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Publisher Description

NYU Press was founded in 1916 by Elmer Ellsworth Brown, then Chancellor of the University. The Press was, in his words, created to “publish contributions to higher learning by eminent scholars.”

Making common cause with the best and the brightest, the great and the good, NYU Press aspires to nothing less than the transformation of the intellectual and cultural landscape. Infused with the conviction that the ideas of the academy matter, they foster knowledge that resonates within and beyond the walls of the university. If the university is the public square for intellectual debate, NYU Press is its soapbox, offering original thinkers a forum for the written word. NYU Press authors think, teach, and contend; NYU Press crafts, publishes, and disseminates. While the Press’s mandate has evolved over the decades, adjusting to changes in the academy and in the publishing world, Elmer Ellsworth Brown’s words ring true to this day.

Books in JSTOR from NYU Press
1854 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
1929: Mapping the Jewish World 2013
22 Ideas to Fix the World: Conversations with the World's Foremost Thinkers 2013
5 Grams: Crack Cocaine, Rap Music, and the War on Drugs 2012
The 9/11 Generation: Youth, Rights, and Solidarity in the War on Terror 2016
Abolitionist Socialist Feminism: Radicalizing the Next Revolution 2019
Abstractionist Aesthetics: Artistic Form and Social Critique in African American Culture 2015
Accessible America: A History of Disability and Design 2019
Accounts of China and India 2017
Achieving Blackness: Race, Black Nationalism, and Afrocentrism in the Twentieth Century 2006
Across Generations: Immigrant Families in America 2009
Across the Divide: Union Soldiers View the Northern Home Front 2013
Acting Together I: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict: Resistance and Reconciliation in Regions of Violence 2011
Acting Together II: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict: Building Just and Inclusive Communities 2011
Adolescence, Discrimination, and the Law: Addressing Dramatic Shifts in Equality Jurisprudence 2015
Adolescent Boys: Exploring Diverse Cultures of Boyhood 2004
Adventures of the Mind: The Memoirs of Natalie Clifford Barney 1992
Adverse Events: Race, Inequality, and the Testing of New Pharmaceuticals 2020
Affinity Online: How Connection and Shared Interest Fuel Learning 2019
African & American: West Africans in Post-Civil Rights America 2014
African-Americans and the Quest for Civil Rights, 1900-1990 1991
Afro-Fabulations: The Queer Drama of Black Life 2019
Afro-Pentecostalism: Black Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in History and Culture 2011
After Expulsion: 1492 and the Making of Sephardic Jewry 2013
After Life Imprisonment: Reentry in the Era of Mass Incarceration 2016
After Marriage Equality: The Future of LGBT Rights 2016
After Race: Racism After Multiculturalism 2004
After the Crime: The Power of Restorative Justice Dialogues between Victims and Violent Offenders 2011
After the Cure: The Untold Stories of Breast Cancer Survivors 2008
After the Party: A Manifesto for Queer of Color Life 2018
After the Protests Are Heard: Enacting Civic Engagement and Social Transformation 2019
After the Rebellion: Black Youth, Social Movement Activism, and the Post-Civil Rights Generation 2014
Aftermath: A New Global Economic Order? 2011
Aftermath: The Clinton Impeachment and the Presidency in the Age of Political Spectacle 2001
Against All Odds: The Struggle for Racial Integration in Religious Organizations 2005
Against Health: How Health Became the New Morality 2010
Against Wind and Tide: The African American Struggle Against the Colonization Movement 2014
Age in America: The Colonial Era to the Present 2015
The Age of Monopoly Capital: Selected Correspondence of Paul M. Sweezy and Paul A. Baran, 1949-1964 2017
Ages of Anxiety: Historical and Transnational Perspectives on Juvenile Justice 2018
Agriculture and Food in Crisis: Conflict, Resistance, and Renewal 2010
'Ain el-Gedida: 2006-2008 Excavations of a Late Antique Site in Egypt's Western Desert (Amheida IV) 2018
Aksum and Nubia: Warfare, Commerce, and Political Fictions in Ancient Northeast Africa 2013
Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism 2018
All Together Different: Yiddish Socialists, Garment Workers, and the Labor Roots of Multiculturalism 2011
All You That Labor: Religion and Ethics in the Living Wage Movement 2011
Alternative Sociologies of Religion: Through Non-Western Eyes 2017
America, As Seen on TV: How Television Shapes Immigrant Expectations around the Globe 2018
America Goes to War: A Social History of the Continental Army 1996
America in the Age of the Titans: The Progressive Era and World War I 1988
America in the Gilded Age: Third Edition 1993
American Arabesque: Arabs and Islam in the Nineteenth Century Imaginary 2012
American Collegiate Populations: A Test of the Traditional View 1982
American Constitutionalism Heard Round the World, 1776-1989: A Global Perspective 2009
American Cool: Constructing a Twentieth-Century Emotional Style OPEN ACCESS 1994
American Fatherhood: A History 2019
American Founding Son: John Bingham and the Invention of the Fourteenth Amendment 2013
American Karma: Race, Culture, and Identity in the Indian Diaspora 2007
American Law in the Age of Hypercapitalism: The Worker, the Family, and the State OPEN ACCESS 1998
American Literary Studies: A Methodological Reader 2003
American Rabbi: The Life and Thought of Jacob B. Agus 1997
American Secularism: Cultural Contours of Nonreligious Belief Systems 2015
The American Soul Rush: Esalen and the Rise of Spiritual Privilege 2012
American Tensions: Literature of Identity and the Search for Social Justice 2011
The American War in Vietnam: Crime or Commemoration? 2016
American Women and the Repeal of Prohibition 1996
The Americanization of the Jews OPEN ACCESS 1995
America's Addiction to Terrorism 2016
America's Dark Theologian: The Religious Imagination of Stephen King 2018
America's Death Penalty: Between Past and Present 2011
America's Education Deficit and the War on Youth: Reform Beyond Electoral Politics 2013
America's Jails: The Search for Human Dignity in an Age of Mass Incarceration 2018
America’s Safest City: Delinquency and Modernity in Suburbia 2014
Amheida I: Ostraka from Trimithis, Volume 1 2012
Amheida II: A Late Romano-Egyptian House in Dakleh Oasis: Amheida House B2 2015
Amheida III: Ostraka from Trimithis, Volume 2 2016
The Anchor of My Life: Middle-Class American Mothers and Daughters, 1880-1920 1993
Ancient Jewish Sciences and the History of Knowledge in Second Temple Literature 2014
And Gently He Shall Lead Them: Robert Parris Moses and Civil Rights in Mississippi 1994
Androids, Humanoids, and Other Folklore Monsters: Science and Soul in Science Fiction Films 1993
The Angel and the Perverts 1995
Angel Patriots: The Crash of United Flight 93 and the Myth of America 2015
Animus: A Short Introduction to Bias in the Law 2017
Another Country: Queer Anti-Urbanism 2010
Anthem: Social Movements and the Sound of Solidarity in the African Diaspora 2014
Anthropology and Law: A Critical Introduction 2017
The Anthropology of Global Pentecostalism and Evangelicalism 2015
Anti-Fandom: Dislike and Hate in the Digital Age 2019
Antiracism: An Introduction 2019
Antisocial Media: Anxious Labor in the Digital Economy 2018
Antonio Gramsci 2010
The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism: The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy, and Capitalism in 17th Century North America and the Caribbean 2017
Apocalypse Then: American Intellectuals and the Vietnam War, 1954-1975 1998
Arab America: Gender, Cultural Politics, and Activism 2012
Arab New York: Politics and Community in the Everyday Lives of Arab Americans 2019
Arabian Romantic: Poems on Bedouin Life and Love 2018
Arabian Satire: Poetry from 18th-Century Najd 2017
Arabs and Muslims in the Media: Race and Representation after 9/11 2012
Archives of Flesh: African America, Spain, and Post-Humanist Critique 2016
Archiving an Epidemic: Art, AIDS, and the Queer Chicanx Avant-Garde 2019
Are Racists Crazy?: How Prejudice, Racism, and Antisemitism Became Markers of Insanity 2016
Ark Encounter: The Making of a Creationist Theme Park 2018
Army of Manifest Destiny: The American Soldier in the Mexican War, 1846-1848 1992
Arrested Adulthood: The Changing Nature of Maturity and Identity 2000
Arrested Justice: Black Women, Violence, and America’s Prison Nation 2012
Art and Upheaval: Artists on the World's Frontlines 2008
The Art of Confession: The Performance of Self from Robert Lowell to Reality TV 2017
The Art of Democracy: A Concise History of Popular Culture in the United States 2002
Arts for Change: Teaching Outside the Frame 2009
As Long as We Both Shall Love: The White Wedding in Postwar America 2013
Asian American Media Activism: Fighting for Cultural Citizenship 2016
Asian American Religions: The Making and Remaking of Borders and Boundaries 2004
Asian American Sporting Cultures 2016
Asphalt to Ecosystems: Design Ideas for Schoolyard Transformation 2010
The Assemblies of God: Godly Love and the Revitalization of American Pentecostalism 2010
Astrology and Cosmology in the Worlds Religions 2012
At Home in Nineteenth-Century America: A Documentary History 2015
At Home in Two Countries: The Past and Future of Dual Citizenship 2016
At Home with Pornography: Women, Sexuality, and Everyday Life 1998
At Liberty to Die: The Battle for Death with Dignity in America 2012
At This Defining Moment: Barack Obamas Presidential Candidacy and the New Politics of Race 2011
At Work in the Iron Cage: The Prison as Gendered Organization 2003
The Atlas of American Society 1995
Authentic New Orleans: Tourism, Culture, and Race in the Big Easy 2007
Authentic: The Politics of Ambivalence in a Brand Culture 2012
Authentically Black and Truly Catholic: The Rise of Black Catholicism in the Great Migration 2017
Authors Inc.: Literary Celebrity in the Modern United States, 1880-1980 2004
Autism and the Myth of the Person Alone 2005
Automats, Taxi Dances, and Vaudeville: Excavating Manhattans Lost Places of Leisure 2009
Avidly Reads Board Games 2019
Avidly Reads Making Out 2019
Avidly Reads Theory 2019
Aztln and Arcadia: Religion, Ethnicity, and the Creation of Place 2014
Babysitter: An American History 2009
Bad Habits: Drinking, Smoking, Taking Drugs, Gambling, Sexual Misbehavior and Swearing in American History 1993
The Bahá’ís of America: The Growth of a Religious Movement 2015
Ballots, Babies, and Banners of Peace: American Jewish Womens Activism, 1890-1940 2013
Bananas and Business: The United Fruit Company in Colombia, 1899-2000 2005
Banned: Immigration Enforcement in the Time of Trump 2019
The Bases of Empire: The Global Struggle against U.S. Military Posts 2009
Battle Cries: Black Women and Intimate Partner Abuse 2008
The Battle of Negro Fort: The Rise and Fall of a Fugitive Slave Community 2019
Becoming Bicultural: Risk, Resilience, and Latino Youth 2011
Becoming Human: Matter and Meaning in an Antiblack World 2020
Becoming Rasta: Origins of Rastafari Identity in Jamaica 2009
Before Chicano: Citizenship and the Making of Mexican American Manhood, 1848-1959 2018
The Beginning of Terror: A Psychological Study of Rainer Maria Rilke's Life and Work OPEN ACCESS 1993
Behind the Invasion of Iraq 2003
Being Muslim: A Cultural History of Women of Color in American Islam 2018
Being Watched: Legal Challenges to Government Surveillance 2017
Benevolent Repression: Social Control and the American Reformatory-Prison Movement 1994
Best of Times, Worst of Times: Contemporary American Short Stories from the New Gilded Age 2011
The Best Pitcher in Baseball: The Life of Rube Foster, Negro League Giant 2001
The Beta Israel: Falasha in Ethiopia: From Earliest Times to the Twentieth Century 1992
Beyond Capital: Toward a Theory of Transition 2010
Beyond Christianity: African Americans in a New Thought Church 2005
Beyond Deportation: The Role of Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration Cases 2015
Beyond El Barrio: Everyday Life in Latina/o America 2010
Beyond Market Dystopia: New Ways of Living: Socialist Register 2020 2019
Beyond Monogamy: Polyamory and the Future of Polyqueer Sexualities 2016
Beyond Recidivism: New Approaches to Research on Prisoner Reentry and Reintegration 2020
Beyond the Nation: Diasporic Filipino Literature and Queer Reading 2012
Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter? 2017
Beyond Zuccotti Park: Freedom of Assembly and the Occupation of Public Space 2012
Bhatti’s Poem: The Death of Ravana 2009
Big Farms Make Big Flu: Dispatches on Influenza, Agribusiness, and the Nature of Science 2016
The Big Onion Guide to Brooklyn: Ten Historic Walking Tours 2005
The Big Onion Guide to New York City: Ten Historic Tours 2002
Biocitizenship: The Politics of Bodies, Governance, and Power 2018
The Biofuels Deception: Going Hungry on the Green Carbon Diet 2018
A Biography of a Map in Motion: Augustine Herrman's Chesapeake 2018
Biology Under the Influence: Dialectical Essays on the Coevolution of Nature and Society 2007
Biopolitics: An Advanced Introduction 2011
Bird-Self Accumulated 1996
Bisexuality and the Challenge to Lesbian Politics: Sex, Loyalty, and Revolution OPEN ACCESS 1995
Black and Multiracial Politics in America 2000
Black Frankenstein: The Making of an American Metaphor 2008
Black Garden: Armenia and Azerbaijan through Peace and War 2003
Black Garden: Armenia and Azerbaijan Through Peace and War, 10th Year Anniversary Edition, Revised and Updated 2013
Black in Latin America 2011
Black Los Angeles: American Dreams and Racial Realities 2010
Black Men on Race, Gender, and Sexuality: A Critical Reader 1999
Black Mosaic: The Politics of Black Pan-Ethnic Diversity 2014
Black Performance on the Outskirts of the Left: A History of the Impossible 2017
Black Police, White Society 1984
The Black Radical Tragic: Performance, Aesthetics, and the Unfinished Haitian Revolution 2016
Black Rage Confronts the Law OPEN ACCESS 1997
Black Television Travels: African American Media around the Globe 2013
Black Women’s Christian Activism: Seeking Social Justice in a Northern Suburb 2016
Blacks and Whites in Christian America: How Racial Discrimination Shapes Religious Convictions 2012
Blacks at Harvard: A Documentary History of African-American Experience At Harvard and Radcliffe 1993
Blacks in the Jewish Mind: A Crisis of Liberalism OPEN ACCESS 1998
Blaming Mothers: American Law and the Risks to Children’s Health 2017
Blood and Belief: The PKK and the Kurdish Fight for Independence 2007
Blood and Fire: Godly Love in a Pentecostal Emerging Church 2008
Bloody Lowndes: Civil Rights and Black Power in Alabamas Black Belt 2009
Blowing the Roof off the Twenty-First Century: Media, Politics, and the Struggle for Post-Capitalist Democracy 2014
The Bobbed Haired Bandit: A True Story of Crime and Celebrity in 1920s New York 2006
Bodies in Protest: Environmental Illness and the Struggle Over Medical Knowledge OPEN ACCESS 1997
Bodies of Reform: The Rhetoric of Character in Gilded Age America 2010
Bodies of War: World War I and the Politics of Commemoration in America, 1919-1933 2010
The Body Electric: How Strange Machines Built the Modern American 2003
Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness 2009
A Body, Undone: Living On After Great Pain 2016
Bonds of Citizenship: Law and the Labors of Emancipation 2013
Books That Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal 2014
Border Medicine: A Transcultural History of Mexican American Curanderismo 2014
Border Politics: Social Movements, Collective Identities, and Globalization 2015
Botox Nation: Changing the Face of America 2017
Boulevard of Dreams: Heady Times, Heartbreak, and Hope along the Grand Concourse in the Bronx 2009
Boundaries of Love: Interracial Marriage and the Meaning of Race 2019
Brains Confounded by the Ode of Abu Shaduf Expounded: Volume One 2016
Brains Confounded by the Ode of Abū Shādūf Expounded: Volume One 2019
Brains Confounded by the Ode of Abu Shaduf Expounded: Volume Two 2016
Brains Confounded by the Ode of Abū Shādūf Expounded, with Risible Rhymes: Volume Two 2019
Breaking into the Lab: Engineering Progress for Women in Science 2012
Breaking the Bonds: Marital Discord in Pennsylvania, 1730-1830 1991
Breaking the Devils Pact: The Battle to Free the Teamsters from the Mob 2011
Breaking Women: Gender, Race, and the New Politics of Imprisonment 2013
A Brief and Tentative Analysis of Negro Leadership 2005
Brokering Servitude: Migration and the Politics of Domestic Labor during the Long Nineteenth Century 2018
Brooklyn By Name: How the Neighborhoods, Streets, Parks, Bridges, and More Got Their Names 2006
Brooklyn's Promised Land: The Free Black Community of Weeksville, New York 2014
Brothers Gonna Work It Out: Sexual Politics in the Golden Age of Rap Nationalism 2005
Brown Beauty: Color, Sex, and Race from the Harlem Renaissance to World War II 2018
Brown Bodies, White Babies: The Politics of Cross-Racial Surrogacy 2016
Brown Boys and Rice Queens: Spellbinding Performance in the Asias 2014
Build It Now: Socialism for the Twenty-First Century 2006
Building the Old Time Religion: Women Evangelists in the Progressive Era 2014
Building Together: Case Studies in Participatory Planning and Community Building 2014
The Bully Society: School Shootings and the Crisis of Bullying in America’s Schools 2012
A Bun in the Oven: How the Food and Birth Movements Resist Industrialization 2016
The Burdens of Aspiration: Schools, Youth, and Success in the Divided Social Worlds of Silicon Valley 2011
Business as Usual: The Roots of the Global Financial Meltdown 2011
Business in Black and White: American Presidents and Black Entrepreneurs in the Twentieth Century 2009
Busting the Mob: The United States v. Cosa Nostra OPEN ACCESS 1994
Buying a Bride: An Engaging History of Mail-Order Matches 2016
Buying into Fair Trade: Culture, Morality, and Consumption 2013
Buzz: Urban Beekeeping and the Power of the Bee 2013
By Any Media Necessary: The New Youth Activism 2016
By Heart: Poetry, Prison, and Two Lives 2010
Bye-Bye 1997
Cable Guys: Television and Masculinities in the 21st Century 2014
Cable Visions: Television Beyond Broadcasting 2007
Cached: Decoding the Internet in Global Popular Culture 2013
Called to Serve: A History of Nuns in America 2013
Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccines 2016
Camming: Money, Power, and Pleasure in the Sex Work Industry 2020
Campus Wars: The Peace Movement At American State Universities in the Vietnam Era 1993
Can Bacteria Cause Cancer?: Alternative Medicine Confronts Big Science 1997
Can the Working Class Change the World? 2018
Can Unions Survive?: The Rejuvenation of the American Labor Movement OPEN ACCESS 1995
Cannibal 1994
Capital Accumulation and Women's Labor in Asian Economies 2012
Capital Defense: Inside the Lives of America's Death Penalty Lawyers 2019
Capital of the World: The Race to Host the United Nations 2013
Capitalist Globalization: Consequences, Resistance, and Alternatives 2013
The Captains Widow of Sandwich: Self-Invention and the Life of Hannah Rebecca Burgess, 1834-1917 2010
Caribbean Crossing: African Americans and the Haitian Emigration Movement 2015
Caribbean Religious History: An Introduction 2010
Caring Across Generations: The Linked Lives of Korean American Families 2014
Caring Democracy: Markets, Equality, and Justice 2013
The Case Against Punishment: Retribution, Crime Prevention, and the Law 2005
The Case for Pragmatic Psychology 1999
The Case for the Corporate Death Penalty: Restoring Law and Order on Wall Street 2017
The Castration of Oedipus: Psychoanalysis, Postmodernism, and Feminism 1996
Catch and Release: The Enduring Yet Vulnerable Horseshoe Crab 2017
Catholic Activism Today: Individual Transformation and the Struggle for Social Justice 2020
Catholic Social Activism: Progressive Movements in the United States 2019
Cecil Dreeme: A Novel 2016
Celluloid Sermons: The Emergence of the Christian Film Industry, 1930-1986 2011
Celluloid Soldiers: The Warner Bros. Campaign Against Nazism 1999
Chained to the Desk (Third Edition): A Guidebook for Workaholics, Their Partners and Children, and the Clinicians Who Treat Them 2014
Changing Faith: The Dynamics and Consequences of Americans Shifting Religious Identities 2014
Changing Qatar: Culture, Citizenship, and Rapid Modernization 2020
Charitable Choices: Religion, Race, and Poverty in the Post-Welfare Era 2003
Charles Dickens and the Image of Women OPEN ACCESS 1993
Cheating Welfare: Public Assistance and the Criminalization of Poverty 2011
The Chicana/o Cultural Studies Forum: Critical and Ethnographic Practices 2007
Chicana/o Remix: Art and Errata Since the Sixties 2017
Chicano Nations: The Hemispheric Origins of Mexican American Literature 2011
Chicano Students and the Courts: The Mexican American Legal Struggle for Educational Equality 2008
Childhood Deployed: Remaking Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone 2014
Childhood in America 2000
Children and Youth during the Civil War Era 2012
Children and Youth During the Gilded Age and Progressive Era 2014
Children and Youth in a New Nation 2009
Children of a New World: Society, Culture, and Globalization 2007
Children of Alcoholism: The Struggle for Self and Intimacy in Adult Life 1987
The Children of Immigrants at School: A Comparative Look at Integration in the United States and Western Europe 2013
Children, Sexuality, and the Law 2015
The Children's Culture Reader 1998
China: Contemporary Political, Economic, and International Affairs 2007
China, The United States, and the Future of Central Asia: U.S.-China Relations, Volume I 2015
China, The United States, and the Future of Latin America: U.S.-China Relations, Volume III 2017
China, The United States, and the Future of Southeast Asia: U.S.-China Relations, Volume II 2017
The Chinese Heroin Trade: Cross-Border Drug Trafficking in Southeast Asia and Beyond 2015
Choosing the Future for American Juvenile Justice 2014
Christian Theologies of Salvation: A Comparative Introduction 2017
Christian Theologies of Scripture: A Comparative Introduction 2006
Christian Theologies of the Sacraments: A Comparative Introduction 2017
Christianity and the Holocaust of Hungarian Jewry OPEN ACCESS 1993
Christians and Muslims in Ottoman Cyprus and the Mediterranean World, 1571-1640 1993
Christopher Hitchens and His Critics: Terror, Iraq, and the Left 2008
Chronic Youth: Disability, Sexuality, and U.S. Media Cultures of Rehabilitation 2014
The Chrysanthemum and the Eagle: The Future of U.S.-Japan Relations OPEN ACCESS 1994
Circuits of Visibility: Gender and Transnational Media Cultures 2011
Citizen Spies: The Long Rise of America's Surveillance Society 2017
Citizen, Student, Soldier: Latina/o Youth, JROTC, and the American Dream 2015
Citizens but Not Americans: Race and Belonging among Latino Millennials 2017
Citizens of Asian America: Democracy and Race during the Cold War 2013
Citizenship and Its Exclusions: A Classical, Constitutional, and Critical Race Critique 2010
Citizenship Excess: Latino/as, Media, and the Nation 2013
Citizenship Rites: Feminist Soldiers and Feminist Antimilitarists 2000
City Folk: English Country Dance and the Politics of the Folk in Modern America 2010
Civil Justice Reconsidered: Toward a Less Costly, More Accessible Litigation System 2017
Civil Society, Second Edition: The Critical History of an Idea 2017
Civil Society: The Critical History of an Idea 1999
Civil War Citizens: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in Americas Bloodiest Conflict 2010
Civil War Dynasty: The Ewing Family of Ohio 2013
The Civil War Soldier: A Historical Reader 2002
Civilians in a World at War, 1914-1918 2010
Claiming Disability: Knowledge and Identity 1998
Clarence Thomas and the Tough Love Crowd: Counterfeit Heroes and Unhappy Truths OPEN ACCESS 1995
Clarity, Cut, and Culture: The Many Meanings of Diamonds 2014
Class Dismissed: Why We Cannot Teach or Learn Our Way Out of Inequality 2011
The Class: Living and Learning in the Digital Age 2016
Class Unknown: Undercover Investigations of American Work and Poverty from the Progressive Era to the Present 2012
Classical Arabic Literature: A Library of Arabic Literature Anthology 2013
Classical Black Nationalism: From the American Revolution to Marcus Garvey 1996
Clean and White: A History of Environmental Racism in the United States 2015
Clean Streets: Controlling Crime, Maintaining Order, and Building Community Activism 2005
Climate Finance: Regulatory and Funding Strategies for Climate Change and Global Development 2009
Clio among the Muses: Essays on History and the Humanities 2014
Clipped Wings: The Rise and Fall of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS) of World War II 1998
Cloning Wild Life: Zoos, Captivity, and the Future of Endangered Animals 2013
Cocaine, Death Squads, and the War on Terror: U.S. Imperialism and Class Struggle in Colombia 2011
Collapse of Development Planning 1994
Collateral Language: A User's Guide to America's New War 2002
Colonial Phantoms: Belonging and Refusal in the Dominican Americas, from the 19th Century to the Present 2018
Colonization and Its Discontents: Emancipation, Emigration, and Antislavery in Antebellum Pennsylvania 2011
The Color of Kink: Black Women, BDSM, and Pornography 2016
The Color of Sound: Race, Religion, and Music in Brazil 2013
The Colorblind Screen: Television in Post-Racial America 2014
The Columbian Orator 1998
Columbus: His Enterprise: Exploding the Myth 1991
Comic Book Crime: Truth, Justice, and the American Way 2013
Comics and Stuff 2020
Coming of Age in Iran: Poverty and the Struggle for Dignity 2020
Coming of Age in Jim Crow DC: Navigating the Politics of Everyday Life 2019
The Coming of the American Behemoth: The Origins of Fascism in the United States, 1920 -1940 2018
Coming Out of Communism: The Emergence of LGBT Activism in Eastern Europe 2018
The Coming Race War: And Other Apocalyptic Tales of America after Affirmative Action and Welfare 1996
Commodity Activism: Cultural Resistance in Neoliberal Times 2012
Community Criminology: Fundamentals of Spatial and Temporal Scaling, Ecological Indicators, and Selectivity Bias 2015
Comparative Tax Jurisprudence: Germany and Japan 1993
Compensatory Justice: Nomos XXXIII OPEN ACCESS 1991
The Complete Handbook for College Women: Making the Most of Your College Experience 1994
Complex TV: The Poetics of Contemporary Television Storytelling 2015
Conformity: The Power of Social Influences 2019
Confronting Black Jacobins: The U.S., the Haitian Revolution, and the Origins of the Dominican Republic 2015
Consciencism: Philosophy and Ideology for De-Colonization and Development with particular reference to the African Revolution 2009
Consorts of the Caliphs: Women and the Court of Baghdad 2017
Consorts of the Caliphs: Women and the Court of Baghdad 2015
The Constitution Goes to College: Five Constitutional Ideas That Have Shaped the American University 2011
The Constitution of Interests: Beyond the Politics of Rights 1996
Constitutional Stupidities, Constitutional Tragedies 1998
Contagious Representation: Womens Political Representation in Democracies around the World 2013
Contemporary Arab-American Literature: Transnational Reconfigurations of Citizenship and Belonging 2014
Contemporary Asian America (third edition): A Multidisciplinary Reader 2016
Contemporary Israel: New Insights and Scholarship 2016
Contemporary Latina/o Media: Production, Circulation, Politics 2014
The Content of Our Caricature: African American Comic Art and Political Belonging 2020
Contesting Intersex: The Dubious Diagnosis 2015
Contraceptive Risk: The FDA, Depo-Provera, and the Politics of Experimental Medicine 2017
The Contradictions of "Real Socialism": The Conductor and the Conducted 2012
Controlling Paris: Armed Forces and Counter-Revolution, 1789-1848 2014
Controlling the Message: New Media in American Political Campaigns 2015
Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide 2006
Conversations about Psychology and Sexual Orientation 1999
Conversations with Diego Rivera: The Monster in His Labyrinth 2018
Convicted and Condemned: The Politics and Policies of Prisoner Reentry 2017
Cook and the Carpenter: A Novel by the Carpenter 1973
Cops, Cameras, and Crisis: The Potential and the Perils of Police Body-Worn Cameras 2020
Corridor Cultures: Mapping Student Resistance at an Urban School 2008
Cosmopolitanisms 2017
Cotton Capitalists: American Jewish Entrepreneurship in the Reconstruction Era 2017
The Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America 2014
The Courage to Care 1986
Courting Change: Queer Parents, Judges, and the Transformation of American Family Law 2009
Courting Kids: Inside an Experimental Youth Court 2013
Covered in Ink: Tattoos, Women and the Politics of the Body 2015
Cow Boys and Cattle Men: Class and Masculinities on the Texas Frontier, 1865-1900 2010
Crazy Water: Six Fictions 1996
Creating an Ecological Society: Toward a Revolutionary Transformation 2017
Creativity without Law: Challenging the Assumptions of Intellectual Property 2017
Creole Religions of the Caribbean: An Introduction from Vodou and Santeria to Obeah and Espiritismo 2011
Creole Religions of the Caribbean: An Introduction from Vodou and Santeria to Obeah and Espiritismo, Second Edition 2011
The Crime of All Crimes: Toward a Criminology of Genocide 2016
Crimes of Dissent: Civil Disobedience, Criminal Justice, and the Politics of Conscience 2009
The Criminal Brain, Second Edition: Understanding Biological Theories of Crime 2016
Criminal Trajectories: A Developmental Perspective 2019
Criminal Trials and Mental Disorders 2019
Criminology Goes to the Movies: Crime Theory and Popular Culture 2011
Crip Times: Disability, Globalization, and Resistance 2018
The Crisis in American Banking 1993
The Crisis of Connection: Roots, Consequences, and Solutions 2018
A Critical Introduction to Religion in the Americas: Bridging the Liberation Theology and Religious Studies Divide 2014
Critical Race Theory: An Introduction 2001
Critical Race Theory: An Introduction, Second Edition 2012
Critical Race Theory (Third Edition): An Introduction 2017
Critical Rhetorics of Race 2011
Critical Trauma Studies: Understanding Violence, Conflict and Memory in Everyday Life 2016
Crooked Deals and Broken Treaties: How American Indians were Displaced by White Settlers in the Cuyahoga Valley 2016
Crossing the Water and Keeping the Faith: Haitian Religion in Miami 2013
Crown of Thorns: Political Martyrdom in America From Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King, Jr. 1990
Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity 2009
Ctrl + Z: The Right to Be Forgotten 2016
Cuba and the U.S. Empire: A Chronological History 2016
Cuba, the Media, and the Challenge of Impartiality 2015
The Cultural Politics of U.S. Immigration: Gender, Race, and Media 2016
Culture as Politics: Selected Writings of Christopher Caudwell 2018
Culture Clash: Law and Science in America OPEN ACCESS 1994
Culture Jamming: Activism and the Art of Cultural Resistance 2017
The Culture of Punishment: Prison, Society, and Spectacle 2009
Culture Works: Space, Value, and Mobility Across the Neoliberal Americas 2012
Cut It Out: The C-Section Epidemic in America 2013
Cybercrime: Digital Cops in a Networked Environment 2007
Daddy Grace: A Celebrity Preacher and His House of Prayer 2007
Dance With Me: Ballroom Dancing and the Promise of Instant Intimacy 2011
Dancing in Chains: The Youth of William Dean Howells 1991
Dancing Tango: Passionate Encounters in a Globalizing World 2015
Dangerous Curves: Latina Bodies in the Media 2010
Dangerous or Endangered?: Race and the Politics of Youth in Urban America 2010
The Dark Fantastic: Race and the Imagination from Harry Potter to the Hunger Games 2019
Dark Side of the Moon: The Magnificent Madness of the American Lunar Quest 2006
Dark Work: The Business of Slavery in Rhode Island 2016
Deadly Injustice: Trayvon Martin, Race, and the Criminal Justice System 2015
Deaf Subjects: Between Identities and Places 2009
Deafening Modernism: Embodied Language and Visual Poetics in American Literature 2015
Dear Tiny Heart: The Letters of Jane Heap and Florence Reynolds 2000
A Death at Crooked Creek: The Case of the Cowboy, the Cigarmaker, and the Love Letter 2013
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Death Makes the News: How the Media Censor and Display the Dead 2017
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Defining the Family: Law, Technology, and Reproduction in An Uneasy Age 1997
Degradation: What the History of Obscenity Tells Us about Hate Speech 2011
The Delectable Negro: Human Consumption and Homoeroticism within US Slave Culture 2014
Delinquents and Debutantes: Twentieth-Century American Girls' Cultures 1998
The Democracy Deficit: Taming Globalization Through Law Reform 2004
Democracy in Modern Iran: Islam, Culture, and Political Change 2010
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Dependency and Japanese Socialization: Psychoanalytic and Anthropological Investigations in Amae 1993
Deported: Policing Immigrants, Disposable Labor and Global Capitalism 2015
The Derrick Bell Reader 2005
Desegregating the Dollar: African American Consumerism in the Twentieth Century 1998
Desi Hoop Dreams: Pickup Basketball and the Making of Asian American Masculinity 2015
Deviant and Criminal Behavior in the Workplace 2013
The Devils Milk: A Social History of Rubber 2011
Diaspora Lobbies and the US Government: Convergence and Divergence in Making Foreign Policy 2014
Difficult Diasporas: The Transnational Feminist Aesthetic of the Black Atlantic 2013
The Digital City: Media and the Social Production of Place 2019
The Digital Edge: How Black and Latino Youth Navigate Digital Inequality 2018
Digital Jesus: The Making of a New Christian Fundamentalist Community on the Internet 2011
The Dilemma of Context OPEN ACCESS 1989
Disability Media Studies 2017
The Disability Pendulum: The First Decade of the Americans With Disabilities Act 2005
Disabled Education: A Critical Analysis of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 2013
Disagreements of the Jurists: A Manual of Islamic Legal Theory 2015
Disagreements of the Jurists: A Manual of Islamic Legal Theory 2017
The Disarticulate: Language, Disability, and the Narratives of Modernity 2014
Discounted Life: The Price of Global Surrogacy in India 2015
Discourse on Colonialism 2000
The Discourses: Reflections on History, Sufism, Theology, and Literature—Volume One 2019
Discretionary Justice: Pardon and Parole in New York from the Revolution to the Depression 2016
Disoriented: Asian Americans, Law, and the Nation-State 1999
Dissent: The History of an American Idea 2015
A Distant Heritage: The Growth of Free Speech in Early America 1994
Diversión: Play and Popular Culture in Cuban America 2017
Divide and Deal: The Politics of Distribution in Democracies 2008
The Divided Mind of the Black Church: Theology, Piety, and Public Witness 2014
Divine Callings: Understanding the Call to Ministry in Black Pentecostalism 2012
Divorce: Crisis, Challenge, Or Relief? 1991
Divorced from Reality: Rethinking Family Dispute Resolution 2015
Diwan 'Antarah ibn Shaddad: A Literary-Historical Study 2018
Doctoring the Mind: Is Our Current Treatment of Mental Illness Really Any Good? 2009
Does God Make the Man?: Media, Religion, and the Crisis of Masculinity 2015
Does the Law Morally Bind the Poor?: Or What Good's the Constitution When You Can't Buy a Loaf of Bread? 1996
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Doing Time in the Depression: Everyday Life in Texas and California Prisons 2012
Doing Time in the Garden: Life Lessons through Prison Horticulture 2006
Domestic Workers of the World Unite!: A Global Movement for Dignity and Human Rights 2017
A Doomsday Reader: Prophets, Predictors, and Hucksters of Salvation 1999
Dot-Com Design: The Rise of a Usable, Social, Commercial Web 2018
Double Jeopardy: The History, The Law 1998
Drawdown: The American Way of Postwar 2016
Drawn to the Gods: Religion and Humor in The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy 2017
Dreaming Blackness: Black Nationalism and African American Public Opinion 2009
Dreaming in the World's Religions: A Comparative History 2008
The Drug Company Next Door: Pollution, Jobs, and Community Health in Puerto Rico 2013
Dust to Dust: A History of Jewish Death and Burial in New York 2019
Dying to Get High: Marijuana as Medicine 2008
Early Judaism: New Insights and Scholarship 2018
The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race 2017
East Main Street: Asian American Popular Culture 2005
Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader 2013
Eating Drugs: Psychopharmaceutical Pluralism in India 2014
The Ecological Rift: Capitalisms War on the Earth 2010
The Ecology of Childhood: How Our Changing World Threatens Children’s Rights 2020
Economic Policy and Household Welfare During Crisis and Adjustment in Tanzania 1993
The Economic War Against Cuba: A Historical and Legal Perspective on the U.S. Blockade 2013
Economics and Youth Violence: Crime, Disadvantage, and Community 2013
Ecopiety: Green Media and the Dilemma of Environmental Virtue 2019
Educated for Freedom: The Incredible Story of Two Fugitive Schoolboys Who Grew Up to Change a Nation 2020
Educating the Whole Child for the Whole World: The Ross School Model and Education for the Global Era 2010
The Education of the Southern Belle: Higher Education and Student Socialization in the Antebellum South 1994
Educational Justice: Teaching and Organizing Against the Corporate Juggernaut 2016
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Elijah Muhammad and Islam 2009
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The Embattled Constitution 2013
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Embracing the Other: Philosophical, Psychological, and Historical Perspectives on Altruism OPEN ACCESS 1992
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Emerging Evangelicals: Faith, Modernity, and the Desire for Authenticity 2011
Emerging Metropolis: New York Jews in the Age of Immigration, 1840-1920 2012
Empire at the Periphery: British Colonists, Anglo-Dutch Trade, and the Development of the British Atlantic, 1621-1713 2011
Empire in the Air: Airline Travel and the African Diaspora 2017
Empire of Sacrifice: The Religious Origins of American Violence 2010
The Empire Strikes Back: Outsiders and the Struggle over Legal Education 1998
Empires and Indigenes: Intercultural Alliance, Imperial Expansion, and Warfare in the Early Modern World 2011
Empires Proxy: American Literature and U.S. Imperialism in the Philippines 2011
Employment of English: Theory, Jobs, and the Future of Literary Studies OPEN ACCESS 1998
The End of the American Avant Garde: American Social Experience Series 1997
The End of the Hamptons: Scenes from the Class Struggle in America's Paradise 2005
The End of the World As We Know It: Faith, Fatalism, and Apocalypse in America 1997
Ending Zero Tolerance: The Crisis of Absolute School Discipline 2016
The Endless Crisis: How Monopoly-Finance Capital Produces Stagnation and Upheaval from the USA to China 2012
Enforcing the Equal Protection Clause: Congressional Power, Judicial Doctrine, and Constitutional Law 2015
Entangling Alliances: Foreign War Brides and American Soldiers in the Twentieth Century 2010
Entitled to Nothing: The Struggle for Immigrant Health Care in the Age of Welfare Reform 2011
Environment and Society: A Reader 2017
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The Epistle of Forgiveness: Volume Two: Hypocrites, Heretics, and Other Sinners 2014
The Epistle of Forgiveness: Volumes One and Two 2016
The Epistle on Legal Theory: A Translation of Al-Shafii's Risalah 2015
The Epistle on Legal Theory 2013
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Essential Papers on Psychosis 1988
The Ethics of Liberty 2002
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Ethnology and Empire: Languages, Literature, and the Making of the North American Borderlands 2015
Eurocentrism 2009
Evangelical Feminism: A History 2005
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Everyday Crimes: Social Violence and Civil Rights in Early America 2019
Everyone Eats: Understanding Food and Culture 2005
Everyone Eats: Understanding Food and Culture, Second Edition 2014
The Evolution of the Juvenile Court: Race, Politics, and the Criminalizing of Juvenile Justice 2017
The Excellence of the Arabs 2017
The Excellence of the Arabs 2019
Exonerated: A History of the Innocence Movement 2017
The Expeditions: An Early Biography of Muhammad 2014
The Expeditions: An Early Biography of Muhammad 2015
An Expendable Man: The Near-Execution of Earl Washington, Jr. 2003
Experiencing World History 2000
The Exquisite Corpse of Asian America: Biopolitics, Biosociality, and Posthuman Ecologies 2014
Extravagant Abjection: Blackness, Power, and Sexuality in the African American Literary Imagination 2010
Faces of America: How 12 Extraordinary People Discovered their Pasts 2010
Faces of Latin America: Fourth Edition (Revised) 2013
Facing the Anthropocene: Fossil Capitalism and the Crisis of the Earth System 2016
Facing the Rising Sun: African Americans, Japan, and the Rise of Afro-Asian Solidarity 2018
Failed Evidence: Why Law Enforcement Resists Science 2012
Failing Families, Failing Science: Work-Family Conflict in Academic Science 2016
Failing Our Veterans: The G.I. Bill and the Vietnam Generation 2014
Fair Trade and Social Justice: Global Ethnographies 2010
Faith and Law: How Religious Traditions from Calvinism to Islam View American Law 2008
Faith and War: How Christians Debated the Cold and Vietnam Wars 2011
Faith Born of Seduction: Sexual Trauma, Body Image, and Religion OPEN ACCESS 1995
Faithful Bodies: Performing Religion and Race in the Puritan Atlantic 2014
Faithful Measures: New Methods in the Measurement of Religion 2017
Faithful to Fenway: Believing in Boston, Baseball, and America’s Most Beloved Ballpark 2008
Family Secrets: Stories of Incest and Sexual Violence in Mexico 2015
Fandom, Second Edition: Identities and Communities in a Mediated World 2017
Fanshen: A Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village 2008
Fantasies of Identification: Disability, Gender, Race 2014
Fashioning Fat: Inside Plus-Size Modeling 2015
Fast-Food Kids: French Fries, Lunch Lines and Social Ties 2017
Fat Gay Men: Girth, Mirth, and the Politics of Stigma 2014
Fat History: Bodies and Beauty in the Modern West 2002
Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture 2011
The Fat Studies Reader 2009
Fear Itself: The Causes and Consequences of Fear in America 2020
Feasting and Fasting: The History and Ethics of Jewish Food 2019
A Federal Right to Education: Fundamental Questions for Our Democracy 2019
Feeling Global: Internationalism in Distress 1999
Feeling Italian: The Art of Ethnicity in America 2005
Feeling Mediated: A History of Media Technology and Emotion in America 2014
Feeling Medicine: How the Pelvic Exam Shapes Medical Training 2020
Female Soldiers in Sierra Leone: Sex, Security, and Post-Conflict Development 2012
Feminist Accountability: Disrupting Violence and Transforming Power 2019
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Feminist Legal Theory (Second Edition): A Primer 2016
Feminist Manifestos: A Global Documentary Reader 2018
Feminist Nightmares: Women At Odds: Feminism and the Problems of Sisterhood 1994
Feminists Rethink the Neoliberal State: Inequality, Exclusion, and Change 2018
Ferenczi's Turn in Psychoanalysis OPEN ACCESS 1996
Fertility Holidays: IVF Tourism and the Reproduction of Whiteness 2016
The Fervent Embrace: Liberal Protestants, Evangelicals, and Israel 2012
Fever of War: The Influenza Epidemic in the U.S. Army during World War I 2005
Fight Like a Girl, Second Edition: How to Be a Fearless Feminist 2019
Fight the Power: African Americans and the Long History of Police Brutality in New York City 2019
Fighting for Us 2003
Fighting on Two Fronts: African Americans and the Vietnam War 1997
Fighting over the Founders: How We Remember the American Revolution 2015
Filipino American Faith in Action: Immigration, Religion, and Civic Engagement 2009
The Filipino Primitive: Accumulation and Resistance in the American Museum 2017
Filipino Studies: Palimpsests of Nation and Diaspora 2016
Film as Religion, Second Edition: Myths, Morals, and Rituals 2019
Finding Feminism: Millennial Activists and the Unfinished Gender Revolution 2017
Fire From the Midst of You: A Religious Life of John Brown 2002
Fire in the Canyon: Religion, Migration, and the Mexican Dream 2013
First Ladies of the Republic: Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, and the Creation of an Iconic American Role 2018
Fixing Law Schools: From Collapse to the Trump Bump and Beyond 2019
Fixing Parental Leave: The Six Month Solution 2020
Flying Out With the Wounded 1997
A Foodie's Guide to Capitalism: Understanding the Political Economy of What We Eat 2017
For Liberty and the Republic: The American Citizen as Soldier, 1775-1861 2015
The Force of Domesticity: Filipina Migrants and Globalization 2008
Forging a Laboring Race: The African American Worker in the Progressive Imagination 2016
Forging Napoleon's Grande Arme: Motivation, Military Culture, and Masculinity in the French Army, 1800-1808 2012
Forgotten Trials of the Holocaust 2014
Four Lectures on Marxism 1981
Four Steeples over the City Streets: Religion and Society in New York’s Early Republic Congregations 2014
Fragmented Citizens: The Changing Landscape of Gay and Lesbian Lives 2016
Framed by War: Korean Children and Women at the Crossroads of US Empire 2019
Free Speech Beyond Words: The Surprising Reach of the First Amendment 2017
Freedom: A History 1990
A Freedom Budget for All Americans: Recapturing the Promise of the Civil Rights Movement in the Struggle for Economic Justice Today 2013
Freedom to Differ: The Shaping of the Gay and Lesbian Struggle for Civil Rights OPEN ACCESS 1998
Freedom’s Gardener: James F. Brown, Horticulture, and the Hudson Valley in Antebellum America 2012
Freeing Speech: The Constitutional War over National Security 2010
The French Welfare State: Surviving Social and Ideological Change 1991
The Freudian Mystique: Freud, Women, and Feminism 1993
Freud's Paranoid Quest: Psychoanalysis and Modern Suspicion 1996
Friends of Alice Wheeldon: The Anti-War Activist Accused of Plotting to Kill Lloyd George 2015
From Africa to America: Religion and Adaptation among Ghanaian Immigrants in New York 2011
From Arrival to Incorporation: Migrants to the U.S. in a Global Era 2008
From Bombay to Bollywood: The Making of a Global Media Industry 2013
From Commune to Capitalism: How China’s Peasants Lost Collective Farming and Gained Urban Poverty 2018
From Congregation Town to Industrial City: Culture and Social Change in a Southern Community 1994
From Deportation to Prison: The Politics of Immigration Enforcement in Post-Civil Rights America 2016
From Foreclosure to Fair Lending: Advocacy, Organizing, Occupy, and the Pursuit of Equitable Credit 2013
From Slavery to Poverty: The Racial Origins of Welfare in New York, 1840-1918 2009
From Solidarity to Sellout 2011
From the Ground Up: Environmental Racism and the Rise of the Environmental Justice Movement 2001
From the Land of Shadows: War, Revolution, and the Making of the Cambodian Diaspora 2015
Frottage: Frictions of Intimacy across the Black Diaspora 2019
Fueling the Gilded Age: Railroads, Miners, and Disorder in Pennsylvania Coal Country 2014
Fugitive Science: Empiricism and Freedom in Early African American Culture 2017
The Future of Tech Is Female: How to Achieve Gender Diversity 2018
Gallatin: Americas Swiss Founding Father 2010
Gamer Trouble: Feminist Confrontations in Digital Culture 2020
The Gang's All Queer: The Lives of Gay Gang Members 2017
Gangsters: 50 Years of Madness, Drugs, and Death on the Streets of America 1997
Gay Dads: Transitions to Adoptive Fatherhood 2012
The Gay Marriage Generation: How the LGBTQ Movement Transformed American Culture 2018
Gay Warriors: A Documentary History from the Ancient World to the Present 2002
Geisha of a Different Kind: Race and Sexuality in Gaysian America 2015
Gender in Judaism and Islam: Common Lives, Uncommon Heritage 2015
The Gender Line: Men, Women, and the Law OPEN ACCESS 1998
Gender Myths v. Working Realities: Using Social Science to Reformulate Sexual Harassment Law 2005
Gender, Psychology, and Justice: The Mental Health of Women and Girls in the Legal System 2017
Gender Reckonings: New Social Theory and Research 2018
The Gender Trap: Parents and the Pitfalls of Raising Boys and Girls 2012
Gender Violence, 3rd Edition: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 2020
Gender, Violence, and Human Security: Critical Feminist Perspectives 2013
Gendered Community: Rousseau, Sex, and Politics 1993
Genders 22: Postcommunism and the Body Politic OPEN ACCESS 1995
General Richard Montgomery and the American Revolution: From Redcoat to Rebel 1994
The Gentlemen and the Roughs: Violence, Honor, and Manhood in the Union Army 2010
Gershom Scholem and the Mystical Dimension of Jewish History OPEN ACCESS 1987
Get a Job: Labor Markets, Economic Opportunity, and Crime 2014
Getting Ahead: Social Mobility, Public Housing, and Immigrant Networks 2011
Getting in the Game: Title IX and the Women's Sports Revolution 2010
Getting Wasted: Why College Students Drink Too Much and Party So Hard 2011
Ghosts of Jim Crow: Ending Racism in Post-Racial America 2013
Gilded Suffragists: The New York Socialites who Fought for Women's Right to Vote 2017
Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism 2009
Girlfighting: Betrayal and Rejection among Girls 2003
Girlhood in the Borderlands: Mexican Teens Caught in the Crossroads of Migration 2018
Giving Up Baby: Safe Haven Laws, Motherhood, and Reproductive Justice 2015
Glen: The Ambiguous Politics of Market Islam in Turkey and the World 2013
Global Asian American Popular Cultures 2016
Global Bollywood 2008
Global Families: A History of Asian International Adoption in America 2013
The Global Flow of Information: Legal, Social, and Cultural Perspectives 2011
Global Imperialism and the Great Crisis: The Uncertain Future of Capitalism 2014
Global Justice Reform: A Comparative Methodology 2005
Global Mixed Race 2014
Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya 2013
Global Obscenities: Patriarchy, Capitalism, and the Lure of Cyberfantasy 1998
Global TV: Exporting Television and Culture in the World Market 2008
God and Blackness: Race, Gender, and Identity in a Middle Class Afrocentric Church 2014
God Hates Fags: The Rhetorics of Religious Violence 2006
God is a Conservative: Religion, Politics, and Morality in Contemporary America 1998
The God Market: How Globalization is Making India More Hindu 2011
God Mocks: A History of Religious Satire from the Hebrew Prophets to Stephen Colbert 2015
God on the Big Screen: A History of Hollywood Prayer from the Silent Era to Today 2019
Godel's Proof 2001
God's Gangs: Barrio Ministry, Masculinity, and Gang Recovery 2014
Golem: Modern Wars and Their Monsters 2016
The Good Fight Continues: World War II Letters From the Abraham Lincoln Brigade 2006
Gotham Unbound: How New York City Was Liberated From the Grip of Organized Crime 1999
Governed through Choice: Autonomy, Technology, and the Politics of Reproduction 2015
Government by Dissent: Protest, Resistance, and Radical Democratic Thought in the Early American Republic 2013
Gowanus: Brooklyn’s Curious Canal 2015
Graffiti from the Basilica in the Agora of Smyrna 2016
Graffiti Grrlz: Performing Feminism in the Hip Hop Diaspora 2018
A Grand Illusion?: An Essay on Europe 2011
Grandmothers at Work: Juggling Families and Jobs 2014
Greasers and Gringos: Latinos, Law, and the American Imagination 2003
A Great Conspiracy against Our Race: Italian Immigrant Newspapers and the Construction of Whiteness in the Early 20th Century 2014
The Great Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences 2009
Grief Taboo in American Literature: Loss and Prolonged Adolescence in Twain, Melville, and Hemingway 1996
The Ground Has Shifted: The Future of the Black Church in Post-Racial America 2016
Growing a Life: Teen Gardeners Harvest Food, Health, and Joy 2016
Growing God’s Family: The Global Orphan Care Movement and the Limits of Evangelical Activism 2017
Growing Up Queer: Kids and the Remaking of LGBTQ Identity 2019
The Guantánamo Lawyers: Inside a Prison Outside the Law 2009
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Now?: Multicultural Conservatism in America 2001
Gun Crusaders: The NRAs Culture War 2009
Habeas Corpus after 9/11: Confronting Americas New Global Detention System 2011
Habitats: Private Lives in the Big City 2013
Hacked: A Radical Approach to Hacker Culture and Crime 2016
Hair Matters: Beauty, Power, and Black Women's Consciousness 2000
Haiti's Paper War: Post-Independence Writing, Civil War, and the Making of the Republic, 1804–1954 2020
The Half-Life of Policy Rationales: How New Technology Affects Old Policy Issues 2003
Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: Why the Protests in Ferguson and Baltimore Matter, and How They Changed America 2019
Hanukkah in America: A History 2013
Harbors Rich with Ships: The Selected Revolutionary Writings of Miroslav Krleža, Radical Luminary of Modern World Literature 2017
The Harp and the Eagle: Irish-American Volunteers and the Union Army, 1861-1865 2006
Hate Thy Neighbor: Move-In Violence and the Persistence of Racial Segregation in American Housing 2013
Haven of Liberty: New York Jews in the New World, 1654-1865 2012
The Healing Power of the Santuario de Chimayó: America’s Miraculous Church 2017
Healing the Broken Mind: Transforming Americas Failed Mental Health System 2009
Health Care in Crisis: Hospitals, Nurses, and the Consequences of Policy Change 2018
Health Care Under the Knife: Moving Beyond Capitalism for Our Health 2018
Health in the City: Race, Poverty, and the Negotiation of Women’s Health in New York City, 1915–1930 2015
The Health of Newcomers: Immigration, Health Policy, and the Case for Global Solidarity 2017
Heart-Sick: The Politics of Risk, Inequality, and Heart Disease 2014
Heavenly Serbia: From Myth to Genocide 1999
Heaven's Gate: America's UFO Religion 2014
Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood: Celebrity Gossip and American Conservatism 2011
Hellenic Temples and Christian Churches: A Concise History of the Religious Cultures of Greece from Antiquity to the Present 2009
Hell's Kitchen and the Battle for Urban Space: Class Struggle and Progressive Reform in New York City, 1894-1914 2013
Her Own Hero: The Origins of the Women’s Self-Defense Movement 2017
Her Way: Young Women Remake the Sexual Revolution 2000
Heretics in the Temple: Americans Who Reject the Nation's Legal Faith 1998
Heterosexual Plots and Lesbian Narratives 1996
A Hidden History of the Cuban Revolution: How the Working Class Shaped the Guerillas’ Victory 2016
The Hidden Structure of Violence: Who Benefits from Global Violence and War 2015
High Hopes: Bill Clinton and the Politics of Ambition 1996
Highway under the Hudson: A History of the Holland Tunnel 2011
The Hip-Hop Generation Fights Back: Youth, Activism and Post-Civil Rights Politics 2012
Historically Black: Imagining Community in a Black Historic District 2014
Historicism, the Holocaust, and Zionism: Critical Studies in Modern Jewish History and Thought 1992
The History of the Catholic Church in Latin America: From Conquest to Revolution and Beyond 2011
A History of the Philippines: From the Spanish Colonization to the Second World War 2008
Hitler's Priestess: Savitri Devi, the Hindu-Aryan Myth, and Neo-Nazism 1998
HIV Mental Health for the 21st Century OPEN ACCESS 1997
The Hollywood Jim Crow: The Racial Politics of the Movie Industry 2019
Hollywood’s Spies: The Undercover Surveillance of Nazis in Los Angeles 2017
The Holocaust Across Generations: Trauma and its Inheritance Among Descendants of Survivors 2016
Holocaust Justice: The Battle for Restitution in America's Courts 2003
Holocaust Restitution: Perspectives on the Litigation and Its Legacy 2006
Holy Mavericks: Evangelical Innovators and the Spiritual Marketplace 2009
Home Is Where the School Is: The Logic of Homeschooling and the Emotional Labor of Mothering 2013
Homeboy Came to Orange: A Story of People's Power 2018
Homegrown: Identity and Difference in the American War on Terror 2018
Homelessness in New York City: Policymaking from Koch to de Blasio 2016
Homeroom Security: School Discipline in an Age of Fear 2010
Hooded Knights on the Niagara: The Ku Klux Klan in Buffalo, New York 1995
Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus 2008
How Chinese Are You?: Adopted Chinese Youth and their Families Negotiate Identity and Culture 2015
How the Nagas Were Pleased by Harsha & The Shattered Thighs by Bhasa 2009
How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation 2008
How the Wise Men Got to Chelm: The Life and Times of a Yiddish Folk Tradition 2016
How the World Works: The Story of Human Labor from Prehistory to the Modern Day 2019
How to Play Video Games 2019
How to Read African American Literature: Post-Civil Rights Fiction and the Task of Interpretation 2016
How To Read Karl Marx 1996
How To Watch Television 2013
How to Watch Television, Second Edition 2020
Human Nature 1994
A Hundred and One Nights 2016
A Hundred and One Nights 2017
Hungry for Profit: The Agribusiness Threat to Farmers, Food, and the Environment 2000
Hurricane Harvey's Aftermath: Place, Race, and Inequality in Disaster Recovery 2020
Hybrid: Bisexuals, Multiracials, and Other Misfits Under American Law OPEN ACCESS 1996
Hyper Education: Why Good Schools, Good Grades, and Good Behavior Are Not Enough 2020
I Know My Own Heart: The Diaries of Anne Lister, 1791-1840 1988
Icon: Studies in the History of An Idea 1995
The Identity Trade: Selling Privacy and Reputation Online 2019
Idle Threats: Men and the Limits of Productivity in Nineteenth Century America 2012
Illegal, Alien, or Immigrant: The Politics of Immigration Reform 2008
Illegal Encounters: The Effect of Detention and Deportation on Young People 2019
Illness and Power: Women's Mental Disorders and the Battle between the Sexes 1995
Imagined Human Beings: A Psychological Approach to Character and Conflict in Literature OPEN ACCESS 1997
Imagining Queer Methods 2019
Immigrant Faith: Patterns of Immigrant Religion in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe 2014
Immigrant Rights in the Shadows of Citizenship 2008
Immigrant Women 1985
Immigrants and the American City 1993
Immigrants Under Threat: Risk and Resistance in Deportation Nation 2018
Immigration and Women: Understanding the American Experience 2011
Imperialism: From the Colonial Age to the Present 1978
Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century: Globalization, Super-Exploitation, and Capitalism’s Final Crisis 2016
An Imperialist Love Story: Desert Romances and the War on Terror 2015
The Implosion of Contemporary Capitalism 2013
The Impossible Jew: Identity and the Reconstruction of Jewish American Literary History 2015
Impostures 2020
In Black and White: Race and Sports in America 1996
In Darfur: An Account of the Sultanate and Its People 2020
In Darfur: An Account of the Sultanate and Its People, Volume One 2018
In Darfur: An Account of the Sultanate and Its People, Volume Two 2018
In Defense of Single-Parent Families 1997
In Our Hands: The Struggle for U.S. Child Care Policy 2014
In Pursuit of Knowledge: Black Women and Educational Activism in Antebellum America 2019
In Pursuit of Right and Justice: Edward Weinfeld as Lawyer and Judge 2004
In Search of the Swan Maiden: A Narrative on Folklore and Gender OPEN ACCESS 1994
In the Company of Rebels: A Generational Memoir of Bohemians, Deep Heads, and History Makers 2019
In the Presence of Power: Court and Performance in the Pre-Modern Middle East 2017
In the Shadow of the Greatest Generation: The Americans Who Fought the Korean War 2012
In the Shadow of Zion: Promised Lands Before Israel 2014
In the Spirit of a New People: The Cultural Politics of the Chicano Movement 2014
In the Web of Class: Delinquents and Reformers in Boston, 1810s-1930s 1992
In Walt We Trust: How a Queer Socialist Poet Can Save America from Itself 2015
Indentations and Other Stories 1991
India after Naxalbari: Unfinished History 2018
Inequalities of Aging: Paradoxes of Independence in American Home Care 2018
Inequality, Democracy, and the Environment 2015
Ingratitude: The Debt-Bound Daughter in Asian American Literature 2011
Inn Civility: Urban Taverns and Early American Civil Society 2019
Innocent: Inside Wrongful Conviction Cases 2004
Insatiable Appetites: Imperial Encounters with Cannibals in the North Atlantic World 2015
Inside Insurgency: Violence, Civilians, and Revolutionary Group Behavior 2010
Intercultural Couples: Crossing Boundaries, Negotiating Difference 2011
International Adoption: Global Inequalities and the Circulation of Children 2009
Internationalizing the History of Psychology 2006
An Interpretation of the Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings 2000
Interracial Encounters: Reciprocal Representations in African and Asian American Literatures, 1896-1937 2011
Intersexuality and the Law: Why Sex Matters 2012
Intimate Migrations: Gender, Family, and Illegality among Transnational Mexicans 2012
Into the Open: Reflections on Genius and Modernity 1995
An Introduction to the Three Volumes of Karl Marx's Capital 2004
Inventing Western Civilization 1997
The Invisible Caring Hand: American Congregations and the Provision of Welfare 2002
The Invisible Handcuffs of Capitalism: How Market Tyranny Stifles the Economy by Stunting Workers 2011
Is Breast Best?: Taking on the Breastfeeding Experts and the New High Stakes of Motherhood 2011
Is Diss a System?: A Milt Gross Comic Reader 2010
Is There Life After Football?: Surviving the NFL 2015
Islam Is a Foreign Country: American Muslims and the Global Crisis of Authority 2014
An Islam of Her Own: Reconsidering Religion and Secularism in Womens Islamic Movements 2011
Islamic Homosexualities: Culture, History, and Literature 1997
Islamophobia and Racism in America 2017
Israels Death Hierarchy: Casualty Aversion in a Militarized Democracy 2012
Italian American: The Racializing of an Ethnic Identity 1999
Italian Immigrant Radical Culture: The Idealism of the Sovversivi in the United States, 1890-1940 2011
Jacob Neusner: An American Jewish Iconoclast 2016
Jacques Lacan's Return to Freud: The Real, the Symbolic, and the Imaginary 1994
Jammed Up: Bad Cops, Police Misconduct, and the New York City Police Department 2013
Japan: The Precarious Future 2015
Japanese American Ethnicity: In Search of Heritage and Homeland Across Generations 2016
Japanese Lessons: A Year in a Japanese School Through the Eyes of An American Anthropologist and Her Children OPEN ACCESS 1997
Japan's International Agenda 1994
Jazz and Justice: Racism and the Political Economy of the Music 2019
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Keywords for Latina/o Studies 2017
Keywords for Media Studies 2017
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Mission to the Volga 2017
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Money at Work: On the Job with Priests, Poker Players and Hedge Fund Traders 2012
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More Than Meets the Eye: Special Effects and the Fantastic Transmedia Franchise 2018
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A New Juvenile Justice System: Total Reform for a Broken System 2015
The New Kinship: Constructing Donor-Conceived Families 2013
New Media and Society 2019
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No Place on the Corner: The Costs of Aggressive Policing 2019
No Seat at the Table: How Corporate Governance and Law Keep Women Out of the Boardroom 2007
No Shortcut to Change: An Unlikely Path to a More Gender Equitable World 2017
No Undocumented Child Left Behind: Plyler v. Doe and the Education of Undocumented Schoolchildren 2012
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None of the Above: Nonreligious Identity in the US and Canada 2020
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An Oasis City 2015
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Officers in Flight Suits: The Story of American Air Force Fighter Pilots in the Korean War 1996
Old Canaan in a New World: Native Americans and the Lost Tribes of Israel 2020
Old Futures: Speculative Fiction and Queer Possibility 2018
On Foot: A History of Walking 2004
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One Day in December: Celia Sánchez and the Cuban Revolution 2013
One Marriage Under God: The Campaign to Promote Marriage in America 2012
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Organizing While Undocumented: Immigrant Youth's Political Activism under the Law 2020
Orienting Hollywood: A Century of Film Culture between Los Angeles and Bombay 2015
The Original Torah: The Political Intent of the Bible's Writers 1998
The Other New York Jewish Intellectuals 1994
Our Biometric Future: Facial Recognition Technology and the Culture of Surveillance 2011
Our Bodies, Our Crimes: The Policing of Womens Reproduction in America 2009
Our Monica, Ourselves: The Clinton Affair and the National Interest 2001
Our Schools Suck: Students Talk Back to a Segregated Nation on the Failures of Urban Education 2009
Our Voices, Our Histories: Asian American and Pacific Islander Women 2020
Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America 2009
Out of the Running: Why Millennials Reject Political Careers and Why It Matters 2017
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Outlaw Women: Prison, Rural Violence, and Poverty on the New American West 2019
Pagan Family Values: Childhood and the Religious Imagination in Contemporary American Paganism 2013
Papa's Baby: Paternity and Artificial Insemination 2012
Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti 2012
The Paranoid Apocalypse: A Hundred-Year Retrospective on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion 2012
Paranoid Science: The Christian Right's War on Reality 2017
Paranormal America: Ghost Encounters, UFO Sightings, Bigfoot Hunts, and Other Curiosities in Religion and Culture 2010
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Parental Incarceration and the Family: Psychological and Social Effects of Imprisonment on Children, Parents, and Caregivers 2012
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Parkchester: A Bronx Tale of Race and Ethnicity 2019
Partly Colored: Asian Americans and Racial Anomaly in the Segregated South 2010
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The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism 2009
The Passions of Law 1999
Passions of the Mind: Unheard Melodies: a Third Principle of Mental Functioning 1993
Past Imperfect: French Intellectuals, 1944-1956 2011
Pastrami on Rye: An Overstuffed History of the Jewish Deli 2015
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Peer-Impact Diagnosis and Therapy: A Handbook for Successful Practice with Adolescents 2009
People at Work: Life, Power, and Social Inclusion in the New Economy 2008
The Peoples Lawyer: The Center for Constitutional Rights and the Fight for Social Justice, From Civil Rights to Guantnamo 2011
The People's News: Media, Politics, and the Demands of Capitalism 2014
Perchance to DREAM: A Legal and Political History of the DREAM Act and DACA 2020
Performing Communities: Grassroots Ensemble Theaters Deeply Rooted in Eight U.S. Communities 2006
Personalized Medicine: Empowered Patients in the 21st Century? 2017
The Perversion of Youth: Controversies in the Assessment and Treatment of Juvenile Sex Offenders 2009
Phantom Limb: Amputation, Embodiment, and Prosthetic Technology 2014
The Philosopher Responds: An Intellectual Correspondence from the Tenth Century, Volume One 2019
The Philosopher Responds: An Intellectual Correspondence from the Tenth Century, Volume Two 2019
Picture Freedom: Remaking Black Visuality in the Early Nineteenth Century 2015
Pillars of Cloud and Fire: The Politics of Exodus in African American Biblical Interpretation 2015
Placemaking with Children and Youth: Participatory Practices for Planning Sustainable Communities 2018
Plague Ports: The Global Urban Impact of Bubonic Plague, 1894-1901 2007
Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Technology, and the Future of the Academy 2011
Planning from Below: A Decentralized Participatory Planning Proposal 2019
The Playdate: Parents, Children, and the New Expectations of Play 2016
Playing for God: Evangelical Women and the Unintended Consequences of Sports Ministry 2015
Playing to the Crowd: Musicians, Audiences, and the Intimate Work of Connection 2018
Playing War: Military Video Games After 9/11 2016
Please Don't Wish Me a Merry Christmas: A Critical History of the Separation of Church and State OPEN ACCESS 1997
Plucked: A History of Hair Removal 2015
Pocahontas and the English Boys: Caught between Cultures in Early Virginia 2019
Policing Hatred: Law Enforcement, Civil Rights, and Hate Crime 2002
Policing Methamphetamine: Narcopolitics in Rural America 2011
Policing Pleasure: Sex Work, Policy, and the State in Global Perspective 2011
Policy Drift: Shared Powers and the Making of U.S. Law and Policy 2018
Political Contingency: Studying the Unexpected, the Accidental, and the Unforeseen 2007
Political Econ of Growth 1957
The Political Economy of Hope and Fear: Capitalism and the Black Condition in America 1999
The Political Thought of America’s Founding Feminists 2017
The Political Thought of Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Women's Rights and the American Political Traditions 2008
The Political Thought of Frederick Douglass: In Pursuit of American Liberty 2012
The Politicization of Safety: Critical Perspectives on Domestic Violence Responses 2019
The Politics of Genocide 2011
The Politics of Immigration (2nd Edition): Questions and Answers 2017
The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers 2007
The Politics of Protest: Task Force on Violent Aspects of Protest and Confrontation of the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence 2010
A Politics of the Ordinary 1999
The Politics of the Right: Socialist Register 2016 2015
Polluted Promises: Environmental Racism and the Search for Justice in a Southern Town 2005
Popular Culture: An Introduction 1999
Popular Culture and the Civic Imagination: Case Studies of Creative Social Change 2020
Postcards from Auschwitz: Holocaust Tourism and the Meaning of Remembrance 2018
Postcommunism from Within: Social Justice, Mobilization, and Hegemony 2013
Post-Holocaust France and the Jews, 1945-1955 2015
Postmodern Legal Movements: Law and Jurisprudence At Century's End OPEN ACCESS 1995
The Post-Racial Mystique: Media and Race in the Twenty-First Century 2014
Postracial Resistance: Black Women, Media, and the Uses of Strategic Ambiguity 2018
The Post-Secular in Question: Religion in Contemporary Society 2012
The Poverty Industry: The Exploitation of America's Most Vulnerable Citizens 2016
The Power of Sports: Media and Spectacle in American Culture 2019
Powers of Desire: The Politics of Sexuality 1983
The Practice of Islam in America: An Introduction 2017
The Practices of Hope: Literary Criticism in Disenchanted Times 2017
Pranksters: Making Mischief in the Modern World 2014
Pray the Gay Away: The Extraordinary Lives of Bible Belt Gays 2012
Preaching on Wax: The Phonograph and the Shaping of Modern African American Religion 2014
Preserving Ethnicity through Religion in America: Korean Protestants and Indian Hindus across Generations 2010
Preserving South Street Seaport: The Dream and Reality of a New York Urban Renewal District 2014
The Presidents and the Constitution: A Living History 2016
The Presidents and the Constitution, Volume One: From the Founding Fathers to the Progressive Era 2020
Presumed Criminal: Black Youth and the Justice System in Postwar New York 2019
Preventive Force: Drones, Targeted Killing, and the Transformation of Contemporary Warfare 2016
The Price of Paradise: The Costs of Inequality and a Vision for a More Equitable America 2013
The Price of Progressive Politics: The Welfare Rights Movement in an Era of Colorblind Racism 2010
Priced Out: Stuyvesant Town and the Loss of Middle-Class Neighborhoods 2016
Pride Parades: How a Parade Changed the World 2016
Priests of Our Democracy: The Supreme Court, Academic Freedom, and the Anti-Communist Purge 2013
The Principles of Sufism 2016
The Principles of Sufism 2014
Prison, Inc.: A Convict Exposes Life Inside a Private Prison 2006
Private Affairs: Critical Ventures in the Culture of Social Relations 1999
Privilege Revealed: How Invisible Preference Undermines America 1996
The Problem of the Media: U.S. Communication Politics in the Twenty-First Century 2004
The Procrastination Economy: The Big Business of Downtime 2018
The Production of American Religious Freedom: The Production of American Religious Freedom 2016
Progressive Punishment: Job Loss, Jail Growth and the Neoliberal Logic of Carceral Expansion 2015
Promoting Democracy: The Force of Political Settlements in Uncertain Times 2019
Properties of Empire: Indians, Colonists, and Land Speculators on the New England Frontier 2019
Prophetic Activism: Progressive Religious Justice Movements in Contemporary America 2011
The Prophetic Tradition and Radical Rhetoric in America OPEN ACCESS 1997
Prophets and Protons: New Religious Movements and Science in Late Twentieth-Century America 2010
Prosecution Complex: America's Race to Convict and Its Impact on the Innocent 2012
Prosecutors in the Boardroom: Using Criminal Law to Regulate Corporate Conduct 2011
The Prostitution of Sexuality OPEN ACCESS 1995
The Proustian Quest 1992
The Psychological Assessment of Presidential Candidates 1996
The Psychological Foundations of Evidence Law 2016
The Psychology of Family Law 2019
The Psychology of Property Law 2020
The Psychology of Tort Law 2016
Psychopathy: An Introduction to Biological Findings and Their Implications 2014
The Public Professor: How to Use Your Research to Change the World 2015
Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys 2011
Punishing Immigrants: Policy, Politics, and Injustice 2012
The Punishment Imperative: The Rise and Failure of Mass Incarceration in America 2014
Punishment in Popular Culture 2015
The Punishment Monopoly: Tales of My Ancestors, Dispossession, and the Building of the United States 2019
Puro Arte: Filipinos on the Stages of Empire 2013
Queer Christianities: Lived Religion in Transgressive Forms 2015
Queer Globalizations: Citizenship and the Afterlife of Colonialism 2002
Queer Mobilizations: LGBT Activists Confront the Law 2009
Queer Nuns: Religion, Activism, and Serious Parody 2018
The Queer Renaissance: Contemporary American Literature and the Reinvention of Lesbian and Gay Identities 1997
Queer Times, Black Futures 2019
Queer Words, Queer Images: Communication and the Construction of Homosexuality OPEN ACCESS 1994
Queering Family Trees: Race, Reproductive Justice, and Lesbian Motherhood 2020
Queering the Countryside: New Frontiers in Rural Queer Studies 2016
The Quest for Self: Zen in Business and Life 1995
A Rabble in Arms: Massachusetts Towns and Militiamen during King Philips War 2009
Race Against the Court: The Supreme Court and Minorities in Contemporary America 1993
Race and Media: Critical Approaches 2020
Race and the Politics of Deception: The Making of an American City 2017
The Race Card: From Gaming Technologies to Model Minorities 2019
Race Consciousness: Reinterpretations for the New Century 1997
Race, Ethnicity, and Policing: New and Essential Readings 2010
Race for Citizenship: Black Orientalism and Asian Uplift from Pre-Emancipation to Neoliberal America 2011
Race in Cuba: Essays on the Revolution and Racial Inequality 2013
Race in Translation: Culture Wars around the Postcolonial Atlantic 2012
A Race So Different: Performance and Law in Asian America 2013
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The Race Whisperer: Barack Obama and the Political Uses of Race 2016
Racial Asymmetries: Asian American Fictional Worlds 2014
Racial Indigestion: Eating Bodies in the 19th Century 2012
Racial Innocence: Performing American Childhood from Slavery to Civil Rights 2011
The Racial Mundane: Asian American Performance and the Embodied Everyday 2015
Racial Reconciliation and the Healing of a Nation: Beyond Law and Rights 2017
Racial Reconstruction: Black Inclusion, Chinese Exclusion, and the Fictions of Citizenship 2015
Racialized Media: The Design, Delivery, and Decoding of Race and Ethnicity 2020
Radicalism at the Crossroads: African American Women Activists in the Cold War 2011
Radio Fields: Anthropology and Wireless Sound in the 21st Century 2012
The Rag Race: How Jews Sewed Their Way to Success in America and the British Empire 2015
Raising Brooklyn: Nannies, Childcare, and Caribbeans Creating Community 2011
Raising Generation Rx: Mothering Kids with Invisible Disabilities in an Age of Inequality 2015
Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Theology 2017
Real Knockouts: The Physical Feminism of Women's Self-Defense 1997
Realist Ecstasy: Religion, Race, and Performance in American Literature 2020
Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture 2009
The Reawakening of the Arab World: Challenge and Change in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring 2016
Rebel Girls: Youth Activism and Social Change Across the Americas 2011
Rebels at the Bar: The Fascinating, Forgotten Stories of Americas First Women Lawyers 2013
A Recipe for Gentrification: Food, Power, and Resistance in the City 2020
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Recovery from Addiction: A Practical Guide to Treatment, Self-Help, and Quitting on Your Own 2001
A Redder Shade of Green: Intersections of Science and Socialism 2017
Redefining Fatherhood 2000
Reemerging Jewish Culture in Germany: Life and Literature Since 1989 1994
Refining Expertise: How Responsible Engineers Subvert Environmental Justice Challenges 2013
Reframing Randolph: Labor, Black Freedom, and the Legacies of A. Philip Randolph 2015
Refugee Roulette: Disparities in Asylum Adjudication and Proposals for Reform 2009
Reimagining Equality: A New Deal for Children of Color 2018
Relation of Virginia: A Boy's Memoir of Life with the Powhatans and the Patawomecks 2019
Religion and Progressive Activism: New Stories About Faith and Politics 2017
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Religion in the Kitchen: Cooking, Talking, and the Making of Black Atlantic Traditions 2016
Religion in Vogue: Christianity and Fashion in America 2019
Religion Is Raced: Understanding American Religion in the Twenty-First Century 2020
Religion, Law, USA 2019
Religion Out Loud: Religious Sound, Public Space, and American Pluralism 2014
Relocations: Queer Suburban Imaginaries 2011
Renegade Revolutionary: The Life of General Charles Lee 2014
Reorganizing Government: A Functional and Dimensional Framework 2019
RePresenting Bisexualities: Subjects and Cultures of Fluid Desire 1996
Representing the Race: A New Political History of African American Literature 2011
Representing Youth: Methodological Issues in Critical Youth Studies 2007
Reproducing Racism: How Everyday Choices Lock In White Advantage 2014
Reproductive Injustice: Racism, Pregnancy, and Premature Birth 2019
A Republic of Men: The American Founders, Gendered Language, and Patriarchal Politics OPEN ACCESS 1998
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Restricted Access: Media, Disability, and the Politics of Participation 2016
Rethinking Democracy: Socialist Register 2018 2017
Rethinking Revolution: Socialist Register 2017 2016
The Return of Nature: Socialism and Ecology 2020
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Returns of War: South Vietnam and the Price of Refugee Memory 2018
Revoking Citizenship: Expatriation in America from the Colonial Era to the War on Terror 2015
Revolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century 2008
Revolutionary Doctors: How Venezuela and Cuba Are Changing the Worlds Conception of Health Care 2011
Revolutionary Medicine: The Founding Fathers and Mothers in Sickness and in Health 2013
Revolutions in the Atlantic World: A Comparative History 2009
Revolutions in the Atlantic World, New Edition: A Comparative History 2018
Rhetorics of Insecurity: Belonging and Violence in the Neoliberal Era 2013
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The Right to Be Parents: LGBT Families and the Transformation of Parenthood 2012
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The Rise of Baptist Republicanism 1997
The Rise of Big Data Policing: Surveillance, Race, and the Future of Law Enforcement 2017
The Rise of the Tea Party: Political Discontent and Corporate Media in the Age of Obama 2011
Risible Rhymes 2016
The Road to Abolition?: The Future of Capital Punishment in the United States 2009
The Robbery of Nature: Capitalism and the Ecological Rift 2020
The Rodrigo Chronicles: Conversations About America and Race 1995
Romantic Outlaws, Beloved Prisons: The Unconscious Meanings of Crime and Punishment OPEN ACCESS 1996
Root Shock: How Tearing Up City Neighborhoods Hurts America, And What We Can Do About It 2016
A Rosenberg by Any Other Name: A History of Jewish Name Changing in America 2018
The Ruins 1998
Rules of Disengagement 2009
Run for the Border: Vice and Virtue in U.S.-Mexico Border Crossings 2012
Runaway Genres: The Global Afterlives of Slavery 2019
Russia and the Long Transition from Capitalism to Socialism 2016
Russia: The Challenges of Transformation 2011
The Russians Are Coming, Again: The First Cold War as Tragedy, the Second as Farce 2018
Russia's First Modern Jews: The Jews of Shklov 1995
Rustic Warriors: Warfare and the Provincial Soldier on the New England Frontier, 1689-1748 2011
Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War Against Apartheid 2013
Sacred Subdivisions: The Postsuburban Transformation of American Evangelicalism 2012
Sacrifice in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam 2017
Saints Under Siege: The Texas State Raid on the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints 2011
Salvation with a Smile: Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church, and American Christianity 2015
Sanctified Sisters: A History of Protestant Deaconesses 2019
Sapphistries: A Global History of Love between Women 2009
Satire TV: Politics and Comedy in the Post-Network Era 2009
Satisfaction Not Guaranteed: Dilemmas of Progress in Modern Society 2012
"Save My Kid": How Families of Critically Ill Children Cope, Hope, and Negotiate an Unequal Healthcare System 2020
Save Our Unions 2013
Saving Face: Disfigurement and the Politics of Appearance 2014
The Scar That Binds: American Culture and the Vietnam War OPEN ACCESS 1998
Scents and Flavors: A Syrian Cookbook 2017
Scents and Flavors: A Syrian Cookbook 2020
Scheherazade's Children: Global Encounters with the Arabian Nights 2013
Scholars of the Law: English Jurisprudence From Blackstone to Hart 1996
The School-to-Prison Pipeline: Structuring Legal Reform 2010
Science Studies: An Advanced Introduction 1997
Seasons of Captivity: The Inner World of Pows 1994
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The Securitization of Society: Crime, Risk, and Social Order 2015
Self and Other: Object Relations in Psychoanalysis and Literature OPEN ACCESS 1991
Self-Analysis in Literary Study: Exploring Hidden Agendas 1994
Selling 'em by the Sack: White Castle and the Creation of American Food 1997
Selling Sex Overseas: Chinese Women and the Realities of Prostitution and Global Sex Trafficking 2012
Selling the Sights: The Invention of the Tourist in American Culture 2019
Selling Welfare Reform: Work-First and the New Common Sense of Employment 2009
Selling Words: Free Speech in a Commercial Culture 1997
Sells like Teen Spirit: Music, Youth Culture, and Social Crisis 2010
Sensational Flesh: Race, Power, and Masochism 2014
Sensual Excess: Queer Femininity and Brown Jouissance 2018
Sephardic Jews in America: A Diasporic History 2009
September 12: Community and Neighborhood Recovery at Ground Zero 2011
Seriatim: The Supreme Court Before John Marshall OPEN ACCESS 1998
Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas 1998
Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas, 15th Anniversary Edition 2013
Service-Learning in Design and Planning: Educating at the Boundaries 2011
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Sex and Stigma: Stories of Everyday Life in Nevada’s Legal Brothels 2019
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Sex for Life: From Virginity to Viagra, How Sexuality Changes Throughout Our Lives 2012
The Sex Offender Housing Dilemma: Community Activism, Safety, and Social Justice 2018
Sexual Futures, Queer Gestures, and Other Latina Longings 2014
Sexual Rights in America: The Ninth Amendment and the Pursuit of Happiness 2003
Sexuality and War: Literary Masks of the Middle East 1990
The Sexuality of Migration: Border Crossings and Mexican Immigrant Men 2009
Shadowing the White Mans Burden: U.S. Imperialism and the Problem of the Color Line 2010
Shamrocks and Oil Slicks: A People's Uprising Against Shell Oil in County Mayo, Ireland 2019
The Shared Parish: Latinos, Anglos, and the Future of U.S. Catholicism 2014
Shes Mad Real: Popular Culture and West Indian Girls in Brooklyn 2011
Shi'ism in America 2009
The Shock of the News: Media Coverage and the Making of 9/11 2010
Shortlisted: Women in the Shadows of the Supreme Court 2020
Shout to the Lord: Making Worship Music in Evangelical America 2018
Show Sold Separately: Promos, Spoilers, and Other Media Paratexts 2010
Shutting Down the Streets: Political Violence and Social Control in the Global Era 2011
Signature Wounds: The Untold Story of the Military's Mental Health Crisis 2019
The Signifying Creator: Nontextual Sources of Meaning in Ancient Judaism 2012
Signs of Resistance: American Deaf Cultural History, 1900 to World War II 2002
Silvertown: The Lost Story of a Strike that Shook London and Helped Launch the Modern Labor Movement 2014
Sin No More: From Abortion to Stem Cells, Understanding Crime, Law, and Morality in America 2007
Sing Sing Sing: Poems 1991
Single: Arguments for the Uncoupled 2012
Sisters in the Struggle: African American Women in the Civil Rights-Black Power Movement 2001
Sites Unseen: Architecture, Race, and American Literature 2011
Sitting in Darkness: Mark Twain, Asia, and Comparative Racialization 2015
Skateboarding LA: Inside Professional Street Skateboarding 2017
The Slave Soul of Russia: Moral Masochism and the Cult of Suffering OPEN ACCESS 1995
Slavery before Race: Europeans, Africans, and Indians at Long Island's Sylvester Manor Plantation, 1651-1884 2013
Slavery's Exiles: The Story of the American Maroons 2014
The Slums of Aspen: Immigrants vs. the Environment in Americas Eden 2011
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Smoke and Mirrors: The Politics and Culture of Air Pollution 2004
Snitching: Criminal Informants and the Erosion of American Justice 2009
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The Social Media Reader 2012
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Social Structure and Forms of Consciousness, Volume 1: The Social Determination of Method 2010
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A Socialist Defector: From Harvard to Karl-Marx-Allee 2019
The Socialist Imperative: From Gotha to Now 2015
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Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment 2008
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Soft Soil, Black Grapes: The Birth of Italian Winemaking in California 2012
Sojourner Truth: Slave, Prophet, Legend 1995
Solidarity and Defiant Spirituality: Africana Lessons on Religion, Racism, and Ending Gender Violence 2019
The Sonic Color Line: Race and the Cultural Politics of Listening 2016
Sophia Parnok: The Life and Work of Russia's Sappho 1994
Soul: Black Power, Politics, and Pleasure 1998
The Soul of Judaism: Jews of African Descent in America 2018
Soundbitten: The Perils of Media-Centered Political Activism 2011
Sounds of Belonging: U.S. Spanish-language Radio and Public Advocacy 2014
The Sounds of Latinidad: Immigrants Making Music and Creating Culture in a Southern City 2015
Spaces of Security: Ethnographies of Securityscapes, Surveillance, and Control 2019
Speaking about Godard 1998
The Spectacular Few: Prisoner Radicalization and the Evolving Terrorist Threat 2013
Spectacular Girls: Media Fascination and Celebrity Culture 2014
Speech Stories: How Free Can Speech Be? 1998
Spinsters and Lesbians: Independent Womanhood in the United States 1996
Spirituality and the State: Managing Nature and Experience in America's National Parks 2016
Spirituality, Inc.: Religion in the American Workplace 2009
The Spitting Image: Myth, Memory, and the Legacy of Vietnam 1998
Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture 2013
Staging Faith: Religion and African American Theater from the Harlem Renaissance to World War II 2014
Stagnation and the Financial Explosion 2009
The State of Play: Law, Games, and Virtual Worlds 2006
States of Rage: On Cultural Emotion and Social Change 1996
Stay Woke: A People's Guide to Making All Black Lives Matter 2019
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Stella: A Novel of the Haitian Revolution 2015
Still Jewish: A History of Women and Intermarriage in America 2009
Stop and Frisk: The Use and Abuse of a Controversial Policing Tactic 2016
Stopping the Killing: How Civil Wars End 1993
Stories from Trailblazing Women Lawyers: Lives in the Law 2018
Stories of Piety and Prayer: Deliverance Follows Adversity 2019
Stories of the Self: Life Writing after the Book 2020
Straights: Heterosexuality in Post-Closeted Culture 2014
The Strange Careers of the Jim Crow North: Segregation and Struggle outside of the South 2019
Strange Fruit of the Black Pacific: Imperialism’s Racial Justice and Its Fugitives 2017
Strange Neighbors: The Role of States in Immigration Policy 2014
Stray Wives: Marital Conflict in Early National New England 2005
Street Kids: Homeless Youth, Outreach, and Policing New Yorks Streets 2011
Strip Club: Gender, Power, and Sex Work 2010
Stripped: Inside the Lives of Exotic Dancers 2006
Stripped: More Stories from Exotic Dancers, Completely Revised and Updated Edition 2017
The Structural Crisis of Capital 2009
The Structure of Production: New Revised Edition 1990
The Struggles of John Brown Russwurm: The Life and Writings of a Pan-Africanist Pioneer, 1799-1851 2010
Struggling for Ordinary: Media and Transgender Belonging in Everyday Life 2018
Stuck: Why Asian Americans Don't Reach the Top of the Corporate Ladder 2020
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Such a Pretty Girl: A Story of Struggle, Empowerment, and Disability Pride 2019
Suffer the Little Children: Uses of the Past in Jewish and African American Children's Literature 2013
Sugar, Cigars, and Revolution: The Making of Cuban New York 2018
The Sun Never Sets: South Asian Migrants in an Age of U.S. Power 2013
Superdads: How Fathers Balance Work and Family in the 21st Century 2013
The Supreme Court in the Intimate Lives of Americans: Birth, Sex, Marriage, Childrearing, and Death 2002
Surveillance Cinema 2015
A Survey of Chemical and Biological Warfare 1969
Surviving Poverty: Creating Sustainable Ties among the Poor 2017
Surviving State Terror: Women’s Testimonies of Repression and Resistance in Argentina 2018
Suspect Freedoms: The Racial and Sexual Politics of Cubanidad in New York, 1823-1957 2017
Sustainability: Approaches to Environmental Justice and Social Power 2018
Sustainable Communities and the Challenge of Environmental Justice 2005
Sustaining Faith Traditions: Race, Ethnicity, and Religion among the Latino and Asian American Second Generation 2012
The Sword of Ambition: Bureaucratic Rivalry in Medieval Egypt 2018
The Sword of Ambition: Bureaucratic Rivalry in Medieval Egypt 2016
The Synagogue in America: A Short History 2011
Synthetic Panics: The Symbolic Politics of Designer Drugs 1999
Syriza Wave: Surging and Crashing with the Greek Left 2016
Tajrid sayf al-himmah li-stikhraj ma fi dhimmat al-dhimmah: A Scholarly Edition of 'Uthman ibn Ibrahim al-Nabulusi's Text 2019
Take Charge!: The Complete Guide to Senior Living in New York City 1999
Taking Back the Boulevard: Art, Activism, and Gentrification in Los Angeles 2019
Talking at Trena's: Everyday Conversations at an African American Tavern 2001
The Taming of New York's Washington Square: A Wild Civility 2018
Taming Passion for the Public Good: Policing Sex in the Early Republic 2013
A Taste for Brown Bodies: Gay Modernity and Cosmopolitan Desire 2015
Taxing America 1996
Tea Party Women: Mama Grizzlies, Grassroots Leaders, and the Changing Face of the American Right 2016
Teaching What You're Not: Identity Politics in Higher Education OPEN ACCESS 1996
Technologies of Speculation: The Limits of Knowledge in a Data-Driven Society 2020
Technomobility in China: Young Migrant Women and Mobile Phones 2013
Televised Redemption: Black Religious Media and Racial Empowerment 2016
The Television Will Be Revolutionized, 2nd edition 2014
Telling Women's Lives: Subject/Narrator/Reader/Text 1999
The Tender Cut: Inside the Hidden World of Self-Injury 2011
The Terrorist Identity: Explaining the Terrorist Threat 2006
Test Tube Families: Why the Fertility Market Needs Legal Regulation 2009
That Pride of Race and Character: The Roots of Jewish Benevolence in the Jim Crow South 2014
Theatrical Liberalism: Jews and Popular Entertainment in America 2013
Theory of Capital Development 1970
Theory of Economic Dynamics: An Essay on Cyclical and Long-Run Changes in Capitalist Economy 2009
The Theory of Monopoly Capitalism 2014
The Therapeutic State: Justifying Government at Century's End 1998
They Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves: The History and Politics of Alien Abduction 2007
They Left Great Marks on Me: African American Testimonies of Racial Violence from Emancipation to World War I 2012
The Third Asiatic Invasion: Migration and Empire in Filipino America, 1898-1946 2011
This House of Noble Deeds: The Mount Sinai Hospital, 1852-2002 2002
This Muslim American Life: Dispatches from the War on Terror 2015
This Time We Knew: Western Responses to Genocide in Bosnia OPEN ACCESS 1996
This Year's Model: Fashion, Media, and the Making of Glamour 2015
Thomas Hutchinson and the Origins of the American Revolution 1999
Thomas Jefferson and the Wall of Separation Between Church and State 2002
Those Damned Immigrants: Americas Hysteria over Undocumented Immigration 2013
Three Essays on Marxs Value Theory 2013
The Tie That Binds: Identity and Political Attitudes in the Post-Civil Rights Generation 1998
Tierra y Libertad: Land, Liberty, and Latino Housing 2010
Time: A Vocabulary of the Present 2016
Times Square Red, Times Square Blue 20th Anniversary Edition 2019
Times Square Red, Times Square Blue 1999
Tinker Belles and Evil Queens: The Walt Disney Company from the Inside Out 2000
Tituba, Reluctant Witch of Salem: Devilish Indians and Puritan Fantasies 1996
To Be An American: Cultural Pluralism and the Rhetoric of Assimilation OPEN ACCESS 1997
To Fix or To Heal: Patient Care, Public Health, and the Limits of Biomedicine 2016
To Live Freely in This World: Sex Worker Activism in Africa 2016
To Secure These Rights: The Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Interpretation 1995
To Serve and Protect: Privatization and Community in Criminal Justice 1998
To Serve My Country, to Serve My Race: The Story of the Only African-American WACS Stationed Overseas During World War II 1996
To the Break of Dawn: A Freestyle on the Hip Hop Aesthetic 2007
Toilet: Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharing 2010
The Tolerance Trap: How God, Genes, and Good Intentions are Sabotaging Gay Equality 2014
Tomorrow's Parties: Sex and the Untimely in Nineteenth-Century America 2013
Torah Queeries: Weekly Commentaries on the Hebrew Bible 2009
The Toughest Gun Control Law in the Nation: The Unfulfilled Promise of New York's SAFE Act 2019
Tours That Bind: Diaspora, Pilgrimage, and Israeli Birthright Tourism 2010
Toward a Tenderer Humanity and a Nobler Womanhood: African American Women's Clubs in Turn-Of-The-Century Chicago 1996
Toward a Unified Criminology: Integrating Assumptions about Crime, People and Society 2011
Toxic Communities: Environmental Racism, Industrial Pollution, and Residential Mobility 2014
Toxic Shock: A Social History 2018
Toxic Town: IBM, Pollution, and Industrial Risks 2014
Trade and Investment in the 1990s: Experts Debate Japan--U.S. Issues 1996
The Trans Generation: How Trans Kids (and Their Parents) are Creating a Gender Revolution 2018
Trans-Affirmative Parenting: Raising Kids Across the Gender Spectrum 2020
Transcendent in America: Hindu-Inspired Meditation Movements as New Religion 2010
Transformation of Rage: Mourning and Creativity in George Eliot's Fiction OPEN ACCESS 1994
Transforming Citizenships: Transgender Articulations of the Law 2014
Transforming Classes: Socialist Register 2015 2014
Transgender Intimate Partner Violence: A Comprehensive Introduction 2020
Transgressed: Intimate Partner Violence in Transgender Lives 2019
Transitions: The Development of Children of Immigrants 2015
Transnational Adoption: A Cultural Economy of Race, Gender, and Kinship 2006
Transnational Feminism in the United States: Knowledge, Ethics, Power 2013
Transnational Reproduction: Race, Kinship, and Commercial Surrogacy in India 2016
Transnational Torture: Law, Violence, and State Power in the United States and India 2011
Transpacific Antiracism: Afro-Asian Solidarity in 20th-Century Black America, Japan, and Okinawa 2013
The Traumatic Colonel: The Founding Fathers, Slavery, and the Phantasmatic Aaron Burr 2014
A Treasury of Virtues: Sayings, Sermons, and Teachings of Ali, with the One Hundred Proverbs, attributed to al-Jahiz 2013
A Treasury of Virtues: Sayings, Sermons, and Teachings of Ali, with the One Hundred Proverbs, attributed to al-Jahiz 2016
Treating Victims of Torture and Violence: Theoretical Cross-Cultural, and Clinical Implications 1997
Trial by Jury: The Seventh Amendment and Anglo-American Special Juries 2006
The Trial of Frederick Eberle: Language, Patriotism and Citizenship in Philadelphia's German Community, 1790 to 1830 2008
Trojan Horses: Saving the Classics from Conservatives 2001
Trotskyists on Trial: Free Speech and Political Persecution Since the Age of FDR 2015
The Trouble with Snack Time: Children’s Food and the Politics of Parenting 2020
A Troubled Marriage: Domestic Violence and the Legal System 2012
Troublemakers: Students’ Rights and Racial Justice in the Long 1960s 2019
True Sex: The Lives of Trans Men at the Turn of the Twentieth Century 2017
Trump in the White House: Tragedy and Farce 2017
Trust in Black America: Race, Discrimination, and Politics 2012
The Truth about Baked Beans: An Edible History of New England 2020
The Truth About Freud's Technique: The Encounter With the Real OPEN ACCESS 1994
Trying Cases: A Life in the Law 1997
Turkeys European Future: Behind the Scenes of Americas Influence on EU-Turkey Relations 2011
TV or Not TV: Television, Justice, and the Courts 1998
The Twilight of Social Conservatism: American Culture Wars in the Obama Era 2015
Twitter: A Biography 2020
Two Arabic Travel Books: Accounts of China and India and Mission to the Volga 2014
Two Presidents Are Better Than One: The Case for a Bipartisan Executive Branch 2013
The Ugly Laws: Disability in Public 2009
Unbecoming Blackness: The Diaspora Cultures of Afro-Cuban America 2012
Unclean Lips: Obscenity, Jews, and American Culture 2014
Uncounted: The Crisis of Voter Suppression in America 2020
Under the Shadow of Napoleon: French Influence on the American Way of Warfare from Independence to the Eve of World War II 2012
Understanding Police Interrogation: Confessions and Consequences 2020
Understanding the U.S. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 2015
Undisciplined: Science, Ethnography, and Personhood in the Americas, 1830-1940 2016
Undoing the Silence: Six Tools for Social Change Writing 2007
Unequal Coverage: The Experience of Health Care Reform in the United States 2018
Unequal Crime Decline: Theorizing Race, Urban Inequality, and Criminal Violence 2008
Unfit for Democracy: The Roberts Court and the Breakdown of American Politics 2016
Unfreedom: Slavery and Dependence in Eighteenth-Century Boston 2016
Unhitched: Love, Marriage, and Family Values from West Hollywood to Western China 2011
Union Power: The United Electrical Workers in Erie, Pennsylvania 2017
The United States of the United Races: A Utopian History of Racial Mixing 2013
Unity and Struggle: Speeches and Writings of Amilcar Cabral 1979
The Unlikely Secret Agent 2010
An Unlikely Union: The Love-Hate Story of New York's Irish and Italians 2015
Unmanageable Care: An Ethnography of Health Care Privatization in Puerto Rico 2014
Unnamable: The Ends of Asian American Art 2018
Unofficial Ambassadors: American Military Families Overseas and the Cold War, 1946-1965 2007
The Unpredictable Constitution 2002
Unsettled States: Nineteenth-Century American Literary Studies 2014
Unspeakable Acts: Why Men Sexually Abuse Children 1996
An Unusual Relationship: Evangelical Christians and Jews 2013
Up Against a Wall: Rape Reform and the Failure of Success 2013
Up Is Up, But So Is Down: New York's Downtown Literary Scene, 1974-1992 2006
Upending the Ivory Tower: Civil Rights, Black Power, and the Ivy League 2018
Urban Alchemy: Restoring Joy in America's Sorted-Out Cities 2013
The Urban Church Imagined: Religion, Race, and Authenticity in the City 2017
The Utopia Reader 1999
Vaccine Court: The Law and Politics of Injury 2016
Vagrants and Vagabonds: Poverty and Mobility in the Early American Republic 2019
Value Chains: The New Economic Imperialism 2019
The Varieties of Nonreligious Experience: Atheism in American Culture 2019
Vegas Brews: Craft Beer and the Birth of a Local Scene 2019
Vexed with Devils: Manhood and Witchcraft in Old and New England 2017
Victims in the War on Crime: The Use and Abuse of Victims' Rights 2002
Violence Against Latina Immigrants: Citizenship, Inequality, and Community 2010
The Violence of Care: Rape Victims, Forensic Nurses, and Sexual Assault Intervention 2014
Violent Accounts: Understanding the Psychology of Perpetrators through South Africas Truth and Reconciliation Commission 2014
Virginia Woolf: Lesbian Readings 1997
Virginity Lost: An Intimate Portrait of First Sexual Experiences 2005
Virtues of the Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal: Volume One 2013
Virtues of the Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal: Volume Two 2015
Visions of Zion: Ethiopians and Rastafari in the Search for the Promised Land 2014
Visitors: An American Feminist in East Central Europe 2020
Visualizing Atrocity: Arendt, Evil, and the Optics of Thoughtlessness 2012
Voices of Latin America: Social Movements and the New Activism 2019
Vulnerability Politics: The Uses and Abuses of Precarity in Political Debate 2018
The Vulnerable Planet: A Short Economic History of the Environment 1999
Waging Peace in Vietnam: US Soldiers and Veterans Who Opposed the War 2019
Walking Where Jesus Walked: American Christians and Holy Land Pilgrimage 2014
Wall Street's Think Tank: The Council on Foreign Relations and the Empire of Neoliberal Geopolitics, 1976-2014 2015
Wal-Mart Wars: Moral Populism in the Twenty-First Century 2013
Walter Rodney: A Promise of Revolution 2012
Wanamaker's Temple: The Business of Religion in an Iconic Department Store 2018
The Wandering Uterus: Politics and the Reproductive Rights of Women 1997
Want to Start a Revolution?: Radical Women in the Black Freedom Struggle 2009
War and Health: The Medical Consequences of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 2019
A War Born Family: African American Adoption in the Wake of the Korean War 2020
War or Peace?: Nationalism, Democracy, and American Foreign Policy in Post- Communist Europe 1996
War Songs 2018
War Songs 2018
Warfare and Culture in World History, Second Edition 2020
Warriors and Peacemakers: How Third Parties Shape Violence 1998
Was Blind, But Now I See: White Race Concsiousness and the Law 1998
Watch This!: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Black Televangelism 2009
Water: Abundance, Scarcity, and Security in the Age of Humanity 2017
The Ways Women Age: Using and Refusing Cosmetic Intervention 2017
We Are Data: Algorithms and The Making of Our Digital Selves 2017
We Are Not What We Seem: Black Nationalism and Class Struggle in the American Century 1999
We Are the Poors: Community Struggles in Post-Apartheid South Africa 2002
We Are What We Celebrate: Understanding Holidays and Rituals 2004
We Are Worth Fighting For: A History of the Howard University Student Protest of 1989 2019
We Dissent: Talking Back to the Rehnquist Court, Eight Cases That Subverted Civil Liberties and Civil Rights 2009
We Remember with Reverence and Love: American Jews and the Myth of Silence after the Holocaust, 1945-1962 2009
We Will Shoot Back: Armed Resistance in the Mississippi Freedom Movement 2013
Wedlocked: The Perils of Marriage Equality 2015
Weird and Wonderful: The Dime Museum in America 1997
Well Met: Renaissance Faires and the American Counterculture 2012
What Brown v. Board of Education Should Have Said: The Nation's Top Legal Experts Rewrite America's Landmark Civil Rights Decision 2002
What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism 2011
What Is Parenthood?: Contemporary Debates about the Family 2013
What 'Isa ibn Hisham Told Us: Or, A Period of Time 2018
What 'Isa ibn Hisham Told Us: or, A Period of Time, Volume One 2015
What 'Isa ibn Hisham Told Us: or, A Period of Time, Volume Two 2015
What We See: Advancing the Observations of Jane Jacobs 2010
What Works for Women at Work: Four Patterns Working Women Need to Know 2014
What Would Mrs. Astor Do?: The Essential Guide to the Manners and Mores of the Gilded Age 2018
What's Gone Wrong?: South Africa on the Brink of Failed Statehood 2014
When Animals Speak: Toward an Interspecies Democracy 2019
When Boys Become Boys: Development, Relationships, and Masculinity 2014
When Gay People Get Married: What Happens When Societies Legalize Same-Sex Marriage 2009
When Governments Break the Law: The Rule of Law and the Prosecution of the Bush Administration 2010
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White Christian Privilege: The Illusion of Religious Equality in America 2020
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Who You Claim: Performing Gang Identity in School and on the Streets 2010
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