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Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

Research Reports in JSTOR from Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
175 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
The 2017 UK PONI Papers 2017
The 2018 UK PONI Papers 2018
2019 International Day of the Peacekeepers: The Thin Blue Line 2019
The 2019 UK PONI Papers 2019
Air Forces as Weapons Systems 2018
Anti-Corruption Reform and Business Security in Ukraine: Glass Half Full? 2015
The Art of the Covenant: The Armed Forces Covenant and the Role of the Commercial Sector 2016
Below the Surface: How Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing Threatens our Security 2017
Beyond the Whole Force: The Concept of the Defence Extended Enterprise and its Implications for the Ministry of Defence 2015
Big Data and Policing: An Assessment of Law Enforcement Requirements, Expectations and Priorities 2017
The Big Payback: Examining Changes in the Criminal Confiscation Orders Enforcement Landscape 2016
Brexit and European Security 2018
Challenges to Information Sharing: Perceptions and Realities 2016
Challenges to Stabilisation in Iraq after the Mosul Operation 2017
China’s 21st Century Maritime Silk Road: Implications for the UK 2019
China’s Approach to Soft Power: Seeking a Balance between Nationalism, Legitimacy and International Influence 2016
China’s Belt and Road: A View from Delhi 2016
China—UK Relations: Where to Draw the Border Between Influence and Interference? 2019
Clan Conflict and Violent Extremism in the North-Eastern Counties of Kenya 2019
Closing the Crypto Gap: Guidance for Countering North Korean Cryptocurrency Activity in Southeast Asia 2019
Closing the Gap: Assessing Responses to Terrorist-Related Kidnap-for-Ransom 2017
Competitive National Service: How the Scandinavian Model Can Be Adapted by the UK 2019
The Conflict in Jammu and Kashmir and the Convergence of Technology and Terrorism 2019
Considering a UN Peacekeeping Mission in the Donbas 2019
Contractorisation of UK Defence: Developing a Defence-Wide Contractorisation Strategy and Improving Implementation 2018
Corporate Raiding in Russia: Tackling the Legal, Semi-Legal and Illegal Practices that Constitute Reiderstvo Tactics 2017
Countering Proliferation Finance:: Implementation Guide and Model Law for Governments 2017
A Critical Enabler for Power Projection: Options for a UK Missile Defence Capability in an Age of Escalation Control 2019
Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones: The Trajectory of China’s Maritime Transformation 2019
Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons: New Questions for Command and Control, Security and Strategy 2016
Data Analytics and Algorithmic Bias in Policing 2019
Decision Time: The National Security Capability Review 2017–2018 and Defence 2018
Deep Impact?: Refocusing the Anti-Money Laundering Model on Evidence and Outcomes 2019
A Defence Industrial Strategy for the UK 2018
Defence Innovation and the UK: Responding to the Risks Identified by the US Third Offset Strategy 2017
Defining Dialogue: How to Manage Russia–UK Security Relations – Part 2 2018
Defining Dialogue: How to Manage Russia—UK Security Relations: RUSI–RIAC Russia–UK Track II Bilateral Report 2017
A Democratic Licence to Operate: Report of the Independent Surveillance Review 2015
E-Commerce, Delivery Services and the Illicit Tobacco Trade 2018
The Economics of the Silk Road Economic Belt 2015
Energy Security Issues in Central Asia and Beyond: Twenty-Five Years of Independence 2017
Enforcing Criminal Confiscation Orders: From Policy to Practice 2016
Ensuring the Protection of Civilians in Modern Conflict 2018
The EU in the Asia-Pacific:: Crisis Management Roles? 2017
An EU Terrorist Finance Tracking System 2016
A European Net Assessment of the People’s Liberation Army (Navy) 2017
European Views on Leadership in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Recommendations for the UK 2018
Every Transaction Leaves a Trace: The Role of Financial Investigation in Serious and Organised Crime Policing 2017
The Evolution of Online Violent Extremism in Indonesia and the Philippines 2019
Examining the Unknowns: Money-Laundering Risk in the UK Professional Services Sectors: Threats and Responses 2019
Expanding the Capability of Financial Information-Sharing Partnerships 2019
Fighting Corruption: The Case for Inclusive and Risk-Based Approaches 2016
Fighting in the Fog of War: Decision-Making under Extreme Uncertainty in the Waterloo Campaign 2015
The First Sea Lord’s Sea Power Conference 2018: Maritime Strategy in the Twenty-First Century 2018
Follow the Money: Using Financial Investigation to Combat Wildlife Crime 2017
Following the Whack-a-Mole: Britain First’s Visual Strategy from Facebook to Gab 2019
A Force for Order: Strategic Underpinnings of the Next NSS and SDSR 2015
From Boko Haram to Ansaru: The Evolution of Nigerian Jihad 2015
From Intention to Action: Next Steps in Preventing Criminal Abuse of Cryptocurrency 2019
From Money Mules to Chain-Hopping: Targeting the Finances of Cybercrime 2018
The Future Conflict Operating Environment Out to 2030 2019
Future Nuclear Threats to the UK 2016
The Future of Air C2 and AEW: E-3 Sentry, Threat Technologies and Future Replacement Options 2017
The Future of Fires: Maximising the UK’s Tactical and Operational Firepower 2019
The Future of Post-Brexit Germany—UK Security Relations 2016
Gender and Violent Extremism 2018
Guide to Conducting a National Proliferation Financing Risk Assessment 2019
The Home Front: The Future Accommodation Model for the UK Armed Forces: Obligations and Choices for Service Personnel and Families 2018
An Illusion of Complicity: Terrorism and the Illegal Ivory Trade in East Africa 2015
Implementing the Iran Nuclear Deal: Balancing Proliferation Finance Risk and Economic Opportunity 2016
Inherently Unresolved: Regional Politics and the Counter-ISIS Campaign 2015
Inherently Unresolved: The Military Operation against ISIS 2015
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance in 2035 and Beyond 2016
International Cyber Security Capacity Building Conference: Lancaster House, London, 6 September 2019 2019
The International Cyber Terrorism Regulation Project 2019
International Day of UN Peacekeepers: 16th Annual Conference 2018
Iran and the West after the Nuclear Deal: High Hopes, Low Returns 2018
Iran’s Objectives and Capabilities: Deterrence and Subversion 2019
Is Space the New Cyber?: UK Dependencies and Vulnerabilities 2019
Is the West Thinking Strategically about Russia? 2017
The Jie Shun Incident: Chinese State-Owned Enterprise Connections to the North Korean Arms Trade 2019
Kaohsiung Cowboys: The Taiwanese Network Facilitating North Korea’s Illicit Activities 2019
Known Unknowns: Plugging the UK’s Intelligence Gaps on Money Laundering Involving Professional Services Providers 2018
Land Warfare Conference: Securing Competitive Advantage 2019
Leaning In: Advancing the Role of Finance Against Modern Slavery 2018
Lessons Learned from P/CVE Youth Mentorship 2019
Lethal Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy 2018
Limiting the Use of Cash for Big Purchases: Assessing the Case for Uniform Cash Thresholds 2017
Lone-Actor Terrorism: Literature Review 2015
Lone-Actor Terrorism: Database Workshop 2016
Lone-Actor Terrorism: Definitional Workshop 2015
Lone-Actor Terrorism: Final Report 2016
Lone-Actor Terrorism: Analysis Paper 2016
A Long Road to Denuclearisation: Challenges to Security-Based Diplomacy with North Korea 2018
Machine Learning Algorithms and Police Decision-Making: Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Challenges 2018
Making Information Flow: Instruments and Innovations for Enhancing Financial Intelligence 2016
Mapping the Jihadist Information Ecosystem: Towards the Next Generation of Disruption Capability 2019
Martial Power Programme Update 2019: Insights into Military Views from RUSI’s Conferences 2019
Maximum Value from the F-35: Harnessing Transformational Fifth-Generation Capabilities for the UK Military 2016
Mind the Gap: The MoD’s Emerging Budgetary Challenge 2015
Mind the Gap: Comparing Foreign Policy Attitudes of Security Elites and the General Public 2018
Missile Defence Conference 2019: Beyond Ballistic Missiles? Missile Defence in an Era of Great Power Competition 2019
The ‘Missing Links’ in SDSR Financing: Organised Crime, Migration and Diplomacy 2015
Model Provisions to Combat the Financing of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction 2018
Money Service Businesses in the UK: Improving the Conditions for Effective Financial Crime Supervision and Investigations 2018
National Security Relations with France after Brexit 2018
A New Dimension of UK—Japan Security Co-operation 2016
New Emerging Trends to an Age-Old Challenge: Stable Governance in Northern Iraq 2017
A New State in the Middle East?: From the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to the Republic of Kurdistan 2017
Next Generation Combat Aircraft: Threat Outlook and Potential Solutions 2018
No Deal, No Data?: The Future of UK—EU Law Enforcement Information Sharing 2019
No Rest for the Wicked: Driving Change in the UK’s Post-FATF Evaluation AML Regime 2019
On Tap Europe: Organised Crime and Illicit Trade in Poland: Country Report 2016
On Tap Europe: Organised Crime and Illicit Trade in Italy: Country Report 2017
On the Trail of the Tae Yang: AIS Spoofing and North Korean Coal Smuggling 2019
Organised Crime and Illicit Trade in Europe 2017
Organising a Government for Cyber: The Creation of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre 2019
Osborne’s Summer Surprise for Defence: Guaranteed Real-Terms Spending Increases 2015
Papers from the 2015 Annual Conference of the UK Project on Nuclear Issues 2015
Partners for Global Security: New Directions for the UK—Japan Defence and Security Relationship 2015
Peacekeeping After Brexit 2018
The Personal Security of Individuals in British Public Life 2018
Play Your Cards Right: Preventing Criminal Abuse of Online Gambling 2019
Post-Daesh Challenges to Stabilisation in Iraq 2016
Preparing for War in Korea 2017
Radical Filter Bubbles: Social Media Personalisation Algorithms and Extremist Content 2021
Reaching the Unreachable: Attacking the Assets of Serious and Organised Criminality in the UK in the Absence of a Conviction 2019
Ready for Peace?: The Afghan Taliban after a Decade of War 2017
Requirements for the UK’s Amphibious Forces in the Future Operating Environment 2019
Rethinking the Combat Air Survivability Mix Conference 2019
Roundtable Discussion on Disinformation in Ukraine 2019
Roundtable to Discuss Russian Involvement in Ukraine’s Elections 2019
RUSI First Sea Lord’s Sea Power Conference 2019
RUSI Missile Defence Conference 2018 2018
RUSI-FES British–German Dialogue 2015
RUSI—FES British—German Dialogue on Defence and Security 2019 2019
Russia Confronts NATO:: Confidence-Destruction Measures 2016
Russian Forces in Ukraine 2015
The Sailors of Panama 2019
The Scale of Money Laundering in the UK: Too Big to Measure? 2019
Security and Stability along the Silk Road 2016
Security Through Financial Integrity: Mending Pakistan’s Leaky Sieve 2019
Serious Infectious Disease: Challenges for Security and Defence 2015
Sharpening the Money-Laundering Risk Picture: How Data Analytics Can Support Financial Intelligence, Supervision and Enforcement 2018
Social Media and Terrorist Financing: What are the Vulnerabilities and How Could Public and Private Sectors Collaborate Better? 2019
Spending Matters: Defence and Security Budgets after the 2015 Spending Review 2016
Still International by Design?: Towards a Post-Brexit SDSR 2017
Strike: From Concept to Force 2019
STRIVE Lessons Learned Horn of Africa: Strengthening Resilience to Violence and Extremism 2017
Supply-Chain Resilience: UK Country Report for CRISMART/MSB 2016
The Surkov Leaks: The Inner Workings of Russia’s Hybrid War in Ukraine 2019
Swiss—UK Dialogue: Promoting a Coordinated Response to De-Risking 2019
Tackling Money Laundering: Towards a New Model for Information Sharing 2015
Tbilisi Silk Road Forum: Next Steps for Georgia and the Silk Road 2016
Terrorist Definitions and Designations Lists: What Technology Companies Need to Know 2019
Towards a Framework for Post-Terrorist Incident Communications Strategies 2019
Transatlantic (Mis)alignment: Challenges to US-EU Sanctions Design and Implementation 2017
Transnational Lessons from Terrorist Use of Social Media in South Asia 2019
Turning the Tide?: Learning from Responses to Large-Scale Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing in Five Countries 2019
UK Air Strikes in Syria: Time for a Decision? 2015
The UK and India in the Maritime Domain: Prospects for Integration and Cooperation 2019
UK BALLISTIC-MISSILE DEFENCE: Drivers and Options 2015
The UK Cyber Strategy: Challenges for the Next Phase 2019
UK Foreign and Security Policy after Brexit 2017
UK–Russia Security Relations: Talking To, Not Past Each Other 2019
Understanding the Factors Contributing to Radicalisation Among Central Asian Labour Migrants in Russia 2018
Understanding the Investigatory Powers Bill 2015
Underwriting Proliferation: Sanctions Evasion, Proliferation Finance and the Insurance Industry 2018
Unexplained Wealth Orders: Global Lessons for the UK Ahead of Implementation 2017
Urban Warfare: Past, Present, Future 2018
The Validity of Deterrence in the Twenty-First Century 2015
Virtual Currencies and Financial Crime: Challenges and Opportunities 2017
What’s in a Name?: Corruption and Fraud in the UK 2019
Which Rules?: Why There is No Single ‘Rules-Based International System’ 2019
Would a New SDSR Be Needed After a Brexit Vote? 2016