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Queen's Policy Studies

Books in JSTOR from Queen's Policy Studies
32 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Assessing Quality in Postsecondary Education: International Perspectives 2018
Canada and the Crown: Essays in Constitutional Monarchy 2013
Canada: The State of the Federation, 2011: The Changing Federal Environment: Rebalancing Roles 2014
Canada: The State of the Federation, 2012: Regions, Resources, and Resiliency 2015
Canada: The State of the Federation, 2013: Aboriginal Multilevel Governance 2015
Canada: The State of the Federation 2015: Canadian Federalism and Infrastructure 2018
Canada: The State of the Federation 2017: Canada at 150: Federalism and Democratic Renewal 2019
A Canadian Healthcare Innovation Agenda: Policy, Governance, and Strategy 2018
Democratic Dilemma: Reforming Canada's Supreme Court 2013
Federalism and the Welfare State in a Multicultural World 2018
Government-Nonprofit Relations in Times of Recession 2013
The Handbook of Canadian Higher Education 2015
Identities, Trust, and Cohesion in Federal Systems: Public Perspectives 2018
Intellectual Disabilities and Dual Diagnosis: An Interprofessional Clinical Guide for Healthcare Providers 2013
International Perspectives: Integration and Inclusion 2012
Making EI Work: Research from the Mowat Centre Employment Insurance Task Force 2012
Making Policy in Turbulent Times: Challenges and Prospects for Higher Education 2013
A Man of Parliament: Selected Speeches from Joe Clark 2019
Managing a Canadian Healthcare Strategy 2016
Measuring the Value of a Postsecondary Education 2013
Multiculturalism Question: Debating Identity in 21st Century Canada 2014
Navigating on the Titanic: Economic Growth, Energy, and the Failure of Governance 2013
A New Synthesis of Public Administration: Serving in the 21st Century 2011
Paradigm Freeze: Why It Is So Hard to Reform Health Care in Canada 2013
The Politics of Canadian Foreign Policy, Fourth Edition 2015
Rethinking Higher Education: Participation, Research, and Differentiation 2013
Thinking Outside the Box: Innovation in Policy Ideas 2015
Toward a Healthcare Strategy for Canadians 2015
Water as a Social Opportunity 2015
Where to from Here?: Keeping Medicare Sustainable 2012
Without Walls or Barriers: The Speeches of Premier David Peterson 2017
Work in a Warming World 2015