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Oxfam GB

Publisher Description

Oxfam is a development, relief, and campaigning organization that works with others to overcome poverty and suffering around the world.
Journals in JSTOR from Oxfam GB
2 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Development in Practice 1991 - 2013
Gender and Development 1995 - 2013
Focus on Gender 1993 - 1994
Books in JSTOR from Oxfam GB
52 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Acceptability and Use of Cereal-Based Foods in Refugee Camps 1998
Access to Health and Education Services in Ethiopia: Supply, Demand, and Government Policy 2001
Accountable Aid: Local Participation in Major Projects 1998
Adult Literacy: A handbook for development workers 1995
Conflict and Development: Organisational adaptation in conflict situations 1995
Developing and Managing Community Water Supplies 1993
Development and Advocacy 2002
Development and Agroforestry: Scaling up the impacts of research 2002
Development and Cities: Essays from Development and Practice 2002
Development and Culture 2002
Development and Patronage: Selected articles from Development in Practice 1997
Development and Rights 1998
Development and Social Action 1999
Development and Social Diversity 1996
Development in Conflict 1994
Development in States of War 1996
Development Methods and Approaches: Critical reflections 2003
Development, NGOs and Civil Society 2000
Development with Women 1999
Development, Women and War 2004
Disability, Equality and Human Rights 2003
Disease Prevention Through Vector Control: Guidelines for relief organizations 1995
For a Safer Tomorrow 2008
Gender and Health: Policy and Practice 2006
Gender and Lifecycles 2000
Gender and Technology 1998
Gender and the Millennium Development Goals 2005
Gender, Citizenship and Governance: A global sourcebook 2004
Gender, Development, and Advocacy 2005
Gender, Development, and Diversity 2004
Gender, Development and Health 2001
Gender, Development, and Humanitarian Work 2001
Gender, Development and Poverty 2002
Gender, Development, and Trade 2004
Gender Equality and Men 2004
Gender in Development Organisations 1999
Gender Issues In Health Projects and Programmes 1995
Gender, Peacebuilding, and Reconstruction 2005
Gender Perspectives on Property and Inheritance 2001
Gender, Religion and Spirituality 1998
Gender Works: Oxfam experience in policy and practice 1999
The Guide to the HAP Standard: Humanitarian Accountability and Quality Management 2008
Health Care for Refugees and Displaced People 1994
HIV and AIDS 2008
Humanitarian Programmes and HIV and AIDS: A Practical Approach to Mainstreaming 2007
Impact Assessment for Development Agencies: Learning to Value Change 1999
Improving the Safety of Civilians 2009
Mainstreaming Gender in Development 2005
Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in Development and Humanitarian Programmes 2004
Managing Water Supply and Sanitation in Emergencies 1999
Partnerships for Girls' Education 2005
Rebuilding Communities in a Refugee Settlement: A Casebook from Uganda 1998

Oxfam House
John Smith Drive
Cowley, Oxford
United Kingdom
Phone: 44 (0) 1865 473727