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Punctum Books

Publisher Description

Punctum books is an open access publisher, originally founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2011, and with editorial offices in Santa Barbara (USA) and The Hague (Netherlands), is an independent, not-for-profit, public benefit, 501(c)(3) corporation (application pending) registered in Santa Barbara, California.

Books in JSTOR from Punctum Books
29 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Alternative Historiographies of the Digital Humanities OPEN ACCESS 2021
Anglo-Saxon(ist) Pasts, postSaxon Futures OPEN ACCESS 2019
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects OPEN ACCESS 2012
Anthropocene Unseen: A Lexicon OPEN ACCESS 2020
Antiracism Inc.: Why the Way We Talk about Racial Justice Matters OPEN ACCESS 2019
Book of Anonymity OPEN ACCESS 2020
Clinical Encounters in Sexuality: Psychoanalytic Practice and Queer Theory OPEN ACCESS 2017
Come As You Are, After Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick OPEN ACCESS 2021
Complementary Modernisms in China and the United States: Art as Life/Art as Idea OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Critique of Digital Capitalism: An Analysis of the Political Economy of Digital Culture and Technology OPEN ACCESS 2015
The Digital Humanist: A Critical Inquiry OPEN ACCESS 2015
Diseases of the Head: Essays on the Horrors of Speculative Philosophy OPEN ACCESS 2020
Disrupting the Digital Humanities OPEN ACCESS 2018
Disturbing Times: Medieval Pasts, Reimagined Futures OPEN ACCESS 2020
Helicography OPEN ACCESS 2021
The Imagery of Interior Spaces OPEN ACCESS 2019
Last Year at Betty and Bob's: An Actual Occasion OPEN ACCESS 2021
Leper Creativity: Cyclonopedia Symposium OPEN ACCESS 2012
Manifesto for Living in the Anthropocene OPEN ACCESS 2015
The Map and the Territory OPEN ACCESS 2021
Medieval Disability Sourcebook: Western Europe OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Penetrated Male OPEN ACCESS 2013
Post Memes: Seizing the Memes of Production OPEN ACCESS 2019
Queer Ancient Ways: A Decolonial Exploration OPEN ACCESS 2018
Speculative Medievalisms: Discography OPEN ACCESS 2013
Still Life: Notes on Barbara Loden's "Wanda" (1970) OPEN ACCESS 2021
Testing Knowledge: Toward an Ecology of Diagnosis, Preceded by the Dingdingdong Manifesto OPEN ACCESS 2021
Trickbox of Memory: Essays on Power and Disorderly Pasts OPEN ACCESS 2020
Urban Interactions: Communication and Competition in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages OPEN ACCESS 2020