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Mzuni Press

Books in JSTOR from Mzuni Press
24 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Christianity in Malawi: A Source Book 2020
Crossroads of Culture: Christianity, Ancestral Spiritualism, and the Search for Wellness in Northern Malawi 2020
Disability is not Inability: A Quest for Inclusion and Participation of People with Disability in Society 2020
Dual Religiosity in Northern Malawi: Ngonde Christians and African Traditional Religion 2016
English - Ciyawo Learner's Dictionary 2018
Expression and Literature: Common Tumbuka Ideophones and their Usage 2015
Fake Healing Claims for HIV and Aids in Malawi: Traditional, Christian and Scientific 2016
From Herd Boy to University Lecturer: An Autobiography 2019
A History of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians 1989-2007 2017
A History of the Last Church of God and His Christ 2018
The Homosexuality Debate in Malawi 2018
Interdenominational Faith Missions in Africa: History and Ecclesiology 2018
Lunjika SDA Mission in Northern Malawi 1932 - 1995 2018
Malawi and Scotland Together in the Talking Place Since 1859 2013
Mission as God's Spiral of Renewal 2019
Old Nyaviyuyi in Performance: Seven tales from Northern Malawi as told by a master performer of the oral narrative 2018
Out of Exile, not out of Babylon: The Diaspora Theology of the Golah 2019
Paul's Gender Theology and the Ordained Women's Ministry in the CCAP in Zambia 2021
Politics, Christianity and Society in Malawi: Essays in Honour of John McCracken 2020
Polygamy in Northern Malawi: A Christian Reassessment 2016
Religion and Development in Southern and Central Africa: Vol 1 2019
Religion and Development in Southern and Central Africa: Vol 2 2019
Science and Spirituality 2016
The Zionist Churches in Malawi: History - Theology - Anthropology 2016