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Poverty & Race Research Action Council

Research Reports in JSTOR from Poverty & Race Research Action Council
49 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
The 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and Related Housing Issues 2019
Accessing Opportunity:: Affirmative Marketing and Tenant Selection in the LIHTC and Other Housing Programs 2012
Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing at HUD:: A First Term Report Card 2013
An Anti-Racist Agenda for State and Local Education Agencies 2020
Boston’s METCO Program Lessons for the Hartford Area 2007
The Call for Environmental Justice Legislation:: An Annotated Bibliography 2018
Changing the Perception of Pasadena Unified School District Through an Innovative Realtor Outreach Program 2018
Connecting Families to Opportunity:: a Resource Guide for Housing Choice Voucher Program Administrators 2009
Constraining Choice:: The Role of Online Apartment Listing Services in the Housing Choice Voucher Program 2015
Coordination of Community Systems and Institutions to Promote Housing and School Integration 2018
Deconstructing Segregation in Syracuse?: The fate of I-81 and the future of one of New York State’s highest poverty communities 2018
ʺDemocracyʹs Unfinished Businessʺ:: Federal Policy and the Search for Fair Housing, 1961-1968 2004
The Democratic Candidates’ Positions on School Diversity & Related Educational Equity Issues 2019
Disrupting the Reciprocal Relationship Between Housing and School Segregation 2017
Do Federally Assisted Households Have Access to High Performing Public Schools? 2012
An Early Assessment of Off-Site Replacement Housing, Relocation Planning and Housing Mobility Counseling in HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative 2013
Equitable Transit Oriented Development:: Examining the progress and continued challenges of developing affordable housing in opportunity and transit-rich neighborhoods 2015
Equity Considerations in Climate Adaptation Plans:: A Call for Advocacy 2017
Expanding Choice:: Practical Strategies for Building a Successful Housing Mobility Program 2020
Fifty Years Of “The People v. HUD”:: A HUD 50th Anniversary Timeline of Significant Civil Rights Lawsuits And HUD Fair Housing Advances 2018
Genuine Engagement with Housing Choice Voucher Families 2021
Guidance for Successful Implementation of Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Choice-Mobility 2020
A Guide to Small Area Fair Market Rents (SAFMRs): How State and Local Housing Agencies Can Expand Opportunity for Families in All Metro Areas 2018
Housing and Educational Opportunity:: Characteristics of Local Schools Near Families with Federal Housing Assistance 2018
Housing Choice Voucher Reform:: A Primer for 2021 and Beyond 2020
Housing Mobility Programs in the U.S. 2020 2020
Immigrant Integration and Immigrant Segregation: The Relationship Between School and Housing Segregation and Immigrants' Futures in the U.S. 2019
Improving and Expanding Hartford’s Project Choice Program 2007
Increasing Housing Choices:: How Can the MTW Program Evolve to Achieve its Statutory Mandate? 2013
Investing in Integration?: A Fair Housing Review of the Multi-Billion Dollar Bank Settlements 2015
Is the HOME Program Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing? 2014
ʺThe Last And Most Difficult Barrierʺ:: Segregation And Federal Housing Policy In The Eisenhower Administration, 1953-1960 2005
Mixed income neighborhoods and integrated schools:: Linking HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative with the Department of Education’s Magnet Schools Assistance Program 2021
Moving to Healthier Neighborhoods:: Options for Local Advocacy 2014
The National Housing Trust Fund:: Promoting Fair Housing in State Allocation Plans 2016
The National Housing Trust Fund and Fair Housing:: A Set of Policy Recommendations 2021
Prescription for a New Neighborhood?: Housing Vouchers as a Public Health Intervention 2010
Racial Justice in Housing Finance:: A Series on New Directions 2021
Recruiting Opportunity Landlords:: Lessons from Landlords in Maryland 2020
Reviving and Improving HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Regulation:: A Practice-Based Roadmap 2020
State Support for Local School Construction:: Leveraging Equity and Diversity 2020
Strategies for HEALTHH JUSTICE:: Lessons from the Field 2018
Take a Chance on Me:: A Review of the Milwaukee County Security Deposit Assistance Program 2015
A Vision for Federal Housing Policy in 2021 and Beyond 2020
What can HUD do to expand public and community ownership of rental housing? 2021
Where Families With Children Use Housing Vouchers: A Comparative Look at the 50 Largest Metropolitan Areas 2019