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International Society for Landscape, Place & Material Culture

Publisher Description

The International Society for Landscape, Place, and Material Culture (formerly Pioneer America Society) is an international, interdisciplinary, educational, nonprofit organization that encourages the study and preservation of landscapes and artifacts, and documents sites, structures, and objects representing history and material culture throughout the world. Members include public servants, college faculty and students, private consultants, and preservationists, as well as interested lay persons.

Chartered in 1967, The Society carries out its mission by identifying, documenting, analyzing, and interpreting significant cultural landscapes, architecture and artifacts, and by encouraging educational programs, scholarly research, and preservation. Over the years, The Society has expanded its views and focus.

Journals in JSTOR from International Society for Landscape, Place & Material Culture
1 Journal in JSTOR Date Range
Material Culture 1984 - 2017
Pioneer America 1969 - 1983