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Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies

Research Reports in JSTOR from Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies
81 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
The 2010 QDR and US grand strategy 2010
The American Effort to Transform Europe’s Armed Forces 2004
American Strategic Culture and the US Revolution in Military Affairs 2008
Arctic oil and gas The role of regions 2013
Arctic security and the United Kingdom 2013
August 1991: The attempted coup and its consequences 1992
Ballistic Missile Defense 2011
Cash and Cannons: Norway, Denmark and the US Aid Programmes 1947-1952 1998
China—India Nuclear Rivalry in the “Second Nuclear Age” 2014
China’s Collective Leadership at a crossroads? 2017
China’s nuclear force structure 2011
China’s rise and strategic adjustments in Asia and Europe 2018
Consequences of START for the Nordic Region 1991
Culture and Foreign Policy: An Indroduction to Approaches and Theory 1993
Estonian Defence Ten Years of Development 2002
European Defence Challenges 2000
European Strategic Culture Revisited:: The Ends and Means of a Militarised European Union 2007
EU-Russia Relations:: “Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better” 2007
Fissionable consensus: Scandinavia and the US quest for atomic energy control, 1946-1950 1994
Foreign Policy in God’s Name: Evangelical influence on U.S. policy towards Sudan 2007
The future is history 1996
The Future of the CFE Regime:: Consequences for European Security 2010
De Gaulle, Alliances, and Minor Powers 1991
THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC, TRANSATLANTIC SECURITY AND NATIONAL DEFENCE: Views from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Norway 2020
Great Power Guarantees or Small State Cooperation?: Atlanticism and European Regionalism in Norwegian Foreign Policy, 1940-1945 1996
Hard European Lesson from the Kosovo air campaign 2000
Hybrid Deterrence 2020
India as an arms exporter:: Changing Trends 2017
Is There a Western Way of Warfare? 2004
The limits to Soviet influence: Soviet strategic interests in Norway and Denmark 1944-47 1994
The Long and Winding Road to Weserübung: Naval Theory, Naval Historiography and Aggression 2006
Love at first sight: Co-operation between the Netherlands and Norway on the peaceful use of atomic energy, 1950-1960 1994
Making New Ambitions Work: The Transformation of Norwegian Special Operations Forces 2007
The Meaning of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1997
Missile defense and early warning missile attack system cooperation:: Enhancing the Sino-Russian defense partnership 2020
National separatisms and the disintegration of Yugoslavia 1996
Necessary, not perfect:: NATO’s war in Kosovo 2000
New Challenges for the Non-Proliferation Regime 1999
New knowledge structures or just common ground?: Breakthroughs in international negotiations 2003
Norsk forsvarspolitikk i 1970- og 80-årene 1994
Norway and the early cold war:: Conditional atlantic cooperation 1993
Norway between Great Britain and Germany 1994
Norwegian and Danish defence policy: A comparative study of the post-Cold War era 2010
Norwegian Attitudes Towards the Briand Plan 1991
A Nuclear North Korea and Strategic Stability in East Asia 2017
Nuclear strategy and the development of military technology: The case of the Fleet Ballistic Missile programme 2010
Peace and Security in Africa: Basic Structural Changes in the Governance of Peace and Security on the African Continent 2006
Peacekeeping — War with Other Means?: UN Medical Support in a Balkan Sideshow 1996
Post-Imperial Peacekeeping: Russia in the CIS 2003
Postwar security:: Universal or regional? 1992
Problems for Western Intelligence in the New Century 2005
The prospects for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 2000
The Race for Norwegian Heavy ater, 1940-1945 1995
The rise and decline of the Operational Level of War in Norway 2009
The RMA Examined 2006
The role of SWAT units 2012
Russia in 2015: Could the Former Super-Power Turn into a Battle-Ground? 2002
Russia’s foreign energy policy: Paradigm shifts within the geographical context of Europe, Central Eurasia and Northeast Asia 2010
Securing Somalia: A Comparison of US and Australian Peacekeeping during the UNITAF Operation 1997
Security Options for Denmark 1991
Shaping Agendas in Civil Wars.: Can International Criminal Law Help? 1999
Small State Deterrence in the Contemporary World 2018
Soldiers or Saints?: Norwegian Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) in Afghanistan 2006
Stasi Files and GDR Espionage Against the West 2002
Strengthening the Management of UN Peacekeeping Operations: An Agenda for Reform 1994
Symmetry and Asymmetry in Colonial Warfare ca. 1500-2000: The Uses of a Concept 2005
Tilting towards Russia, but anchored in NATO.: Turkey’s foreign policy activism and its implications 2019
Trends in U.S. security policy 2014
Turkey after the coup attempt 2016
The Turkish Armed Forces in politics 2012
The UK Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) 2018
UN Authorized Use of Force:: Recent Changes in UN Practice 1995
The UN Security Council: Ineffective but Indispensable 2003
The United Nations at Fifty:: Its Role in Global Security 1995
United Nations Peacekeeping at a crossroads: The Challenges of Management and Institutional Reform 1993
The UN’s Role in Transitions from War to Peace:: Sovereignty, Consent and the Evolving Normative Climate 1999
U.S. foreign policy traditions: Multilateralism vs. unilateralism since 1776 2010
US grand strategy and Central Asia: Merging geopolitics and ideology 2008
US Navy strategy and force structure after the Cold War 2011
War and Peace in the Political Culture of Scandinavia in the 20th Century 2003
The Year 2000 Issue and Information Infrastructure Security 2001