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Oxbow Books

Publisher Description

Oxbow Books was founded in 1983 by David Brown, and started life in a shed in the garden of St Cross College, Oxford. The company quickly outgrew the shed, and moved to more spacious premises where the number of books grew and grew, as did the number of staff. In the mid-1980s an office was established in North America, which became the David Brown Book Company and later Casemate Academic, now a major academic book distributor.

Beginning with our subject specialties of archaeology, ancient history and medieval studies, Oxbow's distribution operation offers books in many other humanities and social science subject areas, from modern history to music and art.

Now publishing around 80 books a year Oxbow Books has become a leading publisher in the field of archaeology and in 2018 the company celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Books in JSTOR from Oxbow Books
703 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
African Pottery Roulettes Past and Present: Techniques, Identification and Distribution 2010
After Alexander: The Time of the Diadochi (323-281 BC) 2013
Agricultural and Pastoral Landscapes in Pre-Industrial Society: Choices, Stability and Change 2016
Agriculture and Industry in South-Eastern Roman Britain 2017
Alan Sorrell: The Man Who Created Roman Britain 2018
Aldhelm and Sherborne: Essays to Celebrate the Founding of the Bishopric 2010
Anatolian Interfaces: Hittites, Greeks and their Neighbours 2008
Anatolian Iron Ages 2: The Proceedings of the Second Anatolian Iron Ages Colloquium held at Izmir, 4-8 May 1987 1991
Ancient Egyptian Coffins: Past – Present – Future 2019
Ancient Egyptian Furniture Volume I: 4000 – 1300 BC 2017
Ancient Egyptian Furniture Volume II 2017
Ancient Egyptian Furniture Volume III 2017
Ancient Fortifications: A Compendium of Theory and Practice 2016
The Ancient Greek Farmstead 2017
Ancient Historiography on War and Empire 2017
Ancient Iran and Its Neighbours: Local Developments and Long-range Interactions in the 4th Millennium BC 2013
Ancient Irrigation Systems of the Aral Sea Area: Ancient Irrigation Systems of the Aral Sea Area 2016
Ancient Mines and Quarries: A Trans-Atlantic Perspective 2010
The Ancient Red Sea Port of Adulis, Eritrea: Report of the Etritro-British Expedition, 2004-5 2007
Ancient Rome: The Archaeology of the Eternal City 2000
Ancient Textiles, Modern Science 2013
Ancient Textiles: Production, Crafts and Society 2007
Ancient Trees in the Landscape: Norfolk's arboreal heritage 2011
The Ancient Ways of Wessex: Travel and Communication in an Early Medieval Landscape 2019
The Ancient Yew: A History of Taxus baccata 2017
"And So the Tomb Remained": Exploring Archaeology and Forensic Science within Connecticut's Historical Family Mausolea 2021
Anglesey: Past Landscapes of the Coast 2009
The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Empingham II, Rutland 2016
The Anglo-Saxon Church of All Saints, Brixworth, Northamptonshire: Survey, Excavation and Analysis, 1972-2010 2013
The Anglo-Saxon Fenland 2017
Anglo-Saxon Somerset: Anglo-Saxon Somerset 2011
Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 13 2006
Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 14: Early Medieval Mortuary Practices 2007
Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 15 2008
Animal Secondary Products: Animal Secondary Products 2014
Animals and Archaeology in Northern Medieval Russia: Zooarchaeological Studies in Novgorod and its Region 2020
Animals in the Neolithic of Britain and Europe 2006
An Animate Landscape: Rock Art and the Prehistory of Kilmartin, Argyll, Scotland 2011
Anthropological Approaches to Zooarchaeology: Colonialism, Complexity and Animal Transformations 2010
Antiquarianisms: Contact, Conflict, Comparison 2017
Appropriating Innovations: Entangled Knowledge in Eurasia, 5000‒1500 BCE 2017
Arcadian Visions: Pastoral Influences on Poetry, Painting and the Design of Landscape 2015
Archaeoastronomy and the Maya 2014
Archaeobotanical Guide to Root & Tuber Identification 1993
An Archaeological History of Montserrat in the West Indies 2020
Archaeological Sciences 1995: Proceedings of a conference on the application of scientific techniques to the study of archaeology 1997
Archaeological Survey and the City 2013
Archaeologies of Gender and Violence 2017
Archaeologies of Text: Archaeology, Technology, and Ethics 2014
Archaeologies of waste: encounters with the unwanted 2017
Archaeology and Anthropology: Understanding Similarity, Exploring Difference 2010
Archaeology and Environment in Northumberland: Till-Tweed Studies Volume 2 2012
Archaeology and Memory 2010
Archaeology and the Homeric Epic 2017
Archaeology for the People: Joukowsky Institute Perspectives 2015
Archaeology in the 'Land of Tells and Ruins': A History of Excavations in the Holy Land Inspired by the Photographs and Accounts of Leo Boer 2014
Archaeology Meets Science: Biomolecular Investigations in Bronze Age Greece 2008
The Archaeology of a Great Estate: Chatsworth and Beyond 2009
The Archaeology of Caves in Ireland 2015
The Archaeology of Cremation: Burned Human Remains in Funerary Studies 2015
The Archaeology of Darkness 2016
Archaeology of East Asia: The Rise of Civilization in China, Korea and Japan 2015
The Archaeology of Medieval Novgorod in Context: A Study of Centre/Periphery Relations 2012
An Archaeology of Prehistoric Bodies and Embodied Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean 2016
The Archaeology of the Dead: Lectures in Archaeothanatology 2009
The Archaeology of the Lower City and Adjacent Suburbs 2016
The Archaeology of the West Midlands: A Framework for Research 2011
The Archaeology of Western Sahara: A Synthesis of Fieldwork, 2002 to 2009 2018
Archaeomalacology: Molluscs in former environments of human behaviour 2005
Archaeomalacology Revisited: Non-dietary use of molluscs in archaeological settings 2011
Archaeozoology of the Near East 2017
Ariconium, Herefordshire: an Iron Age settlement and Romano-British 'small town' 2012
Army of the Roman Emperors: Archaeology and History 2014
The Army of the Roman Republic: The Second Century BC, Polybius and the Camps at Numantia, Spain 2008
The Arras Culture of Eastern Yorkshire – Celebrating the Iron Age: Proceedings of “Arras 200 – celebrating the Iron Age." Royal Archaeological Institute Annual Conference. 2020
Arsacids, Romans and Local Elites: Cross-Cultural Interactions of the Parthian Empire 2017
Art, Artisans and Apprentices: Apprentice Painters & Sculptors in the Early Modern British Tradition 2014
Art in England: The Saxons to the Tudors: 600-1600 2016
Art in the Archaeological Imagination 2020
Art in the Eurasian Iron Age: Context, Connections and Scale 2020
The Art of Siege Warfare and Military Architecture from the Classical World to the Middle Ages 2021
Asia Minor in the Long Sixth Century: Current Research and Future Directions 2019
Aspects of Industry in Roman Yorkshire and the North 2016
Assyrian Stone Vessels and Related Material in the British Museum 2008
Athenian Potters and Painters III: Athenian Potters and Painters III 2014
Athenian Potters and Painters Volume II 2009
Atlantic Connections and Adaptations: Economies, environments and subsistence in lands bordering the North Atlantic 2004
An Atlas of Northamptonshire: The Medieval and Early-Modern Landscape 2013
An Atlas of Roman Britain: An Atlas of Roman Britain 1990
An Author and a Gardener: The Gardens and Friendship of Edith Wharton and Lawrence Johnston 2014
Autopsy in Athens: Recent Archaeological Research on Athens and Attica 2015
Back to the Beginning: Reassessing Social and Political Complexity on Crete during the Early and Middle Bronze Age 2012
Bathhouses in Iudaea, Syria-Palaestina and Provincia Arabia from Herod the Great to the Umayyads 2021
Battlespace 1865: Archaeology of the Landscapes, Strategies, and Tactics of the North Platte Campaign, Nebraska 2016
The Bayeux Tapestry: New Approaches 2011
Beacons in the Landscape: The Hillforts of England and Wales 2009
Becoming European: The transformation of third millennium Northern and Western Europe 2012
Becoming Neanderthals: Becoming Neanderthals 2011
Becoming Roman, Being Gallic, Staying British: Research and Excavations at Ditches 'hillfort' and villa 1984-2006 2009
Before the Military Revolution: European Warfare and the Rise of the Early Modern State 1300–1490 2021
Behaviour Behind Bones: The Zooarchaeology of Ritual, Religion, Status and Identity 2004
Bell Beaker Settlement of Europe: The Bell Beaker Phenomenon from a Domestic Perspective 2019
The Bell Beaker Transition in Europe: Mobility and local evolution during the 3rd millennium BC 2015
Beside the Ocean: Coastal Landscapes at the Bay of Skaill, Marwick, and Birsay Bay, Orkney: Archaeological Research, 2003–18 2019
Beyond Affluent-foragers: Rethinking Hunter-gatherer Complexity 2006
Beyond Pilgrim Souvenirs and Secular Badges: Essays in Honour of Brian Spencer 2007
Beyond Thalassocracies: Understanding Processes of Minoanisation and Mycenaeanisation in the Aegean 2016
Beyond the Core: Reflections on Regionality in Prehistory 2011
Beyond the Dead Horizon: Studies in Modern Conflict Archaeology 2012
Beyond the Fertile Crescent: Late Palaeolithic and Neolithic Communities of the Jordanian Steppe. The Azraq Basin Project Volume 1: Project Background and the Late Palaeolithic (Geological Context and Technology) 2013
The Bioarchaeology of Ritual and Religion 2018
Biosphere to Lithosphere: new studies in vertebrate taphonomy 2005
The Bir Messaouda Basilica: Pilgrimage and the Transformation of an Urban Landscape in Sixth Century AD Carthage 2020
The Black Poplar 2006
Blood Red Roses: The Archaeology of a Mass Grave from the Battle of Towton AD 1461 2000
Boats, Ships and Shipyards: Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Venice 2000 2003
Bodies of Clay: On Prehistoric Humanised Pottery 2017
Body Parts and Bodies Whole 2010
Bones and Identity: Zooarchaeological Approaches to Reconstructing Social and Cultural Landscapes in Southwest Asia 2016
Bosworth 1485: A Battlefield Rediscovered 2013
Breaking and Shaping Beastly Bodies: Animals as Material Culture in the Middle Ages 2007
Bringing Carthage Home: the Excavations of Nathan Davis, 1856-1859 2011
Bristol: A Worshipful Town and Famous City: An Archaeological Assessment from Prehistory to 1900 2018
Britain's Medieval Episcopal Thrones 2015
Britannia Romana: Roman Inscriptions and Roman Britain 2018
Bronze Age Connections: Cultural Contact in Prehistoric Europe 2009
Bronze Age Landscapes: Tradition and Transformation 2001
Bronze Age Settlements in the Low Countries 2008
Brooches in Late Iron Age and Roman Britain 2011
Building for Eternity: the History and Technology of Roman Concrete Engineering in the Sea 2014
Building Memories: The Neolithic Cotswold Long Barrow at Ascott-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire 2007
Building the Great Stone Circles of the North 2013
Buildings of Medieval Europe: Studies in Social and Landscape Contexts of Medieval Buildings 2018
The Bull Ring Uncovered: Excavations at Edgbaston Street, Moor Street, Park Street and The Row, Birmingham City Centre, 1997-2001 2009
Burial and Social Change in First Millennium BC Italy: Approaching Social Agents 2016
Burial in Later Anglo-Saxon England, c.650-1100 AD 2010
Butrint 3: Excavations at the Triconch Palace 2011
Butrint 4: The Archaeology and Histories of an Ionian Town 2013
Butrint 5: Life and Death at a Mediterranean Port: The Non-Ceramic Finds from the Triconch Palace 2020
Butrint 6: Excavations on the Vrina Plain Volume 2: The Finds 2019
Butrint 6: Excavations on the Vrina Plain Volume 3: The Roman and late Antique pottery from the Vrina Plain excavations 2020
Butrint 7: Beyond Butrint: Kalivo, Mursi, Çuka e Aitoit, Diaporit and the Vrina Plain. Surveys and Excavations in the Pavllas River Valley, Albania, 1928–2015 2020
Caddo Landscapes in the East Texas Forests 2017
Calendars and Years: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient Near East 2007
Calendars and Years II: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient and Medieval World 2011
Carchemish in Context 2016
Care in the Past: Archaeological and Interdisciplinary Perspectives 2017
Care or Neglect?: Evidence of Animal Disease in Archaeology 2018
Carving a Future for British Rock Art: New Directions for Research, Management and Presentation 2010
Castles and the Anglo-Norman World 2016
Castles in Context: Power, Symbolism and Landscape, 1066 to 1500 2012
Caves and Ritual in Medieval Europe, AD 500-1500 2018
Caves in Context: The Cultural Significance of Caves and Rockshelters in Europe 2012
Celtic Art in Europe: Making Connections 2014
Celtic from the West 3: Atlantic Europe in the Metal Ages — questions of shared language 2016
Ceramics, Cuisine and Culture: The archaeology and science of kitchen pottery in the ancient mediterranean world 2015
Change and Resilience: The Occupation of Mediterranean Islands in Late Antiquity 2019
Changing Pictures: Rock Art Traditions and Visions in the Northernmost Europe 2010
Chariots and Other Wheeled Vehicles in Italy Before the Roman Empire 2012
Childhood and Violence in the Western Tradition 2010
Children, Death and Burial: Archaeological Discourses 2017
Children, Spaces and Identity 2015
Cille Pheadair: a Norse Farmstead and Pictish Burial Cairn in South Uist 2018
Cipières: Landscape and Community in Alpes-Maritimes, France 2013
The Cities of Pamphylia 2009
A City from the Dawn of History: Erbil in the Cuneiform Sources 2014
City Walls in Late Antiquity: An empire-wide perspective 2020
Cityscapes and Monuments of Western Asia Minor: Memories and Identities 2017
Clash of Cultures?: The Romano-British Period in the West Midlands 2018
Clifton Quarry, Worcestershire: Pits, Posts and Cereals: Archaeological Investigations 2006–2009 2018
The Clothed Body in the Ancient World 2005
Cod and Herring: The Archaeology and History of Medieval Sea Fishing 2016
Colchester, Fortress of the War God: an Archaeological Assessment 2013
Collapse or Survival: Micro-dynamics of crisis and endurance in the ancient central Mediterranean 2019
Colonisation, Migration, and Marginal Areas: A Zooarchaeological Approach 2004
Communicating Archaeology 1999
Communicating Identity in Italic Iron Age Communities 2011
Communicating with the World of Beings: The World Heritage rock art sites in Alta, Arctic Norway 2014
Communities in Transition: The Circum-Aegean Area During the 5th and 4th Millennia BC 2018
Community Archaeology: Themes, Methods and Practices 2011
The Competition of Fibres: Early Textile Production in Western Asia, South-east and Central Europe (10,000-500BCE) 2020
Constantinople: Archaeology of a Byzantine Megapolis 2013
Continental Connections 2015
Cooking up the Past 2007
Coptic Documentary Texts From Kellis. Volume 2 P. Kellis VII 2014
The Coronation Chair and Stone of Scone: History, Archaeology and Conservation 2013
A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Pottery from Lincoln 2005
A Corpus of Roman Pottery from Lincoln 2014
Corrstown: A Coastal Community. Excavations of a Bronze Age Village in Northern Ireland 2012
The Cosmatesque Mosaics of Westminster Abbey: The Pavements and Royal Tombs: History, Archaeology, Architecture and Conservation 2019
Counting People: A DIY Manual for Local and Family Historians 2013
Crafting Minoanisation: Textiles, Crafts Production and Social Dynamics in the Bronze Age southern Aegean 2021
Crafting Textiles: Tablet Weaving, Sprang, Lace and Other Techniques from the Bronze Age to the Early 17th Century 2021
Crafts and Social Networks in Viking Towns 2020
Creating Communities: New advances in Central European Neolithic Research 2009
Creating Material Worlds: The Uses of Identity in Archaeology 2016
Credit and Debt in Medieval England c.1180-c.1350 2016
Crossing Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Art, Material Culture, Language and Literature of the Early Medieval World 2017
Crossing the Threshold: Architecture, Iconography and the Sacred Entrance 2018
The Crown of Arsinoë II: The Creation of an Image of Authority 2012
Cult in Context: Reconsidering Ritual in Archaeology 2007
Culture and Perspective at Times of Crisis: State Structures, Private Initiative and the Public Character of Heritage 2018
Culture and Society in Later Roman Antioch 2004
Current Approaches to Tells in the Prehistoric Old World: A cross-cultural comparison from Early Neolithic to the Iron Age 2020
Current Research in Egyptology 2005: Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Symposium 2007
Current Research in Egyptology 2006: Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Symposium 2016
Current Research in Egyptology 2007: Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Conference 2016
Current Research in Egyptology 2009: Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Symposium 2011
Current Research in Egyptology 2010: Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Symposium 2011
Current Research in Egyptology 2011: Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Symposium 2012
Current Research in Egyptology 2012: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Symposium 2013
Current Research in Egyptology 2013: Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Symposium 2014
Current Research in Egyptology 2014: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Symposium 2015
Current Research in Egyptology 2015: Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Symposium 2016
Current Research in Egyptology 2016: Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Symposium 2017
Cypriot Cultural Details: Proceedings of the 10th Annual Meeting of Young Researchers in Cypriot Archaeology 2015
Cyprus: An island culture: Society and Social Relations from the Bronze Age to the Venetian Period 2012
Dakhleh Oasis and the Western Desert of Egypt under the Ptolemies 2016
Danes in Wessex: The Scandinavian Impact on Southern England, c. 800–c. 1100 2016
The Dark Side of Childhood in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages 2011
Dating and interpreting the past in the western Roman Empire: Essays in honour of Brenda Dickinson 2012
Death and Changing Rituals: Function and meaning in ancient funerary practices 2015
Death as a Process: The Archaeology of the Roman Funeral 2017
Death embodied: Archaeological approaches to the treatment of the corpse 2015
Death in Mycenaean Lakonia (17th to 11th c. BC): A Silent Place 2020
The Death of Archaeological Theory? 2012
Debasement: Manipulation of Coin Standards in Pre-Modern Monetary Systems 2020
Decoding Neolithic Atlantic and Mediterranean Island Ritual 2016
Deer and People 2014
Defining a Regional Neolithic: Evidence from Britain and Ireland 2009
Defining the Sacred 2015
Deliciae Fictiles IV: Architectural Terracottas in Ancient Italy. Images of Gods, Monsters and Heroes 2011
Deliciae Fictiles V. Networks and Workshops: Architectural Terracottas and Decorative Roof Systems in Italy and Beyond 2019
Delta Reports, Volume I: Research in Lower Egypt 2009
The Development of Neolithic House Societies in Orkney: Investigations in the Bay of Firth, Mainland, Orkney (1994–2014) 2016
The Development of Pre-State Communities in the Ancient Near East: Studies in Honour of Edgar Peltenburg 2010
Development-led Archaeology in Northwest Europe: Proceedings of a round table at the University of Leicester, 19th-21st November 2009 2012
Deviant Burial in the Archaeological Record 2008
Dictionary of Classical Mythology 2014
The Diversity of Hunter Gatherer Pasts 2017
Documentary Sources in Ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman Economic History: Methodology and Practice 2014
Dogs and People in Social, Working, Economic or Symbolic Interaction 2006
Dorchester Abbey, Oxfordshire: The Archaeology and Architecture of a Cathedral, Monastery and Parish Church 2009
Dorothy Garrod and the Progress of the Palaeolithic 1999
The Dover Bronze Age Boat in Context: Society and Water Transport in Prehistoric Europe 2004
Down By the River: Archaeological, Palaeoenvironmental and Geoarchaeological Investigations of The Suffolk River Valleys 2016
Dress and Society: Contributions from Archaeology 2017
Dressing the Past 2008
Dungeness and Romney Marsh: Barrier Dynamics and Marshland Evolution 2007
The Dyer's Handbook: Memoirs of an 18th Century Master Colourist 2016
Dynamics of Neolithisation in Europe: Studies in honour of Andrew Sherratt 2011
Dynamics of Production in the Ancient Near East 2016
The Earlier Iron Age in Britain and the Near Continent 2007
The Earliest Europeans: A Year in the Life: Survival Strategies in the Lower Palaeolithic 2020
The Earliest Neolithic of Iran: 2008 Excavations at Sheikh-E Abad and Jani: Central Zagos Archaeological Project, Volume 1 2013
The Early Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of Southern Britain AD 450-650: Beneath the Tribal Hidage 2014
Early Christianity in South-West Britain: Wessex, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and the Channel Islands 2020
Early Cycladic Sculpture in Context from beyond the Cyclades: From mainland Greece, the north and east Aegean 2019
Early Cycladic Sculpture in Context 2017
Early Greek Alphabetic Writing: A Linguistic Approach 2021
Early Medieval Winchester: Communities, Authority and Power in an Urban Space, c.800-c.1200 2021
The Early Prehistory of Wadi Faynan, Southern Jordan: Archaeological Survey of Wadis Faynan, Ghuwayr and Al Bustan and Evaluation of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Site of WF16 2007
The Early Roman Empire in the West 1990
Eastern Mediterranean Metallurgy in the Second Millennium BC 2012
Ecology and Enclosure: The Effect of Enclosure on Society, Farming and the Environment in South Cambridgeshire, 1798-1850 2013
Ecology of a Tool: The ground stone axes of Irian Jaya (Indonesia) 2020
Economic Zooarchaeology: Studies in Hunting, Herding and Early Agriculture 2017
Economy and Exchange in the East Mediterranean during Late Antiquity: Proceedings of a conference at Somerville College, Oxford - 29th May, 1999 2015
The Economy of a Norse Settlement in the Outer Hebrides: Excavations at Mounds 2 and 2A Bornais, South Uist 2021
The Egyptian Collection at Norwich Castle Museum: Catalogue and Essays 2019
Elevated Rock Art: Towards a maritime understanding of Bronze Age rock art in northern Bohuslän, Sweden 2014
Embodied Knowledge: Historical Perspectives on Belief and Technology 2013
Embracing the Provinces: Society and Material Culture of the Roman Frontier Regions 2018
The Emergence of Civilisation: The Cyclades and the Aegean in the Third Millennium BC 2011
The Emergence of Pottery in West Asia 2017
Empire State: How the Roman Military Built an Empire 2017
Enclosing Space, Opening New Ground: Iron Age Studies from Scotland to Mainland Europe 2019
Enclosures in Neolithic Europe: Essays on Causewayed and Non-Causewayed Sites 2002
The end of the lake-dwellings in the Circum-Alpine region 2015
Engaging with the Dead: Exploring Changing Human Beliefs about Death, Mortality and the Human Body 2017
English Inland Trade 2015
Environment, Society and the Black Death: An interdisciplinary approach to the late-medieval crisis in Sweden 2016
Environmental Archaeology in Ireland 2007
Environmental Reconstruction in Mediterranean Landscape Archaeology 2016
Escaping the Labyrinth: The Cretan Neolithic in Context 2008
Ethnozooarchaeology: The Present and Past of Human-Animal Relationships 2011
Euphrates River Valley Settlement: The Carchemish Sector in the Third Millennium BC 2007
Every Traveller Needs a Compass: Travel and Collecting in Egypt and the Near East 2015
Everyday Life in Viking-Age Towns: Social Approaches to Towns in England and Ireland, c. 800-1100 2013
Everyday Products in the Middle Ages: Crafts, Consumption and the individual in Northern Europe c. AD 800-1600 2015
An Examination of Late Assyrian Metalwork 2013
Excavations at Cill Donnain: A Bronze Age Settlement and Iron Age Wheelhouse in South Uist 2014
The Excavations at Dura-Europos conducted by Yale University and the French Academy of Inscriptions and Letters 1928 to 1937. Final Report VII: The Arms and Armour and other Military Equipment 2004
Excavations at Milla Skerra Sandwick, Unst: Rythmns of Life in Iron Age Shetland 2019
Excavations by K. M. Kenyon in Jerusalem 1961-1967: Volume V Discoveries in Hellenistic to Ottoman Jerusalem Centenary volume: Kathleen M. Kenyon 1906-1978 2008
Exchange Networks and Local Transformations: Interaction and local change in Europe and the Mediterranean from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age 2013
The Exodus: An Egyptian Story 2021
Exotica in the Prehistoric Mediterranean 2011
Experimental Archaeology and Theory: Recent Approaches to Archaeological Hypotheses 2013
Experimentation and Interpretation: the Use of Experimental Archaeology in the Study of the Past 2010
Experimentation and Reconstruction in Environmental Archaeology 1990
Exploring and Explaining Diversity in Agricultural Technology 2014
Exploring Prehistoric Identity in Europe: Our Construct or Theirs? 2014
Extinctions and Invasions: A Social History of British Fauna 2010
Farmers at the Frontier: A Pan European Perspective on Neolithisation 2020
Farmers, Monks and Aristocrats: The environmental archaeology of Anglo-Saxon Flixborough 2007
Farming Transformed in Anglo-Saxon England: Agriculture in the Long Eighth Century 2018
Fashionable Encounters: Perspectives and trends in textile and dress in the Early Modern Nordic World 2014
Fashioned Selves: Dress and Identity in Antiquity 2019
Feeding the Roman Army: The Archaeology of Production and Supply in NW Europe 2008
Fertile Ground: Papers in honour of Susan Limbrey 2005
Figurine Makers of Prehistoric Cyprus: Settlement and Cemeteries at Souskiou 2019
Finds from the Well at St Paul-in-the-Bail, Lincoln 2008
Fingerprinting the Iron Age: Approaches to identity in the European Iron Age: Integrating South-Eastern Europe into the debate 2014
First Aid for the Excavation of Archaeological Textiles 2007
The First Farmers of Central Europe: Diversity in LBK Lifeways 2013
First Light: The Origins of Newgrange 2015
Flag Fen, Peterborough: Excavation and Research 1995-2007 2010
Flint and Stone in the Neolithic Period 2011
Flint Daggers in Prehistoric Europe 2015
Flora Trade Between Egypt and Africa in Antiquity 2017
Focus on Fortifications: New Research on Fortifications in the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East 2016
Food, Cuisine and Society in Prehistoric Greece 2004
Food for the Gods: New Light on the Ancient Incense Trade 2007
Forces of Transformation: The End of the Bronze Age in the Mediterranean 2009
Form and Fabric: Studies in Rome's material past in honour of B R Hartley 1998
Forms of Dwelling: 20 years of Taskscapes in archaeology 2017
Fortified Settlements in Early Medieval Europe: Defended Communities of the 8th-10th Centuries 2016
From Bann Flakes to Bushmills: Papers in Honour of Professor Peter Woodman 2009
From Cooking Vessels to Cultural Practices in the Late Bronze Age Aegean 2017
From Foragers to Farmers: Papers in Honour of Gordon C. Hillman 2009
From Machair to Mountains: Archaeological Survey And Excavation in South Uist 2012
From Mine to Microscope: Advances in the Study of Ancient Technology 2009
From Minos to Midas: Ancient Cloth Production in the Aegean and in Anatolia 2010
From Roman Civitas to Anglo-Saxon Shire: Topographical Studies on the Formation of Wessex 2018
From Surface Collection to Prehistoric Lifeways: Making Sense of the Multi-Period Site of Orlovo, South East Bulgaria 2010
From the Foundations to the Legacy of Minoan Archaeology: Studies in Honour of Professor Keith Branigan 2018
From These Bare Bones: Raw Materials and the Study of Worked Osseous Objects 2013
Gardens and Gardeners of the Ancient World: History, Myth and Archaeology 2016
Gardens in History: A Political Perspective 2012
Gardens of Earthly Delight: The History of Deer Parks 2011
Gathering Time: Dating the Early Neolithic Enclosures of Southern Britain and Ireland, Volumes 1 and 2 2011
A Geography of Offerings: Deposits of Valuables in the Landscapes of Ancient Europe 2017
Gestures: Essays in Ancient History, Literature, and Philosophy presented to Alan L Boegehold 2003
Gilded Flesh: Coffins and Afterlife in Ancient Egypt 2019
Glass of the Roman World 2015
The Glass Vessels of Anglo-Saxon England: c. AD 650-1100 2020
Global Ancestors: Understanding the Shared Humanity of our Ancestors 2013
Global Textile Encounters 2014
A Globalised Visual Culture?: Towards a Geography of Late Antique Art 2020
Gods and Garments: Textiles in Greek Sanctuaries in the 7th to the 1st Centuries BC 2017
Grave Disturbances: The Archaeology of Post-depositional Interactions with the Dead 2020
Great Excavations: Shaping the Archaeological Profession 2011
Greece, Macedon and Persia 2015
Greek and Roman Oared Warships 399-30BC 2016
Greek and Roman Textiles and Dress: An Interdisciplinary Anthology 2014
Greek Colonization in Local Contexts: Case studies in colonial interactions 2019
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner: Feasting Rituals in the Prehistoric Societies of Europe and the Near East 2011
Hagia Sophia in Context: An Archaeological Re-examination of the Cathedral of Byzantine Constantinople 2019
A Handbook of Geoarchaeological Approaches to Settlement Sites and Landscapes 2015
Hedgerow History: Ecology, History and Landscape Character 2006
Heritage Transformed 2012
Heritage Under Pressure – Threats and Solution: Studies of Agency and Soft Power in the Historic Environment 2019
Historic Gardens and Parks of Derbyshire: Challenging Landscapes, 1570-1920 2017
The Historic Landscape of Devon: A Study in Change and Continuity 2013
Hopewell Ceremonial Landscapes of Ohio: More Than Mounds and Geometric Earthworks 2014
House of the Surgeon, Pompeii: Excavations in the Casa del Chirurgo (VI 1, 9-10.23) 2018
The Houses of Hereford 1200-1700 2018
Houses of the Dead 2020
Human Paleoecology in the Levantine Corridor 2004
Hunters, Fishers and Foragers in Wales: Towards a Social Narrative of Mesolithic Lifeways 2015
Huntsman’s Quarry, Kemerton: A Late Bronze Age settlement and landscape in Worcestershire 2015
Iconic Costumes: Scandinavian Late Iron Age Costume Iconography 2017
Image and Power in the Archaeology of Early Medieval Britain: Essays in honour of Rosemary Cramp 2001
Image, Memory and Monumentality: Archaeological Engagements with the Material World: A Celebration of the Academic Achievements of Professor Richard Bradley 2012
The Impact of the Edwardian Castles in Wales 2010
Incomplete Archaeologies: Assembling Knowledge in the Past and Present 2016
Inhabiting the Landscape: Place, Custom and Memory, 1500-1800 2009
Inhabiting the Promised Land: Exploring the Complex Relationship between Archaeology and Ancient Israel as Depicted in the Bible 2019
Inside the City in the Greek World 2009
Insularity and identity in the Roman Mediterranean 2018
Interpreting Archaeological Topography: 3D Data, Visualisation and Observation 2013
Interpreting Medieval Effigies: The evidence from Yorkshire to 1400 2019
Interpreting the English Village: Landscape and Community at Shapwick, Somerset 2013
Interrogating Networks: Investigating Networks of Knowledge in Antiquity 2021
Interweaving Worlds: Systemic Interactions in Eurasia, 7th to the 1st Millennia BC 2011
Invention and Innovation: The Social Context of Technological Change 2: Egypt, the Aegean and the Near East, 1650-1150 B.C. 2016
The Invisible Diggers: A Study of British Commercial Archaeology 2009
Ireland's First Settlers: Time and the Mesolithic 2015
Iron Age and Roman Coin Hoards in Britain 2020
Jerusalem Throne Games: The Battle of Bible Stories After the Death of David 2017
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies 2021
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 16 2015
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 17 2018
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 9: The Roman Pottery Kilns at Rossington Bridge Excavations 1956-1961 2001
Karia and the Dodekanese: Cultural Interrelations in the Southeast Aegean I Late Classical to Early Hellenistic 2021
Karia and the Dodekanese: Cultural Interrelations in the Southeast Aegean II Early Hellenistic to Early Byzantine 2021
Knowledge is Light: Travellers in the Near East 2011
KOINE: Mediterranean Studies in Honor of R. Ross Holloway 2009
A Lake Dwelling in its Landscape: Iron Age settlement at Cults Loch, Castle Kennedy, Dumfries & Galloway 2018
Land and People: Papers in Memory of John G. Evans 2009
Land, Power and Prestige: Bronze Age Field Systems in Southern England 2007
Lands of the Shamans: Archaeology, Landscape and Cosmology 2018
Landscape Beneath the Waves: The Archaeological Exploration of Underwater Landscapes 2018
Landscape, Ethnicity and Identity in the archaic Mediterranean Area 2012
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