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Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)

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The institute has for more than 50 years been a leading community for research and communication about international affairs of relevance for Norway.

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Research Reports in JSTOR from Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)
249 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
10 år i Afghanistan – hva nå?: Utenriksdepartementets sikkerhetspolitiske utvalg 29. september 2011 2011
50 Years After the Moon Landing:: Why Europe Should Lead the Next 50 2019
Afghanistan and regional instability:: A risk assessment 2008
Afghanistan og Sentral-Asia mot 2014: Oppsummering av prosjekt og anbefalinger 2013
The Arctic Council and US domestic policymaking 2019
Bastionforsvaret og Russlands militærmakt: Et utdatert trusselbilde? 2021
Belated Courtship?: The Uneasy Partnership between Brazil and the EU 2012
Beyond the crisis in Ukraine: Russian and EU perceptions of European security and potential implications for Europe and Norway 2015
Beyond the ‘New Horizon’: Proceedings from the UN Peacekeeping Future Challenges Seminar Geneva, 23–24 June 2010 2010
Bottlenecks to Deployment?: The Challenges of Deploying Civilian Personnel to Peace Operations 2009
BRI in Central Asia:: Energy Connectivity Projects 2019
BRI in Central Asia:: Overview of Chinese Projects 2019
BRI in Central Asia:: Mineral and Petroleum Exploration, Extraction and Processing Projects 2019
BRICS, Energy and the New World Order: A study by NUPI for ONS Summit 2012: The geopolitics of energy 2012
Brothers in Arms and Faith?: The Emerging US-Central and Eastern Europe ‘Special Relationship’ 2020
Brunei Darussalam:: How to Build an Investment Climate for Renewable Energy? 2020
Building Bridges for Success:: Rethinking Peace Operations Training for Complex Environments 2017
Bulwark, Bridge, or Periphery?: Polish discourse on Poland and Europe 2001
Burden-sharing in NATO: The Trump effect won’t last 2017
Business as usual?: The private sector’s changing role in Arctic environmental governance 2019
Cambodia:: Five Actions to Improve the Business Climate for Renewable Energy Investment 2020
Can NATO’s new Very High Readiness Joint Task force deter? 2016
Can trade preferences stimulate sectoral development?: The case of Namibian and Botswanan beef exports to Norway 2020
Casting the net too deep and too wide?: UN local peacebuilding-peacekeeping nexus in South Sudan 2012
Central Asia:: A Testing Ground for New Great-Power Relations 2008
Challenges to Implementing the Protection of Civilians Agenda 2012
Chechen Scholars on Chechnya 2010
China and South Asia Crisis Management in the Era of Great Power Competition 2020
China in the Sustainable Development Agenda:: Key Institutions for International Engagement 2020
China in the Sustainable Development Agenda:: Key environmental issues and responses 2020
China in the Sustainable Development Agenda:: Contributions to health and education 2020
China, India and the political economy of medical supplies 2020
China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the New Eurasian Order 2016
China’s cyber sovereignty 2017
China’s EU policy in the pandemic era A new normal? 2020
China’s Evolving Approach to UN Peacekeeping in Africa 2020
China’s Export Success: Due to Unfair Practices or Fair Competition? 2019
China’s Political Priorities in the Nordic Countries:: from technology to core interests 2016
Civil Society and Arab Transitions:: A New Beginning? 2013
The Civilian Capacities Initiative and Gender-Responsive Peace-building:: An Inclusive Approach? 2013
Civilian Capacity in United Nations Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Missions 2010
The Civilian Casualty Tracking Analysis and Response Cell in the African Union Mission in Somalia: An emerging best practice for AU peace support operations? 2019
Climate, Peace and Security Fact Sheet: Somalia 2021
Climate, Peace and Security Fact Sheet: South Sudan 2021
Colombia between peace and war: The 2018 presidential elections and the way forward 2018
Combating Sexual Violence in the DRC: From Resolutions to Practice 2009
Coming into the Cold:: Asia’s Arctic Interests 2013
Components of Naval Nuclear Fuel Transparency 2002
Contextualizing peacebuilding activities to local circumstances – Liberian case-study 2012
Conventional arms control on the Korean Peninsula: The current state and prospects 2020
“Copy That...”:: A Russian “Bush Doctrine” in the CIS? 2005
Covid-19 and globalisation:: a poverty perspective on tourism and remittances 2020
COVID-19 and the African Union: Challenges, prospects and side-effects 2020
COVID-19 in Latin America: Challenges, responses, and consequences 2020
COVID-19 will change the way the UN conducts peacekeeping operations in the future 2020
Creating Security through Immigration Control: An analysis of European immigration discourse and the development towards a common EU asylum and immigration policy 2003
Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Peacebuilding:: Towards Change in Concepts and Approaches 2010
Cyber Security Capacity Building in Developing Countries 2015
Cyber Security Capacity Building in Myanmar 2018
Damage Limitation and Decline in Institutional Powers:: Russia’s Perception of the EU as a Security Actor 1999–2002 2003
Emerging powers and peace operations:: An agenda for research 2014
Emerging Powers and the Responsibility to Protect after Libya 2012
Energizing Russia’s Pivot:: Japan-Russia energy relations, post-Fukushima and post-Ukraine 2015
Etterlevelse, tilpasning eller avvik: ILOs konvensjoner om kollektiv forhandlingsrett og organisasjonsfrihet og RuBeKa-landene 2011
The EU, Russia and Ukraine:: a double track with no end? 2015
EU-Asia Relations:: A New Start? 2013
The European Council and Defence:: The State of our Ambition 2013
European Defence and Third Countries after Brexit 2018
The European Defence Fund and Norway 2020
The European Gas Puzzle:: Over-Securitization, Dilemmas and Multi-level Gas Politics on the European Continent a Year after ‘Euromaidan’ 2014
European Security & the Power of Knowledge-based Networks 2015
The European Union and Peacebuilding 2016
Evaluation Report Save the Children Guatemala 2008
Expectations for the Warsaw Summit:: Conventional and nuclear responses to Russian belligerence 2016
Explaining Russian reactions to increased NATO military presence 2019
Female Peacekeepers and Operational Effectiveness in UN Peace Operations 2020
Finding a European response to Huawei’s 5G ambitions 2019
Forebygging av krig og konflikt i cyberdomenet 2019
France and the European Union:: a story of reason rather than love 2015
From Apparatchik to President – From Businessman to Khan: Regime Transition and Consolidation in the Russian Republics of Buryatia and Kalmykia 2002
From careful participant to budding partner:: China in the Sustainable Development Agenda 2020
Gender perspectives in UN peacekeeping innovations?: The case of MONUSCO in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo 2013
Generation Putin:: Values, orientations and political participation 2019
The Geopolitics of Fish in the Arctic 2020
The Geopolitics of ‘Hearts and Minds’: American Public Diplomacy in the War on Terrorism 2008
Georgia elections:: Georgian Dream still at the helm 2016
Germany in the New Europe: German–Russian Relations in European and Translatlantic Perspective 2013
Global Changes and Norwegian Foreign- and Development Policy 2010–2020 2010
Global handel og medisinsk beredskap i lys av Covid-19 2021
Globale sikkerhetstrusler 2013
Governance, Social Policy, and Political Economy:: Trends in Norway’s Partner Countries 2021
Great Power, Arctic Power:: Russia’s engagement in the High North 2012
Handelen med medisinske varer og Covid-19 2020
Heads of States Can Change the Course of International Drugs Policy in 2016:: Where does the EU stand? 2015
Hegemonens hamskifte: Bush, 11. september og amerikansk utenrikspolitikk 2002
The High-Level Independent Panel on UN Peace Operations 2015
Holding the borders, holding the centre:: the EU and the refugee crisis 2016
An Honourable Exit for MINURCAT? 2010
How Do Little Frogs Fly?: Small States in the European Union 2015
How The Joint Strike Fighter Seeks To Preserve Air Supremacy For Decades To Come 2017
How the New Cold War travelled North (Part I): Norwegian and Russian narratives 2018
How the New Cold War travelled North (Part II): Interaction between Norway and Russia 2018
How to understand and deal with Russian strategic communication measures? 2018
Humanitarian Security Needs in the Field: Addressing the Situation in Darfur 2010
Hydroelectric Dams and Conflict in Central Asia 2009
The impact of COVID-19 on the performance of peace operations 2020
The impact of Covid-19 on the Women, Peace and Security Agenda 2020
In the shadow of the virus: Varieties of power in the COVID-19 crisis in Venezuela 2020
Indian Perspectives on the Use of Force and the Growing Robustness of UN Peacekeeping 2014
Indonesia:: How to Boost Investment in Renewable Energy 2020
Institutional Constraints to Effective Peacebuilding in Liberia 2010
Inter-cultural dialogue in crises – a comparative study 2012
Inter-cultural dialogue in international crises 2012
Internasjonal valgobservasjon i Afrika Sør for Sahara: Fødselshjelp for folkestyret eller hyllest til papirdemokratiet? 2004
International Cybersecurity:: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 2018
Joint Evaluations and Learning in Complex Emergencies: Lessons from the Humanitarian and Development Domains 2009
Keeping the Peace Together?: Joint Russian-Western Peace Operations in the Commonwealth of Independent States 2001
Key Policies Affecting Civilian Capacities 2015
Krisehåndtering: Opprinnelse, utvidelse og norsk forsvarsplanlegging 2009
Lao PDR:: How to Attract More Investment in Small-Scale Renewable Energy? 2020
Lebanon on the brink 2016
Lessons from the Ebola Crisis in West Africa: Community engagement, crisis communication and countering rumours 2020
Linking Regional Security and Human Rights in ASEAN 2012
The Long, Short, and Breadth of It:: Mapping the Pentagon’s Rebalance to Asia 2014
Macedonia – back in the global spotlight 2015
Malaysia:: How to Scale Up Investment in Renewable Energy 2020
Measuring Russia’s attention to Europe and the world 2020
Meningsfull,menneskelig, kontroll? 2020
Military Offensive Cyber-Capabilities:: Small-State Perspectives 2019
MINUSMA:: Challenges on the Ground 2015
More teeth for the NATO-Tiger: How the Framework Nation Concept can reduce NATO’s growing formation – capability gap 2016
Multilateral Cooperation and Climate-related Security and Development Risks: Report from the UN75 Africa-Nordic Sub-regional Meeting, 3 & 4 March 2020, Dakar, Senegal 2020
Multilateral cooperation in the area of climate-related security and development risks in Africa: Background Paper for UN75 Sub-regional Meeting on Multilateral Cooperation to Address Climate Related Security and Development Risks in Africa 3-4 March 2020, Dakar, Senegal 2020
Myanmar:: How to Become an Attractive Destination for Renewable Energy Investment? 2020
NATO Enlargement - Back on the Agenda 2015
NATO in the ‘New’ MENA Region: Competing Priorities amidst Diverging Interests and Financial Austerity 2013
New Momentum for European Defence Cooperation 2016
Non-allied states in a changing Europe:: Sweden and its bilateral relationship with Finland in a new security context 2016
Norden i felt:: På oppdrag for FN og NATO 2000
Norges nye vi:: Diasporaer som faktor i norsk utenrikspolitikk 2011
Norms and Conditionality:: The EU and Ukraine 2013
Norsk handel med de fattigste – mellom profitt og utviklingspolitikk 2012
Norsk politi i internasjonal tjeneste 2017
Norske interesser – sett fra utestasjonene 2012
Norway and the BRICS (I):: An Overview of Emerging Power Cooperation 2015
Norway and the BRICS (II):: The Current State of Play 2015
Norway and the BRICS (IV):: Challenges and Opportunities 2015
Norway, the Joint Strike Fighter Program and its Implications for Transatlantic Defense Industrial Cooperation 2015
Norway’s Whole-of-Government Approach: Challenges for Engagement with Afghanistan and Other Fragile States 2010
Norwegian Police in International Operations: 1989-2016 2017
Norwegians adapting to a changing world 2020
Obstacles to a Resolution of the Syrian Conflict 2013
Offering the diagnosis, but lacking the medicine: UN local peacebuilding-peacekeeping nexus in Haiti 2012
One of Three Roads:: The Role of the Northern Sea Route in Evolving Sino-Russian Strategic Relations 2015
Operational Mentoring and Liaison Teams (OMLT):: The Norwegian Army and their Afghan partners 2012
Pakistan’s Police between Centralization and Devolution 2010
Partnership and Discord: Russia and the construction of a post Cold War security architecture in Europe 1991– 2000 2003
The Philippines:: How to Leapfrog from a Complicated Renewable Energy Sector to an Attractive One 2020
A Pivot to What?: Asia-Pacific Foreign Policy under Trump 2016
Plug and Play: Multinational Rotation Contributions for UN Peacekeeping Operations 2017
Policies That Protect:: The African Union and the Protection of Civilians 2013
Policing in Peace Operations in Africa:: A Case Study of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) 2015
Predictive peacekeeping: Opportunities and challenges 2018
Preparing and Mobilizing Civilian Capacity for the Future: Recommendations for Implementing the Guéhenno Report 2011
Preventing Organized Crime: The Need for a Context Sensitive, UN System-Wide Approach 2020
Protecting Civilians While Fighting a War in Somalia – Drawing Lessons from Afghanistan 2012
The Protection of Women and Children in Liberia 2009
Putin’s Ancien Régime 2020
Reality check for the EU:: The stand-off with Russia challenges the European Union in its fundaments 2015
Regional Change: How will the rise of China and India shape Afghanistan’s stabilization process? 2010
Regional Security and Human Rights Interventions: A Global Governance Perspective on the AU and ASEAN 2012
Religious authority and the 2018 parliamentary elections in Iraq 2019
Renewable Energy Policies of the Central Asian Countries 2019
Resilience in the age of crises 2021
Rethinking Strategy:: NATO and the Warsaw Summit 2016
The revival of Atlanticism in NATO?: Changing security identities in Britain, Norway and Denmark 2009
Risikovurderingsverktøy mot terrorisme og ekstremisme:: Erfaringer fra kriminalomsorgen i Nederland, Storbritannia, og Sverige 2020
The risks of being an ally 2018
The Role of the CPIA and PBA at the Country Level: Case Studies of Ethiopia and Malawi 2010
The Role of the SRSG in UN Integrated Missions: Process Facilitator and Multi-stakeholder Mediator 2010
Russia and China in Central Asia 2015
Russia and Europe in memory wars 2020
Russian approaches to military technology: The Northern dimension 2020
Russian energy and grand strategy 2020
Russian foreign policy as an instrument for domestic mobilization 2018
Russia’s turn to Asia:: Myanmar seen from Moscow 2017
Russia’s turn to the East:: The Ministry for the Development of the Far East, and the domestic dimension 2017
Russia’s view of Georgia: A NATO proxy yet again? 2020
Sceptical diplomacy:: Should heads of state bother to talk climate change science with Putin? 2018
Securing Cyberspace: Coordinating Public-Private Cooperation 2015
Seeing like a Resolution?: UNSC Resolution 1325 and Gender Issues in Liberia 2009
Selvforståelse og rolleforventning under ulike regimer: En studie av den russiske intelligentsiaen før og etter kommunismens fall sett i lys av Zygmunt Baumans og Pierre Bourdieus kultursosiologi 2001
SGBV Capacity-building in Peace Operations:: Specialized Police Teams 2016
The Shifting Boundaries of Nordic Defence Cooperation 2020
The Shifting Geopolitics of the Black Sea Region: Actors, Drivers and Challenges 2011
Should I stay or should I go?: Security considerations for members leaving al-Shabaab in Somalia 2019
Sikkerhetspolitiske rammebetingelser i bevegelse 2018
Singapore:: How to Attract More Investment in Renewable Energy? 2020
Sino-Russia Strategic Alignment and Potential Impact of a Trump Presidency 2016
Slow Stagnation, Sudden Revolution?: Post-Covid-19 Prospects for Political Change in Russia and Belarus 2020
Snowden:: impact in Norway 2014
Solar Power Potential of the Central Asian Countries 2019
The South China Sea after ‘Philippines v. China’:: Summer of Our Discontent? 2016
The spiralling effects of the Sino-American trade war 2020
Stat, nasjon og verneplikt: En genealogisk analyse av stats- og nasjonsbyggingen i Norge med fokus på verneplikten 1999
State-owned Enterprises and the Trade Wars 2019
A stocktaking of Norwegian engagement in security sector reform 2011
Stor ståhei for ingenting?: Debatten rundt USAs Air Sea Battle 2014
Stormaktsinteresser og sikkerhetspolitiske utviklingstrekk i Arktis: Mulige implikasjoner for Norge 2019
Strategic partners against terrorism 2.0?: Russia’s initial positions on Syria 2016
The Strategic Significance of Afghanistan: A Note of Caution to the NATO Summit 2010
Strategy and Credible Commitment: A game theoretic analysis of the conflict in Afghanistan 2009
Summary Report Norwegian Standby Roster for Civilian Observers (NOROBS): The Role and Position of NOROBS in the Context of Norway’s Contribution to Civilian Peacemaking, Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding 2010
Supermaktens akilleshæl?: Politisk polarisering og beslutningsproblemer ved amerikanske internasjonale militære engasjement 2001
Surviving Brexit:: twelve lessons from Norway 2017
Swat:: Main Causes of the Rise of Militancy 2010
Synthesis Report of the Baseline Study on Civilian Capacity: A CIVCAP Network Joint Research Project 2013
‘Teach a person how to surf’:: Cyber security as development assistance 2016
Telecommunications:: the underlying transport means for services exports 2020
The Tension between UN HQ and the Field in Implementing the Protection of Civilians 2009
Thailand:: Improving the Business Climate for Renewable Energy Investment 2020
Thinking Beyond: Acting on the Ground 2011
Ties that Bind:: The Emerging Regional Security Complex in the Arctic 2016
Trade and trust:: the role of trade in de-facto state conflict transformation 2021
Tre trender som utfordrer norsk utenrikspolitikk 2019
The UK withdrawal from the EU: Legal implications for Norway as party to the EEA Agreement 2017
Ukraine: Precarious Post-electoral Reversals 2011
Undermining Hegemony?: Building a Framework for Goods Substitution 2015
Une sortie honorable pour la MINURCAT? 2010
United Nations Peace Operations:: Aligning Principles and Practice 2015
Unity in Goals, Diversity in Means: – and the discourse on female peacekeepers in UN peace operations 2020
UNMISS County Support Bases:: Peacekeeping–Peacebuilding Nexus at Work? 2013
Upholding the NATO cyber pledge: Cyber Deterrence and Resilience: Dilemmas in NATO defence and security politics 2017
The U.S. Presidential Election and its Implications on Middle East Policy 2016
US-Norway Bilateral Defense Agreements:: a partnership that strengthens NATO 2020
Utenlandsk eierskap i eiendom i Norge:: informasjonskilder og mulige oversikter 2021
Veier til informasjon om utenlandsk eierskap i Norge:: kilder og metoder 2021
Vietnam:: Six Ways to Keep Up the Renewable Energy Investment Success 2020
Views from the Pivot Point:: Chinese Perceptions of Russia’s ‘Go East’ Strategy 2015
We Saw it Coming:: Jihadist Terrorism, Challenges for the European Union 2015
Weapons of Mass Destruction:: How to set up an Inspection Regime 2012
What is Hybrid Warfare? 2016
What threatens NATO — and what members can do?: The case of Norway and Poland 2021
Why Franco-German leadership on European defense is not in sight 2019
Why Peacebuilders are “Blind” and “Arrogant” and What to do About it 2009
Wielding influence in a new governance architecture:: Norway, the G20 and the 2030 Agenda 2017
Women, Peace and Security: Gender Challenges within UN Peacekeeping Missions 2014
Women, Peace and Security in Somalia:: A Study of AMISOM 2013