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Prison Policy Initiative

Research Reports in JSTOR from Prison Policy Initiative
23 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
@AltBJS highlights important data on racial disparities in the criminal justice system 2017
Breaking Down Mass Incarceration in the 2010 Census:: State-by-State Incarceration Rates by Race/Ethnicity 2014
The Crippling Effect of Incarceration on Wealth 2016
Data confirms that police treat Black Americans with less respect 2017
Detaining the Poor:: How money bail perpetuates an endless cycle of poverty and jail time 2016
Fighting against excessive and ineffective geography-based penalties 2015
How race impacts who is detained pretrial 2019
New poll shows mass incarceration is a Latinx issue 2018
Nowhere to Go:: Homelessness among formerly incarcerated people 2018
Out of Prison & Out of Work:: Unemployment among formerly incarcerated people 2018
The parallel epidemics of incarceration & HIV in the Deep South 2017
Police stops are still marred by racial discrimination, new data shows. 2018
Policing Women:: Race and gender disparities in police stops, searches, and use of force 2019
Prisons of Poverty:: Uncovering the pre-incarceration incomes of the imprisoned 2015
The Racial Geography of Mass Incarceration 2015
Since you asked:: What data exists about Native American people in the criminal justice system? 2020
Stagnant populations and changing demographics:: what the new BJS reports tell us about correctional populations 2020
Ten key facts about policing:: Highlights from our work 2020
Unpacking the connections between race, incarceration, and women’s HIV rates 2017
Visualizing the racial disparities in mass incarceration 2020
What "Stop-and-Frisk" Really Means:: Discrimination & Use of Force 2017
Why do we lock juveniles up for life and throw away the key?: Race plays a big part. 2016
Winnable criminal justice reforms: A Prison Policy Initiative briefing on promising state reform issues for 2021 2021