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Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Publisher Description

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies is a world leading independent and autonomous energy research institute. Through our multi-disciplinary expertise we produce high quality, independent research. We publish unique analysis of topical global energy issues across production, consumption, markets, policy and regulation. Our rigorous and independent research on issues of academic and international significance, places us firmly at the centre of the energy debate and contributes to a more coherent and balanced global understanding of international energy markets and issues.

Research Reports in JSTOR from Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
293 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Achieving a cost-competitive offshore wind power industry:: What is the most effective policy framework? 2015
Advancing Renewable Energy in Resource-Rich Economies of the MENA 2016
Adversity and reform:: Ukrainian gas market prospects 2017
After the Boom:: Angola’s Recurring Oil Challenges in a New Context 2017
After the Gazprom-Naftogaz arbitration:: commerce still entangled in politics 2018
Algerian Gas:: Troubling Trends, Troubled Policies 2016
Algerian Gas in Transition:: Domestic transformation and changing gas export potential 2019
Ammonia as a storage solution for future decarbonized energy systems 2020
The Arab Uprisings and MENA Political Instability:: Implications for Oil & Gas Markets 2014
Asian LNG Demand:: Key Drivers and Outlook 2016
Assessing Kuwaiti Energy Pricing Reforms 2017
Assessing the Financialization Hypothesis 2012
Auctions for allocation of offshore wind contracts for difference in the UK 2019
Auctions for Oil and Gas Exploration Leases in India:: An Empirical Analysis 2013
Azerbaijan’s gas supply squeeze and the consequences for the Southern Corridor 2016
A Belated Boom:: Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, and prospects and risks for oil in East Africa 2017
Beyond Energy:: Incentivizing Decarbonization through the Circular Economy 2021
Biogas:: A significant contribution to decarbonising gas markets? 2017
Blue hydrogen as an enabler of green hydrogen:: the case of Germany 2020
Brazil:: Country of the future or has its time come for natural gas? 2014
Brexit’s impact on gas markets 2017
A Brief Political Economy of Energy Subsidies in the Middle East and North Africa 2015
Building New Gas Transportation Infrastructure in the EU — what are the rules of the game? 2018
Business model for cross-border interconnections in the Mediterranean basin 2016
Can the current EU regulatory framework deliver decarbonisation of gas? 2020
Canada’s Carbon Tax Hike and Strategic Implications for Oil & Gas Firms 2021
Canadian LNG Competitiveness: Beyond LNG Canada, will the country overcome self-inflicted regulatory uncertainty and high projected capital costs to become a global player? 2019
The Canadian Oilsands and Strategic Approaches to Profitability 2019
Central Asian and Caspian Gas Production and the Constraints on Export 2012
Central Asian Gas:: prospects for the 2020s 2019
Challenges across Brazil’s oil sector and prospects for future production 2014
Challenges of Industrial Gas Demand in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia 2019
Challenges to the Future of Gas:: unburnable or unaffordable? 2017
China:: Key themes for 2020 2020
China and IMO 2020 2019
China’s Coal Market:: Can Beijing Tame ‘King Coal’? 2014
China’s Independent Refiners:: A New Force Shaping Global Oil Markets 2017
China’s loans for oil:: asset or liability? 2016
China’s Natural Gas Development Report:: A Tale of Two Years 2021
China’s Natural Gas Development Report ― Reality Check 2019
The Chinese majors’ responses to the collapse in global oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic:: an upstream perspective 2020
A Comparative History of Oil and Gas Markets and Prices:: is 2020 just an extreme cyclical event or an acceleration of the energy transition? 2020
Completion Design Changes and the Impact on US Shale Well Productivity 2017
Contrasting European hydrogen pathways:: An analysis of differing approaches in key markets 2021
The Council Legal Service’s assessment of the European Commission’s negotiating mandate and what it means for Nord Stream 2 2017
A critical assessment of learning curves for solar and wind power technologies 2021
Decarbonisation of heat and the role of ‘green gas’ in the United Kingdom 2018
Decarbonisation of heat in Europe:: implications for natural gas demand 2018
Decarbonization and industrial demand for gas in Europe 2019
Decarbonization of the electricity industry — is there still a place for markets? 2012
Decarbonizing China’s power system with wind power:: the past and the future 2015
Determinants of WTP among energy-poor households:: implications for planning models and frameworks 2019
The Development of Chinese Gas Pricing:: Drivers, Challenges and Implications for Demand 2014
The Development of Natural Gas Demand in the Russian Electricity and Heat Sectors 2018
Developments in the ‘LNG to Power’ market and the growing importance of floating facilities 2021
The dilemma of gas importing and exporting countries 2020
Divergent Paths to a Common Goal?: An Overview of Challenges to Electricity Sector Reform in Developing versus Developed Countries 2014
Diversification in Gulf hydrocarbon economies and interactions with energy subsidy reform:: lessons from Kuwait 2019
Diversification Startegy Under Deep Uncertainty For MENA Oil Exporting Countries 2020
Does 2020 mark a critical juncture in China’s low-carbon energy transition? 2020
Does the Portfolio Business Model Spell the End of Long-Term Oil-Indexed LNG Contracts? 2017
Driving Forces of China’s Energy and Emission Growths Between 2007 and 2010:: A Structural Decomposition Analysis 2015
The Dutch Gas Market:: trials, tribulations and trends 2017
The Dynamics of a Liberalised European Gas Market:: Key determinants of hub prices, and roles and risks of major players 2014
The Dynamics of the Revenue Maximization–Market Share Trade-Off:: Saudi Arabia’s Oil Policy in the 2014–2015 Price Fall 2015
East Mediterranean Gas:: what kind of a game-changer? 2012
Egypt - a return to a balanced gas market? 2018
Electric vehicles and electricity 2018
Electricity market design for a decarbonised future:: An integrated approach 2017
The electricity market design for decentralized flexibility sources 2019
Electricity markets are broken — can they be fixed? 2016
Electricity Markets in MENA:: Adapting for the Transition Era 2018
Electricity Networks:: Technology, Future Role and Economic Incentives for Innovation 2017
Electricity Sector Transition in the National Electricity Market of Australia:: Managing Reliability and Security in an Energy-Only Market 2018
Electricity supply industry reform and design of competitive electricity market in Malaysia 2021
Electricity Supply Interruptions:: Sectoral Interdependencies and the Cost of Energy Not Served for the Scottish Economy 2015
Emerging Asia LNG demand 2020
An empirical study on the drivers of financial leverage of Spanish wind farms 2020
The Energiewende — Germany’s gamble 2012
Energy Relations between Russia and China:: Playing Chess with the Dragon 2016
Energy Sustainability in the Gulf States:: The Why and the How 2013
Energy systems thinking and the decarbonization of heat in the UK 2020
Energy Transition:: Modelling the Impact on Natural Gas 2021
The Energy Transition and Oil Companies’ Hard Choices 2019
Energy Transition, Uncertainty, and the Implications of Change in the Risk Preferences of Fossil Fuels Investors 2019
Ethanol and oil firms:: the beginning of a new role for alternative fuels? 2014
The EU Competition investigation of Gazprom’s sales in central and eastern Europe:: a detailed analysis of the commitments and the way forward 2017
The EU ETS phase IV reform:: implications for system functioning and for the carbon price signal 2018
EU Hydrogen Vision:: regulatory opportunities and challenges 2020
European gas grid through the eye of the TIGER:: investigating bottlenecks in pipeline flows by modelling history 2016
European gas hubs:: how strong is price correlation? 2013
European gas hubs price correlation:: barriers to convergence? 2014
European traded gas hubs:: a decade of change 2019
European traded gas hubs:: an updated analysis on liquidity, maturity and barriers to market integration 2017
European Traded Gas Hubs:: German hubs about to merge 2021
Evolution in the Russian Gas Market - The Competition for Customers 2013
The evolution of European traded gas hubs 2015
Evolution of gas pipeline regulation in Russia:: Third party access, capacity allocation and transportation tariffs 2015
Financing renewable electricity in the resource-rich countries of the Middle East and North Africa:: A review 2017
‘Finding a home’ for global LNG in Europe:: understanding the complexity of access rules for EU import terminals 2020
Fiscal Policy and Natural Resource Entitlements:: Who Benefits from Mexican Oil? 2012
Fiscal policy for decarbonisation of energy in Europe 2017
Fiscal Stabilization in Oil and Gas Contracts:: Evidence and Implications 2016
Floating Liquefaction (FLNG):: Potential for Wider Deployment 2016
Floating LNG Update — Liquefaction and Import Terminals 2019
The Forthcoming LNG Supply Wave:: A Case of ‘Crying Wolf’? 2017
The French Disconnection:: Reducing the nuclear share in France’s energy mix 2014
French gas customers face a real risk from a No Deal Brexit 2019
The Future of Australian LNG Exports:: Will domestic challenges limit the development of future LNG export capacity? 2014
The Future of Gas in Decarbonising European Energy Markets:: the need for a new approach 2017
The future of gas infrastructure remuneration in Spain 2019
The Future of Russian Oil Production in the Short, Medium, and Long Term 2019
The Future of the Canadian Oil Sands: Growth potential of a unique resource amidst regulation, egress, cost, and price uncertainty 2016
Future Prospects for LNG Demand in Ghana 2018
Gas and Taxes:: The Impact of Russia’s Tinkering with Upstream Gas Taxes on State Revenues and Decline Rates of Legacy Gas Fields 2017
Gas Directive amendment:: implications for Nord Stream 2 2019
Gas Industry Reform and the Evolution of a Competitive Gas Market in Malaysia 2020
Gas Pricing Reform in India:: Implications for the Indian gas landscape 2015
Gas Production from the UK Continental Shelf:: An Assessment of Resources, Economics and Regulatory Reform 2019
The Gas Relationship between the Baltic States and Russia:: politics and commercial realities 2012
Gas Supply Changes in Turkey 2018
Gas to Liquids:: Historical Development and Future Prospects 2013
Gas with CCS in the UK – Waiting for Godot? 2012
Gasoline and Diesel Pricing Reforms in the BRIC Countries:: A Comparison of Policy and Outcomes 2015
Gasoline Demand in Non-OECD Asia:: Drivers and Constraints 2017
Gasoline Demand in Transport in Non-OECD Asia 2017
Gas-to-Liquid:: A Viable Alternative to Oil-Derived Transport Fuels? 2013
Gas-to-power market and investment incentive for enhancing generation capacity:: an analysis of Ghana’s electricity sector 2015
Gas-to-Power Supply Chains in Developing Countries:: Comparative Case Studies of Nigeria and Bangladesh 2017
Gazprom in Europe ― two “Anni Mirabiles”, but can it continue? 2018
Gazprom’s Gas Sales via its Electronic Sales Platform (ESP) 2019
GCC–East Asia Relations in the Fields of Nuclear and Renewable Energy:: Opportunities and Barriers 2016
The great Dutch gas transition 2019
Harnessing Social Safety in a Context of Changing Social Interactions:: Compensation Schemes and Subsidy Reforms in the GCC 2017
The Heralds of Hydrogen:: The economic sectors that are driving the hydrogen economy in Europe 2021
A holistic framework for the study of interdependence between electricity and gas sectors 2015
How to Spend It:: Resource Wealth and the Distribution of Resource Rents 2012
Hydrogen and decarbonisation of gas:: false dawn or silver bullet? 2020
The Impact of a Globalising Market on Future European Gas Supply and Pricing:: the Importance of Asian Demand and North American Supply 2012
The Impact of Lower Gas and Oil Prices on Global Gas and LNG Markets 2015
The Impact of Russia's Refinery Upgrade Plans on Global Fuel Oil Markets 2012
Implications of the Russia-Ukraine gas transit deal for alternative pipeline routes and the Ukrainian and European markets 2020
Incidence and Impact:: A Disaggregated Poverty Analysis of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform 2015
India’s Gas Market Post-COP21 2017
India’s Oil Demand:: On the Verge of ‘Take-Off’? 2016
Indonesia’s Electricity Demand and the Coal Sector:: Export or meet domestic demand? 2017
An Integrated Energy Systems Approach to Decarbonization Policy:: Is it the way forward? 2019
The International Relations of the Green Economy in the Gulf:: Lessons from the UAE’s State-led Energy Transition 2015
The interpretation of the principle of energy solidarity - A critical comment on the Opinion of the Advocate General in OPAL 2021
The IPO of Saudi Aramco:: Some Fundamental Questions 2017
Iran’s gas exports:: can past failure become future success? 2013
Iraqi Oil:: industry evolution and short and medium-term prospects 2018
Is energy subsidy reform in an oil-exporting small economy beneficial to trade?: Illustrations from Kuwait 2019
Issues in the pricing of domestic and internationally-traded gas in MENA and sub-Saharan Africa 2012
It Don’t Mean a Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Swing:: Why Gas Flexibility Is High on the Agenda for Russia and Europe 2019
The Italian Gas Market:: Challenges and Opportunities 2013
Kenya:: An African oil upstart in transition 2014
Key Determinants for the Future of Russian Oil Production and Exports 2015
Liberalized retail electricity markets:: What we have learned after two decades of experience? 2019
The Limits of Auctions:: reflections on the role of central purchaser auctions for long-term commitments in electricity systems 2019
Lithuania’s Strategic Use of EU Energy Policy Tools:: A Transformation of Gas Dynamics 2016
LNG Finance - will lenders accommodate the changing environment? 2020
LNG Plant Cost Escalation 2014
LNG Plant Cost Reduction 2014–18 2018
LNG Portfolio Optimization:: Challenge, Opportunity and Necessity 2020
The LNG Shipping Forecast:: costs rebounding, outlook uncertain 2018
LNG Spot Price Forecasting and the Futures Curve 2019
LNG Supply Chains and the Development of LNG as a Shipping Fuel in Northern Europe 2019
LNG Winter 2020/2021 – a unique set of circumstances or a predictable inevitability? 2021
Local content and procurement requirements in oil and gas contracts:: Regional trends in the Middle East and North Africa 2017
Mainstreaming Climate Policy in the Gulf Cooperation Council States 2014
Managing Electricity Decarbonisation:: learning from experience – the cases of the UK and Spain 2017
Market design for system security in low-carbon electricity grids:: from the physics to the economics 2020
The market takes shape:: The Ukrainian gas sector to 2030 2020
Market-based allocation and differentiation of access rights to network capacity in distribution grids 2021
Mauritania - Senegal:: an emerging New African Gas Province — is it still possible? 2020
Methane Emissions:: from blind spot to spotlight 2017
Methane Emissions from Natural Gas and LNG Imports:: an increasingly urgent issue for the future of gas in Europe 2020
Mozambique’s LNG revolution:: A political risk outlook for the Rovuma LNG ventures 2014
Narratives for Natural Gas in Decarbonising European Energy Markets 2019
Natural gas demand in Europe in 2017 and short term expectations1 2018
Natural Gas in Canada:: what are the options going forward? 2015
Natural gas in China’s power sector:: Challenges and the road ahead 2020
Natural Gas in Pakistan and Bangladesh:: current issues and trends 2013
Natural Gas in the Turkish Domestic Energy Market:: Policies and Challenges 2014
Natural Gas Price Volatility in the UK and North America 2012
Net Zero Targets and GHG Emission Reduction in the UK and Norwegian Upstream Oil and Gas Industry:: A Comparative Assessment 2020
The New Deal for Oil Markets:: implications for Russia’s short-term tactics and long-term strategy 2020
The New German Energy Policy:: What Role for Gas in a De-carbonization Policy? 2014
NIOC and the State:: Commercialization, Contestation and Consolidation in the Islamic Republic of Iran 2013
Nordic PPAs – Effects on renewable growth and implications for electricity markets 2021
Norwegian Gas Exports:: Assessment of Resources and Supply to 2035 2018
The Offshore Discovery in the Republic of Cyprus: Monetisation Prospects and Challeng 2012
Oil and Gas in a New Libyan Era:: Conflict and Continuity 2019
Oil in Uganda :: Hard bargaining and complex politics in East Africa 2015
Oil Price Paths in 2017:: Is a Sustained Recovery of the Oil Price Looming? 2017
Oil Price Paths in 2018:: The Interplay bertween OPEC, US Shale and Supply Interruptions 2018
Oil Price Paths in 2019:: Navigating Volatile Markets 2019
The OPAL Exemption Decision:: a comment on the CJEU’s ruling to reject suspension 2017
The OPAL Exemption Decision:: past, present, and future 2017
The OPAL Exemption Decision:: a comment on the Advocate General’s Opinion on its annulment and its implications for the Court of Justice judgement and OPAL regulatory treatment 2021
OPEC:: What Difference has it Made? 2013
OPEC at the Crossroads 2018
Opportunities for Gas in Sub-Saharan Africa 2019
Optimal fiscal policy in the face of oil windfalls and other known unknowns 2012
Outlook for Competitive LNG Supply 2019
The Outlook for Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs) 2017
The Outlook for Natural Gas Demand in Europe 2014
Overcoming the Market Constraints to On-Grid Renewable Energy Investments in Nigeria 2019
The Oxford Approach: Operationalizing the UNFCCC Principle of ‘Respective Capabilities’ 2013
Panama Canal and LNG:: Congestion Ahead? 2018
Peak Oil Demand and Long-Run Oil Prices 2018
Perspectives for Biogas in Europe 2012
A Phantom Menace:: Is Russian LNG a Threat to Russia’s Pipeline Gas in Europe? 2021
The Politics of Renewable Energy in East Africa 2018
The potential market for LNG in the Caribbean and Central America 2017
Power-to-Gas:: Linking Electricity and Gas in a Decarbonising World? 2018
Price Reform in Kuwait’s Electricity and Water Sector:: Assessing the Net Benefits in the Presence of Congestion 2014
Price reviews and arbitrations in Asian LNG markets 2019
Prices and crisis:: LNG and Australia’s East Coast gas market 2018
Prices Behind the Meter:: efficient economic signals to support decarbonization 2019
Private Investment in Wind Power in Colombia 2012
Progress, challenges, uncertainty:: ambivalent times for Iran’s energy sector 2018
The Prospects and Challenges for Arctic Oil Development 2014
Prospects for Renewable Energy in GCC States:: Opportunities and the Need for Reform 2014
Protection against Default in Long Term Petroleum Joint Ventures 2012
Quantifying Dutch disease effects and asymmetry in economic responses to oil price volatility in Kuwait 2020
Quantifying Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19 and Oil price Shocks in a Gulf Oil Economy 2021
Quantity Performance Payment by Results: Operationalizing enhanced direct access for mitigation at the Green Climate Fund 2013
A Realistic Perspective on Japan’s LNG Demand after Fukushima 2012
Reducing European Dependence on Russian Gas:: distinguishing natural gas security from geopolitics 2014
Reforming Electricity Reforms?: Empirical Evidence from Asian Economies 2016
Regional Dimensions to Europe’s energy integration 2013
Renewable Auction Design in Theory and Practice:: Lessons from the Experiences of Brazil and Mexico 2018
The Renewal of Turkey’s Long Term Contracts:: Natural gas market transition or ‘business as usual’? 2020
A restrained optimism in Canada’s oil sands:: Is the improved efficiency, pipeline outlook, and technology bolstering the world’s largest petroleum resource enough to make it competitive? 2017
A review of demand prospects for LNG as a marine transport fuel 2018
A Review of the Evolution of the Japanese Oil Industry, Oil Policy and its Relationship with the Middle East 2018
The rise of renewables and energy transition:: what adaptation strategy for oil companies and oil-exporting countries? 2018
A road map to navigate the energy transition 2019
A Roadmap for Renewable Energy in the Middle East and North Africa 2014
The role of coal in Southeast Asia’s power sector and implications for global and regional coal trade 2016
The Role of Gas in UK Energy Policy 2015
The Role of Natural Gas, Renewables and Energy Efficiency in Decarbonisation in Germany:: The need to complement renewables by decarbonized gas to meet the Paris targets 2018
The Role of Speculation in Oil Markets:: What Have We Learned So Far? 2012
The Role of the ESP in Gazprom’s European Sales Strategy 2020
Rosneft - On the Road to Global NOC Status? 2012
Russian Gas Transit Across Ukraine Post-2019:: pipeline scenarios, gas flow consequences, and regulatory constraints 2016
Russian gas transit through Ukraine after 2019:: the options 2018
Russian LNG:: Progress and delay in 2017 2017
Russian LNG:: Becoming a Global Force 2019
Russian Oil Production Outlook to 2020 2017
Russia-Poland gas relationship:: risks and uncertainties of the ever after 2020
Russia’s gas pivot to Asia:: Another false dawn or ready for lift off? 2018
Russia’s heavy fuel oil exports:: challenges and changing rules abroad and at home 2019
The Russia-Ukraine gas transit deal:: opening a new chapter 2020
Russia-Ukraine gas transit talks:: risks for all sides 2019
Saudi Arabia Oil Policy:: More than Meets the Eye? 2015
Saudi Oil Policy:: Continuity and Change in the Era of the Energy Transition 2021
Scenarios for Asian long-term LNG contracts before and after COVID-19 2020
The Scissors Effect:: How structural trends and government intervention are damaging major European electricity companies and affecting consumers 2015
SE Europe gas markets:: towards integration 2019
The Sectoral Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations in Fuel-Exporting Countries:: A Case Study of Colombia 2013
Shrinking surplus:: the outlook for Russia’s spare gas productive capacity 2018
Sino-Russian Gas and Oil Cooperation:: Entering into a New Era of Strategic Partnership? 2015
Small Fields, Big Expectations:: Can India’s Discovered Small Field Rounds Deliver? 2017
Social Discount Rate and the Energy Transition Policy 2020
South American Gas Markets and the role of LNG 2016
South Korea’s Energy Policy Change and the Implications for its LNG Imports 2018
The SPIMEX Gas Exchange:: Russian Gas Trading Possibilities 2018
A Structural Model of the World Oil Market:: The Role of Investment Dynamics and Capacity Constraints in Explaining the Evolution of the Real Price of Oil 2017
The structure of China’s oil industry:: Past trends and future prospects 2016
Sustainable electricity pricing for Tanzania 2016
Sustainable Energy in Brazil:: Reversing Past Achievements or Realizing Future Potential 2014
Tight Oil Developments in Russia 2013
Towards a Balkan gas hub:: the interplay between pipeline gas, LNG and renewable energy in South East Europe 2017
Transitioning to Net-Zero:: CCUS and the Role of Oil and Gas Producing Countries 2021
Turkey’s gas demand decline:: reasons and consequences 2017
UK Dependence on Imported Hydrocarbons:: How Important is Russia? 2018
Ukraine-EU Gas Market Integration: Short-Term Progress, Long-Term Challenges 2021
The Ukrainian residential gas sector:: a market untapped 2016
Unconventional Gas in Argentina:: Will it become a Game Changer? 2016
Under the Mountains:: Kurdish Oil and Regional Politics 2016
Unravelling the US Shale Productivity Gains 2016
US climate change policy and the power sector 2014
US Coal Exports:: The Long Road to Asian Markets 2015
US Shale Oil Dynamics in a Low Price Environment 2015
The US Tight Oil Revolution and Its Impact on the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries:: Beyond the Supply Shock 2014
US Tight Oils:: prospects and implications 2013
US-China:: The Great Decoupling 2019
Utilization of Scenarios in European Electricity Policy:: The Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2018
Why Europe’s energy and climate policies are coming apart 2013
Will Argentina Become a Relevant Gas Exporter? 2021