies: (Consistent with the Paris Agreement) 2017
Local and Seasonal Effects in the U.S. of Global Climate Change 2012
The Local Economic and Welfare Consequences of Hydraulic Fracturing 2016
Lower Oil Prices and the U.S. Economy:: Is This Time Different? 2016
A Machine Learning Approach to Evaluating Renewable Energy Technology:: An Alternative LACE Study on Solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) 2020
Machine Learning for Solar Accessibility:: Implications for Low-Income Solar Expansion and Profitability 2019
Machine Learning from Schools about Energy Efficiency 2019
Mapping and Measuring the Channels of Oil Price Exposure in the Economy and the Role of Oil Derivatives in Reshaping Them 2013
Margins, Liquidity and the Cost of Hedging 2012
Market-Based Emissions Regulation and Industry Dynamics 2013
Melting-pots and Salad Bowls:: The Current Debate on Electricity Market Design for RES Integration 2013
Modeling Intermittent Renewable Energy:: Can We Trust Top-Down Equilibrium Approaches? 2014
Modeling the Impact of Warming in Climate Change Economics 2010
Modeling Unit Commitment in Political Context:: Case of China’s Partially Restructured Electricity Sector 2017
Modelling the Effects of Nuclear Fuel Reservoir Operation in a Competitive Electricity Market 2010
More Gas, Less Coal, and Less CO2?: Unilateral CO2 Reduction Policy with More than One Carbon Energy Source 2017
A Multi-control Climate Policy Process for a Designated Decision Maker 2020
Multilateral Linking of Emissions Trading Systems 2016
Natural Gas Prices and Coal Displacement:: Evidence from Electricity Markets 2015
On the Efficiency of Competitive Energy Storage 2019
On The Portents of Peak Oil (And Other Indicators of Resource Scarcity) 2010
OPEC vs US shale:: Analyzing the Shift to a Market-share Strategy 2016
Optimal Commodity Taxation with a Non-renewable Resource 2019
Optimality Conditions and Cost Recovery in Electricity Markets with Variable Renewable Energy and Energy Storage 2020
Output-based Allocations in Pollution Markets With Uncertainty and Self-Selection 2017
Ownership and Collusive Exit:: Theory and a Case of Nuclear Phase-out 2018
The Pass-Through of RIN Prices to Wholesale and Retail Fuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard 2015
Paying Too Much for Energy?: The True Costs of Our Energy Choices 2012
The Performance of U.S. Wind and Solar Generating Plants 2013
The Performance of U.S. Wind and Solar Generators:: An Update 2014
Progress and Problems in Reforming the Swaps Marketplace 2015
Providing the Spark:: Impact of Financial Incentives on Battery Electric Vehicle Adoption 2019
Public Attitudes on Energy and the Climate 2020
Reducing Petroleum Consumption from Transportation 2011
Regulatory Design for RES-E Support Mechanisms:: Learning Curves, Market Structure, and Burden-Sharing 2011
The Remuneration Challenge:: New Solutions for the Regulation of Electricity Distribution Utilities Under High Penetrations of Distributed Energy Resources and Smart Grid Technologies 2014
Resilient Decarbonization for the United States:: Lessons for Electric Systems from a Decade of Extreme Weather 2021
Resource Adequacy with Increasing Shares of Wind and Solar Power:: A Comparison of European and U.S. Electricity Market Designs 2018
Restructuring Revisited:: Competition and Coordination in Electricity Distribution Systems 2018
Review of Support Schemes for Renewable Energy Sources in South America 2011
A Review of the Value of Aggregators in Electricity Systems 2016
Risk and Responsibility Sharing in Nuclear Spent Fuel Management 2010
Risk and Return in Environmental Economics 2012
Risk Sharing in CO2 Delivery Contracts for the CCS-EOR Value Chain 2014
The Roosevelt Project: A New Deal for Employment, Energy, and Environment 2020
Running Randomized Field Experiments for Energy Efficiency Programs:: A Practitioner’s Guide 2016
Russia’s Natural Gas Export Potential up to 2050 2011
Sector Reforms and Institutional Corruption:: Evidence from Electricity Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa 2018
Shared Capacity and Levelized Cost with Application to Power-to-Gas Technology 2019
The Short-run and Long-run Effects of COVID-19 on Energy and the Environment 2020
The Simple Economics of Asymmetric Cost Pass-Through 2015
The Simple Economics of Commodity Price Speculation 2013
The SO2 Allowance Trading System:: The Ironic History of a Grand Policy Experiment 2012
Social Comparison and Energy Conservation in a Collective Action Context:: A Field Experiment 2019
Social Impacts of Energy Transition 2020
Socialism for Red States in the Electric Utility Industry 2016
Some Inconvenient Truths About Climate Change Policy:: The Distributional Impacts of Transportation Policies 2011
Spatial and Temporal Variation in the Value of Solar Power across United States Electricity Markets 2019
Speculation without Oil Stockpiling as a Signature:: A Dynamic Perspective 2010
State Ownership and Technology Adoption:: The Case of Electric Utilities and Renewable Energy 2020
Stocks & Shocks:: A Clarification in the Debate Over Price vs. Quality Controls for Greenhouse Gases 2011
Strategic Policy Choice in State-Level Regulation:: The EPA’s Clean Power Plan (Appendix B) 2014
Strategic Policy Choice in State-Level Regulation:: The EPA’s Clean Power Plan 2014
Strengths and Weaknesses of Traditional Arrangements for Electricity Supply 2019
Subglobal Climate Agreements and Energy-Intensive Activities:: Is there a Carbon Haven for Copper? 2011
Subsidizing Fuel Efficient Cars:: Evidence from China’s Automobile Industry 2018
Taxation and the Extraction of Exhaustible Resources:: Evidence From California Oil Production 2010
Technological Change, Vehicle Characteristics, and the Opportunity Costs of Fuel Economy Standards 2013
A Theory of NGO Activism 2016
Tight Oil Development Economics:: Benchmarks, Breakeven Points, and Inelasticities 2016
Towards an Emissions Trading Scheme for Air Pollutants in India 2010
Trade-offs in Climate Policy:: Combining Low-Carbon Standards with Modest Carbon Pricing 2020
Tropical Forests, Tipping Points, and the Social Cost of Deforestation 2017
Truth-telling by Third-party Auditors and the Response of Polluting Firms:: Experimental Evidence from India 2013
TSO/DSO Coordination in a Context of Distributed Energy Resource Penetration 2017
Two-Way Trade in Green Electrons:: Deep Decarbonization of the Northeastern U.S. and the Role of Canadian Hydropower 2020
UK Electricity Market Reform and the Energy Transition:: Emerging Lessons 2018
Uncertainty and Energy Saving Investments 2010
Up in Smoke:: The Influence of Household Behavior on the Long-Run Impact of Improved Cooking Stoves 2012
The Use and Misuse of Models for Climate Policy 2015
The Use of Regression Statistics to Analyze Imperfect Pricing Policies 2018
Using Machine Learning to Target Treatment:: The Case of Household Energy Use 2020
Using Output-based Allocations to Manage Volatility and Leakage in Pollution Markets 2017
Using Vehicle Taxes to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rates of New Passanger Vehicles:: Evidence from France, Germany, and Sweden 2012
The Value of Pumped Hydro Storage for Deep Decarbonization of the Spanish Grid 2020
Vehicle Miles (Not) Traveled:: Why Fuel Economy Requirements Don’t Increase Household Driving 2015
Vintage-specific Driving Restrictions 2017
Water for a Warming Climate:: A Feasibility Study of Repurposing Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant for Desalination 2021
The Weak Tie Between Natural Gas and Oil Prices 2010
Welfare Costs of Catastrophes:: Lost Consumption and Lost Lives 2020
The Welfare Impact of Indirect Pigouvian Taxation:: Evidence from Transportation 2013
What Does and Does Not Correlate With COVID-19 Death Rates 2020
What We Know and Don’t Know About Climate Change, and Implications for Policy 2020
What’s Killing Nuclear Power in US Electricity Markets?: Drivers of Wholesale Price Declines at Nuclear Generators in the PJM Interconnection 2018
When Do States Disrupt Industries?: Electric Cars in Germany and the United States 2017
Who is Exposed to Gas Prices?: How Gasoline Prices Affect Automobile Manufacturers and Dealerships 2012
Why and How the European Union Can Get a (Near To) Carbon-Free Energy System in 2050? 2010
Why is Spot Carbon so Cheap and Future Carbon so Dear?: The Term Structure of Carbon Prices 2014
Will We Ever Stop Using Fossil Fuels? 2016
Wind Capacity Investments:: Inefficient Drivers and Long-Term Impacts 2017